Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt – Part 1 – Let's Play

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20all right hello everybody and welcome back i am cast as plays and today i am checking out this game called the masquer the vampire the masquerade blood hunt uh it's a free-to-play game that released into 1.0 uh not too long ago and i haven't really tried it out i've seen a few uh gameplay footage and streamers playing it when it was in like the early access stage uh but i figured i'd jump into it and we have soldier pat joining us today as well so we literally just launched the game trying to choose a class and we'll see how it goes i have no idea whether it's going to go good or bad so don't expect a whole lot but yeah that little intro um as far as classes we have brute and vandal seems like uh so since these are both yellow this seems to be the male version and this one seems to be the uh female version or i guess you could say a type and b type same thing saboteur prowler siren and muse and enforcer [Music] the two yellow classes they have the first ability the same but it looks like the second and third ones are a little bit different so the brute um he has like a soaring leap and i'm not gonna go through all these but i'm just going to do like a quick recap e can basically do a powerful jump forward same thing with the vandal but then for the brute they replenish up to half their health when not taking damage and you can kind of see like a little uh video footage and the same thing with the vandal um but instead they have adrenaline rush okay so it's actually i'm just realizing so same clan power they call it a different passive and different arch type arch type i'm assuming the archetype is probably like the arc archetype archetype is that archetype it might be archetype archetype archetype i'm assuming the archetype i guess that's that sounds right that's archetype okay archetype dude i don't know i'm sorry yeah all right archetype archetype okay well uh i guess that's like kind of their ultimate ability i think i'm gonna go siren the siren seems kind of cool um the only thing i don't really like is like the projection of yourself but i guess that can kind of be cool but the kindred charm i think sounds neat civilians in the sirens facility become charmed making their them faster to feed on for the siren and their team and then they also will act friendly towards the siren and their team not triggering uh breaking a masquerade while affected except if killed uh what are you thinking about going pat i'm probably just gonna go enforce her honestly honestly yeah enforcer looks pretty cool and all those tank abilities but since we're playing together i feel like if i was playing by myself i'd either go brute or in first enforcer i'm hoping you can change but all right i'm entering the elysium or whatever it said asylum or i forget world of darkness shark mob vampire the masquerade blood hunt season one rep retribution welcome to bloodhound uh oh they have solo and trios so okay how to start a game press e to switch game mode q to start queueing or select a game mode should we do a solo tutorial or do you want to just go with that yes go going all right yeah that works i need to mess with my settings yeah is yours a little bit rough yeah i think it's because it's locked at 60 though yeah changing mine to 144 has made a big difference that's weird if fsr but not the lss advanced what we got in there i try bumping it to high see if that helps i mean not not help but good apply needs to restart okay well whatever are you restarting nah nah okay uh sounds okay either um all right how do i invite you yeah that's the next thing all right i see tab is social soldier pat that you are let me click that uh imitation characters enemies okay so you can change your your thing at any time okay yeah if you press tab it brings you to like battle pass the store customization let me do some quick customization here there's a quest in this game intern nice i always love my uh customization of course airless buzz cut crew cut yeah we'll go uh charcoal black green eyes eyebrows makeup shadows tattoos oh boy here we go facial hair dehydration all right let me check this hairstyle on this i'm gonna go with this one wardrobe okay i already got some clothing you can go in with no clothing at all did you ever play the um the vampire the masquerade like game back in the day or anything no i did not actually same but i kind of i want to check it out at some point before hopefully the new one comes out uh so you only have outfits you don't really get to like the one change there challenges no quest master journal oh there you are a good evening to you finally book are you doing like the quest thing yeah i just did that one it's up here we're already getting carried nice that's kind of fun oh my god your running animation is something else wait are we like 20 we look very similar uh we're close wait do you have the uh you have the the other beard yeah yeah not bad um okay might as well knock these out nice to see you oh there