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    SearchThisVideo: Ultimate SolidWorks Tutorial for Absolute Beginners- Step-By-Step

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    Watch video at 00:00

    hi there welcome to this tutorial if you

    are an absolute SolidWorks beginner then

    you came to the right place we are going

    to cover everything you need to be able

    to work with the software from the

    moment you open SolidWorks up to

    creating a 3d part assembling that part

    and creating a 2d drawing of your model

    now remember SolidWorks is a very

    capable CA D software with tons of

    useful features and tools to offer but

    covering them all in this video might be

    a little overwhelming for you so I am

    going to instead introduce you to the

    basic tools in this video and prepare

    you for a good start once you learn

    these basics you can always come back

    for more at our website with our free

    weekly blogs at SolidWorks tutorials

    dotnet to learn all of these features

    more in depth with lots of interesting

    examples you can find it under link

    number one in the description section

    below now before we start I have five

    important tips for you at the end of

    this tutorial

    don't miss out on them make sure to

    listen to them you're going to really

    want to hear it

    so let's get started this is what you'll

    see when you open your SolidWorks

    I'm using the 2017 version but the

    instructions in this video are valid for

    almost any version you use let's go here

    and start a new document now in this

    pop-up window you'll have three sections

    this one over here is to create a single

    3d part this one is to visually assemble

    the parts you created in the first

    section and this one is to create an

    engineering 2d drawing of your model

    either from a part or from the assembly

    section let's go to the part first

    double-click on it now you are seeing

    the interface of your 3d modeling

    environment before you feel overwhelmed

    with all of these small icons and

    buttons let's take a step back and take

    a deep breath did you do that now I want

    you to ignore all of these buttons and

    only pay attention to the ones I tell

    you I will break it down for you like

    this over here we have the manager's

    feature manager property manager

    configurations manager dim expert

    manager and display manager I want you

    to only see the feature

    manager and the property manager and

    ignore the rest over here we have our

    tabs features sketch surfaces sheet

    metal and evaluate I want you to ignore

    all of them but features and sketch

    that's all now let's see what each of

    these have to offer we are looking at

    the features manager I want you to

    ignore whatever is inside here except

    these three front plain top plane and

    right plane these three are all you need

    to know for now we haven't started

    creating a part yet so let's get to it

    in order to create a 3d part you will

    first need to make a 2d sketch and in

    order to create a 2d sketch you will

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    need a plane first things first select a

    plane by clicking on one of these three

    now we go to the sketch tab and activate

    the sketch mode here once you do that

    you see these buttons rebuild and close

    rebuild saves your sketch and exits the

    sketch mode and close well exits it

    without saving anything over here we

    have different tools to draw our sketch

    with and here we have other useful

    sketching tools which I won't be

    covering in this video but I encourage

    you to learn more about the art of

    sketching in SolidWorks by going through

    link number two in the description below

    let's draw a circle on the front plane

    hey pay attention here we are still in

    the features manager but once I select

    the circle it switches to property

    manager in the property manager I can

    see the different types of circles I can

    draw which are two kinds as the icons

    show I need two points for this type

    circle and three points for the other

    perimeter circle I will draw the first

    kind now wherever I click it will be my

    point number one ie the center of the

    circle if I put my cursor on the origin

    point then it gets highlighted in orange

    and a small yellow rectangle appears

    next to it this small rectangle means

    that my point is intersecting with

    another entity

    in this case the origin it means my

    point is going to be merged with the

    origin and will be fixed because the

    origin is fixed now the next point

    anywhere I click ends the process of

    drawing my circle the circle is now

    highlighted therefore it is in green if

    I press escape on the keyboard then it

    will end the highlight also keep that in

    mind that escape exits tabs menus

    sketches and etc it is very useful to

    have your left hand if you are a righty

    on the escape almost at all times the

    circle is now in blue each sketch color

    has its own meaning blue means the

    sketch is under defined you can also

    check it here under defined means that

    the sketch is not unique and can be

    dragged around this is a very unstable

    situation that you should be preventing

    by always making your sketch fully

    defined there are different ways to do

    so one way would be to click on your

    sketch and click on fix and then it

    turns into black but do not do that let

    me go a step back by holding ctrl and

    pressing the Z the right way to fully

    define your sketch is to assign right

    dimensions and relations to it to assign

    a dimension you need to use the smart

    dimension smart dimension can assign any

    type of dimension ie an angle radius

    distance arc length and etc if I click

    on my circle and move my cursor around

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    without holding the mouse key I will see

