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  • THE STORM DRAGON RISES! Total War: Warhammer 3 – Miao Ying – Grand Cathay Campaign #1

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    Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] [Music] [Music] this world has been sundered by a tide of arcane energy the winds of magic turned into a museum the tome of fates drew me north to find out why it guided me to a distant fortress steeped in blood a battle was fought there though long over the spirits still lingered in the shadow of a broken portal the trail ended it was here the tome conversed with the dead they told of erson the bear god of kislev lost in darkness a noble prince ventured to save him yet he strayed from the path and was corrupted by chaos savior became executioner a single shot bound in faith forsaken pierced erson's heart and so the bear god roared the tide that broke the world spirits where lies are so now is he here in the north [Music] is he alive shadow a demon [Music] i knew who shackled the bear bellacor only a fool would challenge bellagore and yet the power of a dying god there is no greater prize a mere drop of erson's blood would break my curse ending my servitude to this accursed book free to profit from its secrets but ursin is locked in the forge of souls deep in the realm of chaos and i cannot enter this nightmarish domain all roots have been sealed by the maelstrom there must be a way ah the tow man nails a spell to summon a portal one to bypass the maelstrom and create a door into chaos knowledge to bargain for i need an ally one who is tempted by the power of the god bear and can withstand the horus within hello and welcome everyone our heart here and today we begin my total war warhammer 3 adventure with part 1 of my new cafe campaign as the storm dragon herself meow big thanks creative assembly for giving me early access so i could start this let's play early for you guys i'll be releasing this campaign every monday wednesday and friday going forward so make sure you subscribe and ring that bell notification so you don't miss any of the uploads of this campaign also if you want to support the channel and get an amazing deal on warhammer 3 then check out the link to game's planet in the description and use code demons at the checkout save a total of 19 of the game and get the ogre kingdom's pre-order bonus for free offer ends 20th of march so let's dive into this cafe campaign cathay's unique faction mechanics include harmony the whooshing compass and the potential trade riches of the ivory road supreme master of the story i'll be playing as meow ying the storm dragon who leaves the northern provinces holding back the unending tide of chaos at the great bastion a faction effects are -2 corruption plus 10 leadership when fighting demons of chaos and ammunition plus 20 for missile units her lord effects provide minus 50 upkeep for missile infantry units and plus three yin harmony playing this campaign on very hard very hard difficulty and as always advice tips and tactics are always welcome feel free to leave unit name suggestions on this episode part one as well for me to add into armies later on now this is an early access build of the game and while it's fairly representative of the final game there still might be some bugs and optimization issues however these will be worked on for the final release on the 17th february so without further ado let's dive on in and begin our cafe campaign grand cafe a vast empire to the east ruled by powerful creatures dragons who can inhabit human form you are gravely mistaken we have no interest in a mere god's power no interest in power to use against the forces of chaos i am yaoi the storm dragon older than the gods themselves you are here for a greater purpose this map shows the energy of all things there should be harmony but the world is unbalanced my younger sister shantu bringer of light and hope she ventured beyond the norsken mountains but was lost without her without her light darkness prevails and our family has no comfort though i feel your loss the dome of fates provides no insight to your sister's whereabouts ursa knows he witnessed her fate then why does he not tell you iron dragon there is mistrust between dragons and gods if we save orson he will tell us how to find shandu let me serve you mighty dragons i can reach her soon lead you to him before it's too late for one drop of his blood your destiny is to guide us [Music] the armies of cafe must breach the maelstrom and march into chaos balance will be restored to the world when shenzhou is returned to you our goal is clear to find the lost sister we must hear the god bears testament before he passes into myth i am the anointed guardian of the great bastion any breach brings great dishonor upon me so prove your worth mortal yes great matriarch there is indeed a rapture in the great bastion the forces of cinch invade through the ruins of the snake gate and have taken the terracotta graveyard further along the bastion remains under threat from the changers forces or as you know him the dread power chianchi yet despite the enemy assaults there remain brave defenders ever loyal to you both to them and they will gladly confederate with a revered dragon you will need such allies for it is on the other side of the wall where the threat is strongest the eternal siege continues for the dark powers are never sated and there the orchestrator of this woe kairos fate weaver face this demonic article lest he bring down the bastion fate weaver is insidious and the invasion is only part of his plan rebellion festers in nan yang's minds under the changes malign influence punishment must be swift to reinforce your authority before we can hope to take the fight into the chaos realms themselves we must bring harmony back to grand cafe there is much to do enemies enemies everywhere how they play the northern provinces harmony all aspects of development in cathay are