TREK TO YOMI Walkthrough Gameplay (HARD MODE, FULL GAME)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] hey guys what's going on welcome to the channel welcome to our first not elden ring stream in uh a while uh i don't even know how long over a month playing that game pretty much every day since it came out today we're checking out a new game that just came out today called trek to yomi which is a a side-scrolling samurai game that reminds me a lot of the film style of akira kurosawa anyone that's seen you know some old samurai films knows exactly what i'm talking about it's much like that except in video game format i've had my eye on this game for a while so i figured since it came out we would check it out today i figured we would check it out today [Music] so here we are i am playing this game on an xbox series x as the game is on game pass so anyone that has game pass can play this game as of now it came out earlier today that's the thing that's a thing and for a quick synopsis of the game uh it says trek to yomi is a cinematic action adventure game that follows the enthralling story of hiroki during his fall against the forces of evil [Music] yeah yeah so here we are i hope you guys are excited hope you guys are excited as i am i'm excited for new games i love video games sorry they can becoming a member starting off the day nice and hot thank you so much thank you for becoming a member sar really means a lot that's great of you thank you so much i hope you enjoy your emotes that you can use in chat as well as my videos comment sections thank you so much thank you guys so much for tuning in thank you for hitting the like button guys trust me when i say uh playing a game that's not elden ring for the first time in a while after all the growth that we've had around elden ring is a terrifying prospect so i when i say i appreciate you guys tuning in and leaving all the likes and hanging out with me today it means a hell of a lot sorry thank you again i see little monster jay alec and catherine asd ismail josh animus super blue daniel cruisin cellar door broku i see jen and urban and steven and joe they already said joe but hi again joe tanya damsquib and corey and storm what's up everyone i see zach andrew mr nate mac omer black knife tiesh jack arter andrew what's going on everyone what's up observer observed what's going on guys cujo good to see you as well mr gold hello all right guys let's go ahead and get this game started shall we trek to yomi trek to yomi i'm gonna start a new game but first let's check out the settings make sure that uh everything is set properly yeah i mean i i usually turn grain filters off but for this game specifically with its art style i want it on as well as the bloom filter i think that's good hold on is there a difficulty setting there is a difficulty setting it doesn't let me change it from here maybe i gotta do it when i start a new game we're gonna do this on the hardest difficulty guys because that's what i do that's what i do okay we've got kabuki bushido ronin and then there's kensei on the far right side but i can't get to that yet so i guess we gotta do ronin let's do ronin things let's get started what's up sean what's up ulf hello brian what's up craig is is [Music] foreign equal thank you so much dude all right basic movement is left analog stick makes sense thank you so much nomad thank you so much my day's all right d'agosia how are you what's up motto intoxication over underthinker welcome back aaron johnson all right basic combo is xx then we have up xx and then down x uh-huh heavy attack is wide rotation while in combat you have to rotate manually rotate his a oh oh boy going well paul how are you i know we started my computer froze yeah you're late catherine you're late catherine how's it going all right block is left bumper harry is the tap left bumper okay then we want to counter attack ow aha come on man i messed that up why is it not this is awkward hold on am i not getting the parry there or what oh we got it come on no man thank you for the two dollar super chat says don't forget the like button everyone thank you so much no matter i really appreciate it i'm really liking the art style so far it just really reminds me of kurosawa films man it's great i know that's what they're going for obviously it's just so good and as you can see the camera perspective is from several different angles but at the end of the day it is a side-scrolling game [Music] yes [Music] i sense trouble as well linda what's up captain robert clements welcome back guys good to see you casting out knives welcome back as well [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] henrique i mean uh we haven't really experienced a whole lot of the movement yet now that was only the very intro you know it can't be so quick to judge on all the movement possibilities just based on the intro of the game [Music] all right some environ objects in the world need to be moved aside for you to progress [Music] let's get this cart out of the way there we go no no no thank you thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] see a guy down there what's he on about [Music] he's gonna tell my dad on me don't tell my dad all right visit shrines to save your progress and fully restore your health and stamina all right all right yo robert thank you the ten dollar super jack excited to watch you play this one hell yeah man i'm glad you guys are here for it thank you for tuning in thank you for tuning in hanging out with me and thank you for the generosity i [Applause] they did a good job making the world feel alive so far [Music] [Music] sprint to move faster but sprinting during combat will use your stamina all right b is sprint someone's yelling [Applause] oh [Applause] repel the attack don't worry me a kid shall repel the attack it's fine don't worry guys just fine everything's fine [Applause] yeah yeah [Applause] all right let's visit the shrine gotta make sure that we visit the shrines very nice very nice oh boy i challenge you to a duel sir all right guys send me your energy oh okay it did not go well it did not go well guys [Music] come on man come on then oh my god how many times do i have to stab this guy how many times do i have to stab him [Music] is that guy immune to stab damage how now keep in mind guys i am playing on the hardest difficulty or at least the hardest available difficulty to start off with it's the third highest out of the four oh my god oh my god we go again this man will die i love how it slows down when you parry yep there you go there you go yeah my dad taught me this yeah my dad taught me how to stab a guy yeah there you go that's for you want some more there you go achievement hey i killed a guy i'm doing well violence how are you can i uh can i can i loot him don't worry about the 10 year old kid that just killed the guy in the in the street it's fine oh good there's more hey what's up my dad taught me this come on there you go oh that's not fair that's not fair we gotta do this again all right hold on this ain't good this ain't good this looks hard it is difficult yeah just gotta get the uh the attack timing down just like elden ring man just like elden ring it's all about the timing and learning it oh hmm [Applause] yeah yeah it's fine this guy has so much help though there you go don't worry on to round two oh [Music] i'm tired man i'm tired yeah yeah look at this camera angle though you can see the people hiding like at the very forefront of the camera they're hiding on like us the second story of their building and we're witnessing this from their perspective that's kind of cool man that's kind of cool you can hear them talking they're scared you know this is really interesting like they're in a gallery yeah there's a shrine nice nice shrine we got him anything going on back here oh we got a secret what's this collectible hey bud it's okay i'm only a 10 year old murderer it's fine everything's fine everything's okay guys thank you for tuning in and checking out this game with me thank you for leaving likes on the stream helps out a lot [Music] there you go oh okay that guy did not seem to like that very much oh my attack missed my attack missed him all right all right what's this execute 50 successful encounters i mean if i do anything but counters then i just take huge damage so i have to play that way but thank you thank you oh there's so many of you guys here you guys know i'm just a ten-year-old right like this should be illegal [Applause] ah i i missed i missed what's up screamer how's it going what's up maroon that tanks is fantastic sound effects i agree all right very good [Music] wow the recovery time after a heavy attack is pretty large guys it's pretty large yeah what these guys are doing is illegal what's up bailey all right if i take any damage here i die again [Music] it's so hard swinging a sword at a 10 year old is literally illegal [Music] have this bam sword all right come on dudes let's go gamers oh my god oh my god what are you gonna bring us bloodborne in the future we'll see what happens [Music] oh you just run away from me i'm a kid man you're trying to stab a kid it's weird come on oh damn it it try leveling vigor that's true i need more health man that's true that's very true and we got some runes i can borrow [Music] i'm in so much pain i wonder if each enemy hits different they have slightly different attacks sometimes yeah [Music] [Music] there you go [Laughter] this is just a very basic combat too it's getting my ass kicked here but it's a good way to get used to uh the difficulty and everything so we're good it'll be fine you guys should have seen me when i first started playing elven rings it was bad too hmm [Music] guys this game is available on xbox game pass by the way uh that's a thing as well it's what i'm playing it on right now playing on an xbox series x via gaming [Music] come on man give that guy a heavy give that guy a big ol heavy there [Music] [Applause] are you worried you won't get the crazy viewer kind of subscriber growth that you had with eldon ring i mean yeah but the reality situation is i'm i don't play only elden ring oh what the heck how'd that not block what's up southern how's it going use a bleed build true oh there's another guy god damn no ah how's that guy even alive these guys are very resilient much more resilient [Music] oh my god oh now we're getting better guys we're getting better i'm telling you man we can do this ah yeah where's the town guard are the controls as clunky as they look no not at all i think they look clunky just because of the style of the game but it's not clunky at all i think what you're you're describing is clunky is just a matter of slowing down whenever i get a successful parry that doesn't make it clunky it's still smooth you have to remember i'm playing on the hardest difficulty where's my attack playing in the hardest difficulty and there's uh i'm parrying attacks i'm not holding down a button it's all about timing it just like uh elden ring doesn't make it clunky it's just me learning the game up [Music] have that sir have that yes all right give me a shrine give me a shrine right now i see a shrine guys we've done it health increased as well health upgrades permanently increase your max health yes yes and we got a shrine we are making progress sometimes you'll be rewarded with an upgrade for defeating a new enemy or doing something specific [Laughter] i didn't mean to stumble in on that um are you okay [Music] i didn't realize that there was gonna be a bad guy in here hey everything's good everything's good foreign [Music] get wrecked by a ten-year-old get wrecked by a ten-year-old man where'd you come from hey bud have this rotation attack backwards x rotation attack allows you to quickly attacking anybody behind you ah yeah all right so that means enemies will be coming up behind me soon that's not a good feeling here's a shrine though i see that guy over there i see you can we go this way so far so good i'm liking this guys [Music] nice very nice we like that how do i throw shurikens teach me why was there wait i turned the wrong way chat oh no [Laughter] i turned the wrong way oh boy what i collect kunai or i'm sorry uh shurikens [Music] [Music] wait there all right we got the shurikens again [Music] now i let go of my uh my block i gotta not do that hello i'm here i'm here [Music] nice collect our shuriken there we go already oh yeah [Laughter] love how they laugh at the prospect of the 10 year old there's like i think it's hilarious oh he just got behind me [Music] damn damn damn damn damn damn damn there you go back off go for a parry heavy attack nice grab the shuriken again let's not attack the civilian josh let's not attack civilians guys we carry on [Music] amazing [Music] [Music] there we go all right where's my sensei where's my dad oh oh what's this a secret a secret because you can use the hazards to kill your enemies oh yeah got wood got wood bud what's up yeah you guys you guys hold the gate i'm just gonna i'm gonna go this way good job good job hey bud have this there you go i got that for you you want some more have this too enjoy it enjoy it okay guys so my initial thoughts so far is i am enjoying the combat i am playing on the third hardest difficulty uh i don't have the fourth highest difficulty unlocked yet it's locked by default i'm assuming you have to beat the game once in order to unlock it uh so i am playing on the you know the second highest uh you know from the top and so we do die very quickly that is a thing we die in like what three four hits if that so the difficulty is definitely there if you want it to be there i am enjoying the the very basic combats around blocking parrying and then counter-striking and you have heavy attacks you have combos all that stuff so that's really cool uh secret area keep an eye out for secret routes and areas and may find collectibles or even shrines okay let's go upstairs but um i i do enjoy the art style it reminds me again of kurosawa stuff you know old samurai films which is awesome i think that's really great [Music] [Music] nice so i am enjoying that so far um they do make the world feel alive as well there's people everywhere uh you know they're going through all the strife of the bandits attacking the village here that's a very big thing going on we're trying to defend it this is the very beginning of the game obviously so we're trying to defend all these people from this stuff and uh it just feels like very stressful right just like there's a lot of bad stuff happening right now and you're just kind of caught up in the middle of it i got stabbed all right so it feels nice to play and i know side scrollers are not everyone's thing right but i think that a lot of people can look past that just based on how the combat feels it's very fluid uh it's very flowing with the parries it slows down times that way you can counter attack and just kind of makes it more cinematic obviously it's the you know all black and whites you have the film grain going on so it just feels very much so like a film i think that's pretty cool i think that's pretty great myself so my initial thoughts my initial review is this is pretty solid this is a good experience so far [Music] okay you just run off [Music] you jerk all right the story so far is bandits attacked uh attacked the village here our sensei ran off to defend the village and now we're kind of trying to figure out where he is [Music] so far i'm really liking this i've played all of from software games all of them [Music] hey [Music] oh also did you notice how i put my back to the bridge and it made it so that third guy couldn't get behind me i don't know if you guys noticed that happening or not there but because i put my back to the bridge the third guy couldn't get behind me there just a little bit of strategy to that as well by positioning yourself just right making it so that he couldn't get behind me made the fight a lot easier for myself i think that's pretty interesting stamina amount increase we like that what's that new collectible nice looks like that's out that's it for this way so it's a bit of a not a secret but just like a dead end area an optional area the unfortunate side is you can only use these shrines once hmm we try and get to yomi in a few minutes after it installs hell yeah yeah sensei didn't seem to do [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey thanks rashid okay i'm going to cover this real quick what happened to elden ring guys my channel has always been based around more than just elden ring i talk about this constantly i play more than just one video game and to expect any one person to only play one video game forever is a little bit weird never expect that never ever expect that this is a video game channel channel not an elden ring channel i love ldnring i'll play more elden ring in the future but i do more than that okay there's sensei i'm not sure bailey so oh god this guy's fast oh he kicked me [Music] that's illegal i don't oh my god he's kicking my ass oh i got him right in the face [Applause] gg scissors oh yeah vector hell yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] oh god [Music] what's up pizza [Music] are we all grown up now [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] oh [Music] foreign [Music] yes hey i've got friends this time guys i've not completed a full playthrough of playthrough of ghost of tsushima yet because every time i start that game something bad happens in real life it's like a bad omen i love playing the game but it's like every time i play it something bad happens in real life so i just like oh boy hmm oh [Music] [Applause] i tried to combo there and it did not work out [Music] oh i'm so bad at this game man uh pappy i have it on the third uh the third one second highest from the top i can't remember what it's called on the top of my head just now [Music] [Music] all right there we go much better let's go this way and see what's going on we got a secret stamina amount increased i'm feeling very energetic very energetic what's up zarioli [Music] animations seem kind of awkward i think a lot of people are calling it awkward because of the slowdown whenever i hit a parry it's just time slowing down when i hit those parries [Music] it does seem something more that you feel then all right guys thank you for 250 likes on the stream i really appreciate it it's really nice of you guys thank you for supporting the stream in that way played for honor when it first came out it was all right this game good so far i'm enjoying it yeah it is on game pass by the way guys so you're able to try it yourself without much loss if you have game pass max ammunition all right hold on let me look at uh controls real quick playing on hard difficulty by the way range attack is right trigger and left trigger okay foreign um [Applause] very nice stunning stunning combination xxy nice okay we could try that more we could try that more on some enemies i like that i like that you can pause yes you can pause hey what's up juka how's it going xbox only no it's on all platforms i believe finisher's right bumper you can finish stunned enemies to restore some health so if i xxy them and then right bumper i might be able to get some finishes and therefore some health on return that would be nice that would be nice hawk win leave the two dollar super chat game good looking game so far i am enjoying it so far yeah i'm having a good time man thank you for joining us today welcome back sneaky these are three months of membership it's a me a memberio wait wait hashtag revenge of the fifth also i think i actually deleted some i deleted my super chat beer right back while i do a smart to make up for my dumb oh sneaky thank give her three months of membership man welcome back and anna thank you for six months yo they forgot the colors yeah they forgot all about them thank you for the six months man now greatness awaits you padawan josh if a girlfriend left you for another you shall go for her brother master oogway [Music] thank you anna for six months thanks for joining me biff hell yeah [Music] [Applause] oh nice nice all right that was sick that was sick oh hold on don't go up don't go up go back down max ammunition already all right now we go up sneaky they have a seven dollar super chat yo dude man my guy pepper brony pizza you'll never guess what finally happened go ahead guess wrong coddled call of duty finally nerfed melee in war zone oh yeah only you know what two years too late no big deal no big deal well done guys well