you are this guy just wants me to find books on the biography that's around the same spot it's on the left instead of the right is your other thing the same thing i don't know where this is are you finding books also wait there's something right here there's a gun examining a pistol by default you automatically replace this weapon some some great lobby gameplay right here greetings locate the borrowed book yeah you're looking for that right now too yeah i think i have to talk to this for it as well anybody got the book that's a little terrifying there's a blood syringe nice this is around this person did that help talking to them or no i accidentally skipped dialogue now i can't talk to her anymore oh i'm checking all the rooms for it is there wait is there an indicator that says oh wait i found it right here this final room yeah nice slide you can jump into a slide damn you're like full on like way on your back extraordinary i think you will enjoy this come over here oh my god just keep tapping f literally you have to like press it like three times characters customization did i get a new thing wardrobe player banners that's it wes welcome to elysium yeah that looks like that's it for right now urinals stations or damn it why do they have such cool outfits what where are you looking at the battle pass oh really let me all right time to look too and then we can jump into the game this i just like all right there's two suits yeah gunslinger and eminence it kind of reminds this does remind me of uh vampire i've been wanting to go back to that game so bad and honestly also um right now since the fortnight uh i might get boba fett oh nice because i don't know just in case yeah and who knows when that's gonna come back um looking at the battle pass right now too look at rank 100 that's some freaking matrix stuff going on right there with someone yeah they have some cool stuff like even like the anti-hero i'll fit at uh that 28 and i'm going i'm going i'm going i'm still looking you've been 61 you got like hitman style 68. that's cool why do i like this all right what's that what's that uh 100 it's literally the matrix it's awesome that's pretty cool nice cool whatever i've been seeing some people like kind of grinding i saw shroud was playing this oh yeah i did see a couple of his youtube videos pop up about about this game change mode okay well i guess our only thing is to do trios so see how this goes i wonder if there's a way to like not feel maybe i mean whatever yes it's an anus how many people are even playing there's a streamer mode higher name randomize other players decent amount bindings z is how you uh do emotes just let you know okay because that's a very important feature emoting i do my dances in this yes i saw some um definitely saw some emotes in the uh store or something somewhere i have gangnam style this game's automatic 0 out of 10. all right first 15 minutes spent customization selecting a character hey honestly that's not too bad but it it really could be uh a whole lot worse cultist present select a location sure i guess i don't know how you select one i don't know i like spawn location uh you like double click or left click i think no i think i spawned near you oh and then you get to choose one oh this guy's playing as a muse too oh wait can only one person play hard actually i wanted a place oh it locks you in i see right yeah why are you she looks like the same person just well brothers okay q and e heightened senses find blood and items oh my god oh god okay um are we supposed to paint or feed all right i just fed on oh my god they're freaking out i don't know what's going on with them i'm coming towards you so we start out with a pistol i hear somebody oh god they're on the roof yeah um they ran over or is that no that's their um their thingy oh they just dropped down he's hurting down there old to feed i think i've i either found a player or i don't know if this is an mpc or what i i just helped this guy kill a player nice oh god i have to turn into toggle okay so you have to hold space to climb up yeah like bat okay so three's melee oh okay two is your primary weapon one is yours uh secondary six to do a quick consumable okay i think i just found health there's just little blood bags oh wait actually swap um also kind of thing uh see in the bottom left how there's like those forest logos yeah i need to see the orange one i fed on somebody and it said i got 10 in melee damage and so now that one is filled with one bar is there any fall damage let's find out increased to uh even more what syringe yeah i think that's uh health okay i see oh damn a 9 barrel rifle oops oh i pressed e instead of oh there's like a chest here ooh sniper rifle there you go i got a new marksman i'm already gaming okay i need to change crouch to toggle and also yeah there's a lot i need to change it's okay first game first game wait why is that person okay you'd only use x so many times there's somebody that shows up as purple over there oh wait did you tag that um no okay i'm gonna let i'm gonna follow this guy because you might know