aligned with yin or yang bonuses are earned and penalties are suffered based on the balance between the two the wuxing compass the wishing compass influences the flow of the winds of magic around the cathean homelands the rulers of the celestial empire may use its power to bolster their defenses enrich their lands and divert harmful magic away to the desert the ivy road cothean factions can send trade caravans to the west along the perilous ivory road choices will have to be made and challenges overcome if expeditions are to be successful agents of fate weaver fan the flames of rebellion we cannot risk such sedition reaching nangar mission issued our first mission engage the enemy defeat an enemy army belonging to the following faction in battle the rebel lords of nan yang we'll gain a thousand gold to our treasury and unlock an astromancer hero thank you advisor obviously there's a whole host of new features and mechanics not just for cafe but warhammer 3 in general we'll take a look at them all as we play through this campaign but i think we'll kick things off by diving into our first battle which we will fight it will be a smash for us uh quite easy but give us a chance to check out our unit abilities and check out animations and just get to grips with uh the stormdragon meow ying herself so there she is but also the celestial dragon guard two units of jade warriors peasant long spearman celestial dragon crossbows peasant archers peasant horsemen and easily my favorite unit from her starting lineup the sky junk which is essentially a flying hellstorm rocket battery with some gunners to snipe off enemies as well it's also got a bomb we'll dive on in to the battle and see all this in action we go battle is upon us study your options carefully the enemy are close blood will be spilled well the advisors up for it so it's decisive victory we will fight it but order resolve says we'd actually lose one of our peasant long spearmen they've got two peasant long spearmen and peasant archers and they're led by a lord magistrate so let's dive on in and unleash the fury of the storm dragon in we go as always feel free to give tips tactics and advice obviously we're all going to be pretty new to warhammer 3 but if you do notice uh a feature or a mechanic from either creative assembly's own videos or another content creator that you think i should be aware of for this campaign and obviously once you guys get hands on when the game releases later on throughout the campaign do feel free to share any you know tips and advice you may have learned about cafe or anything you've observed so far um it's a pretty straightforward battle let's channel some magic let's risk it roll the dice here see if we can get a little bit more won't matter either way to be honest and nice we have managed to channel it a little bit more game two more uh winds of magic points there let's start deployment now i'll form everyone up and then we'll go down the line taking a look at them i am good on the fundamentals of battle though advisor thank you very much and in fact before we fight this because someone's gonna ask uh lionheart what are your graphic settings there we go feel free to pause if you want to take a longer look at them but let's dive back on in harmony let's pop our peasant horseman over here if we can so they can hide in the trees and flank on around take out those uh peasant arches now the deployment of my troops uh kind of again builds on that harmony aspect of cafe you can see each of them have the yang folks over there that means their harmonies are lined to uh yang whereas missile units they've got yin as their harmony and uh the important thing to bear in mind with your formations is where you place your units because as you can see now they've completed the circle yin yin and yang together and what that means is activated their battle harmony bonus so for the celestial dragon crossbowmen their battle harmony gives 24 reload skill and plus 12 leadership it doesn't actually uh change the stats until you hit start battle then it'll show up in green obviously changing leadership currently there's a bit of a penalty there um and also increase missile strength for them celestial dragon guard their uh battle harmony yang is more leadership and uh melee defense as well um but yeah important way you place your units we'll do the same thing over this side with the peasant archers so that we can activate that harmony over here now these guys the jade warriors in the center aren't going to get that bonus uh because they're too far away from my peasant archers and crossbows but if we bring up the sky junk and just pop it behind they're now in range of that and so everyone now has their battle harmony activated let's pop meow ying out in front and then just go down the line taking a look at some of these stats we'll start over here with the celestial uh dragon crossbowmen if there are um any units you want me to take a kind of closer look at in future episodes and just in general with features in the in the campaign do let me know in the comments section as we go and i'll try where possible to kind of do little sort of spotlights on some of those features and units and as well when we have a large battle people bother for this one we have a larger battle we'll try and do some nice slo-mo shots as well uh but there we go celestial dragon crossbowman pretty darn nice there we've got the celestial dragon guard now uh all of our infantry's actually have uh formation attack as well which this you will try and stay in formation uh when in melee which is nice you've also got uh charge reflection in there and bracings you know deal additional damage attacking charging enemies nice see their battle harmony in their armor piercing anti-large jade warriors now these guys have a defensive stance passive ability augment uh two phases to it ten seconds first phase and then uh permanent second phase when they're not moving give some extra charge resistance