done uh hold on it looks like i can go up that way but can we go this way too we can new collectible i already have max ammunition [Music] already got max ammo so let's go up thank you for the seven spot sneaky and hawklin with the two spot as well says damn i know dude that was hot right that was some cool stuff right there think of the two spot dude out of stamina out of health that did not go so well that one did not go so well thank you sneaky and hawk i appreciate it guys thank you very much oh damn man all right it's getting brutal guys this is getting brutal [Music] got to use the mining tunnels i guess [Music] a combo's money i know right absolutely what's up chronos welcome back have a good time papi i'll see you later thank you for stopping by leaving a like on the stream thanks for chilling oh guys throwing torches uh sorry sorry my mistake i didn't know what that button would do my bad get rekt idiots get wrecked idiots all right well we took care of that i know we can go to the right as well i just want to kind of map this out okay that's what i thought let's go back this way full metal owl maybe the five pounds when playing on hard mode just remember mighty is the wind but you can still break it thank you for the five pounds full metal i really appreciate the generosity man thank you so much thank you very much also guys we're just a few likes away from 300 if you haven't looked a like on the stream yet if you are enjoying it helps us out a lot when you do so youtube will recommend the stream to more like-minded folks help more people discover this game and my channel it would mean a lot guys i appreciate it hopefully we don't cause a mind collapse here you know a new collectible let me look at these crude techo a horseshoe repurposed as a simple weapon by a desperate farmer to strike while holding a techo is to grant the strength of iron to a clenched fist such crew tools were not enough to stay the warlord's wrath if only kame kamekama kamakawamura kamikawa mura that's really hard for me to say kamikawa mora had bushido warriors to watch their walls as my home does now yeah kinda dumb yeah i get the resident evil vibes from the camera [Music] stamina amount increased again have that okay damn that guy just flew right off the edge didn't he hey just in time guys look at that all right we got left and we got right let's try left first see what we got going on over here new collectible the three monkeys gentle mazaru kikazaru and iwazaru if evil cannot be seen heard or spoken then days of grave misfortune may be warded against today there is far too much blood upon the ground already these three guardian beasts have failed us i fear cruising they give the two dollar super chests thank you for the variety of games you're playing since they josh hey thank you for hanging out with me all the while cruising that means a hell of a lot thank you so much dude and brandon with the five spot being be in and out today nice thing another game also glad to hear your nothing with elden ring love watching you play that brother hell yeah brendan i mean elder ring is a game that we can always fall back on whenever there's not something new out but again my channel has never been focused around elden ring that just happens to be the game that a lot of people found my channel on you know and i appreciate that of course but you know i've always played a lot of different games thank you the five spot brandon i appreciate it armored enemies piercing attacks and finishers are effective against armored enemies oh boy armor oh boy yeah sparking this game just came out today oh heavy combo unlocked oh very nice very nice it was cool as heck it plays cool as heck i missed a shiny back here let me go see if i can find the shiny hey guys for the tips i appreciate it look out it's lionel oh god as in in here there's another shiny in here i missed oh there was ah it's ammo all right thank you thank you what happened if josh has played elden ring day in and out for months and years on end i would get burnt out as heck i wouldn't even make it a year who's this made by it's made by flying wild hog and published by devolver digital rescue more mitsu and a samurai [Music] oh yeah oh yeah the fact that i can recover help on the finishers is gonna make me have a lot of survivability alex think of the five spot this is my vote for keeping it fresh hell yeah dude thank you the five spot alex i really appreciate it dude thank you oh i messed that up oh i messed that up as well i did not land the parry i only landed a block [Music] everything's fine thank you alex and anna they give the 10 euros star wars is awesome i learned missed so much during my teens now watching it special thanks to jen in this tip to the best entertainer i know of hey thank you anna for the 10 10 10 euros that's very nice thank you very much did i really skip over that shrine last time i guess i did thank you adam thank you alex i appreciate it a lot guys it's very nice [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] i should have healed on that oh wow we'll see what happens here [Applause] i'm very low health oh god ah nice we're good we're good guys we're good what's up johnny how's it going nice [Music] damn unfortunate really missed time then yeah pain unfortunately hey that's illegal damn man i keep messing up my combo the hard part future oh my god dude oh my god [Music] i keep messing up the combo all right very good man his overhand attack staggers me that's crazy [Music] can't get on the other guys very well right now [Music] all right there we go very good there's that stagger again actually nailed that parry this armored guy is really tough what's up gracie i hope things improve for you soon dude hope things improve for you soon bro it's so tough it's going well alex how are you [Music] oh no screamer thank you for eight months of membership man says here's the new contest hell yeah what's happening here how'd you get behind me this is illegal this ain't gonna work out very well for me yeah i didn't think so it's very difficult six times in a row i did last night [Music] damn it i'm dead it's so tough man it's so tough kill that man kill that man right now oh my god this armored guy this armored guy [Music] come on man have that [Music] why didn't the counter attack work what happened what happened there's like a moment within the parry where if you tap the button it will uh just like not read it [Music] there we go why doesn't it give me the combo i want shoes okay we actually got close on that one we got closer [Music] i got overwhelmed this is a very tough spot [Music] uh [Music] no [Applause] okay that guy's easy that guy's not so bad this guy's a tough part here [ __ ] secret boss yeah he's like he's like a secret boss the armored guys are just tough man oh oh this doesn't seem clunky it's not clunky it's literally just back and forth i know why people keep saying that it's not it's not ugh so that last guy if you're if you're if you're seeing a lot of his uh a lot of the attacks will they're just ever so slightly differently timed than the other attacks which makes it really really tough to counter after facing the first two guys so once you're in that flow and all of a sudden something different is thrown at you this is really uh it's tough oh my god patience yes i need this i need to be patient and it's got a three attack combo that's nuts all right i have one hp damn [Music] there it is there it is [Applause] what's this stamina some ammunition the shuriken and we can't go that way anymore yeah where's the shrine buy some black and white because it's playing on akira old samurai films [Applause] god damn it we have to do it again guys i did all those piercing attacks and it still just does not take him down we have to hit the finisher oh unfortunately okay what's going on here you guys are like they were like trading places there so i couldn't really line up so something i'm experiencing right now is i'm trying to land a very specific combo to land the finisher and it's just not giving me that last heavy attack to land in i don't know why i'm hitting xxy and it's not working out i even tried slowing it down speeding it up and it just doesn't do it and i don't really am i maybe i'm running out of stamina alex think of the two dollar super chat juice coins for the win alex thank you for the two dollar super chat i really appreciate it and chris christopher diaz becoming a member as well thank you so much man thank you so much man i really appreciate it hope you enjoy your ebooks dude thank you so much you know what it is i think it's because i'm holding right on my left analog key yep okay figured it out because i gotta let go of the right when you're holding right it changes the combos and i just remembered that what's up aro how you doing man i'm not sure how to make you happy man i'm playing through the game on a hard difficulty you can't handle that then i don't know what to tell you buddy i'm not sorry i'm having a good time [Music] god forbid someone challenges their mechanical capabilities oh my god sprint attack forward hold b and then why needs okay cool let's use this [Applause] yeah i'm playing it on the hardest difficulty so it's got a proper challenge to it as well as i'm enjoying the art style quite a bit actually this building's on fire let's go inside there's an armored guy up here okay hey uh guys guys there's an armored guy up there i don't know if you guys have heard but uh yeah there's an armored guy up there oh god yep now now i figured out what's going on here it's because i was holding right on the left analog stick i gotta let go of that now it works fine very nice very nice we like that yes this game i believe is on all platforms um uh maybe not the switch but [Applause] yeah okay it looks like it's on everything except nintendo switch [Music] playstation 4 and 5 xbox of all kinds as well as pc through steam but it is on xbox game pass so keep that in mind if you do have an xbox you can get it for free by a game pass or well you know buy your monthly subscription on game pass that is a shrine before we hit the shrine let's grab the shinies okay another shuriken very nice health amount increased also nice we like that we like that yeah nintendo switch is a good little platform it's unfortunate that a lot of these games don't go on there right away hello friends the camera's a little jittery here [Music] clean clean clean clean hold on there's a path on these boats out here [Music] was a guy drinking something hold on i'm over there and fight him in a minute i think this is the way i want to go for a secret first yeah there's a shrine right here this is nice uh we'll hit this just in case there's enemies here let's check out these buildings new collectible lost love letter a love struck missive from a tannery worker courting on a recording of farmer's daughter an impure boracuman tainted by association with death wooing a girl born to land owning heyman such sad folly perhaps it is best they are in yomi now for doubtless the girl would instead have been forced to marry a man of greater status there's stuff in the description look at the title all of that shows the name of the game all that stuff as well as like a synopsis and all of that watched your streams for a while usually on tv while i'm in bed so i haven't been able to participate i wanted to hop on pc to show my appreciation and say hi yo chris that's awesome dude that's awesome man i'm glad you enjoyed my streams and stuff that's great thank you so much man incredibly nice to say [Music] all right light rotation attack backward xx nice okay cool cool cool cool a new combo now let's go defeat uh the boat guy he's the boat man hey guys do me a favor if you haven't already leave a like on the stream so youtube will recommend it to more like-minded folks that'd be really great of you my parry timing on that was awful uh is it gonna make me collect this stuff again or [Music] f2s i play more than just littering man [Music] damn i messed that up [Music] yeah the camera angles remind me a lot of like silent hill resident evil like the different camera angles from across every every individual room [Applause] [Music] i'm messing this up bad real bad all right it's fine reset [ __ ] okay that was that was terrible that was terrible i don't know if it makes me have to relearn this combo or not that's why i'm trying this why isn't it [Music] there we go oh no i missed it [Music] there it is all right guys i'm in a situation now where i'm hitting the button so quickly and the game is not the game the game is not reading the combos at the speed that i'm doing them and it looks like we don't have to come in here and worry about this again as i have uh very clearly not relearned it here so that makes sense let me make sure i don't have to grab these collectibles again should be all right yeah we can talk to this guy again but that's about it very nice very nice if we tell people this hell's held in the ring it might be easier at this point welcome back saban yo screamer they give the 50 super chat holy [ __ ] oh my god thank you dude says josh is your source for all things video games i love souls more but this is where you can see what else is available out there keep stopping by because you never know what to be playing next now please show this man some love hey thank you streamer i appreciate it thank you for the kind words and the 50 super chats very nice man very very kind thank you so much dude thank you [Music] thank you so much streamer [Music] tsushima i have yeah i have ah i failed that miserably though all right we don't have to worry about going to that room though so we'll just go straight over this way damn thank you screamer [Music] [Applause] hmm [Music] no jumping no no jumping [Music] [Applause] oh wait that killed me wow his attack his stab attack does three or four damage that's crazy did not realize it did that much okay we're getting there [Music] yes [Music] nice naughty you're not carp thank you for becoming a member man i appreciate it hope you enjoy your emotes as well dude thank you very much i walk in the room and i get stabbed i walk in the room i get stabbed that's it naughty thank you for becoming a member i appreciate it dude thank you so much mcdaniel with the 20 super chat always enjoy watching your streams your awesome attitude enough way of handling setbacks makes my day a little brighter thanks man hey thank you that's 20 spot mcdaniel thank you for the kind words as well you guys are uh you guys are very nice to me thank you very much man thank you very much [Music] unfortunate thank you so much streamer naughty and mcdaniel and i appreciate it guys and also guys we're only 27 likes away from 400 on the stream if you have enough to like yet make sure you do so [Music] [Music] get some of that health back baby [Music] [Applause] [Music] clean clean very nice all right we got ourselves a shrine ourselves a shiny boy [Music] oh nice counter okay all right [Music] [Music] all right moving on hello friends [Music] i didn't tap wide fast enough or i tapped it too quickly it's like you have to find a window for the combo if you do it too quickly too slowly it just doesn't work out based on that i think i gotta slow it down [Music] yeah i gotta slow my combos down i'm just hitting the buttons too fast guys yep [Music] [Applause] there we go captain figure the 20 danish throw a coin to your witcher captain thank you so much dude i really appreciate the 20. thank you so much buddy it's very kind oh i can't go off to the right thank you captain um [Applause] all right i can't go in the building that he just opened up unfortunately fury collectibles will unlock or improve attack or skills of the player fury collectibles huh [Applause] double-sided block and parry hold left bumper tap left bumper when you are attacked from behind you automatically face the direction of the attack interesting [Applause] well that'll be useful [Music] grab the uh shuriken here [Music] oh okay [Laughter] nice nice nice nice but yeah the audio is very sad by sad i mean like there's a lot of crying you can hear the rain constantly you hear the slicing of the swords non-stop it's very very sad armored guy very violent i meant more so blew your ears out when you turn the stream on oh okay i don't even have the audio all the way up like i usually do this game is a little bit on the loud side i agree why is it black and white because it's meant to play on the idea of old akira kurosawa films this game is cool definitely recognize some of the voices from animes i've seen also yeah yeah they have a lot of known voice actors i don't know them myself but there's a lot of names that people might recognize in the credits nice little secret there it gives off sad memory vibe exactly exactly [Music] [Music] what's up adam [Applause] what's up cole what's up men matt and ty hello there guys hello there [Music] we made good progress on that i'm not uh i i think we might not be too far away from encountering a whole lot of just nothing but armored guys here membership welcome back foreign this could be weird [Music] [Music] we got him down to half house first try that's not bad [Music] oh [Music] uh [Music] [Music] hey [Music] [Applause] foreign right uh-oh but hey uh big boss down you know big boss down it's been going well patreon been having a good time playing video games man really appreciate it [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] hmm [Music] sk i play more than just elven ring dog [Music] i don't know why that's a foreign concept so many folks i'm sure you play more than one video game yourself yeah i am much in the same regards onion rings sound good yeah onion rings delicious i've had onion rings in so oh long adam oh yeah [Music] let's grab the collectible sword smith's hammer with each hammer strike the swordsmith honors kagutsuchi the kami of the fire and the forge the fiery violence of his birth sent his mother izanami to the land of the dead if unappeased kagosuchi's fury would destroy us all aid your people 50 finishers nice very nice it's like you're playing shogun in the movie i know right matari hope you're doing well man yeah i'm much like a lot of people where uh you know most people play more than one video game i'm very much of the same i've played through and beaten elden ring uh six or seven times now i'll be playing more alden ring in the future as i've explained this isn't something out of the blue either i've been talking about this game and some other games coming up for the last couple of weeks so it's not like it's random by any means yeah i see this guy back here it's not a bad thing cold fingers foreign what's up guardian well that guy's got a flag on his back there okay this is telling me to go this way i want to go up this ramp first it looks like there might be something up in that room over there let me see about that what's in here oh a shrine a new collectible as well dove the dove is the symbol and messenger of yahata the divine protector once born mortal as great emperor ogen and mama not sure if i'm pronouncing that right all samurai must strive to embody his skill and patience how master sanjuro revered yahata as must die have i played neo yeah i've played nioh [Music] all right i saw a guy upstairs as well as a shiny in a room upstairs as well so we need to figure that out um [Music] hey [Music] nice feels good to one shot the armored guy what's up bester how's it going this looks sick yeah dude it's a good time i am having a good time with this game a shrine here and some stairs upwards [Music] can i can i just i'd love to finish him off all right [Music] oh hey this guy's got a bow all right i think i have to roll those let me try rolling those thank you so much guardian for the kind words thank you very much foreign all right interesting i wonder if i can use my own kunai to stun him that would make sense right just him and then uh run at him let's try that health is on the bottom left of the screen [Music] it is bow and arrow oh i have a boat myself quite slow but allows aiming interesting all right well i don't want to waste the air out here oh sorry sorry sir sorry uh yep that's whoopsie my bad [Music] yeah okay malicious mischief kill 10 enemies without using any weapon hell yeah [Music] hell yeah [Music] hello friends we got a shrine over here we've got this max ammo reach let's do this so he wants me to free the horse third day of isolation watching stream what game is this looks amazing so glad i found you man you're amazing alberto thank you