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  • UNCHARTED 4 A THIEF'S END Walkthrough Part 1 (Legacy of Thieves Collection PS5 Remaster)

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    Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20so the enchanted thief's legacy collection just dropped on playstation 5 today it is a remaster of some of the greatest sony games ever released on chart four thief's end as well as the standalone expansion uncharted the lost legacy that came out a little bit after that game and we're going to be playing it today because i've been really wanting to replay this for a lot of reasons we'll get that back to that a little bit later but yeah let's jump right into the first game uncharted 4 thief's end story new game oh we can actually import the game for our playstation 4 console pretty cool pretty cool moderate and continue right after a word from today's video sponsor i want to give a quick thank you to azmoday for sponsoring this content they are a board game publisher and more recently they have released this one right here encased in this beautiful glacial box this is the world of warcraft wrath of lich king pandemic system board game so for a lot of wild fans raphael itching was the apex of the entire franchise the best expansion that was ever released and with this board game you get to relive all those nostalgic feels each movement space is named after a key location in the game and you get to choose at the very beginning what hero you would like to be there are seven heroes that come in the base game personally myself i am a savannah's windrunner fan but there's always room for expansion we actually got an additional free character we got braun bronze beard that we got to add to the game for a total of eight thus far and it does a really fantastic job of just recreating the entire universe the overall premise of this pandemic system game is that you're gonna be fending off the undead army of the lich king you've gotta be going through different locations fighting his scourges as well as abominations through quest lines utilizing your special abilities eventually making your way to the ice crown tower to actually defeat the lich king himself so if you're world of warcraft fan or just in general like pandemic system games this one might be one for you to check out if you guys want to learn more check the link in the description i am a man of fortune and i must seek my fortune get hyped get hyped henry avery this 1694. oh yeah i forgot the intro began like halfway through the game crap this is really not good hold on i'm going as fast as i can what's that production quality dough i think this game came out in 2017. still looks fantastic with this playback remaster i'm really excited the fact that we're up to to find 60fps own damn treasure because this is like a high action gameplay franchise so to have it with 60 fps just making all the difference which is another reason why i want to play it i also want to play it because my original series was not in 4k 4k wasn't jeffers standard at the time so now i get to upload it's super duper high quality for you guys and just full disclaimer as well so for some reason that is a big boat our plan is just this first episode just this first one will not be played with music because my first series the first part one of my original series literally just the first part one got flag [Music] dang just hold that thought for a second right oh watch the propellers [Music] jesus i only played this game once so i don't remember anything from it so we're gonna have some of those moments we get to relive the moments which i absolutely love okay shut the engines up what reload blow them out of the water no no don't do that bro oh [ __ ] carm is a [ __ ] damn it triangle tumor load new animals you animals come on go come on do work do work with my pistol yeah i got it let go come on out of here we go we going brother we're going i can barely see out there [ __ ] get them off of us doing the best i can here oh what the heck nathan hurry just hang on with troy baker and uh on your right watch it watch it oh [ __ ] thank god damn got troy baker and nolan north in the prime of the careers nathan what are we gonna do with you you must be tired of these lectures i know i'm tired of giving them and now you have to stay here with me all weekend instead of going on their treat with everyone else i don't care yes that is the crux of the problem i don't see why i'm the only one being punished because you started the fight he wouldn't give him back my book [Music] i told you to leave those books in your room you only have yourself to blame doesn't give him the right to just snatch it from me does that give you the right to start throwing punches it wasn't just about the book what was it then nothing i'll save it for confession go lad good lad no matter what i try you seem insistent on going down the same sad road as your brother what a waste words hurt too you know words hurt too cutting deep cutting deep sam the great escape through the window chapter one the lore of adventure so i see you what i was saying before i got interrupted by that epic boat scene this first episode just this first one will not be played will not have music in it because for some reason good old henry jackman one of the composers for this game flagged my original video with like five copyright strikes and literally he that was the only video that he he flagged just the first episode so that was a real treat maybe i had to hang from the other side 2017 youtube's copyright strike system was just an absolute fire at that time so so after this first episode i'm hoping that we will be able to turn back the music without any issues he literally chose the most popular video to flag oh isn't it our job to help boys like him in the meantime i'm neglecting the