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SearchThisVideo: VALADILENE – Let's Play Syberia Part 1 | PC Game Walkthrough | 60fps Gameplay

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hello everyone and welcome to what is

probably going to be the start of a new

series on this channel

welcome to siberia this game has been

requested again and again over the years

and i think it's finally time i get

around to playing it

there's always been something else to

play you know so i always put on the

back burner and kind of forgot about it

but now

i think it's time to find out what all

the fuss is about now

unlike most of the games i play on this

channel this isn't a horror game in fact

i don't think it actually contains any

horror elements at all so we're kind of

taking a break from the horror genre

what this is though is a third person

point-and-click adventure game

and uh it revolves around a woman in a

steampunk-like environment

with with robots and mechanical doodads

and stuff like that

and looks really quite charming honestly

so let's give this a go

let's start a new game and if you like

it let me know if i get enough support

there'll be a part two











and just like that we're in okay you

know what i'm gonna have to take back

that statement i made at the beginning

saying that there wasn't any

like horror elements in this game there

was something very unsettling about

seeing those clockwork men walking up

the hill

right now i'll level with you this is a

blind playthrough but i have played the

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

initial five or so minutes before

because i actually tried to record this

part uh

a couple days ago and it was about that

time my neighbor decided it was a good

time to cut the lawn so

the the sound of the mower screwed up my

audio so i stopped recording but um

i did get to grips with the controls

it's very very simple

uh left click is just move around and

inspect things

if i right click i come up with a little

menu and this is an inventory system i


um first things first there's a dialogue

notebook now i think this consists of

every subject i can talk to people about

so right now there's only one and it's

about me i think my name is kate walker

i believe

so that's that um there's also a cell

phone here

so at some point in the game i'm gonna

have to call someone up it seems because

i can use all these buttons

okay i do have my pen and paper ready

just in case i don't have to write some

numbers down so

there's that yeah put that back in your


okay so i think down here are slots for

uh for items

and if i click right up here to go to

the personal file um i guess this is


inventory for more items possibly and i

can take them

and consult them i guess examine them if

i click that one

so uh that's pretty much that i guess if

i click menu it goes to yeah

it just goes to the actual menu so there

we go

so let's see here uh what did i do a

couple days ago

um there's a document i think it's

actually up here yeah there you go

context sensitive and everything so left


and uh i can pull a leaflet or something

down from the wall

and it's about the world capital of

mechanical toys welcome

to valladolin i think that's how you

pronounce it vladalin something like


um of course i've i've actually read all

this before

there's quite a lot of reading on this

on this leaflet so what i'm going to do

is i'm going to allow you five seconds

to pause the video read this at your


and um i'll go on to page two in a


okay page two now i can't help but think

that this uh

voralberg wind-up key on the left here

is gonna play some sort of part in this


it just seems like a very odd detail to

put on the leaflet

okay page three now

and this is about the voralberg family

okay fantastic there you go and that

icon in the top right i think means that

it's been added to my inventory

but it's not there but it's in my

personal file so maybe the things that i

can read

like what i what i just picked up the

advertising brochure go in this

little area and uh the other items go in

this area i

i can only assume that's what happens

anyway now what else was there i don't

think i can go upstairs quite yet

there's something about i think it's

something to do with the suitcase i

shouldn't leave my luggage here that's


yeah it looks like i can actually use

the suitcase or pick it up or something

i really don't have the strength to take

this suitcase any further that's right

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

i wonder who can help me i wonder who

can help me and

yet again a symbol in the top right

signifies that something

has been added to my dialogue notebook


now i've got a second subject i can ask

about getting some help

but uh i suppose we need to find someone

to to ask

so let's see that's my jacket right so

there's nothing else up here can't go

upstairs right now nothing on the table

i assume

we've got like a countertop here which i

can examine

oh brilliant okay i haven't done this

before so push the button i guess

no can i take that little hammer and use

it myself

can i oh hang on oh there's something

here i need a key

oh so that's what that symbol is like i

need to use something with it

it's like a little sort of spanner okay

well some keys up here

but i assume they're room keys and i

can't take them

oh hang on is that it ah there you go

so just like that no

okay i thought i had a good grasp of the

controls but perhaps not let's see if we

can use an item

so it's right click then you left click


okay you don't have to drag or anything

