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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20all right so first off welcome to tiny tina's wonderland kind of jump into it shout out to 2k games you gave me this game early this is not a sponsored thing in any way i'm just kind of checking it out because i want to i'm a huge borderlands fan so i i've been like ever since 2019 when that series ended i was eager to kind of play more of it and i played like the end game for a while and when i saw this was announced i kind of just stopped it you know i was like i'm just going to kind of chill out and wait for this so i'm excited to kind of see what this game offers i don't know much about it i mean i kind of have an idea but you know anyways we had like 20 or 30 thousand likes on the first day i'll probably do a full series i kind of see how the first video does ever since february of this year it has been insane there's just so many games and i do all my own editing and everything and it's just like it's almost impossible you know it's like i just can't do it all so i think it's her right there she just popped up but yeah i have one copy for ps5 one for the series x you had a chance to win i was gonna give those away i'll probably pen the winners to the top comment a few days after this video goes live just want to see the like the video leave a comment of your favorite borderlands game uh for me it's always been two that's just been the i think pinnacle of borderlands games i think there's been several we had the uh the first one the second one third one uh we had that other one that was like in between two and three i believe i can't remember what it was called though anyways gonna go and jump in playing on pc uh yeah look at this dice coming in though see if i can track it 20 sided die here we go that's so cool i don't know what all this like there's another one right there too i don't know what it's like what it's all tying to so here we go let's go ahead and jump in uh new game here we go relaxed balanced intense we're gonna do balanced cooperation uh oh i thought it's a competition yeah i like this one [Music] there is a world beyond the borderlands a world forged by wonder and ruled by fate the battle between these powers has raged since the beginning evil and good villains and heroes a vicious cycle endlessly repeated wonder is the power of a cruel unpredictable god but fate there's one alone who can wield fate one alone whose story is in their own hands the fade maker that's you heavy right fate maker big responsibility honestly i wouldn't even blame you if you just laid down in a puddle and gave up but if not if you try and prove yourself as fate maker then heed the warning i give all heroes together you fight together you shall fall the undead ball beneath our blades oh yeah it's going real good over here blade wise we're coming for you dragon lord your party of heroes can't stop me already i wow you guys got here fast like you said we're the heroes i am valentine gallant adventurer the scary stabby one is fred what about that one that's the newbie it's their first adventure oh come on their figure isn't even fully painted enough talk we're here to stop you from taking the soul energy fools i've already absorbed all of the soul energy i mean oh man sorry newbie we missed the soul energy castle will burn babies will cry more than usual my skeleton arms will wash over the land looking bad how do we win this [Music] especially you newbie they don't make heroes like they used to time to die but then just as the heroes knows how they hear [Music] me yeah and also like you know like a sparkly rainbow which goes like quick it is queen buttstock the most beautifulest perfectest ruler in all the land hold on what game are we playing here we're playing bonkers and badass as baby and i tiny tina and the bunker master so what i say goes and i say there's a magical diamond vinycorn named buttstallion who saves the day oh i was kind of hoping we would save the day you will valley girl i just gotta set the stakes now let's table talk kill dragon lord [Music] but stallion you may be the most beautifulest perfectest ruler in all the land but this time i've won but stallion was wielding the coolest sword in the whole world the sword [Music] oh would you i just made those skeletons no no i curse you valentine i curse you fret and most of all i curse you newbie whatever your name is i will return and finally read this world of heroes and with that the dragon yeah might as well we're stranded here after that mountain totally jumped out at our ship yeah he crashed it i'm in i love bunkers and bad asses i've already got a level 40 character now now we are making all new characters this is the newbies first game and i'm gonna make sure it's an adventure they'll never forget you ready noobie tap the character sheets baby [Music] all right i kind of like it's just like borderlands where there was like a lot of uh i guess fourth wall type humor you know what i mean like they're talking about us being the newbie all right stabo stab-o-mancer let's see i'm guessing his knife yeah ghost blade action skills from the shadows the fate maker and her stealth turning invisible okay clawbringer let's see by the way i'm playing on like ultra settings this i guess this is gonna be uh it definitely has that borderlands vibe to it