more than us argue right there i can't see nice they would kill them both yep zach that might have been a cultist this is tarkov tarkov has cultists and you're scary definitely need to find more ammo um oh gee brings up your um i can drop some stuff i don't know what you need though that's fine i'm i'm good right now to find something there's an enemy running down there oh sometimes it's hard to tell that's a human i mean uh i just killed immortal oh apparently it's bad oh really yeah apparently probably because oh geez that makes i've been a bad boy nevermind press and hold g try that and then select whichever one that heals you best i saw you throw down the blood pack do you drink them oh yeah all right i feel like we should like hop off the back of this roof or something um we're still in the circle it's not really a circle though it's a weird oval thing it's not even an oval what are we talking about i found a bunch of ammo down here i have a lot of sniper ammo so i'm pretty good it's such a weird weirdly paced battle royale that reminds me of pubg in a way slow paced uh so some of these people give you like boosts and stuff missing renaissance slot i'm like charming everyone that i'm nearby right now too they're very charmed with my appearance why is what is this thing why is uh this person they give you a boost oh they're freaking out for me now oh could you go oh i felt good same thing this one drink enemy blood to increase capacity taking all the boosts sanguine one health per second wait there's a oh god i set off the alarm yeah we're robbing a whoops nothing oh wait katana don't mind if i do oh it's melee again three oh three yep um where's our friend going i don't know where are we oh i guess towards circle there's apparently 10 people left hey maybe we'll win our first game i'm gonna look for the uh toggle setting real quick he binds gameplay old to aim on top of that it's actually like right when you and there we go is that you yeah we have one kill eight people left i saw a movement uh early spy is this church or whatever there's a cross on the map uh tells you about loot tears oh god i'm hearing people below me follow me he's immune damn it oh they're coming up yep one's down got him oh my god need heal same oh this person's healing us oh nice what the hell just happened i don't know i don't know other roof um [ __ ] i forget how to heal was it g g oh that has some sort of like toxic gas in it down one oh i hit them with that oh i'm getting damaged marker after damage marker right now yeah i think they're raising it behind that pillar thing nope there she goes getting some good hits on them right there another one down all right gotta watch behind us mommy oh god it's going on they're dead all right we have one enemy left nice wow victory first time okay [Music] [Laughter] all right i can't complain it's okay we probably got match made with uh oh we're just good who knows who knows archetype level almost almost challenges down an enemy by matches as torador not bad denim venom first game one not bad not bad only 14 squads that's so weird i'm out i wish you a goodie uh i'm leaving too easy all right i'll be right back real quick you can um you can start the next one i'll be back okay see what rewards we got here does it keep on in our party i'm curious no it does not it looks like it drops them okay yeah it looks like it it does look for new players each time uh let's try talking to this guy again we are honored speak to karil maybe where that guy go was this the person that they just mentioned no here come have you heard hello darling let me guess there's probably one person in each area so then if i go to the right here there's probably going to be somebody down here oh oh hold up okay i'm examining all the lore oh my god precious ammo um i already looked at the crossbow dual crossbows crossbow bolts that it's down here the guy mentioned that speak to somebody named krill welcomes you ominous is listening okay it's hard to see is there like a map for this area i it wonder look like it oh some new player icons double homicide doorkeeper and let you through okay that's rude everything i've done this place unbelievable an alley are you krill you are sheriff of the domain pick up explosives near the burning church is that like in the game real estate find corals explosive between the burning church and maya's terrace look out for the entity soldiers nearby yeah it seems like it's a it's like a quest yeah nice did you pick it up too yeah um it's not nothing nothing all right we just changed toggled for uh crouching and then i am good to go most of it's c these crouch toggle on default but it's also your slide so might get a little funky okay i can stick with c then where all right let's do it hey you gotta change your player card man you have a cool one now probably um how the heck do i do that play additional matches to unlock more i guess you can unlock like weapon skins um well it's in the customization area basically and then towards the bottom there's like player card stuff blood resonance legmatic eating on mortals