other dozen boys under my care what do you want me to do you know my opinion i'm not ready to give up on him yet you can't keep avoiding it look i'll talk to him in the morning okay good night father good night sister catherine and sister catherine has a hate on for me oh crap i kind of want to have one of those four science moments and just see what happens if i actually like just run up to and say hi how you doing hi whoa it's my file hmm i'm assuming this is gonna be locked yeah damn it so let us go over here covered cover gotta get to that window stereo stereo love it love it please move it sister oh it was not safe to do a roll out she did a quick 180 on me oh getting that nicotine hit wait for it [Music] ah mr catherine i've forgotten my keys again can you open the gate for me coming father come on reach reach sam hold up we got this man fish hooks for fingers almost there started at a young age man don't you do that don't you do that pipe hold strong for me sam oh you gotta learn to watch your back all right it's good to see you little brother what what is that really again it's nothing you told me you'd stay out of trouble though he was talking [ __ ] about us so he said that dad dumped us here because we're worthless and mom is in hell being anything nathan come on they're just saying it because it gets to you all right you just gotta learn to laugh it off you wouldn't well do as i say not as i do yeah you'll catch cold so what are you doing here like this anyway if the nuns catch you they're gonna call the cops well i got something for you and i couldn't wait till christmas what it's outside what happened to stay out of trouble and this is an exception nice jump ready and we go [Music] you're right this is just feeding you enough the place is kind of empty where is everyone some bible retreat yeesh i remember those if you were to put a finger what type of accent our brother has would you say boston accent we say massachusetts he's the one decent guy in there you should come and say hi hey i don't need the guilt just based on what we know of the future i definitely got the good hair jeans my flow remained intact as i grew up brother not so much that was easy come on easy easy he says damn you didn't prop it i i i did at least i thought i did no it doesn't matter we're gonna take the high road the high road just follow me watch this whoa and now we take the high road have you done this before uh once or twice here come on your turn i'm a natural natural monkey so what you've been up to i'm working mostly are you still dating that girl oh hi crystal ah on again off again currently off again i feel you bro we've all been there man we've all been there okay no guts no glory our brother's trying to kill us oh why are you stopped you got this i was just gonna leap of faith it man then you have to go and stumble see no big deal yeah nothing to it stay with me could i almost have time paradox there for a second my goodness pretty cool huh yeah totally through here right behind you hey there's a jump coming up okay parkour more court okay right down the middle nice and easy nice and easy i'm gonna go for the non-bent one was that a shape i think that's ascent hey look here you go okay use the momentum man don't stop are you ready tarzan king of the jungle king all right go ahead out of the jungle watch out for that tree wow oh we're going down up the steeple come on i can't jump that high all right just go around the corner [Music] those do not look would not trust those it's a nice view huh yeah not bad you ever been up here before this particular roof no but you do know where you're going right more or less all right you wait here and you watch me smooth your turn spooky you got this all right go ahead just don't overthink my legs weren't strong though i did it of course she did here follow me you know what about you take this one really yeah really i'll follow you a lead atta attaboy nathan okay whoa easy okay block him block him lock him nope oh he got up he got up all right after you now head down just like that we're out all right it out huh you got the 250 250 what are you talking about no this is the 500 cc twin no way where'd you lift it from whoa that's a low blow but hey i'll have you know that i am a changed man bought this with hard-earned cash yeah come on take a seat what the only time you pull a stunt like this is when you're trying to make up for something you are too smart for your own good you know that all right i got this job pays well really well but uh i gotta leave town for a little bit what's a little bit ah like uh a year at the most and then i'll be back before you even know it all right you're bailing on me come on don't be so dramatic what wasn't bad enough to leave me in that place how could you do this to me sam wait i'm doing this for you the money i make is for the both of us and then a couple of years when you're out i could barely support myself i'll pitch in i know you think the orphanage sucks you have no idea yeah but it's the best thing for you right now all right she's gotta trust me on that one it's not fair hey nothing about our lives has been fair we've made it work right sure well you know the bike wasn't the only surprise and i guess i'm gonna have to ruin the next one what i found mom's stuff everything that dad sold i tracked down the buyer if you're saying this just to make me feel better no i swear to god where huh on the other side of time what do you say we go and get it back you mean steal it it's not stealing if it was ours to begin with i'm pretty sure the cops aren't gonna see it that way well then let's not get caught you ready for this hell yeah [Applause] you're going to have to do better than that now [Applause] let's go [Applause] hello [Applause] [Applause] right back [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh [Applause] get