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  • This Is So Cute! | OlliOlli World | Marz

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    Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20hey guys today we are checking out ollie ollie world i'm very excited to look at this game it looks so freaking cute today's video is sponsored by private division so a huge thank you for allowing us to check this game out before it's released in february but yeah a brief description of this game is it's basically like a skateboarding platformer it looks super cute and i don't know like almost therapeutic in a way but also equally challenging i think that you guys will like it especially since there's a huge part of my fan base that seems to really like platformers so yeah yeah i'm very pumped about this one but yeah let's just get into it guys this is radlandia the ultimate skate utopia an island where even the trees are skateable i love the art design so much that radlandia was created by five immortal skate gods these celestial scatriarchs carved the mountains grinded the deserts and kick-flipped the beaches forming five mighty districts is it a plant area each to represent their own versions of skate paradise it's a plant person when the skate god's work was done they pulled the biggest heirs and ascent to nirvana here they waited for a skater who could master each of their five skills with a steez that is true and a style that is both sick and gnar eventually a skater was appointed as their representative in radlandia a skate wizard a master of the four-wheeled stunt wood it's a cute but the skate wizard is paramount they must maintain balance between nirvana above and the spirit of skateboarding in radlandia itself let's go around landing a rare thing that one person looks like literally ice cream melting is on a search to find her replacement someone who can achieve true mastery impress the gods and keep ratlandia balanced like a skater on a board and so with the help of her crew mike sues and a man that everyone just calls dad chiffon is running triumph is it because his pants are so high could you be the one do we get to design our character no way what do i want i don't want to take too long because you know me you know i'll take forever can i like zoom in uh whoa your eyebrows are interesting oh she i think she's got like a piercing or something i kind of like this one does that save it yes hair oh what's this one wait can we get rid of this mustache hold up we need to get rid of this mustache i can't even see what she looks like and let's take the sungla or the glasses away just so i can see her a bit better oh she's so cute she's so cute okay um what's this one what about this one oh there's so many options oh that one's really cute that one's really cute that one covers her face too much i think i'm gonna go ahead and go for this one oh it's something on her face yeah this one i don't even see anymore i don't know i don't know where it's at but i guess we'll get there oh here hold up we have a jacket on oh my god there's so guys the options oh are those oh i think they're like little strawberry type oh no no no no they're faces but they look like strawberries guys oh no you know how it is with character creation oh that's on your belly we gonna we gonna change that i think i have to do this one because it's just so cute looking wait did i see do i see dresses hold up why i love her so much i love her so much she's so cute um oh there's skirts what's this oh my goodness oh my goodness oh she has socks on dude this is like limitless oh my goodness oh my goodness i don't feel like it even matches but i'm like living for it and i don't care i really like those those jackets and the hoodies and stuff but i want to be able to see her tattoos so i'm i'll be conflicted oh there's like a suits option too that we can't see oh what about hats oh my god she's so cute it hurts me it like actually physically hurts these match her shoes or this hat matches her shoes um oh digit poppers oh oh my god you know we have to do this one this girl don't be matching like whatsoever she don't match much y'all i'm about to change the pants so she matches a bit more because it'll drive me absolutely insane but i like her shoes even though they don't match i don't care we're keeping them okay we're keeping them i don't care so skin tone i mean i don't wait you can do like green oh my goodness you can be an alien if you want to i actually really like her skin tone as is so we're gonna keep it oh you can change like how you start a run huh it's hard for me to choose i kind of like this one all right what's this would this be oh it's so cute i want this one and end run yes that one absolutely oh the board the board actually really matches and i didn't necessarily mean to maybe it was like a subconscious thing every day i think about skating that one's pretty cool too actually i think i'm gonna stay with what we had um oh oh my goodness oh those are cute oh my god it's like so cute it hurts me what are these you're our final skater for the tryout today do you know how to push so that's dad and i'm assuming so like he's wearing all the padding he's got his