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SearchThisVideo: 🔴 Training BANJO Amiibo

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oh hi and keeps gaming here and today
we're training my banjo amiibo
and if we get time we will be training
on another one um
but we'll just see so anyway so banjo
bongo here we go
smash um if you guys don't know i did a
earlier on twitch and people did verse
well i need two people verse one person
lost one person one
he was aggressive my banjo turned out
but i'm going to retrain him again
um as well because i've got a bit more
range and i've got more eng
in other words energy but i'm going to
train using a different training method
so i'm not gonna train him how does i
usually train amiibo
as i usually do i'm gonna train him to
be a bit
cautious of what moves he uses so what
i've read up
don't use grenade don't use wondering
because you're spamming but you can't
spam a move if it's limited
so what i'm going to do is going to do
some maybe grabs we're going to do
running attacks grabs
some maybe some air attacks as well like
the neutral wear banjo
and then we're going to do wonder wing
but once it gets to level
uh well percentage 80 we're gonna just
spam wondering then
or just do two or something i don't know
whatever would be best
oh actually so if you guys don't know
we're gonna do the first
stage of this will be the stage of the
amiibo so which will be
sparrow mountain which is awesome i'll
be looking forward to this
ages no no no it's there's the one
hey venge remember this
look i'm oh i'm
sanjo not sonic
i tried to make a joke
okay anyway here we go so don't you guys
if you want to see a certain stage put
it in the chat
and we'll play that stage soon after

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let me know if the game volume is a bit
too loud
shouldn't really do that
oh take it easy
oh okay okay i can hear two
try not to spam wondering
oh yeah
i'm now here no it's ben
how's he not dead after that wondering
got me joking oh well
there we go i usually do me
by myself it's the only thing i do by
no i don't need to i can't run
that's what you meant
okay that's interesting oh
no i got him that time people said don't
use one wing but i'm going to use it
when it gets to the hundreds
oh there we go
sneaking i like that
yeah i should really carry on with that
i don't even know what i'm doing i'm
gonna just try my best with him

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

spiked him but that's not what i was
meant to do but it's okay
i just probably found this already
i don't know if i'm doing this right
guys be honest with me
there's a comb i'm trying to stick with
oh come on
yeah take it so guys are you excited
i've got this amiibo i know i am i am
tired though so just let you walk
oh the splat
i still might have to retrain this man i
don't know
has gone base welcome
come on
dumb you guys right
oh no no
oh the punch oh i've got him
we're trying to use one doing as less as
oh should i keep the learning on until
they face people in arenas
um you should turn learning off until
you want your amiibo how you want it
because they can still level up with the
learning turned off which i did not know
i thought with learning turned off they
just don't level up but no they still
level up
but they just stay how they are
regardless all right does anybody want
to give me a stage
i will retrain this mandrel if still
doesn't turn down right now but this is
the only time this is the only other
time i'm doing it
i've already done banjo stage so a new
stage we need now
grumps okay bin laden's one will do
oh is the gameplay okay can you hear me
okay cuz i've turned up the gameplay
volume a little bit
so i don't know if that's good or not oh
yeah banjo again

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

it's all fine good good i'm trying to
play with the settings a little bit so
hopefully the game plays a bit louder
this is probably the best ranged attack
i gotcha oh really
there'll be a new stage here go by the
new stage
those music's fantastic sounds amazing
oh yeah i was going to do this wasn't i
can do that roll between them and then
do that move
oh right behind him
oh yeah
yeah the bombs built in that was right
i love that
oh oh no
i really don't have to train this banjo
like obviously i kind of know how to
because i'm like i don't know if i've
played it for a while
oh i can't i missed twice see what
you suck
there we go done it
oh ow come on nothing's healed me
perfect show me
let's just keep going how much more can
you do

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

oh take it
oh yeah i guess this is i'm gonna do it
i know this is probably a bit boring
before but
oh gotcha
oh yeah oh no i really want somebody's
first my joker so
guys tomorrow if if i don't get two
training done today
i'll um i'll get the train down tomorrow
but as well as you guys versus new
improved amiibo
oh the snout take that smokey
you want some dance i could dance dance
if you want to
okay come on
oh come on
guys all right you're very quiet
oh come on how did i miss
i bet what amiibo are the three looking
forward to me training the most
i need to start using one doing because
i'm not using it at all terry
terry be tomorrow definitely
oh my god what a speed
okay got more in front of me
banjo and i've got the other two but
i'll show them off in their stream
there we go all right one more match
and we do battlefield if he doesn't turn
out well this time i know what to do
next time
i had something i could do but no no um
what stage you guys want me to play now
what guys would you want to see
any stage in particular or