and armor so that's the jade warriors there kind of the backbone of our army then we've got the peasant long spearman expendable of course and peasant arches over on this side also expendable so we want to swap those guys out with more probably of the celestial dragon guard and uh crossbows there take a look at this sky junk again my favorite unit what's your favorite you've seen from the cafe roster so far or you know that's coming up so we've got the rockets at the front here they'll fire on out huge range to 360. so i think from the start we can easily yeah bombard the enemy force they've also got gunners here to snipe enemies it's pretty slow so it does take a little while to line up if you want to drop its sky junk bombs but they do do a lot of damage really nice as well see if we can show that off as well and then finally now ying herself the storm dragon she's got two spells uh earth blood and storm of shadows start with that's a nice speed reduction so she can use it kind of a lock down certain troops channeling her storm powers there and then she's got ralph the storm which imbues those around her with magical attacks and a plus 24 modifier to melee attack and of course she's got a transformation of the dragon so we will transform straight into dragon she will lose um access to her spells then but she becomes a freaking dragon so definitely worth it might just cast her storm of shadows slow them down but let's begin this battle set the sky junk focus on the peasant long spearmint in fact we'll send out the sky junk as well send her forward i wonder if we can yes trying to slow these guys out over here they're firing off their shots as they go and then every so often fire out there but i wonder if it has to actually be stopped to fire that interesting archers gonna be in range of my arches and crossbows in a minute and i wonder if actually we can link up her off the storm with her transformation strength i don't think she has access to that either in dragon mood fire crossbows fire fire on these guys now they've broken the enemy in fact go over them and see if you can drop your bombs let's drop it and then we'll pop meow ying into dragon mode [Music] this is a pretty cool animation itself there we go it's dragon time then the sky jump round she's quite effective against multiple units um rather than single entities i think gets a little bit cumbersome trying to focus her attacks on them i mean most large units do in the warhammer series in general anyway it pleases the dragons ready there she is trying to attack against these guys just has like a lightning tail slap animation she does as well at times which is pretty cool fire in there blast them could bring the sky junk in oh there we go i actually did do some damage obviously got a good aura splash there oh nice it was like a lightning breath attack i'm actually kind of surprised that she doesn't have a dragon breath he's just like now i'm done i'm good thanks maybe that would have made up too powerful to have a dragon breath attack all right end the battle that's that obviously an absolute smash didn't expect to be anything else just pretty much using that as a showcase of what the storm dragon can do there we have it absolutely annihilate some peasants things will get tougher victory is yours my lord but what about the fate of those captured in battle it can be beneficial to hold them but sometimes leniency or brutality can be worth more yes right so we've got execute captures for leadership we've got venerate for three percent replenishment but we only lost of course the only use i would lose would be a couple of units of cavalry uh three percent not really worth it we'll take pond caps for 215 extra gold we've also gained an obsidian lodestone uh you can see the experience for meow ying as well which is pretty cool zap they are out of here and mission successful thank you very much got the obsidian lodestone a potent ally has joined your ranks embed them in your army lovely so we've gained uh who is our astromancer i imagine we're probably gonna rename him to tim but you guys let me know uh in the comment rebels section the minds ahead bolster your legion with loyal warriors who rightly revere you right so next mission advises setting us up for that by saying recruit some units please okey dokey the primal balance of nature is misaligned in your kingdom take steps to restore harmony where it has been lost for it is the bedrock upon which your majestic empire is built thank you advisor mission after mission uh restore harmony restore the balance harmony so we'll talk about that in a moment we're getting a thousand gold card treasury but yeah keep uh feel free to suggest you name suggestions for these guys once we get to a full 20 stack i'll add in your suggestions ideally keep them all on part one of this series that way it's nice and easy for me to find them all yeah i think we'll probably be renaming him next episode to t in fact i'm going to rename it now tim when may i return the astro astro enchant we can't fit it all in one line tim the astro enchanter yeah we'll go with that for now unless you guys have got some better suggestions [Music] so uh taking a look at him he has the law of heaven's i believe all astro monsters have it unless there's different ones you can get we'll take a look at what we can recruit in a moment but yeah law of heaven so you've got harmonic convergence all that stuff cursing like wins nice wind blast thunderbolt uh chain lightning combat of cassandora all good stuff obviously arcane conduit there actually this is quite good uh with all the wushing war compass as well hello that's very nice uh he's got mastery of elemental wins so when two or more units in the same army share this attribute intensity increases the power of spells cast so actually kind of um makes it worth while having multiple spellcasters with at least with that attribute in your armies what i was going to say is that if we want to have