off of me them jokes them where it hurts come on how long am i supposed to be in here huh where's the toilet you're looking at it have fun i will gracias [Music] ah get up oh man i was having a great dream too hey hey hey all right easy ah this is where you get shipped yeah any chance i can take a shower ganked in the living room or is it evening it's hard to tell down here get up the stairs hey nice to see you [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] right humid ah welcome to panama hey gringo looks like you have some fans yeah my adoring public go have a [Laughter] do speak a little spanish you know wait what what did you say you'll find out soon enough nothing to see here i didn't see anything look at the size of that rack are you taking me anyway we'll see no no not that way um after you the wine doors yeah this isn't sketchy at all hey you know this doesn't look like the warden's office go live no no your other can't tell me how i live my life well i guess you can a little bit that's why we're in this position right now through there through here it's funny it looks like escape here we are all right okay take these cuffs off or what i won in in whatever you hope to find up there i went in marcus the deal was just to get us in and out of here that's it just i'm sticking my neck up for you gringos yeah and rafe is paying you a lot of money for your trouble see but not nearly enough you were told not to open that yes i was also told not to take bribes not to bring anyone here and not to beat on my inmates but here we are just be careful with that it's 300 years old god might as well lick your fingers first i was a member of captain henry avery's crew you know who that is he was a pirate the pirate who pulled off the biggest heist in history and got away with it i looked him up it's great over 400 million dollars worth of gold and jewels all from one single ship the the gun's way yeah not familiar with the story can you get to the point uh-huh i occupy the highest cell in hispanion's prison here i hope someday you will find your way into this infernal place bear my cross and discover the riches of paradise what what do you want the riches of paradise it's a metaphor no no no no no you and your friends did not pay to get into this infernal place in search of a metaphor i won in all right i'll tell you what let me go up there check out the prison cell if there's still anything there after 300 years you can take this up with rafe come on letter por favor how you gonna get up there anyways climb oh unless of course you want to do it since you want it and all just don't break your neck like you care hey did you bring what i asked yeah hit it just over there under the work table uh by the crates great thanks look how lush it is the foliage there we go piece of cake oh bingo now we're in business and bingo was his name-o so we need to climb there i want to see what's down here first though explore [Music] love it all right this should do the trick this is how you just completely abused the trophy system not only did you get the trophies for playstation 5 you get them from playstation 4 again for all your trophy hunters out there there's the prison cell i don't know why i get up there nathan drake has impeccable spider-man like aim here we go one miss throw and death he somehow pulls it off every single time might as well give him a wipe slinger man mind as well i'll do it midair [Laughter] take my blood pressure medicine before i play this game looks like i can slide down there okay don't post spider-man flawless flawless wait till sam hears about this onward and upward oh i so want to just swan dive but death that only awaits those who swan dive you're taking the views of the ocean before we go should we oh yeah not buying not mine now gotta find the highest cell the directional marks kind of give it away these burns had a nice view before he was executed that's all you can ask for too close waiting to be hanged okay where to i can barely believe this place is still standing spanish sure knew how to build a sturdy prison i don't know how many pirates died here one second this treasure down there hold up bounce off the wall the old switchblade i thought the modern prison was bad watch and pull oh i gotta hold i can read i can read all right not gonna lie this is pretty awesome oh that would be a good thing that's what it's missing out here we go burns his cell sell more like a sweet okay where to begin yeah scratches must mean something sun and moon alchemy symbols for gold and silver wait a sec i saw something like this on the letter huh well that's part of the symbol ah there's the other half now then that's more like it okay got a zodiac symbol sagittarius in the scorpio sign right there so 10. which one what does scorpio sound like again well squiggles the heck is it if i press 10 first i'll do something for me where's the x there's the x hmm roman numeral 10. nothing what did that letter say again oh maybe oh maybe add them together oh yeah you add them together the scorpio sign and a roman numeral two so it's 12. where's 12. there 10 and 2 x and ii was it like something in it nope just blindly put your hand in the hole i guess this is it all right time to head back come on gotta watch that first step gotta watch all our steps oh [ __ ] dad [ __ ] whoops death of many down we go huh careful the hell bank i'm like he used to all right one more time yeah let's see rape do that goes my shoulder there's vargas i want a cut i want in i'll give you in wasn't exactly sure that was gonna work we just kind of gambled on it oh we jumped to the far side to the left oh crap spider-man spider-man spider-man couldn't give me the easy wall go the long way around now we're talking now we're cooking with fire man we barely look like we make that like just barely by your fingertips i guess that's the