which i think that's kind of what they were going for cleansing flames uh see wyvern companion okay oh no what does that thing do flies to the environment attacks okay fire breath spell shots polymorph great born that one looks oh that looks really sick dire sacrifice dark magic abilities okay fully healed gains leech efficiency bonus dark magic damage okay sport warden okay that's like a bow type thing uh action skills blizzard mushroom companion kind of looking at the overall like we have to pick you know we have to figure out something here establish okay so there's only a c one two three four five six seven okay no so six six total i would say if i had to pick one for this first video let's see i kind of like this one but it's a melee thing i don't know how efficient melee's gonna be versus everything else i don't know if it's like borderlands with like a ton of weapons or what uh this one kind of looks awesome though the dark magic definitely has me thinking it may be pretty good if they would die they would instead become invulnerable for a short wait a minute that's the action skill okay i think i may go with graveborn i don't know what it is it's about the dark magic pretty much it's kind of why i want to try it out okay attributes customized character body and personality that one this one oh that's funny body size oh well you can be really tall i'll be like that head size i mean like theirs fine i'm at a loss for words justice is always in now this is the look of a hero something has to change begin even the fearsome get gussied up every now and then i could do it like rocky balboa a little bit have we here hold on even the fearsome oh yeah i definitely made the right choice now that now this is the look of a hero i like that one i'll do that one uh pronouns all right here we go e continue facial features let's see graceful hardened uh see skin color newbie human human to human three you know what i might do i'm gonna make a character for this video and then just leave it like that and then i'm gonna make my own like what i'm just kind of chilling out because i i think i had multiple characters in the borderlands 3 base decoration i wonder if there's like a random generator type thing presets oh that's cool the chariot the sun the star the tower the worlds the hermit hey i like this guy he's chilling the magician the fool the moon moon looks pretty cool uh see the king the queen gearhead the noble custom yeah okay hey you know what i i kind of like uh where was it at magician's cool the fool let's see i kind of like the moon i think it looks pretty cool uh but i think i may honestly i kind of want to go with the king for some odd reason there was a game i played on ps1 called herx adventure and i don't know why this guy just kind of reminds me of that a lot all right slider override disengaged engaged okay uh raised by elves felled monk oh wow look at the strength dexterity intelligence wisdom constitution uh and attunement let's see i feel like this one might be the best right overall well maybe not hold on wouldn't you want higher since i'm gonna go like the mage stuff shouldn't this one be skill cooldown so intelligence and attunement yeah but i like how this is called recovering inventory hoarder that's funny rogue alchemist status damage okay man i don't know i'm torn because i feel like the first one might be the most balanced because everything's like 10 10 10 you know max hp slash wart okay spell spell cooldown makes me kind of nervous i don't want that one to be too low i would say um let's do this one raised by elves try that one out okay uh see we have nine extra points hero points available let's put them all into actually let's not do that constitution bring this back up to zero at least and then we'll kind of dump the rest okay credit damage dude let's just do like one there intelligence one wisdom one actually this i'm gonna keep that there so this is okay we could actually went back into like the base which i think would have been different i partly think i'll just skill cooldown seems to be like the absolute best thing spell cooldown um we'll bring that to zero and we'll let's do this 13 on each of these there we go newbie gotta go with brad on this one actually let's go with herc since that's what it reminds me of all right looks like we're good here time's up okay uh valentine you've just drawn your own face over the character sheet it said draw your hero and i'm my own hero okay and fret it says your starter sword does murder a thousand damage my bad i left off a zero okay no quack fred and valentine can't be trusted with pencils let alone dice so it is up to you newbie you are the fate maker and these fools shall be thine advisors i guess fine i advise that you better be a badass we're here to slay evil and get gold i know you see me as a role model follow my lead and you'll be a great fate maker all right one last thing bunkers and badasses is a role-playing game baby that means you do not break character voice kapiski break me off a piece of that i am destined for greatness and glory this quest is merely the start of my legend tasty now prepare to enter a world a fantasy uh i don't see anything you gotta imagine it knucklehead just close your eyes and wonder [Music] queen herself the queen herself what could she want of us she fears the dragonlord will soon reawaken you must find