meow ying focusing on being a dragon uh and being awesome then it makes sense have another spell cast in the army because that frees them up to use the winds of magic so let's pop him in there as the advisor suggested in we go 500 gold thank you now uh our next mission if we go through here the dragon easily recruit two more units store harmony let's talk about harmony up here because again that's the the balance of all things uh within um within cafe so yin and yang we're currently uh more aligned with yin so we're on the second uh lotus blossom here i think which gives us construction cost minus ten percent for yang buildings income from yang buildings plus ten cents so it's a detriment to yin focused uh stuff uh and buildings things like that when we're more aligned with that basically you want to balance between characters events buildings technology to be in balance and harmony because as you can see harmony effects you get plus 20 different relations with cathay minus 20 construction cost of all buildings plus 40 growth which early game that's huge if you can get that extra growth modifier income from young buildings plus 25 income from yin buildings plus 25 control plus eight corruption minus five or provinces and you also unlock ancestral warriors um so yeah it's it's all a game of balance as cathay so we need to basically get four points of yang so that's going to influence what we want to build first so nan gao i could go through all these different bits we've got the ninth wall there uh again you want me to take a deeper look at some of this stuff in future episodes let me know uh but for now we're gonna just crack on i am gonna go for this yang building over here which gives us plus one harmonies yang plus ten growth uh construction costs minus four percent for all buildings local provinces the labour conscription bureau now you can see it all says it prevents the construction of the tea parlor so basically all of uh the infrastructure buildings i don't i think it's also yeah it's also the same through that stuff i don't think it's same for military but for defense and infrastructure uh for cathay one cancels out the other again you can only have the yang variant rather than the yin or the yin rather than the yang again all about this creating this this balance with what you build so go for the labor conscription bureau that's what i want there which means i can't get the tea parlor uh that that's that's fine because right now we want that construction cost reduction and growth rather than extra a little bit of income and again the main thing is we get that harmony for more yang so in a turn we will get three balance we can also focus on specific technologies you can go through the middle which doesn't affect yin or yang or if you go through the top line that's all yang focused uh bonuses uh for harmony and along the bottom that's all yin uh bonuses and also i believe that kind of matches up with the type of units and buildings all the yin folk stuff is for your missile type troops and the tree goes all the way on over here we've got upkeep cost again i could spend probably the rest of the video just going through each of these um technology bits and pieces here but we'll have to take a look a deep look at that later on let's go for drill training plus one harmony for yang and also give us a plus four leadership for peasant long spoonie's not particularly great but that'll do the yang we need so we need to recruit two units i believe it was as well let's go for iron hail gunners very nice armor-piercing missiles they are harmony yin but that doesn't affect the overall harmony it's only characters that do not individual units this is more just to synergize where you place them for that uh battle harmony bonus so go for two of them so we're gonna go off the mines of nan yang next turn uh just back to objectives take a look at the victory conditions so we're going for a forge of souls campaign victory that's kind of the main story uh victory you need to complete the complete corn's realm nurgles realm spanish's realm and zeacher's realm and only then can you fight and win the final battle at the forge of souls um i assume you know opportunities to enter each of those realms will present themselves as we continue playing on through there's also a domination victory option as well which doesn't take out a load of factions maintain control of 50 provinces yeah that's fine go for the forge of souls but there's all our missions i like the layout of that right so we've talked about harmony we've got the great bastion thread up here which we don't need to worry about just yet although as you can see snakegate has been breached um so chaos and the war band in particular will start spilling on through from there so we will need to reclaim that eventually the fly over indicated that the terracotta graveyard has been uh taken over by um zinch's forces there sarthorio's watchers so we'll need to deal with that let's uh have a look at the whooshing compass so we've currently got a cooldown of that for another three turns and then we can focus it on one of the directions on the compass great bastion celestial lake are probably the ones we'll be focusing on to start with just because of um they've kind of got the most useful initial active uh bonuses there so you get meet them everything in green currently is what you're currently getting from each one which doesn't matter they're always active doesn't matter which uh point the compass is facing dragon emperor's wrath is nice because you get a a big old extreme attrition penalty applied to armies beyond the great bastion which is good at weakening the threat of the chaos invasion there but probably go for a great bastion first for the great bastion threat reduction recruitment cost and also gives you celestial intervention which is an awesome bombardment although if we do need more money we might go for celestial lake there's also warp stone desert which um