just use it hey there you go

simple as that okay let's try the button


very convoluted but i guess it got the

job done hopefully someone hears that

okay okay i'm coming i didn't realize

there was someone else in the room


hello there oh do i

okay i manually have to uh to talk to

him i guess hi there

hello there man and there you go all the

subjects on my dialogue notebook now

come up as

options so uh i'm kate i would like a


my company should have made a

reservation in the name of walker

the company is marcin and lauremont

associates the name is kate walker

of course miss walker you are in room

six on the next floor

thank you okay all right so let's move

on to

help could you possibly take my luggage


please please do excuse me miss walker

we have been neglecting our duties

guests are so rare these days that we

forget our manners

so you're the american woman i guess so

is it true what people say

that you've come to buy the factory not


anna's house han's house excuse me

would you quiet down you mischievous

little boy

ah i imagine our little town must

disappoint you

you see today is very sad for us it's a

day of mourning

today is the funeral of miss anna oh

that was her funeral that was her


hands long way away anna told momo

and i like momo very much he seems uh

simple stop pestering the lady now go on


get out of here oh he's barely pestering

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

me come on

oh come on now look what you've done

what did he throw on the floor though

was i saying

oh yes miss anna such a great loss for

vale dylan it really is

because now that she's dead the factory

will close

but you're here to stop that happening

aren't you our future is in your hands

miss walker

what anna varlberg is

dead certainly seems that way i think i

did see anna on the side of that


this is actually pretty cool so far

here's your room

i hope you like it miss walker

it's quite an old game i think it's over

a decade old now but uh still looks all


i'll leave you to rest for the time

being you must have a lot of work to do

i guess i must the takeover of the

factory is very good news for us here

it would make us very happy to see life

returned to our valley

if only you had seen validity land


it was delightful people came from all

over the world to buy

voralberg automatons ah somebody has

left you some mail i see what the hell

remember if you need anything at all

when not far away miss walker is it

meant to look like that

i don't think so okay something's been

added to my notebook i guess

uh so let's have a look what we got oh

blimey there's quite a lot so if there's


momo automaton and anna now all right

i guess i'll be speaking to him again at

some point

okay that was weird right we've got the

uh we've got the suitcase up here now so

let's have a look

i don't need that for the time being

after making such a fuss about it never


okay so got like a vas i think that must

be one of the voralberg guys i think i

saw him in the leaflet

we've got a screen here can't go around

it can we sleep

can we go next door

oh that goes to the next screen i see

okay oh this must be what you was

talking about this is the mail

yeah i guess there was a texture glitch

or something weird

and again she puts it in a jacket pocket

only to

want to read it immediately afterwards

so uh here we go i'm going to read this


dear kate our client the universal toy

company is more than eager to see

conclusions from the talks with

vorelberg manufacturing with view to a

takeover in the days to come

and we have received notification to

this effect we are counting on your

undoubted qualities as a business lawyer

to bring negotiations

with madame anna vorelberg the current

owner to a close

allow me to remind you that the

universal toy company is a multinational

which has a monopoly on the toy market


it is a class a priority client who is

also presenting madame vorelberg with a

golden opportunity to sell her factory

you should remind her of this fact in

case she starts having

last-minute second thoughts before

signing the purchase agreement

yeah i don't think that's going to

happen i'm under no doubt that you will

live up to the great expectations i have

in you

and that's edward marston okay so we

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

work for edward marston at the marston

and lorman associates

law practice i'm a business lawyer okay


i had no idea fair enough that's pretty

unique actually in the game

um we've got a telephone number up here

i'm gonna write that down just in case

because uh i do have a phone and i know

all the buttons work so we got one

two four five eight

nine oh two okay might give that a go in

a moment

right i should tell morrison about the

death of miss varlberg

i hope this isn't going to get too

complicated that's perfect i can't see

myself staying here too long

i think that's exactly what i need to do

so let's let's dig out the uh the cell

phone that we've got

okay so one uh hang on just

ah we've got we've got some stuff in

here so olivia dan

mum office was that the one i think that

was the one one two four five eight 902

that's it let's give it a try

and lawmont how can i help you can you

put me through to mr marston please

it's kate walker hold the line please


i like the realism

hello kate so tell me how's the case

going someone answering that quickly is

not realistic

and there's a slight problem mr marston

i'm afraid

mrs varlberg is dead ah that's most


but i seem to remember we made

provisions for just such a sad

eventuality and we know that there was