for the kind words man thank you for hanging out with us hope isolation's going all right this is trek2yomi which is a uh side-scrolling action combat game where you play as a samurai seeking vengeance on behalf of your sensei trying to take care of these uh on hard difficulty as well [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] sorry [Music] that was kind of cool pull out the bow on him real quick all right this guy's armored [Music] i messed that up i messed that up achievement yeah achievement how's it going now this [Applause] hey uh guys those arrows can hit me by the way don't worry i just figured that out it's fine [Applause] oh ah man i uh did not do the execute feels bad guys we are closing in on 450 likes on the stream by the way i hope that's my mistake if you ever have to like on the stream yet make sure you do so it helps us out a lot how to get your health back by using a specific combo to stun the enemy and then executing them executing the enemies [Music] foreign [Music] unfortunately [Music] very good very good what's [Music] i love how the camera like changes focus as well like when we come close you can see the uh the shuriken on the bottom right of the screen is more in focus but when we walk away it fades out of focus very nice very nice [Music] ah [Music] nice nice i am liking that hold on [Music] is said to bring good fortune and keep evil at bay ameno azume if i'm pronouncing that right strung the trees with magatama as she sought to lure amaterasu from seclusion and thus restore sunlight to the world yet the magatama has failed in its purpose today [Music] oh [Music] come on [Music] [Music] have that staggering rotation backward x x y [Music] okay nice interesting [Music] very specifically find new combos by clearing out these uh other rooms like these uh secret rooms i guess [Music] [Music] foreign dude i love this shot this shot is so good guys like look at look at like the camera placement right you've got the burning building the top left you can barely see the fencing on the path alongside a fire in the middle of it or just on the other side of it and then a big fight breaks out you have the half of the moon on the top right and all the while you're seeing the film grain everywhere you have the music the trees blowing in the background alongside all the grass in the front blowing in the wind as well this is a very artistic shot and i love it [Music] very very well done very very well done this is nice hey nimrod thank you for joining us hey and there's like ah dude it's so good i'm loving this wallpaper please right yeah [Music] all right we have the path to the right and then this gate opening to our left new collectible fishing rod the rod is a symbol of ibisu the first kami to be brought into this world by izanagi and izanami he was born deformed so he was to cast he was cast into the sea by his aghast parents yet he survived and grew stronger now he has a smile for all and the fishermen look to him for good fortune where were you this day ibisu [Music] [Music] she doesn't like me i understand she's scared we're all scared [Music] ow i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do against that oh god maybe they can block yeah block it i only have one health now though just have to block in this moment [Music] is played on pc i'm playing on xbox series x right now it's on game pass and i have a subscription to it so i figured i may as well [Music] okay uh we have the entrance to the town over there and then this path to the right this is where we were earlier in the game we're going back to the beginning stamina mount increased we like that [Music] this is on pc as well though and playstation 4 and 5. [Music] and again i am playing on hard difficulty so that is why i take so much damage foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] yes [Music] okay that was a lot guys thank you for 450 likes on the stream today i appreciate it very very nice just making sure there's nothing like off to these sides here anything hidden can i go up this way to the left [Music] ah collectible bronze mirror it was the sight of her own reflection in a circular mirror that drew amaterasu queen of the kami back to us when she hid herself away and thus restored the light of the sun to this world it is she the greatest of izanagi's children who protects us from the land of the dead now [Music] they give you the finisher if you whiff the first two swings it's pretty generous yeah i was very much so unexpecting that or not expecting that it was an unexpected thing to happen weird how it worked out [Music] foreign hmm [Music] [Music] roll attack forward b y okay cool that'll help us get up on archers and spearmen nice i'm home stamina mount increase new collectible inarazushi ah aiko's favorite treat in narazushi they say its corners resemble the ears of a fox the messenger of inari it is by her blessing that the crops grow and we have all the rice and sake we could want for yet to the craftsman inari take takes on the form of a man and guides their hammer blows we're all taught to be grateful to anari but oh where are they now hey [Music] [Music] nice very nice [Music] very nice look at those guys over there hey buddy [Music] [Music] you know that walk worked out pretty awkwardly i got the finisher on the wrong guy but you know what it worked out at the end of the day and i'm happy about it [Music] this is pretty cool [Music] here foreign oh quiver capacity increased very nice we have another arrow [Music] very nice no mirror let's take that can we go this way no it looks like there might be a path over here as well maybe yeah what's this say new skill light overhead combo up xxy anti-armor light combination with stunning heavy finish nice oh wait hold on i see uh see you shiny here and we can go into this room we already got max ammo for the shurikens [Music] [Music] damn oh spear guy got me good spear guy got me good man all right hold on uh so this is not the main path looks like where i went before was uh we're supposed to go maximo reached oh no maybe not it's just an alternate thing hmm all right let's go down well hold on [Music] all right i can't go over this way but i can knock this down uh sorry sorry okay so it looks like a little bit of an extra thing that we could do there to kind of get rid of those guys a little easier make some heads roll sure there you go heads are rolling i hear a twinkling on the right side all right guardian have a good night man i'll see you later this poor village man [Music] yeah jen it's uh trek two yomi hmm [Music] there we go [Music] shrek 2 yomi it's trek to yomi where you play as a character who uh as a young child the bandits attacked his village and killed his sensei as well as a bunch of other people and now we're older and trying to take care of the bandit problem zmh welcome hope you're doing well it sounds like you're enjoying your evening [Music] and we got max ammo all around i guess i need to start using more of my ammo because i'm just kind of sitting on it doing nothing with it it's a very somber story so far very sad [Music] i didn't mean to do that i hit right trigger instead of right bumper and the guy was stunned and just took an arrow straight to the nose oh my god hey bud you look like you're not moving so have the uh have the arrow i guess it's fine oh my god [Music] foreign heal myself up a little bit on that thank you battle on the bridge damn spear guy spear guy is this game fun it is i'm having a good time what's up cc how's it going today guys yeah i'm having a blast with this this is great [Music] [Music] that guy's not having a good time i just shot him in the ankle and he died i love to see it goodbye [Music] [Music] let me heal up real quick there we go very nice [Applause] easy mode easy [Music] damn i love it i love the shots in this game the camera angles are really great it's it's very cinematic this game is extremely cinematic and i'm enjoying it [Applause] [Music] [Music] what exactly is your goal seeking vengeance on those who wronged me at the beginning of the game our village was attacked uh when you were like a 10 year old kid and you were training with a sensei and bam bandits raided the village killed a bunch of people including your sensei and now you're just kind of trying to take care of the root problem now that you're older rice bowl this bull's owner shall never again eat from it the rice within it is one of many gifts from ukomochi the food kami yet is her death that saw amaterasu the sun reject her sibling tsukiyomi the moon he slew ukamuchi in a fit of disgust for she had created a feast from her own body coughing and vomiting rice fish and game from within her from that day forth amaterasu deemed her raging violent brother unworthy of a place in the heavens [Music] dammit [Music] [Music] that spear guy just hit me from an off angle i was not ready for that sucks [Music] there you go funny bosses yes yeah there are bosses in the game [Music] enjoy that oh [Music] um these spear guys are definitely the new tough guy [Music] though i guess the guys with the bows are tough as well if i don't have to counter themselves all right rich thank you for the pound 79 pence for boss man josh man hey thank you so much dude thank you so much dude i really appreciate it rich thank you hope you're enjoying the stream today buddy we got some arrows out of the deal very nice very nice thank you rich guys we're only at 23 likes away from 500 by the way it's 23 likes away for a game that's not elden ring we're doing very well thank you guys very much is that the guy from the beginning of the game missing is yeah it is they are veritas yeah [Music] all right look at the boss fight let's do it [Music] looks like we're supposed to lose there okay [Music] thank you for joining us chris i hope you're doing well today many do foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] i mean they're not really comparable because they're meant to have like they're they're there's very different games goes to tsushima is an open world adventure rpg this is a you know uh a narrative game with combat you know what i mean it's good but they're not comparable they're just very different genres iclones leave the 10 super chat hope you're enjoying the game looks sick from what i've seen so far we'll need to watch the vod because i missed the beginning because the trial and changing my mom's tired keep killing it bro man yo thank you so much ty clones thank you so much for the 10 spot and the kind words welcome back follow ico all right [Applause] [Music] [Music] was extremely aggressive and there was no way i could just like block and parry everything seems like they just gave him infinite stamina and sent them at us on udo card from a karuta deck its back shows a yokai a spirit or beast of myth this one is the onudo a giant dressed as if a holy man there are many tales of onjudo wreaking destruction or terror but some tell of them being man's helpers aiding the harvest turning stuck mill wheels clearing blocked paths such strength and perseverance is what i need now [Music] these guys look like they're yeah okay they are burning bodies definitely a plague and uh it looks like they're they're monstrous don't they like there's monsters like that the plague is turning them into beasts of sorts [Music] nopera bow another card from this deck of yokai this wicked apparition takes on familiar human form only to erase its features and terrify hugh who is unfortunate enough to behold it there are tales of fishermen being approached by a young charming woman but their swoons turned to screams as her beautiful face was replaced by a blank expanse of skin yep i would also scream i too would scream at that moment [Music] oh what the heck what the heck yes [Music] these guys are weird these guys are a little bit awkward to fight let me check this way first noodle [Music] all right so hold on what is there something over here that's a bit of a dead end but there is an item over there by that boat looks like it's just a shuriken though all right all right mcdaniel we'll be here man looks like i'm supposed to talk to this guy here we go foreign [Laughter] yeah everything's fine guys they're not they're not losing themselves at all everything's good everything's good [Music] i don't like fighting these guys for llamas with you what is this they have so much health too [Music] okay so they're not affected by my parries i land the parry and it slows down time but it doesn't mean anything to them [Music] and they have a whole lot of health jesus [Music] do not like this [Music] does more damage to them [Music] [Music] [Music] why is the attack now landing now there it is so the parry swap does a lot more damage to them as you can see there a lot more their weak point is their back there it is [Music] that can't be good that can't be very good you have a jump attack no there is no jumping all right now that we know the way to fight these guys though this should become easier [Music] damn it's a little bit awkward but we'll get there [Music] three or four times that we have to do it to get the kill on them maybe we should skip them i don't know if it's possible because they could just chase you right [Music] [Music] me [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] there we go and it looks like when i do take them down that way it does give me a tiny bit of health back as well there's something to that and we have a shrine right here as well nice spider in the foreground was there really let me go look i didn't even notice i was so focused on the fight i didn't even see it oh yeah there is look at that guy he's a big dude he's a big dude hey alberto i really appreciate the kind words man i'm glad that i can help you out that's awesome dude thank you so much for joining me hello [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] nice all right yeah yeah just had to learn how to fight them and now we've got it yeah yeah they have a blight that eats their [Music] oh [Music] heavy thrust forward yx basic attack with a little longer reach interesting damn it [Music] [Music] wait did i just what how to kill that guy i'm confused how'd the other guy die what happened here [Music] i mean it's fine it doesn't matter but just awkward you know [Music] just a little bit awkward [Music] [Applause] it just works yeah [Music] it just works man [Music] all right i see a shrine here a path to the right and then this up this way what's over here what's in the box new collectible otoroshi though the disheveled yokai known as the otoroshi is chilling to behold and deals only death that is something of a guardian spirit it waits atop roofs and shrines pouncing down upon those with evil in their souls eviscerating then devouring their bodies then it returns to shadow awaiting the next wicked man stamina mount increase we like that looks like ammo i can't take all right bit of a dead end here but hey secrets 500 likes yeah dude they were 500 likes on the stream guys it was very kind [Music] [Music] me [Music] [Music] ah so that attack is also very good that attack is also very useful on them alright very nice uh very possibly average yeah me [Music] light stunning combination xxxy four attacks combination with last attack yeah i can't use it against these guys no way [Applause] oh they don't attack you all at once yeah if i think if they were to it would be very overwhelming very quickly okay um noticing we can go up this way there's a thing we can interact with looks like i'm able to wash these guys away by releasing this oh maybe this one very nice looks like it's blocked otherwise though so we gotta go around but hey at least they're all gone don't have to fight them what's up reticent yeah that was part of my issue here as well uh pressing the wrong buttons to get started on the game i was just very much so pressing all the wrong stuff on repeat new collectible hitosume kozo i'm i'm probably butchering these guys and i apologize some are afraid of the spirits that take the form of one-eyed child and others find them adorable some of them think they are ancient and once powerful mountain kami fall into ruin some some know that children born with only one eye will spend their lives fighting in vain perhaps then in truth the misbegone hito tsume kozo means neither fear nor amusement but instead enduring grief i see this ladder [Music] [Music] stamina my stamina is getting very high oh he's hungry look at him [Music] [Music] [Music] oh god what is happening oh god what is happening around here this game is getting creepy [Music] are you kidding me that hit me yeah [Music] how far on the monsters negative okay that thing just hit me with its creepy legs [Music] all right hold on let me grab this this stuff here and we'll get the the shrine don't you kill me okay all right [Music] the only awkward part is trying to change and i have a bad habit of doing that damn [Music] nothing like that hmm [Music] oh all right he just like bit me my man just bit me right through my attacks that's fine how much the game to buy i honestly do not know i uh i'm playing on xbox game pass myself so i can't stay oh i just got my ass kicked yeah i'm playing on xbox game pass myself [Music] japanese ghosts and spirits are legitimately terrifying they are they are thank you the two pounds man i appreciate the generosity a lot thank you thank you very much [Music] [Applause] those guys are weird now we see this path this way what's over here secret secrets ah secrets yeah it's nice that they're not well are they waiting for the 1v1 i agree if they weren't doing that i'd get overwhelmed very quickly you're a this card shows the saddest of the yokai you're a our spirits denied a peaceful afterlife due to a violent death brutal life grudges or any regrets they had in the living world they remain tethered to our world some causing mischief but others striving to aid those who mourn them in this way a mother's love can survive even death available on ps4 as well yeah yeah would you call this game a cinematic platformer not platformer because there's no jumping uh it's a cinematic uh i don't really a cinematic adventure game cinematic fighting game yeah i think cinematic action adventure it's mostly side scrolling but side scroller does not equal platformer [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh damn hmm ah you can stab it okay i've got two health left oh got a shrine there are action adventure games with choices to be made because that's more of an rpg aspect than an action adventure action adventure means you're going on an adventure and there's action along the way that's strictly it which is exactly what we're doing we're on an adventure exploring a story a narrative with combat involved which makes it action adventure [Music] [Music] foreign oh god [Music] all right that went smoothly all right i see a path left and then this way gross [Music] can we go in here i've not been using any arrows or anything man is a depiction of the faceless blob spirit whose odor can turn the strongest man's stomach yet for all its revolting flabby appearance its flesh is said to grant uncommon strength or even endless youth such a thing would be of great aid to me in the fight of head the blob man any blobs any blobbers because people leave likes on the stream and then they have to go do other things likes and viewership are never one-to-one never think that they are it never is [Music] we come back to true true yeah i did break that lantern didn't i do quick this is an upgrade of some kind stamina amount i haven't seen a health upgrade in a while have i [Music] like a blunderbuss or something over there what's going on man i'm just gonna stand here and wait for him to reload i guess [Music] ozutsu [Music] slowest but strongest range weapon nice now it's ours [Music] his firearms very early variants of it like the one that we just found obviously it took him a minute to reload it like it was uh a musket he was very beautiful not much of a game personally but i'm enjoying watching i'm glad you guys are enjoying watching i just like to check out different games i know there's a lot of aaa stuff out there as well but we're in a bit of a dry spell for new aaa stuff so i'm checking out some uh some smaller indie stuff now um a lot of people don't give indie games the attention that they deserve even though there are some very high quality indie titles very high quality indie titles i'm doing well apparel man how are you so [Music] [Music] [Music] intentionally so yeah cuphead is a great game yeah i see a different game