WATCH LIVE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Def Trial Day 3 – Dr. David Kipper – Treated Johnny Depp

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40look at that look how fast he's here look how fast he's here 12 come on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] be on your side there's everyday amber good luck amber good luck very good morning all right the first thing i want to say is i get a call from my mother last night and my mother-in-law saying why did you have your phone on the bench so i want to clear everything up that was not my phone that was a call through the computer system because i guess we have an open line for remote witnesses so that they came through the computer system jamie says has never happened before came through the computer system and she hung up on it so just for the record that was not my phone so i don't need that kind of grief from my mother all right come on okay thank you all right so i think before the jury comes out we do have one issue with exhibit two is it exhibit 548 plaintiffs exhibit 548 okay so you had offered it to come into evidence and i know there was an objection there's a lot of hearsay on it and so you're is there a redacted copy for me or is that something you haven't worked through okay okay that's fine mr chu i think it was her witness but that's why well i know it's their exhibit but it's you're offering it and and so if you're offering it you have to redact it to basically i think it says two well i just wanted to make sure i know okay if you can work out the details so uh you owe me one exhibit so we'll get that at some point today right or even if i guess tomorrow when i see you guys that's fine okay perfect all right anything else preliminary before the jury mr rottenborn one brief matter may we approach it yes that's fine okay are we ready for the jury yes okay three four five six seven eight all right good morning ladies and gentlemen all right your next witness okay my video you know two seconds earlier can you get the screen up i like to get the screen up before i'm ladies and gentlemen we usually try to get the screen up before you because of that the sound but we'll get it up for you all right i don't know so uh um good morning miss james can you please say your full name my name is catherine owen james what's your current address have you ever spoken with miss vasquez before today yes when i don't recall what was the substance of that conversation i don't recall was it in the past month no was it in the past year yes did you talk about this case no what did you talk about i don't recall if you don't recall how can you recall that you didn't discuss this case have you discussed this case or the uk litigation with mr waldman i just yes i discussed the uk case with mr wallman uh what did you discuss about the uk case with mr walters can we can we stop this please okay i don't have to be cold you can pause please no details whatsoever that you recall no did miss you could there you go all right you want approach i'm not sure ladies and gentlemen in addition to the video deposition there are some extra statements that this witness made um that aren't part of the video but it is part of her testimony so mr rottenborn is just going to read those into the record and for you as well okay question have you spoken with adam waldman before answer yes question when was the last time you spoke with him answer i don't recall question how many times have you spoken with him answer i would say somewhere around 10 times total question have you spoken with him in 2022 answer yes question what was the substance of that conversation answer friendly banter question about what answer nothing to do with the case at all question what was it about answer we have gotten to know each other and you know i was on vacation said happy new year that's it question did you call him or did he call you answer i didn't call him question did you text him answer i sent a message saying happy new year to a lot of my friends question over text answer yes all right thank you sir all right you can continue the video all men assist you in preparing your witness statements for the uk litigation no did you exchange drafts of those statements with mr white who did you send those drafts to shillings is every word in those witness statements words that you drafted yes did anyone provide edits to those witness statements for your consideration i'm very good at my own editing i can assure you that didn't answer my question did anyone else provide edits to those witness statements now you've spoken with mr depp since he and amber got divorced correct correct when was the last time you spoke with him you can answer i don't recall was it within the past year no in any day prior to today have you exchanged text messages with mr depp yes when was the last time approximately that you exchanged text messages with mr death uh i would say [Music] 2016 [Music] oh yeah i think 2016 but it's a long time ago when was the last time you spoke with amber heard i talked with colin was it shortly after your employment with her ended in 2015 no was it after that no have you spoken with her to the best of your recollection or communicated with her in any way in the past say five years no when were you um when were you hired by mr in 2012 um how did you meet her her sister put an ad through a you know a recruitment system i used in my field um take me through your the chronology of um well let me ask you this way when did you would you describe your your work from miss hurt as a personal assistant is that what you'd call your job title yes when did you first start working as a personal assistant in 1999 how many for how many people have you served as a personal assistant maybe six since you um left miss heard's employment in 2015 for how many people have you served as a personal assistant one that's the same person i work for to this day i've been with him for six and a half years miss james have you had any other jobs since other than this this personal assistant job since he left miss hurts employment no now your work for miss heard was was it part-time or full-time it started as part-time when did you change from part-time to full-time what were your job duties too many to mention give me your best summary of what your job duties were please is this relevant okay so let's see i mean if you are ready for a really really long time of me explaining all of the details that's fine it's everything you could possibly do to run someone's life okay so it is grocery shopping it is taking care of admin it is running errands it is getting the car fixed it is getting the dogs groomed it is picking up flowers it is dealing with the decorator it is dealing with the housekeeper it is going on and on and on and on and it goes on every single day arranging rival dealing with all of the surplus stuff around the travel booking all the greeters dealing with the changing of travel okay liaising with people that she's working with on films updating her calendar accordingly uh the amazing with the people on set every single day to update her calendar to ensure that she knows what scene she's doing each day what her call time is all every day is something different but it's a lot of period of myriad of things that go across the board daily you were paid for that work correct very poorly what were you paid was it 1500 a week to start i wish my god no it was not she paid me 25 an hour to start off with and she finally agreed after screaming abuse of me that she would pay me 50 000 a year once i went to full time and this was after me working for well over 10 years as a personal assistant so it was very insulting to me but i did it anyway because i had grandfathered in the ability to pick up my son from school and bring him to work with me at three o'clock and you could have left miss herd's employment at any time correct yes you were based in los angeles when we were providing personal assistance services to ms heard right i have always lived in los angeles since 1999. so you didn't travel with miss heard when she was out of town correct that was another part about agreement that i wouldn't travel with her because of my child and she was out of town quite a bit right not really not really how many weeks a year would you estimate mrs out of town while you were well you're talking uh almost 10 years ago so i can't tell you quite honestly when she was out of town you wouldn't see um you you you never traveled with her right how much did you see uh mr depp over the course of your employment with this herd regularly how many times well obviously you didn't see him when he was out of town right no when he was in town was it would you see him daily weekly monthly what what would you estimate uh there is no rhyme or reason to to be to answer that question now you never witness any violence between this hurd or mr depp right no and miss her never told you that she had been violent to mr depp correct no you had knowledge that um miss heard and mr depp had arguments correct no miss heard never told you that she and mr depp had had arguments occasionally she'd send a text message complaining about her mental state but it was it's never clear exactly what was going on okay so you know i remember she would text me complaining uh about her mental state and that was about it i don't have any of the text messages so it's hard to remember do you recall hearing anything about uh an alleged incident between amber and johnny on a flight from boston to l.a around this time frame like i said i remember that day very well and and um to follow up on that i'm not asking just about what amber may have told you i'm just trying to drill down generally to what you may have heard whether from amber or johnny or anyone about that does that make sense so can you tell us what do you remember hearing about that flight or what happened or didn't happen on that flight from boston to l.a don't know sitting here today you don't remember anything that you heard about that i don't know i wasn't on the plane i just know what happened afterwards okay when she asked me to meet her at the shuttle did you think to ask her if she was okay you know i probably did because that's my role to play a caregiver that's all i can imagine so what do you remember about this day um that you alluded to earlier mostly my surprise that they went to the chateau marmont because amber had an apartment of her own in west hollywood that was like completely set up and available to her so that was my biggest confusion like why did she go to the chateau and then she asked me to get her bathing suit i remember that so i had to go to her apartment to get her bathing suit which again seemed strange to me and then um i what also seemed to paint is when i got there she had a bunch of friends with her and it's originally i thought she was alone did um when you refer to amber's apartment are you referring to the apartment on orange avenue yes yeah and isn't it true that mr depp would spend time in that apartment with amber time to time correct well i don't really know what the question is in relation to that he wasn't there at that time yeah no that's not my question my question was just over the course of your employment you have knowledge of mr depp spending time at that orange avenue apartment right on there and at his residences i would go around different campuses as well were you concerned about miss herd and her well-being on this day no because it did become a pattern with her and so i was merely replicating her i would say and especially when i saw she was there with about four or five girlfriends and basically having fun enjoying each other down by the pool that's why she needed a swimsuit and then they proceeded to hang there all day drinking while i sat around waiting and with my son actually i think it was a sunday that day i remember we had to wait all day and while they just hung around drinking by the pool and then uh finally i went home and suddenly she went back to her apartment and then she wanted me to go back and pack her bag for her at about 10 o'clock at night on sunday and i said i couldn't go by that point i'd already spent the whole day sitting there so i said i couldn't go and pack her bag because i'd already put my son to bed and she was very angry about that i remember that okay so let's so when you asked her if she was okay you didn't actually care if she was okay you said you were just placating her right it was a standard standard procedure at this point she was a very dramatic person so you you didn't actually think that there was anything um that that amber was actually upset correct as i said it just didn't make sense that she went to the chateau instead of going home that was the first for a red flag for me that day so so you've so you you came to the conclusion that day that any she actually wasn't upset is that what you're saying it's too much what i'm asking is did you did you come to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with misheard that day and that she wasn't actually upset i don't know how to answer it's such a strange question like they said you already asked me and i already answered i'm asking answer it again i don't think i asked the exact same question but do your best please could you ask me the question in a different way or a clearer way that is not exactly the same as the last question you could ask me did you reach the conclusion that day that miss heard hadn't experienced anything traumatic over the course of the day i observed miss heard enjoying the company of her friends for several hours that's all i have to say on that matter and would it be odd for someone who's experienced trauma to want to be around friend to you yeah i i don't know so in any event you you um you said you sat around at the chateau marmont is that right yes well she was deciding what to do now you were being paid for that time correct not overtime it was a sunday i was not being paid no did you um did you avail yourself of anything um at the hotel like did you order any food no did you i might have ordered some food for my son actually to be honest now i think about it because he was only little at the time i think he was you know five or something so i might i might have ordered food for my son i'm not a big eater food is not a priority for me did you would you put that on this hurts tab that day everything was on decks tab that day so no on johnny's tab yes let's bring up the document entitled uh or that ends in five one please showings of a dream when she wrote i love you and you wrote love you too han won't be long x um was that just placating misheard were you trying to be supportive at all or just placating her a bit of both i guess did you have any concern whatsoever about miss herd's well-being that day no when was the first time you remember uh misheard telling you that um all wasn't right in the relationship between her and mr depp i don't recall exactly when it started but it was usually um her complaining and crying uh due to i would say insecurities within the relationship more than anything else she would be very very insecure a lot of the time and she would call me up crying i remember one time she called me when she was alone in new york city and she was crying walking around the street crying and he wasn't there she was alone but i said that she needed to go inside because i was worried that the paparazzi might take a photo of her and she was in a very dysregulated state and so just out of kindness i i said to her it's better if she went inside rather than walking around crying in public i remember that but i don't remember exactly when that was it might have been 2012 or 2013. um as the um as the job went on we called each other less and less and did mostly text messaging was all text messaging did you um did you ever believe that mr mistreated her no so and why not just never any evidence at all i was there almost daily in uh both her place and then eventually at his place in west hollywood and ultimately at the lost downtown it was a daily basis experience morning moon night all days of the week so you know i mean i never once saw any evidence of anything did this her ever tell you that johnny had hit her no did he ever tell did she ever tell you that johnny had pulled her hair or pushed her no let me ask it a little bit differently you never believed this heard that mr depp had mistreated her is that correct at the time or after i never believed in what context are you talking about during my employee or afterwards no never and there was never any damage to the apartment that i witnessed there was never any aftermath of anything ever that i ever saw now you of course have no personal knowledge one way or the other whether um johnny was abusive to her correct well i don't know if that's necessarily true because if it was true i would have seen the damage even if i wasn't physically present in the moment of these alleged arguments and what's your basis for that statement well if someone's being patient there's generally physical evidence so your testimony is that if there's if if there was no physical evidence that you observed then it couldn't have happened the domestic violence by johnny toward amber is that your testimony no well i'm trying to to understand what your testimony is um maybe you could clarify for me miss james it is your testimony that um he never saw first-hand evidence of johnny being violent to amber that it couldn't have happened that's not what i said you're trying to put words into my mouth i don't appreciate that can you pull up the document that is um it well let me see what it ends with here it's the doc um dap one one four i'll direct your attention to the um okay this is this is a document that um corresponding probably to you just bear with us for one minute um and then we'd like to move for admission all right what's the number on it that's what we're trying to do okay so so do all right and that's defendant's 844 yes ma'am okay eight four four any objection to eight four 844 all right if you want to approach then if somebody has a copy of 844 for me we'll get it we'll we'll get it that's right we'll get it can you just wait one minute yes thanks box at the bottom do you see your name kate in that um the column labeled participants yeah is this a text message that you received from mr depp um on around august 13 2016 yes and it appears that he's responding to something that you had sent him correct i don't know you see where he says thank you sweetheart yes he's directing that to you right it looks like there's someone else cc'd on this text so it could be to that person i honestly don't know i can't answer your question can we please pause the video all right could you pause for a second thank you you already did that was good thank you so much i'd like that um we'll switch to our okay thank you all right and your honor with the um with the simulation we'll prepare redacted version to be entered into evidence that has other personal identifiers redacted we'd ask for permission to publish to admit this into evidence and publish to the jury the objections are noted um and we will get the redacted copy all right thank you your honor you just blow it up heather ready to resume with the video thank you your honor do you see where he says um we'll hit you when i get back doll come over for a spot of purple and we'll fix her flabby ass nice and good yep um come over for a spot of purple means come over for a drink of wine right i don't know that's what you understood it to me correct i don't know lucian can you pull up the documents um labeled uk trial day seven james testimony please and miss james you remember giving testimony in the trial in the uk right uh well there'd be something wrong with me if i didn't and you need order in the corner you gave that testimony you gave it under oath correct yes um lucian can you please go to page 39 of the pdf and can please blow up the page that is labeled 1221. and on line seven miss james is it am i reading this right you're asked a question and he is inviting you over for a spot of purple what is that yes your answer question what did you understand you answered red wine i imagine do you see that yeah i do remember that remember giving that testimony so is it your understanding that um mr depp was inviting you over for um for wine um at some point after he split up or misheard and just speculation did you go did you meet up with mr depp um for red wine around the time period of this text on august 13 2016. i did meet up with him but we did not drink [Music] was anyone else present for that meeting no when he said come over for a spot of purple and we'll fix her flabby ass you understood him to be referring to miss her when he uh said we'll fix her flabby ass correct it wasn't for me to speculate what she what he was referring to and i'm not asking for you to speculate what he was referring to i'm asking for your understanding was that he was talking to miss hurt correct you can answer there isn't an answer i mean this is the way he writes it's very random and you don't sort of question it okay it's just the way he writes he wants in a very abstract right okay um lucian if you can just pull up the prior testimony that we just looked at miss james um isn't it true that um on line 12 of page 1221 you were asked the question red wine and not only to come over for a spot of football but to fix her flabby ass that was about misheard was it not and on line 14 you answered yes yes you see that yes so you did understand this to be referring to correct i'm sorry you said no just trying to be agreeable in the in the court having no clue what on earth is going on so there you go was that answer in the court truthful or just agreeable just being agreeable so it wasn't truthful you can answer i don't have an answer for you what did you and mr depp talk about at that meeting that you recall i don't look for details just tell me generally everything you recall it's too long ago do you recall anything where was the meeting at his residence in west hollywood is that his resume what i'm sorry west hollywood what time of day um about 3pm um so you recall the time of day that you don't recall anything you discussed well i'm just saying i know it was in the afternoon because it was after i picked my son up from school because my son went to swim in the pool with the security guards watching him while i went and had a brief conversation with mr jeff that's the only reason i remember the time did you talk about miss hurt yes what did what did you discuss about missouri uh and like i said i don't recall the details well i'm just a little confused because you just testified you didn't remember anything but now you remember that you did talk about miss heard so what i'm trying to get is everything you remember about the conversation well you've got to understand mr rottenborn the mutual um connection between mr decker myself is in fact mr misheard so inevitably that is going to be part of the conversation that's all i remember okay do you remember anything else about that conversation with mr depp have you seen mr deb since that conversation now um what's your just describe generally your educational background please i completed high school and then i went straight into becoming a veterinary nurse when i left at school left school which i did for approximately three to four years before i left australia do you have any sort of specialized training in veterinary medicine or nursing uh only on the ground experience four years in a clinic so um you don't have any experience with um medical training for humans right and you don't have any training in health care correct could you be more specific you don't have any training in health care for people correct i'm not enough i'm not a human nurse if that's your question i don't really understand your question sorry you don't have any training related to prescription drugs do you no and um you have no idea excuse me only pertaining to animals yes i would like to add that okay and that that was the training that you received on