WATCH LIVE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Def Trial Day 5 – Johnny Depp Testifies!

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20do circuit court of fairfax county is now in session you know pennies presiding okay good morning all right do we have any preliminary matters before the jury comes out okay that's a good day all right if we could have the witness mr bett come back to the stand is he here or is he outside all right just so we can be ready to go all right so if you could come back to the stand please thank you all right and i think we're ready for the jury that's fine thank you so uh all right you can have a seat mr event good morning ladies and gentlemen all right just a reminder mr bet that you're still under oath okay all right thank you all right cross-examination good morning mr bett good morning you're a full-time employee of mr depp correct that's correct you've been working with mr deb for about 15 years give or take correct and you make a salary for mr depp right i do and in your role one of your top priorities is to make sure mr depp is safe and that if he's out he gets home safely correct that's correct and mr depp's safety is a priority over others that may be out with mr deb correct his safety along with the safety of the people that are around them but mr def safety is the top priority correct correct that just goes without saying right and your role as his chief of security right and your job as security is to remain discreetly in the background right correct you were not part of mr dev's family right correct you're not with him 24 7. right correct and you weren't with him 24 7 when he was in a relationship with miss heard correct correct and you obviously have no personal knowledge of what happens when you're not around correct that's correct and you have no personal knowledge of what happens behind closed doors with mr deb correct correct you weren't when mr depp was in a relationship with miss heard you weren't traveling out of los angeles as part of mr depp's security correct i did on one occasion what occasion was that uh we did a trip to austin texas um but other than that you didn't travel outside of la as part of your security when he was with miss heard correct correct so you weren't in australia in march of 2015 right correct you weren't on a plane flight from boston to los angeles in may of 2014 correct correct you didn't go to the bahamas with him correct correct you didn't go to tokyo with him and misheard correct correct you're around him almost every day when he's in los angeles right almost picking up food for him yes pick up medicine for him yes help coordinate visitors to his house correct his houses pick up groceries for him yes and you let him into places like his residences right correct because he doesn't carry keys for them right you driving places i do right um almost every time he leaves his property he's being driven rather than driving correct almost every time and you help arrange that right yes your responsibility one of them is to help get him where he needs to go right yes you've woken him up in the mornings before i have and yesterday i believe you testified that sometimes mr depp would have just a glass of wine or two right yes and you testified that his demeanor when he was slightly intoxicated was the same as if he had had a glass of sparkling water remember giving that testimony i do the fact is you've seen him much more impaired than that right i have you've you've seen him impaired enough that you've had to help put him to bed before right don't understand by putting them to bed well there have been times when mr depp was um so impaired that you you had to get up the stairs and open the bedroom doors for him right well that specific bedroom door in his los angeles house it has a tricky lock to it so it's you know there have been times where i've gone upstairs and maybe had a glass of water for him and so i would have to open that door for him correct right so you've you've gotten him into bed you've got him some water you've asked him if he needs anything right correct in times when he's been impaired correct and times when he's just had breakfast and some coffee and you've stayed with him and during times when he's been impaired there's times when you've stayed with him until he lays down and you tell him good night and you'll see him the next day right i wouldn't stay with him i just would say good night i'm going home and i'll see you tomorrow or if i happen to have a few days off i'll see you in a few days now yesterday um you've you've actually prevented people from calling the police when mr depp's behavior after drinking was bothering them haven't you prevented people there was one time correct yeah and and in that occasion uh mr depp and some other people had had had a couple perfect bottles of wine and pounded an entire bottle of tequila right i don't remember how much they had to drink no i know there was drinking going on mr depp told you that they had had a couple bottles of perfect wine and pounded an entire bottle of tequila right i don't remember that was some time ago heather can you pull up exhibit 892 please [Music] mr bett is this a text exchange that you had with mr depp uh on september 1st 2017 at or 2 34 to 2 36 in the afternoon um if you just give me a moment let me put my glasses on sure take your time have a hard time okay much better uh can you repeat that uh statement a question sure sure my question was just is this a text exchange that you and mr depp had um on september 1st 2017 from 2 34 into 2 36 in the afternoon objection your honor relevance the date this is well after what's the relevance to 2017 the relevance is that mr bett testified yesterday that he'd seen mr depp have a glass or two of wine and this is direct evidence to contradict that all right i'll allow it all right thank you ryan oh i'm sorry um yeah according to the time stamp and date uh that is a text message from mr deb and i okay and uh at 2 34 p.m mr depp texts you stakes were excellent pondering though we'll likely have dinner here steaks were excellent a couple of bottles of perfect wine we then pounded an entire bottle of tequila three exclamation points then the savagery commenced two exclamation points good morning three exclamation points did i read that right you did and there's an x and fascia after that okay and then you you told mr mr death that you prevented you said i prevented them from calling pope objection your honor hearsay also improper impeachment that's for the the context of the text and when he was he testified that he had prevented him from calling so then mr bett you texted mr depp back two minutes later and you said i prevented them from calling popo glad you had fun you mean dinner in room or restaurant do you see that i do and you sent that text to mr deb correct i did and by popo you mean police correct that's correct okay um you told him that you were glad he had fun right right you're on a permission move for admission of exhibit 892 and permission to publish our objection is relevance this is well past the relationship between mr depp and ms hurd okay if it was just used for impeachment why would it come into evidence well it's mr depp's um mr depp's statements about what he did uh when he pounded an entire bottle of tequila and the savagery that commenced go toward his his use of alcohol that's much greater than in 2017. mm-hmm i'll sustain the objection thank you your honor you're aware that mr depp has used drugs right i am and you've you've helped facilitate mr depp's drug use on occasion correct i haven't i'm sorry i haven't you have not i have not heather can you pull up exhibit 967 please mr bett feel free to take the time that you need to to to review this document familiarize yourself with it but my first question for you is just is this a text exchange that you had with mr depp on june 12 2019 june 12th according to these transcripts yeah it has uh my name and his name on there right um and if it's starts at the bottom and goes up correct no i'm sorry i wasn't paying attention to the time stamps that that's okay hard to orient yourself with these sometimes okay uh at the bottom yeah i do see um 6 12 19 at uh 1 50 p.m and then the more recent texts are as you go up the page right correct so in the in the bottom text you're telling mr depp that some people are at his house visiting and you say they'll be at the pool and protection your honor hearsay also relevance this is 2019. what's the relevance he just testified that he hadn't helped facilitate mr depp's drug use so this is for impeachment and this is you got to read the text and context to see how it impeaches them all right we could come mr bett you communicate with mr depp through texts correct i do that's your primary way of communicating with him well not primary i mean if i happen to be in his presence we'll communicate sure but in terms of written communications texting is the way that you guys primarily communicate right correct and you that's the same thing that you the same way that you communicate primarily with his other employees or with his family as well right yes you have a practice of deleting all your texts with them at the end of the day or week correct that's correct so there wouldn't be text from his time uh when he was in a relationship with amber heard that you have possession of correct that's correct you've never seen amber do something that you would call physically violent or an assault of mr deb correct other than when i testified that she threw a water bottle or a plastic cup in his direction but that you wouldn't consider that physically violent or an assault of him correct well in california it's assault if you go to attempt to swing or throw something at somebody even if you don't hit them all right [Music] okay mr bett do you remember giving a deposition in this case i do and you were under oath for that deposition correct i was and i asked you a number of questions right you asked me several yes i did and um if you can turn to page 111 of this transcript please it's on page 28 of the document i'm sorry okay and if you look at line 22 the last line and then heading over to page 112. you see that you got it and in in your deposition um i asked you this question and you gave this answer question so is it fair to say that while you've seen miss heard yell and get emotional toward johnny you've never seen her do something that you would call physically violent or assault of johnny answer correct did i read that right you did i'd like to turn to may 21st 2016. um that was the incident that we talked about last night right before you we adjourned for the day correct correct you and mr uh jerry judge brought mr depp over to the penthouses at the eastern columbia building that night right we did and you knew that he was going there to speak with amber correct and gather some belongings your understanding was that mr depp was going over there because they both wanted to talk and calm everything down right objection calls for speculation as to what ms heard wanted i'll sustain the objection if you want to reverse mr depp told you that he and amber were going to talk it out and talk about what's going on correct great and he had wine in the car on the way over i believe you testified yesterday right he did have a glass of wine and um it's i think you testified it's possible he had been drinking during the day before you brought him over there correct correct i saw him with a wine glass um after his meeting when he came out into the hallway and when you um no i'm sorry during the day before you picked him up to go over to the eastern columbia building it's possible he'd been drinking correct well we were at a meeting he he did have a glass of wine in his hand so i presume he was drinking okay and when you arrived at the eastern columbia building you can't say one way or the other whether mr depp was carrying wine with him into the building right i can't remember you and mr judge let him into penthouse 3 and were in there for just a minute or two before you exited penthouse three correct yes give or take okay and then you stayed outside in the hallway of penthouse three for a bit right a short period of time correct i think you testified yesterday like 10 minutes is that right yeah give or two um and then you from there you went from the hallway outside of penthouse three to penthouse five the the storage area where you had a couch