his tomb and prevent his resurrection what i'm hearing is we get to whoop his ass uh here's a little cheat sheet to track your health and map and stuff up i love that i need to uh sorry i did i haven't played it yet so i wanted to check out the options and go get my like the sensitivity just is insanely high right now all right sorry for the weird cut i had to go in and change some settings like some of the keybinds were kind of weird and also the sensitivity for this game is extremely high on m k so uh so we can look at everything really quick you had to reset my game too so pick up gold complete gotta admit this area kind of reminds me like a skyrim type setting i'm not sure what's going on here but can you go in these i guess not hey the game plays really smooth i'm playing it kind of early so i don't i don't know if uh the whole line's even available yet the sliding is nice oh i love it let's see the melee i can't do my abilities yet so i'm guessing we're just kind of this is just kind of getting used to everything first picking up gold crypto currency that is funny i love the uh the humor they have in these games so far so good alas a weight of the world was too much for this bridge you break these all right the bunker's in battle this is one of the queen's way stones it seems to carlton [Music] she's guiding us on our quest sure enough baby a trail of spectral hoof prints leads off into the woods looks like we're going back that way i love how this is kind of a fantasy thing you know like she's just kind of making up the story as she goes and it's her adventure her wonderlands as they say a falling tree bars what you gonna do about it huh i can't identify tree it's a species called jumpers tutorials and weirdly it only grows in this one valley what i love that ahead the glint of egg steel beckons you forward this steel feels like it was meant for me great for cleaving hackie even a true fate maker knows when to stand tall and when to crouch yeah work them sweet glutes and if you get running start and crouch you'll slide around like a cool action hero sure is this thing this world is a wonder when you die or re-restrict okay it's like a little uh checkpoint area interesting fate marker [Music] another way stone guides her path but reaching it will mean going through a pack of nasty pinching crayons yeah kill where are you going well that's the measure of you isn't it oh my the god luckily they were carrying their life savings for some reason all yours now i love that i've always wonder why in games they drop money come up there and follow the hook print that fourth wall is going to get broken a lot in this game while an air move towards the ledge okay you mental essentially this has got to be a boss fight hmm here we go oh we got back over there though that's right the queen has ruled the wonderland since i was but a humble player like you bing bongs she has foreseen your arrival and left a powerful weapon for you the weapon of a fatemaker we can open it now let's get it it's a gun hardly a fine weapon but in the hands of a champion anything can bring glory wait there's guns in fantasy you're intense fantasy baby hey the voice acting is something that i think is top-notch already little village nestled in the bodacious bosom of the valley but beyond it a dark and ancient castle lurks lurkingly doubtless the dragon lord has made his foul nest within that dark ruin i kind of feel like this might get some good reviews from borderlands fans like in in general i think it's a good shooter already it's got a nice humor to it it's fun to play um i'm not assuming we can go up there that way hey i'll take it i can't know if uh let's i guess we'll tech uh test out the fall damage here here we go we're good i couldn't remember if there was any in the other games [Laughter] don't break some bones fake maker i have to come back to life one reason i like mouse and keyboard for shooters is the aiming is so much easier than controller it's so nice holy crap they might reach the dark master i gotta book it yeah yeah yeah whatever he's talking about there's a loot chest up on that tower get them loose i am rebuilding faithful servant of the dragon lord tell me where his tomb is or i'll make you a skeleton do i don't know i sweared on the weak diamond tail lies you are soaked explicit spread out my undead hordes we must find the map we can make this no i feel like uh there's gotta be a different weapon around here because we're already kind of seeing ammo for other things i don't know if this is the right way or not by the way i'm trying to see if i can make this oh imagine nothing in there okay i still gotta go around and do it the proper way yeah i like this a lot i i wasn't i was kind of on the fence about it because i was like i don't know what kind of game this is gonna be and then now after playing it i like it a lot nothing there all right let's go magical shield above your health pretty sweet all right wards you've found your first one i'm guessing it's just essentially the shield we got oh there was something right there hold on i'm playing too much elden ring forgive me i'm over here trying to just like find stuff that probably doesn't exist i think we're good uh oh a rock slide bars your way to the village we're ruined all is lost very heroic tina can we blow up the rocks sorry it's impossible without explosives victory