the job in australia before you came to the us amongst other things yeah um you familiar with um miss heard um taking prescriptions for acne and pro vigil among other things correct rejection you are not um you never served as a nurse or a doctor to misheard right now and you have uh no medical knowledge um to testify whether miss hurt used pro-vigil or accutane in the way her doctor's instructed correct no and you're not an expert on the interaction of prescription drugs and alcohol or other drugs correct now did you during the course of your employment develop any personal knowledge of mr depp's use of alcohol or drugs not firsthand and what do you mean by not firsthand well i worked for amber i didn't work with him did you ever see mr depp using illegal drugs no did you ever see mr depp um abuse alcohol no did you ever speak with dr kipper no did you ever speak with aaron yeah and aaron borem was a nurse who worked for dr kipper right she was assigned to amber i'm sorry i'm sorry she was assigned to amber that's how i came to be speaking to her and she also provided medical services to johnny right i don't know what do you recall speaking to aaron gorham about this random chit chat in the course of the day nothing specific do you recall ever forming any concern in your own mind about any of mr def's behavior in his relationship with amber never nothing you heard nothing you witnessed nothing you saw during your time with missouri ever gave you an inkling of concern about mr deff's behavior toward amber okay now you um you left your employment your your employment with amber ended in early 2015 correct you know just after they came back from the wedding on the island did miss her terminate your employment when miss heard came back from the island she informed me that she now needed to support her mother because her mother could no longer work after a diagnosis a medical diagnosis and she told me she could no longer afford to pay me since she had to support her mother and therefore she would have to terminate my employment to support her family and did you resent miss herd for that for determining your employment i would have been nice to have been given some notice so i had some time to look around uh so i was a little upset for the lack of notice but apart from that no i was not upset i swear i gave you six weeks of severance pay correct i don't recall you want to stay in the job for misheard well i did ask if i could have a few months heads up so i could seek another job that would suit the terms of my employment but she did not allow that and that made you angry correct no did did you ask to be put on mr depp's payroll so that you could remain uh being paid by ms heard or mr death well when she said she couldn't afford i said now you're married couldn't i go on to uh depp's payroll and she said no it was part of a legal agreement they had that she was not allowed to do that i don't know whether that was true or not you ever asked mr depp whether you could go on his payroll no isn't it true that you asked to live in one of mr depp's houses rent free for a period of time after your employment well you see i'm a homeowner and but i want to be clear i didn't want to miss a mortgage payment due to unemployment so my idea was is perhaps i could find an alternate accommodation in order to rent out my house so i don't lose my entire property i'm a homeowner keeping my home and my payments up to date is that paramount importance to me isn't it true that you had already skipped about a year and a half of mortgage payments on your home during the time you were employed by miss hurt no let's pull up the document ending in alh please exhibit 11 on the screen yeah i think i can i think you've read everything um so if you're if you're ready for me to ask questions my first question is just is this an email exchange between you and amber relating to the termination of your employment yeah this is the email i received when she terminated me and then the emails above that in this document are some of which are duplicated are an email exchange that you had with amber after you received the termination email yeah when i woke up that morning yeah um can you go to the first page please um isn't it true that miss or did pay you six extra weeks of pay after your termination she's stating that but i don't recall if it actually happened or not you don't have personal knowledge one way or the other or a recollection of whether she did no um and isn't it true that you you do tell her in this email that you didn't pay your mortgage for the first year and a half that you were working for her yes i had one of those balloon mortgages so i had to go through a loan modification and i recall now that that's why i was able to agree to work for her for such a small amount of money than what i normally made it was sort of as a favor almost what what was the favor it worked for her for like half my usual paycheck basically so you're you were doing amber a favor yes because initially it was described as a part-time 20-hour week thing for flexibility and blah blah blah so you know i thought it's not really in my caliber but my son was only four at the time so it seemed like a good idea especially because i wasn't paying my mortgage so i could take the hit by getting less pay than i would normally make and that way i could also have the time with my son that i wanted and i i think the answer to this is no but i just want to be clear you're not blaming amber for you're not paying your mortgage right no that was my choice it was the only way i could get a loan modification was the way it was but you know the 2008 crash that's how it worked back then if you wanted to save property and you started working for amber in 2012 right yes it took a long time one modification process and and you're not blaming amber for getting a credit card with 29 interest are you what you see in your email on that first page um about two-thirds of the way down you say i have borrowed from my mom my tenant security deposit and now i have used up a credit card i should use as it has 29 interest oh that's my choice did you have tenants in your property at that time um i have a duplex i'm just trying and that time yes i had tenants in one house and i was living in the other did you use those tenants security deposit for personal expenses i don't remember do you see where you say i have borrowed from my mom my tenant's security deposit does do you recall using attendance security deposit or borrowing from that it's too long ago for me to recall if it actually happened would there be a reason that you would have said that if it wasn't true no and um isn't it true that you did ask to live rent free um in johnny's houses after you were terminated right lots of people did and isn't true that you did yes and did that ever come to pass no did it make you angry that that didn't happen no it's fair to say at the time that your employment was terminated you were in fairly significant financial trouble correct yes you were angry with amber for terminating you at this time when you were in financial trouble correct no you see at the bottom of your email on page two you say max and i love you very much as a sign off to your email yes and max is your son right yes that wasn't true correct in fact you you didn't love amber you didn't like her did you um any close relationship has absent flows in the energy that you feel towards one another it's pretty standard and at that point in time you um well since your termination you've had nothing but animosity toward misheard correct no i actually bumped into her at the p.o box about three months after and she was in her range rover and i saw her sister and she said come say hi to amber and i went back there and i was going to say hi but she was on the phone and she was saying wait wait but then i had to go that's the only time i've ever seen her but i wanted to go and say hi i wasn't feeling like i wanted to avoid her or anything you know things things happen and life goes on you know i understand you're a personal assistant miss james what type of people do you work for high-profile celebrities are they the celebrities in the entertainment industry yes you previously testified that in march of 2012 you worked as a personal assistant for miss heard yes yes in total how long did you work for miss hurt as her personal assistant almost three years and at the time you were hired in march of 2012 had you ever heard of miss heard no you previously testified today that at some point while working from his heart he transitioned from working part-time to full-time is that right when did that transition happen i don't recall specifically you think it happened within the first year of your employment i believe it happened within around six months into the employment so most definitely it happened in the first year of your employment is that correct yes you really just testified that you stopped working for ms hurd as her personal assistant in february of 2015. is that right yes and you also testified that ms heard let you go upon her return from the bahamas in february of 2015. yes yes did miss herd ever give you any indication or warning that your employment might end upon her marriage to mr deb how did it make you feel when miss heard terminated your employment without warning a bit of a shock a bit of a feeling of being blindsided when you first began working for miss heard and when miss heard was in town in other words not traveling how many times per week would you see her almost daily and did that change when you became a full-time personal assistant for miss herd no would you see ms hurt on the weekends as well yes and when you would see miss hurt in person did you coordinate with her when you would be seeing her no i would arrive whenever it was necessary to bring stuff that i'd picked up on errands or whatnot there was no given that schedule and when you said you would arrive where would you arrive to um it depended where she was at the time sometimes she was at orange sometimes she was at one of johnny's houses on sweeter and then eventually they all moved down to the lofts downtown you previously testified that your work as miss hurts as being miss heard's private assistant was extensive would you please tell us everything that was you were responsible for everything from handling all of her dry cleaning packages mail liaising with agents um other people in the industry uh coordinating travel making at restaurant reservations uh you know dealing with the staff the vendors on the property uh that sort of thing did ms heard ever ask you to monitor press for her yes what specifically did she ask you to do had a newsstand guy that was instructed to hold two couples of every magazine she appeared in uh was a newsstand on sherborne avenue just off la cienega and he would hold them for me and i would go there once again with magazines i'm sorry you you got muffled out you said that he would hold those for me and old one for me and i would go approximately once a week to pick up whatever magazines amber was featured in two copies of each which i would then store in her garage why would you store them in miss heard's garage because she didn't want mr deb to see them did she tell you why she didn't want mr duff to see them no she just got very angry with me one day because i hadn't quite made that made it downstairs to put them in the garage when she came home and she went absolutely ballistic over that when you say she went absolutely over that can you please describe what you mean blaming yelling abuse do you remember what she said to you no but it was abusive in your opinion blind rage over the three-year period in which you worked for miss heard were you ever with misheard when she was getting dressed or undressing all the time how often were you present when miss heard was getting dressed every time she was getting dressed for a fitting i was i would say 90 of the time i was there and just to clarify was it just when miss heard was in fittings that you would see her in states of undress no it was it was also in her apartment she had no issue with walking around naked quite often did you ever observe miss heard putting on makeup yes how often did you see miss her doing her makeup just when she was getting ready to go out somewhere for a party and when you interacted with miss hurd and i understand it was quite frequent and regular did it appear to you that she was wearing makeup you usually never wore makeup unless she was going to a special event and when she did go to special events would you describe her makeup as heavy [Music] artist would do it or if she would do it herself if she did it herself it would be light and usually adding lashes and that's about it and i believe you previously testified to this so i'm sorry for asking you again that while you worked for miss her did you ever see any types of injuries on her do you ever see any cuts no did you see bruises did you see swelling redness in her face no how about miss heard having black eyes noble a broken nose missing hair clumps sorry i didn't catch that in streams did you ever see ms heard cry yes how often did you see her cry hard to put a number on it sometimes she would cry on the phone i think at least once or twice she might have cried on the phone you know and then as far as seeing her personally crying you know she was a pretty dramatic person it's hard to really put a number on it i'm focusing on when you saw her in person crying how many times do you believe that you saw her in person crying i would say twice maybe twice let's take that in and bite sizes the first time you saw miss her cry in person do you recall what she was crying about go ahead miss james it's insecure emotions so the twi the two times that you recall miss heard crying in front of you you remember her crying about being insecure is that correct you testified that she felt insecure about her relationship is that correct yes can you expand on that what do you mean by that he didn't like being away from his physical presence did she miss her tell you that she felt insecure when mr depp wouldn't be present with her other than telling you she felt insecure about her relationship with mr deb what else did miss heard say about feeling insecure she told me she didn't like hanging out in his house with his friends because it it was boring and they're all old men playing guitars and it wasn't interesting to her was miss her dating mr depp when you first started working for her yes when did you first learn that ms heard was dating mr duff after uh about a month i think how did you learn that she was dating mr duff she told me what did she tell you she she told me she was dating johnny depp do you recall the first time you met mr deaf yes when was that it was in her apartment on orange probably shortly after she told me she was dating him he was standing in the dining room and approximately when was that i don't remember i would say um april april or may of 2012. what was your impression of mr duff he was very peaceful very calm almost shy and uh very quiet and i remember he was wearing red red suede shoes because i didn't know where else to look i looked at issues like it's a weird recollection i know i was being honest did you ever witness mr depp be rude to anyone he's such a gentleman he's so he's like a total southern gentleman did you ever see mr dapp lose his cool no did you ever see him screaming anyone no did you ever see him break something only in a video in your presence did you ever see mr depp break something intentionally never break anything never throw anything always completely passive i believe you've testified previously but you have a son correct yes how old was your son when you first started working for miss her or four years old and did you ever bring your son to work with you yes how often uh quite often if i had to keep working i would bring him back there after school and if i had to work on the weekends he would come with me then did mr depp ever interact with your son yes he was very kind how often did you did mr depp interact with your son whenever they were in each other's presence can you give me an estimate of how often that happened oh countless times and he would he would even teach him how to play guitar he brought him back from vacations uh he showed him his amazing makeup makeover when he was doing black mass he tricked him he went over and was saying do you know who i am the full makeup son's jaw almost hit the ground it was really cute actually he gave my son a little um kick as well a guitar pick which he cherishes to this guy as well fair to say you were around mr depp and and this hurt together quite a quite a lot yeah it became increasingly more as the time went on yeah what was your impression of misheard and mr depp's relationship uh you know it was it did not seem like a perfect relationship to me based on a lot of insecurity on her behalf which seemed to cause confusion in the relationship um maybe the age gap was an issue because it interests i know that much apart from that who am i to know the relationship you know do you think that mr depp was smothering of misheard did it did it appear to you that mr duff was jealous of misheard no did you ever have interactions with mr depp by yourself um sometimes yeah and what were those interactions like this friendly chit chat which would stop immediately when amber saw me speaking to him she'd give me the evil eye and i'd know to just quickly walk away did amber ever talk to you about your interactions with mr deb in the three years that you worked for miss heard did you ever see ms hurd and mr deb are you no in the three years yet that you worked for miss heard did you ever see any physical violence between miss hurt and mr duck did you ever see either of them being physically aggressive with one another no did you ever see any property damage at miss heard's home nozzle did you ever see any property damage at mr depp's primary residence on sweet sir did you ever see any property damage at the lofts or the penthouses of the eastern columbia building no never over the three-year period in which you worked for him has heard did you ever hear from anyone that mr depp or ms hurt had been in a physical alteration altercation no over the three-year period in which you worked for ms heard did you ever see ms heard be physically aggressive with anyone no let's break that down a bit when you say she was verbally abusive to you regularly can you explain to me how she was verbally abusive to you screaming uh screaming over the phone she screamed at me once in person multiple times screaming at me over the phone barrages of abusive text messages day and night a lot of them in the middle of the night i think you're aware i think uh between 2 and 4 a.m the barrage would start that's what i'd wake up to um all incoherent not really making sense just basically someone to lash out at you know no apparent reason to it you testified previously that you observed miss heard be verbally abusive to her sister yeah what do you recall about that it was it's ongoing kick the dog kind of relationship with her sister so it's really hard to pinpoint any specifics but uh yeah uh her poor sister was treated like the dog that you kick basically you previously testified that miss heard you observed miss heard be verbally abusive to her mother what specifically did you observe well there is a video that um line where you can see her being abusive first and foremost so it's not even based on what i'm telling you it's what i've seen the interactions between the two of them when her mother was still alive and the fact that her mother was terrified of her did her mother tell you she was terrified of her you personally told me did you ever witness miss heard tongue lash her mother here and there yes especially when it was built up to a stressful event or something like that yeah you said you felt that miss heard was verbally abusive to you can you provide me with any specific examples of this behavior well i thought i did earlier but yeah it was so random and ongoing you would never know where when it was going to come left of center um i do remember on one occasion when we were moving from part to all time and then the salary negotiations became a real loan of contention and i specifically remember standing in her office where she left up out of her chair put her face up approximately four inches from my face she was spitting in my face and it's telling me how dare i ask for the salary i was asking for which was in fact approximately half of my regular annual salary i was offering her that as a favor and she felt she felt that gave her the right to spit in my face and there was a witness in the apartment at that time by the way who was at the apartment at the time the handyman hector galindo i'm sorry but handyman hector galindo he was so ash he was so mortified he was so embarrassed to hear her speaking to me like that miss james while you worked for miss her did you ever observe her drinking alcohol yes i did how often did you observe miss her drink alcohol don't recall what alcohol did you observe miss her drink in your presence red wine did miss herd ever appear intoxicated to you yes she often did well you worked for miss heard were you aware what if any prescription drugs she was taking yes because i had to pick it up and i often had to deliver it to her i'm sorry ms james i interrupted your question or your answer excuse me the last part of your answer was to i would it was my job to pick it up and deliver it to her also bring it to her if she was doing a photo shoot or you know on set or something if she'd forgotten it what prescription drugs do you remember picking up from his herd trophy chill any other prescription drugs that you remember picking up from his herd accutane any others not specifically to your knowledge miss hurt ever stop taking providual or accutane while you were working for her no did miss her ever tell you that she had was experiencing any side effects from provisional she didn't say it but i observed it we'll go back to that in a minute but did miss hurt ever tell you that she was experiencing any side effects from accutane no you previously testified that you observed misheard having certain side effects from per visual yes yes what side effects did you observe misheard exhibiting manic episodes can you tell me what you mean by manic episodes similar to if someone was on some sort of amphetamine drug moving very fast uh not making a lot of sense hyper organizing hypertasking just very very hyper besides prescribed medication did you ever observe misheard and just any illicit drugs while you worked for her no didn't miss her ever tell you that she had ingested illegal drugs yes when did miss her tell you that she had ingested illegal drugs um sporadically here and then what drugs did miss her tell you she had ingested mushrooms ecstasy and cocaine if you remember how many times did miss heard tell you that she had ingested illegal drugs i can't remember based on your personal observations did it ever appear to you that ms heard was under the influence of legal drugs yes how many times i don't know less than five so long ago it's hard for me to remember why did you why did it appear to you that miss heard was under the influence of illegal drugs disoriented partying with friends um lots of heavy drinking laughing dancing playing all the sorts of things that go hand in hand with imbibing in drugs would miss herds treatment of you change when she was intoxicated yes how so she became more and more belligerence inclusive ms james you previously testified that you provided testimony in the matter involving mr deb in the united kingdom do you remember that testimony yep and how did you provide testimony in the united kingdom uh well i wrote a witness statement and then i had to do a live video feed and did you understand that your witness statement was made under o yes and did you understand that your testimony during the trial live was also under oath yes did anyone help you write your witness statement uh shillings over in the uk uh