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SearchThisVideo: TONY HAWK PRO SKATER 1+2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – SCHOOL (THPS 2020)

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Watch video at 00:00

all right guys i'm going to tell you

right now i'm

really excited for this this is a game

back when i was

got i don't know what i want to say i

was 13 or 12 or something like that i

got this game for my birthday

not this game i got like the original

tony hawk pro skater

and i don't think there was a year that

ever went by where i didn't have a copy

of the latest tony hawk game

in my room somewhere all the way up to

project 8.

uh i really like thugged uh thunk 2 was

like probably my all-time favorite

um i spent so many hours on all these


anyways i was going to play this

regardless if i make the video but i

thought i would try it i don't mind

playing the full game i know a lot about

this stuff

and if you guys want i could do a full

series it's mostly just

finding combo finding skates uh

the secret tapes in every level stuff

like that that wasn't in the warehouse

demo that i played a while back but

if you guys want a full series maybe if

we get like 20 000 likes i'll probably

keep it going so uh was gonna give away

two copies of this game one for xbox one

for ps4 if you want a chance to win

either like the video or uh your

favorite tony hawk

i had somebody tell me they really liked

the american wasteland but

i don't know i didn't i didn't play that

one too much

i wasn't really feeling that way i think

dog thunk 2 might be my personal


tony underground too i meant so anyways

you guys are amazing best audience ever

let's get this guys alright guys here's

the menu in full force we saw it during

the demo

when like some of this stuff wasn't

available i'm not even going to mess

with a lot of stuff right now i just

want to play

but i want to show you what i'm going to

be missed the only thing i'm going to

miss out on

and in my spare time i'll turn this back

on is this right here

these songs man i just


i can't listen any of them because i'm

pretty sure youtube kicks my front door


zebra head uh the ernie's

here and now i played this one on

uh was it area 51 was that the level

it went so well with that one uh god

powerman 5000 papa roach

oh my goodness machine gun oh this is a

new one

so they added some songs to it hold on

goldfinger superman that's the original

that's the og song for this one

so there's some new stuff on here too

chick norris uh

god there's so many songs in here man

american nightmare i don't

yeah that's crazy anyways i'm gonna jump

into it

i like how they got this set up though

nine parks eight parks then you have

ranked progress that's crazy free skate

and stuff

all right here we go four okay this is

kind of how it was in the original they

even have the logo

yo that's sick all right here we go uh

so here's kind of the setup

i wonder if school's in session a lot of

these places should be co

you know closed because of the

quarantine but

roswell was the last level okay here we


Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

uh sure it may be a bit dusty again but

hey it's home

nice all right the high score is ten


pro scores fifty thousand uh

six scores a hundred thousand should be

pretty easy skate the things that are

gonna be a problem the scores are fine

collecting skates collecting combo the

secret tape

five hold on five fire hydrants one

wrong smash the boxes okay i

don't remember the hydrants 5050 that

yeah i remember that

alia channel gap what about the secret

tapers let's go in here

okay that's in the middle i remember

exactly where that one was too

i'm not gonna get all of it at once but

we'll get enough to keep going

okay we got tea

wait did did i not see combo

tell me combo's still in here

skate you can get however you want did

they take away combo

i'm not even really trying to do

anything here

let's just do whatever and secret tape

is up there

get some 900 action going okay so here's

what i'm wondering

let's go ahead and get the uh

oh the high score would have been it

well whatever

i did that during the demo i'm probably

going to play the level a couple times

to get everything

the ultimate goal is just to get as much

stuff as you can

um you have to get it kind of all the

ones there was yeah

the a being there fire hydrants are

new that was not in the original game

got that one

i'm gonna just play it as soon as i play

it safe i love it

um do we have like a can i have a

checklist or something

uh okay pro score six score smashboxes

ollie oh a channel gap

hold on

i'm gonna try to stay still let's keep

it going

all right um

best thing we can do right now

i'm just gonna land go ahead and get

that all right nice

i don't know if you got to collect all

the fire hydrants at once or not i just

missed that one

over time all right let's just go ahead

and restart it anyways each level is

going to take

you know a couple tries you got to

figure out where some stuff has a secret


um we got most of stuff i could just go

to the school right now but i want to


as much as i can in this not that i

think about it