point though you made it what'd you find scarlett johansson landing what place was picked clean if there's a clue hidden up there somewhere i couldn't find it are you sure were you looking in the right place maybe i just i missed something in the letter it could have been another tower that collapsed centuries ago there are any plants at this place you know like blueprints uh could be there's a bunch of old files okay great great go look through those okay see what you can dig up meanwhile i'll talk to sam he's our avery expert maybe he can make sense of this whole mess right i'll look through the files yeah turn around are you done talking to him come and find me you got it green go if i catch you fighting one more time one week in the hole for you it's a nice sack environment almost as [Applause] [Music] just another day at the office come on hey whoa whoa whoa you're gonna keep me in suspense are you you were right no i just gotta find ray don't don't start please oh come on like you said we did this you and me you know this rich [ __ ] comes in on the tail end how long we've been trying to get in here we had some leads no we didn't okay not one so like it or not no reef no vargas and no getting in here speaking of vargas we got a problem what kind of problem did he let you into the old prison yeah yeah he did after he read the letter hmm so how much does he know enough that he wants a cut oh [ __ ] brave if anybody else finds out about this i'll work it out with vargas don't sweat it right now let's just let's get on to more important matters all right let's find somewhere a little more private all right coast is clear okay so what do we got oh [ __ ] huh hey may i just be careful okay she's old wood with gold and silver inlay is well made it's hollow why would one of avery's men go through the trouble of hiding a cheap crucifix that's not a crucifix technically a crucifix is a representation of jesus it's not jesus well you're right there's no crown of thorns he's tied to the cross well if it's not jesus then read the inscription dignifactus we receive we resist we receive the dual rewards of our deeds look at you it's the benefit of growing up in a catholic orphanage that's saint dismiss yeah the penitent thief what's the connection guys let's just pretend i skipped all of sunday's school okay uh during the crucifixion jesus is placed between two thieves okay one of them mocked jesus the other one this guy was penitent he accepted his punishment with grace and jesus brought him the paradise penitent thief yeah what you figured it out there is a cathedral of saint dismiss in scotland wait the last sighting of avery was in scotland that can't be a coincidence oh you know i had my doubts about you too but let's find vargas get the hell out of this [ __ ] [Music] let me guess this is the guy you picked a fight with ah didn't know he had so many friends okay you know what okay jesus did you have to pick on the most popular guy in this joint i didn't hear you volunteer guys what you gotta shift [Music] no [Applause] man did you stop that fall over dude [Music] [Music] are you bringing in contraband ferguson who do you think you are yellows gringos i'm officina ah took you long enough we almost got killed you know you still might vargas seriously oh i didn't find anything it must be in a different tower [ __ ] what can i say i was raised catholic i always carry one funny hey hey look it's worthless all right you think i'm an idiot okay you want to renegotiate fine stop acting like a third world thug put the gun away thank you we're willing to give you uh ten percent [Music] think half we're doing most of the work 20 and you'd never find it without us 25 equals 25. does that sound fair guys i suppose i can live with that sure maybe 400 million divides nicely by four looks like we have a deal yes we have a deal and if you ever crush me jesus that's that are you out of your goddamn mind you want to find out i'm done guys what are we doing here we're sticking to the plan was this part of the plan just follow me come on come on he's actually kind of a nice guy god damn it ray where are we going here the lighthouse vargas said the boat is right under the lighthouse but which way i don't know get outside and figure it out get in uh the window nathan give me a hand up we're playing the way out i don't see the lighthouse right now let's just get away from the guards [Music] oh i can do that i can do that i can do that watch me big bro i can do that watch yourself oh crap oh my god oh my god oh my god i'm getting shot this way uh no no no no wait over here come on come on nathan [Music] how did you know [ __ ] another dead end the fire escape naked ready and let's get it let's go yeah wow this guy just just went are you sure no time to talk getting shot at bullets off the butt [Music] brother just come hot this clean house [Music] off of them all right we need to catch up i love that power slam move i love it i thought you trusted him i do four points there's a vent here help me push [Applause] he's gonna leave without us isn't he not if we quit come on after you he can't solve the rest of it without us they're everywhere just keep going okay looks clear damn it this place is like a maze yeah it's like they don't want us to leave or something after this oh [ __ ] hold up amigo right good to see you kick down that ladder for us we're close there's the lighthouse like i said stick to the plan don't celebrate yet it's actually pretty agile just keep searching over there i love what they just dropped with the science there it is what do we need we got the clue [Applause] we got it ah hell on me get to the wall now sam check it keep going go [Music] hold on give me your other arm come on reese no we gotta move oh no he's still down there no he's gone come on the boat's just beyond the wall no no i can't i can't i