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    TOP 5 Differences Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon – HOW TO CHOOSE

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    How to Choose between Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.
    Pokemon Ultra Moon http://amzn.to/2jlmejk
    Pokemon Ultra Sun http://amzn.to/2yV4na6

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    Comment (24)

    1. great video, ive never had a pokemon game but I think based on the pokemon exclusives including the legendaries. I like the ones in sun better (though I do like moons designs as well) and i'd like to have the games day set at the same time as mine plus on the irrelevant off chance that im forced to play where its bright during the day, I wouldn't want to be squinting at my screen trying to see the darker night that would be in moon. just my opinion though.

    2. Ultra sun
      I agree whith the 3 leyendary pokemon there also my favoriet
      Btw mi brother is getting ultra moon so i can trade for them XD and i was gonna get ultra sun but could'nt get alolan vulpix my favoriete alolan pokemon for the starter im going whith poplio or litten or poplio helppp!! I cant choose:(

    3. I picked sun because ho-oh, Xerneas, dialga, reshiram and latios were my childhood favorites when it came to the legendaries, however that meant I wouldn't be able to catch liligant, latias, entie and palkia but that's what trading was for.


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