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SearchThisVideo: THE NEMESIS RETURNS | Resident Evil 3 – Part 1

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hello everybody my name is markiplier
and welcome to resident evil 3 now it
seems like just yesterday that Resident
Evil 7 came out and changed the game of
Resident Evil forever and then Resident
Evil 2 the remake came out and it
reintroduce everyone to the wonderful
world of Raccoon City
now we're going my mom is calling oh I I
just sat down to record a video so I
can't unfortunately can't study Korean
right now I literally just started a
long gameplay after I get this done
we'll go study Korean okay yeah that's
okay ah let me do it sorry about that
Yatta Yatta Yatta let's just get into
the game
this pandemic a spread faster than any
disease in modern history through rider
Berkeley declare the CDC is quarantined
the lower Midwestern
commitment honesty integrity these are
the core values that create the
foundation for umbrella
it's this foundation that will continue
to build a brighter future for all of us
fascinating quite topical for the time
that we're in right now not sure of
tasteful but this is the story
I like the live-action - I think that's
an interesting touch it reminds me of
like Red Alert and stuff like that very
cool mixture obviously there's CG in
who would you say is the umbrella core
of today of this serie of this universe
if this does take place in an alternate
universe I would like to know who that
wakey-wakey zombies in biggy hello hi
where's Big E
can I find him is he here
weird I don't feel so good Oh God the

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field of view is very narrow interesting
oh well so his first person the demo I
played was in third person I'm guessing
that's that's intentional hi something's
wrong with the tivan go I wanna oh oh I
want to bills Ami's getting in that way
well mama seems like someone might be a
little bit obsessed with something some
kind of crime organization hmm seems
like some company's been naughty naughty
seems like that's an ominous looking
light coming from there seems like
someone hasn't been cleaning up very
well in my studio apartment
hello ah there I am hello it's me
wouldn't you know it a game with an
actual mirror that actually works
actually gone hello oh I don't like it
oh I don't like it much at all okay well
I'm gorgeous but I already knew that I
don't remember leaving that on oh oh
that's not a good thing oh that's not a
good sign oh that's not good oh you hate
to see it
oh now you hate to see it
oh wow this just a dreamer is this for
realsies sure seems for realsies Oh No
oh hi how's this dream just a dream well
the infection yeah probably
oh I'm still first Percy I would leave
now too I would leave now okay I'm
guessing the long scratches or when I
wasn't even able to come home on those
weekends oh look at the puppy look at
the letters alright okay still my up
hottie still my place of residence still
bad stuff going on outside alright

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button button okay hello
investigation notes pharmaceuticals
company industry leader in market share
focuses on military weapons development
while maintaining cover as a
pharmaceutical company also secretly
developing bio weapons T virus outbreak
at Arklay mountains research facility
predicted the mansion incident
conspiring with Raccoon City leadership
large donations to major mayor Warren's
office effectively controls the city
always good always good when the
corporations are controlling cities
jill's report September 26 1998 it's
already been two months since the mess
with umbrella thanks to the suspension
investigations haven't progressed
exactly as I'd hoped
perhaps is written record of what I
found will prove to be by final duty as
a stars officer I can only hope that it
helps lead to the truth the t-virus
those infected with this virus seemed to
be comin literal zombies it appears to
be communicable via several different
avenues outlined below bite from an
infected individual allowing the mixing
of bodily fluids contact with crows
which have eaten infected carrion due to
the strength of the virus airborne
infection cannot be discounted it should
be noted that those who survived the
incident have not yet developed symptoms
it's unclear whether the
is because the virus has a long
incubation period or because we just
happen to be resistant to the infection
we ought to remain vigilant even after
this investigation period ends as for me
aside from my minor difficulties
sleeping I seem to be in fine shape
still I shouldn't get too hopeful after
all this could just be an extended
incubation no interesting also topical
also that's interesting because there is
kind of like the question of like in
these games these stars officers are
getting bit all the time maybe it is
that they are infected or at least
carriers like the left for dead
characters message from a colleague Jill
battlin time hey hotshot how you holding
up I still can't believe Irons suspended
you it's such [ __ ] he ought to put a
pin he ought to pin a medal on you for
making it out of that hellhole back in
July of course you're going to poke
around and ask questions about it I hope
you're not mad at me for keeping my head
down everything's been happening so fast
SARS was the pride of the force when the
chief disbanded us now nowhere I thought
for sure I was gonna lose my job
where it hasn't you're planning to leave
Raccoon City I figured he wouldn't take
the suspension lying down just promise
to watch your back umbrella won't be
sitting by while you tried to dismantle
their business take care of Jill Brad
Vickers stars Alpha Team now and forever
yes had to slip this message to the
pizza guy to avoid detection enjoy it a
lot extra large mega meat supreme it's
on me and the boys what uh pizza mega
meat Sabrina
looks like I should probably do some
dishes doughnuts that's pretty good I