can't leave him behind nate your brother is dead either come with me or join him just have it your way sam oh god no no oh my god hitting me with bullets i'm coming i'm coming okay keep coming [Music] and a time jump [Music] all right made it to the bottom okay according to your signal you're at the no not yet anyway you got any pinks from up there all right i'll just keep heading downstream copy that keep me posted you got it hey if i might watch it down to a quarter tank you want to come up yeah i'll be fine can't be far if you don't find it soon i'm calling it i'll find it all right diving is so terrifying like deep sea water diving oh it's like a documentary on it it's like actually the majority of diving is just surfacing the actual dye like takes like a fraction like like a tenth of the time night the rest of time you literally just decompressing and just sitting in one spot so you don't get the bends hey i got something here no rust right color maybe hit the rocks tore off before tumbling hey you're mumbling sorry it looks like a piece of our wreck must be close by you're teasing me now drake you're teasing me ah there you are i found it all right how's it look that's beat up but intact what do we got here all right i can see the cargo it's like most of the crates are here can you get an accurate cow i'm gonna have to go inside for that stand by all right here we go [Music] there [Music] looks like a lot of it's still strapped down gone life okay but my account we're shy two crates i'm gonna go round them up hold on how about you come up first get a fresh tank ah the crate's gotta be nearby found one crap the crate's pinned beneath the trailer tell you what secure the other crate first then we'll lift the trailer up for you yeah you see that's why you get paid the big bucks yeah found the other crate one down one to go secure it in the trailer we're nearly at your position all right see you soon i've honestly forgotten what's inside these boxes all right that's one crate secure good timing we're right above you slings on its way down [Music] hook up the trailer we'll raise it up a bit for you okay got the cable i'm gonna try looping it around one of the axes that should work yeah [Music] oh i gotta swim around yeah baby all right that's one all right you watch your oxygen now that's fine it's fine this is fine when this first happened like my first playlist i was like amazed the fact that we actually physically made you wrap around the access too okay trailer secure ready to go all right get clear we'll lift it up i don't know i just it blew my mind [Music] usually just you press a button and it doesn't ready when you are up we go [Music] okay is that enough yeah plenty just don't drop it on me no promises okay you got the other crate i'm gonna strap it in with the others [Music] whatever this is it may be worth it there you go [Music] ratchet her down oh boy [Music] all cargo present and accounted for and with five minutes of oxygen to spare jesus hey maybe you should hang out then see if you can find some other treasures down there nah i'm good found some already i love one let me know when you're on the sling yeah you definitely could not do this you would have to spend like okay i'm in position get me out of here four hours decompressing going up [Music] science you don't want those bubbles in your brain [Music] hang on hang on what's up boys [Music] i think one of the other uncharted started on the boat too didn't it forget which one good to have you back drake yeah it's good to be back toss down your gear here you go thanks whoa this tank's kind of light i'm just making your job easier right okay done man i wish they move all this to computers government's like 10 years behind the rest of the world right now wait a minute let's wrap this up later my hero come on let's go see what you brought us hey so how about someone else be point man next time you've earned a break no no thanks take a dive over being at the office any day give me a second yeah well uh either way it's gonna be a while to the next dive what are you talking about about thursday's job oh come on no got under bid you got to be kidding me hey competition's tough under bid let's see here now care to do the honors bling away that is respect thanks surprised they made it water pipe wow look at that we struck copper well you'd be surprised how much this stuff is worth clients paying good money for the full cover sure you don't want to just melt it down make some pennies come on let's go celebrate first round's on me bar hopping with you guys no no no not unless there's hazard pay uh it's all the same to you i think i'm just gonna do the paperwork and uh get home and crash a raincheck though all right suit yourself hey good work today thanks that's a nice boss man give you positive vibes thanks you for a job well done if you're a boss take notes wafu wafu hey hey nate hey hold on hey what are you doing here ah i got a present for you president what's this got some news for my contact about that wreck off the coast of malaysia oh no uh the ship's intact yeah car goes right for the pagan you are a persistent one i'll give you that and all the money came through for the equipment too we are all set except uh my best guy the guy i trust for the job the only one he he's got cold feet my feet were never warm to begin with and tell me this contact's yours you get the permits no he did not get the permits can't no one get the damn permits not but nate don't you see that works in our favor no permits means no competition the ship is ours no permits means no go nate this is retirement money for the both of us okay i don't know about you but i don't want to be working salvage when i'm 60. do you sure beats prison no listen i have to pass you trust me so should you okay just take it with you humor me i'm not gonna change my mind well then