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

okay no one's pick picking a stage
i'm gonna do random
three two one
oh get away
i didn't see the replay oh that got him
oh damn
yeah perfect shield that
welcome back then find out
oh let's go underwing i shadow meta
knight welcome gov how are you
i didn't get it oh well that's example
it will be at the end when the amiibo's
level 50.
oh i love that i just that's good the
thing is i can't seem to do it though
okay oh nice
it's doing good todd i don't know if i'm
doing it i've got all the amiibo
i've got banjo terry biloff
anything mario's twice everything
the training omega's two base oh
wow except for korean physical we talked

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

about the last start base you know this
i have yes except for corey i've got him
twice one in box one hour box
ah god
oh nice oh my goodness
a long time it's over two years
don't forget to smash four amiibos as
well like
um it's the nfc cards but then i think
you can get stickers they're just as
good i've never bought stickers
but you can get nfc stickers too but
the cheapest probably album is the
stickers but the next best thing is the
cards i recommend getting cards
oh nice that's it
come on
come on
right out you training which one you
training base
yo i've got him nice kill nice i hope
this bad banjo
is going good i said i don't think i
don't know
he's as good as a rush down but i don't
think it's gonna happen
because the way i trained him did not
want to work at all so
okay so we're gonna get the
battlefield stages now so let's go let's

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

see what happens
i said i would retrain him if i have to
i really would
okay i'm just trying to figure out what
ow oh nice man
i won an online tourney against uh the
amiibo one two of your amiibo i did that
ah no way damn
i fluffed that up didn't i
come on
give me the perfect
oh no that way
maybe because i keep spamming it i need
to stop swearing now
he's using he's starting to believe
he's starting to use that that went
wondering too
on guard
oh no oh i thought i grab the ledge
yeah i kind of know that it's a shame
because it would be good
like yugi could be another like pokemon
and then if i b is right but

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

oh nice
he does yeah
yeah that's that's funny actually
that's the longest you can get with
banjo so
i i did not press that at all i put
forward smash but okay
yeah i got you that time i would have
gone down there off the stage i mean he
did it once by us
why did i jump i always jump i do like a
double jump as well
i didn't even i don't even know what it
means ben never played it so i don't
that's just told me the clocks go
forward tonight so i'll lose an
hour so yeah i can only do one training
tonight it looks like
come on i'm trying i'm trying to perfect
your cops go forward so he lives now
asleep guys
seriously guys
hey when he starts doing that to beat
that album
why do i jump does anybody know why i
oh nice
i don't know how well i'm doing with
this banjo at all
hopefully it's anyway i'm not quite sure
what would you guys recommend what did
you think i'm doing well

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

oh yeah this again i'm trying to make
sure he doesn't use that
now let's follow his eggs
when you do that
oh take it hopefully
no more like you guys
will beat him i'm trying to do the
training method i
learned but things with banjo i don't
know what be good for because usually
he's good as a rush down character but
when i tried doing it with where he beat
him so i'm like maybe it's not the
no oh okay i've got that time
oh i'm back right i didn't know you went
but welcome
oh no
i know the pride plant is sick
my joke and prana plant are really good
they're really good
no well welcome back it's fine get here
i did not know i had another one left
okay i didn't press it anyway but okay
um what happened
yeah ah i'm trying to perfect shield
that but
it's so hard to sometimes you gotta let

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

that time
oh nice
probably when he gets near when i've
done these two let's see how he
gets on
oh he's always oh my god what was that
all right here we go come on
oh yeah come on
take it
oh jeez
he shielded that that was good okay
i'll try walking
oh take it
of more in sync no one's talking i feel
so alone
talk to me i'm so alone
i'm it's gonna do anything but i said
i'm trying to go try and play
well last time i was playing as best i
can but i didn't do anything
how did you guys you guys are definitely