and a tv and that sort of thing that you testified about right that's correct is that also known as the guard shack a modified version of the guard shack it's just a place for us as i testified yesterday to you know rest or have lunch or some coffee sometimes called the cubby hole is that right uh we might have called that that i i can't remember what okay just to orient us heather can you please pull up plaintiff's exhibit 116 in your honor i believe this has already been entered into evidence i do believe so yes can you can you rotate that please counterclockwise okay and then maybe just blow it up please and your honor permission to publish if it if it's not thank you oh thank you so mr bett if if you just to orient us am i correct in saying that the um well could you put your finger just on the the guard shack area of penthouse five please uh sure it's just the diagram the schematics is kind of off because the way broadway is set up it doesn't coincide with the way the buildings were but i can make an attempt to show you where the yeah just i think i think the screen will make a mark if you show on it okay i mean i'm having a um okay okay um so this is i'd say right in this area right here okay is it showing up yes because there would be elevators to the right it is okay yeah yeah that's showing up okay so that's down the hall from outside of penthouse three right correct and you s you stayed in that guard shack for um i believe you said five to ten minutes is that right yes so if you spent about ten minutes outside penthouse three and then five to ten minutes um inside pen inside the guard shack you say you were at the building for what a total of 30 minutes or so it could have been a little bit longer it could have been 40 it could have been closer to an hour it was um quite some time ago but you're you're fairly confident was 40 minutes to an hour around that time frame correct and you were you said that you arrived at the building sometime between 7 15 and 7 45 is that what you said yesterday yeah what's your best guess it would be an estimate guess maybe more towards 8ish but again it could have been 7 30 i just okay more towards eight-ish all right and so you stayed in the guard shack for five to ten minutes and then you left the guard shack and headed back up the hall toward the door of penthouse three right yes and at some point you heard amber shouting and you let yourself into penthouse three right that's correct the closest you got to amber when you went into penthouse 3 was 15 to 20 feet right around that correct and you were in um penthouse 3 for just about 30 seconds to a minute before you left again with mr depp right around that time frame you don't remember what miss heard was wearing do you i know and you can't remember if she was crying when you saw her right i didn't see her crying you can't remember if she was crying right i just said i didn't see her crying she could have been crying right objection calls for speculation and asked and answered that's a different question i'll sustain that objection next question and you can't remember she had any makeup on or not right if she did she had very little you just can't remember if she did right i mean yeah i mean it's possible but it was a long time ago turn to page 160 please in your deposition okay that'd be page 40 as well page 40 yes yes sir and on line one um i asked you the question did miss heard have any you couldn't tell if she was wearing any makeup right your answer was i can't remember if she had any makeup on or not did i read that right you did and you don't know what you have no personal knowledge of what transpired in penthouse 3 while you were outside of it that evening correct i don't and you have no personal knowledge of whether amber had a phone thrown in her face by johnny depp that evening correct i don't because you weren't there right that's correct so you left penthouse three and then you went into penthouse five at mr depp's insistence that he'd get into penthouse five right that's correct and he was agitated at this time right i'm sorry i you said i went into penthouse 3 or penthouse 5 at this time i'm sorry you left you left penthouse 3 after 30 to 60 seconds with mr depp and mr judge and you went to penthouse five right correct and that's because mr depp was demanding to get into penthouse five right yes and mr depp was agitated at this time right yeah i'd say he was educated and you one of the reasons that you could tell that he was agitated was because this wasn't the first time you had seen him agitated right now mr depp told you to let him into penthouse five and you did that right yes and when he left penthouse three to go to penthouse five you can't remember if he had wine in his hand or not correct i can't i'm sorry i can't cannot cannot and when he walked into penthouse five inside were rocky pennington her fiance josh drew and another woman and a dog right that's correct and mr depp told them to get out of his penthouse right yes and they exited right they did and you can't remember one way or the other whether mr depp knocked anything off the table in any of the penthouses right it's possible we did but i can't remember did you or mr judge just to be clear did you or mr judge destroy any property or knock anything off tables in any of the penthouses that evening no you have no personal knowledge of whether or not mr depp was violent and misheard at times when you weren't around them correct i have no knowledge and misheard may have suffered injuries at the hands of mr depp over the years that you didn't witness or you didn't see correct correct i'd like to to end by just just taking a look at the videos of you entering and exiting the building i believe heather could you pull up exhibit 672. in your honor i believe i believe that these were part of mr patterson's um deposition and that they've been admitted i do have uh 672 admitted correct yes that's correct i think okay and the next one will be 666 just to confirm all right we have that as well thank you your honor heather could you play this starting at uh one well actually before we start does do you see this on your screen mr bett i do and you see the time stamp um that at the bottom that that shows what time the the camera uh the video was taken correct i see the tim's the time stamp in the date okay let's go ahead and play this heather start at 1 55. that's you in that black and white shirt right that's me that's mr depp in the hat correct and that's mr judge to his left correct this video is when you're entering the eastern columbia building to take him to penthouse three correct uh correct so it's actually a good bit earlier than you testified to right it's at 702 if i'm converting military time to well that's what the timestamp says i mean i don't know how it was calibrated and so forth but according to the screen it does say 1902 hours which is 702 702 pm right correct on may 21st 2016. yeah right okay heather you can take that down please please pull up exhibit sixty six and you see that the time stamp on this video is well let's go ahead and play the video first and that's you on the right again right it is and that's mr judge in the middle right yes and that's mr depp on the left correct yes and the time stamp on this video is 20 29 or 8 29 p.m right that's correct so you were actually in in the eastern columbia building for about an hour and a half that evening right well according to these uh time stamps yes it does say that it didn't seem like it was that long i have nothing further thank you all right thank you redirect mr butt you previously testified that when you left penthouse three and went into penthouse 5. who was inside that penthouse when you entered with mr depp uh josh drew an unknown female and a little dog was miss pennington inside penthouse 3 when you entered with mr depp i'm sorry you said penthouse 5 didn't you am i getting my numbers you're right my apologies let me start over it's confusing when you left penthouse 3 and went into penthouse 5 who was inside let's try this again okay josh drew an unknown female and cute little dog where was miss pennington was she inside penthouse 3 when you entered or penthouse 5 when you entered she was not in penthouse 5 no where where was the last place you saw miss pennington on may 21st she was standing next to miss heard in penthouse number three i think there's been also a little bit of confusion about april 21st 2016 and may 21st 2016. so let's start with april 21st 2016. what a question just the the miss vasya's testifying i'm just trying to orient the witness i'll try to limit that um where was mr deb on april 21 2016 on uh april 21st he was at a meeting in his production office okay and i believe you testified previously that you saw him holding a glass of wine is that right correct okay um did he appear intoxicated to you after that meeting he didn't i'm sorry i didn't catch that he did not he did not okay now on may 21 2016. was mr depp drinking wine that day he did have wine with him yes correct and at what point did you observe mr deb with wine on may 21 2016 um he probably had it in the car with him when we were driving down and um he could have finished it prior to us walking uh to penthouse three and did mr depp based on your observations mr bett appear intoxicated to you on may 21 2016 before he arrived to the eastern columbia building he didn't he did not he did not did you ever observe anything that made you concerned for miss herd's safety objection foundation i did not what if anything did you observe that made you concerned for mr depp's safety from the injuries i saw on his face when on a few occasions i took photos of him okay nothing further thank you is this witness subject to recall no your honor all right not subject to recall correct okay all right so you're free to go or you have a seat in the in the courtroom it's up to you all right thank you thank you have a good day sir all right your next witness uh thank your honor plaintiff calls kenan wyatt keenan wyatt could you spell that name for me k e e n a n last name wyatt w a w y a t t all right thank you so much mr wyatt so so um um truthfully in this case in penalty of law yes sir good morning mr wyatt morning would you please state your full name for the record keenan wyatt mr wyatt where do you live thousand oaks california what do you do for a living i'm a sound technician on feature films how long have you been a sound technician on feature uh over 35 years would you please briefly describe for the jury what a sound technician on film's work does well the uh technically just do the uh dialogue recording while on on the set so it's as clean as possible do you know johnny depp yes i do how do you know mr depp uh i've known johnny for over 25 years and we're good friends have you ever worked with mr depp yes i have for how many of mr depp's films have you worked with him as the sound technician uh to dozens of dozens of films would you please just name a few of them for the jury if you can remember uh i've done the five pirate the caribbean movies uh alice in wonderland uh rum diary charlie chocolate factory ninth gate lone ranger number films what part did mr depp play in the five pirates of the caribbean movies captain jack sproul are you mr wyatt are you currently employed by mr depp no have you ever been employed by mr depp no have you ever been paid by mr deck no have you ever worked for any of mr depp's companies yes i worked for infinidum nile when was the last time you worked for infinitive nile uh last time i was there was probably 2017. i worked uh on a contract basis with him not as an employee and would you very briefly describe for the jury what work you did for infinitive nile in 2017. i ran the media library with them did some archiving recording editing things like that how would you describe briefly your working relationship with mr depp in the 25 years or so that you've worked together uh johnny's great to work with on films he's he always comes very prepared and knows what he wants to do and makes it for a fun day when we're shooting with what directors have you and mr depp work together oh many directors um but uh we've done several films multiple films with multiple directors like uh tim burton gore verbinski rob marshall we've done multiple films with them why did you and mr depp work with those directors more than once uh johnny makes it easy to work with uh foundation your honor he's laid the foundation