no air that's convenient

yes that's right but so where's the

problem kate contact the notary right


i'll get my secretary to fax you his

address and an introduction letter from

the firm

very good mr martin right i gotta go

kate keep me up to date okay

i just

you just cut you off right there okay um

it looks like again something has been

added to the uh dialogue notebook

so we need to go and find a notary or


is dan the notary by any chance i don't

know maybe i'll just start calling

numbers in a moment let's let's see what

i can

let's see what's been added to the uh

the dialogue notebook though

oh mission that's a new one okay so we

can talk about the mission

right okay so that's that dealt with and

that's in my

personal file brilliant so then

is there gonna be pixel hunting in this

game am i gonna have to sort of hover

this halo over pretty much every pixel

of the screen to see if i can do

anything with it i don't know to be


uh nothing over here to have a look at

definitely can't go to bed let's let's

go next door i assume this is like an


to go down there okay fair enough i

guess i don't need to go

right now so what's that that's

that's moving back into the next screen

i see yeah i get it i get it

um can we use anything in the suitcase

now now that we have a mission

i don't need that for the time being

fair enough okay well we're pretty much

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

out of options then i think

let's just leave and explore the

building shall we

okay so we're in room number six there's

five more around here so

uh let's try this one over here

maybe there's someone else staying that

i can talk to

no need to go down there okay no luck

i guess there's a doorway over here

all right the whole way uh let's try

this one no need to go down there

no okay this one

no need to go down there she does say

that a lot doesn't she is she assuming

that there's a staircase going down

beyond every door she can't pass

i don't know let's try this one i need

to go down there

no i suppose not mopping bucket no need

to pick those up

no need to go down there you know so

yeah and and that's that so

let's let's head back didn't i get

didn't i get her to run at some point i

think i did

that's it you double click you double

click and then she runs to wherever you

want to go

okay there is another doorway just down

there next to the uh next to the

portrait i think

that's it that's that's door number one

no need to go down there

yeah funny that okay well let's go back

down to the lobby and

i don't know perhaps i kind of want to

see what that boy was doing what he

knocked onto the floor

oh and if possible speak with this guy

again i'm back again

long time no see so here we go um

well i've already we've already talked

about kate and help

what happens if i say again hello my

name is kate walker and

of course of course he knows he knows

next floor up

yes okay what about the mission though

uh fax didn't arrive for me did it ah

maybe i thought i heard the phone ring i

think we're onto something here do you

think you might want to go and check

certainly ma'am immediately thank you

very much

all right i guess i guess the fax

machine is down below down by his feet

but there we are you just get

stop putting things in your jacket only

to get them out immediately after and

read them

but there we go it's another facts from

martin and lauren to

maitre uh matriar alfoltaire as you are

no doubt aware our practice is charged

with undertaking negotiations for the

takeover of the voralberg manufacturing

by our client the universal toy company

it is with great sadness that we learn

of the recent death of the manager and

owner of the factory

madame vorelberg with whom negotiations

had started we are under no doubt that

madame voraberg left you instructions

before her death

enabling this sale to be concluded we

should remind you of the significant

boost the arrival of the american

multinational would bring to the economy

of your region

it is for this reason that i am sure you

will give our representative miss kate


a warm welcome okay brilliant

so we just need to give that to uh

maitreya alfalter he's the notary

thank you at your service brilliant

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

so that's been added to my inventory i


help i think i'm going to need your help


with what are you leaving already miss


should we bring down your luggage no no

i'm not leaving yet

it's just that we would love to help but

just think what would happen if the

telephone rang or or if a fax arrived

or if a customer came through the door

oh god forbid

five minutes rest here i'm sorry

it's okay no biggie yeah you look uh you

look rushed off your feet

okay let's talk about hands the young

boy who was here

earlier right we talked about uh uh


who is hands momo was talking about

hans voralberg anna's younger brother

but he died a long time ago nobody here

even met him

okay well let's talk about the boy

himself this momo

who is the boy who was drawing here

earlier is he your son

heaven forbid no no not at all

he's not a bad boy no momo is

just a little simple that's all what is

his connection with anna varlberg

momo is what you'd call the village

idiot and anna

took him under her wing he must have

reminded her of her younger brother no


and birds of a feather stick together

don't they

you're implying that anna varelberg was

a little bit

slow as well heaven forbid

no no not at all she was a real

loner she kept to herself that's all

okay it's good to know that momo is the

designated village idiot that's great