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

talking to vc on you
mexican standoff what
what you what what i'm so confused
ben is alive
look at somehow
uh yeah oh no is that one yeah it's on
the final destination
fight final dano
yes oh if you guys didn't know yes we're
doing this to level
um 14 hours at a 30 because you want the
absolute best
banjo you can be
i'm gonna sheep
oh this is learnt that now you see that
this is not this same anymore
he shouldn't have been i feel like a
oh ben's always like that i mean you
know he said about another war but we
haven't got it yet well i blame chris as
i actually had some interaction with
chris today
i think chris chris hates the crush
chris i think chris hates the english
i'm beginning to think and feel like
that or the british
because he said like first of all he
blames ben for his crappy british
then he blames um saying uh english
or british amiibo
he's a he's a he hates british people
guys we can't let him get away with this
we can't keep getting away with this oh
my god that's
hey chris is just too lazy yeah he knows
he'll lose that's why guys because it's
so amazing
stop trying to copy my moves
of course he's good he he he's scared
so what you guys doing talk to me

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

he's stopped he's already dead
yeah i i tweeted in my pictures of my
terry meter anyway oh
british amiibo or english or me well i
don't know what to say
get away
trying to douche me over
wow i love that combo that's a great
anyone else does that but
at least i'll find the tweet don't worry
i'll find it
he's just jealous that i got terry
take it
oh i didn't press that okay
oh take it
he's dodged it
as you guys can tell we're training it
these amiibo a bit differently we're
doing from
like level 40.
so we're gonna see what kind of nature
he is now

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

okay hopefully he's a good one up i
don't know
maybe who knows i know how to exactly to
train by lift and terry
easy but banjo is a different man i was
going to just train him out training all
my amiibo but it didn't work out that
so i'm gonna have a look
do you know who you know who brown hair
by the kind of reminds resembles if only
he was a
yeah so sarah kai but probably very
enthusiastic so let's see if we can
i'll do the perfect no let's do this one
then we could do everyone's
claude yeah i don't i've never played
three houses i don't know who looks like
you guys not choosing stages i'm just
choosing whatever stage
one go
oh that's not what once chris
oh i keep doing that i'm not pressing
that off
ben sounds his trash change my mind no
bland's his best boy
i got me nice
oh i can't actually perfect shield there

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

why did i fall off i didn't mean to do
oh got him again
this music i've never fit have you ever
heard this music before
i did press i'm not pressing this
honestly it's annoying me now
i like how you guys are having a
argument really it's funny
now we don't need ben to win the war
because ben apparently says he's the
only good player apparently
so if i'm talking i'm just really
concentrating tired so it doesn't help
but i really wanted to get the stream
out for you guys today
got him
no i got him
um chris doesn't very verse amiibos that
much though to be fair

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

or maybe if my banjo doesn't set out
maybe i could just retrain tomorrow
oh my good god i've never talked net oh
look at that punch
then we've already proved his best smash
players and communities it's just
us but because chris can't really be
bothered to versus to prove this
we are just the best
all right let's see what nature he's got
now because now we do the perfect shield
one i call it that's where he uses
perfect shield
okay what we've got future still okay
all right guys give me two stages
i'm gonna just pick two random stages
from the chat
what do you mean are you talking to me
chris you answering my question
also and i now have a gallon what can an
nice pokemon stadium two
where is it i've already seen two stages
all right
actually let's let's change momentum so
mega man says just do a bit both
you and todd no avengers good as well
all of you were good better than me
oh he has getting now okay so i'm trying
to fix that game
wasn't it oh my gosh
a little bit tired man
okay here we go
i i kinda no i'm gonna get him okay
let's just pack it perfect so now i'm
gonna try and do nothing but perfect
shield all of banjos attacks
this is what makes a good amiibo this is
the part so
we'll try
oh god stop that stop that i can't stop
yes it oh
it's very hard it's very hard to
he's he's uh
he's like frame day is really weird

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

nope not that oh
you never see it come in
uh not today because this is amiibo i
kind of have as my solo thing until you
guys verse them and stuff so maybe
but i'll be training stuff first before
you guys properly verse my amiibo
oh nice
oh i used wondering
oh what arkham just didn't grab onto the
ledge as
dumb fish
i mean you could always ask the guys to
fight your amiibo
really stop me
you can open up arena now if you guys
want to you know
is it terry
how did i miss
come on
oh the punch
woodman stage eh let's realize
his song i did sometimes
oh that's a that's a thing oh god okay
uh yeah um
i cannot get i think i sent you a link