i'm glad you're enjoying it oh [Music] yes [Music] [Music] ah that did not go well i'm used to fighting the little uh the other guys now so having to fight a bunch of guys with actual blades is a little bit uh gotta get back on that pace yeah wait i went the wrong way trying to convince your 75 year old dad is a game for every person oh absolutely man there's video games out there for everyone whether they realize it or not didn't take turns that time all right we go again shoot shoot shoot oh that thing is so slow yes [Music] [ __ ] damn i've got so many combos now that uh like directional stuff is causing major problems for me now [Music] there's no point using the gun here no point using the gun here [Music] get out of there okay now we use the gun nope yeah it's too slow it's too slow man um [Music] oh [Music] yes [Music] there we go nice very nice oh yeah yep i was hoping to get a parry on that guy so i can get iframes but that did not work out that did not work out at all [Music] what are we doing what the hell dude [Music] oh come on do the attack after yeah there we go there we go there we are that guy's hungry hungry dude a hungry boy over there i'm just gonna let him uh let him do his thing you know you do your thing i'll do my thing type deal looks like we have to go this way right oh that gun is pain voice lower [Music] ah [Music] dammit [Music] [Music] aah [Music] that those guys are it's so hard to tell when they're gonna be uh doing that like bite thing they bite you like ten times in a row and it's so hard [Music] that [ __ ] i'm on a stamina this ain't good oh [Music] that did not go well [Music] there we go [Music] what's up josh how's it going man first impression so far uh the game is pretty solid and the only thing that i'm really struggling with overall is sometimes reading the animations of some of the enemies because they're just like it's a little bit difficult to see like some of these guys do like that constant biting attack it's hard for me to read that outside of that the only thing that i have issue with in general is just that i end up doing the combos too quickly so i end up missing my combos because i'm pressing the combos so fast that the game's just not reading it but that's not so much the game that's more of a me problem [Music] uh this is trek to yomi it's a action adventure fighting game that just came out today it's very enjoyable oh all right we got the upstairs area but there's also this over here let me check this out oh there's so many of you oh i'm out of stamina again okay that works that works out [Music] that right there he just did so much damage with two bites and i couldn't even like see it happening all right before we go that way though let's check up here looks like this is not the main path i thought maybe going up this way was the main path but it turns out it's not new collectible inugami this card shows the inugami the dog spirit some think them a curse prone to disobedience and sowing your fortune but others know them to be loyal and protective a trusted familiar to the family they bond to a dog well and his love will be endless treat it poorly and you will surely feel its teeth foreign [Music] oh my god that was not a good place to fall down into a bit of a shortcut this way though or like an alternate path i should say noel didn't rank i play more than elven ring my channel is not elden ring only and i never said it i you can expect aaa stuff some indie stuff like right now it just depends on what's out and what i feel after playing you know okay yeah that's a really bad go i shouldn't be going that way at all it just makes that so much more difficult that's not good oh my god oh my god [Music] what's up oh [Music] oh i'm one hp [Music] i'm alive no consumables now nope hey i would like a shrine please can i have a shrine oh cutscene [Music] nice there's our shrine what do we have here ah they're hungry boys ah stamina oh god okay okay wait how'd you get over there what's going on here that's illegal all right stamina is drained again oh that attack i hate it alive by the way am i using moonvale yeah what's this max ammo i got to use more ammo man i just don't really find a great moment to do so with like the stuff that they gave me [Music] shrine right here thank god thank god [Music] did i miss an item i very very may well have i i was under a lot of uh a lot of stress there trying to survive you know but just know we'll be sticking around for everything you choose to play that's awesome lazy toke i really appreciate that vote of confidence from you man thank you so much sure can capacity increase tonight gondor calls for aid [Music] what game is this this is trek to yomi brand new action adventure game that just came out today [Music] ah this can't be good all right you know what you have a good time i survived that but barely a true terror this one is the ox demon the cowheaded spider that preys on man some haunt lonely beaches pounce upon the enemy pouncing upon the the unwary rather with their fearsome talons and spraying them with toxic poison it's said that others invade towns spreading death far and wide in their savage wake no better than the wicked men who come to my home this day [Applause] [Music] oh he's shrieking [Applause] as long as i have the space to do that it works out really well for me i like that the uh the mods there kind of follow you around as well that was kind of cool i'm not using ammo i need to start i'm just going to start spamming like shurikens [Music] [Music] yamawaro this shows the yamawaro the child of the mountains though prone to mischief he may be a helpful spirit if properly fed many woodsmen have been grateful for yamawa's start assistance stout assistance on a long day of logging however those who then rewarded the spirit with less rice and sake than they had promised soon come to regret it don't mess with a hungry dude hold on is there actually i think i just missed an item i can't go back that's really unfortunate i'm not even trying to parry those ones just getting rid of them as soon as i can [Music] oh hold on hold on i see this i don't think i need it but uh yeah [Music] all right now that's carrying on let's go back the other way i want to see if i missed an item or not i thought i saw something blinking but what's up raso what's going on today i thought i saw it down here oh it's not an item you see on the bottom left that little uh puddle that's shining right now it's just a reflection of the light it's not an item try going back to killing enemies that was my plan the whole time just have to make sure it's clear before you can go back won't let you otherwise gotta kill them all tricky yeah that's a little job [Music] what's up gaming girl i call nothing [Music] ah yes anyone down for banshees hey why am i facing the wrong way here [Music] okay this one's going to be tough [Music] yes wow i don't know if she's parriable hmm i can't block that's for damn sure oh my god [Music] uh [Music] hmm holy hell all right projectiles are not going to cut it let's just learn to parry if we can holy [Music] um yeah i don't think i can parry her at all i don't think i'd parry her at all it's all about the rolling yeah all right so we just have to roll all her stuff so that's what we got to work on let's do it bam oh um did pretty good for being on one hp for a long while there all right we got this oh okay all right [Music] [Music] oh shoot shoots game looks cool it's a pretty good time man i'm having a blast [Music] i rolled the wrong way should have rolled through her legs [Applause] damn almost died oh [ __ ] takes a lot of damage to the back wait i wasn't in there all right that's fine hmm damn all right oh although i'm knee-deep in eldon ring still watching your stream you got this josh hey calvin thank you for the five dollar super job thank you for the kind words as well thank you for chilling with me dude i appreciate a lot man we're getting there we're getting there i thought she's gonna jump further this is a tough fight tough fight [Music] i'm liking this this is actually good oh that turn all right i just took so much damage there it's really unfortunate [Music] what's this this is new what'd you just do [Music] damn damn damn damn [Music] yes [Music] just gotta not be greedy it's gotta not be greedy all right she does have a phase two as you can see oh she's a stunned man uh [Music] damn i don't think i can get out of that once that happens yeah once that happens you're just kind of screwed you got gotta take the hit just gotta learn how to roll that i wonder if i can knock it out of her with my gun maybe shoot oops damn [Music] oh all right that was good that was good [Music] it doesn't have to be this hard no i'm playing on hard mode i i always play games on hard mode it's just a challenge that i i like part of why i play video games is to be challenged i just prefer it yes [Music] [Applause] [Music] um i was hoping that the gun would kill her it did not it was right there dude [Music] oh [Music] yes are you kidding me are you kidding me is it supposed to be black and white yes yes yes i rolled right into that one oh i'm a failure i'm a failure oh i meant to roll and i didn't roll i rolled into that it is tough jasmine but it's on hard mode so i'm you know it's intentionally tough it's tough but i'm loving it i am loving it very much yes [Music] damn there's very small moments where you get caught up on your rolls uh it just doesn't allow you to do it sometimes very awkward [Music] like right there uh i think it's because i uh like miss uh judge the distance hmm hey billy thank you for joining us today man [Music] i'm out of stamina dude and that time i just failed my role i've gotten close like what four times now yes please stop talking about your own stream in my channel it's kind of uh it's a little it's a little weird it's a little rude don't do that stuff no one likes that oh [Music] jen have a good night i'll see you later thank you for chilling today seems like this whole fight is in slow motion as well by the way it's uh not nearly as fast as it normally is i just rolled into that like an idiot [Music] [Music] foreign yes yes that does cancel that by the way roll man oh dude sometimes the rolls just don't work and that's bothering me so much i don't know why the roll didn't work there oh very unfortunate yes wrong buttons [Music] oh [Music] nice [Music] there it is [Music] i like it [Music] yes number six on that is a joke [Music] it's a joke [Music] oh boy [Music] oh boy i will stand by your side [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] all right all right [Music] i'm really enjoying this game that was a tough fight but we got through it we got through it [Music] [Music] yeah all right so guys i'm gonna take a really fast break real quick i have to pee so i'm gonna do that really quick when i come back we'll continue uh i think uh based on what we're experiencing so far i think we might play this whole game and beat it in one shot so i'm just going to keep streaming and see if we can finish it up tonight i'm really enjoying it i don't want to stop this is a great game i'm having a great time i am playing this on an xbox series x through game pass it's on a game pass today so anyone that wants to play it that has game pass you uh you have that option uh as well as is available on pc and playstation uh both ps4 and ps5 i believe it's on steam on pc uh if you are enjoying the stream do me a favor hit that like button we are approaching 600 which is amazing considering we're not playing elden ring i really appreciate all the support guys and obviously you guys are seeing that i do play more than just elden ring as i've been talking about you know this whole time so thank you guys for joining me today it really really does mean a lot for you guys to hop into my stream um with that said i'll be right back guys i'll see you in just a minute [Music] um [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] all right we are back i got some coffee as well let's continue on [Music] great thunder trapped in yomi's tainted depths izunami the mother creator succumbed to the decaying rot each part of her decomposing body gave life to a furious spirit of the ikazuchi 8 and all oh first from her mold first from her mold during skull came the great thunder the wielder of thunder and master of storms [Music] uh-huh [Music] okay what's this [Music] [Music] all right [Music] oh whoops my bad [Music] there we go hey what's up boy your help enjoying a lot of in the new content keep it up thank you voyeur i appreciate that man do you play survival games i haven't played a survival game in a long time uh the last survival game i played i guess would be kind of minecraft and that was back in the xbox 360 days um but that said there are other survival games that will end up being something that i played [Music] i do like survival games overall i just haven't played one in a very long time [Music] [Music] okay [Music] oh look at that look look at the uh like the uh the animations of the ghost being slain there that was cool that was very cool what's up javier how you doing [Music] ozotsu and ammunition new collectible cleaving thunder izanami's dead loins gave life to saku ikazuchi cleaving raijin the mighty force of the lightning strike itself interesting [Music] [Music] what do the items do they're just like a mythological lore [Music] stamina amount increased we take those a shrine very nice [Music] [Music] foreign shiny behind me perhaps i'll try to go back and get it looks like the audio just cut out for the uh the other guy there [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] oh boy [Applause] [Music] yeah those animations for the ghosts are very nice very very nice [Music] all right there's a shiny behind me somewhere up this way you say let's go take a look where's my shinies [Music] uh if it's up that way i can't get to it so it looks like we're out of luck for now yeah i guess we're out of luck oh well where i found the loins yeah i can't get back up that little cliff that's all right not trying to do 100 run or anything so it's okay good eye though [Music] three [Music] i love that that's so nice [Music] what the heck [Music] it is [Music] all right light long combo xxx for fast attack accommodation okay cool cool cool cool that guy reminds me of uh the bell bearing hunters from eldon ring just throwing their sword around that guy leveled his arcane all the way up ah capacity increase we now can fire three rounds [Music] though it's still very slow [Applause] [Music] yeah i knew i knew that mistake was gonna cost me all right that's fine that's fine [Applause] do i need to collect this item again are we good all right we're good it's not shiny anymore we carry on [Applause] one thing i can very much so say is uh playing elden ring and practicing my parrying has made me better at parrying in other games too i'm happy about that i was kind of expecting the other statue to come to life as well but it didn't all right again peace [Music] i like it i kind of lost that a little bit but it worked out another day [Applause] [ __ ] ah just out of range of that uh poke attack which is very good very good for me it worked out only learned panic rolling in elden ring trust me when i say that was me for the longest time as well welcome back mcdaniel any major plot points in the last hour uh we found a shade or like a ghost that was ico and she led us to what i think was a banshee which was a pretty tough boss fight but we got through that and now we're in the uh the realm of the dead [Music] for you foreign [Music] [Applause] nice anti-armor rotation backward x and y oh very easy to do as well okay there's so many combos to this game at this point though that there's no way i'll ever make use of them all in fact i'm still using the very basic execution because the alternate execution they gave me is actually a little bit longer it actually just worked out there on accident i just actually i was trying to showcase it and actually they pulled it off excellent news all right we did it there as well that was that was awesome the guy walked right into the last strike so it gave me the execution that was awesome [Laughter] okay we can go this way and then to the right what's this we already got the ammo [Music] oh yeah the other execution thing that i have is one button press longer just an extra x so it's not a big deal but it is just longer all the same okay i do see this shrine right here um and tap it but i want to go back and go the other way real quick let's see what's going on this way another shrine in here interesting capacity increase we now have four rounds for that very nice i guess we'll just hit it to have it but yeah how the heck you're supposed to remember all these yeah it's just like god of war there's so many combos that i had a hard time remembering all those as well you just kind of figure out which ones are the most useful for you and just utilize those ones all right another puzzle here we uncovered that rune or that glyph [Music] um [Music] [Music] there it is this game is really reaffirming that i want to learn another language though i i wish i knew japanese i think i'm going to go for that by the way i was debating between japanese and mandarin i think i'm i think i'm going to do japanese it's a lot more relevant to a lot of things that i do like dude it would be so cool to one day say that i can play games in japanese you know what i mean that would be sick what just happened so the three different symbols you're seeing here uh one right above my head one on the right side of the screen and then this uh little marking right here are the three things that i had to look for in there and then you just have to figure out the order of them within that little screen that came up the original god of wars i have played the first couple i wasn't a big fan of them myself i did very much so enjoy the most recent one though very much so enjoyed it looking forward to ragnarok as well japanese is so much harder i've heard that uh both are pretty difficult so you know i i'm this isn't a bragging point but i am a fast learner so i'm hoping that i can uh utilize that to win learn another language what's up silly rabbit how's it going go back and play resident evil japanese oh i didn't heal on that oh he probably just out damaged the heel that's fine i need to not go for that wraith straight away i need to go for the uh the other guy first to just make it smaller numbers [Music] what's up sam how's it going i'm trying to use your first language and still struggle to understand their kanjis yeah there's a lot to it yeah [Music] [Music] nice all right he pulled that off came out with full health as well which is nice very very nice guys if you are enjoying the stream please consider hitting the like button we're almost at 600 now is our turtle lol emoji uh that's omega it's just like omega lol it's a better twitch tv emo from back when i was on the twitch side of streaming it's just a big laughing mouth we're here no matter what you guys are uh you guys are the real ones thank you for being here oh that was the awning oh my god right on smooth very smooth he goes for 600 likes on the stream absolutely incredible yeah oh [Applause] uh i gotta i gotta keep these guys closer to her so that way i can hit her when she's on the ground oh my god dude [Applause] getting plenty of perry breakfast i'll tell you that there we go we got her she makes more people appear so quickly you have to be fast about it this is similar to sakiro uh no no no the way they play is extremely different obviously parrying is a big part of the game but i mean that's just basic combat stuff outside of even seguiro i mean i'm still enjoying elden ring a lot i just uh i don't play only ldn ring i could play elden ring for a long time before i get bored still and i will probably be playing more of it in the next couple of days as well i just uh do not only play it you know what i mean i've made very clear you know you know it's just it's just something that i've made very clear in the past and i plan on sticking to that idea [Music] this will be interesting why can't i parry you right now i miss every single parry weird let's try that again i was gonna make me do all this again all right i missed every single ferry there wild yes [Music] all right so i can't execute that shade cannot execute it [Music] nice smokes that's awesome playing valhalla nice josh very nice glad you're enjoying it stumble storms [Music] i was able to just kind of spam that damage [Music] what's up [Music] [Music] that shade has so much health holy hell holy hell hey what's up kayla welcome back playing trek to yomi which is an action adventure samurai game and it's a blast so far i think it's a very long game but it's a very good time right now [Music] oh my god this guy is something else this guy [Music] assassin's creed games becomes overwhelming now yeah yeah it's because they wanted to play more on the open world idea and like just give you something to do for a long period of time and i can't blame them at the end of the day but i will say that it does make them overwhelming capacity as well i can agree with that for sure [Music] nice we got him very nice very nice alive by the way thank you thank you we made it through hopefully we find a shrine now there's something over here or that twinkling i'm not sure if that means anything just wind chimes oh those would have actually killed me if i didn't move holy heck holy heck oh my god i didn't think it was going to do anything like that and all the walls started closing out of my in on me all right we go left until to the left and to the right the right is lit up so i'm assuming that's the way we got to go let's see if there's anything over here a shrine beautiful we take those we take those brendan thank you the five dollar super chat hey man just here for your company looking forward to getting into some new games this game looks tough i am playing on the hardest difficulty or well there is a difficulty harder than what i'm playing on right now but it's locked right now so i think i have to beat the game first to unlock the harder difficulty but i am playing on hard mode that's just something that i do by default with a lot of games that i play i just enjoy the challenge are you the five spot but yes man is uh it is a challenge right now and i'm liking it [Music] oh oh my god get out thank you well that was really bad thank you brendan i appreciate it man and i'm glad there are many of you guys here that are into new you know new games other than elden ring because that you know that's that's just what i've always done i've never been the type of guy to stay with just one game thank you brendan you you like it hard as well nice i like that i appreciate that oh my god oh all right so my strategy for the shades is working out really well the gun does big damage to them but the problem i have right now is that now i'm out of ammo i am out of ammo for that so i need to figure that out before we continue heading this way i did see this other path let me go over here and see what's going on there i'm glad you enjoyed zmh heck yeah dude what's this [Music] shuriken capacity okay well i guess we'll switch to shurikens because we've got six of those it should help out tomorrow's gonna be decided already uh looks like tomorrow we might play some uh some elden ring just because i think this game is gonna be finished up today it's not a very long game all right see this room here what's to the right oh ammo nice new collectible black thunder kuru ukuzachi ikazuchi rather kuro ikazuchi black thunder was created within the pestilent stomach of dead izanami he is the swirling fury of the thundercloud [Music] oh yeah absolutely bailey yeah yeah that's a big thing that i've learned throughout the you know throughout the last uh six years of streaming and stuff you're absolutely correct absolutely sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't but the whole idea is just doing different things uh based on what you enjoy and just continually trying to move forward around all of that absolutely absolutely i'm sure there will be more people here for like salt and sanctuary i'm sorry yeah sacrifice rather because that's uh you know more in line with souls like stuff you know and then on the 20th we have dolmen which is a sci-fi souls like looking forward to checking that out what's this max ammunition reached uh probably not storm probably not new collectible couchant thunder am i saying the right couchants the right leg of mother izanami birthed maggots which swelled and grew into bending thunder the enduring unstoppable energy of the storm i feel like we're collecting parts of exodia this is a one and done often for me this type of game is a one and done yeah there is three different enemies in the game though so that's the thing too it's not to say that i'm not enjoying it because i am that's just generally how i play these games boss time [Music] um [Music] soon too yeah return should be a good time [Music] what's up okay my man caught me off guard very good very good this guy dude oh that hurts so much not a good time to do that let me just reload my gun real quick it's fine it's fine welcome back cece i'm doing all right [Music] [Laughter] oh man getting the parry timing down on this guy is rough it's fine [Music] that completely missed feels good that statue's in the way bad statue placement damn it what's going on here wait what i don't know what just happened [ __ ] uh [Music] unfortunate man josh needs to make t-shirts with his catchphrases on them people keep saying that i think maybe i should get uh all right guys it's fine it's fine all right everything's good everything's fine we're good [Music] [Applause] let me do that hmm [Music] come on block shoot he had me cornered man that's really unfortunate really unfortunately it's okay it's oh my okay [Music] man that hurts [Music] that's illegal this guy it is available on ps4 adrian yeah yeah yeah [Music] all right we did that very well hmm oh sir that's illegal stop it okay we're both one hp buddy what are you what are you doing are you kidding me what was that why is he running back and forth get the hell out of here dude yes [Music] [Music] [Applause] uh i'm out of stamina oh no don't stab me no don't stab me okay okay dude i ran out of stamina this guy's a jerk this guy's a jerk man oh that caught me unfortunately all right yes [Music] wait for some stamina here bye what's up guys all right block ignoring combination down x x x y all right cool i guess we'll be needing that soon hmm new collectible roaring thunder from isn't nami's decaying left leg came naru ikazuchi roaring thunder the sound of the endless echoing thunderclap [Music] everything's fine guys everything's fine not everything falling apart around me or anything it's cool cool oh wait hold on there's a shiny back there i'm i'm upset okay guys what i'm going to do i'm going to die on purpose here just kill me i'm going to go backwards kill me man kill me thank you there's a shiny on the ground right here oh it's max ammo i can't even do anything with it there's also this one here max ammo can't even do anything with it all right i'm upset i died for nothing i'm upset [Music] hmm the shade oh the shade man unfortunate zombies to ghosts yeah we're in the uh the realm of death now [Music] oh my god that guy just kicked my ass that guy just kicked my ass what happened to the kid i am the kid jerk uh [Music] oh these these shades are tough man these shades are really tough yeah me too mario looks good ah [Music] [Music] and stop teleporting bro what is this [Music] he just ran me out of stamina by teleporting non-stop oh my god oh my damages dude just kill me it's fine looks a little clunky at times the only thing that's clunky is just reading the inputs if you hit them too quickly everything else is pretty smooth it's just a matter of uh like the enemies teleporting is just what they do [Music] bro [Music] what's happening here i don't know what that was [Music] just got to figure out a better way to deal with this shade not like that i'll tell you that right now [Music] oh there we go all right can't use heavy attacks against the shades cannot use heavies on the shades at all that was uh that was a yikes a health amount increased very nice alright so that's the secret there do not use heavy attacks on the shades they will just dodge it forever that is it man that is it oh what the oh no let's not shoot the horse all right very good [Music] everything down here looks so uh [Applause] no all mistake uh [Music] come this way there you go all right not bad got some good damage on that very good very good those specters are something else too [Applause] i really enjoy that animation right there just the whole thing is silky smooth silky smooth the whole way through and we got some items down here what's this that's a button that's water they cut the boat i'm gonna drown all right so the order of operations there is cut the line and then fill the fill you know the water drown yourself like an all idiot we go again [Music] wow [Music] come on then have at you right they used to say that back in the feudal japan era right have at you have at you there we go your gameplay get any easier um the gameplay is still the same difficulty i've just gotten better learning all the parry timings and stuff all right guys you know the drill we cut the rope first then we turn on the water yes very good very nice excellent news we are gamers japanese one of those languages where inflection changes the meaning i have no idea i truly do not know [Music] [Music] foreign delicious victory a shade wait that guy just seriously one shot me did i just witness that did i just get one shot by that guy excuse me excuse me take it easy meru thank you for hanging out with me today okay that did nothing we handled that very well though delicious what's up covered ghost hope you're having a great day as well played some hanamusha last night to get a height for this nice here we got one round back and we have a shrine all right looks like we have a puzzle up here what do we got going on all right i see some symbols as you can see there's three symbols on the screen in different areas we have to take these symbols and then put them in the right order inside of this these the ones i see very nice how do you remember them i'm i'm gonna be honest with you i associate them with very weird things uh the one on the left looked like a man to me so i just called that one the man and then the one on the far right on the right side of the screen looked like a tent so i just pictured a tent and used that to remember it as and then the other one was the odd one out so i just kind of remembered that it looked like uh a tent with some more going on i have a very weird way of working that stuff out i just associate it with items that i do know of or what i see them as keep an eye out for objects you can interact with on your journey but that's exactly what i like that's how i associate things uh it just kind of it just helps me uh helps me figure it all out all right all right game i see you [Applause] is there something over here is that a shiny this is a shiny new collectible young thunder the maggots who swarmed from the once gentle left hand of mother izanami became waka ikazuchi young thunder the thunder that repeats again and again throughout the storm-ravaged nights okay but now oh there's a button right here papa bless [Applause] welcome back old fingers shine in chinese it's ren for person so you got that right pretty sure it's the same thing same meaning in japanese really that's kind of cool then that's kind of cool then shrines go down it does what is this quiver capacity increased all right we take those i just owned that spectre i just absolutely demolished that specter before i could even summon anything game reminds you of out of this world i don't know that i've played that one jj i don't think i have it doesn't sound familiar i've played a lot of games but i generally remember the titles i don't think i played that one what's up brick enjoying the stream this game and the sounds of this game are so cool yeah the sound design is pretty solid man i'm enjoying it all right let's go down this ladder see what's going on down here older game from the snes days gotcha gotcha yep i must not have played it oh good ammo it was very useful against the shades nice excellent news excellent news guys we are gaming i can't see because the plants oh you kidding me that's unfortunate yeah i hit the button too soon face the wrong way my mistake my mistake what's up luis okay [Applause] [Music] all right that works out that works out very nice one of the first games used rotoscoping oh really really that's cool zmh have a good night man i'll see you later thanks for chilling today oh hold on i see the shiny oh max ammo closer start using the uh the bow here keep getting ammo for it but never actually using it [Music] nice more staminas [Music] damn it pressing the wrong buttons yeah i just pressed all the wrong buttons i just tried to parry with l2 it's like i'm playing elden ring my mind reverted to elden ring here [Applause] uh oh oh yeah those shades man those shades nice [Applause] if i do have a moment to rush the specters and then just light attack spam them they can't do their uh summon spell because i keep interrupting it so if i can get them caught out in that way it makes the fight a lot simpler give her no chance to summon anything it's going well james how are you what's up sente i play more than elden ring yes i play more than elden rings a lot of items out here [Music] [Music] okay [Applause] and he flies this can't be good can i parry you uh it doesn't look like it's doesn't look like it [Applause] oh i failed my roll okay so it looks like a lot of these bosses you cannot parry why are you yelling all right so if he's on the ground i might not be able to roll through his legs i just got denied my roll twice there why are you yelling that was a loud grunt i'm dead why so mad yeah why so mad [ __ ] hmm damn i keep reading the turn your breath stinks man i don't know why it won't let me roll sometimes what is that what is that it is on pc on steam leandro yeah okay failed that rule there too just like jen said everything but switch have that why are you yelling i gotta learn his animations for when he's gonna turn like that i'm on xbox myself what is that everything but pc all right he's so shouty yeah he is yeah he blocked my roll again we have to roll so much earlier i guess we'll get it come here i could have attacked on that hmm yell no yells now he else ah dude i swear it doesn't really button input sometimes if you press a button too soon it just ignores the input all together [ __ ] oh that's a new move that's new phase two i guess what the damages phase two oh that just caught me right in the nape oh man okay that was good though hey this is uh this is a fight all about patience we have to learn phase two as well hmm it doesn't read my inputs half the time i swear okay okay all right come back this way friend come back to the middle please i love the background by the way it's kind of cool hit him with a wrong breath true true but that's i'm just gonna i'm just gonna face one way the whole time i think that makes it a lot easier yeah if we face backwards on rolling it makes a lot more sense oh shoot wrong thing this is fine back to the middle my man back to the middle yes this is much better see how i can reliably land my damage now hmm [Music] all right phase two action yeah yep go in backwards guys i wasn't ready for the new move sir that's illegal okay all right guys we're only 10 likes away from 650 if you've not left a like on the stream yet make sure you make sure you helps out a lot all right i want to reset go ahead kill me thank you thank you [Applause] he's very mad have that watch me have that ah second phase man caught me off guard he blocks my role i really gotta figure that out really gotta figure out that how that works he's blocked my role there arrows for phase two then yeah hmm very nice see he's yelling because i won't face him he just goes phase two unexpectedly on me hmm hmm [Music] i'm not sure how he just killed me by hitting me with like his hand but okay we died all right man all right i get it he says [Music] huh all right don't get hit by that guys i i think [Music] i think that's not the play guys that's not the play um me hmm now [Music] come here hell yeah oh i hope the audio broke for the voice here do not believe me hiroki but death does not release you from duty the fiend kaguru means to sit upon a throne of blood what's up johnny how you doing yes sanjiro's voice broke vengeance may grant satisfaction but it's not our way my student it cannot bring our i go back you know you i would say that's the toughest boss yet come here survive foreign all right guys looks like uh we are in hell um i'm gonna take a fast break i have to pee so i'm gonna do that real real quick i drink a whole cup of coffee in like a minute flat so i'm gonna go do that i'll come back and we'll uh continue playing through this area of the game with that said if you're enjoying the stream make sure you subscribe i do play a lot of single player games it'd be great to have you guys here for more and of course make sure you leave a like on the stream if you haven't already as well i'll be right back dudes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so now that we have taken out uh man with the very loud voice and the stinky breath we must go on to yomi here we go here we go there's a shrine here oh yeah i need to stock up on all of my ammo again too i believe yeah i've got none yutsu sumagushi it is said that izanagi the creator set fire to his own comb at yutsu sumagushi to light the shadows of yomi and gaze once more upon the face of his dead love is a nami though she begged him not to he could not bear to be without her for all the dread of what he might see best great acts in elden ring i've i would say uh the wrong grave ordnance myself but i could be very wrong there [Music] [Music] here oh how's the game it's very enjoyable i'm showing you lots of the game right now if you enjoy what you see then uh you know uh guys keep in mind uh i know i keep pushing it but specifically this game is on xbox game pass uh so if you have xbox game pass you have already got access to the game something to consider i uh i really enjoy xbox game pass because all sorts of new games are always going to it so it's something that i subscribe to specifically because of that all right we got a round for that i can have up to four and i haven't had four in a long time now now we go to the left can we get up over here as well nope all right oh we got some skeletons here as what's well uh [Music] [Music] damn this guy dude oh shades are so annoying holy hell those guys are very annoying anamoosha vibes yeah someone said the same thing earlier as well ow [Music] damn getting my ass kicked that shade is real tough dude [Music] that shade is real tough that was a little awkward [Music] yes [Applause] i have no ammo for anything are you kidding me that's a lie [Music] oh i see now when you hit that it exhausts you that took me way too long to learn okay i get it now that's why i'm always running out of stamina against them i didn't catch on to that what's up marvin said that sci-fi souls-like sci-fi game is going to release what's the name of that game that's on the 20th of this month manohar it's called dolmen d-o-l-m-e-n yeah uh i fell for it okay so that's what's going on there when you're exhausted like that i don't know if it's a matter of just being out of stamina completely or just specifically hitting the uh the shades trap there but either way when that happens uh it looks like we get one shot by whatever follows up and hits us [Music] oh [Music] shoot [Music] [Music] making it through that fight with at least half my health to make this work better you say there's a hack and slash side scroller no because you're not just swinging nonsensically like you would in a hack and slash game you're more playing defensively and counter attacking than you are just swinging to swing him [Music] wow [Music] unfortunate got hit from both sides there wait why did this show that i had ammo for a moment now i don't i did pick up a round earlier and now oh i use it on the other shade that's why never mind never mind i remember all right let me mess up my combos real fast it's fine i'm liking a lot charles it's a good time man bro i can't move hell yeah no dude oh that's so upsetting i had an easy out and i just messed it up shoots better see the moves react yeah the camera angle in this room is a little rough it's a little far away because there's so many enemies [Music] yes [Music] there we go there we go what's up how you doing today [Music] [Applause] what the heck oh my god i didn't think he was in line to hit me stupid jerk stupid jerk guy someone tell that guy that's illegal someone tell that guy rude oh oh man no