    the dimension in different positions

    so I will just click above my circle and

    add it there now I can just enter any

    value I want don't worry about changing

    your dimensions if you are in the states

    to know how to change your dimensions go

    to the link number three in the

    description below I just type in 10 and

    press Enter notice my circle didn't

    shrink from having a diameter of 200 to


    the reason is that the very first sketch

    that you set a dimension on sets the

    scale for your drawing environment but

    the second sketch dimension and the ones

    after won't look at this example if I

    draw a second circle and set its

    diameter to 10

    unlike the first it shrinks because 10

    is now this much

    so the second sketch has to adjust now I

    don't want the second circle anymore I

    want to select it and delete it I can

    select it either by clicking on it or I

    can draw a box to select multiple

    entities at once pay attention here if I

    draw my box or lasso only by clicking on

    an empty field from right to left it

    will be in green if I do it from left to

    right it will be in blue

    what is the difference you ask us for

    the blue if I put the second circle

    fully inside this area and only a part

    of the first circle and let go of my

    left mouse key then only the entities

    that are completely inside of the area

    will be highlighted but if I do it from

    right to left and create a green area

    even if a part of my entity is touched

    then all of them get highlighted now I

    am going to delete the second circle by

    clicking on it and pressing delete on

    the keyboard to exit the drawing I have

    to rebuild the sketch go here and click

    on this item or you can press control B

    or ctrl Q or even here all the same time

    to go to the features tab which offers

    you the tools to create a 3d body of

    your sketch first try the extruded boss

    or base which is probably one of the

    most used features in SolidWorks

    this feature in general uses your sketch

    as a profile and extrudes a volume out

    of it you can select the amount of

    extrusion over here I cannot emphasize

    on this more but make sure to check the

    link number four to learn everything you

    can do with this capable feature so

    let's click OK this is now a part or a

    body now that we have a body I can tell

    you how I can move or rotate my part use

    your mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    turning it upwards zooms back which to

