Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Walkthrough part 17

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40where toWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00sosoWatch at: 01:00 / 01:20[Music]oh look what just walked inWatch at: 01:20 / 01:40i can't imagine you get much of a riseout of vesuviusbeing[Music]i think weshould get to know each other a littlebetter upstairswhere we can be ourselvesWatch at: 01:40 / 02:00come up to my room just 14 little stepsi'll make it worth it believe meyou'd be missing out if it wasn'tWatch at: 02:00 / 02:20isn't this better you and me alone forWatch at: 02:20 / 02:40just a little whileaway from jihad in the nonsense and thedangersjust the two of us hmm i don't want tospoil the momentbut there's a reason i needed to speakto you aloneoh i forget sometimes the two-facedWatch at: 02:40 / 03:00nature of our bloodit's sad really the way we getconditioned so quicklyisn't it the reason i asked you up hereis because iand the rest of the hollywood kindredhave been under surveillance lately byhuntersi didn't want you to say anything thatmight draw attentionthink nothing of it i'm velvet velourWatch at: 03:00 / 03:20call me velvet it's been months sincei've seen anyone new in herei was starting to take it personally andwho should finally walk inbut a real celebrity i've heard a lotabout youso uh wouldn't you like to know about meWatch at: 03:20 / 03:40i'm like a book all you have to do isrunyour finger down my spine and crack meopen to see what i'm abouthunters yes they've been staking outWatch at: 03:40 / 04:00hollywood for several weeksthey've been in ashes club mine fewothersi think they're whittling down a list ofsuspects i'm a bit nervousuntil recently i had one right under mynose[Music]for a few weeks one of them was workingWatch at: 04:00 / 04:20here at vesuvius keeping an eye on theclientelei found the weapon in her locker and ifired hershe's still in hollywood watching myclub and mewould you i think it might be a littlemuch to askWatch at: 04:20 / 04:40i've got a girl misty she's divineand a willing blood doll for the rightamount of moneyi'll set her up for you my treathe'd really be willing to do this for meWatch at: 04:40 / 05:00i won't lieit's gonna be dangerous but if you gotrid of heri'd be grateful veryvery gratefulshe works over at the sendman now herhair's blondeon top broken heart tattoo on the smallof her backWatch at: 05:00 / 05:20dances under the name chastity as ifthat wasn't a dead giveawayi want you to understand i don't wantany innocence killed on my accountso if there are other dancers or patronsaround you'll have to lure them awayfrom herdo it as quietly as you can no witnessespleaseand be careful using disciplines aroundWatch at: 05:20 / 05:40the hunter[Music]i'm sorry i'd rather revel in thepresent than dwell on the pastWatch at: 05:40 / 06:00[Music]i'm a dancer[Music]it is now[Music]Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20umWatch at: 06:20 / 06:40soWatch at: 06:40 / 07:00soWatch at: 07:00 / 07:20[Music]Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00soWatch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40[Music]Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20yeah what are you looking for honeyokay 200 bucks for 10 minutes anythingyou want you just got to make it quickWatch at: 09:20 / 09:40all rightall right just make me in the pleasurepalace the room at the back of the hallyour time just started[Music]Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00heyWatch at: 10:00 / 10:20[Music][Music]Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40soWatch at: 10:40 / 11:00[Music]la cruz backlet's miss the lore to youWatch at: 11:00 / 11:20[Music]i know i heard you from hereso you like loud noises do you i askedyou to bequiet all you've done is attractattention to yourselfand now you're in my club you thinkthere's any chance someone might makeWatch at: 11:20 / 11:40the connectioni don't know if you've helped or madethings worsefine apology acceptedonly because no one else got hurtWatch at: 11:40 / 12:00chat and me of coursepoor poor david hasserdavid hather's an aspiring screenwriterand hotel managerWatch at: 12:00 / 12:20he comes in more often than he wouldadmit several years nowpoor dear just can't get a break ioverheard him talking abouthis new screenplay with one of my girlsit was about secret societiesand creatures that found themselvesdealing with inner peace and persecutionby elder monsterssound reminiscent of something to youWatch at: 12:20 / 12:40no it's about kindred the details of hisstory were too insightful to becoincidentali think someone's working with david akindred who doesn't realize theWatch at: 12:40 / 13:00consequences of their actionsdo you know what the penalty forrevealing