this could be like a really short series

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

you know

all the channels we already did i mean

we did almost everything except for

the fire hydrants in the boxes right

yeah uh park goals to unlock them all

yeah so you could legitimately the way

it works is

um oh tech tech nines on this i didn't

realize that

all right sorry uh what you can

basically do is

yeah i mean you can jump straight to the

last level the whole point is

no i don't want to go there yet um we

almost got

two levels unlocked we already got the

school unlocked but

it's about things you can do oh hold on


really what is that up there hold on

i don't know what that is it says tony

hawk pro skater

yeah i just realized like i literally

could have just went to the mall

like i could literally beat this game in

like 20 minutes but the whole point is

to get everything

i'm not trying to speedrun this thing i

want to try to take my time and enjoy it

score doesn't matter now so just about

getting stuff

so let's get everything

i don't know what that is up there okay

boxes are gonna be another thing i

don't know exactly where all of them are

we got three hydrants just like we did

last time

and i'm getting just slaughtered right

now i love it

i don't know how do you get i gotta

figure out how to get up there hold on

you gotta get some serious airtime all

right here's the other

oh i remember how you get this hold on

yeah you gotta do the little up up i

should have held up right there and

you keep going when you do that right

right here

that's how you go over it okay

i'm not trying to show off it's just

trying to move but

um all right here we go

yeah so when you do that

i don't know why i'm doing so bad right

here um

all right so we don't quite let me go up


like there's like a fire hydra yeah here

it is let's at least get something

like i'm noob over here not really okay

there's some other stuff there too

so we have two things we haven't seen

that whatever that is

it's like a v above me and then

yeah i want to try that again so we got

one thing done which is fine

we got to figure out where all the boxes

are too

um all right so we're good we try level

really okay there's some boxes here

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

i'm not trying to do that there hold on

so if i'm not mistaken

like score doesn't really matter i'm


getting my bearings in the game a little

bit so i kind of feel like i know what

i'm supposed to be doing

we got the boxes there um boxes over

there in the corner

that's two of five but i don't i don't

think they transfer over

over the other ones to be at

i'm trying to get this stuff too

i want to get whatever this is

all right some more boxes here hold on i

think smash the boxes was in the

original game

now that i think about it i kind of

remember doing that there's got to be

some up here hold on

like in a corner uh let's see

yep there we go all right we just need

one more

i'm not sure where to look though it's

got to be

oh here we go oh that's everything

that's 100 and we got whatever that is

that point

oh nice okay well we also have the thing

over here as well which i don't know how

you get that

might get oh i have an idea you gotta

come off this and do the little

high jump

oh that was it whoa i just saw something

hold on

yeah it looks like there's a wire up


god was that the original game i know

some stuff is

like new yeah i'm gonna i just want to

try that out let me

i could have just restarted right there

but all right so we got everything done

for this level

i just really want to see what that is

up there uh looks like a stat point type

thing so we got

okay we got a lot of stuff unlocked here

um no thanks armor the mall oh my


i think the most chaotic level was still

that one where it's like

it's like a downhill mountain slope

thing or whatever

i think i know how you get that hold on

it just dawned on me

i think you got a wall ride and jump off

that's what i'm thinking

yep that's it i want to say that's


i'm gonna look around one more time just

make sure there's nothing else up top

and then i'll just end the level instead

of waiting two minutes or whatever

uh let's look around

yeah i think we got everything i don't

think there's anything else here okay

let's go ahead and end run

we got everything unlocked so now we can

actually go to


park goals progress let's just see i

mean we've already got everything there

all right school here we go five

textbooks five tables

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

oh yeah yeah this is fun

thank you guys for joining me on this i

know it's a random video man but i

i grew up playing this game and i love


alright high score fifteen thousand

seventy thousand it's gonna keep going

up each level

six score is gonna be always getting

higher i think it's a hundred thousand

and then oh i remember some of these 125

thousand on this one skates

the one thing i'm not i i kind of wish

was still in the game

and i could be wrong about this i don't

was combo

in this game or was that in a later tony

hawk games

because you would have to like do a

combo all at once to collect all the

letters without