winter magic will steadily decrease in strength um corruption will reduce per region cathode minus four emily ship minus six per region i'm not sure i'll be using that one that much but the other three for sure um but each of their reserves drops over time and then it builds back up once you have the compass focused on them but their effects get more powerful the higher up that compass it is in fact if we go up here you can see how many supplies you get how much growth you get so that's good again celestial lake early on and dragon empress wrath more control per region a nice modifier there um caravan dispatch available let's go to the ivory road and we've got uh shen quinn caravan he's got 13 units we can see his caravan over here so this ivory road oh there we go so every road shows the various routes that will be going on um and we can go off to various uh different cities over in the west now we can change the amount of cargo value that we want to pop on the caravan to give us a higher uh return so at the moment if we look at who's going to give us the most amount of money because we could do a shorter route and get a quicker return because they're going over here we'll only take five turns give us three thousand one hundred and thirty nine but if we go over to uh because dragon hoff and sylvania i assume it's cost a dragon off yes it is uh four thousand seven hundred forty uh i thought marion berg would be a bit higher but obviously there's uh specific i guess um things due to the caravan master himself let's see if he's got any specific traits at the moment but yeah let's go over to sylvania um nine turns that's fine got maximum amount of cargo value you can increase that over time when you level up your caravan masters so that's his initial force he might get an opportunity to recruit some more warriors on the road as he goes but as you can see we'll see his initial path it's going this way but you can see the overall threat chance is high so there's a good chance he could get ambushed or face a dilemma as he moves on through his caravan route but we're gonna dispatch him off he goes and that'll instantly create him here it doesn't affect our income though it's separate which is great um yeah nice way of kind of gaining some extra money with some investment there extra economy management without making it too um i guess too in-depth and and dull to manage um go to diplomacy let's do some trade and we've got quick deal because we've got the three kingdoms uh diplomacy kind of upgrade now to the warhammer series so we can instantly go in for quick deals and see who be willing to do non-aggression would be willing to do trade uh that's what i'm after right now celestial loyalists uh we can also see if there's anyone interesting to do a confederation because we'll probably want to confederate with the other factions along the wall so i'll probably avoid uh military defensive alliances with them i don't actually know if that affects them like it did in warhammer 2 i assume it probably will um but if you have an alliance with someone it tends to put them off wanted to confederate with you ideally you want the other factions weaker so that you can then bring them into the fold but let's get some trade going diplomacy maintain order and balance [Music] let's go for military access you're all the same people i am let's go for that and it's good boost to our relations there give me some money why not haggle heart x10 is back perfect in fact shouldn't there have been a i feel like there's a make it work option somewhere or at least that should be right put push that through uh balanced offer there's a threaten option as well um there's also region trading trade settlements you guys also want to trade the imperial wardens which are the ones next to us well they've got the fortress of eyes out there so that must get wrecked surely pretty quick that's going to go down i thought they're up here so they've got the dragon gate and the other ones had i think it's turtle gates i want to say it's called be assured uh you're sort of non-aggression yeah that's fine uh could give you military access as well um yeah go on then just throw it all in throw it all in there you could do trading settlements of uh someone of when chang over there i doubt they will yeah minus 30. it's uh let's get rid of that so trading settlements exchange that one with this faction settlements often must be adjacent to the other factions territory yeah so you can't just kind of won it or medieval to it and just get territory on the other end of the of the world as such which is that's fine that makes sense to me i'm just glad that region trading trade settlements is back in a in the total war series let's get a little bit of money out of you yeah 201 that'll do we could type in a manual amount 20. i don't think it recalculates until you're back on this screen no it doesn't there we go we'll go 210 thank you very much haggle heart is back propose the offer and there we go the western provinces so this is the other uh cafe legendary lord uh xiaoming the iron dragon and the moment you don't want to trade with me what about non-aggression oh we've got ogres up in the mountains probably could throw some money at them if we wanted to but i'm not going to worry too much i might see if we can of meeting balance offer there we go 417 we'll get about yeah let's just do that that's fine propose offer you have cool we did haggle yes um don't worry about anything else just yet join war against declare war not comfortable enough much alliance confederations be on guard not gonna offer anything there that's fine right i think that is absolutely everything we can do for the first turn so let's get on to that second turn super fast interns lovely stuff that was on the fast forward as well i'll do the next one if we get through to it today uh at the slower speed get a thousand gold to a treasury dragon needs you nice nice rebels claim the mines stealing the wealth