pants up past his belly button um i don't really know how to dad uh tell me how i can already do this let's skate tell me how i need a tutorial please it's easy we'll explain everything all right to push simply hop on the board and use your foot to propel yourself along okay gnarly mic or as i like to call it pressing a thanks thanks thank you very much uh susie i'm guessing is it suze or susie might be sue's pushy makes you faster you know okay now they might press a like the wind kid gotcha welcome to radlandia pushing you can maintain your speed by pushing press a to push push five times and finish the level to continue oh okay very nice oh god i'm so not used to playing games like these whew oh we did a trick we did a trick well we oh okay well we did it and we also did tricks i don't know well you push like a pro take these salty crab kickers a reward for passing this part of the tryout i'm sensing that you have true skate wizard potential what is she smoking why is she smoking she's got a third eye oh this one must be the one are you all right sir i i think i need to turn the music down just a little bit the music is good in this game chiffon said that about the last 20 skaters let's see what else you can do kid okay um so we did it yes was that is that it oh where are we going yeah we did that level tutorial this is basic tricks oh look at all the little pathway you can take this cute this cute the art style almost low key reminds me of adventure time so we know you're a champion of pushing but can you trick i already did but you know what teach me tricks are the foundation in every movie make stuff yeah you can use tricks to clear gaps and avoid hazards see you in five tricks five okay basic tricks you can hold uh the left analog in any direction and then let it go to do a trick different directions perform different tricks you can use tricks to get over hazards and obstacles so anywhere and then release okay oh my goodness we can just keep going these are so basic okay gotcha oh we're slowing we're slowing we need to hurry up gotcha i wonder how you do i want advanced tricks good golly great ollie let's head to candy floss flats and the promenade next i think you're ready for mike's challenges okay now we're talking my challenges can be dangerous you'd best take this salty helmet a salty helmet what in the world um cool so that's how we're like unlocking stuff next up candy floss flats teach me to waze um just let me skate i really want to say that but i need i need to know talk to me it's time for mice challenges you don't have to do them but challenges make you even more gnarly check out my sweet challenge list by smashing um the button that i don't know the name of and i don't know where it's at and if you slam don't you worry we have another little surprise our skate wizard chiffon will respawn you totally true i'll be there like a magical checkpoint along the way if you need me okay um complete the level of plan four different tricks avoid popping in inflatable any inflatable whales push 12 or more times okay there's a lot ah oh i popped it oh no okay we gotta do this again we're gonna do this again restart no get up you got it you got it oh no learn when to time tricks guys that's that's goal no we will do this i don't care oh [ __ ] we almost missed that oh my goodness no oh it's hard guys oh [ __ ] we almost oh we popped one we popped him oh okay okay okay okay all right so the tricks are only going to be happening i feel like avoid popping the whales i feel like it needs to be timed with the jumps is tough i think it's because it's whenever i try to like do um a trick that's like down i tend to mess it up why this game so cute no i popped a whale darn it darn it there is one whale one it was like a feast for your eyes oh really because i popped a ton of them butte eiffel darn oh i didn't land four different tricks on that one did i oh no no no it was just the whales i did do that okay um what's next the beach way my character is so freaking cute i can't get over how cute she is look at her most naturally skilled candidate we've met so far wait do you know what a skate wizard is right or you do know um actually i have no idea actually i'm not really sure either but i didn't want to ask chiffon here is the current skate wizard of radlandia as her closest friend and well-known skate experts we assembled to find the chose or the next chosen one the wizard of skaden is someone who has reached the true skate status of nirvana they act as a communication bridge between gods and humans so is that what she's smoking over there are you sure it's not because you smoke on something like a phone okay or a fax machine do i get the eyeball more like a spiritual skate shaman at one with skate and trusted friend of the five almighty skate gods but shift why do we need to find a replacement don't you enjoy it yes it's a lot of fun but i'm due to retire well enough yeah let's get skating okay okay okay oh god oh there's a freaking star oh sh i don't know what that was i don't know what that was but i touched it i touched it no i touched it again oh what was the banana i don't think i'm supposed to collect the star oh you're supposed to collect the