don't hurt to sleep on it does it no just think about it think about it all right no pressure nate but think about it you really did your homework on this one narrow down the search area it would make a hell of a fine son of a [ __ ] no no no way you are going with the others something tempting all right right right remember this attic scene we get like some uh blast for the past here climbed your big brother some years back one of the stranger things i've collected along the years a spanish doubloon found in a german u-boat in the middle of a jungle who would have thunk with zombies zombies sir francis drake takes a bullet for sully look at us this was really built up to be the final game based on how everything's set up and shaped up but let's be honest with yourselves let's just be honest with ourselves there's gotta be another one that's gotta be another one leaving too much money on the table francis and his elaborate puzzles so many men killed each other for a piece of this shambhala man maybe i should go back and play the other ones as well should i should i go back and play the other ones oh just bad memories yeah thanks for nothing saint dismiss now this was a crazy ride hmm another lifetime chloe not really my style anymore the belt buckles don't like don't like here they come take cover i'm surrounded bullseye still got it still got it take that don't let him flank you mate all right that eat plastic i've got to keep moving gotcha like a pro back in business he talks like he's actually in the action so long that'll teach you living reliving the glory days man yeah bring it see ya still got it hey nate are you coming down to eat yeah i'll be right there ah my play time's over wow clean up a little why don't you jesus live like animals animals it's actually not that bad give you a little bit of a glimpse of what i'm like at home a little peek behind the curtain [Music] is this what you're working on wow we really need to go on another vacation been too long i forgot that she's a journalist oh there's a crash bandicoot scene here right i forgot about that [Music] you were up there a long time well i was researching something oh is that what we're calling it these days i was hey would you mind grabbing the food i'm just wrapping up here oh yeah sure thing thanks that i'm sorry i'm sorry how was your day oh it was fine typical day in paradise um i uh i got to pull a bunch of garbage out of a river hmm yes at least you got to go for a swim did you find any exciting garbage oh some brilliant stuff it was a um early 21st century truck we got apparently the natives called it a semi aren't they a lawyer so boring stuff tell me about the article well it started out as this fluff piece about tourism in bangkok but i don't think the magazine is gonna like the angle that i'm taking because everyone immediately commented about how rude the smog was that it was like shocked to the lungs like the second that you got off the plane so kind of took this u-turn and became this elegy about a city where you can see the mountains ah what where are you i'm in here being stabbed with a fork oh really what just keep going it was it was interesting um oh interesting what's my article about what smog this one smug [Music] the people of bangkok and and the smog and how they they can't uh can't get a flight anywhere and people can't breathe good guess good guess oh wow all right i'm sorry no it was valiant i was in the ballpark right in a different state but yeah you were in a ballpark they're so cute i loved that i was gonna ask you about that malaysia job again james and always ask me about the malaysian job look nate i really think that you should take it you know what i don't want it really i mean he doesn't have the permits and we agreed we're not going to take that kind of work anymore not worth it it doesn't sound that risky all right if it's just a permit no way you could call sullivan you haven't seen him in two years could we please drop this okay i just don't want you to not take it because of me i'm not taking it because of me okay i appreciate the gesture it's just i'm gonna go ahead and do the dishes just stop i'll do them no you did them last night no you cooked i cleaned it's fine i mean at least at least uh let me let me try to earn it or something let me um play you for it you'll play me for it yeah yeah yeah your little tv game thing i bet i can beat your high score you think that you can beat my high score on my tv game thing yeah i think you're scared now you don't even know what it's called i don't need to know what it's called i've seen you play it's jumping and running and i have a natural talent for that so what do you say chicken is it a bet oh wow okay cowboy okay watch and limit oh i'm learning all right this the scene takes a whole new meaning after the microsoft acquisition of blizzard's activision no it has to load load yes this is taking a really long time you have no patience when you turn something on you expect it to okay here we go is there a problem no no just uh do uh they make it go push the start button i knew that right i got it i failed this so hard the first time okay so you want to run towards the camera run to the camera which one's x right thumb okay run away from the boulder why is the boulder chasing me just run away from it i did nothing to this boulder use your spin attack oh my god [Music] that was that wasn't not too bad what is that thing a fox a bandicoot looks like a fox it's like a fox and jeans okay smash the boxes why is a fox smashing crates and that's just what he does it's a fox and it's not very realistic perfect by the way fox just can't do this it's a bandicoot that doesn't look anything like a bandicoot have you ever seen a banana food no but i'm sure they don't go okay grab the fruit 100 who's got time to pick 100 pieces of fruit this guy's talking i'm