The Silver Case – CASE #0 lunatics, Manly Let’s Play Pt.1

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The Silver Case is a surreal mystery game by Suda51. Like most Suda51 plots it features a normal premise surrounded by Lynch style weirdness. This is its first western release and because of that we get to finally experience Suda51’s oldest work.

Game Playlist:
Game Info:

“Not actually about cases made of silver, or is it.”

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  1. Between all the crazy talk the guy said. I didn't do anythin. That woman killed them. You just wanted to protect Mika. Forgive me. Please don't kill me. I really don't want to do this. Someone help me.

  2. This surreal and yet stylish mystery is drawing me in already. I love the paranormal cop, but the surreal mystery cop is also winning my heart over too. This is going to be interesting~

  3. Oh dang, didn't expect to see a little cameo of Comic Beam in there. Suda51 has nice taste in manga.

    Anyway, this looks ace, but gah so much text in the beginning. I mean, it's a VN so it's expected but eh. Still a fan though.

  4. Absolutely fantastic!

    I love the whole noir aesthetic. The very stylized city, buildings… just the drive in the beginning set the pace & the tone of the story. And the music! ♡
    I think it is going to be a great story… we''ll get deep into the minds of Heinous Crime Unit leaders & the real demonic killer, Kamui Uehara. I played the demo & fell in love with the game. So glad you're playing it!

  5. Waaait wait wait, hold up.. "Criminal powers"? Like, superpowers of the non law abiding citizen? 😛 Steal three cars, boom – you've gained a level, please distribute your criminal powers accordingly.

  6. This has been reported by sources as coming to the Nintendo Switch now. It would be interesting to create a Visual Novel RPG… as in you start out as a rookie with basic HP and baseline skills like street policing skills, court negotiating, etc and as you progress through traps, cases, court rulings, etc you become stronger and stronger and your skills improve depending on how much you use them in prior cases. The closest thing I can think of that this could be compared to was De Ja Vu for the original Nintendo.

  7. When Rumi said she killed someone who was she referring to? The body they found before? Was she the one that killed Mika or Kyoko? Not familiar with Moonlight Syndrome beyond the basic synopsis so I was just curious.


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