Maya LT 2018- 3D Animation Tools

Maya LT’s animation tools provide everything a game artist needs to create realistic movements, bringing their assets to life. Learn more: Autodesk Maya LT:
Mudbox for Beginners

Mudbox for Beginners In this video, Paul Kind shows “how to push the mud around”, giving a general overview of Autodesk Mudbox for beginners. If you have never used Mudbox or another 3D tool before, this is a great starting place to quickly learn Mudbox. Paul shows all the basics from navigating the UI to using all […]
Maya LT Advanced Training: Character Modeling — Part 1

Maya LT Advanced Training: Character Modeling — Part 1 Welcome to Maya LT Advanced Training — Character Modeling. Technical Specialist Matthew Doyle will walk you through the process of modeling a game character he calls Cat Fu from start to finish. Matthew starts off slow and simple in the first video to warm you up to Maya LT’s tools, including how to setup […]

Sculpting Basics Tutorial

Since sculpting is such a vital part of Mudbox, we’ll take some time to cover the basics of sculpting, including how to use the sculpt tools and set sculpting properties.