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

though didn't i guys
i saw us i sent you a link i swear i did
it's literally should just say nfc cards
but there is a specific one but
i wanted to do that oh my god really
i'm pretty sure i sent it to you
or um tag you in it'll say
nice i don't know what reference is a
lot of people say that
gears of war i mean marcus phoenix says
also the audio is getting a little fuzzy
is it
oh no he got me
what why did he do that for
is he audio getting fuzzy for people or
is he okay
maybe refresh crit i don't know it seems
fans find to some other people
okay i'll try and find it for you todd
are you looking into buying to get some
now or something
oh that just jumped over
oh gotcha
ah no still not ko'd seriously
all right i'm gonna go do you ban man
there we go that's what we're dealing
oh no

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

using it now a lot more good
oh nice
oh dead
oh yeah i tried doing perfect but
it's not working
oh come on
oh gotcha oh yes
got him how did he survive
got him i got him
do you like wood man's music uh crit or
not really
this is annoying me
i need to get some uh streets arranged
for music tonight
like i forgot to get this chicken street
race oh yeah
oh no i see that wonder wing that's a
great one
oh he's got no he's still alive
i can do that oh oh jesus

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

oh no no no
oh oh oh
oh no no oh no
hopefully he's a bit more you know i
usually wait i usually
try and wait until um
is it a good place but i don't think
he's gonna be
oh if he can beat me good but if you
then no i'm still win it's still me baby
still me oh that leveled him up quite
it's got a bad thing in this banjo's
number ten out really good
okay let me just have a look at his
nature again it's gonna be a bit of
backwards and forwards but
i said if you can see that i'm training
him to near enough to level 50 but i'm
gonna look so let's
look what kind of nature he's down it
all depends on his nature as how good he
is who could be still enthusiastic
really okay
i'm gonna have to ramp this up a bit
this training perfect shield training uh
give me two
two um stages again guys
i'll get tired now oh this
is some cold air to get to me
oh no two stages
two stages anybody two stages two stages
two stages two stages
no okay i'll just do mine then
i'll buy this something will be lucky so
buy this thing
dk stay jenny um i'm not quite sure
because i don't want to get copyrighted
with dk stage
well i mean this one i don't think i
we're gonna do some we're gonna just
rent this training up now we're gonna
start running
okay here we go
i'm gonna try and just play as best i
can now
oh my god

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

god i idea with that oh
take it still nothing all right come on
whoosh gone
oh that's a nice hit must admit
oh my god that was good
oh god
take it
take it
the thing is with my amiibo though it
seems like i've got a lot more learned
so i thought i originally did with
because i could do a me but how i train
them unless you guys still want to see
just me training
it's up to you this is like a different
training method i've been using with
other amiibo but turned out really good
it's like really good
so guys tomorrow will be a mixture
between training and versus some amiibo
not not just new ones but old ones as
well so i'm hoping this thing can come
well we can't train amiibo together so
why can't i do that actually there's no
way to lose

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

oh oh take it
take it feel the power
of my wonderwing how dare you just get
i couldn't do it because my wire was
tangled around my foot and my back just
pulled out a hair out my
back oh it really hurt
oh that was a complete distraction
oh my god that she got me i didn't
actually thought they got me
i didn't think they could get you okay
come on no no
i hope this doesn't work me yeah oh
oh stop doing that that's so annoying
oh jesus christ he's actually got really
get away

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

oh on
come on oh no oh
no why did i press that but it's okay
oh come on
i don't think he's gonna win but we're
not sure i think if he beats me i'm
gonna just leave him as his
oh no oh he knows
come on
oh now
i can perfect shielded nice
oh take it oh god
so who wants a versus banjo does it
anybody there don't want to verse it
no one's really said if they want to i
guess base you want to or you're waiting
for terry
no no yeah todd maybe slightly oh i need
to get speaking at least i'm gonna get
myself a monkey milk
i oh my good this guy right here
you converted ben whether or not he's
any good i don't know because uh
i need to find out other ways to train
no you todd is there a certain character
you want to i can train dark samus again
i know exactly how to train dark sunless
oh jesus
back wiping i was just asking who wants
to versus banjo amiibo
no way i want to find terry
cool i know i'm going to train terry
using just his stage only so you know
he's got like
you know the wall thing i'm going to use
that on my terry
look at that just training that's the
training methodology i know he's
i know he can learn that that combo the
power dunk one which i'm definitely
using but i can't think of what else to
oh nice
oh my good god what is this oh my god

