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    Total War: WARHAMMER 2 Gameplay – Lizardmen vs High Elves

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    Total War: WARHAMMER 2 Gameplay - Lizardmen vs High Elves - Hey guys! Today we are going to be checking out some Warhammer 2 gameplay. I command the Lizardmen against the High Elves who have activated a fallen Gate. I hate Warm bloods. Enjoy the Battle :D

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    Comment (46)

    1. 4 peoples fighting over a Magic Artifact in a island tropical themed place. Sounds super original and not MTGs Ixalan (but in all seriousness I love Ixalan and this)

    2. You know considering that Sega technically made the game…you DO realize we can have the freaking Lizardmen in Projec X Zone. Talk about ending the game in seconds.

      Meden Traore: The Portalstone is ours! All that remains is-

      Mazdamundi: Your free trial of existence without the approval of the Old Ones has expired


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