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    alright what's going on y'all a few Gami

    we back on this game this one this time

    we're gonna do a video on cartel tycoon

    I just picked this one up it's on the PC

    picked it up on Steam it's like a demo

    in grade you guys probably if you've

    seen this game probably wanted to know

    how to play it what to do in this video

    I'm gonna talk about like my strategies

    and like how I've been able to like

    really make a ton of money in the game

    early in a game before you even run into

    the DEA before you run into any problems

    before the game actually gets difficult

    okay so I'm gonna try not to put any

    spoilers in the game like you've

    probably already gotten so far in a game

    or whatever and if you have if you

    haven't then you know this guy's for you

    you could probably just start the game

    over it makes the game a whole lot more

    fun using some of these techniques that

    I've put in the game so and if you guys

    watching other if you guys want to know

    how to play the game like exactly how to

    play the game then this is not the guide

    for you because there's enough videos on

    YouTube that kind of tell you exactly

    how to play the game up until this point

    so I'm assuming that you guys already

    know how to play the game um I mean you

    pretty much will figure it out so you

    started a game but my game is already

    running I'm gonna show you how I got

    this how I got everything to be

    automated and how I'm making lots of

    money I'm almost at a million bucks you

    guys are gonna watch me I'm gonna

    actually show you how I got my time to

    be automated and like what you can do to

    get yours that way okay guys so you see

    right here I'm in the beginning of the

    game I'm not too far I haven't even

    started actually like doing anything I

    haven't even gotten the research I

    haven't gotten the research yet I

    haven't got the research center I

    haven't so far as even levelled up any

    of my my farms or anything I haven't

    done anything all I did was create the

    structure for an automated setup and I'm

    gonna show you exactly what I did know

    just for starters you get to this part

    which is delivering sale to lock this

    code like to lock this in so you can

    make infinite money in the beginning of

    the game you don't want to do this one

    right here the one that says deliver

    dried cannabis

    to any aerodrome using you

    lieutenant-general order so what that

    means is that some point I'm supposed to

    go over to this lab right and I'm

    supposed to pick these dried cannabis

    things up right here and I'm supposed to

    tell him to move that you know I would

    cover drive here like this and then once

    he picks it up I would deliver it here

    once you do that you're gonna be

    progressing into the story as long as

    you don't do that right if you don't do

    that if I don't pick these up right here

    and take them to this Airport then we

    never progress we'll stay right here and

    for me this is exactly the right place

    to be so you can do the trick alright so

    this this isn't much of a trick but it's

    just like a the perfect spot in the game

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    where you won't you know you won't raise

    your terror bar things that would

    normally go wrong when you get further

    in the game won't go wrong you can get

    as rich as you want right here right now

    and then so this is what I what I've

    been doing so you know when the game

    first starts obviously this looks a lot

    different probably than you imagined it

    to look there's usually some farms right

    here and then there's an airport over

    here so what I ended up doing is I

    started the game off I utilized what

    they gave you at first I built my game

    up I got my money up once I got my money

    up to a certain point and you'll see I'm

    not actually moving my character I'm not

    picking up the money everything's doing

    its own thing and I'll show you how I

    did that in a minute but once I made

    enough money once I got to like this

    point I built my second farm show

    exactly what I did but you have to you

    have to you're gonna have to do it a

    little bit gonna be moving your

    character around any other to get your

    money up to get the ball rolling but at

    some point what I did is I demolished

    the airport okay and I put this Airport

    right here so this was the first one I

    put this Airport right here and then I

    put the warehouse you have to put it

    right next to it I did that and then I

    built everything real close to the

    airport and then there was a way I can

    set everything up automate it and I'm

    gonna show you how I did that eventually

    I made enough money to come over here

    and destroy this Airport I destroyed

    this whole little farm

    they gave you the one that they

    originally just give you and then I

    built a new one so this structure that I

    have right here I'm going to build that

    same structure over here I'm not sure if

    I can build it over here I probably

    could but it's just gonna look tacky so

    I'm gonna build another structure here

    and there's a lot of cities up there's a

    lot of parts of the city so I can do

    this anywhere we haven't gotten that far

    but you know I'm already balling out of

    control you see my guys got nine hundred

    and fifty four thousand bucks and

    hopefully by the time this is over I'll

    cross that million mark with you guys

    all right so I'm gonna I'm actually

    gonna go through the process of actually

    building the automated setup so you guys

    can kind of see like how it works so I'm

    gonna put I guess I'm gonna put another

    system over here and I'm gonna look and

    see what what type of ground we got so

    like we have some efficient we have some

    efficient maybe got vegetables over

    there but I think I'm gonna I think I'm

    just gonna do I don't know how I'm gonna

    do one more one more marijuana I think I

    think I don't know if I'm gonna do

    vegetables because I don't think we need

    those yet are they selling vegetables


    now we're not making a lot of money off

    of vegetables anyway so it's no big

    there's no big point to doing that right

    now so I'm just gonna make another

    marijuana setup so I can get some more

    money all right so we're gonna first

    we're gonna take this and so the part of

    the way this works is we have to build

    everything close together and you see

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    how we do that so we're gonna in my case

