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    Thimbleweed Park – Wake Up Willie – PART #1

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    A brand new adventure game from the guys that made Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle: Thimbleweed Park! Today we're meeting someone in the Trestle Trail!

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    1. I know Reyes is voiced by Javier Lacroix, but he doesn't sound Hispanic at all. He sounds Swedish, possibly Norwegian. I was also convinced Ray was voiced by Jennifer Hale.

    2. This game was so much fun. So lucky that Epic Games released it for free. We ended up doing an entire playthrough but just like you we have a decent amount of experience with these types of games, but we definitely got stuck quite a few times. Curious to see if you get stuck as often as we did. also if you don't mind checking us out and leaving any constructive criticism we'd really appreciate it!

    3. @3:35 there's the iconic red light flashing from the pilot episode of Twin Peaks, of which Thimbleweed Park is heavily influenced by. I was playing Thimbleweed Park in 2018 on Nintendo Switch and then I began watching Twin Peaks for the first time in my life. I was born in 1980 of course. I never seen or even really heard of Twin Peaks in the 1990's. But I watched the pilot episode of Twin Peaks in 2018 and felt like it was very familiar to me because I had played through Thimbleweed Park. Of course there's a lot of X Files influence in Thimbleweed Park. People always say that Thimbleweed park is another Monkey Island game but I noticed a huge amount of Maniac Mansion influence in it including some references and characters from Maniac Mansion. Thimbleweed Park is like a spiritual sequel to Maniac Mansion and almost no one notices that because they're all focusing on the Monkey Island franchise since it was newer than Maniac Mansion.

    4. Was someone hiding behind that sign who got shot which was how the population of that town went down by one or something because I question where that shot went? Or was the shooter behind it because the hole in the sign was going outward, in the direction it was facing so the victim could be the viewer.


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