starfish i should have read this kick flip over three inflatable bananas um okay we need the star how how in the world do you collect that star oh my god that's gonna be hard how do you do that and not hit that maybe i need to slow down okay let's go super fast and then for these [Music] can't i wonder if there's a way to slow yourself can you i don't think so maybe you have to collect one starfish i am giving up on that one star that is so hard one thing i like is that when you do the tricks it actually kind of feels like how you would flip a board since you're flipping the oh oh no oh no i've messed up you're flipping the left analog oh i touched it though oh no okay luka just scared the crap out of the delivery driver just saying uh crew we are looking at the next skate wizard i'm sure of it i mean i hit every freaking banana and i didn't even collect star i want to see more before i commit to my opinion you're a tough one to please sues i mean i don't i just like to be absolutely sure all right we did most of them though let's go to this next one oh look it's melting ice cream we should probably introduce ourselves if you might be joining our crew yeah who are you guys anyway hello nice to meet you everyone calls me dad it's just his nickname he's not actually our dad true i was named after my father i'll be rewarding you with cool tools from my skate shop rad dads i'm shoes i film tricks with my camera cammy i only want to film the best so you better keep up the camera's got a face and this lovely big goof here is mike hello it's a pleasure i collect challenges for my skate magazine mic drop you already know about schiff our skate wizard sam greetings and salutations too my dear now tell us your whole life story how did you get into skating whole life story okay finish without slamming he'll flip over three beach huts what do you mean slamming what does slamming me three beach heads avoid all bananas oh god i'm so scared the reflex is gonna be like on point oh restart okay we can go super fast for this i'm so nervous i don't know what's coming up oh no comply i'm not doing it right ah he'll flip gotcha okay we gotta start over guys we gotta start over we need to do the heel flip things inward heel flip no oops where are these three the three are coming up there we go we got one i'm pretty sure i thought we did but maybe not i'm so scared oh my god oh dang we gotta avoid all bananas damn all right i don't know how we didn't get the heel flip over three of the house things he'll flip josh ollie okay it's hard to keep up when you're going like so freaking fast oh god oh i almost missed it again oh oh jesus i almost face planted i didn't get one of them enough you have proven yourself you possess the natural talents we have been searching for yeah you do have some pretty decent skate with your qualities you're ready for the next phase you could be an ideal skate wizard with some practice in our guidance welcome on board on skateboard get it oh my god so really gnarly mike is the dad joke of everything oh shoot i didn't mean to do that yeah flip over three beach huts i s i thought i did damn what's next deck and chair rental what bouncy boardwalk hold launch hold keep holding release oh my god oh my god there's so much to think about my brain it hurts this game is really entertaining my little bits of therapy let's go oops i kind of didn't release that one hey we did it let's go we did really good on that one well those grinds really did blow my mind legit let's see what they can do in the wild totally let's go wild okay okay i'm scared oh it's the next step now i'm i feel like this is all like tutorial stuff the beach area and then you move on kind of so this is combos you know grinds are really awesome if you string a bunch of them together tell me more combos you're pretty great at combos right suze i did learn from the best myself oh my god she's got a little ego on her basically you should try it out until you're comboing like a pro oh my goodness mike that was a verbal combo of combos you know you can build a real-life combo by linking two grinds together do that five times and mike will do like a happy dance or something oh clear the gap and then do it again gotcha gotcha let's go such an appealing to the eye game like i am very pleased oh i almost missed that i think i messed up when it says no comply i think i'm like [ __ ] up you know perfect there we go like i'll accidentally press a or something in it says that seems like you're totally getting the hang of combos happy dance mike let's head to lilo lane and practice some more he didn't happy dance for me though i didn't get a happy dance i want to help you dance oh wait uh oh did i do the same thing again oh no i actually did it again no oh he's beating the ground again no back here we go lilo lane what's this one what's going on it's challenge time mike you know i love your challenges but you probably don't need to loudly announce them every single time can i just whisper them quietly to myself fine ah sweet sweet silence have fun practicing those grind combos kid oh god land a combo over 13 000 points do four different grinds collect five starfish five starfish oh god i kind of mess it