okay what about

automaton i just love all these little

mechanical robots

i've noticed there are tons of them here

in valedilenn

be careful what you say voralberg

automatons are not robots

if you want people to like you here

never ever pronounce the word

robot okay

what is the difference between an

automaton and a

robot then well to tell you the truth no

one really knows

well that's it so we can't call them

robots they're automatons

to be fair though they do seem quite

special i don't know if there's any ai

or whatever but they were leading a

funeral procession

so they're clearly better than your

average robots

did you know anna varlberg yourself oh

why of course

i did i i mean well not really

she was a very great lady we loved her

very much

may she rest in peace

okay so that's that um we just need to

find this note right melody len see you


as you like miss okay

right um well that was only half of what

i wanted to do can we can we go

ah ha we can actually go towards the

camera it seems

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

yes yes he did knock a couple things on

the floor and we can pick them up it

seems i guess that's a little hand


that's pretty cool what are they

they're quite small and pretty hard to

see honestly

they don't sort of glow okay so i just

put a

cog in my jacket is that a cog as well

yeah there might there may be some pixel

hunting honestly in this game i'm not


i do think however that i will go up a

couple of cup sizes before the game's


any more around here ah ah there's a

couple more over here as well

okay i see so he was trying to connect

these all together one

so we've got a tiny cog wheel a small

one a medium one and a large one

so one two three four there's a tiny one


so there's six we're missing two cogs it

seems are they around here

just sort of scanning the area just in

case it starts to glow

i don't think so though let's try and

put the tiny one you know in the in the

tiny slot

let's say so that one there no or that


no hmm

it's like this has been engraved into

the table which is kind of strange


but it's not connected to anything which

is very odd

oh well uh let's just cancel that i


let's back out of that let's see if we

can find the other cogs maybe they're

over here no

i think that's just examining the table

again what about the fireplace anything

in the fireplace or around it

yeah i'm pixel hunting i don't see any

more to be honest i don't see any cogs

or anything like that

weird very strange okay well that's that

maybe i'll run into momo later i can ask

him about it

okay let's see so let's explore

valadillan not vladilyn and um see if we

can find this notary

so just outside or no that's my jacket


but i can't pick it up we'll just leave

it behind


all right this is cool i'm actually

liking this so far

so let's see can't use the benches can't

examine that guy there

okay let's yeah keep going towards the


back out to the street i suppose wow

what a funky looking building ah hang on

we can actually use this door here

perhaps there's

some rooms we can get to from this door


no need to go down there ah of course no

need to go down there perhaps there will

be a need later on but uh not now

right okay so what are we doing uh we're

gonna go left we'll go right

we can't actually go to the other side

of the pavement it looks like and i

don't think there's anything here to

examine so

let's let's go right shall we

go on pick up the pace you can run if

you want to all right

oh hang on there's a guy there almost

walked past him

you wouldn't happen to be the notary

would you good morning

good morning what a pleasure to meet

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

such a

lovely young lady honoring our aging


please please sit yourself down next to

me so we can enjoy the

air together it would be a pleasure but

i'm afraid i don't have the time

some other time maybe i hope so miss

i remember when these streets were full

of vibrant life

in those days there was a charming

encounter to be had around every corner

our good little town of valladilla is

not what it used to be

it looks like things have changed a bit

around here our children have all left

the valley

they need to earn a living don't they

can't really blame them

you have to move with the times don't

you and it's not at the voralberg

factory that they'll find jobs

being excluded from the world is not an

easy burden to bear believe you me miss

but it's such a pretty little village

i can tell you're not from these parts i

hope you enjoy the pleasures that we

still have to offer

good day to you he kind of makes it

sound that there might be some sort of

sinister side to this place

hmm right let's let's keep going

we're going over the bridge i assume

yeah that's right okay

just sort of scanning the halo


i'm not seeing any items honestly let's

just keep going yet

can't examine the water no oh oh is this

where i saw

uh the automatons going up the hill

might have been

there you go they've uh they've got me

doing it now calling them automatons

instead of robots

they do seem to be quite special though

uh so up here


yeah so this is like a a big church

cool let's go in can we go in

one way to find out

no it's locked i'll come back when the

funeral is over

okay fair enough i wasn't invited

uh really bad timing though honestly if

only i got here a day or so earlier

never mind

uh okay so back out of it i assume

i don't think i've got my uh my lock

picking tools with me so i'm not getting

in there

and i can't go to the right even though

the rope goes that way so a bit of a