i'm exhausted shoots yeah unfortunate dude this room is off this room is so tough man i can barely see myself i've got three different types of enemies in here the shade is very overwhelming on my position as well which makes it worse [Music] there you go get closer to the screen drew true [Music] [Music] yes [Music] [Music] ah there it is guys i'll be honest with you i was holding my breath that entire time [Laughter] ah i was holding my breath that entire time all right so i need one more symbol here i've got two i know i see the third one at the top of the rock okay uh there it is [Music] guys thank you for tuning in to the stream tonight and hanging out with me even though i'm not playing uh elden ring i know a lot of you guys know me foreign but i do play more than just elden ring i've always been a type of streamer that plays a lot of different games [Music] foreign i have not seen that off no i've never seen them [Music] what's this oh we got ammo guys oh my god finally i could have used this during like the last onslaught you know could have used this back then but thanks game thank you what's up travis [Music] i'm enjoying it so far corsica it's a good time it's challenging because i put on hard difficulty but i'm having a blast [Music] shade what is this angle all right i feel like these shades got a huge health upgrade or something because they they're just so resilient [Applause] i feel like they have so much more health than what what i'm used to [Music] [Music] ah i fell for that i earned it i earned it man haha got him so i do enjoy a lot of the camera angles that the game is throwing at us here but some of them make the game a little bit more difficult because it's hard to see like certain things happening but overall it's it's still a really good game like like though that's just one small complaint in just a couple of minor areas blunderbuss only challenge run when yeah right ozotsu ammunition we like that we like that very much what's in the bowl collectible maggots yay disgusting creatures yomi is a land of rot and corruption a land of maggots when izanagi gazed upon dead is a nami's face against her best wishes it was these foul beasts that spewed from her ruptured flesh horrified by what had become of his beauteous love or beautist love he ran and he ran he ran so far away oh what's this oh shiny stamina increased hell yeah oh think of the 10 super chat try to watch it and let me know what you think here's for a great stream my guy hey thank you wolf i appreciate it man i appreciate it dude thank you kindly thank you for hanging out with me today thank you again although it's very kind [Music] yes i hate these shades so much they're the worst the absolute worst enemy man [Music] [Music] [Applause] oh god wait where'd you go there's no way he actually died there yeah i didn't think so you bastard wait why'd i get turned around what the heck oh papa bless we killed him i have this really bad habit of holding my breath against those guys i don't know why i've been here before a little bit of deja vu i need a uh shrine two yes [Music] nice all right we whooped that one that felt good very nice very nice [Music] all right there's something wrapped around that building up there that's very large you see in that looks like a large tail maybe a very large tail of sorts up there oh boy okay do not need those arrows that hit me oh boy that was uh that was a bit of something a big abekazura ibikizura grapes outraged that her husband had broken his word and run from her izanami summoned yamotsu shikome the frightful hag of yomi to prevent izanagi's escape izanagi threw down his headdress whereupon it was transformed into glistening grapes though the shakome paused to devour them this did not slow the hag's murderous passage no shrine there's a shrine right here i was just reading that item it sounds good cece have a good night thank you for hanging out with me thank you for hanging out with me [Music] some of this is actually giving me like just the animations how that worked there like that's door vibes because the like the land would reconstruct in that oh as well as uh not just death's door but uh lost in random how like the ground would like reconstruct in that way i know it's something that happens in a lot of games and it's something that's happened a lot before those like the two most recent games i've played that had something like that going on a shade i kinda just went spam happy there but it worked out [Music] [Music] all right all right [Music] this place seems happy right like a place where friends can gather and have a good time together yeah what's up sweden oh there we go nice dammit there we are all right that got a little sketchy for a moment is that like a dragon skull right there kind of looks like it doesn't it excused another arrow nice [Music] [Music] wait [Music] is there really two shades here at the same time that sucks that sucks a lot this is gonna be tough all right this is gonna be real tough dude [Music] [Music] [Music] ah [Music] [Music] come on [Music] damn man these shades are something else dude they're just so resilient to everything what's up fire mother how's it going today [Music] [Music] if i go too far to the right it's just going to make more people spawn i mean left so i need to keep him over here and eliminate him before i go that way and if i pull another arrow too soon he'll just teleport through it unfortunate and then he goes over there to cool off that really blows for me can do that though land some damage [Music] that and he even stopped teleporting over there he's trying to lure me into uh more enemies i get it okay we got one now three more enemies including another shade come up here oh [Music] [Music] [Music] nice very nice very very nice we like that please give me a shrine after that we go this way negative [Music] [Music] okay we can go in here or to the right see this on the ground here oh some ammo nice nice we like that [Music] i'm doing all right i'm doing all right father fire mother i uh getting my ass kicked in this game but having a good time otherwise i mean don't get me wrong me getting my ass kicked is a good time for me anyway but i enjoy the challenge all right max ammo on that what's this max ammo on that now excellent news excellent news yeah ooh piece of candy oops candy we got a shrine baby it's all good homie i generally keep my cool all right i see two symbols here i think i saw another one like back this way oh no same one i'm seeing now maybe you have to press this button to get it to appear [Music] all right guys we're 18 likes away from 700 if you haven't liked on the stream yet consider doing so if you're having a good time here it would mean a lot to me it helps push the channel out in front of more more eyeballs it'd be great if you guys if you could do that for me [Music] okay now we have to do this in a certain order and i can see it three one two four or three one four two rather have a great night janet thank you for hanging out with us one [Music] oh man [Music] there can be no shortcuts yes [Music] these enemies i don't like very much i'd rather fight them than shades but i don't like how they work the ones were in the uh samurai outfit specifically [Music] [Music] [Music] come on why do you keep walking backward all right dude trying to get some help off of him by doing the uh the parry but he just isn't having it man just kept walking backward [Music] i don't like the way they work it no diggity yes no diggity indeed yeah that word yeah i'm i'm sure i'm butchering that absolutely as izanagi fled from the horrors of yomi he threw a comb at the monstrous hag shikome stopped her pursuit in order to eat bamboo shoots made from his comb raijins and their army joined the chase when they didn't stop after he brandished atsuka nosorugi he threw the peaches at the large crowd chasing him then escaped all right what's this over here we've got max ammo [Music] all right we like shrines we do like shrines very nice dude there we go you can watch my stamina against those guys it's scary forgot that one had a gun no one had the old musket [Music] with his sacred osuka blade izanagi bravely stood against the foul shakome who pursued him through the land of the darkness doubtless though this is merely the lost sword of another dead man forever lost to yomi's corruption foreign [Music] hmm yeah those guys aren't bad once i can get them in a line it's really not bad just gotta watch my stamina that gun did half my health and damage more than half no exactly half nevermind [Music] such vanity he says yeah the environment's really great [Music] all right another shrine hey some arrows we take those all right let's carry on this way hey dad that attack is so frustrating if they just sit there and like head bang and you just die hey hold on let me uh grab that again all right i think i need to take out the one on the left first that's what i need to do target left man and then work our way forward from there [Music] i'm trapped i'm trapped [Music] unfortunate we go again oh my god oh my god it's fine it's guiding me through yomi kara he didn't die these guys suck these guys foreign oh you little you little it's fine you know what it's fine i have a question though why am i oh okay it's because it's giving me several arrows okay all right damn this is some tough stuff hey pinky they give the 20 super chat what the heck does king cottle sent me well thank you thank you very much for the 20 spot i appreciate a lot dude that's very kind incredibly nice thank you i keep rolling that ever so slightly oh thank you pinky i appreciate it dude foreign i got nothing there it is oh my god that bridge is absolute hell guys holy heck hey thank you for joining us what's up mike how's it going thank you again pinky we got more of these bad boys here these guys are the worst i botched it i botched it these guys are awful in numbers individually not bad awful in numbers oh come on damn it's going well mike just getting completely destroyed on this bridge by a bunch of um undead dudes on they're not undead they're uh they're plagued yeah that attack wait you lived i think this might be one of the toughest spots in the entire game for me just based on how this is working out just have limited stamina the stamina regen is very slow and these guys uh they really that is tough i'm trying to find a window in which you could like make sense of using like arrows or something but i don't think there really is that worked out all right this is actually great okay so we need to ignore the gun guy just got to roll his shots that's why we do it this game looks cool never seen it before and i love how it is it's called trek2yomi it just came out today i'm playing it on xbox game pass but it is on all platforms aside from the nintendo switch and uh it's really great i'm playing on the hard difficulty as you can see getting my ass kicked but it's uh i i love the art style i love the combat uh like a lot of the camera angles are really scenic this is really well done now [Music] uh so salt and sacrifice comes out on the 10th that's in five days which is a metroidvania souls-like mashup we'll be checking that out and then dolman comes out on the 20th which is a sci-fi souls like looking forward to that as well and then in there somewhere uh somewhere in all of this i want to play returnal as well as i've never played returnal but i've heard really great things about it and i want to check it out so we'll be doing that soon too uh sacrifice my mistake assault and sacrifice [Music] looking forward to checking that out when it releases tainted clothing shaken by his terrible experience in yomi izanagi sought to clean cleanse himself of its corruption by bathing in the lake misogyny amaterasu the sun was born as he washed his left eye tsukuyomi the moon came from his right eye from his mouth sheena tsuhiko the wind from his nose emerged susano this storm and from his discarded clothes came 12 more great kami thus began the age of the heavenly rulers all right some shurikens we take those we got max ammo for the shurikens now i have no arrows though i used them all up on those bridges highly considering it okay we're beyond that hard part that feels really good ah come on would you guys be down for some maternal tomorrow would you guys be down for some return i was i was being ping-pong there i couldn't do anything because my stamina was so low and i couldn't block just getting wrecked pickup of some sort in the foreground or the shrine scene i go look oh i might be blocked here until after combat yeah i gotta complete this first hey king cottle what's up man thank you for sending people my way it's nice of you dude see this guy trying to get behind me all right he got me he actually got back there that sucks uh there where there is a shiny here good call good call yamatsu harasaka this is an image of yamatsuharasaka the gateway in our world to yomi once he had escaped from the land of the darkness izanagi sealed the entrance with a boulder behind it his dead love is anami raged and swore to drag a thousand souls to yomi each day izanagi swore to birth 1500 souls a day to overcome this thus izanami's vengeful fury began the cycle of life and death the great wheel which i myself now turn upon do i approach the end or the beginning [Music] anyways uh real quick if you guys are joining me uh for the first time my name is josh i like to play a lot of different video games i just recently moved here to youtube from streaming on twitch for almost six years uh just a month ago just moved here from twitch a month ago and things have been going really great streams have been going awesome there's been so many new people coming by each and every day and i really appreciate you guys coming in now uh if you enjoy a variety of single-player games then you know whenever you're not uh doing other things it'd be great to have you guys here thank you for hanging out with me today thank you for leaving likes on the stream we're just about a 700 now which is huge thank you guys for joining me zach have a great night dude [Music] have a good night as well see you tomorrow for some uh return ro welcome back how's it going bud uh [Music] ah those things are so annoying those guys are the worst man fraternal is a roguelike bullet hell game that has been deemed in one of the more challenging games to play on ps5 right now [Music] these guys dude awful awful i think you want to show me some love in the streams and watch me play later so i thought i'd pass the love hey that's awesome man i really appreciate it it's really great [Music] all right got those jerks that still doesn't kill him are you kidding me holy heck that's not good these guys are trying so hard to get behind me [Music] i'm sad i am i am filled with sadness i can't believe that didn't hit me these guys dude they're so relentless i failed my role how many hours have been playing this today we've been live for seven hours hey i in the appreciate that's really cool dude yeah all right this is not going well oh my god what is going on maybe i can like stun them with kunai that's negative oh he got behind me hey we actually lure the uh the rifleman over so we can let our stamina go up that's nice that's nice i like that my gm doesn't allow blunderbuss in his campaigns i can see why yeah yeah they're they kind of they have the potential to really break things [Music] ah stop that [Music] cujo have a good night man see you tomorrow okay that works this guy's trying to get behind me can you not [Music] okay so that that's a blunderbuss round hit all of them hit all three of them and kill the one in the back please have a shrine here please give me a damn shrine i don't want to do that again please game please all right i got some arrows we got some uh ammo we got a collectible oh noosa to this day we purify ourselves as izanagi himself did after wading through the filth filth of yomi to cleanse ourselves of pollution and sin when there's not running water the nusa wand can be used to cast out corruption this is a welcome sight yet i know all the noosa in the land could not cleanse me now that's a very bright light let's go into it my favorite childhood game honestly i have i have a really hard time answering that i have some very fond memories with certain games but i grew up in the age of blockbuster and hollywood video and video king and all those so every other weekend i was uh renting different games for three dollars and sometimes they would have like specials where it was just a dollar for five days and stuff like that um i remember i remember the first time i played a cover based uh third-person shooter called win back on nintendo 64. that was a really good time that was a huge game changer for me and how i viewed shooters and then uh i i enjoyed a lot of different platformers and action adventure games and rpgs i'll never forget the first time i played like jade empire on xbox knights of the old republic as well excellent games growing up loved them but i have a big influence with literally thousands of games in my life and i have a hard time saying that i like any one more than the other because of that [Music] oh okay i got my ass kicked all right another boss fight let's do this [Music] okay there we go [Music] [Music] all right [Music] that was cheap all right dude all right man i see you [Music] yeah he's able to hit me before i can even do anything that's kind of unfortunate i got wrecked i couldn't move i was still pulling out my sword and he attacked me [Music] yeah he gets free hits on me at this very start that sucks what is that what the hell i can't even move that blows [Music] [Music] [Music] unfortunate i almost had him we had a great combat loop going there almost had him watch gameplay for eternal the game looks hard as heck and there's no save feature when you die you restart completely over so this is that's nothing unusual it's not the first time this has ever happened it's called a roguelike where when you die you do restart however there's things you level up that make you stronger to start over with that's the entire premise of the game yes that that's the entire premise there's no checkpoints there's no saves uh like that that's that's that's exactly it like that's exactly what a roguelike is it's not the first time it's happened this type of this type of gameplay has been around for decades this is nothing new it's just a new idea to a lot of people because it's one of the more popular ones in recent years but it's nothing new whatsoever messed up i messed up come on [Music] gotta get all these perfect parries so i don't die [Music] there it is [Music] can you roll when it comes to strike no when i'm pulling out my uh sword it's completely locked up he hits me twice for free [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh man [Music] guys i'm choosing love love me [Music] man i'm glad you're enjoying what you're doing with the daggers and whips that's great man that's great dude [Music] [Music] uh-huh [Music] faze kagaroo kaguru kageru the pair of shells i was given so many years ago a relic of my lost parents marriage the paint on this one is intact is it meant to represent my parents who is it that separates them here and why would they stand in the way of their courtship if theirs was a forbidden love little wonder that master sanjiro would not speak of them michael a forbidden love [Music] oh hey you good he's just taking a nap guys everything's fine yogi remnant truly a miracle this is the remainder of my mother's yogi fan to join the part i found when i was but a child wait i count 39 blades in total that would mean this was a fan owned by a woman of an imperial blood that would mean i am of imperial blood oh ooh okay guys listen uh don't watch the wind thank you again for the 5 super chat i really appreciate it thank you so much for the generosity i'm glad you're enjoying what you're doing with your challenge runs now um it's storming really hard here guys so if i randomly disappear that is why um i want to finish this game up so i'm going to keep going uh but if i do randomly disappear blame the weather gods okay blame the weather gods [Music] welcome back esther um that guy's okay guys he's he's he's okay it's fine everything's good hold on is there anything back this way got ammunition already wow okay i thought i landed my combo right there but i did not i did not go well all right have a good night malthus oh [Music] [Music] that man lost his head [Music] he's just going for a quick nap it's fine uh so back here i can