helped me with the first draft and then i took over and completely edited it to be my own words that was after a phone conversation we had they jotted down notes sent me some basic notes to work with and then i worked on it from there how long did it take you to write your witness statement um about three or four days did you feel you had an adequate amount of time to prepare and write your witness statement yes i was very proud with the outcome of how i wrote it because it was all my words and it was the absolute truth and did you have enough time to review your witness statement for accuracy before you signed it yes was everything that was in your witness statement true and accurate to the best of your knowledge yes and is that still true today yes lucian may i please have you pull up exhibit depth exhibit number four please join that exhibit our forum screen thank you miss james do you remember receiving an email from miss heard on or about february 2 12 2015. i don't even believe i was still working right do you remember receiving this email in particular from february 12 2015. again i don't as far as i know it wasn't even working for her at that time so i wouldn't even know why she wrote this letter to me quite on the same do you remember receiving this email then can we please pull up exhibit number five joint there you go you read my mind lucy and may either take control or have you scroll down to the bottom thank you james the way these emails tend to work is they they start at the bottom and then go up and this one is no exception so i'm going to for your ease i'm going to have you read the bottom email first since it's the first one in the chain dated february 3rd 2015 [Music] traveling straight to london after the wedding that's what that's what i'm reading do you remember actually you know what why don't you read this entire email chain and then i'm going to ask you some questions about it just can you help me uh oh no no it's moving i don't know it's being finicky i do have control sorry miss james [Music] do you remember receiving these emails from miss heard not really no no do you see where miss heard on february 4th 2015 writes in all caps are there no direct flights chinmark question mark exclamation i'm just pointing her to this top email mr rottenborn do you see where miss heard rights to you are there no direct flights in all caps you would agree with me that nowhere else in this email chain miss heard uses all paps just to write to you correct no that's not she seems very confused that's all i can summer when i'm reading through this she just seems to be very confused and the thing is it's um like if that if that question were to be directed to anyone it should have been to the travel agent not me i mean i'm not the travel agent the travel legend was down there in the beginning trudy sullivan directing your attention miss james to may of 2014 when you met mr ferd at the chateau marmont in los angeles california do you remember your testimony about that incident you testified previously that she that miss heard asked you to bring a bathing suit to the hotel is that correct did you see ms hurd wearing a bathing suit in may of 2014 at the chateau marmont yes based on your recollection did you see any bruises on mister's body did you see any red marks on miss herd's body no how would you describe the general atmosphere or mood of misheard and her friends at the chateau vermont but to be honest it seemed a little conspiratorial to me how so like a strategy meeting or something and combined with a party hard to describe it was very confusing originally i thought i was going over for some major emergency but then something else completely different was going on that day what made you think something completely different was going on that day well because originally it made it seem like she was having this major emergency and she was completely alone and she needed me very badly to come as quickly as possible but when i got there she was surrounded by people savannah io tillett wright and rocky specifically raquel pennington what was the second name you said i got rocky and who i till owe write it's the letter i the letter all till it's right did you observe miss heard showing what appeared to be injuries to any of her friends at the chateau that day no did it appear to you that ms heard's friends were con comforting her how would you describe miss hurt's friend's behavior hanging out together by the pool having cocktails and spending the entire afternoon hanging around together did you ever um did you ever learn information that made you believe that one of the reasons that their relationship uh between johnny and amber wasn't as you described perfect was because of johnny's substance abuse i couldn't speculate on the details of their personal relationship you did testify earlier that one of the reasons you thought their relationship was wasn't perfect was insecurity on amber's part though right yes so you you developed an opinion that insecurity on amber's part affected their relationship but you did not develop an opinion that substance abuse or any actions by johnny affected their relationship is that right that statement was based on communications directed to me from amber basically what communication specifically expressing uh you know exactly what i just stated that she was sad she didn't want to be away from him blah blah blah that sort of thing that would happen all the time and um you believe that those statements were the reason that their relationship wasn't perfect it's not for me to speculate you would agree that just because someone is insecure in a relationship does not mean that she deserves to be used correct i have no answer for you for that you would agree that even if someone asks quote unquote smothering in a relationship doesn't mean she deserves to be abused correct i don't have an answer for you for that i don't have any further questions thank you for your time today all right thank you all right ladies and gentlemen let's go ahead and take our morning recess for 15 minutes no outside research do not talk about the case sorry okay thank you um all right let's go ahead and take a break until noon um is your next witness um we're gonna set it up so it's all ready to go in the next okay i really appreciate that okay thank you we'll be in recess till now so laurel avis anderson and what is your business address [Music] it's been a while 109 21 wilshire boulevard westwood medical plaza suite one one one zero one los angeles 90024 and you're a clinical psychologist is that correct correct and you practice in los angeles yes for how long have you been practicing almost 40 years have you been practicing in los angeles for that entire time yes and you provide counseling for couples psychotherapy for individuals and couples and what is psychotherapy just a brief layman's description um it's an evaluation of an individual or a couple's problems and then it's a conceptualization of what's actually going on and an effort to make intervention that leads to change do you recognize what this document is yes what is it uh this is my ledger for tracking sessions that i use for invoice billing and did this ledger come out of your files yes and you keep this document in the ordinary course of business absolutely and i just want to um in this particular ledger who is it for it's well despite the names that are camouflaged um it's for ms heard and mr depp at the top um what what are the two names that it says there anne henry and joey davis and anne henry's amber yes and joey davis is johnny depp yes and then it and then it says age 29 and 52 is that right yes and 29 was the age of amber heard at the time yes and 52 was the age of johnny depp yes so so as i understand it on october 1st 2015 mr depp and amber heard came in for couples counseling at uh for three and a half hours yes whether they were in for the full three and a half or not i don't know but that was the amount of that was when this the session started and they came in when they came in and not together um and it took three and a half hours to actually do that first session uh so as i understand it for that first session mr depp and amber did not come in together i don't believe that they did the next session with amber with miss heard alone for background intake and that was a two and one third hour session and that session was on october 6 2015 yes and what's the next row you saw amber on october 6 2015 for two and a third hours correct yes and what is the next row indicating the next day october 7th mr depp for three and a half again it may not have been face to face for the full three and a half but it was being at the beginning of the session waiting for him his coming in with the entourage and are getting to work and for the the three sessions we just discussed the the october first session the october 6th session and the october 7th session those are all in person with you correct so yes the first three sessions were all in person and then what does it say under for the next row with the 10 14 row couple three hours so on october 14th 2015 amber heard and mr depp saw you for a couple session yes there's a there's a couple session on october 14th for three hours is that right 10 14 there's a couple session on 10 21 there's a couple session where someone walked out for two hours on 10 24 miss heard was there we did a phone session for one and a half and and how did and on the 10 24 row next to the two hours it says w out correct it's 10 21. in the in the 10 21 row what does it say in the fourth column for me that's walk out and you recall who walked out of that meeting i have tried to and i don't because each threatened and stood up and i'm not positive who finally did the walkout and then what does it say what is it indicating on the row for 11 12 2015. couple sessions showed one and a half hours and then on 1217 what does that show amber alone showed two and a quarter hours based on this ledger you saw amber and mr depp for four couple sessions that's right dr anderson i'm showing you it's been marcus anderson three 397 no objection is that correct they didn't list objections in their exhibit list and then we actually communicated this morning and they said they weren't again all right do you know who on the team you you talked with i'm sorry okay all right so no objection all right that's okay 397 and evidence then defense 397. um and i will let you which is cc00172 i'll let you take a look at it it's one page email so let me know when you're finished do you recognize this email chain yes do you know who christian carino is yes again on the page where it says laurel.anderson28 that's your email address yes the email of march 28 2015 from mr corrino he wrote laurel my closest friend amber on copy wants to come see you alone first and then with her husband johnny we'll leave it to you two to arrange a time love you both you see that email did you receive that email from march 18 2015. i did and you responded to mr carino's email correct as you can see yes what was your understanding as to why amber heard wanted to meet with you i took the face value that miss kurd wanted to have a consultation and if this is not infrequent that i might get an email like this so and when i hear that someone may then later want to come in with their husband or spouse yes i think it has to do with relationship issue um on september 9 2015 you received an email from mr carino is that right yes apparently he was trying to set it up and mr carino was trying to set up a meeting uh with you and amber and mr depp is that right yes that's what i assumed and you responded to mr carino's email um correct i did and then at the top you received an email from amber heard yes and she wrote hi laurel thank you so much for responding i really appreciate it i have to speak to my husband when he's done working today and make sure he's good with that time i think it sounds perfect thank you so much again i'm really looking forward to meeting you i read that correctly yes and you received that email from amber heard i did um on september 27 2015 you received an email from amber heard correct yes and amber wrote hi laurel johnny and i are back in town and would love to know if you have any availability to see us this week please let me know thanks you received that email from amberhead yes and you responded that you were available on thursday at 5 30 p.m correct yes and and um looking at the top of the email where it says wednesday september 30th would you agree that the next day is uh thursday october 1st 2015. yes and we need to we can go back to your billing ledger but the first time you saw amber heard and mr deaf was on october 1st 2015 is that right yes did you see amber heard on december 17th 2015 yes we we had established that yes all right so what's that on screen dr anderson i'm showing you has been marked as anderson exhibit seven which is depth 3202 take a chance to read it and let me know when you're finished oh yes um attachment 7 is in at the bottom is a you see a march 8 2016 email from christian carino to you correct yes and christian carino was asking if you'd be willing to make a house call to johnny depp's apartment downtown is that right i did not know where he lived his email says would you be willing to make a house called the johnny's apartment downtown correct did it say downtown yes it did okay and then you responded on march 8th 2016 correct yes and you wrote hey christian have of course avoided this my whole career unless someone was in rehab would be willing to try it once and that there's something i'd like johnny to understand and i don't think he does um where you wrote i'd like johnny to understand um that where you wrote would would would be willing to try it once and that there's something i'd like china to understand that i don't think he does what did you mean by that i can't say exactly what it was i wanted to in park but i i know that i thought that he was um having difficulty in the sessions and i think it was something about the process between the two of them that i was trying to include him into what difficulty was mr deb having in the sessions having a voice what do you mean by that ms heard had a jackhammer style of talking she was very amped up he had trouble talking at a similar pace their dialogue he was cut off a lot i i i'm guessing this is what i was i'm not sure what i it is but there was something anyhow this is how he didn't have the rules he couldn't keep up with her rapid fire um way of conversation and so he was really overwhelmed in in working with um amber and mr depp did amber ever report to you any physical violence on behalf of mr depp toward amber yes what type of physical violence did she report to you do you recall seeing photos from amber heard i i have but i don't remember when i saw them what do you recall about the photos her face was bruised do you recall what where on her face you saw on amber's face you saw i think they were around her eyes but i couldn't be positive did did you witness abuse by either i didn't miss i didn't witness had you worked with mr depp before working with amber and mr dab doubt is it your testimony that while mr deb may have said he wasn't violent with any of his other partners there was violence between from mr yes you're right he had he had had been well controlled i think for almost i don't know 20 30 years and both were victims of youth in their homes but i thought he had been well controlled for decades and then with ms heard he was triggered and um they engaged in what i saw as mutual abuse sometimes i'm not i know she led on more than one occasion and started it to keep him with her because abandonment and having him leave was her worst nightmare and i think he may have initiated it on occasions too and that i'm less sure and how did you come to the understanding that on some occasions miss heard physically abused mr death miss heard reported that what did ms heard report to you that it was a point of pride two things it was a point of pride to her if she felt disrespected to initiate a fight and was her father had beaten her she was not going and the second uh the second one is what she reported to me which is if he was going to leave her to de-escalate from the fight she would strike him to keep him there she would rather be in a fight than have him leave did you speak to any other doctors or psychologists that worked with either amber or mr depp no did you review any medical documents of mr depp or amber i reviewed a um pharmacokinetic um that that ms heard showed me which has to do with neurotransmitter function genetics and medications just to go back doctor what professional degrees do you hold i have a i have a couple of masters a phd and a certified clinical nutrition certification would you mind please just um elaborating on that for the record yes i have a master's from young in my early in my life in teaching and curriculum i have a master's in psych i have a phd in clinical psychology i have a ccn which is a certified clinical nutrition certification and do you recall dr in what year you obtained your phd yes i got it in 82. and if very briefly if you could just please in summary fashion just describe your employment history from 1982 forward after earning your phd i collected clinical hours in hospitals and in psychiatric medical groups i was employed to do some nutrition evaluation and intervention as well but there were mds behind me we worked in concert then worked in a hospital with i think i think that doctor was re uh was a worker's comp um and then when i was you know i have it out of order then i was on my own but i was employed by that this is when i was employed by a psychiatric medical group um to do kind of a combination of psychotherapy and some nutrition and then since then i have been a solo practitioner out of network word of mouth only very small footprint um purposely all of these years when did you become a solo practitioner um very soon probably uh in probably in 86. so is it fair to say that as of 2015 you were you were already quite established as a solo practitioner yes generally speaking what type of services did you provide your patients in 2015 adults only individual or couples work and with a limited number of people there would have been neurotransmitter testing and some attention to lifestyle and how nutritional elements affect the brain and if you would just please describe for us lay people what a clinical psychologist does um the first thing is evaluation intake gather material the second thing and the way i work is kind of during the intake process could be one session could be four sessions depends on if it's an individual or a couple i'm conceptualizing i'm looking for the process the content is something i make notes on i care about it leads me from session to session but i'm really looking at process what's going on between two people or what's actually going on inside of someone the third step is i'm i show my hand i talk about it i try to get either three people in the room all on the same page with me or one other person this is what i see and then the onus is on me to not just be a good friend and hold someone's hand and talk about mom but to actually make change and so i lay out here are the things i think we need to work on and then there are action steps for all of them so that someone has a more directed sense of what they're doing in psychotherapy as opposed to just coming in and talking about how they feel is it your practice when you have a session with a couple that you take notes from the session i absolutely take notes from any session do you take at what time in relation to this session do you take the notes um i'm taking them during the session and they know it because i don't want hours and hours and hours of homework at the end of a clinical day so the notes are often uh you know a lot of typos wrong pronouns here and there but essentially i'm just trying to gather facts as i go is it fair to say that you take the notes in a somewhat contemporaneous fashion sure and you take those notes in the ordinary course of your practice in your business absolutely do you maintain or do you keep those notes as part of your uh treatment and regular course ordinary course of business i do thank you and what type of information generally do you keep in your notes other than what you've already testified about whatever i want to anything that from it could be content that i'm tracking just so i know in the next session what kind of content we were talking about um and it could be processed too stand by now mark thousand plans exhibit number one showing example one on the screen just to confirm have you seen this uh document before dr anderson yes and and what is it it's a christian carino doing the first contact and the second one is from miss hurd wanting to know how to get in touch with me but accepting what's been thrust upon us when was your first couples therapy involving this hurt october 1st 2015. was that an in-person session yes where was the session held in my office and mr depp was also there correct yes how long was that first session three and a half hours was that the first time that you had ever met miss heard in person i think so and was that the first time you had ever met mr depp in person yes okay now if if you could please turn and this is a multi-page exhibit uh mr natal half does not show you this is going to be plaintiff's exhibit two standby can i interrupt a second ben sure um adam can you turn up your microphone because everyone's a lot louder than you and when you object i struggle to hear you can you hear me well michelle is a lot louder than you so if you talk at the same time i can't hear you all right i'll see what i can yeah i'll see what i can do thank you and dr anderson if you could just take as long as you would like to familiarize yourself with this document i'll just state for the record these are documents that you produced that have a base designation 1 through 17. yes i'm familiar um what are these oh well strike that have you ever seen plaintiff's exhibit 2 before yes what what is it it's a redacted copy of my personal notes that i provided to you guys and are these um i think you testified in response to mr nadal house questioning that the names and henry and joey davis are pseudonyms yes and would you please just identify for us who and henry is in real life and henry is amber heard joey davis is johnny depp and are these uh your notes that you took contemporaneously of the four couples of strike that are these your contemporaneous notes that you took of the couple's therapy sessions yes would these notes include any session that you had for misheard that was not part of the couple's therapy no did you have any sessions with mr depp individually that weren't part of the couple's therapy no during this period of time it's color-coded black is couples red is ms heard and blue is mr depp whether i talk to them or saw them individually or as a couple it was all in service of couples therapy understood and so these notes in plaintiff's exhibit two and encompass all of the couples therapies sessions that you had with mr depp and miss heard either when they appeared together or when they appeared separately in the context of your couple's therapy is that correct i'm looking at one page if you're talking about the entire redacted document yes and i've asked you the question generally but i want to ask you in the context of of these 17 pages did you prepare these 17 pages of couples therapy notes in the ordinary course of your treatment of mr depp and miss heard yes did you maintain or keep them in the ordinary course of your practice or business i did so my question was what is the significance of october 1 2015 i'm going to look at what i'm reading so that this makes sense to you this can't possibly make sense but it makes sense to me okay they reported what they said to one another so the first line is ms heard talking saying that mr depp says to her no one likes you you're getting fame from me i'm falling out of love with you you're a whore she's reporting just in the