he's worked with mr depp for 25 years on more than a more than 10 feature fails and relevance i'll allow it okay thank your honor why did you um why did you and mr depp uh work with those directors more than more than once well he uh the directors like working for him he comes with you're saying your honor he uh you just uh allowed the uh question oh out loud go ahead johnny makes it easy to work with he's uh he comes prepared he knows what he wants to do with the characters and he collaborates very well with the directors is pirates five one of the feature films on which you work together with mr depp yes was mr depp ever late to the set on pirates 5 yes do you know why mr depp was late on those occasions uh well arguing going on between him and amber objection hearsay foundation sustain the objection what base um strike that did you communicate with crew members on the set of pirates five every day yes was mr depp's lateness a problem for the crew objection calls for hearsay i'll sustain as to what the crew may have told him well i was just uh asking the threshold question of whether he had spoken with the crew right i'll sustain the objection putting aside occasional lateness on the set of pirates five was production of pirates 5 ever suspended for any period of time objection calls for hearsay foundation how would he know that if you can ask how he knew it you want to lay the foundations how did you know whether production of pirates five was ever suspended i was on the film i was working on the film so okay so i know it was suspended probably for two or three weeks and why was it suspended for two or three weeks uh johnny had to go back to los angeles because his finger had been cut off tip of his finger had been cut off do you have any understanding of how mr depp's or the top of mr depp's finger was cut off right yes no i don't know okay and i believe you testified that production was suspended for a period of two or three weeks did there come a time when mr depp returned from los angeles to australia for completion of the field of the shooting of pirates five yes he did who is sean bailey uh he's an executive at disney after mr depp returned to the set of pirates 5 in australia what if any interactions did you observe between mr depp and mr daley uh sean had come to set one day and sat and talked with johnny for a while and they talked about collaborating and doing some stuff in the future was it a friendly conversation absolutely yes has mr depp ever worn an earpiece in any of the many movies uh in which you've worked with him yes for what purpose are earpieces generally used by actors on sets well first of all relevance foundation what's the relevance for may we approach your honor okay sure mr wyatt has mr depp ever worn an earpiece in any of the movies in which you've worked with him and he already answered it anyway that's okay a lot yes he has when was the first time you used an earpiece with mr depp first time we used it was on uh a movie he was directing called the brave um we were doing a scene with uh marlon brando who wears an earpiece for receiving his dialogue i'll allow it it's fine good uh marlon uses an earpiece for uh for his dialogue and it was a long shooting day and we let uh johnny as the director let marlon go after we shot marlon section of the film and then to for johnny's character to act against something other than just a blank nothing we put marlin's performance in an earpiece in into johnny so he could act up against marlon's performance did mr depp ever use an earpiece for some other purpose other than listening uh to mr brando's dialogue after that we started using an earpiece all the time where johnny would listen to music while acting we would play all different kinds of music depending on the character he was uh he was playing he and i would talk about it beforehand and it would sometimes be classical sometimes it would be rock sometimes it would be blues it depended on the character to what extent if any did you and mr depp use that process in other movies in which you work together we use that on every movie mr wyatt on those occasions in addition to feeding mr depp music did you ever read lines to him yes why did you read lines to mr deb um johnny typically likes to go into makeup in the morning and write his own dialogue and rewrite his dialogue so sometimes there's not enough time always to rem you know to remember the lines and learn them so i would remind him in his ear sometimes while well music was playing at the same time and mr white in your long experience working with mr depp on films how would you describe his level of preparedness on the set he's absolutely prepared he knows what he wants the character to be he he collaborates with the act with the director on what um what his ideas are but he always comes very prepared and mr wyatt during your long relationship with mr depp what if any opportunity have you had to observe his sense of humor quite often how would you describe to the jury mr depp's sense of humor uh he likes like a british humor he's he's uh um sometimes a little dark maybe he likes plays on words you know that sort of thing monty python monty python there's a there's a show in england called the fat show which you used to love watching mr wyatt what if any relationship do you have with mr depp outside of your working relationship uh we're close i i used to uh after a film sometimes he'd call and would go on vacation with he and his family on what occasions would you go on vacation with mr depp and his family oh he would call after after a film and he would be going away with the the kids and vanessa and he would say hey you know we're going we're going to the island would you come with me and stuff or we're going to france would you come along and sure why not would you please uh give the jury vanessa's full name vanessa paradise and would you please tell the jury who she is she is the mother of johnny's two kids jack and lily rose and mr wyatt uh on how many occasions if you can recall did you accompany mr depp miss parody and johnny's two children on vacation several times did on those several occasions where you accompanied them on vacation did you ever observe mr depp and vanessa interact with each other sure yes would you please tell the jury what you observed they were they were a loving couple and everything was fine yeah it was a family did you ever hear or see mr depp yell or raise his voice at vanessa parody the mother of his children not that i recall did you ever on any occasion see mr depp physically abuse vanessa never and i believe you testified mr wyatt that mr depp's and miss paradise children lily rose and jack were there on those vacations is that correct yes did you have occasion to observe mr depp's interactions with his children sure yes would you please describe for the jury very briefly mr depp's interactions with his children jack and lily rose he was a very loving father he used to do stuff with the kids all the time going swimming at the island and teaching them scuba diving and you know just drawing a lot of drawing doing artwork did he ever yell or raise his voice at his children not that i recall nothing that stands out now mr wyatt on what if any occasions have you seen mr duck drink alcohol oh we would drink we drink alcohol quite often and on those occasions in which you had alcohol with mr depp how if at all did his behavior change i i don't remember it changing at all i don't remember him changing it didn't make him angry no no sleepy have you ever seen mr depp use drugs uh i've seen him take pills um don't know what they were i wouldn't know what they were but that's all based on your observations when you have seen him taking pills how if at all did the taking of pills affect his behavior uh i i didn't see any change in johnny i didn't i don't recall anything changing mr wyatt do you know the defendant in this case ms amber heard yes when did you first meet miss hurd on the set of rum diary on how many occasions if at all did you see miss heard after that um several several times would you please describe for the jury very briefly your relationship with miss heard after you saw her the first few times i mean i don't really have a relationship with her we didn't we didn't sit and talk i didn't it didn't hang out with her or anything like that did there come a time when you became aware that mr depp and miss heard were romantically involved yes how often did you see mr depp after he started the uh romantic relationship with miss hurt oh i don't recall i didn't i i didn't see him that often but i don't recall how often how often that i didn't see him i didn't seem that much how often were you together strike that how often did you interact with mr depp and miss heard when the two of them were together uh just only occasionally did i see him and we we would uh i would leave him alone let him have his time with with amber i wasn't into interfering and and and on those occasions where you interacted with mr depp and miss heard as a couple did you ever hear mr depp yell at or raise his voice to misheard no on what occasions if any did he ever raise his hand to or otherwise uh abuse ms hurt i've never seen him be violent towards anybody and if we could uh did there come a switch gears here uh did there come a time in may 2014 when you traveled with mr depp and miss heard by private plane from boston to los angeles yes who else was on that boston plane flight uh it was amber and johnny uh stephen uh savannah and jerry judge and myself and would you please uh tell the jury who is stephen stephen deuters is uh johnny's assistant who is savannah savannah was um amber's assistant and i think the jury has heard the name jerry judge but if you could please explain to the jury again who jerry judge is jerry judges johnny security mr wyatt why were you on that flight that night i don't know the exact circumstances of that flag i didn't travel with the two of them that often i was probably headed back to los angeles to see my daughter and before you got on the flight how did you arrive at the airport that night uh we came in a car when you say you came in the car with whom did you come in the car it was uh jerry steven nathan johnny and myself and and who is nathan nathan is uh is johnny's other assistant nathan holmes what if any alcohol or drugs did you see mr depp take while on the car ride to the airport on the car ride i don't i don't recall any anything being taken we uh johnny i know had called jack during the car ride to talk to him to tell him we're on our way and we were listening to the world cup that was going on at the time and if you could just remind the jury who jack is jack is johnny's a little boy when you and mr depp and the and the security personnel arrived at the plane who if anyone was there at the plane the plane had come from new york with amber and savannah already on it what if anything did you observe about miss herd's behavior on that boston flight uh well she was given johnny the cold shoulder being quiet um and uh you know seemed pouty what if any conversation did you have with am miss heard on the flight well at one point i went up to her and said uh something to the effect of you know he cares about you and all of a sudden she snapped and started yelling at me how dare you talk to me get away from me you know so i went back to the seat and minded my own business when she said those things to you would you describe the tone of her voice if you remember it she she was abruptly loud it was a quiet plane all of a sudden it got very loud and i believe you testified you went back to your seat or you moved um what happened next uh johnny had said something to her like you know don't talk to my friend that way and i i just stayed in my seat and finished the rest of the flight and after you went back to your seat to what extent if any were you able to see mr depp and miss hurt i was able to see them very clearly what if any violence or physical altercation did you observe between mr depp and miss heard once you've gone back to your seat i i've never seen johnny be violent towards anybody to what extent if any did you observe mr depp or miss heard hit kick or throw anything at each other on the plane no i don't recall that at all mr wyatt was mr depp consuming any alcohol in that flight sure yes did he seem intoxicated seem intoxicated i now he seemed like johnny no he seemed normal did there come a time mr wyatt when you