i don't know if that was in the original

or not like now that i think about it i

don't know

yeah we can get the score done here at

least i remember going on these rails a


yo the memories the memories


all right we got uh it's usually an


i see the a over there

all right nice couple of little uh you

know nothing crazy

really that oh that was it okay lunch

tables are gonna be a thing we're gonna

have to let's go ahead and get skate

done this run

uh six score maybe

i remember this pool i this is the pool

i would use if i got to a point where

all right maybe a little bit more for

the sixth score

all right skate is done

oh that times two can that little revert

thing whatever or convert whatever it's


you do that right when you land all

right we got the six score done

so now we just have i don't know where

where would the secret tape be it's been

a while i thought it was up high

somewhere it's on top one of these

buildings i think

i'm pretty sure there's like a way you

get to it you gotta go through

i don't know what is this oh i see there

it is above me yep

i don't think i can get up there in time

hold on


i don't know man

all right it wasn't that wasn't that bad

i i don't remember how to get that

secret tape though that's the one thing

i gotta remember

this is so much fun to play it's

bringing back so many memories too

the only thing i don't know about is i

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

remember the lunch tables

skate seemed like he's on the right spot

the textbooks the wall

okay wall ride bells uh he'll flip

the kicker gap get the secret tape okay

well here we go i'll upgrade my stuff

later on i just want to play the game

honestly oh hold on

oh what's up yeah it's up there okay

it's back over here i think

you go back here and you can go up yep

here we go actually

there it

all right here is go here we go

yeah i remember being back here okay all


yo what okay hold on

i don't want to fall in

hold up let's just take it easy i don't

know what these things do i guess

that that's the textbook obviously but i

don't know like these little stat things

those are new those were not in the

original game all right that's how you

get secret tape you

grind down there

let me get this up here gonna probably

take a couple of tries each level

oh really

not really going for score anymore so i

guess it really doesn't matter

i want to see if i can get

just want to get this it's so hard to

like control sometimes there we go stat

points two out of three

okay um let's go ahead and get the

secret tape


i imagine if i missed that a straight


all right two out of five on the

textbooks textbooks are kind of spread

out so i gotta be

i'm not gonna look at a guide or

anything everyone will find these and

just like

take my time with it i want to try to

get everything before going to the next

level because i think

if you just jump to the next one it

doesn't quite have the same effect

when you get 100 on it then you kind of

start uh

start kind of getting everything hold on

what does that sign say

all right we got the secret tape let's i

guess we can focus on the tables

let's get this lunch table we'll just

try to get everything the one thing i


see that was like really impressive

people that can get everything

all in one fell swoop is like

it's crazy man like because that takes

you got to memorize where everything is

maybe there's a path you take

but i feel like it's easy to split

everything up

all right one one in one let's see

what's back here really quick i don't

think there's

anything yeah it just takes oh you could

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

just go back here never mind

well let's get these other textbooks

first because the ones up on top of the

roof are going to take the longest time

to get

or the one on top of the roof hold on uh

there's one right here

and then there's the one across which is


the one that's kind of tough to get

here we go all right we got three out of

five let's go ahead and

i thought i could make that

nice okay one more and we're good

i want to just kind of see what each air

what is back over in here anything

the lunch table right here so that's

good two out of five there

uh there are a lot a lot of them are


that's so funny

i felt like two or three were out in

this area yeah there's one here yeah so

there's three right in the open

i don't know if i can get the last skate


which i'm already forgetting exactly

where it was

not the skate but the book i wish i

could go a little bit faster

i think it's right up here oh it's

another all right we got the tables

man okay i thought i had all the

textbooks like

bro i didn't land that

all right so let's go this way instead

back here okay so we basically know

where all of mar now so that's

there's two on top of the roof and

there's one down there right when you go

down the steps so

all right we know where they all are now

at least let's get this one first

since it's the most straightforward and


nice okay i'm a little bit nervous there

all right last but not least all right

now we have

okay wall ride bells i is there a way i


i'm trying to see if i can if i end the