i never lost hope ahead you hear the roar of raging fire and the clocketty clackety of bones we're here oh the village is already ransacked and crawling with skilly men we're here to have nothing happen village here here what does it say this world is not for you i love the fact i just realized it's not a bow it's saying it's a pistol i guess yeah it technically is i mean it looks like one that's funny i thought it was a bow and arrow the whole all right like a compound bow or something more health there we don't really need anything yet game so far has been i think excellent i would love to do more of this i'll kind of see how this first video does but man i probably gonna wind up playing this a lot i remember i originally asked for like a console code for this because i just didn't know what it was coming out on i'm so glad i'm i'm playing it on pc though what is this you're a powerful wizard who has seen twenty sides of the world you've floated like a leaf upon the whipple certain winds you spoke the banishing words and pogren's pass just because you're tired of this anonymous village doesn't mean you've lost your magic you can just master this maybe the rest will come back to you somebody around me besides that oh here they are [Laughter] an extra powerful skeleton i think the voice actor for tiny tina is actually really well done how she goes is like they're some reason carrying their life staging like the live savings whatever nice little dodge i turn off the notifications keep saying like connection all right action skill unlocked leveled up tab go to the skills menu a single okay remains alive in the carnage what is this [Music] lucky dice might as well save her let me uh i think we're good let me go to the tab really quick and see what we got skip tutorials gonna go and let it do it for us equipped items backpacking sorting ammo okay so i'm guessing we could trade this out for this right here this weapon we don't have an extra one yet nothing else there skills here we go this is what i wanted to see uh action slot okay spend skill points spin hero points continue increasing your hero uh stats it's okay to mend max if you want okay secondary class okay here a point available so i don't know if you i mean i guess we could get this thing we have two skill points completely but uh max health we'll do that one and then we'll spin one of these we'll go through and get i think max hp might be probably pretty good go ahead and hold this down all right i think we're good so we just use it like we have an ability but hold on let me see uh what did i just do i did an ability that i'm gonna die now okay hey the more you know right we had to test it out one time i'm dead yo i gotta see that ability again i know it's dark magic fun i didn't expect it to go like i don't know what that was some of our money's gone though hey the more you know right got my fingers and toes i think we're fine all right here we go council clerics uh the fee is 22. i like how they just choose a random number i gotta see that really quick so deals bonus damage that's odd like oh wait a minute health sacrificed okay forty percent of the health sector says cr uh forty percent of current health bonus damage 100 of okay i'm not sure maybe i had to hit it again or something i'll try it out later that was definitely an odd thing oh let me get all this i think we're good all right oh that was crazy i was wondering what was going on thank you for saving my peasant ass stranger how can i ever repay you a hero's work is its own reward i am on a quest to defeat the dragon you're a fate maker i knew the queen would send us a hero the tomb is in the crypt below castle hero fast you must hurry before his minions find it the tomb is inside a crypt the perfect hiding place may the queen's favor see your noble quest through all right my peasants is killing me that's funny we'll say this the game feels a little more optimized than borderlands 3 was i don't know i like borderlands 3 a lot but this just spills it feels smoother i don't know feels um i might drop the different guns and stuff i like this weapon though [Music] oh no we got the let's go for the toes shoot off the helmet baby you know the game isn't overly difficult i'll say that much right now it's fun too i definitely see myself playing with some friends in my spare time whatever no one is left to walk these huh i like how you just threw everything at me okay hold on it's like all these buildings you can't go in them are not really buildings whatever you call them little little huts and houses the sliding is really well done i think most games can't i just max out investigate castle ruins what shall i slay evil with today when you got more than one gun you can switch between them keeps combat spicy like jambalaya so tina maybe after this quest i could be the bunker master i've been working on a campaign it's got orcs and [Music] then hold on let me uh inventory put on these other ones i guess full auto and the other one tina don't play no more okay but it's all good i got mega tons of questicles simmering up in my brain sauce baby [Music] hey the weapon selection this game is nice it's fun to play i think there were parts of borderlands where i have borderlands borderlands 3 where i was just like it was a little too much you know but this game it's like they took everything that worked and said