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it has been quite a long time since i've

done one of these top 100 lists we did

overwatch we did marvel we did smash


and a lot of you are wondering where's

apex the problem with apex is that there

are way

too many legends i mean look at this

character select screen it just never

ends there are thousands upon

thousands of legends to choose from how

was i going to narrow that down to just


it's an impossible task but if anybody

was going to do it it was going to be me

so don't be disappointed if your

favorite legend isn't on this list so

without further

ado let's go


number 100 goes to bangalore she has the

worst skins and smoking is bad for you

stupid number 99 mirage he is so wait

oh man that was his clone he got me dang

it number 98

the training dummies they don't even

fight back what loses

oh they fight back

that's so scary number 97 goes to kostik

look he's fine

but he's outclassed by number 96 caustic

traps these guys are insane

i for one used to actually be a trap

main until they nerfed the traps if i

were a developer

i would be buffing these traps like

crazy number 95

forge up

well this is awkward number 94 goes to

the containers

they are super deadly it's crazy

how many of us have died at the hands of

a container don't lie

it happened to you number 93 is a tie

between loba's dad

and loba's mom both are kind of meh i

mean hardly anybody plays them i don't

know why

number 91 goes to all the bad final

rings you know the ones that guarantee

that you lose if you choose the wrong


yeah those suck number 90 kryptos drone

we wanted to include krypto on this list

but we can't find him yet he's probably

camping somewhere so we'll probably find

him later

number 89 the flyers whenever you see a

flyer player you gotta immediately kill

them they are so annoying

number 88 the trident truly the king of

team wipes

i jumped out number 87 has to go to

marvin he is the most popular legend so

he deserved a spot on this list

number 86 the drone that carries the

loot ball you shoot the ball and the

drone just keeps thumping look at it

so fast number 85 is a three-way tie for


because this represents how many crater

shots it takes to knock him

number 82 goes to the third fastest drug


ever the flash he's addicted to crack

number 81

hey i'm not falling for this again dude

come on bamboozle me once shame on you

bamboozle me twice

i cry number 80 pathfinder's purpose

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

number 79 has to go to the new ring

announcer come on she's trying her best

wow wow look who it is it's you

can anyone summon the courage to base


contender number 78

revenant he's scary but i think that

there's a scarier legend

and that's number 77 revenant when

crouched oh my god

number 76 johnny young i still can't

find crypto but his voice actor is cool

so go follow

johnny number 75 loba's dad security


i would have put them higher but they

were outclassed just slightly by

number 74 chef juan carlos this man

pulled a knife on revenant that takes a

lot of balls

number 73 is a tie between watson and

her ultimate it's difficult to tell

which provides more use to her team

i still don't know number 71 the

scientist he literally made wraith which

made ttvs

so do we like this guy number 70 loba

she's good don't get me wrong but she's

clearly outclassed by

number 69 loba in third person number 68

has to go to youngblood number 67

dr reed she has a perfect kd ratio and

you gotta respect that number 66

nessie the true protagonist number 65 is

the first ever four-way tie between


pathfinder pathfinder and math finder

number 61 goes to the second fastest

drug user ever

sonic the hedgehog knuckles and tails

have already had an intervention about


it's really sad sega doesn't like

talking about it number 60 bald wraith

she doesn't even know how to use her

powers lame

number 59 not bald wraith she can use

her powers and create portals

like this and that's why the death box

is number 31.

number 30 goes to our favorite turret

wielding person

number 29 has to go to our favorite

turret fashion

number 28 simp rick number 27 blisk

while he did make the apex games he's

completely outclassed by

number 26 brisk number 25 has to go to

bloodhound but every real fan prefers

number 24 arthur literally so op

can i get some in the chat number 23 a

literal bloodhound

number 22 the mobsters that still wear

fedoras in the future like

what that's so stupid like who would

wear a fedora this is like the future

you could wear anything you want you

chose a fedora

milady milady number 21 kevin

oh kevin you silly goose number 20 the

best legend

the legend of korra number 19 the


but only when you win who are the apex


otherwise she's all right number 18 my


i would have put it higher but it was a

hundred percent defeated

by number 17 the apex legends micro


i have all the heirlooms and if you want

to see um

me spend all my money on this game you

can go to my second channel

hacker live i have a bunch of videos

about that and you know other videos but

you guys seem to only care

when i spend money on this game so just

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

check that out if you want number 16

is the last tie of the night between

horizon and mrs frizzle

one is the smartest woman in the

universe and the other is scottish

number 14 has to go to the best

character in the apex universe

jack cooper that's like not even a joke

he's in the apex universe

number 13 assassin's creed valhalla

number 12

damn it man son of a [ __ ] number 11

big sister she's pretty fire now on to

our top ten

number 10 the armed guy with gasoline

he's pretty fire

number nine little mac number eight goes

to the second best mozambique number


the best mozambique look i'm sorry

mozambique i didn't want an entire

country to hate me for a joke

you get it right wait where you going

come on come back come on mozambique

mozambique come on number six the doors

saving lives one kick at a time number

five there you are krypto

i found him guys get over here yeah it

was behind the rock classic crypto

number four has to go to the fastest

drug user ever

octane what's that he's clean really

six months no way good for him never

mind then this goes to sonic the

hedgehog again

number three lifeline i might be biased

because she's my main

but she really is the second best

support only second two

number two the doc drone like i said

there were thousands upon

thousands of legends i could have chosen

and it was super difficult to narrow it

down to just 100

so here are some honorable mentions that

just barely just

barely didn't make the cut

and now our number one legend has to go


mirage shoot him

shoot him so we know he's real yep it's

actually mirage this time

let's go so that was my top 100

legends of apex legends list did i leave

any legends out that you wanted on the


do you agree with me do you disagree

with me if you disagreed why don't you

just make your own list in the comments

down below and i'm pretty confident

somebody will read it probably won't be

me somebody

maybe me i'm kind of bored so i could i

could read it okay bye

With over 10000 legends in Apex Legends, it would be impossible to narrow it down to JUST 100 LEGENDS, but fear not; Macro is here to save the day!


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