run i can actually see what i'm missing

uh he'll flip the kicker gap

hill flip is the right one i think that

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

might be

oh that was it okay i thought it was a

thing back in the other spot

so right now we just have yeah the five


where were those at um

what is that is that one right there

i think that i think there was like one

next to me

let me double check i don't know if this

is it or not

oh that was one okay that's what that is

that's gonna be hard to find those man

uh that was one so we know where one is

i'm gonna try to get this really quick

because i know i'm not gonna get all

five of those right now

we got that that's gonna say easy way to

get over

there it is guys i knew that this little

back area was gonna be used all right so

we now know where all five are

this should be easy hopefully and i got

that secret thing by the way too i don't

know what it did

but i got it so all right so i think the

best course of action here would be to

get this one back here

and then we'll turn around

we know where the other ones are now so

i'm just gonna

it's gonna go straight there it seems

like we got the two to the right we

could go to first or we can go get the

two difficult ones

i think this would be the right way to

do it though

we got that

this one's kind of tough because you

have to get this angle

over here

that right there i'm trying to figure


okay it's gonna be tough i got up there

a second ago but it was kind of

kind of funny how you did it it wasn't

necessarily like a straight way to get

up there it was just more of a maybe

like this

and then you kind of wall ride up here

let's try that again let's not uh let's

not mess this up brad we got this

no please

oh come on 900

for no reason

all right i gotta hurry man that didn't


oh my god well we now know

oh that actually works okay i think i

can do this 20 seconds

i gotta hurry man gotta hurry we gotta

grind at least to get over there a

little bit faster

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

oh my god oh my god guys


oh the tension

i can do it got it let's go baby

the recovery on that one

that level was a struggle man i had it

been so long since i did that too

all right let's um

let's go to let's check all of our stuff

but we can change our tricks out i'm not

gonna do that right now

uh stats though this is something that

was not in the original game

manual balance air i think might be what

you want to go for first

hang time as well because you get more

more tricks really

i don't know i say this right now i

don't remember if this was in the

original game

i'm pretty sure it was not uh what do

you get here what are these things

flame reward

i'm just getting all kinds of like just

challenges and i'm already level seven


profile badges there's so much stuff to

take in

all right level select gonna go to the

mall in new york next

here's my thinking if you guys would


uh i could easily do two to three levels

per video if i do more than this by the

way i'm just gonna go ahead and start

this up

i'm gonna try to get everything and then

after this level i'll probably stop

this this is already i've been playing

for a while it seems like over 40

minutes at least

all right high score i remember some of

this stuff i need something to drink man

hold on

this might be left

it wasn't too bad

all right five robot or toy robot um

i remember the directories nose grind

the coffee

okay air walk the flying leap gap

uh get the secret tape i remember that's

up high somewhere

obviously by the uh thing how did you

figure that out brad

i remember this man


landing that was that was a horrible

landing wasn't even sloppy just

just give just take my points away

um all right let's find out where

everything is we're not gonna get all of

it at once

obviously but hey let's get some let's

get the point things

there's something else down there you go

up here

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

the directories yeah i remember that

that's how you get that toy robot okay

makes sense we're gonna gradually get


so you get that one back there then you

come here you get this one

i remember these like little middle rail

things you could grind on those or the


i didn't have enough room there hold on

directory right there it's kind of like

a downhill journey really

i just passed something hopefully it was


i want to go back really quick make sure

that wasn't the key

oh there's the secret tape right there


so what we could um where's that coming


you got to jump off the top i believe

like how slow i'm going yo we're just

like riding around

it takes forever to get anywhere all

right yeah you gotta like

really that's not how you do it brad

yep you're supposed to land on that and

keep going okay

i remember that a little bit now didn't

get a good score didn't get anything

done well i got

high combo and stuff

yeah i got a lot of work to do with that

one a lot of work to do

this is gonna be fun

almost almost right there

go ahead just stay on top of those i

just fell through nice nice

let's go

all right toy robot there

we got the k there's the other toy robot

back there i'm not going to worry about