with plagmatic like the bat did you ever do you know that uh naraka bladepoint game it's a it's also a battle royale but it's like melee based oh like almost like japanese like a year ago huh it was released semi recently like a year ago yeah within like the last year-ish yeah oh it's just us two oh nice uh let's go to where's that where is that burning church sure that thank works wild vampires mixed with players two one uh it's funny it made us wait because somebody else was yeah there's everybody else has like three players all right let's see if we can do that twice oh god i'm running to you i'm scared i'm scared pat i got somebody who gives me health i just saw somebody move wait wait wait wait wait wait let me feed let me feed i guess this is a random cultist no that was an enemy player oh tommy cultist it says cultist six oh really yeah it said oh maybe it was oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god this way made so much noise melee damage increased run oh no i have no weapons there's uh stuff over here i'm gonna grab um is a person down here i love feeding on the people i can't are they like glowing for you a person didn't give you anything pat you just i was extra hungry unbelievable now this person does they give me one extra health a second this one's maxed oh we got a head yeah uh behind us crap down oh no no no no no no no no no that didn't work out on i heard them like last second i was like no damn adam venom oh you got that outfit too yeah [Music] for you know aesthetic purposes uh customization i need like longer hair needed damage enemy players damage enemy players with ranged weapons and with melee weapons oh wait are you um wait until you're ready oh yeah uh do your i think i just did um yeah you did how do i outfits where's my uh where's my cool outfit uh customization wardrobe and outfit yes oh you can only do it uh wear that on the email yeah can't have a guy running around on a bra apparently it says sorry not sorry on the back i'm bad ass does it i i can't even see wait wait wait stay right there wait i can actually angle wow i see it sorry not sorry i'm totally not looking at your pants either right now it's okay you could hit the gym a little bit more oh that's what you're saying i'm a vampire we're not supposed to be thick they're thin creatures tell that to um i don't know tell that to robert pattinson you're saying robert pattinson's pretty thick he's a thick boy he's a thick boy uh we're gonna have two again yeah do you have it set as like uh don't fail no so it looks like we have three people to our left i don't even see that it always lets you pick first what's up with that huh what are you doing that that's letting them letting you pick first i um i feel like the map is kind of small but there's only like 15 squads in the freaking yeah i guess maybe it's like a little bit different when you play um crap dude i keep pressing e i honestly forget what my abilities do so i know one sends out a person with guns oh they're easy to kill are they yeah i killed one oh god they also drop loot first rifle oh you see and if i do so you can get body armor gas immunity dual pistols yes pretty cute oh this one actually has a scope awesome does it like you see down the scope or yeah yeah the last one i had was just like a i had a scoop on it but i wouldn't let me zoom in this is weird i keep forgetting that you can press x nice oh yeah there's a special person go eat here also i just saw movement over there oh wait that's you another special person down here uh movement that close oh that's how that works i thought it was just a decoy when you send your thing out you can uh so like for me my cue hang on yep down there yeah open fire oh there's a bolt action oh god better for he's down guys are left here gonna come up this way i think i have no health packs or anything like that me eating them got them on the roof oh me oh god oh god i'm i'm hurt uh yeah yeah yeah there's a person right here if you want to eat them like right here i see yes he's probably reviving that guy now i killed the one or while i eat the one unless he got another one oh they're right there yep yep they're picking up their friends on me oh i'm hurting again i'm very injured yeah and i'm coming up oh what i oh god i couldn't even hit him i was just like shooting through him that was weird are you dead dead i can't break you can bring me back at a respawn location apparently oh really yeah that's the cross orange cross thing that i marked yep i see it it doesn't have to be there i'm running for it i'm running for it rather dry trying takes a while doesn't it yep live die repeat here do you need a weapon i mean i'll take one here take my um where is it they're coming hurry up uh drop oh they're coming from behind there's also somebody down here it's a different team cases it's a different team i'm out of meeting them give me like something uh they're here yeah you don't need them [Laughter] oh man that was close wait is that another one behind you behind you oh god he's immune oh god here i got him oh no i'm getting shot oh god i