ourselves to kindnessdeath i'm afraid for david's big breakthe screenplay he's worked so hard onmust be destroyedand his less than silent partner must beWatch at: 13:00 / 13:20executed i know david too well i'm veryfond of davidand i'm too close to do what needs to bedoneno i don't think hannah knows hiscollaborator is kindredyou'll have to take david's screenplayand somehow you'll have to coax the nameWatch at: 13:20 / 13:40of his source out of him once you foundout whokill the traitor but do not touch[Music]daviddavid works at the lucky star motel he'svery passionate about his writingWatch at: 13:40 / 14:00he loves to talk about his craft i'msure he'll talk about his screenplayit may take some persuasion to get himto give up his collaborator's namehoweverafter this is over i promiseyou'll have my complete attentionWatch at: 14:00 / 14:20Watch at: 14:20 / 14:40night eating youWatch at: 14:40 / 15:00Watch at: 15:00 / 15:20a good writer always does in this townhey you you in the business becauseman i got tons of ideas for movies infacti should give you one of my completedscreenplays this one's still a work inprogressyou do man that's fantastic i can giveWatch at: 15:20 / 15:40you my screenplay if you promise to keepit safei really can't talk about it he likeshis privacywell i don't know i meando you know how much sending manuscriptsto agents costWatch at: 15:40 / 16:00Watch at: 16:00 / 16:19knight eating you ireally can't talk about it he likes hisprivacyokay okay this guy calls himself juliushe lives under the pier in facti'm supposed to meet him tonight we talkabout vampire film ideas all the timehe's a weird weird guy but reallyWatch at: 16:19 / 16:40creative you know ilove how his mind worksWatch at: 16:40 / 17:00where toWatch at: 17:00 / 17:20soWatch at: 17:20 / 17:40soWatch at: 17:40 / 18:00what what what did you wantWatch at: 18:00 / 18:20didn't i didn't mean i didn't mean to idon'tunderstand what i am i i did it i didn'tWatch at: 18:20 / 18:40knowi'm so sorry please pleasei'll never do it againWatch at: 18:40 / 19:00please find your heartWatch at: 19:00 / 19:20you could let me go i promisei i i would leave los angelesi sweari will i promise pleasefind your heartWatch at: 19:20 / 19:40thank you thank you oh thank youWatch at: 19:40 / 20:00[Music]Watch at: 20:00 / 20:20Watch at: 20:20 / 20:40hmmWatch at: 20:40 / 21:00Watch at: 21:00 / 21:20oh you're back i am i went out thisevening and iwell i met someone and he wouldn't leaveme alone so ihe came back here with me and well ithought you might want toyou know want to drink his bloodWatch at: 21:20 / 21:40um in the bathroom i i lockedi locked him in did i mess upWatch at: 21:40 / 22:00hey what the hell is this [ __ ] let meout goddammiti'll kill that crazy [ __ ] psycho [ __ ]brought me here hit me in the head andWatch at: 22:00 / 22:20locked me upwhat the [ __ ] i mean who the [ __ ] doesthatso she's gonna play it like that huh allright all right just let me outi want to get as far away from thatcrazy [ __ ] as possibleWatch at: 22:20 / 22:40uhWatch at: 22:40 / 23:00Watch at: 23:00 / 23:20[Music]Watch at: 23:20 / 23:40Watch at: 23:40 / 24:00[Music]uhWatch at: 24:00 / 24:20it's you earlier tonight you weren'tWatch at: 24:20 / 24:40following me were youi had this feeling like i was beingwatchedmaybe it's nothing but i'm still alittle shook upbut iWatch at: 24:40 / 25:00you don't mean iti'll leave okaybut if you ever change your mindsure all rightWatch at: 25:00 / 25:20[Music]Watch at: 25:20 / 25:40Watch at: 25:40 / 26:00soWatch at: 26:00 / 26:20Watch at: 26:20 / 26:40ahthis area is for hospital staff onlyWatch at: 26:40 / 27:00did you hear me this is a restrictedarea now leave or i will use forceWatch at: 27:00 / 27:20foreignumWatch at: 27:20 / 27:40uhWatch at: 27:40 / 28:00the operatorthe operatorWatch at: 28:00 / 28:20Watch at: 28:20 / 28:40[Music]Watch at: 28:40 / 29:00that's it this is your last warningWatch at: 29:00 / 29:20Watch at: 29:20 / 29:40soWatch at: 29:40 / 30:00Watch at: 30:00 / 30:20[Music]uh[Music]Watch at: 30:20 / 30:40[Music][Music]foreign[Music]Watch at: 30:40 / 31:00Watch at: 31:00 / 31:20where toWatch at: 31:20 / 31:40Watch at: 31:40 / 32:00[Music]Watch at: 32:00 / 32:20look who's backlet's miss the lore to you[Music]Watch at: 32:20 / 32:39oh i suppose i should just tear it upbut i just i can'ti can't rip up the product of that man'ssoulhere would you tear it up for meWatch at: 32:39 / 33:00thanksare they i mean did youit must have been difficult buttake some comfort in knowing if youWatch at: 33:00 / 33:20hadn't someone else would have had toi do appreciate your help a loti'm willing to ignore the incrediblelengths you've gone to be an [ __ ]Watch at: 33:20 / 33:39[Music]Watch at: 33:39 / 34:00you

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