first session just how bad the relationship is just how mean they are to one another and at that point i because i'm typing quickly as they go along i'm switching into a different voice more about the process between them where she has i believe interrupted him he says no more about what she says about him and it's just that they're fighting and she has a hard time she bites the bait she can't let him talk is is my recollection and from this that's kind of what that is so it gives me a sense of what they're doing at home they're each reporting this is what we say to each other okay i appreciate that dr anderson i'm just going to try to break it down into a little bit um so october 1 2015 is the date of the first couple session correct yes and two and a half means two and a half hours long from start to finish i am guessing they were in they were present for two and a half hours but that i waited whatever the first doc the ledger says but i waited an hour for them to show up and dr anderson in that first bullet point that we can see you right jay says no one likes you getting fame from me falling out of love with you whore jay is johnny depp yes but that was said by ms hurd so is it fair to say that ms heard was saying that johnny said to her no one likes you you're getting fame from me i'm falling out of love with you whore that that would that would have come from mr depp is that correct ms heard reported that that's what mr depp said to her at their worst did amber when he when mr depp told you that amber had hit him in the jaw did amber respond in any way did she deny it did she admit it uh i don't think she denied it but what i believe from my notes was that they galloped she galloped off in a new direction and they um continued to talk and there was no more that johnny depp was going to say about what he was reporting it was more that they started into a fight and i wrote that their process is a back and forth firing at each other at that point he had some energy and they don't communicate they have terrible skills at any point during the first session did miss heard interrupt mr depp when he was trying to talk yes she talked over him she had rapid fire talking did she interrupt him during your other sessions that are reflected in plaintiff's exhibit two yes and i pointed out the process to her at some point and she got it that she that no one could actually have a decent dialogue with her if she was rapid firing and talking over and just barraging it was a process issue you write doesn't answer directly when he asks her a question to what were you referring there don't have a clue if i could direct your attention further down the page from plan you see the notation to october 6 2015 yes was that the second couple session no it's red it's amber alone so is it fair to say that you met alone with with amber for two and a third hours in the context of the couple's therapy is that correct yes this was to get her background material so tell us what you mean in that one section he hits her no closed fist she hits back and now starts it for pride because father get her would you please tell us what you meant by that this is her reporting to me uh it's the only thing in this uh clinical session that apparently was about physical abuse or else it would uh not have been redacted out um it's so when she said in terms of physical abuse that he hits her a no close fist means an open hand slap to me and she says that she hits back and now she starts it and sometimes hits him first because her history is having been violated by her father physically and just out of pride she uh if she's a lot of things trigger her and if she's triggered she would hit him first and the he you're referring to is johnny depp correct yes when you said that she sometimes hits johnny first because of pride what did you mean she was sensitive to feeling disrespected um and a number of other things but and so and if she felt disrespected she had come out of her background history um feeling that her pride needed to be needed to dominate and she needed to stand up for herself when miss heard told you that johnny depp hits her or slaps her johnny depp was not present correct correct and and it wasn't plural it was she referred to well i wrote he hits her yes so maybe it was plural but he was not present when she made that assertion he was not did miss hurt tell you that she sucked mr deb yes um she was describing kind of the progression of the physical violence did you have any understanding of what she meant when she admitted that she sucks mr depp yes because there were three lines above this that explained the progression a bit and i've already said what it was she felt she had to hit him back if he hit her and so she always did and and again that entry is from a session where mr depp was not physically present correct that's right okay let's move to the next session uh october 7 2015 and this is a three and a half hour session is that correct yes was that an in-person session yes did both mr depp and miss heard attend no this is blue this is john mr depp's intake under understood and let's move now um to the toward the bottom of the page and i think i'm finally getting the code right um so the next session occurred on october 14 2015 and it was the two of them for three hours is that correct yes and that was another in-person session true yes um and am i right to say that every single piece of your notes as to the october 14 2015 session has been redacted is that true yes but to clarify something earlier on the ledger yes i wrote two hours couple then amber it means he is the one who walked out of that session my question was am i correct that all of your notes for the october 14 2015 couple session for three hours are completely redacted is that true yes so um so the next session occurred on october 21 2015 true okay and it lasted two hours it started as a couple then mr depp left and then you spoke only with amber but in the context of couples therapy is that right yeah okay and let's go to the next session on uh page 10 the next session was on october 24 2015 and i can't see from the code was that a couple's therapy or was it just one or the other of them attending i don't know this is a red phone session with ms heard okay great um and it lasted one and a half hours yes so the next session was after that was on october 29th 2015 is that right yes and that just that one no that one was uh cancelled oh it was canceled that's why it's so short okay and then the one after that still on page 10 was on november 12 2015. there's a an appointment on 11 4 that was canceled that i didn't put an entry on okay i know that's helpful uh what about uh november 12th was that a joint session yes it was and was that in person yes okay and then the next session on page 11 is uh that even i can understand uh so there was a no show on december 4th 2015 is that right yes i i'd like to clarify the no shows please please do um i think they both told me but i think mr depp told me at one point but i already knew because this happens with couples when a couple is having a lot of trouble in sessions but they're doing well at home and they're in a little bit of a honeymoon you know period they cancel instead of coming in because they know coming in will get them into conflict okay and and fair to say that that happened again on december uh 10th 2015. i can't tell which sessions they were sick or wish which tesh which sessions they were cancelling because of this dynamic but it was admitted and explained to me and i understood it fully okay um and still on page 11 the next session was on december 15 2015 and it was a telephonic session is that right with yes with uh ms hurd that was with miss heard okay you write then last night monday she slapped him as he sat there talking incoherently who slapped who i actually i actually know what happened what happened this was as i said ms heard talking on the phone to me mr depp's mother was an icu he had been doing a lot of he was fucked up as she would say on a lot of drugs and she slapped him because he was being incoherent and talking about another being with another woman did she did she tell you that he had hit her first or was she the one who initiated the slap she initiated that one because i think she felt demeaned and threatened and this is what she reported to you correct yes he was not present he was not on the call when she made these allegations uh was was was he no and you didn't see any of this did you no and you didn't see her in person okay um then uh there is a notation uh should she call police question mark where is that that's um right below what we were just talking about in red it says should she call police what does that refer to so what did you mean that was her asking me did you respond to her i believe i did then you write doesn't want to divorce wants to want to divorce yes what did you mean by that she loved him he loved her she believed that she wasn't stupid she knew that what they were doing wasn't healthy and so she wanted to want to divorce him but she didn't and yet it had escalated to this point so she was trying to figure out what to do and she had an entourage around her telling her what to do who was her entourage she had a routine group of friends that stayed with her lived in her home probably as well as uh paid people that i don't know do you recall the names of any of her entourage one was rocky directing your attention to the last snippet from that session will she have advantage if she leaves him but files with police for abuse first was that a question that she asked you yes this was her talking out loud trying to strategize for herself showing plants exhibit three on the screen and dr anderson i think this is the same document that mr nadel half showed you as anderson exhibit six so i'm not going to ask you to identify it again but i do have a couple of um questions about it that mr nadelhof did not ask i believe you testified and correct me if i'm wrong that you have never spoken to any of miss herds other psychologists or therapists is that true that's true and putting that aside when she refers to her own therapist in this exhibit three do you know the name of that person putting aside whether you have ever spoken to him or her i do not okay did miss hurt ever explain to you why the nuances and complexity of her relationship with mr depp would be lost on her own therapist i believe that she felt known in a more thorough way in terms of her her behavior inside of the relationship and let's pick up where we left off on the bottom of page 11 of plaintiff's exhibit two okay and specifically the entry that begins on january 13 it's at the very bottom of page 11 so literally the last line oh that's it on this on january 13 2016 was this a uh joint session with mr depp and miss heard or was this just with one of them it was only misheard and let me go back and see if it was phone no no no i'm sorry it was in person no no no no never mind 113 16. was misheard in person and do you know how long this in-person session was was misheard on january 13 2016. i think it was probably just one hour okay right didn't fight on island till last day on island started to get into something uh what did you what were you referring to there well christmas had occurred and the goal was they had a lot of people go into his island and they were going to be together and the goal was to try and get through the christmas holiday without fighting and so she was reporting on that then she's uh you write he got aggressive threatening didn't touch him hidden bathroom what were you referring to there what she reported to me um which was an improvement that she didn't participate so she is it fair to say that she told you she did not hit him at that time yes that's what i believe my notes say yes then you write she threw can it him since home fighting then she better who is this she who threw a can at him misheard and the him whom she threw a can at was mr depp correct yes did you receive that email on or about march 8th in the morning at 6 23 a.m well apparently because i responded in the morning okay well then let's we'll skip it we'll go right back to your response um so the response at the top of the page of the second entry i suppose did you write that email to mr carino on march 8 2016 at 7 27 am i did and fair to say that you weren't enthusiastic about the idea of making a house call i was not and mr nadel paft asked you about what it was you wanted johnny to understand about the process and i i was wrong because i can see now the date of it looking at it more carefully this is after the relationship has evolved considerably so what i i think was guessing was earlier in the relationship i don't know what it was i wanted him to understand let's go back to exhibit two then please and we're not going to repeat we're just picking up where we left off and now we've gotten up to page 13 of the 17 page of your notes now if we can start out exactly um do you see where the notes of your session on june 18 2016 begin yesterday and was this a solo session couples session between you and mr depp only this is with mr jaff it's blue it's just the two of us gotcha and it lasted one and a third hours yeah you write fight on her april 22nd birthday he late huge fight his mother died on the 20th i think i know what you're referring to but if you could please describe that for the record one second this is when i got the scaramanja productions on my phone so he found me at home which was new domestic violence charges had already been made his mother had just died on the 20th well when he told you that there was a fight on april 22 first 22 birthday was that ms herd's 30th birthday i think it was and is he telling you uh that he arrived late for the birthday dinner party and there was a huge fight do you know who tatia von ree is yeah well i know her name i know she was someone that miss heard was in a relationship with then you write was chaotic violence but gave as good as she got what does that mean i believe i'm quoting i'm i think i'm quoting what some of this is just my typing the words he's using while he's talking very ver he's also very verbal when no one's interrupting him um and i think he talked about how chaotic it was how violent it was and she gave as good as she got that's kind of a direct quote those are not my that's not my language directing your attention further down the page to the entry for july 13 2016 three hours amber in person was that an in-person meeting you had a couple's theory therapy with only misheard no this is not couples therapy this is miss miz heard by herself i wrote in person okay um so just to be clear what follows in your these are your notes for your individual treatment of ms heard having nothing to do with couples therapy not true in my mind uh the dust had not settled down the couple yet and this was just kind of aftermath of the the uh kind of falling apart of the marriage but okay i didn't mean to mischaracterize anything i was just trying to suss out what it was no this is not individual therapy for her this is about the marriage if we could please go to exhibit six solution which is a new document when i say new um it was produced by dr anderson's office but new in the sense that mr natalhop didn't ask her about it dr anderson have you ever seen this document before of course i created it okay and what is it it's a treatment summary when i was first uh subpoenaed or my notes were required years ago my notes are jumbly they don't say a lot they're they're confusing they're you know as you've seen or you haven't seen actually so um i did what psychologists do you take you go through all of those notes and you and your brain because it's not as if you're not left with a very you know i hope a very clear sense of what went on so i took everything i thought and believed conceptually about them i went through all of my notes and i wrote this treatment summary and then if you could go up paragraph is still there yeah and i want to ask you about that one paragraph i think you've described this in the course of your testimony but i did want to ask you about your sentence she reported oh always hitting him back as a point of pride but admitted that she eventually initiated the hitting herself is this she you're referring to miss heard it is and is the hymn you're referring to johnny depp it is okay let's move to the next page please and i just want to focus on the one a snippet on bates page three all right you write she reported trying to initiate a fight with him one night by slapping him when she was offended by what he said is this she you're referring to there miss heard yes it is and is the he you're referring to johnny depp yes it is then in the last sentence it was also at this time that she showed me photos of her injuries when did miss hurt show you photos of her alleged injuries well to the best of my pulling together the information i wrote down uh i'm i'm saying it was right after that fight and she my recollection is she came in she talked to me by phone and then came in the next day or at least i thought i thought that somewhere around the time she got the injuries i know she came in in person to show me did she show you photos or did she show you you said she showed you photos and so is it your testimony that she showed you photos of her injuries shortly after the alleged event somewhere in the period while she still had injuries she showed me photos but she also came in and showed me in person and what did she show you in person bruising on her face other than the bruising on her face what else what other injuries did she show you i don't remember there may have been more but i don't remember and you weren't present during the alleged uh physical injuries correct correct so the only basis you had uh with respect to the cause of the injuries was what ms heard told you correct yes and you write the physical violence that occurred between them appeared to me to be mutual you never actually witnessed any physical violence by mr depp or by misheard correct never and you said that they were each victims of domestic violence both in their family they were each victims of domestic violence in their families what did you mean by that they were each beaten by parents go back very briefly to exhibit 2. page 11. and um after the part where this this refers to a session that was just you and miss heard right yes and this call which was just between you and miss miss heard and not mr depp involved that occurred on or about december 15 2015. yes and was it just shortly after that call uh when miss heard showed you pictures and actually came into your office is that right she came in on 12 17 so yes so so ms hurd came in on a december 17th and you saw bruises on her face is that correct i believe that's when was that bruising that you observed similar to the bruising that appeared on the photographs that she showed you yes you testified that what you saw in person was similar to what you saw in the photographs amber gave you correct yes when she came into your office on december 17th what did her face look like what i recall is not purple green and blue but just a darkening so kind of a dark a darker gray blue sort of thing but i i i don't have a photo of it i don't remember that well is that dr anderson consistent with your understanding that there were no other entries on december 15 uh or december 17th relating to physical abuse you know um there was nothing about physical abuse nothing in that next session it was all about christmas and get in her therapist telling her one thing what was the size of the bruise on her face that you observed on december 17th maybe like this in more than one place you said it wasn't so is it fair to say those are small bruises in more than one place so there was how many one inch size bruises were on her face that you observed i'm not a good person to ask this question to i don't really remember i wasn't looking to memorize it i think there's other data that will support this not from me a few minutes ago you briefly spoke about seeing bruises about it about an inch on on amber hurst's face you recall that testimony yes and you were you're making motions with your fingers but i was saying multiple i'm not saying one right you were seeing multiple multiple bruises on amber's face when you um were talking about how the size of it you your fingers were under your eyes did you you remember seeing the bruises under amber's eyes that's what i recall they may have been in other places throughout her body i don't remember but i i do remember her face you could turn to page 13. um in the blue where it says was chaotic violent do you know what mr depp was referring to there what i said previously and i'll say it again he's kind of doing a retrospective of trying to understand the relationship um and is characterizing it as chaotic and violent but she gave as good as she got and he uh and she's she started it but and you know he's he's complaining but he's also just kind of describing what the relationship was his um mother is dead at this point the relationship is not is not good it's over pretty much and he's trying to come to terms with it and he still loves her and is mourning so he's just he's a very articulate man and when left alone to speak he can describe intelligently what's going on i think i'm kind of i think while he's talking and i'm not trying to be obtrusive with my taking notes i'm listening i'm talking but i'm also copying down a word here and there so my belief is that those are his words and and mr depp i think you testified about this but i just want to make sure clear mr depp told you amber gave as good as she got correct correct did you ask what mr dutt meant by gave as good as she got um i was pretty aware of what he meant i agreed what did what did you understand mr deputy right i have um she initiated fights she started violence she uh rose to the challenge if he started first which i and so she in my opinion that had been established throughout the relationship that she fought as hard as he did and he tried to de-escalate far more than i think she did do you know did mr depp talk about his fingertip with you before june 18 2016 no because i would have written it when he first mentioned it to me did you ever see mr depp with an injury to his finger during any of your sessions with mr death or counseling or you know sessions together with amber herr during that session yes he showed me on june 18 2016 but before june 18 2016 did you ever see an injury to mr dev's finger no but in yes no i didn't when we were going through amber's the incidents where amber described mr depp being violent mr depp was not present correct that's true all right thank you all right ladies and gentlemen we'll go ahead and take our lunch for the afternoon now no outside research not talk to anybody and we'll give you until 2 15 okay so you can be excused with debbie lusa now thank you all right for this afternoon do you need this tv anymore for this afternoon for the first witness or the last witness so we can put it down during lunch okay perfect all right we'll be back at 2 15 and thank you the one we have in the binder it looks different than the one you had on the screen so i'm not sure the one on the screen look much more redacted but maybe this is redacted okay so the emails are all right everything i just want to make sure because i seemed like the one on the screen had a little more redaction than the one i'm seeing here so i just i didn't think it did but well there are identifiers on here at least emails there's no cell phones on here those have been redacted i thought they were the same but okay no i don't i don't care i just want to make sure everybody's agrees that the one that i have is the one that's in evidence i think you're on the one that was on the screen did in fact redact the email addresses also which is not the same as i think what you have so we can i think we can replace it probably did you reduce that we didn't uh david murphy redacted it okay i apologize your honor um so yeah we will provide you the red we'll provide you the