hey let's just make everything better and make it its own thing i think it'll be a nice hit i think people like it man this this year i think when people look back at 2022 and we're only in march you know what i mean um but it's like the fact that we have this many games already out definitely one of the better years we've had in gaming definitely already better than last year i think hella decrepit the last of the hero bloodline sits in her ancient throne her bones clutching a dusty spell book as though awaiting a destiny well this place is super grim i love it grab that spellbook oh it traps you can catch the [ __ ] ice badger is extra strong against the undead they got none of that greasy flesh to keep them warm now how do we get into the tomb trip there's gotta be an entrance around here somewhere [Music] immune uh the floorboards of the throne hall seem uh wealthy and brittle not sure like we are supposed to drop the chandelier but maybe i need a different type of thing for this well let's see time for a spell that wouldn't be that oh it's powered on it's probably this i got to melee it never mind all makes sense now hold on oh is there something else incredible technique what should i learn next i want to try out the other ability i have so much math [Music] one of the main reasons i don't need a duchess hold on sucks my servants suck and prophecies i spit upon prophecies that was me spitting because they suck for six generations my family has clung to this stupid prophecy the heroes must guard over these lands let's decorate evil rise again well guess what these lands suck i'm getting out of here one last meal and i'm moving to the capitol you hear a rumble and a booming laugh that seems to come from all around you [Music] the forces of evil mark us i am not afraid of people i found it a to this side of the crypt the perfect hiding place i am coming my dog he's gonna resurrect the dragonlord that's the exact opposite of what we want we gotta get in there that's so cool i don't use mouse and keyboard a lot for uh stuff on my channel except for the fact that i play i play kind of wild on it i don't know versus controller it's more it looks like one of the presentations you see like e3 where they're like all right let's go check this out and they'll do like the comms and it's terrible i guess you know like a good example resimo village main store i play controller and then i did the mercenary or that versus mary but the uh whatever the bonus mode was i switched to m and k and it was like i was like john wick out there it was so sick this is where i can turn off the connection you feel it's magic within your chest within your mind within your soul it asks a question who are you i am a face maker you have answered smartly baby [Music] the resurrection ritual has begun let me check something really quick give me one sec all right sorry for the weird cut so i was looking to see if there's a way to turn off like the notifications and keep saying like offline online or whatever i didn't see anything you could turn tutorials off but that's not that [Music] oh boss fight i got a special figurine for this guy one second rising before you is one of the dragon lord's most loyal undead soldiers it's regular roll for initiative i'm not you know i think you gotta stop it did i just try really quick not here there we go i don't that was worth it didn't really do much oh my god let me get some help if i can tomorrow go back up at least oh some here hit me let's try the other weapons on i guess this gun is nice how much damage that does oh no easy this thing red what in the world you're lacking wasn't up to snuff dragon lord there's still time you can seal the dragon lord away before he escapes um dragon lord i challenge thee that's good yeah not happening come on the faint maker never beats the villain in the first quest still you're stronger than the ones she said before hmm i wonder i wonder we'll meet again fate maker but for now i have to go pay an old shiny friend to visit see you around the neighborhood david he got away we gotta track him down i want that big bad boss kind of loop hold on let's see we got uh let's change up our weapons we got the little smg right there i'll take that this gun does so much damage i'm gonna keep it on for now mainly weapon wise um i actually mark these as junk i guess mark those as junk have any skill points i didn't see anything i have zero and zero okay how's this gonna do oh no it's it's a burst um god i want to keep it on the fade making like triple auto better just as so many do with a heart full of fire dreams of dragons and magic it will end only one way with the ultimate defeat of all evil despite your heroic efforts the dragon lord has escaped wait a minute did you hear what he said shiny friend neighborhood i know where he's headed he's after queen butt stallion to warn queen butt stallion of the dragon lord's escape you must travel far across the wonderland to the capital city of brighton so quest is completed oh this might be the open area type oh wow here we go hey the loading times are really quick i built you guys this big overworld on the table just move your miniature wherever you want to go on it nice detailing on the landscape feels like there's a whole world just waiting for us to kill and loot it that's right welcome to my wonderland all right welcome to the