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    Bitcoin: Final Nail in the Coffin of Climate Change? | Lars Dittmar | TEDxRWTHAachen

    Could Bitcoin emissions alone really push global warming above 2 °C? Lars Dittmar examines sensational claims about Bitcoin’s impact on climate change — and puts these claims into a clear perspective. “Bitcoin is undoubtedly electricity intensive, but apocalyptic scaremongering is inappropriate” he says. Lars Dittmar is a climate researcher at the institute of climate protection, […]

    Climate Change Education | Thomas Isaac | TEDxSouthFayetteHS

    Description: Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth (2006) was the vehicle that pushed climate change into the forefront of national consciousness. The current generation of high school and college-aged young adults is the first that has grown up with an awareness of climate change and its potential consequences.  How does this generation perceive climate change […]

    Building An Earthship | Rubén Cortés | TEDxYouth@KL

    How can you build a self sustainable home? Ruben explains it all in his Earthship Rubén combines experience in business development, management and education from Europe, Latin America and South East Asia with a great passion for social issues and sustainable models of development. Rubén started his business career in the tourism sector in Germany. […]

    How law can save the Earth. | Femke Wijdekop | TEDxHaarlem

    The Enlightenment gave us fundamental rights and freedom. Unfortunately, we have used these rights mainly to exploit and dominate the natural world, helped along by a legal system which sees the Earth as property. Fortunately, Earth Lawyers around the world are now standing up, using law as a tool to heal our relationship with the […]