see a bit of a sparkle on the back right of the room we've already covered this never mind never mind [Music] no man i was getting too close i was trying to uh do the uh the execution combo on him and i just kept getting kicked that room's gonna be tough yes [Music] [Music] hey buddy wait dude he doesn't he just shot that three times in a row without having to reload it again that sucks he just shot that three times in a row without having to reload he's got an advanced version of it yes [Music] [Music] my man lost his head it's fine yeah i basically i need to get a very fast execution combo there so that way i get iframes against the gun i think the the guy with the the gun there is always going to be behind someone so i need to get high frames against it it's the only way i survived [Music] am i replenishing health from the execution combos there just like ghost of tsushima [Music] oh wait what happened there what the heck bro i don't i don't know what happened there i did the execution combo and it didn't let me execute him ah tilted it's fine everything's fine guys [Music] hmm [Music] there it goes [Music] ah feels nice feels nice hey guys kaseru remnants at last the remainder of my father's smoking pipe i have searched for it for decades the engravings may reveal his status wait there are no marking upon it at all it is as humble as can be he was a commenter then just an honest man of the land there's no shame in that the common people are after all what most matters so that means that his parents did have a forbidden love there's a shrine over here i see a way through here as well as we go up the stairs to the left what does it stairs to the left first we like them [Music] nope i didn't do the right combo but it worked out it worked out it's fine [Music] [Applause] ah messing my combos up now [Music] [Music] well all right that works well all right then oh yeah bailey that's awesome man [Applause] oh goody a shrine papa bless papa blast all right we can go above or below let's go above um there we go that guy with a spear oh hey yeah what's up man how you doing old question you are he's a general hey thanks for joining us alvin um i'm sorry i called you melvin but your name is clearly noah thanks for joining us [Music] i'll still be playing more alden ring in the future though for sure alan is a game i really enjoy a lot so [Music] all right i can't block the uh the naginata i tried to block that you can't block that [Music] rights rights all right bailey have a good night man i'll see you later all right that sucked the guy with the spear can poke around his allies which makes sense it's a spear after all but painful you know oh let's try going down this way then let's see if there's something different down here [Music] [Music] ah some ammo okay [Music] all right [Music] [Applause] oh [Music] trying to decide which souls or souls like game i should play first i'm new to this genre any thoughts have you played elden ring already rich outside of that man i mean i would recommend just starting from the beginning i feel like that makes the most sense [Music] [Music] light anti-armor attack rotation backward x x forward y [Music] it's just an extra attack between the other combo which is all right gotta levi frames yeah new collectible a moa kane mask i'm not sure what i'm saying all right this mask shows the face of a moakane perhaps the wisest of the great kami without his sage council his fellow spirits would never have lured the sun queen amaterasu from her dark cave below and our world would today remain locked in darkness from that day on amaterasu looked only to him for wisdom it is patience and foresight i must now look if i am to vanquish kageru and keep this land safe from him and his wicked kind okay so then i would like honestly uh the older games are a little bit clunky that you know they've aged but you could start like dark souls and work your way up so that we can kind of see the evolution of the franchise and honestly i feel like that's the best way to do it because seeing the evolution of the franchise is one of the most illuminating things as to why so many people love eldon ring now it just kinda you could see all the direct advancement of everything that they've put together throughout the years what's up syrah this game about customizable armor and weapon no there is no customization in that regard it's an action adventure game where you play uh a person whose parents were killed as well as a sensei um by these uh bandits essentially and you're now working as an adult to try to take care of everything while making a couple choices along the way about who to save the most uh aiko who is your long lost love or your sensei and you just kind of go through the story yeah no problem rich i hope you enjoy your time man i feel like going through them chronologically makes the most sense simply because you can kind of see the evolution of the franchise in a big way and that's really great yes [Applause] [Applause] oh that reached crazy [Music] [Applause] that's kind of hot that was kind of hot we like them okay you just can't do that that's rude that's rude [Music] oh unfortunate i needed those iframes really bad no iframes for me any progression of the main character skills weapons helpful you uh you unlock new combos and uh you can find pickups to give you more health and stuff to progress more health and stamina oh dude this guy's kicking my ass i need to figure out a way to kill him extremely quickly all right that works this is not an in-depth rpg so you're not gonna find a lot of the stuff you're asking about there tursura [Music] [Music] oh you bastard all right are any difficulty settings in this yes i'm playing on hard difficulty myself it's got easy normal hard and then one shot i'm very dead never mind got those eye frames [Music] the fact that happens in the middle of my combo there's nothing i can do about that i either have to roll and take damage from his sword or roll and take or you know don't roll damage from the gun the worst oh that's the worst no i am not done with elden ring i just play more than elden ring it's just like most other people in the world i play more than one ah this guy with a gun [Music] [Music] wait what just hit me i don't know what hit me man i mean this works this is fine this is fine yeah romero yeah i got you there's arrows that's what hit me i never even noticed the arrows until now very much so a time section [Music] damn it man i don't know uh man i feel like i have to get there's absolute perfect parries here to make this work yeah he's gonna shoot again iframes it hurts so much have a good night so then i'll see you later come on is a tough section for sure for sure [Music] it's just uh there's other games i want to play as well and this game just came out today uh there's other games coming out soon that'll be checking out as well and hopefully if you guys here for it i'll be playing uh salt and sacrifice on the 10th that's in five days which is a metroidvania souls like mashup [Music] and then on the 20th the dolmen comes out which is a sci-fi soul's like yeah i can't it's really unfortunate and i'm thinking tomorrow we're gonna play tomorrow i want to play some return which is a roguelike that i've heard really great things about [Music] hit by an arrow as well unfortunately [Music] so not only is it putting me up against these guys that don't have to reload constantly with their guns but also it's giving me some of the fastest enemies in the game so actually getting the parries is tougher than usual too they swing a little bit faster than the other guys come on [Music] [Music] [Music] i did it perfectly guys yeah the art style is great [Applause] [Applause] oh man if i go for a parry i potentially die anyway tough man so tough dude i have to be absolutely perfect the whole way through these gunners are rough [Music] okay okay okay oh there's a shrine here papa bless it's done it's a good horse [Music] high frames [Music] nice general down as well feeling good feeling good we got a ladder right there we can go this way too all right this looks a little dark i think we need to hit the ladder first [Music] that was a little bit uh the way they layer those uh gunners with those guys [Music] [Music] ah okay i didn't think that would hit me limited space against a general is a bit rough [Music] i wish i could use their the weapon that they have it's very nice oh [Music] that does a lot of damage oh these arrows do not make this any easier i tell you all right let's try going this way and seeing what's up [Laughter] [Applause] got max ammo for all this stuff already no bullets though for my gun we got arrows and kunai like crazy but nothing else all right so this is uh we have to go the other way lords cracked wipes so awesome yeah it's a fun weapon unfortunate i needed that other guy to not hit me but i mistimed the parry ever so slightly what is this rocking a hard place game is brutal yeah i am playing on a hard mode to be fair though [Music] i just tried to parry that what there we go that works there you go pal foreign so long [Music] uh [Music] [Music] uh [Music] [Music] nice uh that can't be good right that's not good at all i feel like they want me to use the bow more here so i guess we'll start doing that [Music] [Music] are you kidding me another archer that's painful have that there you go you know i was about to ask when i'm gonna find more archers and sure enough here we go oh okay we're dead we are dead [Applause] [Music] all right you know fire oh why didn't that work all right you know what here you go okay that went way over your head never mind ignore me oh stop that there we go so many combos that are related to just directional buttons like a fighting game so it messes up like what i'm trying to do so often i keep doing the wrong thing okay it's casual explosions the blaze impedes me i'm liking this game quite a bit chris it's a good time [Music] all right that room's really not so bad that's not so bad at all yeah i've been having a blast with this man it's been uh quite the experience oh there's a gun oh no oh i'm dead oh what's this i missed this oh a bullet a bullet damn you guys trying to get behind me [Music] ah well it worked out for him what's up nom how you doing [Music] man i need i i just i need them to not be so slow they're faster fighters and yet they're still moving up on me so slow damn it man uh i mean that works that's fine that's fine targets will move up on the gunner too i won't stay mad about that i won't be mad about that rather words [Music] the general here [Music] [Music] shredded ancient sword scorch and ruins uh is the same thing we found earlier but it says a little bit of a different thing here evokes the warrior kami futsunushi even his name is the sound a blade cutting the air with precise and lethal strikes this was a spirit born from the blood dripping from the blade that killed kat kagatsuchi slain in grief by his father izanagi for burning his mother is nami to death and thus consigning her to yomi though some see honor in him i know to futsunushi to be a spirit of rage and vengeance and one i call upon as i fulfill my blood-soaked destiny destiny words my voice is given out on me man what's up jen um let's grab that another collectible kanke koshu writings of tenjin the scholar kami when he was in mortal form as the courtly poet michizane mikazane attention is known now as a spirit of wisdom and patience but once he was a vengeful spirit punishing those who lies or whose lies removed him from power and saw him die a lonely death only once several of his rivals and their families had met untimely and uncanny ends was his reputation restored and his spirit defy deified as the kami tengen michizane did not forgive and neither shall i vengeance is an energy and with it i shall triumph [Music] i remember these items here because i saw them earlier convenient path block every way i go convenience i'll go up you have the right idea [Music] what's this stamina [Music] okay oh that's uh that's catching up with me fire is spreading like crazy i have to go got some fireworks uh did you know this whole town is made of fireworks huh and directed by michael bay all right looks like the final building is here got some ammo and stuff out here very nice we're actually full up on everything look at that aside from kunai looks like i use one more there sake cup dragonfly engraving represents the strength of jimu the first emperor the divine descendant of the sun kami amaterasu it is he who founded this great empire remaining steadfast in the face of countless enemies and countless obstacles when a mosquito saw to drink his sacred blood as he gazed upon the land he was born to rule a dragonfly seized it from the air and now and so now this land became known as akatsu the dragonfly islands the dragonfly understood as its duty as danjimu and as do i onward to face death once more for the sake of all who have suffered under men like kageru having the word sake in there when it's a sake cup [Music] oh no dow tuxedo not just not the mass explosions and at that rate of you know rate of explosion and everything especially when it's been raining the entire game the wood is very wet it's not going to catch a blaze like that that rapidly obviously it's just a video game though [Music] [Music] that's more [Music] oh boy [Music] absolutely wrecked [Music] i had a feeling wait that's not legal [Music] ah i was focusing on the other guy because i didn't know what he was gonna do there didn't know what he was gonna do there all right [Music] [Music] i just took all the damage in the world there that sucks i gotta not take damage during this first phase it's really not so bad and it's just when he does this really fast flurry of attacks there that i can get [Music] that right there [Music] there you go [Music] [Music] oh i was in range of that still spec phone okay hold on all right sorry guys wife was messaging me it's going all right kaji um i think we're at the final boss actually yeah [Music] really unfortunate [Music] [Music] yeah i'm doing well kaji i am enjoying the new game it's funny dude dude that does so much english for free he hit me twice and it took all but two of my health bars holy hell he hit me twice man oh that attack sucks that attack sucks a lot [Music] [Music] ah perfect [Music] unfortunately unfortunate mankind [Music] [Music] oh i'm on fire maybe not that still hit me really unfortunate all right it looks like we have to be completely clear of it you can't try to like roll away i messed up big kind of does joe um [Music] please any character you face so far in this game which would it be [Music] oh my god a shade very easily [Music] hmm [Music] guys the fire on the ground only does stamina damage never mind that's a lie it looks like it does ignite damage when you're standing on it other than that it only looks like it takes stamina really that appeared to do so for me [Music] um [Music] [Music] i mean all right dude [Music] damn wait what's going on here the other guy's trying to get behind me [Applause] [Music] huh [Music] yeah oh [Music] [ __ ] that's so unfortunate man yeah so he disappears when he goes into phase two he disappears two other guys appear and i have to kill them and then he comes back [Music] [Music] okay [Music] two [Applause] [Music] yes damn dude terrible [Music] [ __ ] this is tough man [Music] okay [Music] [Music] no i pretty much have to get through phase one taking no damage because i have no opportunity to regain health whatsoever unfortunately [Music] [Music] wait what how did you get that in there [Music] unfortunately [Music] oh that's so annoying [ __ ] that uh fire on the ground attack is very annoying because it's uh hard to dodge very hard to dodge [Music] perfect [Music] much [Music] [Music] uh [Music] what [Music] dammit [ __ ] oh it's so difficult man trying to parry those uh like those minuscule attacks right there is so difficult oh my god all right reset just kill me very very tough dammit [Music] hmm [Music] oh i rolled right into it oh i'm not frustrated it's just a momentary thing it's just like we're learning i can't take damager in phase one i have to be perfect i have to be perfect [Music] what's up wheelie [Music] that sucks my role got canceled all right oh [Music] huh [Music] [Music] uh come on [Music] no no no no no no wow [Music] [Music] playing that hour straight yes yeah [Music] the hardest part about this is definitely the two guys that spawn when he vanishes that that's easily the hardest part about this i think it's just both versions of himself actually just you know lesser health totals reset ruined again what's up brian how you doing man [Music] stupid [Music] damn i got no help no no no he's trying to lure me out no way good [Music] oh [Music] oh my god oh my god oh [Music] oh yeah that sucks i knew that was gonna happen because i was one hp oh man oh man [Music] [Music] [Music] i really should race [Music] yeah the way he moves his sword is uh very unique to the rest of the enemies in the game he focuses on like most of the uh the actual points of it like the very tip to lay down his damage he just waves it around here [Music] [Music] wait [Music] oh i'm dead he cornered me with the fire dude there's no way of getting out of there no i i fought melania for 13 hours the first time i was learning her so this is nothing like that it's difficult don't get me wrong [Music] where's my buckler yeah i'm gonna reset after that [Music] are you kidding me where's the parry damn damn damn damn damn damn he could just get his sword through to you so quickly when he is [Music] [Music] god skin samurai [Music] damn it unfortunately [Music] [Music] what [Music] yes [Music] [Music] ah [Music] ah i tried to roll instead of perry i should have just parried that [Music] what is that man get out of here [Music] reset man just kill me just kill me brother thank you thank you so i think i'm gonna try to use the uh gun at the beginning of second phase because i have a little bit more comfort time to do [Music] too [Music] oh my god where's my parry ah reset just kill me man i gotta take no damage during the first phase otherwise it's not worth it if i take damage at all it's instantly not worth it during phase one can't have it cannot [Music] a worthy final boss fight though i like that he literally had zero hp the entire bar was gone on my side that sucks everything's fine [Music] there you go there you go pal oh that still hit me tragedy [Music] all right that didn't work out so well i think i should give up on using the gun all together yep i'm more comfortable going with harry's [Music] [Music] dammit [Music] [Music] i hate when they switch [Music] [Music] yes did you play return i'm gonna play return on stream tomorrow john [Music] [Music] what's up [Music] this ain't good at all unfortunate had a really good start to the face too as well that sucks something i'm grateful for though is the really fast time let me just get back in there right away and not lose my cool [Music] or not lose my heat rather reset reset is [Music] even his phase one timing is different from all his phase two stuff so it's just you kind of get complacent in a way just get so used to certain attacks and then all of a sudden he's changing it up on you [Music] cool [Music] yes [Music] there we go [Music] come on brother [Music] are you kidding me i am literally holding block and it doesn't let me do it oh my god oh my god dude it's like it just doesn't register and you oh oh i'm so saddened what's up cc welcome back dude [Music] [Music] [Music] oh you have to be kidding i'm so sad this game just came out today that one guy i don't know the cost because i'm playing it on game pass myself [Music] phase two guy does not let you order him he teleports out [Music] [Music] stop it okay [Music] stop the nonsense ah reset why is it so finicky on this one yeah this is the final boss he's really tough it's the same guy that uh killed sensei at the beginning of the game three come on there you go [Music] what's up oh why bro i can't thank you i'm so sad [Music] foreign oh sneaky okay what's up leonard how you doing sir pretty please my guy my god hmm [Music] [Music] [Music] tragedy it's an absolute tragedy guys a tragedy of the tragic sorts what's really cool though right now is there's lightning like in-game because it's storming it's going yeah it's going well uh joe this is a great game is it on ps5 yes [Music] highly enjoy it [Music] oh dude okay reset once in a while he'll do these fake out attacks like i wish i could do fake out