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    Thimbleweed Park Hard Mode Walkthrough – Trophy & Achievement Guide

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    ►75 specks of dust EXPLOIT http://bit.ly/2gDlyo0
    ►Trophy Guide http://bit.ly/2iVWh9D

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    ►My PSN http://bit.ly/2wwLDbf

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    ► Trophies / Achievements
    *Beephole Complete Ransome's Flashback.
    *Beephole* Mime (secret) Push the circus mime over.
    *Beephole* Redux (secret) Get Ransome's bad ending.
    Book Worm Read 100 books in the library.
    Buried Treasure (secret) Navigate to the buried treasure.
    Dust Appreciator Collect 25 specks of dust.
    Dust Collector Collect 50 specks of dust.
    Dust Hoarder Collect 75 specks of dust.
    Easy Win Complete the game in casual mode.
    Great Escape Escape from the sewers.
    Hard Won Complete the game in hard mode.
    Hotel Tourist Visit every floor in the hotel.
    Itchy Fingers (secret) Use Ransome's Itch Cream.
    Justice Catch the killer.
    Last One Out (secret) Stay for all the credits.
    Mean Person Make everyone cry about their life.
    Messy World (secret) Don't pick up any specks of dust.
    No One Is Home Listen to 100 Voicemail messages.
    Nuke It (secret) Blow up the Mansion.
    Out Of The Will Complete Delores's Flashback.
    Part 1 Begin Part One.
    Part 2 Begin Part Two.
    Part 3 Begin Part Three.
    Part 4 Begin Part Four.
    Part 5 Begin Part Five.
    Part 6 (secret) Begin Part Six.
    Part 7 (secret) Begin Part Seven.
    Part 8 (secret) Begin Part Eight.
    Part 9 (secret) Begin Part Nine.
    Plantastic (secret) Grow Leonard's plant to superhuman size.
    Player of the Year Collect all trophies.
    Secret Meeting Complete Franklin's Flashback.
    Sky High Get an alive character into the Hotel penthouse.
    Well Informed Read all the Thimbleweed Nickel newspapers.

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    1. You're a such dumbass why don't you use some text guide to the whole walkthrough, it made me very confusing without voices or use a text. I'm done. Anyway, you forget with all trophies some like collecting dust, but you missed out. What the hell?!


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