like stressed out of my mind right now because i want to make sure i succeed in doing it this time okay you got it there you go [Music] wow what is that it replay replay no option to reply you asked for it oh you got to be kidding me i practically had it you can give it another shot come on double or nothing my car could really use a good cleaning really going to start the smack talk there's this mode i got this i just switch it wow it's way easier on it don't just keep talking keep talking what are you going to do i'm warning what are you going to do in real life what can you do what can you do in real life what do you think about that hey are you happy now of course bored out of my mind um really come here this is how babies are made avert your eyes [Applause] we're not open yet we're closed come on man all right i'm coming coming [ __ ] yeah can i help you yeah i'm uh looking for my little brother it's about your heights a little bit leaner definitely less gray in the temples sam it's good to see you again nathan oh my god sam oh all right all right all right take it easy take it easy how how i thought you i saw you get shot yes you did right there huh jesus the doctors they i mean doctors they patched me up and they tossed me right back into the cell yeah but i i made calls i i checked everywhere everything i heard everything i found it it all confirmed you were dead well nathan we killed a guard okay say they wanted to see me rot in that cell for the rest of my life and i nearly did he's a semi man if i had known i i swear to you i would've come back i know nathan no it's important now though is that i'm out hey you still with me i need some air you're not gonna pass out on me and nothing are you i just might it's a lot to digest you know but how did you get out when did you get out how'd you even get here find me all right slow down hey have a seat i want to hear about you huh me yeah what's to tell well call some of your contacts tell me some pretty crazy-ass story these were crazy stories got shot hanging from a derailed train in the himalayas yeah that uh that actually happened come on man what did i miss sam where do i start start with the best part okay um uh do you remember the theory that we had that sir francis drake faked his own death yeah sure okay he did i found the coffin off the coast of panama yeah yeah all right now get this okay i open it up right and there's no body but at the bottom is his old journal are you [ __ ] me i mean what can i say another lost city destroyed and uh we made it out alive barely unbelievable yeah yeah it was maybe she could have been there no it's literally unbelievable you you tell me you stumble upon yet another archaeological gold mine and somehow you managed to walk away with nothing well it's a story of my life i guess but you know i managed to grab a few trinkets here and there paid off the car the house engagement ring the engagement ring i'm married i can't belie elena from the stories that's my wife you got to come meet her tonight dinner at my place you're coming to dinner i can tell her all about you [ __ ] i got to tell her all about you i'm in a lot of trouble here what what are you talking about what kind of trouble is the name heck the alcazar ring about with you yeah he's the the drug lord mm-hmm butcher of panama right why it's a funny story but um last year he was my cell mate so this is how i got out of prison well you're not reading the night samuel come here listen girls they're singing well they're probably drunk perhaps but they are content how can they be contained with their small lives they're miserable jobs i mean they have wives to go home to what do we got no offense we have ambition bro and when we get out of here that ambition will take us to places these idiots cannot even imagine yeah well amen to your optimism what will you do when you get out samuel that's if i get out of here i'm sure you can imagine i can but i want to hear you say it i will find the greatest pirate treasure of all time which i am sure you are sick of hearing about by now oh no the tale of henry avery and his 400 million in jewels and gold has become a sweet lullaby for me do you really think you can find it given the opportunity absolutely ambition what is that avery quote i am a man of fortune and i must seek my fortune i like how he thinks the hell was that the opportunity of a lifetime senor segment case samuel are you ready to seek your fortune [Music] [Applause] how long have you had this plan since the moment i set foot in this place samuel keep up we're going to have to move quickly holy [ __ ] [Music] straight up murdered everyone can i get a gun these men are sadistic we're doing the world a favor huh here you'll need this you remember how to use it yeah come back to me hector you do that and you'll start a goddamn riot exactly again [Music] this guy's kind of appeared out of nowhere [Music] i don't have to do anything crazy oh come on stop you kicking me yo all right dude get out of the way you guys do all the work i'll just sit back you guys got it you guys got it you don't need my help let's do this come on alrighty you see the plan is working yeah i see oh hello samuel get behind something what why just do it it's gonna flow right yeah yeah i'm fine yesterday [Music] oh hello we got here [Music] [Music] holy i got him i got him i got him bullets bullets man just everywhere oh jumping down here not a good idea but we'll make it work we'll make it work why did i jump down here come on samuel take cover samuel in a minute we will either be free or dead are you ready a lot of guys samuel stay back well faster please thank you holy [ __ ] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] bullets man let's see what's up something's going to kind of blow that [ __ ] up [Music] this guy bought like c4 at costco man there's so many