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United Empire Expert Guide – Endless Space 2 – Turns 1-30

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First 30 turns of 4XAlchemist playing United Empire from Endless Space 2 on Endless Difficulty with Hard Pirates. Extensive commentary on multiple UE-specific and general strategies.

+ Turn 10 - 100 Industry on home system
+ Turn 13 - 2 Heroes and 140 science
+ Turn 15 - Level 2 Systems upgrade unlocked
+ Turn 28 - 3 Minor Civilizations Assimilated

Google drive link to save file for anyone wanting to pick up the game from this point:

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Comment (46)

  1. Can you do an update, or a new guide to the Empire. I was watching this, and I noticed that many, many of the tips you gave in this video are outdated, such as the probe trick, the upkeep for the law you passed, ship upgrade costs, the 10% industry bonus on Lenko etc.

  2. Maybe here I can get help.. I was playing Sophons, few times, always defeated by bankruptcy, details:
    At some stage I have like 14 out of 10 systems, 85%approval across them, surplus 3-4k dust, played on easy and only 1 AI opponent (because of what follows), everytime same scheme: last time my +4k dust changed to -8k in just one turn (nothing happened like war or blockade or anything) and I couldn't fix it even by setting all systems for dust profiles and destroying expensive buildings here and there. Im lost.

  3. I've started three consecutive games and I always only have exactly one colonizable planet in in the system around my starting locaton, and that's my home planet. What a shitty game balance.

  4. Great vid, but plz stop putting an upward inflection at the end of each sentence? Like you're asking a question? All the time? It's annoying asf.

  5. Very helpful regarding the 'thinking' of this. I'm new player and wondering how to do anything regarding even moving an exploration ship. Yeah, that early in this game.

  6. The double probe component and turn 1 upgrade is something I figured out myself and I'm glad to find that it's a smart move lol. It seems like you guys dont get a second scout ship out quickly, are you really too busy to do that?

    You guys should check out the Eclipse and Twilight Imperium board games.

  7. Can anyone deny/confirm if hero exp still works this way? 26:20 IE they only get exp when a build completes, and you can jump a hero into a system right before the last tick to get full exp?

  8. What a great tutorial! Everything is well explained and he also says why he makes the choices he make. This is a thorough tutorial and a joy to watch. I learnt a lot of new stuff. Liked and subscribed.

  9. You guys should make an updated version. Not sure if recent patches may have changed things. But I just recently picked up this game due to it being on game pass for PC. Loving these vids tho.

  10. I can just tell that he savescammed it by using particular seed of galaxy before record (yes, you can do that). The best way to describe this tutorial would be – prey for luck. Just the fact that on first launch he got an industrial power house in his home system (lava planet) and second system 1 jump away with a fucking 5 planets in it, of which 2 of them he can even colonize few turns later, then he also got even more of 4 planet systems. But wait! there is more.. how about a minor faction nearby your main system.. like 1 jump away NEAR. What a coincidence. Vodyani would like to know your location.. You know, they would give anything for this kind of a lucky start. Anything.

    Well.. There are some helpfull advices, but to call it a fair tutorial would be a crime.

  11. 31:46 Since the whole theme behind Industrialists in this game is kinda space USSR and the first industrialist hero is Dmitry… to make the name Lena more comrade "feeling" it can be pronounced with E like in a word "Lemon", source Russian name Elena/Lena/Alena 🙂
    and some fun facts:
    Petra is Greek name but it's very popular in Germany and Slavic countries.
    Hadri seams to be Arabic name

    Interesting fact about surnames:
    Hadri Lenko – Lenko is popular Ukrainian surname
    Lena Zelevas – Zelevas is a surname of Emperor of the United Empire in the game 🙂 According to wiki Lena is a Sister of Emperor. Most likely surname is Lithuanian, but seems to be completely fictional
    Petra Mandžukić – Mandžukić is a Croatian surname

    P.S. Great guide!

  12. always seems like your start is always a great…. and saying stuff like " just like we wrote it up" does not help. good info on the game, but could be 5 min video instead of you not being surprised by anything ever.


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