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    Ultra Street Fighter II – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

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    Does Ultra Street Fighter II do the series justice on Nintendo Switch? Find out in our review that covers almost everything including new characters like Violent Ken & Evil Ryu, New & Classic Graphic modes, gameplay, and other bonuses such as the Art Book! All this and more in our in-depth review of Ultra Street Fighter II!
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    Comment (43)

    1. I think if Vanillaware were to remake Street Fighter, Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter III: Third Strike then their 2D design would be much superior compared to UDON's 2D drawings.

    2. I mean, this is really cool and I would easily buy it with no hesitation IF the price was lower. 40 dollars is too much, considering you could get the mini snes for 80 bucks which cones with 21 games INCLUDING Street Fighter 2. Good game, but not 40 dollars good. 15 would have been much better.

    3. Excellent review, thank you for that. I think I better understand why they charged $40 for the game. It’s a well-done definitive version of a classic, feature-rich and lovingly crafted, that you can currently only get on Switch. The HD graph and character models look really great and I love that they utilized VO from SF IV (or was it V?), and revamped the soundtrack even if not all the tracks are killer. This video made me crave Super SF II Turbo again. Awesome! And agreed, that first-person mode looks trash and will be completely ignored. Lol

    4. Why the hell Crapcom didn't think of releasing Ultra Street Fighter IV on Nintendo Switch? They just had to upgrade the graphics, or simply add a bunch of new stages and fighters. It would've sold like crazy

    5. Can a single player play against the CPU? Had to return the 30th anniversary edition digital download for that humongous bug.


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