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    Valkyria Revolution – Walkthrough Part 01 – Prologue Outbreak of War -English- No Commentary (PS4)

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    Valkyria Revolution Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 Full Game Guide Let's Play showcasing the new game in 2017.
    Full Walkthrough covering all bosses / all boss fights, all cutscenes, all levels, all characters, final boss and the full ending.

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    Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One
    Category: Action Role-playing

    he small country of Jutland is economically blockaded by Ruzhien, a powerful empire that expanded its territory and achieved rapid industrial development after discovering the azure mineral Ragnite; this mineral is used as an energy resource, but also has magical properties. Wanting independence from colonial rule, Jutland strikes the base of the empire's army. In addition to humans, the game world is inhabited by Valkyria; they are supernatural in comparison to humans, and close to being gods. Players take the role of Amleth, the commanding officer of Jutland's elite anti-Valkyria unit. Among other characters are Jutland's princess Ophelia, and Brynhildr, a Valkyria who is on the Ruzhien Empire's side.[3]

    Instead of a World War II influence, the game is inspired by the European industrial revolution and focuses on a war of liberation between two vastly different nations. But arguably the biggest difference is the battle system. The turn-based action has been replaced with faster-paced combat. This hybrid battle system combines the tactics of customizing squad behavior and loadouts with real-time action for some pretty intense moments on the field.[1]

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    Comment (19)

    1. It feel like a Valkyria game but still not the same it as a more God Eater/Toukiden vibe and other Jrpg game I'm too lazy to mention

    2. anime "saenai heroine no sodatekata"  mention about "field chronicle" game  
      and i know the first game is "Valkyria chronicle" is it related to this game?? hype curiosity ;P

    3. Okay… thee minutes in and I already have several questions.

      Since when was Ragnite magical? We know it has energy and even healing properties, but this is the first I've ever heard of people reffering to it as Mana or magical. Also, what happened to Gallia? If this takes place in the 1950's what happened to Gallia, or the Imperial Alliance? The Atlantic Federation?

      And now I'm in deeper and… what the hell is going on? Is the whole game in a flashback? I'm 14 minutes in and I see nothing reguarding the Darcsen's, or any nation I'm freaking familiar with! wtf is going on?!


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