    many people is counterintuitive I don't

    even think about it anymore if I press

    and hold the mouse wheel while moving my

    mouse around I can rotate my part now if

    I hold the control first then press the

    mouse wheel I can drag my part pressing

    the arrow key on the keyboard will

    rotate my part 15 degrees in different

    directions if I hold shift then press

    the arrow keys then it will rotate 90

    degrees when I press the spacebar I see

    the pop-up menu which has the shortcuts

    to different angle views front top right

    isometric and etc if by pressing the

    spacebar you come across this cube it is

    because this option is activated it is

    not bad but you can turn it off over

    here I don't like it if by chance I lose

    my part say I zoom out way too much I

    can find it back immediately by pressing

    F on the keyboard how to edit or delete

    the already created features you can

    click on the feature you created and

    this menu will pop up if not just

    right-click on the feature here you see

    edit feature and here you see edit the

    base sketch of the feature you can

    easily edit them here how to delete it

    select it and press Delete on the

    keyboard I am now left with my sketch

    because I only deleted the feature on

    the top let's see what else we can do

    with this sketch I need to edit it so

    either I double-click on it or

    right-click here and select edit sketch

    I press the spacebar and select normal

    angle view

    now I select a line to draw a line

    vertically to cut my circle in half

    notice when I'm in drawing mode some

    dashed lines appear and disappear as I

    move my mouse these are quick snapping

    points which help you to add a relation

    between your entity and other entities

    if you haven't figured that out by now

    an entity is basically anything you draw

    press escape now my circle is divided in

    half and I have to get rid of one half

    for that I need trim entities this tool

    offers five different types of tools to

    trim or cut your entities I want you to

    forget these bottom four and only use

    the power trim for the first year of

    your practice to use the power trim you

    start off by clicking anywhere and hold

    your left mouse key and drag your cursor

    on to whatever you would like to trim it

    will then trim the entities bounded

    between the other entities otherwise it

    will completely remove that entity if it

    is not bounded so in this case if I

    cross over this half it will trim off

    and leaves me with half a circle this is

    what I want now I can rebuild the sketch

    go to the features tab and select

    revolved boss/base this tool allows you

    to rotate your 2d sketch around one

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    straight axis and create a volume from

    that let's go ahead and choose the

    vertical line as our axis of revolution

    and click OK

    now we have a sphere

    how about this time we reuse the very

    same sketch hmm to do that find the

    feature you created out of your sketch

    open its combo and select your sketch

    now go to the features tab select

    extruded cut which is the negative form

    of extruded boss and extrude it for 30

    millimeters click OK now we have a semi

    sphere now guys whenever you want to

    draw a sketch and you forget to select a

    plane first you can open this combo and

    select it from here but when your part

    does have a flat surface it can also

    function as a plane and you can draw a

    sketch on it like this select this flat

    surface and choose sketch not edit

    sketch from this popup menu let's draw

    two rectangles

    this time I am going to assign

    dimensions to only one of them the

    length is 5

    and the height is too

    the other one is going to share these

    dimensions how by adding some sketch

    relations to it let's select this side

    hold the ctrl key down and select this

    one and this one now I can add a

    relation to them from here I can make

    them equal in length

    so I don't need to set a separate

    dimension to this one also I repeat it

    for this side hold the control key down

    and select the second one and let go of

    the control key and the mouse key it is

    not over yet

    I will make these two collinear

    if I would like to delete an already

    existing relation from an entity I click

    on it and find that relation here click

    on it and press Delete on the keyboard

    I just pressed ctrl Z to go back the two

    bottom corners of the first rectangle

    are sitting on the circumference of the

    circle if I add the right relation to

    them remember every time I select two or

    more entities at the same time I am

    holding the ctrl key down okay

    this rectangle is fully defined and

    black this one is not fully defined and

    some entities are blue it means they can

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    be changed the last point is to assign

    one dimension to set the distance

    between the two and it is going to be

    say 1 millimeter

    now they are both fully defined before I

    continue I want to quickly refer back to

    the start of this video when I talked

    about over defining your sketch I'm

    going to make an example and then get

    back on track is that Alright

    I will click on this side and remove its

    horizontal relation by pressing delete

    on the keyboard I will delete this

    dimension as well now I may drag this

    side down a bit I would set the height

    of this side to 3

    and then I would apply the horizontal

    relation once again to this side you see

    it is geometrically not possible to

    solve such a shape bounded by such

    conditions so what I get is a red sketch

    and an over defined line that says no

    solution found message just to show you

    how it is let's undo that and try it


    I put everything back to normal the way

    it was this time I won't remove the

    horizontal relation and directly try to

    add a dimension to this side but I won't

    be able to and the dimension is derived

    and in grey because the shape is already

    fully defined such dimensions carry no

    function now the rectangles have served

    their purpose and it's time to delete

    them both by highlighting them and

    pressing delete on the keyboard now we

    will draw a circle but this time we will

    use a new tool this tool is convert

    entities you find this handy tool here

    in the sketch tab activate it and select

    these two outer edges over here and

    click OK it converts the outer edges or

    any other edges that I pick by selecting

    them manually into a 2d sketch on a

    plane I emphasize it works only when you

    are in sketch mode don't forget that

    rebuild the sketch by clicking here now

    select the right plane and activate the

    sketching mode I want you to merge the

    starting point with the center of your

    circle and draw a horizontal line and

    then break it and draw an inclined one

    upwards like this rebuild this one as

    well this time for demonstration

    purposes only I won't be fully defining

    this sketch now go to the features tab

    selecting swept boss or bass this

    amazing tool allows you to take a 2d

    profile which is nothing but a single

    closed sketch and sweep it over a

    defined path which is either a closed or

    an open sketch pay attention you must

    draw your profile and path in two

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    separate drawing modes since we just did