overworld you've entered tina's uh living tabletop game okay it's like dungeons and dragons almost uh all right say what oh the road to bright hoof is blocked guess you'll have to go through that top a battle jumps out at you random encounter random encounters okay if you're not carrying coin i also take slay pal who is fight over one prepare for battle yo it's like a knock on rpg's you know i love it encounters start i think we're just oh it says clue the encounter out hold on i don't know if i like this gun or not i know it's a higher level than the other stuff it is okay let me save myself here death save i'll take it not sure if i like the burst weapon or not let me uh use my health or my skill points here in a minute gotta complete okay let me see we get one of each um i feel like crit damage crit chance might be the play max hp though hey man your hp goes so quickly in this game all right let's go let's get some crit damage going on as far as this goes i'm i'm scared of using this dire sacrifice get that one again might as well right maximum health and dark magic efficiency [Applause] there's just so much in this game like there's a ton of different weapons and everything [Music] i like how the game doesn't take itself seriously you know there's all sorts of goodies and dungeons hidden behind things you can punch oh man this is the best i am so glad you guys are here to play games and be friends it's just been me and his cave with the bunbows and like a mountain of harshmellow cereal for like ever ah tina have you been lonely what no you're a lonely i got friends i've got tons of friends and these are his cousins from out of state and why are they ticking i'm so glad you asked because they're all great nice to meet you dimitri the difficulty scaled up quite a bit because i'm i'm actually kind of more uh nervous about some of the encounters now i'm level three but they're also level three pretty sure it's gonna be like this gun just so much better than the other one this is like it almost cracks might do like more crit damage i don't know kind of reminds me of uh doom eternal when you do those like little areas with like the uh you probably find that key or whatever it is and you enter into like a ton of different enemies granted it's not to that extent but it's kind of like it you have been judged yeah this is it's a really cool experience like the game is just fresh it doesn't feel like the other types of games that they made like borderlands it feels a little different from that you know i want a new gun uh take all that i think we're good this reminds me of cuphead a little bit not to that extent but you could totally slap that thing over and cross it then you have permanently opened a new route through the wonderland look at you baby this is pretty cool though it's so different all right let's check something out um not a fan of this weapon i i don't know what it is i know it's uh let's just try something else i need like a full auto because right now the uh the rate of fire on this well okay swap team four bursts and semi-auto hmm this is slows enemies down that's what i already i'm already using that though let me try this other one out um it the thing is the damage isn't any different let's try it up well we can't really since we're not really in a traditional thing or whatever i'm not sure what this icon is here we go belonging to a broken shrine somewhere in the wonderland that's a thumbtack right there nice hey i didn't expect this to be like it is you know like i don't i'm assuming this is like just kind of a like a funny part of it that's not gonna stay like this but if it is it's actually kind of cool they kind of took what they wanted and say let's just do this the random encounters is like final fantasy and stuff this now when i saw the exclamation point i thought was like pokemon where like a pokemon blue and red you walk up to enemies and you can't get past them you know hey you want to get rich is for some old god that's fallen out of fashion i figure if we get all the pieces back together they reward us real nice with gold i already found a piece myself and i know where another one is you get that for me we can split the reward i'll be here watching your back your defenseless stabable back and if anyone comes at you from the front like a [ __ ] just give him a slap it's the stab of the open palm never know who might give you the old acupuncture michael you're the last person you expect no the proverbial you not you personally i'm sure your back is fine oh sweet look shrine piece how'd that get there did a little tina put it there i don't know not a lot of games make me laugh this one's got a good sense of humor about it cannot take this her corner skating majesty queen buttstone has long protected the wonderlands with the soul magic she imbues into the land itself but such a precious rule requires guarding as well as proven by the terrible events of dragon keep and so the queen founded a new walt city from which to oversee her realm brighthoof the seat of the adamant throne i wanted to listen all that dialogue before we hopped in here all right see what this gun's like even if it brings you to the brink of death leaving you totally vulnerable it's also kind of a burst weapon but [Music] really good whatever this is technically called what is this thing oh yeah these weapons are like insane