explosions oh thank you thank you guardian angel look at this guy oh [ __ ] i don't know where i'm getting stopped from don't know where i'm gates off them god oh here oh no no i'm good i'm better than good actually you're dehydrated one thing thank you so what's next for some you'll drink jesus what is next uh i'll take a bath i'm gonna sleep in a real bed maybe find a nice warm body to sleep next to me uh check my brother down seems like a pretty good start yeah it is so how long do you think it would take for you to retrieve every stranger uh i don't know i mean i get back to the states i can resume my search hello it's kind of hard to say until i get started you said you know what i did yeah uh i do okay but listen it it's not like avery left some map with a big red x on it okay but i've i've got some very hey take it easy i like you samuel more importantly i believed you that is why you were here i can't i can get it okay i just need some time now my uncle jill you see the problem is i'm having all these doubts into my mind hector listen to me i will find it i swear how long six months [Laughter] people are lazy they always ask for more time than they actually need three months three months three months half the treasure can you do it say it three months have the treasure now if you run but try to hide the treasure or do something really stupid like go to the authorities i'll know and when you least expect it i will be there at that point death is not a mercy i will grant you here come on no the nearest town is 10 kilometers in that direction towards the sunrise it's been a while since we've seen the sunrise outside huh almost when i find it then what don't worry when the time comes i'll be there to collect when i swear to samuel yikes so alcazar lets me go and here we are this is bad we just pick up the trail where we left off and wait trail sam there's no trail after rafe and i escaped he took his parents fortune and bought up all the land around saint dismiss cathedral we combed that place for weeks avery's treasure isn't there not that that stopped rafe warren's been digging for years still hasn't turned up squat not really surprised what does that mean well i just you know happened to do a little digging of my own and uh i bet your rafe doesn't have this it's really amazing what you can find on the internet these days it's just the saint dismiss cross oh is it because the one we found was broken and hollow remember holy crap it's still intact avery made more than one cross so what i was missing from the one in panama is probably still inside this one well all right well where is this oh this exquisite piece is going up for auction in three days at the rossi estate the raciest thing well you know it uh yeah and how do you plan on securing an invite to an exclusive heavily guarded black market auction oh you don't necessarily need an invitation per se huh yeah where are you going to get the money to output all the high rollers i could take a second mortgage out on my house and it still wouldn't be enough to go steal it try and steal it huh no we are oh no no man listen i can't i'm i'm out what no i i i just don't do that kind of thing anymore besides there are plenty other guys that are much more equipped to handle this kind of thing like who um i don't know like uh anybody charlie cutter no no he's my go-to guy for this absolutely absolutely not i don't trust charlie or anybody else that you've got on that phone with my life okay i need you on this oh man one there's got to be another way not with the time i got left certainly not with alcazar hello hey hon it's me hey how uh listen you're not gonna believe this jamison just walked in here with the permits wow that's great yeah i know i know but uh yikes like i'm gonna take that malaysia job after all lying to the waifu that does not bode well nothing good will come out of that i guarantee i promise you do not lie to your wife see anything yet just a bunch of high-class low-life criminals all cleaned up for prom and no sign from sullivan yet well there's still plenty of time looks like the storage room's in the building behind the manor can you see it from up there just the very top of it oh i wonder what they got tucked away in there let's just focus on avery's cross okay i don't know you sure you don't want to pick up something for the wife that's cute let's keep it simple simple and it'll be a whole lot simpler if it was just the two of us sam we could be inside already not cleanly have you even thought about a backup plan in case uh sullivan gets cold feet no because he won't or if he got caught sam he knows the people running the auction he's gonna schmooze his way right through that party get upstairs unlock the window and we're in it's a solid plan uh-huh all right fine good say it what if he stole the cross for himself not in a million years victor sullivan same victor we're talking about right yes he's double-crossed people in the past but not us no not you i know you two have never seen eye to eye huge understanding but i trust him all right he's family no no no no i just need you to trust him too fine fine he'll come through for us eventually come on you have to at least just for one second consider the possibility see trust try to keep your tux clean gotta breathe gotta breathe all right this is chapter six i think chapter six wants a thief all right ladies and gentlemen that'll be it for part one of uncharted 4 remastered from the legacy of thieves collection thank you guys so much for watching and before we do i want to give a quick thank you to our tier four as well as tier five channel members that support the channel directly with the membership so big thank you to fastblogs dina positive sarcasm as well as austin we will continue the series very very soon to a sub box near 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