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    The First 21 Minutes of Cris Tales Gameplay

    Check out the first 21 minutes of gameplay of Cris Tales, the new turn-based RPG from Dreams Uncorporated, SYCK, and Modus Games. Cris Tales is a gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs with a new perspective. Peer into the past, act in the present, and watch as your choices dynamically change the future — […]

    Griftlands Review

    Griftlands reviewed by Travis Northup on PC and Xbox. Also available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. “This ingenious blend of RPG mechanics, visual novel-style storytelling, and deck-building roguelike gameplay is a beautiful recipe for a kind of game I never knew I wanted.  Even though I’ve already spent the past week getting through each of […]

    Endling – Official Gameplay Trailer – Summer of Gaming 2021

    Endling shows off gameplay in this new trailer for this touching game, as showcased during Guerrilla Collective 2021. In Endling, it is your mission to safely guide a fox mother, the last of her kind, and her three vulnerable cubs through the dystopian future of an exploited Earth, where there is barely enough room or […]