dead end here it seems

not going off-road or anything no

nothing here

i don't think so i thought there'd be


things to sort of comment on and examine

honestly because

this is also strange but perhaps in this

alternate reality

of earth i don't know maybe this is kind

of every day

in a way anyway right back over the


past the old man and let's see if we can

find the notary i assume he's got to be

down here somewhere is that the factory

over there it does say voralberg on the


might be this building has such a

strange style and so did the church

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

on top of the hill as well actually oh

this one too they all look so unique

okay does the notary live here let's try

the door and find out


ah there's a door over to the right as

well no need to go down there

she does say that for everything doesn't

she okay that can't be the notaries

place then let's try this one over here

across the road

okay uh what the hell have you got here

that looks like a clockwork thing i

think it is

hey i can use it i'm winding it up okay

is this a very sort of convoluted way to

open the door

a little bit like hitting the bell was

earlier what's this it's a lever

if that's going to work it looks like

something's missing

right right i don't know what that

something would be though honestly

can't we just push the door like a

normal person it's probably locked i

don't know

uh i do have some cogs do you want a

large cog wheel

do you want a large cogwheel ah what's

that symbol that's new

i guess that means i can't use whatever

i'm holding on that thing

but something does need to be used on

that thing

but it's none of the cogs i didn't think

it would be but there you go okay all

right we'll come back to this

um so let's back out of this back onto

the street

and let's just keep going down

so this way yeah

i kinda like this it's all right and i

haven't had any more texture glitches or

anything like that which is good

i was kind of worried when i went into

the bedroom um okay let's try this this

one here

no need to go down there no i didn't

think that would be his place

oh i'm still trying to use the cog on

things hang on there we go there we go

can i talk to you mate

uh pleasure what patisserie says a


are you open can i buy something from

your bakery

no afraid not not possible we're closed

i can wait a while you can wait but

we're closed all day

day of mourning i'm sorry please accept

my condolences

don't worry about it because of madame

vorabog's death

all the shops are closed mayor's

decision try tomorrow

tomorrow i won't be here that's a pity

i'll have to pass up on your buns i'm

afraid never mind oh well

clearly anna voralberg was a very very

important person

hmm this looks like a door here can i

just sneak in i know he said it was

closed but

no need to go down there ah of course of

course no need to go down there all


let's keep going is this where the

notary lives

maybe not i don't know i'm hoping to

find a building with a big big sign next

to it honestly

no need to go down there i'm gonna be

hearing that a lot aren't i

let's keep going

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

okay uh maybe uh i'm not using the door

i'm looking at the door it seems

what is this

oh that's what i'm examining the little

thing to the left

okay we've got another lever this

thing's jammed oh it's jammed okay and

there's another one here

oh what

okay what on earth

so that's jams ah that's going to work

it looks like something's missing i see

he needs something in the hand

oh and it works now

is this like a fingerprint id thing or


i what the hell is going on this is so


but this isn't jammed anymore i guess

the head just needed to be down so he


look over whatever was in his hand what

have we got

we've got cogwheels can we use any of

the personal files at all

because i've got uh hang on consult

fax two that's the one about the notary

if this is the place let's try giving

him this

so take

fax two there you go it's in the bottom

left that's good put in his hand

oh my god this is great okay look that

over does that work

what oh it's like a series of mirrors

and binoculars and stuff what the

i thought it was automatic this is very

steampunk this is very odd that was like

a periscope

i guess he enjoyed that he that was what

he wanted to see

this must be the notaries place okay my

oh my oh my

another clockwork thing down there yeah

they are everywhere oh hang on what's


is that an umbrella something to the

notary first well before stealing his

things yeah he probably should actually


so let's go this way i see he's at this


no he's not okay uh i can't examine the

filing cabinets or anything

i can have a look at his desk you're

probably gonna tell me to speak to the

notary first though aren't you

no you're not all right uh approve

the hell wait what what is this

i can i i can put something in this

little guy's head what's this button do

i'm not sure maybe with the hat down

it looks like a little device to stamp

things why would you need something like


oh hang on maybe i need to get something

approved maybe i can use

the facts one i think it might be

something like that maybe we just don't

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

yeah let's back out of this we're

probably not meant to meddle with this

quite yet

uh i guess the notary's through here

hello sir ah miss walker i presume have

you had a good journey

everything went very smoothly thank you

do take a seat to miss walker please all


okay don't take ac take that one


i imagine you are aware of the business

