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    VALADILENE – Let's Play Syberia Part 1 | PC Game Walkthrough | 60fps Gameplay

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    Kate Walker arrives at the mysterious village of Valadilene to meet with Anna Voralberg. Just one problem. She's dead.

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    ►About the Game -
    Kate Walker, a young ambitious lawyer from New York, is handed what seems a fairly straight forward assignment - a quick stopover to handle the sale of an old automaton factory hidden in the alpine valleys, then straight back home to the US.

    Little did she imagine when embarking on this task that her life would be turned upside down. On her expedition across Europe, traveling from Western Europe to the far reaches of Eastern Russia, she encounters a host of incredible characters and locations in her attempt to track down Hans, the genius inventor - the final key to unlock the mystery of Syberia. Her voyage across land and time throws all she values into question, while the deal she sets out to sign turns into a pact with destiny.

    Key Features
    A gripping script that goes beyond your imagination
    Rich and intriguing characters with detailed and realistic 3D environments
    Film-like camera angles, movements and framing
    Original and creative puzzles (completely integrated into the scenario)

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    ►Series Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3AISiWybyWfW_sL9qF3dC7qZLQcPs-rf
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    Comment (27)

    1. I remember seeing this game when it first came out, but I'd never really given it a second thought and I am very interested in it after watching this! Looking forward to you continuing this series!

    2. This game is one of my favorites. In fact, I was intending to replay it this month.
      Oh, and as some trivia: The reason why "Robot" is forbidden in Valadilene, is because that the word "robot" literally means "slave" in czech, so this town knows that meaning, and don't want people to think that automatons are slaves.

    3. The difference between a robot and an automaton is that an automaton is designed to automatically preform one task over and over again.  They are not designed to be programmed for different functions.  Robots are designed to preform multiple tasks based on what they are programmed for.  So, those toy cars that are just wind ups, those are automatons, the radio controlled ones are robots.

    4. Hey all, I'm new to CJU videos. I normally don't comment (this might be my first) but it's hard to find channels that are not "over the top" commentary. When looking at this guy's channel, I see a ton of videos but a very small amount of views. Too bad. He's clearly dedicated to it, shown by the volume of content. I found this channel from a Metro video, which was way too old to comment on. Anyway I'm in the US, and find his approach to editing and facecam worth a mention. Thanks man for sticking with it.

    5. I notice that a lot of people don't notice that "Syberia" is not the same thing as "Siberia." The later is the actual name of the region in Russia while "Syberia" is made up. Just wanted to point out lol

    6. Watching someone play a game that you've played a lot over the years is simultaneously refreshing and frustrating. On the one hand, you don't really need to pay close attention to what's going on in the game to know what's happening and it's nice to hear the person playing it talking about it. On the other hand, Omg! What are you doing?? Why are you doing that?? This is incredibly inefficient! Lol.

      But seriously though, I'm enjoying your commentary and it makes me happy that you had fun playing this game. It's been one of my favorites for such a long time. I'm excited to see the rest of this playthrough as well as the ones for Syberia 2 and 3!

    7. How did you manage to run this game on that resolution? There's no option to change it in the game. I'm trying to find a fix about this but whenever i search, the only answer i get is that you can't do it since it's pre-rendered graphics. Anyone?

    8. My family was poor and we had really old computer and this game is what made my mom and little brother laugh. we still remember it, and as soon as the third part came out after 11 years we finished it in a week. love this game forever!


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