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

don't like me some doughnuts this is the
okay sure yes sure woohoo it's dork I
don't like it
donkeys doing kiss this is ominous hello
hey beautiful how am i doing it
beautiful as always
me glories me yeah I don't think no
infection is gonna come exploding out of
your skin anytime soon
oh now we're third Percy okay cool
taboo Sookie oh hello who the hell could
that be a one sealed envelope you can
I got a letter to read they got me
pinned down at home guys across here
watching me
irons bent umbrellas I know what they're
trying to do they won't wear me down I'm
going crazy I feel like The Living Dead
but I won't let the man win I have to
get out of the city and find a way to
make them accountable Phil send someone
to silence me
I hear that I've been killed if you hear
that I've been killed or whatever it is
they do to people like me you must pick
up the investigation I'll be moving out
tonight five days at Freddy's
all right let's answer this phone yeah
daddy hello hi are you doing you're here
okay oh man my ribs there they go crush
to powder
whoo that really didn't do a whole lot
BAM it's a good thing my ribs are atoms
at the moment also good thing - that
guy's slower than he is stupid little
metal doors it didst Bend like that all
right well I guess I got a runaway from
the monster hey buddy
whose apartment in this all right what
am i doing is there anything to grab
should I get supplies is there more
bullets gonna shoot more I don't even
have my gun anymore do I
oh boy all right see you around nemesis
there's nothing oh god oh god oh you

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

still where oh hey bud whoa oh oh it's
happening oh it's going down uh I can't
help you ah man wish I could wish you
could can't do it got a problem of my
own got a nemesis on my ass oh hello
what big hands you have okay I thought I
was gonna have like a dead space moment
and fight away from the tentacle monster
a nice gratuitous ass shot all right
this way I guess why is everything
always have to be in fun fire and zombie
or where did I go my ribs
again pulverized to smitheroons cool
okay Wow my brain sure don't crush my
skull thank you
oh there you go and we're down here now
oh that's not a good thing it's a tank
oh oh sure yeah of course
oh the most effective weapon he could
possibly ever grab he's gonna pause get
out of here oh look at what you did
dumbass you buried yourself in the
rubble well I guess we first escaped
Yipes we're gonna get out of here I've
never seen a monster worse than that
ones Oh oh hi Brad hey are you doing hey
sup No ok alright
why do your arms look so stumpy for some
reason I think it's the jacket I
remember what our clay is the mansion
the mansion
wolf hold up my ribs are kind of you
know smitheroons Brad don't be a dumbass
Oh No
yeah there's so many yeah okay i'ma go

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

i'ma go i'ma go see you around i'ma go
i'ma go the great job Brad really smooth
oh that's not good
are we still gene always rad I could go
back Brad
y'all right in there I mean I've been
bit a whole bunch and I seem to be okay
you all right Brad
what if you Oh joint can you do any
sorry bud then I got a bus to pull it in
your bro
hey hey hey where's Brad you're not Brad
you're you're you're not Brad at all oh
you're not rad either
oh you you all aren't Brad uh I'm not
assuming Brad is dead until I use Brad
ranch mad that's gonna help we say get
out of here Brad oh the wheels on the
bus go I'm out of bullets
oh oh oh wow a helicopter actually saw
me Wow
kaboom okay gentlest can be Brad
or what you'll run you're so fast okay
now sir how would that help why not both
why not you starve and then at your
weakest moment you get eaten that's an
option all right fine but whatever you

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

say but you got it bud Dario Dario going
down oh yeah hey bud you uh you left
your you left your sweet delicious you
go to one baby you left your sweet
delicious bullets out here nerd what an
all right Oh Papa I'm not gonna waste
any bullets on you because I don't need
to puppy puppy puppy Duffy puppy bubble
squeeze by here there's guy named Dario
right back there you LOV look huge a lot
of meat on him well marbled hi
- you too all right cool good
hey are you doing hey good I left my
ticket in my car I'll be right back
good good it's good to talk with you you
look familiar
where are you from Resident Evil 2 well
I can't kill you huh silly Billy
it was that helping me aim my terrible
terrible aim while asking Barsky alright
that's good enough
whoa he was not dead alright well
bing-bong I was expecting there to be
more uh take a boot Mitch I don't know I
could talk a little better but I don't
think they could understand me anyway
how's those ribs doing hey at least
she's acknowledging I'm acknowledging
that my ribs are pulverized to
smitheroons the one you're spotlighting
I will I'm going to that's my one desire
Lani Pilar sure of an Emma saw my ribs
my ribs have been split in Twain
Oh Oh all right time to Ram this son of
a [ __ ] well I guess I'll do this then
would do it that who had felt yes
yes oh I didn't know that you all hold
okay hold what am i holding exactly the
gas pedal that's what I'm holding my
rims my poor achy breaky ribs ouch yow

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

cheese is what I say now don't be grumpy
now listen to reason here you and me we
could be friends we could be fast
Oh God oh it's a game lagging a bit the
game is lagging a bit oh look at your
face oh I should crawl I'm crawling away
hey ho listen buddy what was shot at you
oh why didn't you catch that one no no
your biggie if I ever saw biggie hey bud
how are you doing
names Jill you're single hair anyway
clear so we've been bringing survivors
here you're aware my guys have converted
some subway cars into a shelter your
trigger discipline sucks it's safe I'm
personal space okay I get it
let's go listen we can't like it's
called social distancing sorry we're
gonna have to go around
that's okay piggy
love your hair nothing I never seen
anything like it
but it's no zombie it knows what it
wants it won't stop till it gets it
don't you like that in a man have you
been I promise you're in good hands
I'm with the Umbrella biohazard
countermeasure service maybe cs4 shorty
are you kidding me are you [ __ ]
kidding me you guys are the ones who
caused all whoa whoa what are you
talking about you don't have to trust me
but I'm going to the shelter yeah I'll
be there you don't need a wave of me I'm
literally rad I know bites so tasty they
might go extinct that seems that doesn't
seem nice
that doesn't seem great at all Oh skull
stalker Wow all right he'll squid cool
tyrant of the deep hmm they weren't
extinct only sleeping oh hey I remember
this hi
you got like a rib fixer it's fine young
lady could use our house on pointman
maybe for my ribs she is an elite