can't shoot back oh no good yep this storm's coming in let's um put this yeah let's move oh armor in here i'm out of space oh apparently i have some armor yeah apparently yeah there's a pickups in here though my ms full yet nine barrel you get up yeah pressing one and two to change weapons messes me up still [Music] there's there's 19 people left what an interesting shape we got here i'm going to run down here and grab this person because i think they heal i hear shots there's somebody right here on me they're down okay you need a heel are the things coming they're invisible and then all of a sudden next thing i know they're they're crawling i heard movement they might be on the roof oh that's good yeah no no you take it you take it i already have one watch him behind us hope it got this one one sec i'm supposed to have some sort of like charm where they help us before nearby not exactly sure how it works just fed on yeah somebody just ate them oh god we gotta move unless if that thing just came to us i just saw a movement down there look over there oh it's coming in i think they just ate that person i think we're better off with the high ground last two teams must be fighting hearing a lot of shots down there coming up behind you right here oh god i'm too far i'm too far wait wait wait okay i'm here i think they just saw me yeah i've been revealed all right they're jumping across i'm hiding they're around that building there's two of them on me on me on you actually oh i downed him but i got down i'm regenerating i should be okay never mind you're here oh [ __ ] me god damn it 3 out of 15. not bad not bad damn i thought we were gonna have another one there honestly i feel like if we had a third player we might have yeah we definitely would have i don't know why it gives people or it starts when some people have two yeah i wonder if it puts other people like into as well like like if they can't fill are you good am i good yeah oh yeah yeah i'm just kind of stuck in play a this for a certain number of minutes 14 out of 15. all groups must be in asylum start a noob yeah i'm good i'm good to go again are you getting tired not really no okay tired of this oh no no no this game's alright yeah it's not bad it's uh i i think it looks faster it's a good different yeah and yeah it definitely looks faster than actually playing it make sure that we're not in a do not fill yeah i think i didn't well at least i didn't check anything that said like don't fill or like private party here let me check find friend yeah nothing that that i can tell that's annoying maybe we'll get one this time maybe in season two or whatever they'll add duo's i bid you farewell i bid you that way i didn't remember what my thing does again keep forgetting oh we have a third yeah i don't know where we're going burning church over there where jesus i don't even know where they're burning church oh never mind hey you get the juice first again yeah boy you and you and that guy fighting over enforcer yeah well look at the draw i go by boxy foxy hi my name is boxy heavy watch the show called uh barry uh no i don't think so i'm gonna type that but what's what is it it's a dark comedy um it's about a hit man that wants to become an actor really oh i think i actually what's it on hbo oh okay i think it just either recently got put on hbo or it's been on hbo and i got a revival recently i heard of where teammates in danger i'm in danger oh he's just shooting oh god oh please revive but what happened to my beard disappeared while i was reviving them the heck yeah we can't i can't have no missing beards unbelievable absolutely worst cannot even believe that just happened it's like going on my screen let me see now i still got it god i keep pressing e yeah it's back now but it was gone only while i was rezzing them i looked like you all right but like with no beard it was an insult it looked like you sorry um where this girl's ability is pretty good too yeah she like passively or she actively heals you it's awesome oh god oh blood packs blood packs but um yeah it's actually pretty good um they got me a laugh a couple times the the main actor is uh he's good like he scares me sometimes he's that good and um there's only three seasons and it's in it's the third season right now okay so it's they're doing the whole weekly uh one episode every sunday so i kind of accidentally binged two seasons without realizing the third season was coming out so jeez it's a good time it's only eight episodes and i think they're like 30 minutes okay it's not bad but the uh season finale is an hour for the seasons i i i recommend barry i think i think i saw somebody on twitter possibly tweet about it and then i was like huh um i saw it if i remember correctly i i might have seen a tweet that was like i just watched barry and i cannot believe anybody hasn't recommended this to me any sooner or so yeah it's like a sleeper hit it's so weird like the story's pretty good the jokes hit most of the time and the acting how is it like filmed is it like like is it like the office or is it more of like okay like