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

oh my this banjo is actually kicking my
getting angry she's wondering
oh it's still not dead how is he not
he's covered in blood why is he always
covered in blood why did that just
remind you of that
because you're weird yeah that's true oh
i'll let you have that win okay i'm
going to turn off his landing now so he
should be
good i really want to fight by this i
know exactly how to train by lift
tearing bananas are the ones i kind of
know how to try well while 100 percent
has to change terry's
a bit more than banjo here but we'll
we'll see
okay let's see what kind of nature he's
got now let's see
what nature he's got now bro
okay terry amir
still enthusiastic i'm going to say turn
learning off learning off
he stays the same but um
learning he stays the same but he still
levels up so now i could be any
character i want
so guys choose me a character who
intervert versus he doesn't matter who
we can even do a full way right so
the main people here are todd critical
bass and ben okay choose be characters
we're gonna do like a
just a complete another you know
wait whatever this is amanda
let's do perfect shield
purpose that's what it says
um excuse me two stages guys the first
two stages i'm gonna see
i'm gonna put in so
oh get your head
robbie cloud probably
oh my arms did you hear that quick
any stages in particular guys because i
will i will i will just choose
in stage you want it
i want to make a man so let's do
let's do that one
and we'll do wario

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

there we go so
oh you've picked some i'll do mega mario
in it
so i'm going to be cloud because why not
versus banjo versus k-rool someone said
sans as well i vented sounds obviously
versus k-rool it's hands
doesn't matter now because they're gonna
be gonna be leveling up anyway so
well not changing
i oh it i'm just here just chilling
take it
don't mind me these guys can find out
sort of their problems
oh no no don't tell you
why did he do that
hey guys need to sort out their problems
let's see if banjo doesn't turn out
great then
it's fine with me
come on guys cheer up
oh no the egg popper
oh banjo
oh yeah it's not me do you well that was

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

why did you throw a crown
why would you do your side special like
oh that oh actually sans needs to dies
oh yeah
let's get him yeah
oh they got me
because it's oh what's going on
i know that's it and it's free to
retrain the king k row as well
he's spike banjo that was just harsh man
no that's something child was talking in
what is going on
what's with the pig face i don't
oh no
oh banjo went straight through my
oh come on
oh no
hey come on
did i just get all three of them
ah bloody banjo trying to do something
oh that's a perfect shield nice banjo
oh my god spikes

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

trying to get king of the king k rool is
what we need
got him
oh i've got the sand
who's next
so crazy there's so many
oh he got me
i'm gonna die now boy come here
so who wants to versus was it bass was
it bass anything else
nobody wants the verse
just i don't know what's this happening
oh i'm ben that's cool he's got two
hopefully the technique is
i got him
am i doing good i don't know hey how you
doing welcome
over to the street oh god
welcome meet things welcome welcome
welcome i'm tired man so sorry from
that's hyped i'm so tired it's been a
long two days i've been so busy so i'm
not as tired as
banjo is as i want people to think i am
i'm really hyped honestly
oh yeah and can't you tell
so yeah you're doing banjo and we've got
people if you want to verse my amiibo i
mean we've got two people universities
50 two levels away the thing is though
with the training that i've
you know the uh amiibo that i've versed
of yours i really don't know how to
banjo i've tried to do all out as i
usually do it actually didn't work he
got three stops on aggressive so
i've turned learning off by the way so
so he
he's he's gonna be the same
oh my god
oh no oh well there we go
i'm trying to i was going to train all
three but i just haven't got the time to
do it
you guys don't know anything she