learned that mr depp and miss heard were getting married uh to each other yes how did you find out about that there would be a wedding i was at the infinitum office and uh christie came to me and said hey uh i'm just asking it's not for the proof i'm just asking him how he found out about the wedding all right what's the relevance may we approach iran mr wyatt did you end up attending the wedding yes i did where was that where did the wedding take place there's two weddings uh one at uh one at betty sue's house um johnny's mom's house and then another one on the island the one on the island i did not attend what if anything did you observe at the los angeles ceremony that you attended at sue mr jeff's mother's house um it was all very quick i mean we all found out about it the last moment um there was a bit of confusion johnny had a friend from out of town and she wasn't sure what was going on a little jack didn't understand what was going on i'll sustain as other people go ahead what if anything did you observe about miss herd's demeanor at the ceremony she was very happy go lucky she was all dressed up all her friends were nicely dressed up and ready for a wedding have you ever in the course of your interactions with ms heard ever seen any marks injuries or bruises on her i have not no during the decades that you have known mr depp to what extent if any are you aware of any woman other than misheard accusing him of abuse i'll allow it i've never seen johnny abuse anybody ever thank you very much mr white that's all i have right now well we're going to take our break all right let's go ahead and take our uh morning break for 15 minutes uh do not say anything uh to do not talk to me about the case and don't look up anything if a juror needs to address something to me please write it down and give it to the deputy okay all right thank you you're excused 15 minutes all right and mr wyatt since you're still in the middle of your testimony you can't discuss the case or your testimony with the attorneys or with mr deb at this time okay all right thank you let's just come back let's make it 11 20. okay we'll come back 11 20. thank you all right we're ready for the jury okay okay yes okay oh so all right all right cross-examination thank you now mr white you testified that you've been a sound technician for pretty much most of your career right okay and let's go to that marlon brando that he used an earpiece for his lines to be fed to him correct at that time and when was that when was the brave film uh mid-90s okay and so ever since then mr depp has thought it was a good idea and has used an earpiece correct he is using your piece yes okay and you're the person who controls what goes into his earpiece is that correct okay so it could be music it can be lines it can be anything right yes okay and you have been his sound technician since the 1990s all the way up through at least 26 2016. correct there's been a couple of us yes okay but but you actually have been on almost all his movies haven't been on most of them probably okay and in fact not only are you his personal sound technician but you are named in his contracts as his sound technician correct i don't know that okay well let's pull up exhibit number let's go to six three three and i'm going to show you what has been marked as defendants exhibit 633 and it's the contract for pirates of the caribbean from august 2022. do you see that oh objectional foundation i'm sorry lack of foundation i didn't get i didn't know his answer i see it it says august 2002. let's turn to page 16. actually the one before that that's two before that i think there we go do you see where it says location assistant yes okay and if you go down it has your name specifically on there does it not say kanan wyatt yes okay and on this particular one it has sam sarker and keenan wyatt do you see that yes but eventually it just became keenan white in all the contracts right i do not know i don't know okay and then as part of this in each of mr deb's contracts he had what you were going to get paid correct i don't know what's in his car okay well on this one it was 1428 per hour correct lack of foundation your honor all right well well he doesn't know this contract if you want to a few minutes a different question well you on every one of his contracts had an hourly rate and a guarantee of at least 60 hours a week right calls for speculation lack of foundation surely he has to know how he was getting paid maybe you want to ask that question do you know how you were getting paid on each of these films yes okay i get paid through a payroll company from the production companies okay and these were all negotiated by mr depp correct no i'm his company paid by the uh the union sets the rate for me right but you're aware that mr depp has negotiated it and put you into his contract lack of foundation calls for speculation i'll allow that answer if you can answer it i'm sorry you want to you're aware question again you're aware that mr depp has put you into each of his contracts including how much you get paid in all of your perks right i see it here but um when i'm hired by a production company i get paid by the production company at my union rate for the job that i'm doing that's not the rate i make when i'm working on a production okay uh all right well let's uh let's stay in this one just for a minute and then we'll take a look at a couple more because you ended up with a lot higher rate pretty soon um but you also had your airfare paid for correct for travel yes you also were put up in the same hotel as mr depp if he was in a hotel correct uh not necessarily all the time right and if he was in a house then you got a comparable uh hotel close by right i got a place to stay wherever we were filming yes and it was comparable comparable to chinese it was a it was a positive it was a nice hotel wasn't it um yeah i mean productions we usually stayed at nice hotels okay so is it is it your testimony that you didn't know that you were named specifically and the terms of your compensation and your benefits were in every single one of mr depp's contract objection asked an answer several times your honor it has not and i had to allow this i did not know it was in okay the contract next question okay i'm gonna let's go take a look real quick i'm gonna flip over to eight eight five five and this is a contract december 4 2008 with paramount pictures for rango do you recall that yes and you were his sound technician there correct and if we turn to page 12 which is the second one if you look down there your name is right there you're designated as sound technician correct do you see that yes all right and then let's flip to the next page and that has 3 500 per week correct lack of foundation do you remember getting 3 500 a week i get whatever the weekly rate is for the union position that i'm doing i don't know at this time i don't recall what the rate was i don't know if that's what i got or not um but i got with the union set as my minimum rate okay and again you didn't know that mr depp negotiated this into his contract okay and then if we go down a little bit further here it has you uh round trip class transport coach class transportation you see that yes and then it has hotel accommodations and per diem on the same basis as is the crew of the picture on this one correct yes well we were in rango was in los angeles so none of that would have right so it was a lot easier then let's jump to plaintiff's exhibit 842. and this is pirates of the caribbean july 2014 this would be for five right or lack of foundation these are contracts to which mr wyatt was not a party your audience not offered to prove the truth of the contract it's what is it offered for what's all right well let me ask it this way um for pirates five were you you were in what was your hotel accommodations i was staying in a condominium that the rest of the crew was staying at okay and how much were you getting paid on pirates five whatever the union minimum was for my job do you have any idea what it was no i don't recall okay i'd have to look it up and were you aware that your compensation and benefits were in mr depp's pirates contract no i did not all right now let's go to pirates 5 in particular i think you testified that mr depp was was he occasionally laid laid a lot to the set i don't recall i mean he was late yes there were days he didn't show up at all weren't there uh could have been i don't recall and there were days that he didn't show up for six seven hours correct yes okay and in fact uh he wasn't showing up before amber ever got to australia isn't that correct i don't i don't know that do you recall him going on a binge with marilyn manson for a few days objection lack of do you recall no i don't recall you don't recall one way or the other or you just no i didn't visit johnny when we were in australia i don't know okay so you had a house i had a condominium in town so so you don't know what was causing johnny to be late or whether he was taking a lot of alcohol and drugs was that fair to say yes okay and you said that you observed johnny depp talking with sean bailey after he came back and let's go to that you said there was a two to three week delay in fact it was closer to five to six weeks wasn't it i don't recall what it was it's pretty significant when the entire crew has to stop for that period objection to ms bradehoff's testimony all right i'll sustain the objection ask the question it's pretty significant isn't it when there's a delay it's significant i don't think the film completely shut down for all of that they continued to shoot what they could how many of the crew members were impacted by johnny not being able to be there after he cut off after the finger was cut off well there was the crew some of the crew i'm sure still kept working and shoot filming filming other scenes without johnny's character in it do you know how many were impacted no i don't do you know how much disney was impacted i don't okay so now you say when he came back he had collaborated with sean bailey right and they were talking about how they were going to get together on something right yes did johnny do anything with sean bailey for the rest of 2015 i don't know about that year um but i know that uh they you know they talked about collaborating and doing something sean and johnny had worked out johnny working mr wyatt if you if you can just answer your honor made the witness please she asked the question able to collaborate in 2015 your honor may he be allowed to yes please let me finish the question sorry go ahead johnny and uh sean put together johnny dressing up as captain jack and addressing the crowd at the uh pirates of the caribbean right your honor i'm going to move to strike and ask you to ask that to be strict and that is not responsive to my questions your honor she asked him the question should she that's not the question she asked him you want to ask your question again please yes did mr bailey collaborate on any projects with mr depp in 2015 after pirates 5. the one i just said that the project of that was a promotional project for the was it filmed yeah i think it was videotaped or filmed yes was it a feature film that disney was in the future film no all right let's go to 2016. did sean bailey collaborate on any film project with mr depp i don't know let's go to 2017. did mr bailey collaborate with mr depp on any film project i don't know the the timing of the other things now i don't know if he did or not let's go to 2018. did mr bailey collaborate at all with mr depp in 2018. i don't know were you aware that mr bailey said that he that mr depp was quote out end of quote for pirate six in october of 2018. hearsay all right i'll sustain us to hear say okay let's pull up plaintiff's exhibit 115. is it plaintives 115 plaintiffs 115 oh defendants i'm sorry it's defendants now this is an article in october of 2018 do you recall seeing this article no you never saw it i don't i don't read the i don't read these stories and stuff like that so would it be fair to say that you don't know whether mr bailey uh had determined that mr depp would not be in pirate six as of october of 2018. i don't i don't know i don't know especially based on this i don't i don't believe this stuff anyway okay we can take that down thank you all right let's talk about your visits with vanessa and the kids and mr depp you indicated you went on some vacations with them correct yes they