you know yeah like um the guy it's it's filmed like uh it's it's not definitely not like the office okay so it's not yeah that's what i mean is like um or like reno or not reno but um brooklyn nine-nine oh i made a mistake um no it's like it's like filmed by like a like a modern tv but there's no like comedy in terms of filming aspect if that makes sense is it you know how like the office incorporates our film to make comedy yeah yeah there's there's none of that yeah yeah i'll check it out i already have so many other things to watch too but i added another one to the list yeah i wanted to check out that uh tokyo vice show on hbo it just came out recently um it's like a a movie based in tokyo like following the yakuza and stuff around um but it's a guy from um i think it's also like the 70s too but it's the guy from my baby driver oh like the main actor yeah baby baby yeah i liked him i'm super i'm honestly kind of um yeah he was a good actor but he has some issues too surprised he's kind of still acting did not know that yeah apparently [Music] uh i don't i i don't know how old he is but apparently he like that he had a thing come out where he was like texting with the 15 year old girl or something like that and then people are like yeah it probably isn't a good thing and then yeah but as an actor i mean he was good but i don't know i don't know whatever happened with that if anything did i say probably nothing happened with it that's usually how it goes yep it's crazy i don't know if it was just like they're just texting which is still like weird or if it was like actually like um i don't know something i'm something trying to get whoa what happened here yeah there's some uh there's a two dead bodies there's some uh you can't go in there either which is kind of funny it's like a visible wall some uh it's a window it's a door wait huh [ __ ] it's yeah it's a wait it's glass glass but you see something it's glass yeah you don't see these portals i see the bullet holes but are you saying it's a glass door it's a glass door not an invisible wall it's an invisible wall for me no freaking you're living in the windex commercial right i literally can just like i feel like i should be able to walk in there now your beard's disappearing now now you don't have any windows like what's going on all right that place looks pretty cool what the heck yeah yeah what is that it reminds me germany circa 1940 yeah that's what i was thinking of too like i feel like i'm about to go raid on uh call of duty berlin yeah yeah we thought i'm glad we thought the same thing literally i was like okay because it always like the uh the huge banners and all that like always cool but 18 people left we we haven't run this single person yet i'm just kind of talking about tv shows and yeah it's germany a little bit of movies and broken windows a casual game i guess i think there's weapons in this yeah looks like they're there might be there's a bunch of uh upgrade people over here let's start feeding on that's a good call is there a um uh that building is full of enemies too oh like okay i'm gonna shoot him i keep getting do you keep getting the come quietly or blah blah blah achievement thing oh like the achievement progress yeah it's like something about uh killing 50 people come here i'm coming i'm coming oh [ __ ] you should try this oh [ __ ] you should give that a go don't mind me i will gladly hold on to that what ammo does that take like what picture oh it says low ammo at first uh i don't know if you can well there's ammo right here does it actually tell you minigun automatic i don't think it does i think it just comes with 300 rounds try it try taking that did you get more i think it automatically picked it up but i didn't get anything oh i just i don't need that ammo so you're good it was high caliber that's kind of what i assumed it was gonna be uh but i guess it's a special weapon and this place got a wrecked oh we are definitely has like a spooky vibe to this game yeah i need i need to know the lore i need to figure out what my abilities are again because i forget like i know what they are but i feel like i haven't done any of them i'm kind of like uh i mean that's kind of cool though yep yep yep yep coming up okay well this guy's not paying attention got him shots from the right right there no other side oh god oh jesus christ i did not mean to use the blood surge oh blood syringe heal you over time i knocked one oh and it even if you're full health it still heals you um we might have some enemies coming from that side that way oh god now broke the armor up here he's dropping down oh it's all right oh [ __ ] the wall is here oh god all right oh god i'm being shot at yep me too uh yeah purple guys are kind of on his own yeah literally you just want to hide it's like wait for them to duke it out i think it's going to end right here yeah it should be he's right above us sticking with you yeah you can crouch now we could come up behind them so bad right now i hit one all right i feel like we should oh we're back over here again knocked one oh no i didn't