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

operative of I repeat these special
tactics and Rescue Service her name is
something Valentine its Jill
nice to meet you Jill I am UBC as
platoon leader mikhail victor my team
was sent here to rescue serving mm-hmm
right how's that going for you
this city is completely cut off isolated
most of the hundred thousand civilians
will wind up that correction undead my
platoon has suffered serious losses just
keeping them alive is more than I can
manage well you can think your corporate
overlords for that yes well we are doing
all we can if we can get this subway
train moving we can have a queue ate
some survivors mm-hmm but we need help
my men cannot do this alone all right
I'm in I'm in baby
not merciful hey that's cool we don't
want the same thing
Thank You Jill Thank You mr. whatever
your name was here you go stay in
contact in gundeck Tuesday you'll find
supplies there mm-hmm okay all right all
righty rue all righty-roo okay obviously
we've seen this before if you watch me
play the demo well what do we have here
oh yeah mo crafting gift from kids you
didn't know just slam some gunpowder
together all right either way let's get
topside and let's see what the dealio is
with everyone at this city are these the
supplies tabloid front-page the cannibal
murders someone ate someone in your
stomach will royal alright so uh what
I'm going to do is there's a lot of lore
here that I'm going to skip a little
ahead of let's do this so unbelievably

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

fast and this time let's not mix my
herbs right away because that was a
little a little silly of me to do I
didn't what did I just do oh yeah I can
gosh I forgot that that's a thing I in
this new game also ooh the yellow things
I don't think I actually was able to get
some of that Oh get it now I know now I
know I know
hmm combined point look at that basic
chemistry can't combine that any further
because the don't need to it's a puzzle
ah the good old train station puzzle
yeah as our forefathers intended these
[ __ ] who made the goddamn train was
like if they're not smart enough to
figure out the puzzle then they would
never ever ever need anything more all
right cool good great great even
actually herbs we know herbs all right
let's get into this I know the ways to
go unless they changed a few things in
the well hello yeah get it you're the
only smart one do we do do yes noticed
me oh yeah oh yeah whoa
you you think you think oh I've only got
one bullet that's not good well wasted
it all right hey hey no no no no quick
step let me look at the map real quick I
didn't get anything everything in that
subway station there was something else
oh those were the two things that I
could have gotten but I didn't get
because I didn't need to all right
goodbye I'll see you around blood all
right see you well thank you there we go
Vlada whoo whoa I dodged you I am the
greatest you feel awful because you suck
oh yes yes my god my aim is not doing
too hot you have like no skull left okay
I gotta go see round husky all right so
what I need to definitely do is remember
that they're alive
a lot of items that I need to be observe
enough okay
maybe boats how you doing draba don't
stab this barrel hey you got it
I should probably combine some of these
damn y'all biggie I'm on the big Street
big alley then figure out how to do this

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

no biggie you got it you know what I'm
no worry we're getting here they're
gonna break up and then I shoot the
barrel and then I do thing I know thank
you by the way thank you for opening
that really appreciate it
don't be so worried Jill so come on
don't be so worried it's just a few some
ponies some wrongs I like it
zom barbecue Cabo
all right see round dudes around Oh
assist some Zombo Neos some more like
zombozo's am i right
I actually missed the item here no cuz
there's just I'll come back for it it's
not important right now
my goodness there's many of you is that
something I could whoa so the important
thing is look for the red items for
environmental stuff I didn't know that
before but I do now
this is a safe room fancy box guys look
at my fancy bow
look how fancy it is it's so fancy this
is the fanciest box I've ever seen on
the story I don't know what it's for yet
so it's gonna store that and I'm pretty
sure I'm not gonna take damage cuz I'm
amazing so I'm gonna store this
yeah that's the good stuff save because
I'm amazing I'm playing on standard
difficulty by the way in case anyone was
curious I figured that I might as well
take this one nice and easy and try to
actually have a decently quality time as
opposed to desperately flailing and then
failing over and over again I'm gonna
keep the Gunpowder on me whoa hey buds
yeah I did that was that excuse me oh
god did I pick that up did I actually
get it oh god did I get it
I did okay I'm good I thought I dodged
man that doesn't feel good
is what I gotta say about that all right
oh sweet dodge whoo I'm gonna blow you
all all you gonna get blown every one of
you and one two step thanks buds
thank you don't even try it don't even