results so i need to redacted there is there any chance in the future that you could guys maybe can talk ahead of time and get this these redacted ahead of headed ahead of time or something possibly okay all right it's just i already i still have three pending redaction now right and two of those i think are very good oh look with a smile on your face mr rottenborn i see that i know he wants to be the star of the day that's okay all right so now i have 844 the redacted copy correct and i have 210 the redacted copy okay perfect all right so that then just leaves me with 397 then correct 548 also okay 548 and 397 now okay perfect all right anything else this time oh okay okay ready for the cherry okay all right your next witness mr t uh all right can you say that again sorry okay can you spell that last name before me d-e-u-t-e-r-s thank you truthfully in this case all right all right thank you all right and good afternoon miss duders hi would you please state your full name for the record yes it's um georgina diane deuters but i i go by gina okay and uh miss deuters where are you from london and can you tell us a little bit about what your occupation is um i currently am a freelance creator who kind of conceptualizes and shoots and edits photographs and clips largely for social media and how long have you been doing that uh just a few years um before that i was a visual effects coordinator for movies and can you tell us just very briefly what that means um it's it's basically the managing of cg and effects in films the delivery of and um yeah just the managing of that yeah and how long did you do that oh um from 2002 to 2016. okay any films we might recognize um charlie and the chocolate factory um the dark knight um terrible christmas movie that i won't mention um uh pirates of the caribbean fall yeah do you know johnny dapper hi dave and how do you know johnny depp he is a good friend of mine when did you first meet mr depp i met him um summer of 2005. um it was actually at the charlie and the chocolate factory premiere my husband stephen introduced me to him um at a dinner after the premiere and uh yeah he was super sweet and warm and kind of ushered us in to join him at dinner and i remember being very nervous like i am now um and yeah that's when we first met okay uh you say your husband stephen introduced you to mr deputy how did how did your husband know it i'm sorry how did your husband steven know mr dapp oh he started working with him on charlie and the chocolate factory um he started off in production but then um joined the depth department um during the shoot and does he still work for mr depp yeah and in what capacity um well he started off as like a personal assistant and it's kind of um developed into produce a writer type role with johnny's guidance uh so for how long has he worked for mr depp then 18 years i think i think since 2004. now over those 18 years um where is even working um all over the place um it depends on whether film is is being shot so um the bahamas hawaii london l.a kind of all over and have you where have you been during this time well um stephen and i our first two films were we worked on the same film but then he went off to do pirates and i went off to do other films so i wouldn't always be with them um i know that in between my projects um you know johnny was always mindful that me and stephen didn't spend too much time apart so he would usually be you know kind enough to um fly me out uh to be with them wherever they were okay about how many times would that happen in a given year if you can estimate for us two to three yeah and it'd be like you know sometimes i'd be with them for like a month sometimes just a couple of weeks okay uh can you just generally describe for us very briefly um your husband's relationship with mr gatt um [Music] it's a great one it's um they are very close professionally and um personally um i know that stephen um really respects johnny looks up to him and johnny's been a mentor to him um and has really encouraged steven's career um develop and great friends too and can you just very briefly and very generally tell us what it was like on those time periods when you were spending time uh chunks of time with mr depp and your uh husband well if okay what was the question sorry just generally described for us okay so if they were if they were working it would be you know like on wrap would kind of have dinner together um and then i'd kind of entertain myself while the boys went off to work if it was during downtime you know he it would um probably be like a family holiday so it would include his long-term partner vanessa and their little kids um which was always really lovely um really happy memories there so it kind of depended okay uh how well would you say you know mr depp very well over the course of your friendship with mr depp and i apologize did you say it had been 17 years i'm not great at maths but 2005 to now i think is 17. over the course of your friendship with mr depp have you ever seen mr depp take drugs yes and which ones i've seen him smoke weed and um occasionally uh cocaine okay have you ever seen him drink yes all right have you ever partaken of any of these substances at the same time yes okay about how many times would you estimate you've seen mr depp use cocaine gosh um i mean it's usually like you know kind of a celebratory event like after a gig or a party or something um 20 i don't know um 20 times over the i don't know yeah i about 20 times about yeah and that's over i mean yeah i haven't been kind of keeping count but it's not a it's not it's not a regular thing sporadic it's okay and that's 20 times over what period of time gosh i think like the last maybe 10 years and uh how often have you seen mr depp uh consume alcohol um since i've met him okay um can you describe for us um how mr depp seems to respond to cocaine um i quite honestly can't gauge much difference in his demeanor um you know this stuff kind of tends to make the average person a bit chattier and maybe stays up a bit longer than they should uh but um nothing out of the ordinary okay same question for alcohol how would you say based on your interactions with him while he's drinking how does he seem to uh respond to it um it's kind of annoying but he he doesn't he holds his nigga very well um so uh gosh kind of um more jovial or just i've never seen him i've honestly never seen him like drunk drunk i've never been with him in that kind of situation does he seem to drink to excess in your experience no okay have you ever seen him get angry or violent well on cocaine no definitely not have you ever seen him get angry or violent well on alcohol no ms deuters do you know amber laura heard yes and when did you first meet miss herd when did when did i yes um well we met kind of very briefly on the set of the wrong diary but you know i was just kind of quick greeting in the craft tent i think and just so everybody's on the same page um what is the run diary the rum diary is a movie that we shot in 2009 in puerto rico um and yeah it started johnny and amber and i was i was i was there with stephen that was one of the times that i wasn't working so i traveled out to be with stephen and i was i was around i did end up doing a little thing for the visual effects department but mostly it was leisure for me was there anything noteworthy about your interactions with ms hurd on that occasion no when did you next meet ms hurt on i think a couple of years later um one diary press tour i went to the premiere in london and again it was just a kind of um you know greeting it wasn't we didn't kind of hang out chat probably or anything and again just so just so everybody's on the same page what is a press tour a press tour is when um when a film comes out the actors and the director usually travel around with um the film and show it in different cities all over the world and the actors usually have to do interviews to promote it and just get the word out okay and this was a press tour for run diary yeah and what city were you in i i went to the london one okay and this does anything stand out to you about your interactions with ms herd on that occasion no she no okay were you aware at that point that mr depp and his heard had started a relationship yes and how are you aware because um depp's team johnny's team sorry johnny's team um there's just always an open constant flow of information um you know because ultimately you know jerry judge would be looking after johnny so would kind of get updates as to where they were going and what he was doing and so in that way we got kind of you know notification notified that you know they just got together and you mentioned a name there jerry judge can you just tell the jury who that is um okay i don't know be upset but jerry judge was johnny's long-term security um uh guy and he yeah i was a really a dear individual um we all loved him very much and he was he was like family he was like a dad and unfortunately he passed away okay when did you next see ms heard after the press tour in london okay so that's that's like 2011. um i think it was on a trip that we accompanied johnny and amber on to las vegas for a few days and can you estimate for us just approximately when that was oh maybe that's 2012. i'm so sorry like um um i i i i'm banking on the on the date um but it it would have been after they'd you know started seeing each other maybe a couple months afterwards um and we just went out there for a few days i don't i don't remember if it was just like a little excursion for them um or if johnny had something to do there i don't remember that it was just for like two three days anything stand out to you about that trip um i was kind of excited to meet amber you know because she was chinese new girl and um but i remember kind of trying to you know kind of make eye contact and um yes um i kind of felt a bit ignored which is fine you know with staff or whatever so i didn't i didn't really chat with her when you say staff well i mean i'm i'm not employed by johnny but you know i'm obviously stephen's wife and he's staff and um yeah i didn't really interact with her okay um so can you kind of describe what happened when you saw her then if anything um no no nothing nothing of note just um that she didn't really engage or um make you know i yeah just didn't really acknowledge our presence did you see uh mr depp and miss hurt interact at all yeah on that trip yeah okay and can you describe that for us they seemed pretty in love um they were tactile and um you know they seemed happy okay when did you next meet mister um when johnny and stephen had gone out on location to shoot the lone ranger so i think that might have been the next year so bad with dates sorry um yeah so oh um so um you know i think through johnny and stephen amber and i were um kind of put in touch and we went vintage shopping together and um i went to get a coffee once um and and then with johnny and stephen kind of looked around some galleries um art galleries about how long would you say the period was that you and us heard were together in this time frame how long were you both out on location right yeah i'm not sure about her and i know that i know that i personally made two trips um which seemed to coincide with her being there so it you know it was nice um and um you know kind of meeting up to go vintage shopping she was really really lovely really sweet we got on very well um and it was fun it was yeah you know she's very charming did you discuss her relationship with mr capital um i remember like going for a coffee um and she seemed a bit um just a bit kind of frustrated that i i don't think johnny was ready to go public with their relationship [Music] yet um and um i think that was you know frustrating for her did you form an impression that she wanted to go public immediately all right i'll sustain as to speculation next question were you out in public yeah yeah yes um when you were interacting with miss heard in this time frame did you notice at all whether she was wearing makeup no i don't think she was wearing makeup um she's naturally beautiful um i remember you know just thinking how gorgeous her skin was and how yeah pretty she was and i mean how could you tell that she wasn't wearing makeup well i um consider myself to be quite the makeup expert um you know earlier on in my adult life i kind of got hormonal acne which was awful so i got kind of professional at covering that up um so i think i'm pretty good at telling if someone's wearing you know like foundation or concealer uh have you ever heard of arnica cream yes in fact um i actually was using it the other week um you can you can use the microphone just i just having trouble hearing you i'm sorry oh there you go it's on yeah the question was have you ever heard of it and she answered it and then continued past so it's all right she's answered the question she's answered the question all right if you want to ask another question i'm sure you're on this one what is it it's a homeopathic uh lotion that you use to help bruises heal faster and have you ever used it yourself yes i was using it a couple weeks ago because i had a huge bruise on my hip after i had a full um yeah so i know what it is and can you just describe for those of us who have no idea like myself um what does arnica cream look like um oh sorry that was me um it's kind of like a white emollient cream um opaque that you rub into your skin um you're up into the bruise once it's been rubbed in what does it look like transparent okay so is the bruise still visible oh absolutely yeah all right us sustenance leading all right all right after uh after after that uh those interactions with miss heard on the set of um lone ranger and did you say 2013 which i'm not sure if that's an objection but i'll i'll withdraw the date after after your interactions with ms heard on the set of the lone ranger uh miss duders when did you next uh what do you next recall seeing this heard i think it was on the press tour for the lone ranger um by that point i believe they their relationship was public and we traveled to japan with um their kids johnny's kids and her friend um britney who i think was you know along with am's friend but also to help take care of the kids well you know johnny was working and okay and why why were you traveling to japan again um because the lone ranger was premiering there and they were doing press and then we also traveled like just um berlin i think as well and all around were you traveling with mr depp and mister yes okay did you witness any interactions between mr deputy on these trips um i mean just generally on the plane um [Music] nothing to note i'm there was um an incident like when we were all at dinner together um when i say we all i mean also the other actors and the producers and director and i noticed that johnny was kind of hiding a drink on the side of his chair and taking secret sips um and and and i just i i noticed you know she kind of saw that and was quite angry about it and um i couldn't hear what was said but he seemed to get kind of getting into got hold off by you know the telling off um which was it was kind of weird you know it's a bit like um telling off a child what was he drinking i think it was i think with champagne okay like a flute of champagne yeah something like that um did anything do you have any impressions of how would you describe their body language when they were having this conversation um um quite um you know i think she was really angry so um um just just kind of like dominant and and um just very angry and you know putting just telling you know him off okay and how would you describe his body language um i think you know quite uh just exhausted by the whole being told off like a child okay over this period of time and just to clarify um we're misheard and missed public at this point yes okay so it was it was yeah well i mean when we arrived at airports there was like photographers everywhere so and they i mean you know it wasn't a very public guy yeah okay over this period of time then after they'd gone public did you uh ever witness them together um did you have a perspective on their interactions in general objection relevance foundation perspective is your thank you all right objection relevance foundation leading well their interactions are directly relevant your honor uh i can lay more foundation if the court launched the only foundation that's fine uh did you ever witness miss hurt and mr depp together in this time period um sorry could you repeat sorry i know you said it a few times but could you just repeat it one more time of course um over this next couple of years after after the press tour for um lone ranger did you have occasion to interact with mr dev and miss hurt at the same time did you see them together um very rarely okay yeah i i'm i'm thinking maybe a dinner here or there okay yeah from those occasions when you did see them did you form any impressions about how they were getting along based on their interactions with each other that you personally witnessed i still don't think he's established the foundation it's been a few few times that he saw a couple dinners and she's asking for her perspective on their relationship right on those particular occasions what's the relevance of her impressions i'll rephrase okay how would you describe their interactions on those occasions when you witnessed them it's the same same thing aaron has still no foundation she's present out loud um i they seemed okay i mean uh some you know they could be quite tense um but nothing nothing to note nothing i would um remark on were you invited to their wedding yeah yes and did you attend yes okay can you just generally describe for us what the wedding was like it was definitely a predominantly amber event in the sense that a large percentage of the guests were her friends and family um and you know a lot of his friends and family couldn't make it because it seemed to happen so quickly um uh and yeah they seem to be having oh her and her friends seem to be having a wonderful time where did the wedding take place on johnny's island in the bahamas and did you have any interactions with ms heard during this time period or yes did you did you talk to mr um when you were at the wedding yeah um you know there were dinners and it was certainly a celeb you know a celebration every day um you know amber and her friend rocky gave me my first taste of mdma you know everyone was everyone like all her friends were on it and so i tried that for the first time with them um yeah it was like a party atmosphere okay um just briefly can you sketch out for us in a little more detail um how you came to take mdma on that uh at the wedding oh well it was evening time i think i was a bit hungover from the day before and i can imagine those two saw me and when they first dropped the pill into my hand i thought it was like a supplement like a vitamin supplement to make me feel better but um no they they quickly said it was mdma and i kind of decided to throw caution to the wind and just try it okay you mentioned that you traveled with mr dev and miss hurd to japan and berlin and possibly other locations as well can you tell us where else you traveled with him well after the wedding we headed to australia and why did you go to australia because that's where johnny would be shooting pirates five okay and approximately when do you think you were in australia i think that i flew with johnny and um and jerry judge um and stephen and a few others um i think that was february um and um and and johnny stayed in a house um and stephen and i were based like a minute drive away on the shoreline in the hotels um and i think amber flew in a while afterwards okay uh you said you thought it was february do you recall the year yes i do 20 2015. um so just so we have the cast of characters clear who who from this group was in australia at this point um so we've got um on the plane that i was on it was johnny jerry judge stephen deuters um debbie lloyd and myself and maybe one of maybe one other okay um you mentioned the name there i don't think we've heard before can you just tell the jury quickly who debbie lloyd is okay ladies and gentlemen of the juries we just have to take a few housekeeping matters up so we're just going to have you take a recess for a few minutes okay so again no outside research and don't talk to anybody okay all right miss duders i just had a question for you have you been watching the trial this past week um i've seen clips of it online yeah you've been watching so you have seen parts of this trial yeah okay and witness testimonies all right does anybody have any follow-up questions um miss deuters um have you been watching it doesn't matter she's been watching clips of witness testimony all right your excuse ma'am you can have your excuse okay thank you i will i won't start the jury they'll have to strike the testimony of miss deuters there's a rule on witnesses mr monas i understood your honesty first word i i i i believe that i have no doubt in my mind that this is the first you've heard of it have a good day ma'am thank you i i was better off i got the first time thank you your next witness is going to be on deposition right yes okay all right did you want to take the afternoon recess now before we okay because you're videotaping i'll take after recess and i'll instruct the jury okay all right we'll take 15 minutes let's come back at 3 15. yes yes sir sure you're welcome could i get somebody from here anybody so not yet okay sure we'll take that up all right oh oh goody which exhibit is this okay and make sure there are agreeable redactions first all right so 397 with these if redactions don't give it to jamie now i'll forget okay all right that takes care of 397. now we have we're gonna have to probably start the video tonight and probably have to finish it tomorrow morning correct by the length of it okay and are the exhibits so you're going to be switching back and forth again i think i think your honor that we're just going to run this off of ours um i believe the parties have worked out the redactions okay i think i could be wrong is there any objections to the exhibits i don't think we've talked at all about what exhibits were coming in that's music to my ears i know i know um i we didn't i don't think we had any we just exchanged the objections for this so oh well in that in that case i think we're handling introducing them to the extent they get introduced and we'll discuss any objections that's how i understand it it would be okay oh so we're just going to do objections as we get to them that's fine i don't have a problem with that that works out okay so we'll start it when we're at five o'clock we'll see where we are and we'll find a good breaking point okay all right are we ready for the jury then make sure you're ready i'm ready okay all right you're ready all right thank you this is just resigned all right thank you ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen the court is striking miss gina duder's testimony in its entirety from the record okay therefore the court further instructs you the jury to disregard her testimony in its entirety understand all right thank you all right your next witness uh your honor we call dr david kipper by video designation all right dr kipper class and i represent amber heard could you please provide your full name david allen a-l-a-n hipper k-i-p-p-e-r and what is your business address dr kipper 153 south lassky las ky drive beverly hills 90212 california now you're a doctor correct yes and an internist yes how long have you been practicing medicine since 1970 seven and um i noticed on your website it says you provide concierge health care what does that mean that means i provide health care on a retainer-based arrangement what do you mean by retainer basement arrangement patients pay an annual fee and all services are included and i'm available 24 7. now you also practice um part of your practice is addiction treatment is that correct correct and you've written a book on addiction yes what's the title of the book the addiction solution and by