knock him there you go he's knocked oh my god oh [ __ ] i'm down oh god no not like this pat you got this yo yourself i'm trying i'm dropping down i'm dropping down i got 25 seconds rez oh god i'm dead i'm dead oh man all right pop that weights early oh man second is not bad not bad yeah that's all right we went from first to like 13 to third to second not bad i'm down for one or two more if you are up to you yeah yeah i'm good kindred good evening good evening good evening just type all this you get anything start with extra ah if you level up you get abilities start with extra ammo i think i got extra health start with two melakonic blood resi venis i don't even know what that mean walking speed won't crouch this beast is that only for the archetype that you play as i know that's overall okay nice uh so send out a projection of your up your back so okay whenever you're good [Music] see any damaging yellow rejuvenating state heals you and at least okay that's nice final act one down the muse regenerates slightly faster and the cooldowns are slightly whoa you can burst like that that's cool argent nearby enemies have their movement speeds slowed seems pretty cool send out bats to scout an area i really want a thing that i all these guys have hoods in them i kind of really want to get something like that it's really wounded enemies leave a trail vanish become invisible and move rapidly and semi-invisible when crouched where obama explodes yes that's pretty cool a moderate damage resistance when close facing the inner enemies powerful soaring leap have you um ever had wawa's french fries uh yes i think so they are um let's see what i'm looking for good no or not good not good they are a um to all things shame yeah it's very shameful that they try they don't fry them they bake them and you can tell that they bake them because of the texture of it and it doesn't go all the way through sometimes so you get like a hard potato in the middle of the fry it's just kind of like lukewarm while everything else is hot i think i might have had their fries before but like when i had them they're like all right bye if i'm thinking of the right one and like because two of them they have the fries that's like similar to like they're thick yeah and like they're like kind of like crispy like edges or in a way i i don't know how to explain no no yeah you're right you do have like crispy edges but like maybe you're getting like uh maybe they're just like not making them right i got two crappy fries maybe i should just go to a different huawei and try their fries if they have them yeah maybe because uh my wawa that their stain on on the french fry um committee have you ever gone to um i went there when i was in new york um have you ever gone or heard of johnny rockets no actually it's um so they're like one of those like burger places but like they have like a 50s like setting that type of restaurant yeah and um i thought it was awesome so i might like the 50 one yeah sometime i i'm not actually not the biggest fan of like those types of settings for food for whatever reason but i will say the burger was very good like it was very good is that like only in new york is it like an eastern thing no they seven so they they actually used to have one on south street um in philadelphia oh um like across the street from like jim's steaks and all that yeah not far from there at all but um a lot of people play me as the muse i guess this person person's trying to select players i'm not i'm not really a burger guy i'm going to be honest it was so do you like like five guys burgers i've never been to a five guys i want to though i want to they're they're so like greasy and everything and messy but like honestly there's they're right that's part of the charm right yeah it's like somehow made it work part of it yeah oh now i could really go for a burger i don't know pat maybe your standards are a little too high well you know i had one i think maybe i won't know maybe not i forget the one thing i know i did have was i had um uh [ __ ] not chicken was it chicken it was one of their like uh dinner meals that they have now i like their chicken strip meals not chicken strip but no it was like it was like a pasta oh chicken alfredo maybe yeah i haven't tried their chicken um their their pasta stuff yet it was decent um honestly it kind of reminded me of uh almost oh god we're gonna shout out from i think actual people are we i think there's bots do they die if you um like don't finish them off yes there's a sniper rifle over here uh yeah i mean like um i mean like do they die if you don't like just keep shooting them like if they're downed i mean i i don't know that's that's a good question because then like i feel like you could save ammo but i'm not sure if they like count how that turns out dude now i really want like mcdonald's or burger or something i'm not yeah i usually go for like chicken if i uh go fast food i'm not i'm not i'm not really a burger guy yeah i had um recently i love their burgers but uh a burger or not a burger a chicken like run every time i was going