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

don't even bother don't even bother
don't even bother
don't even bother oh yeah this is where
the chain I need to cut is so that's
good to know
there sure are a lot of environmental
exploding things this city is not safe
alright handgun ammo that was less than
here so we're good there or so let me
just go up to this thing because it's
glowing and I'm no fool hello I will
shoot you in your ass I will turn you
into grass
I will give your ass a blast nap black
there we go
no you're done so forever never going to
get up war never will get up nothing
except this weird message we have the
doughnuts whoa hey bud
oh now it's actually important to get
you huh I don't know if I've already
missed one I probably already have and I
don't remember what the bonus is for
getting them maybe are well you're still
alive aren't you oh no you're not I
probably should look that up because
that seems important
let me just lug this giant fire hose oh
I remember why I wanted to get in here I
remember very intensely why I wanted to
get in here I'm not gonna waste this
this time definitely not gonna waste
that definitely not gonna waste that
that is something that is not gonna be
wasted not this time Oh God yeah I
forgot who I don't have that yet oh boy
oh yeah so my employees memo cut the
chain well I forgot I don't have that
move Phil you all right fine then I'll
just be on my way
gotta go get some chain cutters bolt
cutters even now that car's red does
that mean if I shoot it once it would
explode in a fiery blast that would
level the country said probably you
peeing over there
you are now Yi oh no no no no no no no
no no ah damn it you did anyway stop
thank you seems like the knives actually
did do something in that department they
don't usually but that time it kind of
did also I'm in the caution zone

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

probably because I took two hits that I
wasn't supposed to
oh now I'm really hurting okay okay yeah
curtain first yeah I can't just use that
by itself that'd be foolish of me
oh boy gunpowder all right I got to
remember the code here okay nine one
nine one eight that's it nine one eight
nine one eight nine one eight nine one
eight nine one eight man your heads
don't explode as much as I remember them
exploding I remember you know your heads
would like pop like grapes way more
often than they're doing now so if you
could just set off the bombs inside of
your brains and be greatly appreciated
like oh good yeah I'm in danger I should
probably go get my herbs it's a damn
shame damn waste of time my speedruns
ruined my speedruns runed also I got to
look out for the Charlie's as apparently
they're called Charlie Charlie Charlie
ba ba ba baby doo doo doo doo gunpowder
let's go ahead and combine
yes store you for now cuz I don't need
it just yet let's use you move you here
move you here Tori space is gonna be so
desperate that I need to do that alright
there we have it yeah we have it I'm
just doing my best to look out for the
Charley's I don't know if it's
absolutely essential I know it's gonna
be for like special items you get at the
rewards for like perks and stuff and
like bonus items for making
replayability but to be honest like I
really loved Resident Evil 2 for
replayability I played through it a
couple times just to make sure I got all
the items but this time I don't know if
I might do that just depends enough on
the game is right now it's pretty fun so
maybe god I remember you from before but
for some reason you got me again
yes please thank you okay
dodge squawk alright
OOP does wrong way 9 1 8
oh my god that like broke my game
what now some now is some that was some

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

safe all right there we go
now it worked I forgot that that's what
was in there
thank you just gonna slam that in there
that's nice okay gonna combine you with
listen nice oh that's nice
anybody wanted me to use this on them I
suspect there might be someone getting
back up oh no mistake oh mistake getting
back up Oh for you all right
anybody found a bolt-cutter over here
anybody got Cuddy bolts Cuddy bolts bolt
cuts called cut the bolts the hell do
you think you the hell who they flying
hell do you think you are I'll be back
for you who's who's munching no one's a
lot of munch yes please
did I have a green I do not have a green
on me well that's unfortunate but Oh
we'll hopefully this helped I remember
laughing at you remember how before you
did the same thing a week we laughed and
we laughed and we laughed and I was
laughing and you were laughing and we
were all laughing oh such good times
what am I missing here gunpowder all
right knows the only thing here all
right well sure uh yeah why not I I'm
gonna have to do that a lot like I
shouldn't worry about saving gunpowder
especially considering this isn't like
the hardest hardest difficulty level why
don't I get back here I didn't even get
the thing that I needed where's the
thing that I needed were but
wait a minute hold the phone everybody
hold on now wait a minute now was it was
it in simple luck drill that how did I
have the fire hose but where is it it
was the I mean I get I guess I got the
fire hose so I might as well do this
right I got put this out
wait but oh it's different
oh I see they've changed it a bit from
okay we've officially reached different
there's the bolt cutting into the Sun
tea into the sting very very interesting

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

I'm gonna store this cuz I don't want to
use it just yet very very interesting
fanciful beautiful even no not there all
God is horrible let me delete that how
do I didn't know I can't I'll just save
over it next time
why are we doing this what is happening
words why are you doing that what do you
do he wants to it just gets out of the
game okay are you are you alright
are you okay there let's do a borderless
window that's probably good okay good
who's there hold the hell there's a
mistake is me who the hell do you think
you are huh who the hell who's there oh
come on don't look at me like that all
right what the [ __ ] was infected he
might have been infected Oh stars this
soft killing your own people he would
have turned
there's your sense of self-preservation
you're back to the subway station
you don't need a bleeding heart like you
getting in the way okay hi also hello my
name Jill my name is Jill nice to meet
you I'm Jill
uh I gotta go back a see round vows
what an intro anyway lovely to meet you
I hope you have a good day and I will
see you in around stories yellow but I
doubt I could get through there oh but I
can't get through here so whoever that
is lovely individual definitely a team
player as you could fancy box
wait what's in the fancy box in was I
supposed to open the fancy box was I
supposed to I bet I was
for the subway puzzle I'm imagining I'm
imagining that's for the subway bomb
probably if I had to guess that price
because for the subway puzzle
I was just imagine the case is there

