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    The Only Video About Raid: WW2 in 2020

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    Celebrating the life and death of a game where so much charm was squandered so swiftly by executive action.



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    1. The terrible thing about the ESRB is that they don't play the games. They just get a more in depth trailer to look at before deciding what the rating of the finished product will be.

    2. People think this game was made by Overkill, but it was actually made by Starbreeze and published by Lion Games Lion or whatever they’re called.

    3. this is a game i played the open beta and loved that small amount to fucking bits, i am incredibly saddened that this game is now dead. It costs too much for people to care and i honestly with that LGL just changed it's price already, keeping the deluxe edition at 28 euro and the normal game at 20 just makes noone want to buy it, a 20 euro price point would've worked great if the game was payday 2, but it isn't, the game is RAID, and raid is unfinished, and it shows.

    4. I wanted this to be good. My entire crew wanted this to be good. We all played in the beta and it was… just so sad.

      I loved the ideas but the execution was so poor. It was just Payday 2 but when it first released and what seemed like less content.

      Hell, people could literally just mod the raids into Payday 2 if they wanted as custom hiests

    5. Man… I really really liked this game… it was fun, but the engine made it run like shit and had fun ideas… I pray there's an alternate universe where this game was successful 🙁

    6. I played this game and it’s good for a person who likes history. Besides that it’s a payday just with a world war 2. On a mission that I was doing I hate how the captured people won’t run. They stand still walk around and them every few seconds they die or get downed.


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