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

subscribes his youtube channel it's good
and he's doing
these videos obviously smash bracket
hey ink while you're here as well what
characters do you want to see next if
if this doesn't hit level 15. same with
what stages i'll let you choose next to
because you if you guys don't know
inkthinks is a really good friend of
mine i'd say we've been talking daily
since we had the interview and podcast
on the new podcast project we've been
talking literally daily about amiibo
because it's so crazy i love it
yeah i see how doc played with his
um but i think i'm gonna do mine a bit
i mean you get to choose what characters
that you that want to be
participating in the match because his
lens turned off he won't affect him so
so like these guys they chose king
carroll sans and cloud and i chose to be
and then they chose the stages as well
so i let the views interact that's how i
do my amiibo training
so this is the very first time you've
trained into amiibo training i've got it
on my youtube though
my previous ones and i'm so hyped to uh
but i'm just i'm so tired i can't get
hyped but
when he turned out like how he did like
this morning i'm thinking is he gonna
turn out good i don't know
oh he's amazing he's got amazing content
i've got master chief looking well i say
master chief he doesn't really look like
master chief but he's quite cursed
so i'm trying their best to create
master achievers of me so
you can imagine
see what i was gonna do is like when um
the banjo amiibo got to
eighty percent that's when i use wonder
wing but the only time
but it doesn't work
i mean did you know you can actually get
the bin file from
boxed amiibo if you don't want to open
them i've got
before also that site shut down i've got
all the bim files to every single amiibo
as well
so doc is not the only one i've got some
wife's kind of in there guys
is the banjo amir smart like does he
know how when
yeah so basically i've got not only have
i got
like as you know in kai not only have i
boxed amiibo but i've got i out of box
amiibo but because you can scan through
the box
i can now get bim files for for the
boxed amiibo so i've got double bin
files technically
did you did you see my custom amiibo
so that's why i've got like two of wait
what level was he
let me just check i can't remember what
level he was what level was he

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

he's trying he's training off he's
enthusiastic but i think you guys are
gonna win
all right let's open the arena so inc if
you fancy having a go against banjo the
same with
ben and bass which you guys are
definitely gonna win i feel like
he's enthusiastic but enthusiastic is
not a very good
i don't think nature in my personal
so just just to prove it
the learning was off so we was going to
choose next characters but it looks like
it's now
time well actually i'm a parent's house
right now so i can't
okay in mind actually he has to verse
silver man first
i think i need to tell you about my
silver man amiibo so silverman
silver mario silver mario right
he has trained all my amiibos so far
he's learning has
never ever been turned off so he's got
experience for every single smash
so and he's gonna nail first banjo final
it's the final match and then we'll get
the viewer battles
so i'm hoping he beats the crap out of
my microphone with it you just found the
bins oh okay that's cool
i was just trying to get them to you
just i've been so busy i haven't had
time to
i don't even time to do anything man i'm
so knackered i really wanted to do
stream but i should be streaming more
be training my by lifting terry tomorrow
can't wait
okay here we go
oh guys um should we tell him about that
thing i asked you about
if we to do with you um to do you know
that thing
i asked you about the amiibo thing it's
not a secret i can tell him but it's
if you want me to i've got my new
microphone as well now i'm a
professional content creator now because
i have a microphone like this
and i've been going crazy wait for
surgery so i'm getting feeling being
overwhelmed yeah man just let us know
how it goes honestly
i said i considered you not just a
random nobody on the internet now
um you know i've watched your content
anyway and watch you grow but i actually
consider you as
a friend as well so i'm really concerned
of like and i was really worried for you
yeah no worries i'll give you a heads up
i'm looking at next saturday
um but it's not because the rest of the
amiibo tournament i'm gonna do is gonna
it's gonna be long it's gonna be at
least two maybe three hours but
oh but the first one is just going to be
echo fighters only so it's not going to
too much um but i need to work out how
we're going to do commentary
so ink is my co-host for the amiibo
tournament that i'm going to be doing
which is cool i can't think of anyone
better for him
i would get someone else but i trust inc

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

no well terry's going to get his own
stream tomorrow along with biology
because i was going to stream tonight
but i don't think i've got the time
and guys to let you just let you know on
twitch if you're watching live on twitch
right now
even though i'm going to finish training
banjo i will be doing some other amiibo
training but it won't be
banjo no i won't be buying it for terry
the others
this cool thing about this is that they
kind of had to use the final smash
learning to use it which i find
interesting because before
ages ago they must have updated it more
before if you didn't teach amiibo to use
final smash
they have the final smash meter on they
use it weirdly they can't use it
properly but for some reason it looks
like these amiibo can
which is interesting to me
before you go ink my robin is realistic
so yeah if i put the command in so
we'll probably stream a bit longer
but yeah oh oh quick you going i'll buy
bye bye
i don't know how he's gonna do
oh he got him
gingerdeer boom
oh okay and also i don't know if you
guys noticed this but i've actually gave
silverman a few more levels so it's not
just final destination all the time
so i gave him a few more levels i've
gave him northern cave
final destination um i can't think of
other stages i gave him but i gave him
another two
so instead of just a boring final
station you know final match all the
time you can
be different be different
good timing
sorry you guys probably just saw my hole
inside my mouth which is probably
i'm a real content creator guys welcome