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

Charlie in here I was really good about
finding the Charlie's before for some
reason I feel like I haven't been good
here not fine to know Charlie's Charlie
you're not charlie boink you're not
charlie long longest blow blow office
envelope I wish I could hit your goddamn
head there we go
well that was awful but we're not
judging me that's what we've all agreed
on before we started this whole endeavor
we were not going to judge me I know
this to be true I know it I'll leave
that there then I'm gonna just real
quick real real real quick real quick
Jeremie broken Oh No and I'm back I
couldn't find any more Charlie's but I
could've sworn there were but then again
they might be in different places so I'm
not a hundred percent sure either way
I've got the bolt cutters that thing
seems to have recharged thankfully you
didn't know that
it'd just be charged oh look they're
just bumping oh whoops oh well a little
too well there's the head splosions
thank you for helping me out with that
go down please you're dancing it's dead
okay all right I'll get a little closer
then there we go that's what I was
hoping for that's the magic of the hour
that's the goodnight kiss all right
huggy so what I need to do is I need to
check my storage real quick
this take that out I mean it was you
examine you and then you read I like
that I like that that's real good okay
you're gonna store I'm gonna grab I'm
going to combine I'm going to take out
because I'm going to need it because I'm
about to go get the shotgun I'm going to
save even though I'm saving too much but
I'm an excessive saver it's what I do
and then and then and then I'll tell you
I'll tell you just wait be patient and
then I'm gonna go down here first let's
play a little peekaboo let's see what's
going on down here there's bound to be a
little something down here I remember
there being a little something down here
before might not have been worth it but
I'm gonna play a little peekaboo
peekaboo Oh peekaboo
oh no you don't you were gonna cut me
off before I was able to actually blast
the goddamn thing can you fall over
please thank you space key oh oh oh it's

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

I know it's one of those things you're
gonna Grenada oh it's not locked
oh steel boy thank you thank you okay so
those combine in 20s so that's good to
know I'm going to have plenty of shout
goon man I wish in resident evil 2 there
was this many environmental things going
on that would have been awfully nice
hello you could blow anybody here alive
or undead I guess is more the concerning
question right can I do anything with
this apparently not
cuz probably cuz there's no power can't
do anything with that either probably
because I'm stupid
I can and I will get the shotgun please
yes thank you oh my goodness gravy yes I
like a shotgun
the ultimate zombie survival tool the
all right so there's still stuff in here
that I need to come back for but I don't
need to get it just yet so I'm not going
to worry about it now and I will try to
press on to whatever hi you're here to
test my shotgun I really appreciate that
oh there you go it wasn't the best shot
not not the good first shot that I was
hoping for we go to I guess the place
that I need to go now would be the
area where that lovely gentleman went
off to so I go into new territory there
there's nothing I need to drop off right
discarding key items oh why would I do
that sense sentimental value put it in
storage keep it forever cherish it for
all time become a hoarder it sounds like
me you go in there you go in there and
you go there perfect my backpack is so
tiny and didn't have time to run out on
us being attacked by nemesis all right
off I go in the wild blue yonder better
hope there's not nemesis crushing down
here ah but don't worry you don't need
to worry about me pretty old me you
don't need to do a thing but I need to
worry about mr. Russian man food likes
to shoot his fellow teammates
quato ski well that wasn't amigo there
Doris isn't nearly as Kabu ski as I

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

would like them to be is that the dude
hey did you get your just desserts
maybe who knows you becs suicide note
September 28th the Middle East Eastern
Europe East Africa I thought I knew what
hell was figured I'd never crack no
matter what was thrown at me at this job
this one was supposed to be easy
a quick wage I'd earned it it all
happened at once there were 30 guys in
our squad all armed with
state-of-the-art assault rifles and yet
we were wiped out in less than 48 hours
I've been through enough [ __ ] to know it
only ever gets worse and if that was
just the beginning maybe I'm a coward I
don't care this is the only way out I
have left I just told my body doesn't
get back up after I pull the trigger
move rough stuff but I don't understand
how I'm able to survive through this
with a nemesis on my ass you had 30
dudes electricians notice public use
generators provided by Raccoon City
electricians guild dude ongoing power
outages the guild has decided to
provisionally place a number of electric
generators throughout the city remember
everyone is welcome to use them but
remember these generators are running
high-voltage currents if wonder were to
be struck or impacted
gunfire anyone standing nearby could get
electrocuted ah specifically gunfire
Raccoon City is not a safe place is it
no you got that if you see a generator
spitting sparks don't go near it don't
do anything stupid
like shooting guns you know how you
raccoon city people a bang bang everyday
safety first as the saying goes if we
make it through this mess you'll have
plenty of busted generators for sale at
bargain prices
boo-ki well then consider me informed
wah wah wah boink
Oh No wow you did not freeze no no no no
no I don't like you I don't like you
poochie's and I usually like all
poochie's but I definitely don't like
you hey bud say how we doing hey are you
doing a nice but Isaiah Adams in there
now all right where am I going oh the
radio tower I forgot that was my hold
that was the whole point that was the
whole everything that was why I came out
here I remember now tick tick uh I'll
need some bullets soon try to use my
pistol as much as I can and then switch
the shout gun only when necessary wait a
minute let me make sure okay we're good
okay got it
all right hello where did that dude go
do I even want to know do I even care
the answer is no hi
they're really forgiving on those
headshots because I am definitely
missing hey stop stop in the name of the
law whoa whoa hey yeah just
double-checking everything cuz there's a
couple lockers here hang on okay got