i want to just keep going down you i

almost made that

let's get this uh directory and then

this a

i want to try to get this i don't know

if i can but

yeah you gotta have some you gotta like

basically just go for it you can't do

anything else i just thought of the toy


which okay that was in the store


yeah the robots all seem to kind of mesh

together right there

there's a letter right here this t so we

know the e is over here and then this is

like the final section

okay it doesn't seem like it'd be that

hard to get everything

let's try and see where everything else


exit close it oh it puts you back in the

beginning that could be a strat though

hold on

i gotta go for the high score eventually


Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

uh this is a really small i will say

this right now this is a very i don't

know why i'm not jumping there

really small section like it's not

let me just try to get some kind of

combo going here

there's something left back there

there's the

oh man all right yeah we'll get it going

here in a minute

we got skate at least my goal is one

thing per time

or at least progress there's two or

three there's two tricks we have to do

the sixth score i'll get that eventually

just from like if i really want to go

for it i know i can get it right now i'm

just kind of exploring

the air walk i love it


you get directory or directory oh that

was it right there

let's go here um we'll go back and get

this one i think i know i can get all

five of these this time

right we're good

that's some weak tricks right there brad


wait for it keep your tape done

the store over here to the right


isn't it like over here to the right

somewhere i might have to go back some

uh directory yeah what i'm gonna have to

do i don't want to go all the way to the


come in here uh go down i think there

might be something back there but

let's get this over here on the corner

we got the secret tape done at least we

got one of the set points i'll take it

there's a directory right here in the


might as well just get it just so i have

it in my memory of me getting it there

you know if i can get back up a little

bit more i know i can get the uh

the last robot hold on

i know it's like it's like on the side

of one of these i think it's right up


come on be the one be the one no

there it is

i think i just

all right so we got the robots done the

secret tape done

we got the high scores i'll do those

last or whatever only care uh

air walk nose grind the coffee

the only thing about those are i

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

struggle to remember exactly where those


flying leap gap air walk

which combo is air walk i'm more if i

look at my move list or whatever

uh probably not

air walk that's nose grab hold on

melon i don't know

we could go for the directories right


we know there's one across

that's two right there

there's also something to the left right

here hold on

i don't know what it was uh that must be

is one of the stat point things

really how did i miss that

hold on let me just angle it up really


there we go two out of three on that

let's go

we'll just go downhill and get all these

i don't see any there's one right here

in the middle

oh there's they're all lined up right

there nice i can get those done

this should do the last one

let me go down here



let's get some points on the board uh

let's see


that's the fountain gap okay so where is

this there's the coffee gap and there's

the other one


oh i i was so close to getting this sick

score too

all right so right now we need nose

grind so basically all the three things

we got the six score the air walk

and then the nose grind the nose grinds

is the front grind i know what that is

air walk the leap of faith okay that's

what that was okay

i like the view camera goals option i

think that was in the original as well


we're going to try air air walking i

think it's air

hold on yeah air walk we got to go up

on the other side

so we're basically just going off the

side right here

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

so here's what i do we're gonna get some

momentum going

i don't think this is enough hold on

let's go backwards

um here goes nothing


what that should have been it

it should have been it right there we'll

keep trying

we'll get it eventually

i feel like you should just

there we go okay we got that one can i


camera goal in the middle of this i

don't think i can

i'm pretty sure it was further back what

i'll do is

yeah let's let's restart let's and you

gotta end the run

we got that one now let's look at the

last one

all right this is oh it's right there at

the start okay

well that'll be easy go ahead and wrap

this up shall we

really appreciate you guys joining me on

this by the way a lot of fun to play i'm

planning on doing this anyways

even if i'm not making videos so i kind

of leave it up to you guys if you would


um if you would like this just let me


it's on this side i always go to the

other one

done easy clap that was uh extremely


all right we're done that is everything

that's three levels 100 done it's kind


played the original except it took me a

lot longer when i was little because i'd