of cathay to fund their treason this cannot stand awesome okay i was waiting for this mission to fire so yeah we now need to go after the mines of take the fight to them and knock them out we'll get the ruby ring of ruin cool cool i'm pretty sure the rewards in that are um not dynamic but they're different each time because i haven't seen that one i've tested out this campaign in the past which is pretty cool uh and here we go we can see that our caravans already made some good progress down here from fact if we go up to the ivory road we can see where he is and which path he's moving towards and where he's going to be going now we can't change his i don't know if he can change his route once he's on it maybe i'm not going to though because that's still the best place to go to his army is off good luck happy trading let's go attack the mines of nan yang it's a pyrrhic victory and your warriors are prepared for battle mighty lord study your options nevertheless encircling the enemy and starving them out may be the wisest course of action yeah now i reckon we can take them though i think we've got this they got a dragon i think not they do have jade warrior crossbows jade warriors and jay warriors of halberd so they're pretty nasty we have a dragon um the old resolve says we'll lose our cavalry and all of our infantry i've done that we could encircle i believe enemies take attrition straight away now it's just uh turns until they'll be completely wiped out is what's shown there until they completely surrender let's take a look at scout terrain here because uh minor settlements are interesting once again in warhammer three because you actually fight within a settlement which is great so let's dive on in and fight our second battle get a victory here we go i'll get a victory that isn't pyrrhic take a look at our astromancer and those uh iron gunners iron hail gunners so minus helmets and just uh major settlements provincial capitals as well in the game you have supplies now so you can build barricades traps um blockers towers within your settlements to really force different play styles and also put more pressure on attacking players okay so we're attacking from over here [Music] we can attack from wherever we want it's actually interesting because when i test out this campaign before it always deployed me over here and now we're over this way let's attack it from a slightly different angle so the main capture point up here the key building is there but that isn't to force a win that's just the main one i think gives a buff yeah that gives melee defense plus 15 and leadership if we hold that um you could press the attack from here this is a few it's a bit more open to go through they do have more positions to defend up here i think they can build choke points across there and there don't know where their towers will go but if we force our way around that way that can possibly work yeah you know what let's take a position the game is offering us uh we'll channel some magic as well we'll risk that bounce power is substantially in our favor but it will be a little bit your forces are ready to storm the defenses yet i advise caution you face an entrenched enemy that has had time to prepare be wary thanks yeah this is also got all those tools so again if you're a new player they're quite useful how are your bonuses here we could split up my forces to attack from multiple positions i think what i'm probably gonna do is just use my cavalry for that and try and sweep on up from down here well they're actually no you know what i will split up covering the crossbows trying to draw the enemy out a little bit got the gunners here um uh you know we'll split these guys up as well we all go for a split push [Music] we'll have the jade warriors up here we still got our battle harmony because we positioned everyone nice like that sky junk over here [Music] so there is tim the astro enchanter harmony amplification plus 25 percent noise start battle they're already building a tower even in the most chaotic battles the defenders of the celestial empire fight best when they fight together never conquered it thanks advisor we've already got that down so yeah they've got a blocker over here or a barricade platform rather you can take that down with sky junk rather effectively and our missile troops pretty good at taking them out let's float on in in we go and in fact i'm gonna get now ying to go dragon mode they built down here anything no nothing yet cause they're not near any of the points that makes sense push forward they're holding up here trying to defend into that central point [Music] we've got a future over here they've got their astro monster they're bringing on up a barricade over there these guys are a little bit trapped send her over there take him out dragon guard what are you gonna sit back there troops to capture the enemy defenses come on yep on it raise the dragons move information [Music] [Music] turn this round take him out nice right we can push forward where's that cavalry gone they pull back over here let's go after those arches absolutely slaughtered them here there's a tower over there that's more when you come up this section yeah it's firing across the top bit here we all need to take out the barricade though because we've got to get through [Music] could go around this way as well actually press on up let's attack the barricade over there praise the dragon guided by ancestors i think we're swinging up our force we've really weakened the enemy's position they don't know which bit to defend all right let's turn her back into human mode for a moment so i want to slow these guys down [Music] they built a tower up here now to harass us because they've gained more supplies so you can go around settlements and capture all the points to prevent the enemy from gaining supply arcades down i'm actually going to get the i'm going to shoot that tower because it's going to really do a lot of damage them and bring