were together for 14 years right yes how many vacations did you get several i don't i don't know all of them two three probably more than that four probably more than that i i don't know half a dozen dozen okay we get to six okay yeah six to twelve all right and these are all vacations right after filming yes okay so these are times where everybody's having fun relaxing it's not your regular yes you know day-to-day grind that everybody goes through right yes okay now you have no personal knowledge of whether mr depp ever physically abused vanessa parade correct none that i ever saw right but you have no no knowledge one word you don't know do you none that i saw right right you don't know what went on in their marriage and their relationship when you weren't there correct not when i was there no okay and they split up right yes do you know why they split up no i do not all right you don't know if mr depp yelled to raise his voice at vanessa parody on a daily basis when you weren't around do you not when i wasn't around i don't know right and then you were asked at the very end by mr chu whether you had ever heard of any woman accusing mr dap of violence and you said you'd never heard of anyone accusing mr dapa violence do you recall that have you ever heard of greg brooks doesn't i don't know he's a manager on the set from city of lies who has filed a lawsuit against mr deb for punching your honor a lack of foundation and object to miss bretoff's uh speechifying all right i i'll allow it he's good i i don't i mean i don't know what happened i've never seen i've never seen him be violent to anybody but but you testified you'd never heard of that so had you ever heard of greg brooks accusing mr depp of punching him on the set of city of lies yeah i mean i've heard it i don't know any basis of it though so it's not true that you've never heard of anyone accusing mr deb of violence is it i suppose not okay and you don't know whether mr depp committed any domestic abuse or violence on any of the women in his relationships do you i never witnessed it right you don't have personal knowledge though do you only what i've witnessed and i've never witnessed it right you don't know what went on on behind closed doors with any of them okay um now let's go to the boston plane this was in may of 2014 so you were in the car with mr depp before he got on the plane yes how long was he in that car how long were we in the car yes i don't recall 45 minutes an hour maybe i don't recall you sat on the tarmac for quite some time before getting on the plane didn't you i don't recall you don't recall that no okay and is it your testimony that mr depp wasn't drinking anything while he was in the car not in the car no had mr depp been drinking anything before he got into that i don't know i wasn't with him before is it your testimony that mr depp didn't take any drugs while he was in the car not that i recall do you know whether he took any drugs before he got in the car i wasn't with him before he got in the car all right and i think you testified in response to the question that you didn't think that he was intoxicated or high no i mean he seemed like johnny did he take any red bulls that you saw took any what red bulls red bulls uh i don't know there was a there was occasion where he would drink red bulls i don't know if that was the same time or not all right was he drinking vodka with any red bulls i don't rook i don't know was he drinking whiskey i don't know was he taking cocaine i don't i've never seen it no did you see any powders no okay so you get on the airplane and it's your testimony uh that ms heard had a a bad tone of voice with mr depp is that correct uh she had a bad tone of voice with me okay um in fact wasn't mr depp saying pretty horrible things to ms heard i don't recall that like get fucked on set get fucked with fucking james fucking franco did you hear that i don't recall did you hear him say at least you fucking liked it no did you hear him say i bet you slipped a tongue in there and you liked it no did you hear him say make references to amber's pussy and asking her if her pussy was wet your honor lack of foundation no harassment we'll get did you hear any of that no not that i remember all the objections thank you now you shared an oxygen tank with mr depp on that boston plane didn't you no you don't recall mr deb insisting that that that flight attendant gave him an oxygen tank and the two of you used it no okay do you recall mr deb drinking champagne on the plane i don't know what he was drinking i'm sure i was having wine he could have been having champagne do you remember him drinking a couple bottles of champagne i don't know how much okay and it's your testimony that mr deb didn't kick amber i didn't see anything like that okay did you see mr depp uh go to the back of the plane and pass out and moan mildly i don't recall that you don't recall that either no okay um can we pull up defendants exhibit 245 please and your honor i show no objection to it in the the filings so i'm going to move the admission of it and i'm going to ask it to be published you know any objection to 245 yes you're honored some proper impeachment it's not to him all right if you want to approach we'll see what your objections you have your list of objections from your exhibits mr white are you aware that mr deuters uh uh apologized to amber for mr depp's conduct afterwards lack of foundation hearsay runner i'll sustain the objection next question okay where did you go were you with mr depp excuse me i don't have the plan i apologize may we take this down it's just under the witness but yes thank you ron okay were you did you leave the plane with mr deb uh i mean i got off the plane at the same time i'm assuming i i went to my own home okay and and what was mr depp's state i don't recall you don't recall if he was passed out or not no when you say you don't recall as you're sitting here today under oath you honestly can't remember if mr depp was passed out when you left the plane justin answered your honor all right i'll allow it this one time go ahead you can answer sir there was lots of plane flights i mean the only reason i remember this one was because amber yelled at me on that flight do you remember my question i didn't i don't recall right i mean i could have gotten off the plane and just left i don't know and mr depp could have kicked amber on that plane right ronner aston answered not that i saw okay and he could have passed out not that i recall okay how many times were you with amber and mr depp together i have no idea no idea what would the circumstances have been uh invited over for something or other or you know johnny and i may have been recording some music or something and she was there i don't know at work now you had a very close personal relationship with christie dabrowski didn't you we're friends yes yes and you were more than friends for quite a few years your honor relevance may we appreciate it's impeachment it's biased approach please now you testified that the wedding that you went to the one in los angeles seemed to be a little rushed yes how long were they engaged i don't know yeah could it have been a pretty substantial period of time i i don't know okay so when you say rushed we didn't know a wedding was going to happen well and you said you were at the offices of ad infinitum is that right okay when you say we didn't know any wedding was going to happen who's we uh several of the people at the wedding didn't know okay okay now did you know what amber's film schedule was no did you know whether she was out of town coming back in and leaving again i did not know did you know what johnny's film schedule was i probably knew we were off because you were his sound technician right we were starting a film or writing a film or whatever yes okay and when did you leave for pirates five i don't recall when what did was he's filming right before pirates fight i don't recall okay so soon after they did the los angeles wedding they went to the bahamas correct i don't remember the time difference but you didn't go to that wedding no do you know how many people did no do you know how much organization was involved in getting that wedding together in the bahamas no i don't know do you know uh whether uh do you know well okay i guess you don't know sorry i guess i shouldn't ask you that so as a practical matter you don't know about any of the communications between mr depp and ms heard for when they wanted the wedding to take place correct correct okay thank you i have no further questions okay your honor i just have a few sure redirect mr wyatt you testified earlier that you worked with mr depp as his sound technician on more than 10 feature films is that correct correct have you ever worked on feature films as a sound technician or in any other capacity on films without mr depp yes i have on those instances in those films not involving mr depp were your travel costs covered yes they are were your hotel costs covered yes they are was your airfare covered yes were those arrangements handled in any way different from the films on which you worked with mr depp no what was your understanding of why mr depp was late on the set to pirates 5. i'm sorry he's your microphone jackson your honor he's already testified he doesn't know and he wasn't there with him and he doesn't know directly right related to the cross go ahead sorry i say it again what was your understanding of why mr depp was late occasionally on the set of pirates 5. my understanding was he was having arguments with amber and the wedding that you attended or the ceremony in los angeles that was right before mr depp was to start filming pirates five correct yes is that one of the reasons amber wanted to be married right then objection foundation here all right foundation i'll sustain as the foundation mr wyatt you've known mr depp for a long time correct yes and you've worked you've worked with him for a long time yes has any woman other than miss heard ever accused him of raising a hand to her objection your honor he's already asked that beforehand and i when you hear the cross with me asked and answered sustain the assistance thank you all right thank you mr wyatt thank you your honor nothing further all right um is this witness subject to recall all right sir since you're subject to recall you cannot discuss your testimony with anybody and do not watch anything uh in the news media this time and you may be recalled at a later date okay all right thank you sir you have a good day your excuse for today all right um ladies and gentlemen we have a few housekeeping matters to take care of and um also i know the cafeteria was a little rough yesterday so i'm gonna go ahead and give you an extended lunch today uh until two o'clock so just do not discuss the case with anybody and don't do the outside research and we'll see you back here at 2 p.m okay if you just go with deputy email tell her lucy all right okay so you said you had some housekeeping matters to take i'm not aware of any with you um uh some of the videos if you have a moment uh i'm happy to chat with them but okay so you don't need me for that oh okay i thought you needed me for that so so your honor is an extended one so i get an extended lunch okay well what i'm gonna do um just to let you know actually if you approach the bench all right everybody knows yes sorry my microphone was off i'm sorry judy i got it thank you all right i hope lunch went okay all right good all right your next witness your honor we call mr john c depp all right if it's dancer is okay all right yes ma'am good afternoon mr depp good afternoon can you please tell the jury why you're here today um yes um [Music] about six years ago misheard made some quite heinous and disturbing brought these disturbing criminal acts against me that that were not based in any species of truth um it was a it was a complete shock uh that it would it it just didn't need to go in that direction um [Music] as nothing nothing of a kind that ever happened though the relationship there were arguments and [Music] things of that nature but never did i myself reach the point of striking misheard in any way nor have i ever struck any woman in my life and so i at the time because the news of this her accusations had uh sort of permeated the industry and then made its way through media and social media became quite a global um let's say quote-unquote fact if you will and since i knew that