up oh geez my brain i can't even like talk to you guys because i'm concentrating so hard oh we almost died there see i talked and i shouldn't have oh i wanted that starfish and i got my mind just like flanked all right we go again oh we were going too fast okay again again again oh no did i accidentally press back no accidentally press back okay oh see the knot and the no comply the no comply distract me oh i'm a dum-dum i've been restarting this whole time when you could just press this and she'll respawn you from here you don't have to start all the way over again shoot oh my god you were supposed to get all of those whoa wow did you see that sign the scoop ice cream parlor is near here i reckon the local crew meltas will be there it's a famous local spot ice cream parlor what are we waiting for let's go what did i get i didn't do any of them i feel like i need to do it again let's do it one more time one more time i gotta stop pressing a to jump it is hard for my brain not to do that like super hard oh we weren't going fast enough i don't think okay oh my god please oh i messed one up going so fast but now i feel like you need to go faster oh my god we did that we did it we did it holy crap we didn't collect all the starfish though but that was a good run all right next next yo skaters nice to see some newbies enjoying the valley swifty oh yeah she got some ice cream hiya nice to meet you how's it going you must be one of the meltas that's right i'm swifty i work here at the scoop hello we're the official skate wizard trainee crew oh wow then you must be looking for tech nicholas right who tech nicholas is the skate god who built sunshine valley i'm such a technical fan [Music] huh i've never met him but i have all of the collectibles oh if you want to skate this way watch out for excess ice cream it totally gets everywhere what get a 15 or a times 15 combo pop five cat inflatables finished with no ollies thinking all these is down right all right let's restart okay i just had to make sure just don't press down okay well getting perfect oh i got scared wait cats oh oh the cats how the hell do you get those they're down there though i think it was like an alternate path i i was supposed to take so that definitely shows me you kind of are supposed to go through more than once to get all of your achievements nice like ice say if you want to skate the scoop special it's just a small detour on your route here later gators uh goodbye crocodile oh my goodness okay now you're just making me cringe dad your name makes sense we didn't know ollie's but yeah i didn't do any of the other stuff this is different it's the side thing well are we gonna get more ice cream here yes please this is the path that we melt is called the scoop special it's basically a 500 flavor sundae but skateable what tech nicholas why does that absolutely loves ice cream is that why you style your hair that way yeah a technicalist fandom is a way of life you know what i'm gonna gift you a lolli deck if you complete this route see ya at the end she said see see like the ocean get it pop the six cat inflatables avoid the seagulls and high five mike catch the three and fatal what what this is too much just too much oh you're supposed to catch that inflatable fish oh oh oh oh um okay we go again we go again oh wait we can do the power push oh okay we messed it up we messed it up let's just go go go go go go first there's ice cream everywhere those are like popsicles so i hate to break it to you but that's like a popsicle ah i pressed a to jump again i'm gonna keep doing that okay oh god what in the actual i am i'm messing so much stuff up okay how did i miss that i missed it like you can just totally miss the rail gnarly route i think i was supposed to miss those birds and i didn't oh my goodness oh god i didn't mean to jump at the end there i didn't get a single one of those you made that look easy breezy hey i finished it technically lolli board is all yours sweet yeah my girlfriend aurora designed it oh you should look out for her at this whole tea store if you mention me she'll give you some merch freebies gotcha thanks let's catch up with the dad in chiffon see you around all right guys that's gonna be it for checking out ollie world i really enjoyed this it kind of like it basically took all of my concentration and took me away from like all the worries of the outside world which to me is a huge plus when it comes to a game it's super cute the colors are really pleasing and it's like it's remarkably soothing to play it not only that but you want to hit all the challenges even though you can progress without hitting them it's like it's like they make it fun so you want to hit all of those yeah i really enjoyed this one let me know in the comments down below what you think of it if you're going to check it out when it releases i can definitely see myself playing this game like in my free time and just chilling to it like something to get my mind off of everything make sure to check out the links in description leave a like if you enjoyed and thanks for watching guys [Music] youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 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