the sky jump back on over to strike them there he goes back over here flank on did a lot of damage to my eye and held gunners for the master monster run from the battle my lord yeah my gun has gone up and send them back to the fight keep going nice jade warriors [Music] off them up take him out what are you guys back focus on these guys yeah ready to hit him with another bomb three two one bombs away bye-bye dragon mode whatever is required the celestial faithful they've got their cavalry coming back over here harmonic convergence they'll be much tougher than the opposing peasant taking them all out there the units are all gone apart from the astronauts from what i can see in the cavalry once that goes he'll probably break here she comes gotta get over those buildings though no need to worry about that because they've all broken and victory is ours dragging over the settlement and battle there we go decisive victory and an alchemist mask this gives the bounce ball transportation of lead ooh cool nice nice nice lovely at last the defenses have fallen my lord the fate of those that remain is yours to determine good good so yeah we've got options of occupying occupy stack or raise we will go for occupy won't be able to move on as well so complete that mission gain the ruby ring of ruin in a fireball remains in the hands of the rebel lords bring the entire province back under your control there we go so that's kind of the the opening sort of quest chain as such to secure gunpowder road so we need to go after nan lee over there interference will cost you so we'll recruit some more units here we can actually get some jade warriors because the mines have got the training camp building which is great because up to a tier three building which is perfect for a minor settlement so that's all good in there uh our labor conscription bureau we can upgrade that again for more growth construction cost as well doesn't give us any more harmony but that is fine so yeah characters giving us four uh buildings are giving us yeah one towards yang which is good so bring that balance we're only three out right now that's slightly lessened the yin impact i will gain a shield of tolos nice so there's some red horn try beastman okay i stand apart right root march yeah take a look at her skills here briefly uh that top line obviously her more unique one there gets aura of majesty at rank 12 that's when it unlocks uh harmonious relations with catholic i'm assuming that's other cafe in factions control corruption reinforced bastion cost of great bastion buildings master of storms that um call down to law of life spells russia doesn't actually have lightning spells in here i mean the first spell i want to really go for paravien is pretty cool but i want to go for the uh missile mirror remember since seeing that in the trailers looks really cool so it basically reflects uh projectiles back towards the firing unit which is pretty cool um it's got talons of towns of night looks pretty cool actually that's a vortex and i love the vortex she's also got regrowth in there so that's pretty good and then all onto arcane conduit but it's also quite the fighter so probably along this top line stuff as that i think the i think the top um level limit now i don't know if there's a way for me to check at all is now it's either like 40 or it's 50. um off top of my head i cannot remember but yeah it's definitely increased quite a lot so i'll be able to spend more points i think it's because a lot of some of these um skills will have multiple points to them as well it's just a lot more to spend things on like lightning strike now uh because of the way reinforcements now work uh in that they're delayed before they come to battle lightning strike increases for the first two points increases the time it'll take for reinforcements to come into battle so it doesn't completely like start doesn't completely knock out an enemy army anymore for the first two tiers uh it just stops it stops them coming in as quickly as reinforcements but um it was like battles when reinforcements are present oh nice so yeah you get to come in with reinforcements i think so i don't think no longer will you ever actually completely stop the other armies coming in it's just you'll slow them down quite substantially [Music] at least that's how i think it goes unless i've got the wrong gist of it um great bastion in there at the ends kind of it's not as good as renowned and feared actually he's just getting upkeep reduction doing any extra movement we still got logistic in there for caster replenishment uh but yeah along that top line master of storms a poser of chaos imposing range plus 10 range for missiles that's nice persistent fire yeah i'm gonna focus on a lot of crossbows and then there's eye of the storm an upgrade oh so it gives you that available in dragon form nice because she's currently got her i forget what it's called wrath roth the storm rage something something rafi stormy that gives her that imbue magical damage to nearby units and plus 24 melee attacks those around this now buffs her up as a dragon which is pretty cool nice lovely stuff right we're gonna put this other point into earth blood start going through her spells a little bit more my celestial father tim the astromancer we will go through harmonic convergence power up your spells as well favorite daughter and then we're gonna recruit some more jade warriors i'm not gonna go for anything global just because i want to be able to move next turn and if we if anything glow will be slowed down i'm gonna keep pushing uh but keeping the pressure on the enemy store harmony yeah we're working on that we're working on it we need to take stategate as well at some point i'm assuming that's going to go it surely won't hold on to that forever i've also got this one as well dragon's crossroad yeah we we're going to want to sack them because we can't actually hold them here's turtle gate up here all the way up here am i