there was no truth to it whatsoever i felt it my responsibility to uh to stand up not only for myself um in that instance but stand up for my children who at the time were uh 14 and 16. and so they were in high school and uh i i i thought it was diabolical that my children would have to go to school and have their friends or people in the school approach them with the infamous people magazine cover with uh misheard with a a dark bruise on her face um and then it just kept um the it kept multiplying it it just kept getting bigger and bigger so it was my responsibility i felt to not only attempt to clear my name um for the sake of for many reasons but i wanted to clear my children of of this hard thing that they were having to read about their father that was which was untrue and also after many years of being in this industry but at the time it was probably i'd probably been in the industry 30 plus years 35 years um never have had any problems anything like that and i had met many people over over the years many many of the people and had had the opportunity to talk to those people and to even give advice to these people and i'm i'm not um my goal is the truth my goal is the truth because it it killed me that people that i had spoken with that i had met with over the years who i who maybe were in a not such a great position and they needed advice and i gave them the best advice i could um all i could think of was that those people would would think that i um was a fraud and that i had lied to them and so i had to wait for my opportunity to um address the charges which were criminal charges um and and then they just weren't um true so i i felt the responsibility of clearing the record as the only the only way that i could get that i could get to the point where i could speak um has really taken this full six years and it's been six years of trying times it's very strange when one day your cinderella so to speak and then in 0.6 seconds you're quasimodo and i i didn't uh deserve that nor did my children nor did the people who have believed in me for all these years i i didn't want anybody any of those people to believe that i had done them wrong or lied to them or that i was a fraud i i i pride myself on honesty i pride myself on truth truth is the only thing i'm interested in other lies will get you nowhere but um lies build upon lies and build upon lies it's too much to cover i i i'm obsessed with the truth and um so today is my actually my the first uh opportunity that i've been able to speak about this um case in full for for the first time mr depp how do you feel about the intimate details of your life being aired in this process um as a father raising kids you know when they were very very little it was important to me very important to me to to try to shield my children as much as possible from um looking at their father uh or their or their mom for that matter as novelties i i didn't want my children to experience hordes of paparazzis [Music] so i was always a very private person um so for me to [Music] come up here and stand before you or sit before you all and spill the truth um is quite exposing and um it's unfortunate that it's not only exposing for myself it's exposing for my family it's exposing for misheard it's exposing for it's um it never had to go in this direction and so i i can't say that i'm embarrassed because i know that i'm doing the right thing now mr depp um i'd like to turn a bit to your upbringing um we heard a bit from your sister christy last week but can you please tell the jury in your own words about your your childhood upbringing um i had a very interesting childhood um one that i thought was normal until a certain age my mother um i was born in kentucky and um then we moved in which we moved around quite a lot um when i was a kid so you were always just my mom had this uh her feet were on fire and she had to move you know so we moved constantly so you were always the new kid and that wasn't ever particularly pleasant then we moved to florida south florida when i was about seven or eight [Music] and again moved several several times but my mother was quite unpredictable she was very unpredictable um she was a she had the ability to be as as cruel as anyone can be um with all of us uh that is to say my sister christy and my my brother danny and my sister debbie and also my father so um essentially she was she could become quite violent and she was quite violent and she was quite cruel and she and though there was physical abuse certainly um which could be in the form of uh an ashtray being flung at you you know that hit you in the head or you'd get beat with a high-heeled shoe or a telephone or whatever's handy so in our house there was no we were never exposed to any type of um or security the the um the only thing that one could do really um was to try to stay out of the line of fire you um i started to um be able to observe and i could see i could start to see when she was about to had head into a uh head into a situation where she was going to get riled up and somebody was going to get it um generally uh it was me mr def you mentioned that your mother could be cruel how could she be cruel um the will the various categories i suppose are there are there's there's physical violence of course there's physical abuse um to which she was um that was a constant that was just a constant you know we were all somewhat shell-shocked you know even if she just walked past us you you'd sort of shield yourself because you didn't know what was gonna happen excuse me and um so there was there was the physical abuse which was a constant um there was quite a lot of verbal abuse it was quite a lot of name calling and um bullying you know making fun of making fun of whatever defect you know one might have you know my brother wore glasses so of course he was four eyes and he had his teeth were messed up in the front so he was bucked to through as well my sister christy which this is such a hideous psychological play uh my my my father's uh parents were quite refined my mother comes from eastern kentucky which is is where you grow up in shacks and holla and hollers you know and my my mother despised my father's parents and my grandmother's name was violet and [Music] every now and again you would hear my mother just scream across the house come here violent get into your violet and christy my sister knew very well that that was a deep a deep cut psychologically emotionally but we had to take it i mean you you just had to take the pain um i i was born with a very strange is a very rare uh thing in my eye as the the the back of the lens is spherical normally is spherical is when this eye isn't normal this eye i was born with a more conical lens so uh my brain never learned to see out of my left eye and they noticed when i was about uh three four five three four that i had a lazy eye a wandering eye and um she would call me and she would call me kakai one eye um any anything anything she could get to to uh demean humiliate um i even had to wear um i had to wear an eye patch on my good eye uh to strengthen my my bad eye so that it would cease to wander it with a muscle it was exercising the muscles of the eye though the brain had never learned to see so i still my vision and my left eye is i'm legally blind in my left eye but so yeah the the the verbal abuse the psychological abuse was uh was almost worse than the the then the the beatings because the beatings were just physical pain and the physical pain you learn to deal with you learn to accept it you learn to deal with it um but the uh psychological and emotional abuse that's what uh that's what kind of tore us up i think what about your father what was he like my father my father was a very kind man in fact my father's still alive he's he's a very kind man um he's a very quiet man um in fact he's very shy um not a confrontational person in any way and when betty sue my mother um would go off on on on a tangent toward my my father um and and and of course in front of the kids it was no matter to her uh he would he would um he amazingly remained very very stoic and never as she was rationing him with horrible things he stood there and just looked at her while she delivered the pain and he swallowed it he took it there was never one moment never a moment when my father lost control and attacked my mother or hit my mother or even said he even said a bad thing to my mother what what i the things that i witnessed were there were a couple of times when it got too far that i i would see his i could see his eyes welling up as he was staring at her saying nothing um and then the most that he would do is he would he would he would punch a wall i i once saw him punch a wall and um shatter his hand because it wasn't it wasn't drywall it was um proper concrete and steel wire and rebar and things of that nature and uh um but still never never touched her never argued with her he uh he he remained a gentleman and to me as a five-year-old boy i kept thinking to myself i kept wondering why why does he take it how does he how does he take this and and and and why doesn't he leave her um but he didn't you know he was able to maintain his calm and his composure he was able to maintain his relationship with his children um he was he was he was a good man he is a good man you mentioned that you saw your father punch a wall how many times did you witness that i mean out of out of i couldn't count the amount of fights that they had but i i know that i s i've seen my father strike a wall two or three times tops once when he broke his hand um put it two two three times at tops you know was your father ever abusive to you or any of your siblings no my father was never my father was not an abusive man um at the same time my father was also to some degree at the mercy of betty sue because if he argued with what she wanted done and that would just turn into a another um barrage of of hatred towards him so i can remember my father coming home from work and maybe i'd i'd gotten a bad report card or maybe i'd gotten in trouble at school or something like that and my father would arrive home from work and the first thing she would say was john take take him out there he gets the belt give him the belt and he wanted to know what it was about so he'd take me out to the garage and uh i'll never forget the uh this white thick leather 1970s era thick leather white belt that he would um take off and and um and then he would commence to inflict the punishment on on me but interestingly there was there was one time when my father i i kept telling him i i didn't do this it was another incident i kept swearing to him that i i did not do what betty sue what my mom had said that i'd done but he went through with the punishment anyway and then not long after he found out that i had been telling the truth and that i hadn't done what i what my mom had said that i'd done um and he he came to me and uh apologized to me for um for having gone through with the weapon you know the belt and um i have to say um my mom never did that she couldn't she knew what she knew she was raised how she was raised and um i had no power to change what was inside of her you know how did your parents relationship ultimately come to an end to your understanding um when my father left i i didn't realize that he had left he left her i was 15 i had already left school and i was a musician i was playing in clubs and such and uh he left for work one morning just like every day and was back in his car and then he left and then hours later my mom betty sue came home from work it was about 3 30 in the afternoon and she walked in the door and stopped and and just looked around like she felt something and she just i said what's wrong she said your daddy's gone i said well yeah i seen him leave for work this morning she said no no no no he's gone he's gone and she ran into the uh into their bedroom and into their closet and i followed her and i she opened the door and there was one yeah his side his rack of clothing and all his belongings were gone and she was quite upset and i took her car and drove to my father's work and i sat down in front of him at 15 and i said listen seems as though somebody stole all your clothes out of the closet and um and he said he said yeah yeah he said i'm done i can't i can't do it anymore i can't i can't live it anymore you're the man you're the man now and uh those words didn't didn't quite sit well with me i i didn't feel like