attacks that'd be great i can't take damage during phase one otherwise it's completely pointless it is difficult [Music] [Music] oh god [Music] hmm [Music] bro huh i have one hp hey bud can we not do the uh the fancy stuff in phase one thanks thanks bud go ahead go ahead and ask you to jump all right you can still two shot me in phase one too this whole fight is nuts on this difficulty i think even if i were to find every health thing i would still die in the same amount of hits his attacks do so much damage it's just crazy can we not dance can you just like can you just die you thought about just that is loud thunder oh my god you guys hear that thunder through my microphone all right [Music] it's raining [Music] oh [Music] [Music] hmm [Music] [Music] oh [Music] hold off the old switch on me there [Music] come on it's illegal [Music] nice nice no all right that was the best run in a while though god damn this guy is so tough [Music] he'll just randomly change up his stuff and get so comfortable with it and then he just throws something different at me [Music] [Music] [Music] ah [Music] [Music] what how do you just attack through my attacks oh i'm tilted you just randomly decided to attack in the middle of my combo that's the worst thing man that is the absolute worst it's not supposed to happen now yeah [Music] [Music] yes [Music] dammit oh come on that's so annoying come on man [Music] [Applause] my man caught me on a flinch there [Music] [Music] [Music] yes [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] what a fight man [Music] oh man yeah gracie i've been loving this game it's very enjoyable we just finished it on hard mode uh but it was very enjoyable very very enjoyable [Music] feels good man all right guys this is this was a very good game i liked it it was challenging uh another another game that made me a very challenged as far as my dexterity goes as far as my uh mechanical capabilities go i loved it um it had a couple things that were kind of lackluster sometimes the camera angles messed up a little bit of what the the flow of combat was as well as um [Music] sometimes enemies would react poorly in ways that they aren't supposed to things like we saw the guy actually attacked me through my attacks despite him supposed to be you know he was supposed to be staggered during that moment um but you know it happens it's not that big of a deal it's just a momentary thing i didn't notice any major many major bugs there was one bug where i attacked an enemy and then killed him even though his body wasn't in the right spot for it to make sense that was pretty much the only thing i can really recall as far as bugs go but overall a solid indie experience this was really really solid i love the art style the music is good obviously i love the japanese lore and language the voice acting was really really great despite me not knowing japanese you could actually understand like a little bit of the emotions that people were going through based on the inflections of their voice which was really nice which was really really nice i like that so overall a very solid experience i enjoy this a lot i would say as far as indie titles go i'm gonna give this like a a solid seven seven out of ten oh the point where the voice is broke yeah there is that as well i forgot about that uh there was two cutscenes where the voice broke specifically i think it was uh the sensei's voice i i think it was either way um that's the extent of that i gave it a seven out of ten pretty solid pretty solid game definitely worth uh taking the time to play today uh tomorrow guys when i come back i'll be live at 4 p.m eastern time again we're gonna play some uh i'm gonna play return all i'm gonna go ahead and buy it and install it right after i end stream here we'll play returnal tomorrow so uh be great to have you guys come by it's another very challenging game this time a roguelike uh roguelike bullet hell so there's lots of stuff flying at us and we have to survive it all and go from room to room and just make our way through the game that way i'm looking forward to that [Music] with that said if you haven't already make sure you subscribe to the channel so that way you don't miss out any of our future streams as well as make sure you leave a like on this stream so that way uh youtube will recommend it to more like-minded folks for a game that's not elden ring we did fairly well today thank you guys for coming by and hanging out with me in stream today it means a hell of a lot hope to see you guys again tomorrow for some returnal for some returnal this game was great i enjoyed it thank you guys so much for hanging out with me i hope you enjoyed the stream i truly do thank you for being here um also be sure to follow me up on social media there's a whole bunch of uh links in chat right now right there a whole bunch of links there we got instagram and twitter and gilded click on that stuff join up on that stuff so that way you can stay up to date on everything going on and you know be involved anyways guys thank you for chilling much love everyone i hope you enjoyed your stay until tomorrow be excellent to each other later folks [Music] foreignWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40Watch at: 10:40 / 11:00Watch at: 11:00 / 11:20Watch at: 11:20 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at: 04:34:20 / 04:34:40Watch at: 04:34:40 / 04:35:00Watch at: 04:35:00 / 04:35:20Watch at: 04:35:20 / 04:35:40Watch at: 04:35:40 / 04:36:00Watch at: 04:36:00 / 04:36:20Watch at: 04:36:20 / 04:36:40Watch at: 04:36:40 / 04:37:00Watch at: 04:37:00 / 04:37:20Watch at: 04:37:20 / 04:37:40Watch at: 04:37:40 / 04:38:00Watch at: 04:38:00 / 04:38:20Watch at: 04:38:20 / 04:38:40Watch at: 04:38:40 / 04:39:00Watch at: 04:39:00 / 04:39:20Watch at: 04:39:20 / 04:39:40Watch at: 04:39:40 / 04:40:00Watch at: 04:40:00 / 04:40:20Watch at: 04:40:20 / 04:40:40Watch at: 04:40:40 / 04:41:00Watch at: 04:41:00 / 04:41:20Watch at: 04:41:20 / 04:41:40Watch at: 04:41:40 / 04:42:00Watch at: 04:42:00 / 04:42:20Watch at: 04:42:20 / 04:42:40Watch at: 04:42:40 / 04:43:00Watch at: 04:43:00 / 04:43:20Watch at: 04:43:20 / 04:43:40Watch at: 04:43:40 / 04:44:00Watch at: 04:44:00 / 04:44:20Watch at: 04:44:20 / 04:44:40Watch at: 04:44:40 / 04:45:00Watch at: 04:45:00 / 04:45:20Watch at: 04:45:20 / 04:45:40Watch at: 04:45:40 / 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at: 04:57:20 / 04:57:40Watch at: 04:57:40 / 04:58:00Watch at: 04:58:00 / 04:58:20Watch at: 04:58:20 / 04:58:40Watch at: 04:58:40 / 04:59:00Watch at: 04:59:00 / 04:59:20Watch at: 04:59:20 / 04:59:40Watch at: 04:59:40 / 05:00:00Watch at: 05:00:00 / 05:00:20Watch at: 05:00:20 / 05:00:40Watch at: 05:00:40 / 05:01:00Watch at: 05:01:00 / 05:01:20Watch at: 05:01:20 / 05:01:40Watch at: 05:01:40 / 05:02:00Watch at: 05:02:00 / 05:02:20Watch at: 05:02:20 / 05:02:40Watch at: 05:02:40 / 05:03:00Watch at: 05:03:00 / 05:03:20Watch at: 05:03:20 / 05:03:40Watch at: 05:03:40 / 05:04:00Watch at: 05:04:00 / 05:04:20Watch at: 05:04:20 / 05:04:40Watch at: 05:04:40 / 05:05:00Watch at: 05:05:00 / 05:05:20Watch at: 05:05:20 / 05:05:40Watch at: 05:05:40 / 05:06:00Watch at: 05:06:00 / 05:06:20Watch at: 05:06:20 / 05:06:40Watch at: 05:06:40 / 05:07:00Watch at: 05:07:00 / 05:07:20Watch at: 05:07:20 / 05:07:40Watch at: 05:07:40 / 05:08:00Watch at: 05:08:00 / 05:08:20Watch at: 05:08:20 / 05:08:40Watch at: 05:08:40 / 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05:32:00Watch at: 05:32:00 / 05:32:20Watch at: 05:32:20 / 05:32:40Watch at: 05:32:40 / 05:33:00Watch at: 05:33:00 / 05:33:20Watch at: 05:33:20 / 05:33:40Watch at: 05:33:40 / 05:34:00Watch at: 05:34:00 / 05:34:20Watch at: 05:34:20 / 05:34:40Watch at: 05:34:40 / 05:35:00Watch at: 05:35:00 / 05:35:20Watch at: 05:35:20 / 05:35:40Watch at: 05:35:40 / 05:36:00Watch at: 05:36:00 / 05:36:20Watch at: 05:36:20 / 05:36:40Watch at: 05:36:40 / 05:37:00Watch at: 05:37:00 / 05:37:20Watch at: 05:37:20 / 05:37:40Watch at: 05:37:40 / 05:38:00Watch at: 05:38:00 / 05:38:20Watch at: 05:38:20 / 05:38:40Watch at: 05:38:40 / 05:39:00Watch at: 05:39:00 / 05:39:20Watch at: 05:39:20 / 05:39:40Watch at: 05:39:40 / 05:40:00Watch at: 05:40:00 / 05:40:20Watch at: 05:40:20 / 05:40:40Watch at: 05:40:40 / 05:41:00Watch at: 05:41:00 / 05:41:20Watch at: 05:41:20 / 05:41:40Watch at: 05:41:40 / 05:42:00Watch at: 05:42:00 / 05:42:20Watch at: 05:42:20 / 05:42:40Watch at: 05:42:40 / 05:43:00Watch at: 05:43:00 / 05:43:20Watch at: 05:43:20 / 05:43:40Watch at: 05:43:40 / 05:44:00Watch at: 05:44:00 / 05:44:20Watch at: 05:44:20 / 05:44:40Watch at: 05:44:40 / 05:45:00Watch at: 05:45:00 / 05:45:20Watch at: 05:45:20 / 05:45:40Watch at: 05:45:40 / 05:46:00Watch at: 05:46:00 / 05:46:20Watch at: 05:46:20 / 05:46:40Watch at: 05:46:40 / 05:47:00Watch at: 05:47:00 / 05:47:20Watch at: 05:47:20 / 05:47:40Watch at: 05:47:40 / 05:48:00Watch at: 05:48:00 / 05:48:20Watch at: 05:48:20 / 05:48:40Watch at: 05:48:40 / 05:49:00Watch at: 05:49:00 / 05:49:20Watch at: 05:49:20 / 05:49:40Watch at: 05:49:40 / 05:50:00Watch at: 05:50:00 / 05:50:20Watch at: 05:50:20 / 05:50:40Watch at: 05:50:40 / 05:51:00Watch at: 05:51:00 / 05:51:20Watch at: 05:51:20 / 05:51:40Watch at: 05:51:40 / 05:52:00Watch at: 05:52:00 / 05:52:20Watch at: 05:52:20 / 05:52:40Watch at: 05:52:40 / 05:53:00Watch at: 05:53:00 / 05:53:20Watch at: 05:53:20 / 05:53:40Watch at: 05:53:40 / 05:54:00Watch at: 05:54:00 / 05:54:20Watch at: 05:54:20 / 05:54:40Watch at: 05:54:40 / 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at: 06:06:20 / 06:06:40Watch at: 06:06:40 / 06:07:00Watch at: 06:07:00 / 06:07:20Watch at: 06:07:20 / 06:07:40Watch at: 06:07:40 / 06:08:00Watch at: 06:08:00 / 06:08:20Watch at: 06:08:20 / 06:08:40Watch at: 06:08:40 / 06:09:00Watch at: 06:09:00 / 06:09:20Watch at: 06:09:20 / 06:09:40Watch at: 06:09:40 / 06:10:00Watch at: 06:10:00 / 06:10:20Watch at: 06:10:20 / 06:10:40Watch at: 06:10:40 / 06:11:00Watch at: 06:11:00 / 06:11:20Watch at: 06:11:20 / 06:11:40Watch at: 06:11:40 / 06:12:00Watch at: 06:12:00 / 06:12:20Watch at: 06:12:20 / 06:12:40Watch at: 06:12:40 / 06:13:00Watch at: 06:13:00 / 06:13:20Watch at: 06:13:20 / 06:13:40Watch at: 06:13:40 / 06:14:00Watch at: 06:14:00 / 06:14:20Watch at: 06:14:20 / 06:14:40Watch at: 06:14:40 / 06:15:00Watch at: 06:15:00 / 06:15:20Watch at: 06:15:20 / 06:15:40Watch at: 06:15:40 / 06:16:00Watch at: 06:16:00 / 06:16:20Watch at: 06:16:20 / 06:16:40Watch at: 06:16:40 / 06:17:00Watch at: 06:17:00 / 06:17:20Watch at: 06:17:20 / 06:17:40Watch at: 06:17:40 / 06:18:00Watch at: 06:18:00 / 06:18:20Watch at: 06:18:20 / 06:18:40Watch at: 06:18:40 / 06:19:00Watch at: 06:19:00 / 06:19:20Watch at: 06:19:20 / 06:19:40Watch at: 06:19:40 / 06:20:00Watch at: 06:20:00 / 06:20:20Watch at: 06:20:20 / 06:20:40Watch at: 06:20:40 / 06:21:00Watch at: 06:21:00 / 06:21:20Watch at: 06:21:20 / 06:21:40Watch at: 06:21:40 / 06:22:00Watch at: 06:22:00 / 06:22:20Watch at: 06:22:20 / 06:22:40Watch at: 06:22:40 / 06:23:00Watch at: 06:23:00 / 06:23:20Watch at: 06:23:20 / 06:23:40Watch at: 06:23:40 / 06:24:00Watch at: 06:24:00 / 06:24:20Watch at: 06:24:20 / 06:24:40Watch at: 06:24:40 / 06:25:00Watch at: 06:25:00 / 06:25:20Watch at: 06:25:20 / 06:25:40Watch at: 06:25:40 / 06:26:00Watch at: 06:26:00 / 06:26:20Watch at: 06:26:20 / 06:26:40Watch at: 06:26:40 / 06:27:00Watch at: 06:27:00 / 06:27:20Watch at: 06:27:20 / 06:27:40Watch at: 06:27:40 / 06:28:00Watch at: 06:28:00 / 06:28:20Watch at: 06:28:20 / 06:28:40Watch at: 06:28:40 / 06:29:00Watch at: 06:29:00 / 06:29:20Watch at: 06:29:20 / 06:29:40Watch at: 06:29:40 / 06:30:00Watch at: 06:30:00 / 06:30:20Watch at: 06:30:20 / 06:30:40Watch at: 06:30:40 / 06:31:00Watch at: 06:31:00 / 06:31:20Watch at: 06:31:20 / 06:31:40Watch at: 06:31:40 / 06:32:00Watch at: 06:32:00 / 06:32:20Watch at: 06:32:20 / 06:32:40Watch at: 06:32:40 / 06:33:00Watch at: 06:33:00 / 06:33:20Watch at: 06:33:20 / 06:33:40Watch at: 06:33:40 / 06:34:00Watch at: 06:34:00 / 06:34:20Watch at: 06:34:20 / 06:34:40Watch at: 06:34:40 / 06:35:00Watch at: 06:35:00 / 06:35:20Watch at: 06:35:20 / 06:35:40Watch at: 06:35:40 / 06:36:00Watch at: 06:36:00 / 06:36:20Watch at: 06:36:20 / 06:36:40Watch at: 06:36:40 / 06:37:00Watch at: 06:37:00 / 06:37:20Watch at: 06:37:20 / 06:37:40Watch at: 06:37:40 / 06:38:00Watch at: 06:38:00 / 06:38:20Watch at: 06:38:20 / 06:38:40Watch at: 06:38:40 / 06:39:00Watch at: 06:39:00 / 06:39:20Watch at: 06:39:20 / 06:39:40Watch at: 06:39:40 / 06:40:00Watch at: 06:40:00 / 06:40:20Watch at: 06:40:20 / 06:40:40Watch at: 06:40:40 / 06:41:00Watch at: 06:41:00 / 06:41:20Watch at: 06:41:20 / 06:41:40Watch at: 06:41:40 / 06:42:00Watch at: 06:42:00 / 06:42:20Watch at: 06:42:20 / 06:42:40Watch at: 06:42:40 / 06:43:00Watch at: 06:43:00 / 06:43:20Watch at: 06:43:20 / 06:43:40Watch at: 06:43:40 / 06:44:00Watch at: 06:44:00 / 06:44:20Watch at: 06:44:20 / 06:44:40Watch at: 06:44:40 / 06:45:00Watch at: 06:45:00 / 06:45:20Watch at: 06:45:20 / 06:45:40Watch at: 06:45:40 / 06:46:00Watch at: 06:46:00 / 06:46:20Watch at: 06:46:20 / 06:46:40Watch at: 06:46:40 / 06:47:00Watch at: 06:47:00 / 06:47:20Watch at: 06:47:20 / 06:47:40Watch at: 06:47:40 / 06:48:00Watch at: 06:48:00 / 06:48:20Watch at: 06:48:20 / 06:48:40Watch at: 06:48:40 / 06:49:00Watch at: 06:49:00 / 06:49:20Watch at: 06:49:20 / 06:49:40Watch at: 06:49:40 / 06:50:00Watch at: 06:50:00 / 06:50:20Watch at: 06:50:20 / 06:50:40Watch at: 06:50:40 / 06:51:00Watch at: 06:51:00 / 06:51:20Watch at: 06:51:20 / 06:51:40Watch at: 06:51:40 / 06:52:00Watch at: 06:52:00 / 06:52:20Watch at: 06:52:20 / 06:52:40Watch at: 06:52:40 / 06:53:00Watch at: 06:53:00 / 06:53:20Watch at: 06:53:20 / 06:53:40Watch at: 06:53:40 / 06:54:00Watch at: 06:54:00 / 06:54:20Watch at: 06:54:20 / 06:54:40Watch at: 06:54:40 / 06:55:00Watch at: 06:55:00 / 06:55:20Watch at: 06:55:20 / 06:55:40Watch at: 06:55:40 / 06:56:00Watch at: 06:56:00 / 06:56:20Watch at: 06:56:20 / 06:56:40Watch at: 06:56:40 / 06:57:00Watch at: 06:57:00 / 06:57:20Watch at: 06:57:20 / 06:57:40Watch at: 06:57:40 / 06:58:00Watch at: 06:58:00 / 06:58:20Watch at: 06:58:20 / 06:58:40Watch at: 06:58:40 / 06:59:00Watch at: 06:59:00 / 06:59:20Watch at: 06:59:20 / 06:59:40Watch at: 06:59:40 / 07:00:00Watch at: 07:00:00 / 07:00:20Watch at: 07:00:20 / 07:00:40Watch at: 07:00:40 / 07:01:00Watch at: 07:01:00 / 07:01:20Watch at: 07:01:20 / 07:01:40Watch at: 07:01:40 / 07:02:00Watch at: 07:02:00 / 07:02:20Watch at: 07:02:20 / 07:02:40Watch at: 07:02:40 / 07:03:00Watch at: 07:03:00 / 07:03:20Watch at: 07:03:20 / 07:03:40Watch at: 07:03:40 / 07:04:00Watch at: 07:04:00 / 07:04:20Watch at: 07:04:20 / 07:04:40Watch at: 07:04:40 / 07:05:00Watch at: 07:05:00 / 07:05:20Watch at: 07:05:20 / 07:05:40Watch at: 07:05:40 / 07:06:00Watch at: 07:06:00 / 07:06:20Watch at: 07:06:20 / 07:06:40Watch at: 07:06:40 / 07:07:00Watch at: 07:07:00 / 07:07:20Watch at: 07:07:20 / 07:07:40Watch at: 07:07:40 / 07:08:00Watch at: 07:08:00 / 07:08:20Watch at: 07:08:20 / 07:08:40Watch at: 07:08:40 / 07:09:00Watch at: 07:09:00 / 07:09:20Watch at: 07:09:20 / 07:09:40Watch at: 07:09:40 / 07:10:00Watch at: 07:10:00 / 07:10:20Watch at: 07:10:20 / 07:10:40Watch at: 07:10:40 / 07:11:00Watch at: 07:11:00 / 07:11:20Watch at: 07:11:20 / 07:11:40Watch at: 07:11:40 / 07:12:00Watch at: 07:12:00 / 07:12:20Watch at: 07:12:20 / 07:12:40Watch at: 07:12:40 / 07:13:00Watch at: 07:13:00 / 07:13:20Watch at: 07:13:20 / 07:13:40Watch at: 07:13:40 / 07:14:00Watch at: 07:14:00 / 07:14:20Watch at: 07:14:20 / 07:14:40Watch at: 07:14:40 / 07:15:00Watch at: 07:15:00 / 07:15:20Watch 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07:27:00Watch at: 07:27:00 / 07:27:20Watch at: 07:27:20 / 07:27:40Watch at: 07:27:40 / 07:28:00Watch at: 07:28:00 / 07:28:20Watch at: 07:28:20 / 07:28:40Watch at: 07:28:40 / 07:29:00Watch at: 07:29:00 / 07:29:20Watch at: 07:29:20 / 07:29:40Watch at: 07:29:40 / 07:30:00Watch at: 07:30:00 / 07:30:20Watch at: 07:30:20 / 07:30:40Watch at: 07:30:40 / 07:31:00Watch at: 07:31:00 / 07:31:20Watch at: 07:31:20 / 07:31:40Watch at: 07:31:40 / 07:32:00Watch at: 07:32:00 / 07:32:20Watch at: 07:32:20 / 07:32:40Watch at: 07:32:40 / 07:33:00Watch at: 07:33:00 / 07:33:20Watch at: 07:33:20 / 07:33:40Watch at: 07:33:40 / 07:34:00Watch at: 07:34:00 / 07:34:20Watch at: 07:34:20 / 07:34:40Watch at: 07:34:40 / 07:35:00Watch at: 07:35:00 / 07:35:20Watch at: 07:35:20 / 07:35:40Watch at: 07:35:40 / 07:36:00Watch at: 07:36:00 / 07:36:20Watch at: 07:36:20 / 07:36:40Watch at: 07:36:40 / 07:37:00Watch at: 07:37:00 / 07:37:20Watch at: 07:37:20 / 07:37:40Watch at: 07:37:40 / 07:38:00Watch at: 07:38:00 / 07:38:20Watch at: 07:38:20 / 07:38:40Watch at: 07:38:40 / 07:39:00Watch at: 07:39:00 / 07:39:20Watch at: 07:39:20 / 07:39:40Watch at: 07:39:40 / 07:40:00Watch at: 07:40:00 / 07:40:20Watch at: 07:40:20 / 07:40:40Watch at: 07:40:40 / 07:41:00Watch at: 07:41:00 / 07:41:20Watch at: 07:41:20 / 07:41:40Watch at: 07:41:40 / 07:42:00Watch at: 07:42:00 / 07:42:20Watch at: 07:42:20 / 07:42:40Watch at: 07:42:40 / 07:43:00Watch at: 07:43:00 / 07:43:20Watch at: 07:43:20 / 07:43:40Watch at: 07:43:40 / 07:44:00Watch at: 07:44:00 / 07:44:20Watch at: 07:44:20 / 07:44:40Watch at: 07:44:40 / 07:45:00Watch at: 07:45:00 / 07:45:20Watch at: 07:45:20 / 07:45:40Watch at: 07:45:40 / 07:46:00Watch at: 07:46:00 / 07:46:20Watch at: 07:46:20 / 07:46:40Watch at: 07:46:40 / 07:47:00Watch at: 07:47:00 / 07:47:20Watch at: 07:47:20 / 07:47:40Watch at: 07:47:40 / 07:48:00Watch at: 07:48:00 / 07:48:20Watch at: 07:48:20 / 07:48:40Watch at: 07:48:40 / 07:49:00Watch at: 07:49:00 / 07:49:20Watch at: 07:49:20 / 07:49:40Watch at: 07:49:40 / 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08:36:00Watch at: 08:36:00 / 08:36:20Watch at: 08:36:20 / 08:36:39Watch at: 08:36:39 / 08:37:00Watch at: 08:37:00 / 08:37:20Watch at: 08:37:20 / 08:37:39Watch at: 08:37:39 / 08:38:00Watch at: 08:38:00 / 08:38:20Watch at: 08:38:20 / 08:38:39Watch at: 08:38:39 / 08:39:00Watch at: 08:39:00 / 08:39:20Watch at: 08:39:20 / 08:39:39Watch at: 08:39:39 / 08:40:00Watch at: 08:40:00 / 08:40:20Watch at: 08:40:20 / 08:40:39Watch at: 08:40:39 / 08:41:00Watch at: 08:41:00 / 08:41:20Watch at: 08:41:20 / 08:41:39Watch at: 08:41:39 / 08:42:00Watch at: 08:42:00 / 08:42:20Watch at: 08:42:20 / 08:42:39Watch at: 08:42:39 / 08:43:00Watch at: 08:43:00 / 08:43:20Watch at: 08:43:20 / 08:43:39Watch at: 08:43:39 / 08:44:00Watch at: 08:44:00 / 08:44:20Watch at: 08:44:20 / 08:44:39Watch at: 08:44:39 / 08:45:00Watch at: 08:45:00 / 08:45:20Watch at: 08:45:20 / 08:45:39Watch at: 08:45:39 / 08:46:00Watch at: 08:46:00 / 08:46:20Watch at: 08:46:20 / 08:46:39Watch at: 08:46:39 / 08:47:00Watch at: 08:47:00 / 08:47:20Watch at: 08:47:20 / 08:47:39Watch at: 08:47:39 / 08:48:00Watch at: 08:48:00 / 08:48:20Watch at: 08:48:20 / 08:48:39Watch at: 08:48:39 / 08:49:00Watch at: 08:49:00 / 08:49:20Watch at: 08:49:20 / 08:49:39Watch at: 08:49:39 / 08:50:00Watch at: 08:50:00 / 08:50:20Watch at: 08:50:20 / 08:50:39Watch at: 08:50:39 / 08:51:00Watch at: 08:51:00 / 08:51:20Watch at: 08:51:20 / 08:51:39Watch at: 08:51:39 / 08:52:00Watch at: 08:52:00 / 08:52:20Watch at: 08:52:20 / 08:52:39Watch at: 08:52:39 / 08:53:00Watch at: 08:53:00 / 08:53:20Watch at: 08:53:20 / 08:53:39Watch at: 08:53:39 / 08:54:00Watch at: 08:54:00 / 08:54:20Watch at: 08:54:20 / 08:54:39Watch at: 08:54:39 / 08:55:00Watch at: 08:55:00 / 08:55:20Watch at: 08:55:20 / 08:55:39Watch at: 08:55:39 / 08:56:00Watch at: 08:56:00 / 08:56:20Watch at: 08:56:20 / 08:56:39Watch at: 08:56:39 / 08:57:00Watch at: 08:57:00 / 08:57:20Watch at: 08:57:20 / 08:57:39Watch at: 08:57:39 / 08:58:00Watch at: 08:58:00 / 08:58:20Watch at: 08:58:20 / 08:58:39Watch at: 08:58:39 / 08:59:00Watch at: 08:59:00 / 08:59:20Watch at: 08:59:20 / 08:59:39Watch at: 08:59:39 / 09:00:00Watch at: 09:00:00 / 09:00:20Watch at: 09:00:20 / 09:00:39Watch at: 09:00:39 / 09:01:00Watch at: 09:01:00 / 09:01:20Watch at: 09:01:20 / 09:01:39Watch at: 09:01:39 / 09:02:00Watch at: 09:02:00 / 09:02:20Watch at: 09:02:20 / 09:02:39Watch at: 09:02:39 / 09:03:00Watch at: 09:03:00 / 09:03:20Watch at: 09:03:20 / 09:03:39Watch at: 09:03:39 / 09:04:00Watch at: 09:04:00 / 09:04:20Watch at: 09:04:20 / 09:04:39Watch at: 09:04:39 / 09:05:00Watch at: 09:05:00 / 09:05:20Watch at: 09:05:20 / 09:05:39Watch at: 09:05:39 / 09:06:00Watch at: 09:06:00 / 09:06:20Watch at: 09:06:20 / 09:06:40Watch at: 09:06:40 / 09:07:00Watch at: 09:07:00 / 09:07:20Watch at: 09:07:20 / 09:07:40Watch at: 09:07:40 / 09:08:00Watch at: 09:08:00 / 09:08:20

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  1. Gong in blind, on the hardest available difficulty, and the stream didn’t end until the game was done?!! What a savage, when’s the 24 hr stream lol???!


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