    I'm already in this position but when

    you first start off you're gonna have to

    use what you got and build the structure

    as best as you can you're gonna go

    through the trouble of actually sending

    your man to the airport picking up the

    stuff but tips I'm going to tell you is

    only keep three farms per warehouse this

    there's only three trucks so you can't

    have more than three farms you get one

    one lab and that's all you're gonna need

    all right if you get more than three

    farms you're screw cuz you only got

    three trucks now when you finally can

    upgrade your warehouse to four trucks

    then you get a four a farm or whatnot

    all right so I'm gonna

    go ahead and do this so we're gonna

    build this this is gonna eat up some

    money but we're gonna just do that so

    I'm gonna spin this thing around what do

    we want to have it now technically

    speaking I could I couldn't make that

    now but then it's not gonna be any room

    to get around it yeah it kind of works

    if I do this right this actually looks

    like a super huge airport put it right

    there I'm just trying make it look cool

    all right now check this out so we're

    gonna build the side by side setup

    I'm gonna build basically we want to do

    is put a warehouse put this warehouse

    right here now what you want to do is

    you want to make sure that in this

    vicinity of the circle right here this

    is where the trick is at so you make

    sure in the circle your warehouse is the

    airport is in the circle so it has to be

    in the circle or else it doesn't work

    I'm gonna show you what I'm talking

    about so here and you know sometimes you

    have to feel sting your guide and pick

    up a couple books but I mean for the

    most part you don't have to worry about

    it gonna take care of that right quick

    so for Discipline you can see right here

    the logistics shows that this air the

    area destinations has the aerodrome it

    has the lab and three farms now when I

    was doing it and when you first start

    off you're a warehouse logistics gonna

    have the aerodrome at all it'll probably

    just have the lab and then the four

    farms and that's it and if you build if

    you build a warehouse and you don't have

    it near the airport it's just gonna be

    it's just gonna be by yourself like I'll

    just show you so I'm gonna put that

    there just so you can see what I'm

    talking about and if you put farms there

    it's just gonna be there so we're gonna

    put a warehouse right here put one right

    here make sure it's in vicinity make

    sure that Airport is in there sir

    all right so that's in the circle and

    then one on this side and what this does

    it allows me to have two automated

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    setups all right so then we're gonna put

    the farm in here and make sure that it's

    in in the circle so I'm gonna put a farm

    right here you see we're gonna put

    actually put in three and then on this

    side it's just because of that it's like

    it bubbling away actually I'll put it

    over here and then we're gonna put then

    we're gonna put the ruler all right then

    we're gonna put the lab I'm put the lab

    over here now I just want to show you

    this right quick so you see this just in

    someone shows the village because their

    village is the only thing in the

    vicinity if I build three farms here

    it's gonna just say the farms but it

    won't show this airport and I'll show

    you why is why you need that so watch


    alright so we're gonna take the streets

    I usually do sandy rose to this because

    you don't want it to go too fast cuz

    everything is all placed together so we

    want to have those roads that connect to

    each other and then for the road leading

    out well will actually make the glow

    that'd be better

    like that and then a road that goes from

    the warehouse to the actual airport

    alright and then what we're gonna do is

    we're gonna take

    we're going to take the we're gonna take

    this and aim this so normally this

    wouldn't happen but this already has the

    aerodrome as right next to it so we

    don't have to aim this at that normally

    you would aim this as the aerodrome

    originally you start like that but

    instead we're gonna aim this at the bank

    so as soon as this makes money it's

    gonna take it directly to the bank you

    won't have to worry about it now so

    that's this is a full automated setup I

    mean do the same thing here we're gonna

    put the sandy roads here and I've

    experimented with having multiple where

    doesn't make a difference you only need

    to have you know the one and like I said

    we're gonna make this like a dirt road

    so then you won't go too fast cuz you're

    right like literally right next to it so

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    yeah we're gonna route this and this is

    a separate role but I'm only doing this

    to two separate roads because I don't

    want to have the two roads connecting

    because then just kind of throws things

    off now the only reason I'm gonna

    connect this road here is for when I'm

    trying to get my god I collect he'll

    just slide through the roofs move

    instead of having to come all the way

    around then like I said aim this I'm

    gonna aim this at the bank

    all right and this one is also has the

    aerodrome in this one has and this one

    right here is saying it's not cheating

    enough okay I'll take care of that

    I mean knobbing if it's just going like

    miserably going pretty slow I'm gonna

    zoom out a little bit you can see it's

    just yeah and so sometimes you lose my

    I'm not saying it's a perfect setup but

    you know it's working so right now my

    guy is able to go around getting big

    bucks real quickly and you can just like

    really speed to this thing and then

    there's money here so these are three

    airports there are automated monies

    being made I don't have to do much but

    sit back and watch as I said nothing can

    really go wrong now because we're early

    in the game no one's coming no one's

    bribing us nothing's gonna happen

    you know money can be lost and you have

    to keep attractive yeah but it's not as

    like if you literally go away come back

    everything is gonna be running itself

    and that's like what I wanted it to be

    is automated to that extent just like I

    said you might have to sometime

    but look at him he's gonna slide through

    that way and he could teleport because

    he's a general you can do what he wants

    so you can kind of that's it guys um I'm

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    not gonna have to keep doing it all the