i was ready to hear those words but that's what i got um then my mom got very went into a very very dark uh place a very deep dark depression as you can imagine and um and uh she one afternoon i woke up i i'd fallen asleep and i woke up and walked out into the living room and i saw my my mother um like a very feebly um and like almost it was like a slow motion crawl if i could stand up i could show you just the what i saw do you mind you know thank you um i saw i saw my my mother you know in that in that mode so instantly knew that something was dreadfully wrong [Music] and um there's drool coming out of her mouth and as i was about to run and call the front door busted open and my uncle and two paramedics came in and threw on the gurney and whisked her out of the house to get her to the hospital to um to pump her stomach and she'd uh she had uh swallowed a multitude of of pills to to to try to take herself out to try to commit suicide and uh when she got out of the hospital she was a small firecracker of a woman she was about five foot two but when she got out of the hospital the depression was so deep she she was down to like she lived on the couch and she weighed about 70 pounds and that all that imagery spun into my head at that time that i thought that was a very in my head at the time i thought that that was a cowardly way for my father to have left and i i was uh deeply upset by that um until my father and i had a conversation um years later where i asked him what really happened what how did it happen when i was older and he told me the story may we approach mr duff how did you feel about your father when he left i would i was i was i was very disappointed in him because i started to believe that his exit was was sneaky cowardly he didn't when he said goodbye to me when he left for work that morning he said goodbye you know goodbye about now she let her pop that was it until um i learned the truth from him and without getting into what your father told you why is how how has your um impression of your father changed now objection relevance your honor this is just an understanding of his perception of his family i'll sustain the objection next question mr deb what have you learned from your experience in your childhood and observing your father in your childhood i learned that i was wrong about my first impressions of his his exit from the family um very wrong and um i'll tell you i'll tell you one thing that i learned that was that was one of the best lessons i believe i've ever learned in my life ever could learn in your life in my life was um [Music] based on my experiences as a child and what i'd seen and experienced i knew exactly how to raise children um when when when my girl vanessa got pregnant um i knew exactly how to raise children which was to do the opposite of what they did of what betty sue did never raise your voice in front of the children never um screaming out the word no to them i never wanted to tell my kids no i i wanted to tell them that i wanted to show them that there were options you don't have to stick the coat hanger in the electrical socket you know saying no is an abrupt thing but to talk to them and say if you understand the repercussions of something then you won't go there so maybe think about this as opposed to this give this some thought you know but that will clearly um that could kill you so i i would ease them away from um things of that nature with a more more of an more of a conversation as opposed to a a a you know a flat out don't you ever do that again and threats and things of that nature i i did not raise my children that way nor nor did vanessa we and we never raised our voices in front of our children ever how do you think your experiences with your parents in your childhood affected your approach to your relationship with miss heard i'm sorry um one more time how did your experiences observing your parents as a child affect your approach to your relationship with miss heard well in the beginning of my relationship with miss herrod um [Music] there was from what i recall and what i remember she was she was um [Music] it was as if she were it was she was too good to be true she was attentive she was loving um she was smart she was kind she was funny she was understanding she um and we we had many things in common certain blues music and well music literature things of that nature so for that year or year and a half it was uh it was amazing um there were a couple of things that i don't know stuck in my head that i noticed that i thought might be a little bit of a a dilemma at some point for example if i if i i was i worked quite a lot and when i would come home from work um i would i would come in the house or the hotel and she would sit me down on the couch and give me a glass of wine and take my boots off him to the side and um i'd never experienced anything like that in in my life i i just never thought that was i just never experienced that before and it became a regular thing um that she did this kind of routine and i remember one night i came home from work and i think she was on the phone or something and her busy she was doing something and um so i sat down on the couch and i took my boots off and um suddenly miss her approached with this look on her face that she and she just said what did you just do what did you do so what what do you mean you took your boots off i said i said yeah yes i did you you you were busy you know no no no that's my job that's what i do you don't do that i do that okay all right then and then she said let me get you a glass of wine she brought me the glass of wine but i did take pause of course uh the fact that she was visibly shaken or upset that i had uh i had broken her rules of routine i thought that strange and then once that once you notice something like that then you start to notice other little tidbits and things that come out and then and then within a year or year and a half she had become this another person almost mr deb we're going to talk about misheard in a couple minutes but i'd like to first talk about your career in hollywood and so could you please tell the jury how you ended up acting in the first place um i ended up acting by accident i was a musician and i moved out to los angeles with my band uh when i was 20 years old um and then there were a couple of uh things that happened in the bat where the bands split up and um i remember i was filling out job applications and then nick with a friend of mine and who happens to be he haven't he was an actor uh less known then than he is now nicholas cage um and i was filling out job applications at any video stores clothing stores anything and just to be able to pay the rent and um nick cage said uh you know why why don't you meet my agent you know uh because i i think you're an actor i think you could be an actor and i said look i'll meet anybody you know i'll do anything at this point and so he sent me to his his agent eileen feldman and i met with her um [Music] she sent me to read for a uh casting director named annette benson who was casting a film called the nightmare on elm street um and uh they brought me back to read for the director wes craven and um i read for wes craven and somehow got the job but i mean i was by no means an actor i didn't have any desire to be an actor i was a musician but the fact that these people were going to pay me what i found to be a ludicrous sum of money which was uh it was kind of the sag minimum uh it was 1284 dollars a week which i mean you know i'd never seen that kind of dough before in my life um and so i i suddenly you know then i did some other couple of dumb movies because i i i still in my mind i was a musician and this was just a way to uh pay the rent pay the bills live um then suddenly i found myself on that road i had been placed on that road as a as an actor and and then i one thing led to another from film to film and then i was cast in a tv series called 21 jump street when i was 22 i believe mr deb between the time that you um were cast in nightmare on elm street and you um were cast in 21 jump street how did you enjoy acting during that time it was foreign to me it was foreign to me but i i didn't i didn't have any great ambition to be an actor i i'm a naturally normally i'm uh i've always been quite a shy person i've always been quite introverted and so there was a very strange metamorphosis from being one of four that is to say one of four in a band where you have this fraternity or this brotherhood um and you're out there fighting the world together to try to get that record deal or whatever you're looking for and uh when the when i got on this series and my life started to change in various ways that is to say that people started to you know you go into a restaurant you'd see people whispering and pointing and all that i was uh i was very uncomfortable with it i was very uncomfortable with it and i didn't like it um just just because it i i never wanted to be the lead singer and the guy out front and we'll get all the attention and i i didn't so suddenly i was on my own and i was uh having to deal with this uh this this this newfound sort of notoriety and it was it was odd it was very odd and it was yeah it was a very uncomfortable thing i mean i don't think it's anything that one can get used to i don't i i i'm not i'm still not used to it now and i which i'm actually glad that i'm not used to it because if i were i don't think i'd be the same person that i am mr depp did there come a time when you became passionate about acting once i realized that i that that's the road that i was on and that any attempt at going back to music would would be a um would have been i hated the idea that since the television series had come out and i had been exposed as this this character or this actor i had to realize in in my own mind and heart that there was no going back to music because i i didn't want to you know i didn't want to i didn't want to use whatever amount of success that i had um attained from the tv series and that sort of thing i didn't want to use that to influence um you know some career in music i i i had far too much respect for uh music um than to just to become what they wanted me to become which was a you know teen idol or a teeny you know that that's that sort of thing i um i fought that with uh with everything in my being so once i realized that music was no longer an option then um i began to study um at various places in the loft studio which is now long gone um in in los angeles i i studied with uh some other teachers uh saunders c cat um i read all the books that you could read and all that was great but um you realize that the only way to the only way to learn or the only way to learn how to it's not act necessarily the only way to learn how to react and behave because it's just behavior and its reaction um was to do it you it's on the job training it's trial by fire so um i did my best to to work up work my work up my own approach towards the towards uh a character and such and what were a couple of the first few uh projects that you worked on where you were really able to implement that approach i would say i i i would say that the first film that i had done that i really took um where i really felt okay i've done the work i i i know what i need to do um i would say that was that without where i considered myself an actor i suppose was was was when um oliver stone cast me in uh platoon in 1986 how did you come to be cast in pirates of the caribbean uh well that's that's many years later but uh i i had been um disney had offered me a film um called hidalgo when it was about a man his horse in the desert and stuff and i i read the uh the screenplay and i just didn't think it was for me um but i wanted to have a meeting with them because i at that point i had a um two-year-old uh yeah two to two and a half-year-old daughter for three years i watched nothing but animated films cartoons from texas avery to bugs bunny to um that that was all i i watched with my with my little girl and i received the screenplay for pirates and it was i i somehow in my mind i saw this opportunity like a way to mesh characters like cart like cartoon characters for example wiley coyote gets a boulder dropped on his head and he's completely crushed but in the they cut to the next scene and he's just got a little bandage on his head so i i started thinking about the the parameters uh that are that were available to cartoon characters