    that I'm going to select the circle as

    my profile and select the line as my

    path this is the preview of my final

    result click OK and now we have this

    let's edit the path without deleting the

    feature I go to the feature manager find

    the feature opened it up find my path

    sketch and select edit sketch here since

    this isn't fully defined I just drag it

    a bit this way like this and rebuild the

    sketch again

    now you see the change in results

    immediately I am going to stop here for

    the first section and now those five

    promised messages one if you want to


    SolidWorks much faster than what it

    usually takes other people then you must

    work on this special technique that I am

    about to share with you there are always

    more than one way to create any 3d part

    the key to learn SolidWorks

    faster is to know as many tools and

    features as possible since they function

    differently the more you know the better

    you can decide which ones to create your

    design faster too if you want to learn

    more subscribe to this channel and more

    importantly to the website to get free

    weekly tutorials and leverage those

    insider tips and tricks 3 also check out

    the 3-hour video tutorial on our website

    to create an Ikea desk lamp from scratch

    to assembly step by step

    which is link number five below this

    will boost your learning curve more than

    you can even imagine for if you find

    this tutorial helpful please consider

    supporting us in patreon you will find

    it as link number six below five thank

    you so very much for watching this don't

    miss out on the next video

    we are going to put what we learned here

    into practice together

    #SOLIDWORKS #LearnSW #Beginners #CAD #3DModelling

    Watch my 1-Hour free Course ► http://bit.ly/SolidWorksCoursePro

    After that, you can consider checking out my ultimate SolidWorks Course.

    This is an ultimate SOLIDWORKS tutorial for absolute beginners who just opened their SOLIDWORKS and want to learn how to work with this CAD software step-by-step. SOLIDWORKS is a very easy to use software with a user-friendly interface and a very helpful tool for you to create your 3D models. I have broken it down into small bite-size pieces for you to learn it easier and faster.

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    Hi, my name is Ryan and I am the owner of SolidWorksTutorials, this very channel you are on! You're welcome. SolidWorks is my passion and I love to teach it to people who love to learn it.
    In this video you will learn about:

    1- Sketching
    2- Creating a 3D part
    3- Basic movements of your part in SolidWorks
    4- Difference of defining your sketch
    5- Basic features.

    Also, if you like to practice more, make sure to sign up to my website where I put weekly premium tutorials for beginners.

    LINK No. 1: https://www.solidworkstutorials.net/product-design
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    LINK No. 5: http://bit.ly/SolidWorksCoursePro11

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    1. convert entities option does not work for me, i dont understand what 2 edges you click there, nothing similar happens, i fail to make it one complete circle sketch

    2. I wish I could say this was helpful but it's extremely fast to follow along with and glances over steps that are vital to the design. Says things like "Click here" when you're looking at your own design, have no idea where the mouse on the video is, and then suddenly something happens and you have to go back and track it down. And the voice! "PAY ATTENTION." I'm sorry but this video is so awful. I'm frustrated to tears.

    3. The speed and mouse clicks are WAY too fast for newbies. She clicks something, then explains it after the fact so you have to go back and watch it 2-3 times to understand what she did. That might be ok for an experienced user but we're here because this is for Absolute Beginners (per the title). Might want to have a complete newbie follow along next time and go at their pace rather than see how fast you can go.

    4. You lost me at the rectangles… I watched the video about 10 times from that point, but I'm still not able to complete the design. You need to slow down,. Be more precise in your descriptions and recognize that people are squinting at the screen trying to figure out what the hell you just said and where your mouse pointer went.


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