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SearchThisVideo: The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Gameplay

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Watch video at 00:00

hey similes it's still Achra see here

and welcome to a video I'm very excited

to show you because it's the first ever

video with the sims for cats and dogs

gameplay in it that I'm showing you guys

first of all here is the world map of

the beautiful Bryn's Alton Bay we're

just hovering over whisker man's Wharf

we've just got a few community lots on

it it's really awesome then over here

it's a staple square kind of like the

old town centre with the vets ulcer a

like training area for pets over here is

Cavalier Cove where you've got some

lovely Dutch colonial architecture a que

handin style two massive Lots which is

awesome a great open area for walking

your pads and then on the other side we

have dead grass aisle where you can

actually see pet ghosts which is pretty

cool and cats will jump on tombstones

and it's it's really cool I love that

lighthouse space but yeah welcome to a

video where we are going to share some

gameplay I'm not allowed to show you

guys any vet gameplay because this

footage is from when I was in America a

few weeks ago for Simms camp so this is

a sponsored video by EA it is not final

software so there may be a few glitches

hence why we can't show you guys the vet

clinic yet but do look forward to that

in my cats and dog let's play which will

be coming out as soon as I can share

more with you guys I'm very excited big

yeah that that's basically all the info

I had to tell you guys so far I think

this is the world bridge Wilton Bay it's

stunning let's jump into some gameplay

yeah is my family that I created using

the new hair and clothes from this

expansion pack of expansions coming out

on November 10th sir not too long now

but it feels like forever and these are

my pets this is Anna the dog and I think

Trisha the cat Trisha has a little hair

issue sir I gave her a fairy hat to make

up for the fact she has no bodily hair

just so she can keep her head warm

anyway let's get a little tug Lexia to

pats Trisha the cat or to interact with

her because I have to say the

interactions of Todd

and pets is absolutely gorgeous look at

this isn't that adorable oh my gosh

Trisha the cat kind of looks scary there

I'm not gonna lie we live in a nice kind

of Hamptons looking home a medium-sized

home and oh look you can simply grab a

pet - that's really fun we'll do that in

just a little while but yeah basically

pets are a part of the household you can

have in combination up to eight sims and

pets in one household so I just like

having eight Sims if you want to instead

use those sim slots for pets you can do

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

that so it could have one sim in seven

pets if you wanted to which would be

like me as a sim and Charles cuz I love

Josh outs and look the pets just like he

lays about on the furniture cats will

jump on top of shelving and things it's

really realistic how they kind of

interact with the objects around them

and I absolutely love it so let's get

our grand possum here Raymond's let's

let's come to maybe take on her outside

for a walk let it get some fresh air and

you can see that there's some

interactions there we can like take pets

out to the toilet or you can take them

for a walk or you can play fetch with

them if you have a bowl object but we'll

take Anna for a little walk right now

when she gets up out of their comfy dog

beds she looks so cute in her pink


I love adalah husky and I'm sure some of

you guys are surprised that I didn't

show you a cha-cha

to begin with but I'm kind of saving

that for our let's play I just I didn't

hurt I did we didn't have a lot of time

to record and I was like you know when

we're doing the Chows we'd reach as well

so we'll have plenty of focus on Chow

Chows when it comes out

also the pets you can not control the

pets it's kind of like real life you can

influence your pets by you know having a

good relationship with them and to

taining them and making sure you train

and discipline them so they can be

better but hey

or you can do the opposite and have

really pulley behaved pets if you wanted

to myself I think that's a bit cruel but

yeah your pets and not like you miss

Sims freeware you would click on them

and kind of control where they went so

it's more of a reflection of real life

in that the pets are robots they're

going to act and give back whatever you

give them sir I quite like that I

personally actually prefer it this way I

know some of you guys weren't but that's

just me comment down below what you

think but yeah we're just walking Anna

she's just getting a little bit of fresh

air I think what we might do next there

is actually take Anna or maybe Tricia

the cat through a training parkour both

of them it looks like we just completed

a little aspiration then but we're not

on the breath seem to see what they did

also depending on the traits you pick

for your pet they're going to behave in

certain ways so a pet that is a glass

one or gluten they're gonna eat heaps

like ate heaps of fruit and you do have

dog bowls that your pets can eat from

you can also buy them treats if you like

and also in public areas like hit the

pock there will be some dog bowls too so

that's good and also pets weren't die

unless they die of old age so there's no

animal cruelty in this game as variants

of that if you don't feed your pets they

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

will be hungry and they might not behave

well but they will not starve to death

sir that's kind of nice dinner

all right so this is the dog and cat

pock I suppose sir there's a public

toilet here little child play area but

there's also a whole heap of obstacles

for your pets to play on I think we just

need to take a quick picture right now

for Instagram so we can get Trisha the

cats account started we've also got

Raymond a little bit of the photography

skills that's good

and just by clicking on the whistle you

can call your pet to come here and look

Tricia has gained 15 followers just from

that one picture effect Tricia we'd have

so many followers in real life just

because she wears that fuzzy hat it's so

funny anyway so what we're going to do

is train Anna your sim will get will

develop the training skill pet training

skill of the more they train their pets

and these obstacle courses help your

training skill and they also offer a

challenge of trying to finish the pet

obstacle course without any faults so

let's see if Anna can complete it

without any fault see me as this is the

first time she's ever done it I highly

doubt that but it's very cute watching

