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SearchThisVideo: BEHOLD MY CHISELED PERFECTION – Let’s Play GRIME – PC Gameplay Part 1

Destroy… Absorb… Grow… GRIME is a fast and unforgiving Action-Adventure RPG in which you crush your foes with living weapons that mutate form and function, and then consume their remains with a black hole to strengthen your vessel as you break apart a world of anatomical horror and intrigue. Get Grime on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1123050/GRIME/ _ […]
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SearchThisVideo: This Is An Actually Good Cyberpunk Game! – Let’s Play The Ascent – PC Gameplay Part 1

The Ascent is a solo and co-op Action-shooter RPG set in a cyberpunk world. The mega corporation that owns you and everyone, The Ascent Group, has just collapsed. Can you survive without it? Get The Ascent on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/979690/The_Ascent/ _____________________________________________________________________ Outro Music: Braincooler – Mega Man X Chill Penguin Stage Remix By Rozovian – https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01916 […]
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SearchThisVideo: I Get To Pilot Adorable Bug Mechs!? – Let’s Play Stonefly – PC Gameplay Part 1

Harness the wind and soar through the wilderness of Stonefly. Brilliant but naïve inventor Annika Stonefly must recover a lost family heirloom using her smarts and strategy. Glide strategically among flora and fauna, confronting hungry bugs, adventures, and memorable characters. Along the way, you’ll unravel a heartwarming story of self-discovery, family, legacy, and belonging. Get […]
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SearchThisVideo: Amassing An Adorable Woodland Horde! – Let’s Play The Wild At Heart – PC Gameplay Part 1

A mysterious hidden realm. Two precocious kids fleeing hardship. Magical creatures and an oddball order of guardians who have lost their way. A stygian evil imprisoned. Welcome to the Deep Woods. Amass your Horde Collect and deploy a swarm of quirky Spritelings; small magical creatures for you to command. Break stuff, collect loot, fight enemies, […]
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SearchThisVideo: Ashwalkers: A Survival Story – A Bitter Trek Of Hope Through A Volcanic Post Apocalypse

A survival journey through a harsh world without rules or judgement. Only your choices matters in the face of moral dilemmas. Manage your party, food & equipment in this non-linear narrative survival sim with 34 possible endings. Get Ashwalkers on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1273690/Ashwalkers/ _____________________________________________________________________ Outro Music: Braincooler – Mega Man X Chill Penguin Stage Remix By […]
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SearchThisVideo: Thor’s Hammer Super Stomp! – Let’s Play Curse of the Dead Gods [1.0] – PC Gameplay Part 1

Join the Passtech Discord and get involved: https://discord.gg/5rAc8hH ___________________________________ You seek untold riches, eternal life, divine powers – it leads to this accursed temple, a seemingly-infinite labyrinth of bottomless pits, deadly traps, and monsters. Your greed will lead you to death, but that is not an escape. Rise to fight again. Delve deeper again. Defy […]