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

gonpa all right hey hold on let me mix
some stuff hold on
god okaywell doesn't help me save ammo
on headshots if I miss oh really
Oh Oh Mike oh really oh my god oh my god
this is the work that that that was
officially the worst shooting I've ever
done in my life ever
are you back up get down no you get down
thank you
you get down thank you I didn't really
need a shooter I don't really need to
shoot everybody I need to keep that in
mind because if I shoot everybody I'm
gonna run out of ammo real quick you
want to run that by me again oh it's the
one Locker that's that's fine I'll come
get it once I get whatever tool I need
to be able to do that peekaboo
anybody in here anybody under hip out
yes please please yes yes yeah I'm not
really that excited about it it's it's
it's okay it's adequate but even on
being a youtuber I always try to like
amp up the energy you know how it is I
was really like yeah you know you know
how it is but yeah whatever what can you
do I'm gonna start having this out on me
because I have a funny feeling that I'm
gonna start to get an Emma Seuss up my
butt and if I do then I'm probably gonna
need to Grenada me instead of trying to
shoot him because that's just not gonna
work so I'm gonna just focus on not
hello fax from substation chief to all
employees in response to the violent
outbreaks across the city we have
implemented an intentional power outage
once the situation has been brought
under control please activate the four
breakers ASAP once that's done turn on
the main power switch in the control
room to reactivate the power grid
you got it boss you got
mouse you can trust me four main breaker
whoa what what what should I put on a
it's what
what oh wait what when did how why did
green herbs they work starter look like
Chad was never gonna make it come back

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

from his ground so I poked my head in
there and [ __ ] me next thing I know
I've got some maggots squirming down my
throat I was gagging and heaving but
those little bastards didn't seem to
mind none they just wouldn't come up I
was staggering around like a madman then
I saw it a green herb my grandma once
told me the green herbs are a natural
bug deterrent so I grabbed one shoved it
down my gob and swallowed him what do
you know the little things didn't want
to be there anymore I've never been so
happy to throw up I'm gonna head back
out there to look for Chad if anyone
else see this remember each agrees gross
and great-great and gross
that's great gross gross greatest
greatest nice fancy box let me take that
off your hands don't jump do not jump
scare me I swear to God I will punch you
in your dick if you jump scare me
something's inside whoo-hoo oh Alok
oh okay interesting I'm gonna combine
this interesting very very interesting
excuse me I just needed to dodge away
from the horrible monstrosity that was
that wall thank you real ood you gonna
give up I don't think you can
considering you don't have intestines
anymore but I don't know how depending
it zombies or on into stands I'm gonna
go put away my stuff in the box this is
horrible substation memo the kita
voltage areas gone missing the earliest
we'll be able to you okay I need to find
a lock Vic I get it that's what that
notes all about you guys lose every
goddamn thing you have I am disappointed
in every single one of you forever
because you all suck no this is why I'm
here dropping this stuff off store it
store it floor it or it alright let's go
oh wait no I can go back I can get the
thing whatever was in the lock thing
down here even though probably doesn't
matter I'll get back down there but I'm
curious now I want to I want a lockpick
and I don't want it to be the door that
actually makes progress for some reason
because I'm weird who's down here weird
all the zombies go they're all gone
that's disconcerting I'm an expert at
this slack thank you it's perfect
I was hoping for bullets good let's see
if I get to use them I don't imagine
that Chad inside the power substation
would be of any concern to me probably

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

not all right this is actually a maze
layout I should probably take a look at
this okay so far and far-end
okay got it memorized I know exactly
where they are
I am good with maps I'm not actually
joking about that I do know where they
are now
I know some of you are like doubting me
like oh yeah sure but but if you know me
that's my one Talent I don't have Malley
I don't have many talents I mean I'm an
inherently incredible individual yeah
look up dammit the squid okay that's
where I've seen Oh Oh horrible horrible
horrible what the Frick what the [ __ ]
was that
Oh God I don't have the green herbs on I
literally put him away i litter
i'll iterally just put them away that
you've gone are they gonna burst out of
my chest Brule well yeah okay yeah I got
it green herbs eat your greens I get it
I'm just gonna take them out cuz I
imagine that's probably gonna happen
again catch catch me unsuspecting very
gross very gross anyway oh you guys do
you guys eating good should always eat
your greens very important anyone eating
a salad right now great this is good
stuff glad that thing did that really
fun finally I had taken the warning the
route that it was a really big warning
very obvious oh god what am i oh no oh
no oh no no no no no no
no no no you missed missed me missed me
baby okay I know exactly where they are
three of them are on one side but - Wow
nope miss me oh okay maybe the shotgun
would be better play for this I think
just one hit and done is one of them I
know this because I've seen it in my
dreams here we go baby
here we go easy okay I do know that
that's the only one over here but what
is this what am I looking at here why am
I going up why am I going up well that's
fine boy oh wow
Wow how's my inventory looking pretty
okay okay
combine that there okay so that was the