addiction do you mean addiction to drugs and alcohol yes is there any other addictions that you uh practice treating well there are behavioral addictions but those are far less common um and in your practice you've dealt with patients who've blacked out from drugs or alcohol yes who is lisa bean a former employee in my office and what was miss bean's role in your office she was a receptionist and how long did ms bean work for you i don't have that specific information i believe it was about three years in working with miss bean did you find her to be honest uh no actually why was she not honest she was inappropriate with certain patients beyond what i consider to be professional she discriminated in some regards to some patients she was divisive in the office and created a lot of problems with the other staff oh no she quit and who is debbie lloyd debbie lloyd is a nurse that i have known for many years who has worked with me on home care and addiction cases and is ms lloyd an employee or a contractor with you she's a contractor does she still contract with you ms lloyd uh yes until recently she now has a new position so i'm not able to have her services at this point what was miss lloyd's role in mr depp's care she served as his rn as his registered nurse and was well paid by you for mr duff's care yes so would it work that miss you would bill mr depp uh for the care that miss that you gave and miss lloyd gave and then he paid from that yes and who is aaron borum she's an rn that was employed to help care for amber what was miss gorman also a contract nurse yes and so did she did this ballroom have any role in mr depp's care only if um if debbie was unavailable aaron would step in and vice versa and and and um did miss borum uh work with you on anybody else besides mr depp or ms hurd yes does miss ballroom still work with you this worm now has two little kids so she's not really available i understand i have two kids myself um when were you first contacted about treating mr death somewhere in the spring of 2014 and do you recall how you who first referred you to mr depp he was referred by another patient did you talk to tracy jacobs at all about mr depp yes what did you understand the business relationship was between miss jacobs and mr deb that she was his agent why don't we put up uh alex can you put up uh kipper three please dr dr kipper do you recognize this document yes i do and what is it uh this is a an intake evaluation that i had with mr depp regarding his treatment and uh do you keep these uh notes in the normal course of business yes and the notes are meant to be accurate yes and did you take the notes or did someone take them for you i took these notes is may 22nd 2014 the first time that you met mr depp no when did you i'm sorry thank you your honor i've moved to admit the defendant's exhibit 220 which is what dr kicker was referring to there any objection to 220 defendants 220. uh foundation authentication hearsay um and uh 403. all right let me get let and your honor dr kipper testified just now that these are his notes that he keeps in the regular courts of business of his meeting with his initial consultation with mr dapp um which is what he does as a doctor and you know and it's his uh medical records of his report with mr dapp so i think he's established the foundation of that all right yes sir any response mr monas uh we're just having a slight technical issue pulling up the exhibit your honor i apologize so so uh your honor we would stand on the here sand relevance objections um there's a lot of material in this document that is is not really uh germane to the issues in this case at minimum and to the extent admitted it should be admitted in redacted form um in addition um it's not clear that there's any hearsay exception that would apply to everything in here not everything in here is a statement of a of a party opponent i don't believe um and finally the medical records um reflected here go go well beyond any any possible relevance to the issues in this case it's it's not inappropriate we would stand on that objection all the statements in here are statements of mr depp so they either be a party admission or it's abusive and and it's dr dr kipper is it's his evaluation of mr depp to to to treat him for his as you'll see his addictions so i think this is all relevant there's no there's no hearsay and if there is it meets the exception is it's all mr dep's statements so it's a visit it's a business they've not even argued but it's a business it's clearly a business record it's clear from the it's clear from the document your honor that there's more in here uh that the records here are at minimum broader than it is remained in this case i mean this this goes well beyond any any medical records that could conceivably be relevant uh we would respectfully submit uh to the issues in this case i understand but given latitude as to the family history and federal family medical history so i'll allow 220 and evidence okay okay all right thank you um i guess can we publish it to the jury not if you're watching oh um well the way we've that's fine your honor we can just have him testify and then it's fine okay thank you mr depp prior to may 22nd 2014. i met him a couple months before that uh as just an initial introduction to discuss possible treatment and where were you when you first met mr dab he met me at my home office and were there any did you have any notes of that meeting at the home office no what did you discuss with mr depp at that first meeting at that meeting i discussed with him my involvement in helping him with his substance issues and what substance issues did he say did he say he had so to answer your question this mr depp was seeking treatment for substance abuse and wanted to wanted to detoxify from his substance abuse did he mention did mr depp say what substances he was trying to detox from yes and as indicated in this note it was polysubstance so there was alcohol opiates benzodiazepines and stimulants so um you referenced the note which is um kipper three in your meeting with mr depp uh in the months before may 22nd 2014 mr depp was looking to detox from alcohol opiates benzo and cocaine those those substances were in his history the substance that he was at that point concerned about and abusing were opiates and when you say he was concerned about that the substance he was abusing was opiates was this in the conversation before may 22nd 2014 i can't remember so you had this initial conversation with mr depp and then um you had this initial consultation with him a few months later is that correct yes that's correct and you met with mr depp in boston yes and mr depp was filming a movie at the time yes and in your notes you you say um he had had a history of self-medicating behaviors involving multiple substances of abuse these include alcohol opiates benzodiazepines and stimulants cocaine is that is that accurate what he told you yes that's in my that statement's in my notes correct okay um and with and in addition to opiates was he was mr depp uh addicted to any other prescription drugs no other than opiates no what is what is roxy codon it's an opiate and what is what is adderall adderall is a stimulant okay and was mr death uh addicted to adderall no what is xanax xanax is a benzodiazepine this first uh this first paragraph on this page um these are notes based off of um your discussion with mr depp yes and then on the second page where it says physical examination that's just what you conducted at the time yes and where it says impression on the third page that was your impression of mr depp at the time of may 22nd 2014 yes and under that the plan that that's that's documenting your plan for mr depp going forward correct mr debt paid for this visit yes when was the plan to start this treatment of mr dapp after his after he completed his current film dr kipper do you recognize uh kipper exhibit four yes and what are the what is kipper exhibit for it's a progress note of dated june 11 14 2014. and and did you keep these notes in the normal course of business yes and did you take these notes yes and the notes are meant to be accurate correct yes what is um you mentioned it before but what is poly substance abuse your honor is multiple you can pause it thank you it takes a second for it to catch up no i understand okay thank you you're on our move to the admission of the defendant's exhibit two four six two four six so and it's the same type of medical record uh that was just admitted of for 220. any objection but i'll give you a moment to read it thank you john just just one moment uh understanding your honors uh ruling on the last uh record i think we'll we'll uh we'll anticipate that the the exhibit can come in all right so i will take that as no objection all right 246 and evidence thank you thank you multiple substance issues multiple substance abuse and you were going to be treating mr deb for multi-substance abuse correct i was going to be treating mr deb for opiate issues on the bottom of the first page where it says impression that was your impression of mr depp at the time where it says poly substance abuse yes and were these the drugs that mr depp was taking at the time which is at the bottom of page one of keeper four i'm sorry can you am i relating to the first uh entry under impression it says uh what where is it what does it mean where it says uh dopaminergic imbalance with lithium 300 mg bid to be increased to 300 m mgtid those were medications that i had planned to use upon our uh treatment for all the medications that are in kipper for under impression those are medications you plan to use with mr death is that correct that's correct [Music] and on the next page where it talks about opiate dependence uh right we'll maintain on current norco dosage tid until current filming is completed in mid to late july um mr depp agrees to undergo detoxification with clonadine roboxin bental and anxious i can't pronounce it i'm sorry but is that correct yeah you did a good job that's that's that's what it says yes okay what does tid mean or you and mr depp was also going to undergo a sobriety program is that correct yes and it says to be regularly drug tested in my office how regularly was you to be drug tested mr dapp that was dependent upon his progress and and my understanding of how he was doing and and um if he was progressing well how often would mr death be drug tested you can answer the answer is what i said it would really depend um adam on how he was doing at the time and how he was progressing through his treatment do you recall how many drug tests you gave mr depp in 2014 no you gave him at least one correct yes i believe so i'd have to i'd have to check through my records okay and and and deborah lloyd was going to be mr def's uh nurse correct correct you can take down kicker 4. and can you put up kipper 5 please and your honor we would uh move into evidence uh plaintiff exhibit 40. plaintiffs exhibit 40. any is there any objectionable we have uh we have redacted portions of it it's just 40. so um your honor i would just have to look uh to make i'm you know i'm generally okay with it just i'd have to with 123 pages and then there's certain redactions i just would need to see what was redacted i'm generally okay with all right so the documents so i'll enter it but with the reservation for redactions that need to be made okay all right that's fine 40. so i don't know if they're thinking of publishing it but i would ask that they'd not publish it and just let the video play as he testifies to it and then we can discuss what needs to be given the lack of agreement uh confirmed agreement on the redactions your honor i think that's that's fine we should play the video do that thank you okay and chipper five is a long document um came out of your files um do you recognize the document yes what is kipper5 it's a progress note dated the 12th of june 2014. so this this exhibit kipper 5 which i will refer to throughout the um your deposition is a multi-page document that is progress notes throughout uh from multiple dates that you produce that came out of your files um do you know who created these progress notes i created these progress notes it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't miss lloyd no these are my notes okay all right and you kept the notes in the normal course of business yes and again the notes are meant to be accurate yes oh um oh i'm sorry let's go back up so this 6 13 14 that is that is your notes correct okay um and it says met with patient in his apartment patient continues to be pleasant and cooperative he stated that he initially started taking opiates after some dental work and became dependent on them you were you recall that conversation with mr deb yes those are my notes okay and it's also accurate that patient is fearful of coming off of opiates but knows what he needs to do yes that that reflects the conversation i have okay and then patient also expressed some emotional trauma which causes him depression and anxiety also true and if we go to um kipper 54 of hipper exhibit five um these are the medications that um mr depp's assistant gave to you correct and uh going down it's accurate where it's at word states um the mis that patient states he currently takes oxycodone 50 mg vid and oxycodone on 30 mg at bedtime yes that's correct all right i'm gonna scroll down a bit here and we're going to go to kipper 60 on kipper exhibit five the notes for 6 22 14. um this is this is again a note that you prepared is this a note that you prepared dr kipper i'm reviewing this okay sorry yes okay um and um you see uh where it says in the middle uh patients spoke about his difficult childhood and current mood swings yes um what did mr depp tell you about his mood swings that he that he had evanescent changes uh in his mood from good to bad and did he give any more information about what a bad move what a bad um mood would be no it was implied that that would be depression sadness about anger that was not i don't remember him saying that um and and if this note also said that he'd been depressed for the past three days right above where we just looked yes and alex keep this up but uh but put out uh kipper exhibit six please yonder we would move into evidence uh depp exhibit 42. 42. any objection to 42. and this is another redacted document council so mine's not redacted yet correct i don't see any reaction we have we have a we have a redacted copy um which we can we can provide also uh i believe this is unobjected to on our exhibit list all right so pending redaction well i have the copy we had wasn't didn't have reactions so i'm not sure i i non-redacted i'm happy to have it included but i i would need to see the redactions while reserve on on redactions then as we did with 40 okay so 42 in with redaction understood your honor decisions okay [Music] and dr kipper do you recognize kipper exhibit six yes what is it it's a summary of the treatment and encounter with mr depp from june 22nd to june 24th of 2014. and that you keep these notes in the normal course of business correct yes and again they're meant to be accurate correct yes and these notes reflect that you saw mr depp in boston again correct okay um and in the second paragraph you write we discussed the need for compliance with his medications we also discussed his nicotine habit and agreed we would address this when we completed the opiate and benzo detoxification mr depp's filming will be completed around mid-july and we discuss the plan detoxification mr depp prefers to do this in his home in the caribbean islands the anticipated duration is between 10 to 14 days and he will be completely isolated without any professional or personal obligations uh does this reflect the discussion you have with mr depp yes it does you also discuss that mr depp understands that a nurse debbie lloyd will assist me with this program and i will initiate this withdrawal and supervise daily visiting him at the end of his treatment to design the next steps in his therapy and this protracted therapy will include a 12-step private counseling and personal psychotherapy and couples therapy with his fiance amber both are in agreement to this plan does that reflect the conversation you had with mr deaf yes and was misheard at this conversation as well i don't remember but the last sentence implies that both were in agreement so it's very possible that she was but i honestly can't remember and um during this um detoxification um who was going to be with mr deb at his home in the caribbean islands his fiancee amber and the nurse debbie lloyd and whatever staff members he had where was miss lloyd going to be each day in the caribbean islands she was going to be on his property in a separate area and who was in midair stirring the medications to mr dap miss lloyd was giving these medications and and supervising that and there were periods of time at night during the evening early morning that miss heard uh was also helping with this and would there be times where miss heard was administering the medications to mr depp without miss lloyd being present correct under supervision but without being present and when you say under supervision what do you mean by that that miss lloyd would give um the direction on how to provide these medications it wasn't necessarily going to be physically present there when the medications were delivered to mr depp correct correct and mr depp admitted to you that there may be traces of cocaine since you've been using the substance prior to the initiation of this program correct is this note correct what you what you write here in kipper 6 that mr depp admitted there may be traces of cocaine yes um okay can you um let's just go to back to exhibit five and if we go to easier this way you see the note of 6 24 14 at 1200 yes is 1200 at the time yes and it said are these are these your notes again these are my notes dr kipper um these 18 pages came from your production and i'll represent to you that there were no drug tests uh that i saw for 2014 or 2015 for mr depp you know why that is the only thing i can the answer is no i can't i don't understand that we had a flood in our office in 2014 october uh the office above us flooded our office and the basement which is where we kept certain records but i'm not sure which records relating to mr depp would have been involved in that but other than that no would the uh would drug test for mr debt for 2014 and 2015 would those also be kept electronically no who did you work with um to conduct the drug test of mr death yes i ordered the drug test and what company did you work with uh it appears that it's md lab that's the lab we use and the drug tests that we do have they came from your files correct correct and um they're meant to be accurate correct correct and you would agree that drug tests that you took of mr depp in the 2016 through 2019 period showed mr depth testing positive for cocaine correct correct drug test showed mr depp being positive for cocaine correct yes correct okay and for thc he was mr depp was also positive for thc correct correct and for uh benzo is that correct um the answer would be yes i'm looking for benzo the answer would be correct because he was maintained on benzos benzodiazepines how long was was mr uh depth on benzodiazepine he was on benzodiazepines pretty much throughout our relationship during this period of time was it one of the objectives to get him off of benzozapine it was and we actually used a medication to accomplish that initially but he didn't tolerate that medication very well not everyone does so he was put back on his pencils on page um three of exhibit seven what what's being shown here under where it starts with cocaine metabolites this is a listing of substances with reference ranges and i think if you scroll down you'll see his specific analysis related to that and on page four robert wells was a name for mr depp is that correct correct yes correct okay and this this is a drug test for 11 21 16 correct yes and it what it what is it showing mr debt positive for what direction positive for cocaine amphetamines and benzodiazepines and on page five this is this is a test drug test for november 21st 2016 correct correct and it's showing what drugs is it showing mr depp was positive for it shows cocaine benzodiazepine cannabinoids and amphetamines and again you did take drug tests were taken of mr depp in 2014 and 2015 correct correct now you had mentioned before um and the note said that the plan was for mr depp to detox on his island in the bahamas is that right correct okay um okay and were you going to be going to to the island at any point were you planning to yes was it going to be throughout mr depp's entire detoxification or or when were you planning on being at the island i was planning to see him and did see him towards the beginning as we initiated treatment and towards the end when we were transitioning from that treatment into the next phase of his now on 8 8 14 it says arrived on island today plan is for patient to continue to take routine meds through tomorrow at hs at that time he will not take his oxycodone and detox medications will be initiated do you see that yes is that you arriving at the island or miss lloyd arriving at the island that's miss floyd so that so that 8 814 note is her note correct so some of these notes are hers and some of these notes are yours these notes going forward are her nose appear to be her nose okay what type of um what type of uh system were you putting these notes into i don't understand your question the notes just appear to be continuous and you said some of your your notes and some are her noses how they got cut together because i put all of these treatment notes together to be would miss lloyd type these notes or were they handwritten she would type these notes okay and then and then who put them who put them all together i did okay is he 8 9 14 patient expressed fears of never feeling normal without his drugs do that i see that um was was that did mr depp ever express that to you yes in some form he he discussed that with me [Music] foreign um hold on one second oh sorry you see uh at kipper 7 kipper 71 uh where it says md's flight has been canceled arrangements are being made for him to arrive on the island on 8 12 14. yes i see that okay so is is it accurate that you arrived at in the mr depths island on august 12 2014 is that accurate yes that's accurate did you go to assess mr depp on august 15 2014 according to these notes that's correct and by the way fiance has misheard in these notes correct yes and patient is mr depp correct and this is a kipper 77 on on kipper five texts from fiance the patient is upset and irritable md and rn want to assess the patient is that accurate that you came to see mr death at one o'clock in the morning yes and after receiving a text from this heard correct mr depp if the note says he state he being mr depp states he had a fight with beyonce and his questioning whether or not he can emotionally and physically physically handle detox you recall this conversation i can't remember that conversation but i do know that he was struggling at that point and how was he struggling again he was frustrated he was uncomfortable physically dr kipper this is a email well he recognizes this document i do and what is what is kipper eight this is an email that i sent to his sister christy christie dembrowski is mr depp's sister correct and you sent this email to ms dombrowski on august 18th at 7 54 a.m correct correct this email was shortly after you had met with uh mr depp in the note we just discussed correct oh 7 54 pacific so um it was sometime in the morning in the bahamas correct i guess i i don't have that calculator in front of me it's either three or four hours ahead so it's either 10 54 maybe it's 11 54 in the morning correct i i guess that's right i mean i assume that's right okay and and you wrote this and why did you write this email to miss dombrowski we were planning to transition back to los angeles we had completed the initial phase of his detoxification and i wanted to update her as to my impressions on how