somewhere um i was getting chicken stuff sometimes i even like i don't know for some reason as i've been getting older um even if i go to a steak place sometimes i'm tempted to just get like a grilled chicken yeah like but like you go to a steak place to get a steak you know yeah i know but i i definitely feel that too though i definitely i've kind of had that also with even like salmon or like fish yes like especially if you go to like a good place like sometimes they can make like a good like um like black salmon type thing it's like it's the style of it i forget i think i know what you're talking about it's been a while since i ate out and got a salmon though the only thing is sometimes like um like it might be the same price as like the rest of this stuff but then for whatever reason the salmon is also like really small yeah and that's that's the one thing that kind of like turns me off because like yeah it's it's really good but like if it's not a large piece of salmon then it's like i'm almost still gonna be hungry when i'm done even if it does come with like a good amount of sides you'll be driving home and be like wow i could go for seconds yeah like can i get another one of those yeah yeah just take it to go you're gonna look weird at ordering two entrees related yeah they don't give you enough meat most of the time how did she run i hit her for 160 dude what the hell oh my god climb you doing good over here can we kill him i think we got him i think so i don't know dude this guy did most of the work hey oh so you know that um revelations is only nine oh that one's also nine yeah okay you're gonna you're gonna finish it in two to three days yeah hey that's fine with me pretty sure three's a media game though so yeah three is kind of um there's also guys over at our left four oh he's down dead dead oh that's a cultist there's like two or three teams fighting towards my class oh god how did i do that here oh we're getting pinched we need to back up yeah we're getting pinched by a lot of teams there um i say we go right i'm just trying to get this guy on the skyscraper that i'm marked oh and up for 160 dude oh i hit that guy for 162. [Music] somebody's coming down you can also run down to the ground where's bless going oh god let's just go help him out he's he's holding his own he might oh [ __ ] i dropped my sniper oh god somebody's got a minigun yeah i hear it on the roof yeah i see it two of them for eighties down there's another one there that guy freaking one just went to the left on the ground nice got one all right he's down a lot of people down there yeah get to our teammate that guy's down jeez how did this happen i took the minigun oh you did nice i climb this building there's some on top of that uh there's somebody down here down here on me i got him nice all right i'm coming up there's still people on this i don't know if there's another person or not but i just ran anyways did you uh like yeah bless this spotted no i i killed him like full on eliminated put him up wait do we wanna there's a guy up here oh god i'm gonna die oh no i'm okay i'm gonna take me a bit to heal your phone skyscraper dude it's okay i'm just lighting up everybody right right now i'm out right now ammo i'm trying i'm here oh they get they're getting shot by that's a npc it's an armor oh god i need better weapons you need what better weapons many guns out um and try dropping down here oh damn it another so my ability doesn't make them friendlier and they help us out it just makes that uh the guys uh not react like and run away when you're trying to eat them like people wise the other guy's down i really need that weapon there shall be two more people left please we were gods uh over here broke his armor he dropped they're on the top one he's down yeah there's another one gonna go eat him right here meeting this guy nice victory royale nice yeah that's good good stuff seven eliminations uh how do i is there somewhere you can see in the achievements like that first tab it's a card on the left i think it says eliminated i missed it then i think i had like three or four at least i'm not 100 sure yeah that was a good match for all of us yeah that was a very good one there's a a lot of uh kills a lot of everything dammit as if i need another game to play oh yeah all right you know i know we're winning but right now it game's not as bad as i thought it would be it's a good time yeah yeah it's interesting definitely down the um place there's some more but i think i'm gonna call it right here yeah it's a good time to call it on a win too so outro time yeah i guess so thank you guys as always uh for anyone that did watch this hopefully this video does well if you want to see more definitely let us know um i might do some solos in the morning potentially maybe like an hour we'll see but i'm not 100 100 sure on that uh but yeah other than that like the video subscribe all that good stuff and i will see you guys in the next one peace out and goodbyeWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 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