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

ones here one is here one is here and
one is here this ladder leads to this
area it was still an item in this long
hallway but this all connects there so I
think there's good because that was
probably the best way that I could have
gone oh I hear them I hear them
what's with the butthole oh this crap
has a ball oh no no no no no no you
don't ah okay that definitely worked
where'd you go Wow no not this time
you're above right I scream at her to
look up and then I don't look up like an
idiot but they give a nice shot up
behind me so I can see what's going on
oh it's blocked off you well it's not
blocked off anymore okay so their
underside seems to be a weak point all I
gotta do is shoot their sensitive
underbelly hey come back here what are
you doing what are you doing and they're
hard to hear
shoot the sensitive underbelly Wow why
would you do this oh my god am i dead no
I refuse to believe that I refuse I
refuse to believe it okay
always with the buttholes but that's
okay hey so Roy where are you oh you're
above oh god you're above yes scoot my
caboose over this way they'll never know
shoot him okay good good well done well
done well done
woohoo tini
where you on are you on the dudes you
afraid you scared you're scared about
handsome I am
you afraid you might fall in love hey
you guys ain't so bad you guys ain't so
bad at all easy peasy
I found the other herb well they came
out of the mud hole
turns out the butt hole was correct oh
god damn it they are hard to dodge can
we used one of these cuz my inventory is
full any no don't examine don't look at
it just eat it gotcha okay this is the
last one technically that's the matter
if I want to get the items don't come

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

out of that bot holy I will be
time to get the I did it did the thing
I'm traumatized Oh
that's above me bonk oh really that
didn't get it I know more emerging from
any but holes I'm just taking a stance
against it ah alright okay good
aha this might be they're all really oh
really oh really
so is hurt okay no that's it okay we're
good got here almost used up all my
shotguns good thing they didn't shove
anything else down my throat punching
dillweeds bunch of dingleberries yeah
that was good glad I went through that
flick-flick flick-flick for quickly
quickly quickly
I don't know clever wait up like you
don't eat some volt you're no champ here
comes the amp I don't know that's all I
got okay store I'm gonna need to use at
least one of those I've got plenty of
bullets I'll use that I guess much
alright good I'm feeling fresh and
feeling fine I would I would be worried
a lot more about having you know
parasites literally injected into my
gullet I'd be worried about the
long-term effect and I don't think that
just shoving a plant right I think I
know the building
no are we partners not partners not yet
you got a woo me come here you got a
roomie come on woo me a little yeah hey
ain't that easy come on you got woo you
know how to woo you ever woo before ever
just whoa you know you know what I mean
yeah you know what I mean you know what
I mean you know biggie okay you know
what you heard
wow I dodged that I did I'm very nimble
I hope you know I'm incredibly nimble
and outrageously humble an incredibly
beautiful you know well that's quick
right I dodged that I there's no need to
stop my spine because I dodged that and
you should recognize that

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

don't whatever you do oh you're gonna
get zapped are you gonna get zip zap zop
you ever done improv zip zap zop it's a
loser idiot oh that was a perfect I mean
you know with with everyone's combined
guns we might actually be able to you
know do something about it I'm gonna
take this cuz I know I'm gonna take a
few more warps you know I'm just gonna
get whomped a few more times all right
excuse me well don't mind if I do
pardon me I would rather do this thank
you all so yeah I do I I have to like
unlock all of the unlockables that's
definitely what I have to do store that
do I need the granades probably problem
robbed a bit early for Bibble II prey
probobly don't buy me don't buy me whoa
okay oh hey uh you're a problem I can't
exactly oh that's fun this is fun a role
dodge Bob we've unlock okay here we go
whoosh you'll never get me you'll never
get me I've got a fancy box you don't
have a fancy box do you have a fancy but
I don't think so I've got an emerald
invitation but you know I feels good
you're Charlie doll look for me the
original Charlie doll was based on the
likeness of toy uncle's founder Charlie
all right do not drop or strike it I did
it Thanos Thanos oh hey you looking at
the toys buddy you waiting patiently I
appreciate that I really really
appreciate that I presented that a lot
you don't understand what that means to
me that you are so patient with me
all right cool let's play game on game
on what not too early okay so I have to
wow that guy got I got squashed squirtle
oh Sh
squadala I'm here why miss me hey well

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

that's fun
who's ready to get zooms gonna bother
with the souping I don't think I need
those OOP yes come and get me oh he's
coming to get me
isn't he oh he's coming to get me I
think he's coming to get me
I think he might get me yes am i right
Yipes uh I need to get rid of some of
that just just it's my just in clay
place just just in place just in case
clearing of inventory that's what I'm
doing oh you are in here who miss me
okay definitely can't just spam the
Dodge button I don't think Oh
Oh ring around the Rosie
oh my god please don't get me please oh
god no no no no yeah thank you for
waiting patiently I gotta go do not
you're not gonna now what yeah I don't
know if I'll have a sec it's stressful
it's very stressful
it's very still boys good perfect good
good good and perfect okay plot out a
route we need to go to I don't know
where where do we need to go okay easy
easy resaw pop folk rocks - MA - wait
three two one
this needs to be far our a4 or a3 s a2 f
o1 i think that's correct yeah are you
one or two doesn't really matter f a2
RA 3s a 2 fo 1 redstone straight to fox
park got it confirmed Carlos it's me I
yeah yeah you know I am pretty amazing