he was doing and how we would proceed going forward and you wrote this to miss dombrowski because you were concerned about mr dapp is that correct i wrote this so that she was aware of where we were in the process of his treatment and he wrote this after he had an incident with miss heard correct i did not witness the incident i wrote this after we were called to see him because there was an alleged incident but he clearly was uncomfortable at that time when we came to see him and again we were getting ready to transition off of the island and i wanted uh chrissy to have a clear understanding of where we were at that time can we pause i was going to move forward and then at 12 30 thank you i was going to move for the admission of defendants exhibit 268. and your honor we're going to have a substantial hearsay and speculation objection to this exhibit this is a communication um from dr kipper to a third party it's hearsay from start to finish and not within any exception to say nothing of the fact that it contains speculation okay i think there's certain hearsay in the first part in the first paragraph and in the third on the second page but the the rest of it is is dr kipper's impressions um of mr depp it's not important statement offered for the truth your honor it's hearsay i'm gonna sustain this to hear say okay okay thank you you and ms lloyd uh met with mr depp uh yes according to these notes yes okay and do you know was this now in the bahamas or was this back in los angeles i i need to go back to the date not the time can you scroll up thank you 8 2014 and i'm just looking at my calendar yes we were now back in los angeles and in the 12th in the notes on 12 30 on august 20th mr depp stated he was done with the process and no longer wanted md and rn services you see that yes you recall mr duff telling you that yeah and you recall mr depp saying that there was tension between him and miss heard yes was the plan for miss heard to take a few days for herself uh yes and mr depp wanted is it true that mr depp wanted to stop taking all the medications you were providing him uh yes that's reflected in this note um now you mentioned you had um you did text with mr depp on occasion correct i believe so but i i really can't remember any specific time or message that i sent to him dr kipper um mr depp has produced a number of texts in this litigation between you and him and they're in this chart here we're not going to go through all of them i promise you um but i'm just going to i want to ask you about a few of them um and we'll do this kind of throughout the deposition um okay and um on 8 21 2014 it says dr david kipper this 310 phone number was that your phone number at the time yes okay and this is a text from you that says um to mr depp it says glad you're better today respect you as much as i love you you're impossible not to love but an easier job not to respect you're making my job a pleasure and honor and a few sleepless nights stop firing me i know what i'm doing you recall sending that text to mr deb yes okay how long have you been working with mr def at this point as of august 21st 2014 and can you define by working with him are you talking about specifically the detox are you talking about our initial meeting how many months your honor um as i as i mentioned in the deposition uh defendants exhibit 1063 is a long list of text messages between dr kipper and mr depp a number of which are going to be testified to today or monday and i would just ask that the ones that they testify to we would provide in a redacted form which would just be that just the text that they're testifying to and it would be for a number throughout i can get up each time but i was hoping i wouldn't have to do that uh your honor i think we're going to have to maintain a hearsay objection it's it's it's a text by text issue whether it falls within any exception um so we're not going to be able to agree that the entire document comes in it's possible that some may come in um but i think that's gonna be something that needs to be worked out between council afterwards so we can reserve it he's still going to testify to it because we've already got right your honor the testimony can come in but that doesn't mean the document itself is admissible i can reserve on 10 to 1063 and we can figure out the data okay so about four months okay and you write stopped firing me in that four months how many times have mr death tried to fire you uh that was i believe that was the first time again this was in reference to him not wanting to proceed and not wanting our help this is actually i'm sorry this is the second time because the first time was on the island just as we were getting ready to leave that he did not want to proceed he didn't think he could do it that changed after a conversation he was back on board and this came from uh i think followed that incident that you we just referred to in the notes where we were asked to come and visit with them and where he didn't want to proceed and again at the end of that visit he was back on board so uh [Music] okay now on august 24th 2014 shows a text when it shows him that's mr depp to you david kipper and mr depp wrote forgot to tell you had a hopefully very positive and free of ego squawk with amber last night that went very well dot dot dot and then i shot a few negroes and a club on sunset boulevard so far so good dot dot dot do you recall this text from mr depp no okay um is was that mr def's typical language again i don't recall this specific email so that may be that may have been a an attempted humor dr kipper uh kipper10 is and do you recognize this document uh no but i'm looking at it um let me ask you this you recall of arrows arc at um ms heard's email address um i assume that by looking at this document exhibit 5 at kipper101 at 9 22 14 at 1 25. you see it says um received text from patients stating that he had been in an argument with fiance and she had a quote nasty freak out and would like nurse to give him some quote some fucking knockout yum yum rn instructed patients take prn neurotin 300 mg prn and seroquel 50 mg and that rn was on her way you see that yes okay and this is a note from miss lloyd correct okay um and then it says at 3 30 upon arriving at the home patient was sitting in kitchen with scraped and bloody knuckles on our hand meeting his right hand correct correct patients stated he punched whiteboard in kitchen after fight um patients stated he'd been texting his friend explaining why he didn't show up to play music and beyonce got upset he was not giving her enough support and the fight escalated from there call the md at 1 45 and instructed to give us that order of ambient mg to help patient get to sleep as he has an early work day um do you recall miss lloyd telling you about um or visiting mr depp and him having uh blighty knuckles and a scraped hand specifics i i'm reading the note you're reading and yes i remember there was an incident and an incident where mr depp and her head had scraped and bloody knuckles on his hand as indicated in the note yes i did not i did not see bloody knuckles uh i did not see a punch board this was a communication that i received through the notes from this world and do you recall if you had the uh it does say you were called do your call if you had a conversation with ms lloyd about yes i i recall having spoken about there had been an incident i don't recall the specifics of that conversation okay uh on on uh keeper five at ten at the date of ten fourteen let's show you there which is on kipper 110 of paper five and then going down to 1930 it says patient finished filming and was extremely agitated leaving the set patient kicked in the door of his trailer and refused to speak the director patient was verbally aggressive to another person on the set for no apparent reason her md patient takes xanax two milligrams to reduce his agitation at this time you recall that dr kipper i do remember this this entry yes you remember being told then mr depp kicked in a door of his trailer and refused to speak to his director correct i don't remember the specifics but i do remember there was some um disagreement between mr depp and the director and and where it says per md patient is to take his annex two milligrams to reduce his agitation at this time is that an increase of xanax that he was to receive yes and you see at 10 15 at 6 45 it says patient awake and states he slept from uh 2200 to 430 patient continues to be agitated about work and is verbalizing having desires to escape with drugs um do you recall seeing this note i re i yes and you recall miss lloyd telling you this about mr dab i don't remember if she told me that he wanted to use but i do remember her uh telling me that he was upset and is that reflected in the note of 845 md informed of mine and can you show me that note again right under right here 845 oh okay the note's accurate that md informed a patient's state of mind and continued agitated he's on his way to assess patient yes and then at 12 30 this patient had fallen asleep and is now awake talking with md it has been decided patient is under too much stress as it would be best for him to stay home and rest today do you see that yes you recall having a conversation with mr depp about his press yes i do do you recall anything that mr depp told you i remember he was very upset i don't remember the specifics of that conversation but i remember he was upset and how was mr depp displaying his that he was very upset he expressed himself very well that he had he and the director had some misunderstanding and that he was upset about it was mr depp yelling no was he was he doing anything to display his being upset other than his words just his words don't um doubt the accuracy of this of this note though do you i can say that the note was written and and i believe it was good reporting i i trusted my my nurses that they would report what they were told after the opiates not for the opiates is that what you said correct a positive for cocaine for instance yes now on november 17th 2014 in 2014 mr def texted you and said i have been to see amber downtown yeah yeah interesting to say the least wow anyway i'm still awake and don't foresee slumber arriving anytime soon to this broken instrument of a squash situated atop my shoulders i would love to speak whenever you have get a minute dear david though honestly if i were you debbie and or aaron i i would capital letters run for the fucking hills three exclamation points i love you doc dot dot dot cannot thank you enough for all you've done not only for me and my poor pack of wolves and my sweet capital letters fucking grave mikey dot dot dot these are the things that remind us that life should be a fucking guess i'm way steep and big muddy here dot dot dot hit me when you're drunk dot dot dot it'll be far less boring love you long time brother dot dot dot and of course the beautiful and luminous chanel dot dot dot and by now eight foot six sam exclamation points mucho mucho dot dot dot from the from those of us who are not as others x jd you recall this text from mr depp uh no i don't but clearly i see that i received that text okay uh alex can you put up um kipper 13 please do you recognize dr kipper this email uh chain between you and colin cowan i don't remember it but i'm refreshing myself with what you're showing me who is colin cowan he's a psychologist that i had referred amber to see is there any um dr kipper are there any um ethical rules to report uh reports of violence if you were to be told of them violence if i were to see the violence i would be obligated to i would be obligated to make some reporting i never saw any violence and you didn't report either mr death or misheard correct because you didn't see your testimonies you didn't see any violence between from this earlier you never saw violence between the two of them okay you'd heard reports but never saw you never saw it as your testimony right dr kipper do you recognize kipper 14 which it looks like is an email between you and alan blaustein yes i i recognize this okay and who is who is alan blaustein alan blasting is the psychiatrist that i referred uh mr depp to and when you wrote this uh email as of march 1st 2015 was it your understanding that mr depp was in australia at the time yes at some point you flew to australia is that correct in this march 2015 time frame yes was that the pl were you always planning to fly to australia to visit with mr depp in in march of 2015 no i i hadn't planned on it what what made you fly to australia um he had wanted to see me uh he had just wanted to check in he wanted he wanted he wanted my company at that point he being johnny depp yes do you know when you arrived in australia no i don't i can't recall miss lloyd had gone with mr depp to australia yes she wasn't staying with mr depp correct no no she was not you know how far away miss lloyd was from mr depp in terms of time to get from where she was staying to mr depp's house i would i would guesstimate somewhere between 20 minutes to 30 minutes and when you went to australia how far away were you for mr deb in terms of time exactly the same were you and ms lloyd in the same hotel yes actually that isn't true i was in a hotel around the corner from where the nurses were staying um and in kipper 5 at kipper 157 you see this note for 3 7 15 at 11 30 11 30. it says md received a text message from client that he had been arguing with wife and that he cut it had cut his finger according to patient his assistant and security were were on their way to pick him up you see that yes uh and whose note is this that would be from miss lloyd and is this accurate yes it's it's accurate okay um now going back to kipper nine um a moment 7790 it shows a text from mr death to you on march 7th 2015 at 5 p.m and it says hi fucked man had another one i cannot live like this she is as full of shit as a christmas goose i'm done no more all capital letters three exclamation points the constant insults the demeaning belittling most heartbreaking smu that is only released from a malicious evil and vindictive cunt five exclamation points but you know what two question marks capital letters far more hurtful than her venomous and degrading endless quote educational ranting dot dot dot read question marks is her hideously and purposely hurtful tirades and her goddamn shocking treatment of the man she was meant to love above all dot dot dot here's the real deal mate dot dot dot her obsession with herself two question marks it is far more important dot dot dot she is capital letters so fucking ambitious three exclamation points she's so desperate for success and fame dot dot dot that's probably why i was acquired mate dot dot two exclamation points although she has capitalized hammered me with what a sad old man has been i am three dot dot three dots cowen has done me the most cruel favors dot dot dot i'm so very sad dot dot dot i cut the top of my middle finger off dot dot dot what should i do exclamation point two question marks except of course go to a hospital dot dot dot i'm so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her dot dot dot capitalize fuck the world three exclamation points jd you recall this text from mr death i i don't recall the text but i do recall him reaching out after this incident this is this text is this text um a typical type of text you would receive uh in retrospect and in reading this no i think it reflected the fact that he was injured right and mr depp told you in the text i cut the top of my middle finger off correct uh that's what it says and then and then you responded call me you see that that's the next text yes okay yes and did mr depp call you uh i can't recall if he called me but i know that i went to the residence okay and did you go with miss lloyd yes okay and back to kipper five at 1300 it says on march 7 2015 patient was having a hard time leaving the house so security suggested the md and rn go to house to see patient upon arrival the house patient was sitting in car ready to leave md assessed patient's finger and we'll spend more time with patient at the location he's being moved to so did you see mr depp in the house yeah i saw mr depp outside the house in the car okay so this no this note is accurate correct yes was mr depp intoxicated when you saw him i don't was mr deaf coherent uh yes he was quite coherent yes what do you recall him saying to you i don't recall the conversation specifically but part of his finger was missing okay and and but you said he was quite coherent so it sounds like you have memories of what he was saying what do you recall him saying i i don't recall what he said i remember that he was very clear in speaking to me okay what did he other than his finger what did he look like he looked like someone who just had part of his finger taken off anything did he did what did the rest of his hands and arms look like uh nothing unusual what'd the house look like the house was a mess anything rc can describe about the house there were things on the floor there were things that had been uh thrown around it looked like they were just things were out of order in that house what what rooms did you see what rooms did you look at in the house i was in the kitchen and i believe i went downstairs i don't really remember i saw it was more of the same that things looked out of place were did it look like there was a painting on the wall someone had written things on the wall no i do it did look to me like there was blood on the wall not an actual painting how long were you in the house for 10 minutes 15 minutes and what were you doing in the house i wanted to see what happened i was trying to figure out what happened did you talk to miss heard i did or what did miss heard say again i can't recall specifics other than they had a fight and the specifics beyond that i don't i don't remember before seeing mr depp that day when was the when had you seen mr debt previously i i don't remember you know if it was the day before i can't remember remember if this was the first time you saw mr depp since your arrival at in australia again i can't remember dr kipper i'm showing you what's been marked as uh keeper 15 um and my question is do you recognize this email yes i do okay and it's an email and you told miss lisa bean to please print for the chart see that at the top yes okay so that you is being printed for mr dep's chart is that correct correct and uh raja sahani emailed you you see that yes and he writes thank you for your time david attaches a copy of my notes for you to use as necessary robert wells and robert wells is mr depp correct correct and this was from march 8 2015 correct yeah was it accurate that he that his hand that heavily contaminated hand and fingers with dirt grime yeah thank you i was going to move for the admission of defendants exhibit 370. three seven zero three seven zero yes just one moment your the text honor and your honor we would uh your honor we would maintain our objections on grounds of hearsay and your yeah and the other objections asserted in our in our objections to the exhibits this is an email communication between uh two non-parties to this case um it's here say it's not within any exception certainly not within the medical exception um and it's not admissible i think it is in the medical exception because it's from one doctor to another doctor to treat mr depp's hand sustained injection is here thank you that's accurate is there anything other than the coherent here that you find that's inaccurate uh no the rest of that seems accurate and um when you saw um miss heard at the house uh in this march 7th uh 2015 time frame um did she seem like she was on um was she coherent she was coherent dr kipper do you recall seeing kipper 16 from the gold coast university hospital yes i do and when do you recall seeing this this note at the the time on march 8th 2015 or around then it was around then this this was the emergency room doctor that saw him and then he gave him sort of temporary care and that he was referred to mr depp was referred to the other doctor that we spoke of before this who was the surgeon who was the hand surgeon i believe did you talk to this this doctor who wrote this note yes i was present when mr death was being examined and treated at this point you were as of march 14 2015 you were telling mr depp that you weren't going to be able to treat mr depp anymore is that correct the purpose of this note was to make sure that he was strictly compliant with everything [Music] because he needed to have his finger reconstructed and i wanted to be sure that he was following our guidelines for the the drug treatment mr depp was not following your protocol as of march 1st 2015 correct um yes i had concerns mr depp was not following your protocols that you were giving him as of march 14 2015 correct correct dr kipper do you recognize kipper17 yes so you were withdrawing your care for mr death at least as of march 15 2015 correct i was withdrawing my care if he did not comply and as of march 15 2015 back mr depp was not complying correct correct was mr depp can you pause that again thank you um move for the admission of defendants exhibit 391 391 and your honor we would maintain our objections on grounds of hearsay relevance and uh 403 it's it's uh it's it's here say not within any exception it's a communication um from a third party not a missile it's it's a it's not here say it's a letter from dr kipper that doesn't have any hearsay in it and it's it's well it's here to say because it's a letter from him out of court i mean it's not offered for the truth of what happened it's offered for what you know what was occurring with mr what was occurring with mr depp at the time of march 15th well that's true by definition truth that that's being offered for the truth it's offered for notice of when mr that when dr kipper was not continuous care mr dap i'll sustain the objection as of march 14th the answer is the answer is yes he was not compliant and the problem at hand no pun intended was he was about to have surgery and for him to have surgery on a finger he needed to be strictly compliant with what his medications were what his behavior was and i did not think he was stable for surgery and i could not clear him for surgery and that was what provoked the letter right and and mr depp was breaking promises to remain sober correct correct and then did you ever uh stop your care of mr depp there was a weak i believe and i'm fuzzy on the time frame but there was a short period of time after sending that note before he connected back with me asking me to take care of him and promising me compliance was mr depp compliant with the program going forward after march 15 2015. he was compliant around his surgery and post-operative period and then he became uncompliant again i would have to refer to my notes but i don't remember him being i don't remember him being out of control i remember him being you know compliant with what we needed him to do there were times when mr depp sort of went underground some of that time was when he was out of the country and was hard to connect to um but i do not recall him going off the reservation as far as his drug and alcohol issues do you recall him positive for cocaine after march of 2015. i believe that i believe so i can't tell you specifically when okay uh going back to kipper9 uh there's a text message from mr depp to you on march 19 2015. and he says my my sincere most sincere apologies to you doc i understand your decision based on my immunity to do the right thing and i truly thank you for your concern i must apologize for not having had the presence of mind to respect the man who has been the most kind and who has done more for me than anyone ever there was no call for my spineless and base behavior toward you i honestly understand the reasons for your concerns in your letter and and can save you now they are no longer an issue thank you for everything i've chopped off my left finger as a reminder that i should never cut off my finger again i love you brother johnny do you recall this text from mr depp yes and is this the text do you