    time I can I guess I only do that when

    ones get built up too fast and it builds

    up too fast then I'll do it but you see

    we're already at 900,000 and so probably

    by the time this video ends will be

    probably hopefully at a million but so I

    mean so this is this is pretty much the

    only thing that can also go wrong

    obviously if you're getting too much

    production like in this case right here

    this one is actually in a really good

    spot so the efficiency here was really

    high and because of that it made these

    buildings producer way more we didn't

    need to for this and then I filled it up

    too quick at some point and then I had

    to like I had to go back in like

    sometimes I have to slow this down but

    if anything gets all filled up then you

    can always turn you can turn things off

    if you have to it doesn't slow down you

    forget money because the airport was all

    the way filled up sometimes you might

    still have turn the whole little

    operation off just to like spin this

    down so like wow that's being done I'm

    gonna I'm gonna go over here make sure

    this is okay and then go grab that bring

    that here

    well I mean we're losing money but like

    I said at some point they're gonna pick

    that money up one way or the other but

    uh it takes some time it takes it takes

    them too long to pick up the money you

    know let me make sure that this is

    actually is actually aimed at the bank

    later on in the game you can get the

    residency and there's other things you

    can do see how that money finally came

    out of here but you know it takes a lot

    so same thing here I'm assuming once you

    upgrade these warehouses you be able to

    get more money first thing I do is

    upgrade these so I can get that money a

    little bit faster and but you know if I

    don't like worry about it I'll lose

    money but I'll still make it for free so

    like if I don't want it if I don't care

    and like right now it's not like

    anything's actually gonna happen if you

    lose the money and you're not gonna like

    you attract too much attention nothing

    will happen like I'll just leave it

    alone I'll just let it do it all on the

    song and then you see it on me and then

    this one it's always get down so we can

    turn on it back on and you'll see what

    I'm getting at so this is basically how

    guys I mean you see by before we even

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    start playing just make your own setup

    don't worry about you know the storyline

    I'm gonna do this until I get to like I

    want to get to ten million and then I'm

    gonna start playing the game because I'm

    sure I'm assuming he's gonna get more

    and more difficult as the game goes on

    I'm gonna upgrade my labs I'm gonna

    upgrade my storages my warehouses I'm

    gonna add more stuff but you can keep

    you could pretty much see like now

    there's just so much money coming in

    right just three airports

    is all kinds of warehouses - - two

    warehouses for airport that one's almost

    filled I mean we're gonna be losing

    money because you got so much going on

    right now and yeah you can see it it's


    I'm wonder if yeah I don't know we'll

    just leave it I did taking the money but

    it just did just slow it super slow

    they're so busy like producing things

    and drop the money off they're not like

    this one is completely filled up now so

    he's gonna lose money but eventually

    they're gonna catch back on so like if I

    walk away or go to the store I come back

    I'll have like 1.5 million

    so anyway I'm gonna I'm gonna end the

    game on that no you guys pretty much see

    how it works like I said if you just

    leave this running and you go to you

    know you do school work or you go

    shopping or whatever you do go to sleep

    you'll come back and you'll have way

    more money even if it's losing money in

    the process and the reason why I said

    you should do it here is because in the

    future if you let this happen you're

    gonna get arrested and things are gonna

    get destroyed and things like that but

    right now nothing can actually happen so

    you can just kind of just sit back and

    make the cheese alright guys so anyway

    I'm gonna in this video on that note

    make sure you guys hit that like button

    and hit the subscribe button and drop a

    comment let me know if you guys have any

    questions on setting it up once again

    you put all this stuff as close as you

    can to the airport make sure it's in

    that vicinity make sure that airports in

    the circle and you're gonna have to

    destroy the one they give you so that

    you can make it work and like I'm not

    I'm not gonna worry about it because I

    can come back to that later but the

    other theme is gonna fill up is the

    money and you're gonna be losing money

    but at least you're gonna keep going

    like I don't know when they're gonna

    pick that money up see how long it's all

    for these are filled up now like what

    are they gonna get the money we need to

    get the money see the money once he got

    the money but that's it some like and

    then he's dropping the money right back

    before he can even and he's dropping

    more money and then he just goes and

    takes the money straight to the bank

    so you're getting money but it's just

    you're gonna be losing money too if you

    were a real cartel then this was gonna

    happen for real right guys

    anyway I'll talk to you later man peace

    https://www.youtube.com/NefuGaming I read every comment, and love any type of feedback you leave on my videos. Can this video get 50 likes :)? Don't forget ...


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