never played a game like this before

uh part goals progress we already

so if we go to quit i'm just curious

what all the stuff we have now

that was fun long video thank you guys

for joining me by the way

uh gear

yo look at this outfit that's kind of

clean actually i think the biggest thing

you want is the boards

the boards were always and i remember

some of these in the original game

like the ones like this those are the

ones as a kid you're like oh it looks so

cool but

um i don't know which one i like best i

mean this one i still think looks

amazing birdhouse boards i remember that

skate shop hold on what is this

uh check out the latest and greatest

yo and it's all in game let's go baby

it's all in game how amazing is that

like how how sad is it that i'm excited

about that

you know that's so cool

um crit you can go wait this game has

create a park

oh my goodness this is gonna be so much


wait if you do that can you go to

oh what's multiplayer quick playlist

let's see

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

and see what happens

looking for match i just want to try one

match before i go

might as well see the entire type of

experience you can have in this game

really quick


oh it's one of these okay

lucky for me i just came from here

i'm in fourth place though


i'm popping off right now boys

go ahead and get back to the beginning

now do it again

oh that was that was the one right there


oh the combo challenge is that i thought

it was an overall score

well i mean i kind of wore it out right


yeah i kind of need a restart on that


because the longer it goes on the harder

it's going to be to get that

yeah like right right now forget about

it i don't think anybody's going to top

that because

you got to get it early on did i win my

first match online

i think i did i mean i didn't get the

score but

i got first place at least many other


is the winner let's go baby first match

first dub let's get it

that was awesome all right that is going

to conclude this video what an

awesome finish though i didn't expect

that all right so if i just want to quit


yo i didn't think i i didn't expect that

to be as

like it wasn't that bad it was it was

actually kind of fun

concerning the original game didn't have

that the skate park

the multiplayer the fact that you can do

both games and the ranked free skate

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

single session like that's just

this is awesome this is a really good

remake uh thank you guys for watching if

you want more of this you know what to

do but for now this will be a one-time


kind of a long one but uh thank you for

all the support

means a lot this would uh i'd be sick to

see this do well alright guys have a

good one take it easy

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remake Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review and Campaign including Warehouse, School, Mall, Skate Park, Downtown, Downhill Jam, Burnside, Streets, Roswell of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Remake Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC. This 2020 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remake Story Campaign Walkthrough will be the Full Game including a Review, Warehouse, Roswell, Chicago, Burnside, School, Downhill Jam, Streets, Downtown, Hangar, School II, Skate Heaven, Philadelphia, Chopper Drop, Skatestreet, Marseille, NY City, OST, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, Special Moves, All Characters, SKATE, COMBO, All Secret Tapes and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story. Thanks Activision for giving me THPS 1+2 Remake!


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is a skateboarding video game developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision, set to be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4, 2020. It is a remaster of the first two games in the Tony Hawk's franchise: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1999) and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000) which were originally developed by Neversoft.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater takes place in a 3-D environment permeated by an ambience of punk rock and ska music. The player takes control of a variety of famous skateboarders and must complete missions by performing skateboarding tricks and collecting objects. The game offers several modes of gameplay, including a career mode in which the player must complete objectives and evolve their character's attributes, a free-play mode in which the player may skate without any given objective, and a multi-player mode that features a number of competitive games.

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  1. Been looking forward to this and wasn’t even going to make a video but I figured why not! Loved these games growing up. Any support you drop is appreciated and I will have more Avengers first thing tomorrow fam

  2. I only just realised this was out. I basically retired from gaming but now im gonna have to go out and get a console. Good to see tou can yo do manual tricks this time round. Thps3 was the peak for me btw


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