that brings me here

of course i was waiting for you

ah okay so let's just go through them

all this is uh this is going to be

completely new for this guy so

i'm kate i am the legal representative

for the universal toy company

i'm responsible for so i understood miss


okay so i don't need to reintroduce

myself the mission though

oh miss walker i am afraid that the sale

of the voralberg factory is not as

straightforward as it first seemed

no whoa there everything was agreed

we'd obtained anna voralberg's consent

and her death does absolutely nothing to

invalidate that

now i have to be back in new york the

day after tomorrow metro alphoter

my client and i are impatient to seal

this deal i understand

only too well miss walker

there is a an heir miss walker

is the excuse me an heir

but madame varlberg never married it's

hands isn't it

and it's not a conversation with her she

absolutely never

mentioned this detail miss walker

believe me

i was more surprised than you are anna


sent me a letter two days before she


understand miss walker that had i known

about this earlier

i would have informed you i shall read

you the document in my possession

no rush i am so very old

it seems that today life is slipping

away from me more quickly than i

imagined and i fear that i will not be

of this world

to sign the takeover contract for my

dear factory

so i must make this confession to you


my brother hans is still alive

i knew it surprise me if you find this

difficult to believe

but it is indeed the truth you must

remember his death

his funeral too even though you were

very young at the time

it was but a sordid charade dreamt up by

our father

to him the very idea that his only son

should wish to leave baladilen

and abandon the family business was


when hans left he preferred to think him


and make everybody else believe this too

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

he obliged me to bear this terrible

secret as well

i repeat that hans is still alive

so when i die it is he who becomes the

sole and rightful heir

of our factory okay i see

if hans barrelberg is not dead after all

then i just have to sign the contracts

with him

i suppose you've already contacted him

where can i reach him

the second half of the letter informs us

that han's moral bag is somewhere in


hence the name i see the document in

your hands to read at your leisure

thank you very much okay so

we've gotta go to siberia now i suppose

um okay so uh i don't think he read the

bottom half it seems

i have never had the chance to see my

dear brother again fortunately though

hans and i

remained very close in thought

throughout the years i have been able to

follow his meandering life as he

sporadically sent me news

on occasions he would write me letters

but they were rare as my brother since

his unfortunate accident

has maintained a phobia for the written

word strange little detail there

however he has sent me several plans of

automatons that i eagerly have made up

at the factory

and i will admit that they have largely

contributed to the success of voralberg


so he's the real mastermind it wasn't

anna at all interesting

hands has always had a marvelous gift of

breathing life into objects through

clever combinations of cogwheels and


my little brother is a genius in the

true sense of the word

and there's a page two okay let us

return to the matter in hand

rest assured of my personal conviction

that my brother will not object in the


to the sale of the factory if i have

already passed away when you come to

read this letter

it is to him that the matter should be

addressed i received his last letter six

months ago posted from the north of

siberia i regret to say that i've

received no more recent news

i'm aware of the difficult situation in

which my confession and lack of further

details leave you

but i wish to die with a clear

conscience i would be grateful dear

matriarchal there

if you could inform the american law

firm with whom i have been dealing with

of these developments

i have grown so old so tired with all my

respect or with all my respect and final

greetings and a viral bug

the plot thickens wow so we're gonna

have to go and track down her brother

anna varlberg had no further information

to add

unfortunately not miss walker i have

told you as much as i know

the situation in legal terms is now


if you want to conclude this sale you

have to find hans vollerberg

apparently there is a body lying in the

town cemetery

there also seems to be some ghost

wandering around siberia

it seems you have your work cut out for


believe me miss walker when i say that i

am most sorry for this regrettable


uh most sorry great

what now then perhaps you will find out

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

more in the vorlberg factory archives

you will find the key in the waiting


my role in this affair finishes here

with the reading of this letter

and now if you'll excuse me i must rest

you see my health is not excellent at

the moment

and my doctor forbids me from working

for too long

i will not detain you for any longer

miss walker

do not forget to close the door as you

go out

goodbye sir okay wow um

we've got one hell of a mission now

haven't we

i was actually wondering why this game

was called siberia because we didn't

seem to be anywhere near siberia

but i suppose now that's probably going

to change quite soon

let's see can we examine anything here

before we leave can we go to the next

room for instance no need to go down


of course no of course not okay he wants

to rest i