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

if I do ask me and I do ask me and I do
I am in fact amazing
thank you for also thinking also that
thank you
first aid spray who needs it not me
sorry silly don't be ridiculous
I'm just making sure that there's no
other red zones anywhere here which it
does not look like there are all right
all I gotta do is run away from the big
guy a big guy well know everything about
you everything about you is wrong well I
hated that
well that was disgusting Oh more I'll
take the regular zombie please thank you
you know a dumb mad cuz I can't hit kick
that didn't sound good whatever was
happening behind me uh yeah okay let's
just keep going I think I got pretty
much everything can I use this oh yeah
oh yeah baby oh yeah oh yeah baby we're
on a roll baby I'm friend skip to my Lou
skip to my dude
skip the madhuri da okay we're gonna do
this I think yeah I just gotta go back
right I'm pretty sure I just go back and
I'm good to go
skip to MIDI skip the module go away
please you la da dee la da du lipid why
No whoa Pro dodge moves that's what I
meant to do the whole time because I
would just explode it over there light
fingers right did I get all the I might
have all the what you might ask well I
hold your ass I'll tell you no I meant
to get it out the blue jewel the red
jewel in the green jewel I got the
jewels I don't know what they do I'll
save before I find out I guess all right
green use damn on the best thank you

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

well that is very interesting do they do
do they really like okay this is great
and all the this is great but the
designers of this train station of this
train station offered up weapons and
grenades and attachments
if they could solve a puzzle the
train-station maker people okay Wow it
removed the wood finish it
what Wow
fascinating yeah I did it I'm so happy
and I hugged it just to say thank you
all right good now that I was worried
that was gonna just make it longer like
blood ow but apparently not that's
really neat neat arena okay this one
more lock box here that I need to see
what's inside of and then basically like
I'm good to go
alright I think it's basic but it's okay
um yeah I cleared everything I think I
cleared like everything I got all the
[ __ ] I did great I feel good I feel good
about myself and I feel good about what
I did
so let's go ride this train celebrate
let's do it
hello nice job supercoppa I'm impressed
back in business
yeah mostly but we need 30 to 40 minutes
to finish maintenance
Nicholi how are we doing that dance
crawling with those freaks no chance of
fighting I wear this why is she here
she's helped me get the trades running
you get that time to start getting did
waetford she's unreliable again pull the
trigger when it counts
hey take it easy she'll get you killed
sorry about that
everyone's a little worked up oh come on
not again
it's me he's after hey wait what wait
wait even I'm questioning this Oh

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

now maybe this isn't a horrible ergo
spray just like don't give me oh yeah I
know what I'm about to do you want stars
here's are you seeing stars now baby my
goodness just gonna make sure I got all
the items and yeah there's items in here
what a deal ah my kleptomania will not
allow me to leave this area until I've
gotten every scrap of item Wow that is
definitely a kaboom er oh this is kaboom
E this kaboom e 101 this might might
even get me it's so kaboom e come this
no not that would not know did we oh
yeah yeah it that way that does that
does it ha gotcha
you're on fire now you suck oh now it's
your chance well yeah okay now is your
hands okay use it let's do it oh god I
did it dive
I'm not mentioned that the graphics in
this game just look really good I love
the Resident Evil engine that they got
the re engine the picker
what does it gets very good I'm running
I'm running away now did I get
everything in alone no what if I miss
yeah whatever who cares too late at this
point slam there's no way you can get me
perfect perfect bleep perfect
I can't brag about how much of a hero I
am gotta find another way out you say
well well well we made it out of there
just fine I don't see what the problem
seems like everything's gonna be a-okay
seems like I'm a badass and beautiful a
beautiful badass badly beautiful ass
just amazing in every way I've got so
much health items I've got so many
health things there's so many health
things all right so that is all the time
I have for the first episode of Resident
Evil 3 i there's something just very
satisfying about the game there's
something very nice about the way it
plays there's something very nice about
the way you do things the inventory
management system is just like it's it's
not a burden but it's fun to like mix
and match me like I have to carry this I
have to find it for secret I have to get
all the items it's fun it's really fun
I'll probably play through this again on
a harder difficulty after I'm done with
this game so thank you look forward to
this same with doom eternal once we
finish that up probably by the time you
see this you're like oh we're gonna fish
that up and then this is gonna replace
it as our every other day stream we
haven't had a video we haven't had like
long Let's Plays in a while and suddenly
it's just a whole bunch and I really
like it it's something nice to return to
so thank you check out Resident Evil 2

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

and Resident Evil 7 linked in the
description below or maybe in the
suggested videos down there thank you
again for watching and joining me on
this adventure take care of yourselves
and take care of each other and as
always I will see you
in the next video bye-bye

Resident Evil 3 Remake is HERE! And following the trend of excellent remakes, this one starts off with a BANG! And a NEMESIS!! MY COMFY CLOTHES ...


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  1. The casual sexism is really well done, to the point that I'm uncomfortable every time Carlos talks to Jill. Applauding a professional for knowing where a building is; calling them partners when he's in a safe little train car giving directions; the casual reference to her body and image while they're IN THE MIDDLE OF A ZoMbIe ApOcaLyPs. We've been playing for an hour and a half and already I want to punch a fictional character.

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  3. We wish we had actually serious diseases in first world countries that way we could stop pretending cov is a problem. Cuz ya'll clearly never saw polio or small pox

  4. "Who would you say is the Umbrella Corp. of today? Of this era? Of this universe? If this does take place in an alternate universe, I would like to know who that is."
    -Markiplier, right before taking a sip of Dr. Pepper, which has a red and white color scheme

    mark are you trying to tell us something

  5. i love how markipliers mom just lets him do vids my mom doesnt like it but i tryed to do it secretly and then the processing glitch came in so thats moms powers

  6. I’m telling you, more and more I really believe people higher up know things about the future, like they’re apart of a cult and putting it right in our face. That, or shit is really spoken into existence. Idk but weird how shit basically tells the future.


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