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

to another amiibo stream i mean i can
talk about this
it sounds normal for you but really i'm
just talking really quietly
to the world and why it is
let's play the world's quietest
and he hits him again with another
ginger later
i love this so i'm so professional
i'm so professional what does it keep
oh you won interesting okay
let's go oh we've beaten by three other
socks so this one last time beat was
aggressive this time he's enthusiastic
so we'll see if he can be right i'm
opening up the arena guys let's go
there's a there that's up
i think todd that's what we're doing
even though i'm tired i'm gonna do one
last thing before i got better to get
the streets right for music i think
all right you guys ready face ben
everybody come here
call me up get your butt ready you guys
are probably gonna beat him
gotta have
you just go to the amiibo menu you
should say
do you want to go back to the amiibo
menu and say yes and then just
press and then once you're there press
start and save
i'm so sorry
i'm just so tired now four
two nine
there you go
right get your butts in here
ready bongo let's see how well you do
this time if not i have no idea how to
train you after this
i need to finger i need to figure out
another way

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

four two nine bass
okay so just you two then
i will see it base in here and then
we'll see like wait till he chooses his
character and then we'll start
oh fishing rod hopefully he does well
good luck back bongo you're gonna need
hopefully you can actually do something
that's i'll speak to you soon
oh i'm okay that is weird
maybe oh my god i forgot state houses
are on rod
i thought i turned it off
ben if you want me to turn the stage
hazards off let me know can't believe
um cool
considering actually the the hazards
don't seem like it's affecting
too much
except for when he killed bender
that's like stop here what do you think
are you watching the people that not

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

playing what do you think of this banjo
it's actually turned out not too bad
what did you think ben
he's actually turned out better than
last time i would turn those stage
hazards off so if you do want a rematch
but let me know
yeah to be honest i forgot hazards were
on it's up to you i can turn those off
before you do any base i'm gonna just
turn off the hazards
because i forgot to turn them off okay
let me turn the hazards off
yeah i'll give you another one thing i
thought this would be unfair i don't
know why the houses are even on
okay okay bass i'm gonna hit bass go
oh and then use your ten minutes
i thought i turned it off this morning
okay still on
there we go this doesn't go in the stage
thanks todd
fights i'll see you tomorrow
oh wow
he's doing well i give him that he's
doing pretty good
remind me to save this guys

Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

don't forget guys so tomorrow's gonna be
a mishmash of stuff he's gonna be
training amiibo
as well as you guys versus my new
improvement ah
gg bass i think he's good
for a cat for amiibo that's enthusiastic
he's good
see i think sometimes an amiibo has to
be a certain nature to be
good for some reason enthusiastic really
suits banjo
so all right ben
ben's gonna probably do some cheese in
now you watch
doesn't matter to me it's an extra win
okay here we go oh okay
see what happens now
oh really
i can't even find a destination again
that's the weirdest thing
the one thing i hate him doing
oh no you shouldn't have done that but
i played the original band as youtube i
did not like it at all
i didn't plan to well i played it a
little bit on the test before not
matching but i played it on the
oh what actually happened it was like he
knocked the
knocked the uh oh god
at the same time you look like
i played banjo kazooie i'm going to
upload it to my base have you subscribed
to my
my new youtube channel my new one i'll
probably put my
banjo playthrough on there if you want
at some point when i don't know
i'm loving this amiibo he's doing
everything i'm teaching and he's all
just enthusiastic
ben did you like ben did you likey ben
ben did you like it did you like it
did you did you like either jiggy did

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

you like
he's good all right no worries don't
forget guys i'm staying for the stream
i'm gonna finish training on
um my daisy and dr mario amiibo and ben
if you're up you can join the chat in a
minute if you wish
see my new train method did come in
handy so the second one did work
so but unfortunately this part of the
stream is over
so thank you guys so much for joining me
today i hope you
guys can yeah i hope that because i hope
you guys enjoyed it i was gonna say what
i hope you guys enjoyed this stream
today thank you guys for joining
and i said before tomorrow i'll be doing
biolift terry some other training amiibo
versus some amiibo
i've retrained and stuff so be good
tomorrow so yeah but thank you guys so
much for watching
always remember to keep gaming and i
shall see you guys on the next one
bye guys bye

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