see so he said there was a key in the

waiting room i assume the waiting room's

right at the lobby yeah

so was it something down here that i

missed or something one of the filing


no no

uh i'm not seeing a key unless it

doesn't look like a key you know

it's not it's not the thing that i

thought might have been an umbrella is


on the on the hat stand wherever it is

over here

is that a key it's a weird key

it well apparently i can take it oh it

is a key of sorts

what's it called a teller it's a

telescopic key ah so that's gonna help

us get to the factory oh

is that what was missing on the door

maybe that was the item i needed to use

i guess let's leave we'll probably come

back to play with that little stamp

thing later on

okay right i think it's about time i

ended part one thank you very much for

watching hope you enjoyed it enough to

want to see a part two

if you do want to see a part two let me

know in the comments or by liking the

video okay

hope to see you next time

okay okay i'm coming i didn't realize

there was someone else in the room


ah somebody has left you some mail i see

what the hell remember if you need

anything at all when not far away miss

walker is it meant to look like that

hold the line please


i like the realism

hello kate so tell me how's the case

going someone answering that quickly is

not realistic

you just get stop putting things in your

jacket only to get them out immediately

after and read them

momo is what you'd call the village

idiot and

anna took him under her wing

facts two there you go it's in the

bottom left that's good put in his hand

oh my god

Kate Walker arrives at the mysterious village of Valadilene to meet with Anna Voralberg. Just one problem. She's dead.

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Kate Walker, a young ambitious lawyer from New York, is handed what seems a fairly straight forward assignment - a quick stopover to handle the sale of an old automaton factory hidden in the alpine valleys, then straight back home to the US.

Little did she imagine when embarking on this task that her life would be turned upside down. On her expedition across Europe, traveling from Western Europe to the far reaches of Eastern Russia, she encounters a host of incredible characters and locations in her attempt to track down Hans, the genius inventor - the final key to unlock the mystery of Syberia. Her voyage across land and time throws all she values into question, while the deal she sets out to sign turns into a pact with destiny.

Key Features
A gripping script that goes beyond your imagination
Rich and intriguing characters with detailed and realistic 3D environments
Film-like camera angles, movements and framing
Original and creative puzzles (completely integrated into the scenario)

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  1. I remember seeing this game when it first came out, but I'd never really given it a second thought and I am very interested in it after watching this! Looking forward to you continuing this series!

  2. This game is one of my favorites. In fact, I was intending to replay it this month.
    Oh, and as some trivia: The reason why "Robot" is forbidden in Valadilene, is because that the word "robot" literally means "slave" in czech, so this town knows that meaning, and don't want people to think that automatons are slaves.

  3. The difference between a robot and an automaton is that an automaton is designed to automatically preform one task over and over again.  They are not designed to be programmed for different functions.  Robots are designed to preform multiple tasks based on what they are programmed for.  So, those toy cars that are just wind ups, those are automatons, the radio controlled ones are robots.

  4. Hey all, I'm new to CJU videos. I normally don't comment (this might be my first) but it's hard to find channels that are not "over the top" commentary. When looking at this guy's channel, I see a ton of videos but a very small amount of views. Too bad. He's clearly dedicated to it, shown by the volume of content. I found this channel from a Metro video, which was way too old to comment on. Anyway I'm in the US, and find his approach to editing and facecam worth a mention. Thanks man for sticking with it.

  5. I notice that a lot of people don't notice that "Syberia" is not the same thing as "Siberia." The later is the actual name of the region in Russia while "Syberia" is made up. Just wanted to point out lol

  6. Watching someone play a game that you've played a lot over the years is simultaneously refreshing and frustrating. On the one hand, you don't really need to pay close attention to what's going on in the game to know what's happening and it's nice to hear the person playing it talking about it. On the other hand, Omg! What are you doing?? Why are you doing that?? This is incredibly inefficient! Lol.

    But seriously though, I'm enjoying your commentary and it makes me happy that you had fun playing this game. It's been one of my favorites for such a long time. I'm excited to see the rest of this playthrough as well as the ones for Syberia 2 and 3!

  7. How did you manage to run this game on that resolution? There's no option to change it in the game. I'm trying to find a fix about this but whenever i search, the only answer i get is that you can't do it since it's pre-rendered graphics. Anyone?

  8. My family was poor and we had really old computer and this game is what made my mom and little brother laugh. we still remember it, and as soon as the third part came out after 11 years we finished it in a week. love this game forever!


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