recall where mr depp was saying that he would be compliant going forward yes okay you're basing it off of this text was there any other conversations with mr deb we did i know we had a conversation at some point around that time that validated this message and going to uh back to kipper 5 which are again the notes um and we're going to go to kipper 167. and at um for 413 at 1500 um the note at the bottom says a patient is in good spirits and said he's not smoke marijuana in three days states he feels majority of his issues with his wife have been from him using drugs and alcohol patients states he'll no longer sneak slash use and wants to enjoy clarity uh do you see that note i see that note who is that note from you were miss lloyd that's from miss lloyd okay did miss lloyd report this to you uh in this note okay and there's no no reason to question the accuracy of the note correct correct now at dep 168 um 12 15 it says at on on april 15 12 15 arrived the patient's home assistant was in hallway informed rn the patient was in a bad mood and told assistant he did not need anything from him today rn was left let in home by security and knocked on the patient's bedroom door to let him know she was there patient screamed what um are an informed patient she was just letting him know she was there and would be downstairs um rn a little more down rn left property and informed md of the events do you recall miss lloyd telling you about these events of april 15 2015. my memory is refreshed by looking at this note yes and and mr depp had yelled at miss lloyd is that right i'm not sure he yelled at miss lloyd i think he just yelled i wanted to be heard i can't say it wasn't there there's a text from mr depp to you on april 15 2015 and he says my dear brother david if there's a god then i'm positive it's you thank you darling man i'm fine i didn't know it was debbie until i'd already thrown my voice toward the door thought it was stephen who is no small cauldron of hot water two exclamation points i'll call debbie to apologize dot dot my boundless love and infinite thanks so you recall that he texted you and called ms lloyd to apologize no i don't recall that specifically i'm reminded by this note but i don't recall that specifically now mr depp sent you a text on june 28 2015 that says thank you my darling kipper all those technical abbreviations left me flexing and in the dark for your exclamation points soon soon i must see you and just hang out three exclamation points my deformed finger and i have no friends three exclamation points by the way dot dot dot amber and i have been absolutely perfect for three fucking months solid four exclamation points i've locked my monster child away in a cave within and it has fucking work for exclamation points we're goddamn best friends now three exclamation points amazing three exclamation points big love to you my brother dot dot dot jd you see that yes and and what do you recall you were what is refresh of your memory that there was obviously there was concern that he was taking more xanax and he should have been and i needed him to tighten that up and to go back to what he was prescribed and also there's a reference here to the phone calls um i had asked him not to respond or not and not to engage in these phone calls because those were all that always precipitated uh problems between the two of them when they were in this when they were in a bad phase phone calls between mr depp and miss heard correct all right and mr depp responds on july 1st 2015 and says i am and have been at peace for the last three to four months it's been amazing but she's somehow locked into this very unpleasant and belittling mode in the last three days the accusations the verbal abuse and insults stooping to one the most unjust you haven't changed you fucking desperate hypocrite you didn't you didn't out the monster away you're full of shit you're pathetic fraud man you know how hard i have worked to put that motherfucker in its cage and i did that me i took all those other problems and rid myself of them there's a whole lot more i won't bore you with it the xanax takes the edge off just a little you know me it would take more than a few to really affect me seroquel scares me for the reasons i i wear off of it if you're worried about the xanax prescribing something different but with more potency i don't take them all that often just when the brain is inundated with this horrible badgering and half truths for my wife by by the wsy i don't know if he meant by the way um do you recall this text um again i do in looking at it yes okay and mr depp again used the term uh monster shore yes and mr depp goes on in this text he says by the way um he sends another sorry here's my by the way cohen should be run out of town in utter shame he's a fucking sump he's done absolutely nothing but giving her the verbosity that she off that she uses that she uses ever whatever she feels like she must explain to me the psychology of life through exclamation points ludicrous three exclamation points yes sir cowan should be shot in places no one wants to be shot in three exclamation points he's a goddamn charlatan big time three exclamation points i'm not going to continue to pay the fucking yes man to do nothing but stare as her tits and agree with everything she spews dot dot dot tell him to tell he's leaving the business or something or i will or i too will become a regular client whether i am welcome or not three exclamation points thanks and so sorry i loved you you recall your call mr depp uh informing you that he was upset with dr cowan yeah yes i i remember clearly that he was upset with dr cowan at a certain point you know do you recall this text message from mr depp that i just read to you yes when in reading it i do okay all right we want to go ahead and pause it looks like a good time to break it it's five o'clock perfect thank you all right any objection to breaking there for the weekend all right all right ladies and gentlemen we'll pick up with this testimony on monday since i'm not going to see you for three days i just want to reiterate the same jury instruction i gave you in the beginning of the case when you were first impaneled not all of it but some of it i just want to make sure you understand for the weekend that you're not to read anything about the case you're not to watch anything about this case you're not to listen to anything about the case this applies to television newspapers magazines the internet and any online sites further you're not to read watch or listen to anything about the case on any social media networking sites such as twitter facebook instagram snapchat or similar sites in addition you must not communicate with anyone about the case whether in person over the phone by email text or instant messaging or by any other electronic or non-electric electronic means this includes your friends family co-workers acquaintances and strangers i also instruct you that you cannot do any research or make any inquiries about this case whether online or by any other means what you learn about this case is limited to limited to what you learn in the four walls of this courtroom when proceedings are underway all right so have a good weekend and we'll see you bright and early monday okay thank you all right and for the litigants i'll see you back on monday please no posting on social network networking sites and don't talk to the press all right and for the attorneys i will see you tomorrow at 10 a.m for a long day and i'm sure you've been doing your homework right so we should be able to get through a lot of deposition objections right perfect all right thank you all right we'll see you tomorrow then thank you youWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 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03:11:40Watch at: 03:11:40 / 03:12:00Watch at: 03:12:00 / 03:12:20Watch at: 03:12:20 / 03:12:40Watch at: 03:12:40 / 03:13:00Watch at: 03:13:00 / 03:13:20Watch at: 03:13:20 / 03:13:40Watch at: 03:13:40 / 03:14:00Watch at: 03:14:00 / 03:14:20Watch at: 03:14:20 / 03:14:40Watch at: 03:14:40 / 03:15:00Watch at: 03:15:00 / 03:15:20Watch at: 03:15:20 / 03:15:40Watch at: 03:15:40 / 03:16:00Watch at: 03:16:00 / 03:16:20Watch at: 03:16:20 / 03:16:40Watch at: 03:16:40 / 03:17:00Watch at: 03:17:00 / 03:17:20Watch at: 03:17:20 / 03:17:40Watch at: 03:17:40 / 03:18:00Watch at: 03:18:00 / 03:18:20Watch at: 03:18:20 / 03:18:40Watch at: 03:18:40 / 03:19:00Watch at: 03:19:00 / 03:19:20Watch at: 03:19:20 / 03:19:40Watch at: 03:19:40 / 03:20:00Watch at: 03:20:00 / 03:20:20Watch at: 03:20:20 / 03:20:40Watch at: 03:20:40 / 03:21:00Watch at: 03:21:00 / 03:21:20Watch at: 03:21:20 / 03:21:40Watch at: 03:21:40 / 03:22:00Watch at: 03:22:00 / 03:22:20Watch at: 03:22:20 / 03:22:40Watch at: 03:22:40 / 03:23:00Watch at: 03:23:00 / 03:23:20Watch at: 03:23:20 / 03:23:40Watch at: 03:23:40 / 03:24:00Watch at: 03:24:00 / 03:24:20Watch at: 03:24:20 / 03:24:40Watch at: 03:24:40 / 03:25:00Watch at: 03:25:00 / 03:25:20Watch at: 03:25:20 / 03:25:40Watch at: 03:25:40 / 03:26:00Watch at: 03:26:00 / 03:26:20Watch at: 03:26:20 / 03:26:40Watch at: 03:26:40 / 03:27:00Watch at: 03:27:00 / 03:27:20Watch at: 03:27:20 / 03:27:40Watch at: 03:27:40 / 03:28:00Watch at: 03:28:00 / 03:28:20Watch at: 03:28:20 / 03:28:40Watch at: 03:28:40 / 03:29:00Watch at: 03:29:00 / 03:29:20Watch at: 03:29:20 / 03:29:40Watch at: 03:29:40 / 03:30:00Watch at: 03:30:00 / 03:30:20Watch at: 03:30:20 / 03:30:40Watch at: 03:30:40 / 03:31:00Watch at: 03:31:00 / 03:31:20Watch at: 03:31:20 / 03:31:40Watch at: 03:31:40 / 03:32:00Watch at: 03:32:00 / 03:32:20Watch at: 03:32:20 / 03:32:40Watch at: 03:32:40 / 03:33:00Watch at: 03:33:00 / 03:33:20Watch at: 03:33:20 / 03:33:40Watch at: 03:33:40 / 03:34:00Watch at: 03:34:00 / 03:34:20Watch at: 03:34:20 / 03:34:40Watch at: 03:34:40 / 03:35:00Watch at: 03:35:00 / 03:35:20Watch at: 03:35:20 / 03:35:40Watch at: 03:35:40 / 03:36:00Watch at: 03:36:00 / 03:36:20Watch at: 03:36:20 / 03:36:40Watch at: 03:36:40 / 03:37:00Watch at: 03:37:00 / 03:37:20Watch at: 03:37:20 / 03:37:40Watch at: 03:37:40 / 03:38:00Watch at: 03:38:00 / 03:38:20Watch at: 03:38:20 / 03:38:40Watch at: 03:38:40 / 03:39:00Watch at: 03:39:00 / 03:39:20Watch at: 03:39:20 / 03:39:40Watch at: 03:39:40 / 03:40:00Watch at: 03:40:00 / 03:40:20Watch at: 03:40:20 / 03:40:40Watch at: 03:40:40 / 03:41:00Watch at: 03:41:00 / 03:41:20Watch at: 03:41:20 / 03:41:40Watch at: 03:41:40 / 03:42:00Watch at: 03:42:00 / 03:42:20Watch at: 03:42:20 / 03:42:40Watch at: 03:42:40 / 03:43:00Watch at: 03:43:00 / 03:43:20Watch at: 03:43:20 / 03:43:40Watch at: 03:43:40 / 03:44:00Watch at: 03:44:00 / 03:44:20Watch at: 03:44:20 / 03:44:40Watch at: 03:44:40 / 03:45:00Watch at: 03:45:00 / 03:45:20Watch at: 03:45:20 / 03:45:40Watch at: 03:45:40 / 03:46:00Watch at: 03:46:00 / 03:46:20Watch at: 03:46:20 / 03:46:40Watch at: 03:46:40 / 03:47:00Watch at: 03:47:00 / 03:47:20Watch at: 03:47:20 / 03:47:40Watch at: 03:47:40 / 03:48:00Watch at: 03:48:00 / 03:48:20Watch at: 03:48:20 / 03:48:40Watch at: 03:48:40 / 03:49:00Watch at: 03:49:00 / 03:49:20Watch at: 03:49:20 / 03:49:40Watch at: 03:49:40 / 03:50:00Watch at: 03:50:00 / 03:50:20Watch at: 03:50:20 / 03:50:40Watch at: 03:50:40 / 03:51:00Watch at: 03:51:00 / 03:51:20Watch at: 03:51:20 / 03:51:40Watch at: 03:51:40 / 03:52:00Watch at: 03:52:00 / 03:52:20Watch at: 03:52:20 / 03:52:40Watch at: 03:52:40 / 03:53:00Watch at: 03:53:00 / 03:53:20Watch at: 03:53:20 / 03:53:40Watch at: 03:53:40 / 03:54:00Watch at: 03:54:00 / 03:54:20Watch at: 03:54:20 / 03:54:40Watch at: 03:54:40 / 03:55:00Watch at: 03:55:00 / 03:55:20Watch at: 03:55:20 / 03:55:40Watch at: 03:55:40 / 03:56:00Watch at: 03:56:00 / 03:56:20Watch at: 03:56:20 / 03:56:40Watch at: 03:56:40 / 03:57:00Watch at: 03:57:00 / 03:57:20Watch at: 03:57:20 / 03:57:40Watch at: 03:57:40 / 03:58:00Watch at: 03:58:00 / 03:58:20Watch at: 03:58:20 / 03:58:40Watch at: 03:58:40 / 03:59:00Watch at: 03:59:00 / 03:59:20Watch at: 03:59:20 / 03:59:40Watch at: 03:59:40 / 04:00:00Watch at: 04:00:00 / 04:00:20Watch at: 04:00:20 / 04:00:40Watch at: 04:00:40 / 04:01:00Watch at: 04:01:00 / 04:01:20Watch at: 04:01:20 / 04:01:40Watch at: 04:01:40 / 04:02:00Watch at: 04:02:00 / 04:02:20Watch at: 04:02:20 / 04:02:40Watch at: 04:02:40 / 04:03:00Watch at: 04:03:00 / 04:03:20Watch at: 04:03:20 / 04:03:40Watch at: 04:03:40 / 04:04:00Watch at: 04:04:00 / 04:04:20Watch at: 04:04:20 / 04:04:40Watch at: 04:04:40 / 04:05:00Watch at: 04:05:00 / 04:05:20Watch at: 04:05:20 / 04:05:40Watch at: 04:05:40 / 04:06:00Watch at: 04:06:00 / 04:06:20Watch at: 04:06:20 / 04:06:40Watch at: 04:06:40 / 04:07:00Watch at: 04:07:00 / 04:07:20Watch at: 04:07:20 / 04:07:40Watch at: 04:07:40 / 04:08:00Watch at: 04:08:00 / 04:08:20Watch at: 04:08:20 / 04:08:40Watch at: 04:08:40 / 04:09:00Watch 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04:43:40Watch at: 04:43:40 / 04:44:00Watch at: 04:44:00 / 04:44:20Watch at: 04:44:20 / 04:44:40Watch at: 04:44:40 / 04:45:00Watch at: 04:45:00 / 04:45:20Watch at: 04:45:20 / 04:45:40Watch at: 04:45:40 / 04:46:00Watch at: 04:46:00 / 04:46:20Watch at: 04:46:20 / 04:46:40Watch at: 04:46:40 / 04:47:00Watch at: 04:47:00 / 04:47:20Watch at: 04:47:20 / 04:47:40Watch at: 04:47:40 / 04:48:00Watch at: 04:48:00 / 04:48:20Watch at: 04:48:20 / 04:48:40Watch at: 04:48:40 / 04:49:00Watch at: 04:49:00 / 04:49:20Watch at: 04:49:20 / 04:49:40Watch at: 04:49:40 / 04:50:00Watch at: 04:50:00 / 04:50:20Watch at: 04:50:20 / 04:50:40Watch at: 04:50:40 / 04:51:00Watch at: 04:51:00 / 04:51:20Watch at: 04:51:20 / 04:51:40Watch at: 04:51:40 / 04:52:00Watch at: 04:52:00 / 04:52:20Watch at: 04:52:20 / 04:52:40Watch at: 04:52:40 / 04:53:00Watch at: 04:53:00 / 04:53:20Watch at: 04:53:20 / 04:53:40Watch at: 04:53:40 / 04:54:00Watch at: 04:54:00 / 04:54:20Watch at: 04:54:20 / 04:54:40Watch at: 04:54:40 / 04:55:00Watch 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05:29:40Watch at: 05:29:40 / 05:30:00Watch at: 05:30:00 / 05:30:20Watch at: 05:30:20 / 05:30:40Watch at: 05:30:40 / 05:31:00Watch at: 05:31:00 / 05:31:20Watch at: 05:31:20 / 05:31:40Watch at: 05:31:40 / 05:32:00Watch at: 05:32:00 / 05:32:20Watch at: 05:32:20 / 05:32:40Watch at: 05:32:40 / 05:33:00Watch at: 05:33:00 / 05:33:20Watch at: 05:33:20 / 05:33:40Watch at: 05:33:40 / 05:34:00Watch at: 05:34:00 / 05:34:20Watch at: 05:34:20 / 05:34:40Watch at: 05:34:40 / 05:35:00Watch at: 05:35:00 / 05:35:20Watch at: 05:35:20 / 05:35:40Watch at: 05:35:40 / 05:36:00Watch at: 05:36:00 / 05:36:20Watch at: 05:36:20 / 05:36:40Watch at: 05:36:40 / 05:37:00Watch at: 05:37:00 / 05:37:20Watch at: 05:37:20 / 05:37:40Watch at: 05:37:40 / 05:38:00Watch at: 05:38:00 / 05:38:20Watch at: 05:38:20 / 05:38:40Watch at: 05:38:40 / 05:39:00Watch at: 05:39:00 / 05:39:20Watch at: 05:39:20 / 05:39:40Watch at: 05:39:40 / 05:40:00Watch at: 05:40:00 / 05:40:20Watch at: 05:40:20 / 05:40:40Watch at: 05:40:40 / 05:41:00Watch at: 05:41:00 / 05:41:20Watch at: 05:41:20 / 05:41:40Watch at: 05:41:40 / 05:42:00Watch at: 05:42:00 / 05:42:20Watch at: 05:42:20 / 05:42:40Watch at: 05:42:40 / 05:43:00Watch at: 05:43:00 / 05:43:20Watch at: 05:43:20 / 05:43:40Watch at: 05:43:40 / 05:44:00Watch at: 05:44:00 / 05:44:20Watch at: 05:44:20 / 05:44:40Watch at: 05:44:40 / 05:45:00Watch at: 05:45:00 / 05:45:20Watch at: 05:45:20 / 05:45:40Watch at: 05:45:40 / 05:46:00Watch at: 05:46:00 / 05:46:20Watch at: 05:46:20 / 05:46:40Watch at: 05:46:40 / 05:47:00Watch at: 05:47:00 / 05:47:20Watch at: 05:47:20 / 05:47:40Watch at: 05:47:40 / 05:48:00Watch at: 05:48:00 / 05:48:20Watch at: 05:48:20 / 05:48:40Watch at: 05:48:40 / 05:49:00Watch at: 05:49:00 / 05:49:20Watch at: 05:49:20 / 05:49:40Watch at: 05:49:40 / 05:50:00Watch at: 05:50:00 / 05:50:20Watch at: 05:50:20 / 05:50:40Watch at: 05:50:40 / 05:51:00Watch at: 05:51:00 / 05:51:20Watch at: 05:51:20 / 05:51:40Watch at: 05:51:40 / 05:52:00Watch at: 05:52:00 / 05:52:20Watch at: 05:52:20 / 05:52:40Watch at: 05:52:40 / 05:53:00Watch at: 05:53:00 / 05:53:20Watch at: 05:53:20 / 05:53:40Watch at: 05:53:40 / 05:54:00Watch at: 05:54:00 / 05:54:20Watch at: 05:54:20 / 05:54:40Watch at: 05:54:40 / 05:55:00Watch at: 05:55:00 / 05:55:20Watch at: 05:55:20 / 05:55:40Watch at: 05:55:40 / 05:56:00Watch at: 05:56:00 / 05:56:20Watch at: 05:56:20 / 05:56:40Watch at: 05:56:40 / 05:57:00Watch at: 05:57:00 / 05:57:20Watch at: 05:57:20 / 05:57:40Watch at: 05:57:40 / 05:58:00Watch at: 05:58:00 / 05:58:20Watch at: 05:58:20 / 05:58:40Watch at: 05:58:40 / 05:59:00Watch at: 05:59:00 / 05:59:20Watch at: 05:59:20 / 05:59:40Watch at: 05:59:40 / 06:00:00Watch at: 06:00:00 / 06:00:20Watch at: 06:00:20 / 06:00:40Watch at: 06:00:40 / 06:01:00Watch at: 06:01:00 / 06:01:20Watch at: 06:01:20 / 06:01:40Watch at: 06:01:40 / 06:02:00Watch at: 06:02:00 / 06:02:20Watch at: 06:02:20 / 06:02:40Watch at: 06:02:40 / 06:03:00Watch at: 06:03:00 / 06:03:20Watch at: 06:03:20 / 06:03:40Watch at: 06:03:40 / 06:04:00Watch at: 06:04:00 / 06:04:20Watch at: 06:04:20 / 06:04:40Watch at: 06:04:40 / 06:05:00Watch at: 06:05:00 / 06:05:20Watch at: 06:05:20 / 06:05:40Watch at: 06:05:40 / 06:06:00Watch at: 06:06:00 / 06:06:20Watch at: 06:06:20 / 06:06:40Watch at: 06:06:40 / 06:07:00Watch at: 06:07:00 / 06:07:20Watch at: 06:07:20 / 06:07:40Watch at: 06:07:40 / 06:08:00Watch at: 06:08:00 / 06:08:20Watch at: 06:08:20 / 06:08:40Watch at: 06:08:40 / 06:09:00Watch at: 06:09:00 / 06:09:20Watch at: 06:09:20 / 06:09:40Watch at: 06:09:40 / 06:10:00Watch at: 06:10:00 / 06:10:20Watch at: 06:10:20 / 06:10:40Watch at: 06:10:40 / 06:11:00Watch at: 06:11:00 / 06:11:20Watch at: 06:11:20 / 06:11:40Watch at: 06:11:40 / 06:12:00Watch at: 06:12:00 / 06:12:20Watch at: 06:12:20 / 06:12:40Watch at: 06:12:40 / 06:13:00Watch at: 06:13:00 / 06:13:20Watch at: 06:13:20 / 06:13:40Watch at: 06:13:40 / 06:14:00Watch at: 06:14:00 / 06:14:20Watch at: 06:14:20 / 06:14:40Watch at: 06:14:40 / 06:15:00Watch at: 06:15:00 / 06:15:20Watch at: 06:15:20 / 06:15:40Watch at: 06:15:40 / 06:16:00Watch at: 06:16:00 / 06:16:20Watch at: 06:16:20 / 06:16:40Watch at: 06:16:40 / 06:17:00Watch at: 06:17:00 / 06:17:20Watch at: 06:17:20 / 06:17:40Watch at: 06:17:40 / 06:18:00Watch at: 06:18:00 / 06:18:20Watch at: 06:18:20 / 06:18:40Watch at: 06:18:40 / 06:19:00Watch at: 06:19:00 / 06:19:20Watch at: 06:19:20 / 06:19:40Watch at: 06:19:40 / 06:20:00Watch at: 06:20:00 / 06:20:20Watch at: 06:20:20 / 06:20:40Watch at: 06:20:40 / 06:21:00Watch at: 06:21:00 / 06:21:20Watch at: 06:21:20 / 06:21:40Watch at: 06:21:40 / 06:22:00Watch at: 06:22:00 / 06:22:20Watch at: 06:22:20 / 06:22:40Watch at: 06:22:40 / 06:23:00Watch at: 06:23:00 / 06:23:20Watch at: 06:23:20 / 06:23:40Watch at: 06:23:40 / 06:24:00Watch at: 06:24:00 / 06:24:20Watch at: 06:24:20 / 06:24:40Watch at: 06:24:40 / 06:25:00Watch at: 06:25:00 / 06:25:20Watch at: 06:25:20 / 06:25:40Watch at: 06:25:40 / 06:26:00Watch at: 06:26:00 / 06:26:20Watch at: 06:26:20 / 06:26:40Watch at: 06:26:40 / 06:27:00Watch at: 06:27:00 / 06:27:20Watch at: 06:27:20 / 06:27:40Watch at: 06:27:40 / 06:28:00Watch at: 06:28:00 / 06:28:20Watch at: 06:28:20 / 06:28:40Watch at: 06:28:40 / 06:29:00Watch at: 06:29:00 / 06:29:20Watch at: 06:29:20 / 06:29:40Watch at: 06:29:40 / 06:30:00Watch at: 06:30:00 / 06:30:20Watch at: 06:30:20 / 06:30:40Watch at: 06:30:40 / 06:31:00Watch at: 06:31:00 / 06:31:20Watch at: 06:31:20 / 06:31:40Watch at: 06:31:40 / 06:32:00Watch at: 06:32:00 / 06:32:20Watch at: 06:32:20 / 06:32:40Watch at: 06:32:40 / 06:33:00Watch at: 06:33:00 / 06:33:20Watch at: 06:33:20 / 06:33:40Watch at: 06:33:40 / 06:34:00Watch at: 06:34:00 / 06:34:20Watch at: 06:34:20 / 06:34:40Watch at: 06:34:40 / 06:35:00Watch at: 06:35:00 / 06:35:20Watch at: 06:35:20 / 06:35:40Watch at: 06:35:40 / 06:36:00Watch at: 06:36:00 / 06:36:20Watch at: 06:36:20 / 06:36:40Watch at: 06:36:40 / 06:37:00Watch at: 06:37:00 / 06:37:20Watch at: 06:37:20 / 06:37:40Watch at: 06:37:40 / 06:38:00Watch at: 06:38:00 / 06:38:20Watch at: 06:38:20 / 06:38:40Watch at: 06:38:40 / 06:39:00Watch at: 06:39:00 / 06:39:20Watch at: 06:39:20 / 06:39:40Watch at: 06:39:40 / 06:40:00Watch at: 06:40:00 / 06:40:20Watch at: 06:40:20 / 06:40:40Watch at: 06:40:40 / 06:41:00Watch at: 06:41:00 / 06:41:20Watch at: 06:41:20 / 06:41:40Watch at: 06:41:40 / 06:42:00Watch at: 06:42:00 / 06:42:20Watch at: 06:42:20 / 06:42:40Watch at: 06:42:40 / 06:43:00Watch at: 06:43:00 / 06:43:20Watch at: 06:43:20 / 06:43:40Watch at: 06:43:40 / 06:44:00Watch at: 06:44:00 / 06:44:20Watch at: 06:44:20 / 06:44:40Watch at: 06:44:40 / 06:45:00Watch at: 06:45:00 / 06:45:20Watch at: 06:45:20 / 06:45:40Watch at: 06:45:40 / 06:46:00Watch at: 06:46:00 / 06:46:20Watch at: 06:46:20 / 06:46:40Watch at: 06:46:40 / 06:47:00Watch at: 06:47:00 / 06:47:20Watch at: 06:47:20 / 06:47:40Watch at: 06:47:40 / 06:48:00Watch at: 06:48:00 / 06:48:20Watch at: 06:48:20 / 06:48:40Watch at: 06:48:40 / 06:49:00Watch at: 06:49:00 / 06:49:20Watch at: 06:49:20 / 06:49:40Watch at: 06:49:40 / 06:50:00Watch at: 06:50:00 / 06:50:20Watch at: 06:50:20 / 06:50:40Watch at: 06:50:40 / 06:51:00Watch at: 06:51:00 / 06:51:20Watch at: 06:51:20 / 06:51:40Watch at: 06:51:40 / 06:52:00Watch at: 06:52:00 / 06:52:20Watch at: 06:52:20 / 06:52:40Watch at: 06:52:40 / 06:53:00Watch at: 06:53:00 / 06:53:20Watch at: 06:53:20 / 06:53:40Watch at: 06:53:40 / 06:54:00Watch at: 06:54:00 / 06:54:20Watch at: 06:54:20 / 06:54:40Watch at: 06:54:40 / 06:55:00Watch at: 06:55:00 / 06:55:20Watch at: 06:55:20 / 06:55:40Watch at: 06:55:40 / 06:56:00Watch at: 06:56:00 / 06:56:20Watch at: 06:56:20 / 06:56:40Watch at: 06:56:40 / 06:57:00Watch at: 06:57:00 / 06:57:20Watch at: 06:57:20 / 06:57:40Watch at: 06:57:40 / 06:58:00Watch at: 06:58:00 / 06:58:20Watch at: 06:58:20 / 06:58:40Watch at: 06:58:40 / 06:59:00Watch at: 06:59:00 / 06:59:20Watch at: 06:59:20 / 06:59:40Watch at: 06:59:40 / 07:00:00Watch at: 07:00:00 / 07:00:20Watch at: 07:00:20 / 07:00:40Watch at: 07:00:40 / 07:01:00Watch at: 07:01:00 / 07:01:20Watch at: 07:01:20 / 07:01:40Watch at: 07:01:40 / 07:02:00Watch at: 07:02:00 / 07:02:20Watch at: 07:02:20 / 07:02:40Watch at: 07:02:40 / 07:03:00Watch at: 07:03:00 / 07:03:20Watch at: 07:03:20 / 07:03:40Watch at: 07:03:40 / 07:04:00Watch at: 07:04:00 / 07:04:20Watch at: 07:04:20 / 07:04:40Watch at: 07:04:40 / 07:05:00Watch at: 07:05:00 / 07:05:20Watch at: 07:05:20 / 07:05:40Watch at: 07:05:40 / 07:06:00Watch at: 07:06:00 / 07:06:20Watch at: 07:06:20 / 07:06:40Watch at: 07:06:40 / 07:07:00Watch at: 07:07:00 / 07:07:20Watch at: 07:07:20 / 07:07:40Watch at: 07:07:40 / 07:08:00Watch at: 07:08:00 / 07:08:20Watch at: 07:08:20 / 07:08:40Watch at: 07:08:40 / 07:09:00Watch at: 07:09:00 / 07:09:20Watch at: 07:09:20 / 07:09:40Watch at: 07:09:40 / 07:10:00Watch at: 07:10:00 / 07:10:20Watch at: 07:10:20 / 07:10:40Watch at: 07:10:40 / 07:11:00Watch at: 07:11:00 / 07:11:20Watch at: 07:11:20 / 07:11:40Watch at: 07:11:40 / 07:12:00Watch at: 07:12:00 / 07:12:20Watch at: 07:12:20 / 07:12:40Watch at: 07:12:40 / 07:13:00Watch at: 07:13:00 / 07:13:20Watch at: 07:13:20 / 07:13:40Watch at: 07:13:40 / 07:14:00Watch at: 07:14:00 / 07:14:20Watch at: 07:14:20 / 07:14:40Watch at: 07:14:40 / 07:15:00Watch at: 07:15:00 / 07:15:20Watch at: 07:15:20 / 07:15:40Watch at: 07:15:40 / 07:16:00Watch at: 07:16:00 / 07:16:20Watch at: 07:16:20 / 07:16:40Watch at: 07:16:40 / 07:17:00Watch at: 07:17:00 / 07:17:20Watch at: 07:17:20 / 07:17:40Watch at: 07:17:40 / 07:18:00Watch at: 07:18:00 / 07:18:20Watch at: 07:18:20 / 07:18:40Watch at: 07:18:40 / 07:19:00Watch at: 07:19:00 / 07:19:20Watch at: 07:19:20 / 07:19:40Watch at: 07:19:40 / 07:20:00Watch at: 07:20:00 / 07:20:20Watch at: 07:20:20 / 07:20:40Watch at: 07:20:40 / 07:21:00Watch at: 07:21:00 / 07:21:20Watch at: 07:21:20 / 07:21:40Watch at: 07:21:40 / 07:22:00Watch at: 07:22:00 / 07:22:20Watch at: 07:22:20 / 07:22:40Watch at: 07:22:40 / 07:23:00Watch at: 07:23:00 / 07:23:20Watch at: 07:23:20 / 07:23:40Watch at: 07:23:40 / 07:24:00Watch at: 07:24:00 / 07:24:20Watch at: 07:24:20 / 07:24:40Watch at: 07:24:40 / 07:25:00Watch at: 07:25:00 / 07:25:20Watch at: 07:25:20 / 07:25:40Watch at: 07:25:40 / 07:26:00Watch at: 07:26:00 / 07:26:20Watch at: 07:26:20 / 07:26:40Watch at: 07:26:40 / 07:27:00Watch at: 07:27:00 / 07:27:20Watch at: 07:27:20 / 07:27:40Watch at: 07:27:40 / 07:28:00Watch at: 07:28:00 / 07:28:20

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