right in thinking that is home to the celestial compass the whooshing compass or is that something else something else entirely i don't know what's what's your favorite bit of cafe lore what should i really know about just kind coming checking all the other stuff back here on the map because we're up in this corner see there's all this and there's stuff in there okay i'll see chaos stuff all right i think that's all we can do so let's end the turn once more i was going to slow this down wasn't i sure that it's still really fast trust built between diplomatic parties opens the door to further cooperation a trade agreement may be possible with your foreign partners let your merchants flourish for industry drives war another mission to establish a trade agreement with any faction i'm not sure i'll be able to do that because we've i think traded with all the trading partners we i could do already and we've got another mission seal the gate capture occupy the following settlement snake gate yep because the forces of chaos are spilling on through that breach we've got a shrieking blade a thousand gold but before we can deal with that yet the forces have changed have broken through the snake gate and defoul katie's interior restore your honor destroy them yeah so this is kind of coming back to that flow we had to start the campaign since his forces have pushed through and taken the terracotta graveyard so we need to seal that breach and defeat them at the graveyard to oust them from behind us but so many missions we need to deal with these rebels first as well we need to oust them from here to secure our flank so we can then turn our attention back up here four pull shield gosh we've got enough missions here seal the gate trading places take on powder we're still trying to do that one restore harmony to be fair we've had those two for a little while training place the easy one and those two are obviously just kicking off now three turns in what oh everyone's sending off caravans nice where's our caravan okay it's going down here it's now actually it's made it past the highest threat to it to be fair it's now a much lower threat we're going through uh carrick azorn now [Music] yeah they should be safe but obviously threats caravan will increase as your kind of campaign goes on because you'll make more enemies essentially there we go i've had one or two that made it all the way through without any ambushes but then others are just being ambushed at every single possible opportunity so i'll just have to see how things go right we need to go take nan lee i don't know if they were that army wing because it was in force martial i don't know if the beastman took it outside just moved this bridge first of all oh okay yeah they pulled their army back here i am no one's sleep so that plus the garrison could get a little bit spicy to fight for me i think i'd like another cluster of units before going in just trying to think what uh what do i actually want here though do i want more iron held gunners we do have the reduced upkeep though a little symbol there because obviously that's part of our board effects faction effects i think um more gunners one more infantry for this one total miss universe we've got four already i think let's take two more jade warriors and then we'll go in attack next turn they've got another one building on up another lord that's gonna be fairly tough we can't fire this off for another turn but okay and then we need to turn our attention back around here how is the great bastion threat looking everywhere not too bad that building up there that's nearly done uh trade trade trade fair trade trade okay might be able to get one with the blood guzzlers quick deal and then balance offer whoo i mean that's not that's not worth it yeah that is not what we could try threatening but i don't want to go to war with them [Music] it's the only ones that are gonna think about it since the mountain blood more i wonder if maybe these guys wouldn't want as much no they're gonna want even more okay okay well we'll come back to doing that one at some point um i don't think that's got any time out on it no once we've actually got a reasonable trigger isn't gonna cost us the fortune or until just they like us a bit more okay let's do one more in turn a lot more snaggle soup stealer that is a fantastic name for an ogre i love it brilliant caravan encounter hungry hungry ogres smash gudger there's a stench on the air the unmistakable aroma of cooking bones a band of ogres burst forth drawl dripping from their mouths they look on hungrily at your retinue their leader shouts out his demand they'll let you pass if they can eat some of your meat and they don't mean the cargo in the caravan okay so we can either fight them or feeding time we we sacrifice a peasant long spin i mean they are an expendable unit and we gained plus 40 dominant relations with the blood guzzlers um i mean that's probably the more sensible option to kind of just shore up our our borders with the ogres but this is our first encounter with them with our caravan i say we fight them close victory orders of says we'll lose no one but i think we will open fighting against these ogres against smash gudger that's the next episode he's got three units of noblers he's got uh sabretos pack and he's got some man-eaters obviously he's uh he's got a slaughter master as himself a wizard so we'll dive on in and fight that one now that's all wrap up this first episode next episode will be out on friday i hope you've enjoyed part one of this brand new warhammer 3 cafe campaign uh let me know your thoughts so far down in the comments section until the next one don't forget to comment rate and subscribe follow me on facebook and twitter take care until the legion check out my affiliates and sponsors games planet and overclockers uk until the next one ciao for nowWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 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