her try and learn how to do it

sim might get a little bit frustrated as

Raymond is right now I always hate it

when people get angry at that pets he's

like come on I know you can do it but

she didn't really want to jump through

the hoop then she didn't quite make that

eventually she will there she can get up

onto the platform and sit down like a

good girl that's a good sign and you can

see over there in the corner there is a

fruit bowl sir if we decide to leave the

obstacle course there with three faults

oh no oh no I was just reading that just

then oh yeah so we can fill this up and

feed the pets oh my god Raymond don't

get so upset at her just because you

suck at training doesn't mean you get

angry at the pet

all right see it's got to fill that up


yeah now and I can have a little bit of

a feed that should make her a little bit

happier and your sims I mean your sims

pets will just like real pets in real

life they will let you know if they need

something with that body language serve

for instance if they need to go to the


they might wait near the door so you

know you need to take them out and yeah

if they want food they might hang around

near the door in the kitchen I believe

I'm not sure I need a little bit more

game time to fully discover it all and

we actually did have limited game time

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

or gameplay time at Sims camp sir I do

apologize that I don't know the game

very well I've only had about an hour

and a half of playing and that's

including going through create-a-sim and

building by so it was a whole heap of

time and it looks like Trisha really

loves her food so she's gonna still some

of Anna's foods and make a little bit of

a mess oh my gosh

sir cute anyway Raymond's also has

developed a relationship with Anna I

think they're acquaintances so let's

take the whole family over here to the

wolf area and the wolf area you can buy

your pets food you can buy them toys as

well to play with so you can play catch

I'll fetch there's also a bar there so

you can

get some drinks and nibbles it's kind of

nice oh and the wolf era is a bit of a

cat magnet it's well I hear I've heard

there's a lot of cats that go there all

right so let's have a bit of a play with

Anna or via just muck around with her a

little bit I don't think we have a

bowling out inventory so we'll just kind

of play around with her with movements

and we can actually trainer because we

don't have a good enough relationship

with her sir it is an option to offer

friendship which we can try out we can

praise her to lift our relationship to

and when we offer our friendship with

her we can then train her which is

really exciting

sir hopefully that'll jump right up see

how far that jump just then and Braman

just became good friends with Anna so

they're very fast you're very quick to

form a relationship with your sim now I

can train a lie-down ruler vos its peak

and that'll enhance our training our

training skill I believe that's a good

girl you know it just cuts into night

time as well is she gonna sit she's like

I don't know what you're saying to me

you crazy man it look how Trish is just

like wandering around the ball such a

sneaky cat oh my god she's so funny

and he's feeling a little bit tense

stressful for the training not really

working so I guess it's stressful if you

get a new pet they're not doing what you

want them to do so you can create a pets

yourself and create a pet create a sim

area of the game or you can also adopt a

stray pet I believe which is really

really nice I love that and yeah Anna's

sitting Tricia's playing with the laser

I think this looks so cool that

animation with the laser it's so

realistic like cats just love lace

opponents don't they absolutely love

them and this is gonna send the toddler

Elena to daycare just because she was

gonna have a whole heap of needs and you

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

know we're focusing on the cats and dog

and this this little preview so he has a

little bit of a look around the wolf you

can see the boats in the distance it's

really pretty it's quite industrial and

I just love it absolutely love it and

you can see other sims with their pets

walking them you might see the odd stray

cat here and there you can even click on

the boat to travel to the lighthouse

which I really love that quick

connection and then here are a couple of

stores we can get some seafood snacks

pet treats

it looks like it's gentleman's nights

tonight something I've never actually

had a lobster roll I really know what

that is I mean I guess it's lobster roll

obviously but never tried it myself okay

so if we go in here oh this is one of

the interior surface which I think are

really nice and uh-oh looks like Trish's

being a naughty kitty scratching the

surface and if we come back in a little

while that sofa is not gonna be looking

too pretty anymore sir we may need to

scold our kitty for being naughty also

and it's waiting at the door right now

that's probably a good indication that

she might need to go in the toilet after

eating after we gave her her food but it

looks like Raymond's taking care of his

er needs right now all right sir earthly

Anna weren't through any accidents I

don't think she will and at the time of

filming this I guess I didn't realize

that she might need secure parties sir

anyway oh my gosh look what Tricia did

she's completely ruined that surface or

we better girl-- and we can lecture

about scratching if we want a little bit

more of a comma interaction with her or

we can actually scold her for scratching

which will make our relationship go down

without pets so you can choose how harsh

you want to be with your pets she is not

happy at all the truth of the cat not a

kitty and yeah you can see their

relationship just went down a little bit

but I do believe it will make her

scratch less often but anyway you guys I

need to wrap the video up right now

because I can't show you any vet clinic

footage unfortunately but let me know

what your thoughts are in the comments

down below I can't wait to start a cats

and dogs let's play for you guys let's

go be awesome keep an eye out for that

and of course as always I hope you are

having a lovely morning afternoon or

evening wherever you are in the world

and I'll speak to you soon



Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00


The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs gameplay! What do you think of the new expansion?
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  1. So, are there a lot of stray cats and dogs wandering around the neighborhood? Do they show up in other neighborhoods once downloaded. Not something I really want in the game.


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