requires so much math because yeah it's kind of the same thing having two of them because it's so good yeah the melee i don't think i'll expect much in the melee go ahead and reload everything i might a little bit of a little bit of damage there oh yeah oh this thing shreds like up close damage forget about it oh no yeah i'm definitely taking back to like doom eternal when you go through like the slayer gate or whatever it's like whatever that key was you get throughout each level that's funny i don't know how long i've been playing this by the way i was gonna try to do like an hour long video but i'm just i'm enjoying this a lot so here we go wait what clue the encountering second time or maybe it's a different one i don't know it's kind of odd oh my god oh that thing detonated next to me [Music] i'm so glad i kind of switched to m and k after a while like i uh i forced myself because a lot of the friends i play with we all played shooters and stuff on pc and i remember like it always will like 1v1 me in games and i would just get destroyed like 25 0 50 0 and i was on mnk and i just couldn't get it after a while you just kind of get it this is just the beginning i shall uphold my oath got a new skill point available though level five oh you're dead anyways we're chilling oh my goodness badass skeleton all right how good that is everyone else you're still alive huh i just better grab that shrine piece saves me a trip [Applause] so this guy's totally going to try and kill us right totally what his name is literally backstab that's probably just a coincidence i wonder i mean the whole game can't be like this i would imagine now i i assume when we go in something like this it's like back to the other map you know let me use my points really quick um i'm not sure can i go like down here sanguine uh sacrament okay regenerates health okay cast a spell i guess hold on maybe i have to do like some of these first oh every companion he has oh no let's go health why not uh let's go back to um spell cooldowns 1313 on the skill cooldown as well max hp we'll go with that just kind of keep everything balanced if we can yeah this game it's snappy playing on a 5950x cpu i put in this and uh i'm not sure what the graphics card is i think it's the 30 90. newbie don't worry those jerks at the table can't hear me it's just us down here hey i know i'm the villain but i still just wanted to wish you luck on the whole quest thing not that you need luck right i mean you're the fate maker that's cool so it's like her little adventures she's just kind of throwing at you let me check my weapons really quick um holy journal let's see scrolls world buffs okay so right now we're doing this hero of bright hoof okay hoof hoof i don't know i know what it is all right let's uh let's change it back a little bit i wanted to try different weapons out um full auto try that one out i'm definitely going to keep this on though gear wise what we got oh maximum ward water regeneration oh yeah mixer go ahead and get those nothing there okay melee weapon um try that out this is like a shotgun almost let's try this up okay so it's kind of back to where we were let's check out these really quick before we continue forward these deals are not costly i don't want to spend any money yet melee weapon we got this oh look at this thing oh i don't have enough uh level required four i mean i'm four right i'm not sure i'll check it out later on you get so much loot or like every time we clear an area we get like several guns several items before you rise the mighty walls of bright hoof but you're not the only new arrival a massive skeleton army is ceasing the city catapults scally mints scary ships [Music] all right that is it for now thank you so much for watching uh if you would like more of this game just destroy that like button i'll kind of see how the first day goes and if you would like more i will definitely deliver all right love you all best audience ever thanks for likes and support talk to you soon peaceWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 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  1. Appreciate all the likes and support you drop on this! Lot of games so far this year so I enjoy these one off videos sometimes. If you want more just let me know!

  2. It’s hilarious, I was just about to buy this game after seeing some of your gameplay and the character customization….then realized it’s only First person….smh. RPGs are best in 3rd person (at least as an option).

  3. How can you love a game after 10 minutes dude your such a liar ,oh I don’t know anything about this game yeah right you have millions of subscribers and your goi g to tell us you have no idea about the game , pc is for no skill players mouse and keyboard seriously

  4. Ong though i was surprised when they made this game because i thought they were done with the borderlands franchise and honestly i was pretty sad if they were because overall borderlands is my favorite first person shooter game

  5. oh shit that's Captain Yami English voice actor Christopher Sabat. had to look him up. and shocked to know he did vegeta voice too. might have to have this game.

  6. Dude. Borderlands 2 all the way. Intro music, Heavy, is just masterpiece 🙂
    Anyway, Handsome Jack story is awesome. Telltale game was good as well 🙂


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