and if they were available to cartoon characters and and and nobody ever asked a question whether you were five or 95 you didn't ask a question oh wiley of course he's still alive so i tried to incorporate these uh these kind of ideas into the character of captain jack sparrow so that so so that i could try to push those parameters and and and control the sort of suspension of disbelief the to be able to control the um characters actions words movements and put them in a place where the things that he would do or say were so either ludicrous or um mainly something that also something the cartoon characters can get away with things we can't captain jack sparrow can do things that i could never do he could say things that i could never say so it was for me a way to stretch the parameters of of a character and uh and take take a risk in doing that but if it if it panned out i i i and i felt i was on a pretty good mission if it panned out i thought that it might be a character who would be accepted by five-year-olds and 45-year-olds and 65-year-olds and 85-year-olds and in the same way that bugs bunny is uh you know you mentioned that sorry you mentioned that you received the script when was that i'm sorry when did you first receive the script for pirates of the caribbean uh the the first screenplay i i received was uh 2002 i believe yeah 2002. and what did you think of that script when you received it um i thought that it had all the kind of hallmarks of a of a of a disney film that is to say a kind of a predict predictable predictable three-act structure um with um with and the character of captain jack was was more um he was more like a swashbuckler type that would kind of swing in shirtless and you know be the hero um and i i had quite different ideas about the characters so i incorporated my notes into character and brought that character to life um much to the chagrin of disney initially now when you say you made changes to the character how did you do that um just you know in preparation you know the the same the very same way that i've ever approached any character you you you look for a back history you base it on um you know it could be anything like edward scissorhands for example was i based on a dog that i'd had and newborn babies my sister had a couple of new babies and i watched them you know because i thought that edward would see things from the this sort of uncle from a place of innocence um and not knowing exactly what things meant or were and and also that that look of a pure innocent child when they experienced something for the first time those those were the the two main ingredients that i thought would serve the character and with captain jack again the cartoons you know the pepe le pew it was it was a um it's like it's like making a soup you know it's ingredients it's just ingredients um there's some pepula pew in there there's some keith richards in there um there's a bit of a you know i figured this is a guy who's been on the sea for the majority of his life quite possibly his brains may have been scrambled a bit by the sun and also i thought that he'd been on the sea for so long that he had his sea legs but when he got on land he just didn't have his land legs so he could never quite stand still how did the film ultimately turn out in your view um i didn't see it but i believe that the film well i mean the film did pretty well apparently and uh and uh they wanted to keep going uh making uh making more and i was fine to do that as uh it was it there's great freedom in in being able to it's not like you become that person but if if you know that character to the degree that i did because he was not what the writers wrote so they really weren't able to write for him so once you know a character better than the writers that's when you um you have to be true to the character and add your words at the rewrites um i was yeah i know i i i believed in the character wholeheartedly and the initially the disney folks were somewhat upset now you mentioned that the film was to your understanding a great success how did your life change after the first pirates of the caribbean movie came out um though i'd been around for many years already and people people knew who i was and all that um after pirates one came out there was a completely different it was a completely different uh way of life was was was being sort of you know my family and i were being plunged into that is to say you know at our house in los angeles you would have you would have people trying to climb the gates to get into sea captain jack sparrow um you would you would have people trying to bust in the gates dressed as captain jack sparrow you would ha and follow you or follow you and your family so that was that was the moment when um there was no other way but to uh we had to hire more security guards and i was certainly worried for my kids um safety and so then we that's when the instead of just the one guy there were there you know they were start there became several security people because i wanted to make sure that my kids were safe when they went to school or when they went to disneyland or when they went to the mall or whatever um so yes more security and you know then just getting followed you know by hordes of paparazzi and things like that it's it's it's uh i've had worse jobs certainly i can't complain about it but um yeah after a while you realize that anonymity has left the building a long time ago you know the anonymity's gone um and that's it that's an odd thing to deal with um when you just i mean you can't just drive down to the diner and get a cup of coffee or something that's not possible it turns into something else altogether so it's you know it's acceptance and of course there's a bit of sacrifice uh involved i i can't complain about the work that i've been given i can't complain about any of that um i have no right to um but it does make you have to think very creatively with when you've got little kids about how to take them to the park or you know to the swings or to this or that movie or you know it becomes uh it becomes a strategic mission and and and that's what happened after pirates now you mentioned your family who did your family consist of at that time vanessa um parody the mother of my children um who we were together for 14 15 years um myself our daughter lily rose and our boy jack now you mentioned hiring more security did you already have a security team at the time that pirates of the caribbean came out i had you i yes because there have been there have been more films prior to that i mean a number of films prior to that so i was i was uh recognized i was known so if you wanted to attempt to have any experience that might be normal you sort of had to have somebody around to get you out of a squirrely situation should it arise so i had security prior to that for who would travel with myself and my family um but not like you know when i was at work i back then i didn't have security worked so much not before pirates pirates was really the uh that was the thing that everything um it all turned around it all just went went uh weird so how did your security team change after pirates of the caribbean came out well like i said with anything it had it become more strategic and you had to have more guys or gals because because if if vanessa if vanessa for example she worked in france quite a lot and if she was in france [Music] and i was in l.a with the kitties then um been working um security would security would basically pick my kids up at school or whatever and bring them home so that became the routine driving them to school bringing them home um um so yeah and then if i went somewhere so it's just the security guards kind of multiplied because you needed to protect your street your house your kids endless so after pirates of the caribbean who has been on your security team um jerry judge was was with me for oh boy over 20 years um jerry judge is you we've mentioned it before he um it was a year or two ago he um he jerry would go on film sets with me he would he would do reconnaissance missions you know that is to say he would go to a country before we would go there make sure all the hotel rooms were all taken care of and such um or when i went on tour with say the hollywood vampires which is a band that i've played with [Music] he would come on the road with me with another security guard so there was jerry judge there was malcolm connolly who's been with me for 20 years or more leonard damien sean bett travis mcgivern mark gibbs i mean there are a few are all of these uh security personnel still with you today jerry has gone on to uh somewhere else he's jerry made uh jerry passed away uh from councillors oh jerry jerry made his exit um but the majority of those i believe all of those fellas are still with me yes when did mr judge pass away [Music] i believe it was two two years ago roughly maybe a little less than two years ago um now i'd like to go through a couple of the names that you just mentioned um what is malcolm conley's purview in in the realm of your security team what is his role exactly yes um well uh now that jerry is um jerry and malcolm had worked together for a very long time so i've met malcolm through jerry um after after jerry's passing malcolm obviously took over um for jerry and so he would he would he took on extra responsibilities he would have to make sure that there was someone on the ground wherever we were going that had done their their uh um recon you know the reconnaissance and to make sure that uh um everything was set up by the time we got there and that it would be a straight shot into the hotel without a gaggle of paparazzi um you know you didn't have to walk through 50 screaming hollering photographers so you know you going through a garage door and through a slippery kitchen and you were then you were taken to your room where you stayed when did uh when did malcolm conley join your team malcolm had joined i mean jerry brought him on so malcolm has been with me for over 20 years uh now and in those 20 years how often have you physically been present with malcolm with malcolm yes endless countless all over the world all over the world everywhere los angeles japan um serbia you know films tour um malcolm was my uh he you know he he when we were on the vampires tour in europe throughout europe and malcolm was on the bus with me we we lived on the bus together basically how often is malcolm in l.a with you it depends if if there's a or if there was a a larger premiere you know where um you know where it had to be worked out so that it didn't turn into a chaotic uh and or dangerous event because sometimes they're between you and the people there are these barriers and uh sometimes the professional um photographers or the professional autograph people will surge forward and in the front rows of these behind these berries you have you have little kids and older women and older men so when the professionals would surge forward these people would start getting kind of crushed against the this metal deterrent and um that that that was the that was the most uh worrisome thing when when when you're at a premiere and there are thousands and thousands of people there and i've always called it running the gauntlet essentially what it is is that people are there to um to say hi and to support the film or the cast or whatever so i um i've always gone out and and signed for those people i've always gone out and signed for all or as many as i possibly could i mean to the point of sometimes jerry judge would literally pick me up off the ground to make me stop signing take me away um so yeah uh it was uh those those those kind of things again you don't you don't really get used to that you know um so i forget what the original part of your question was i got lost in the gauntlet i'll move on what uh what about sean bett how long is you want to go ahead and make it take a break now would that be okay that's fine let's go ahead and do that ladies and gentlemen we'll go ahead and take our afternoon break please do uh we'll take 15 minutes to not discuss uh the case and you know any outside research okay thank you stay there for a minute thank you all right sir just a reminder since you're on the witness stand now you cannot discuss your testimony with anybody to include your attorneys okay all right and let's come back i guess we can come back at 3 35 is that okay for everybody okay we'll take results thank you uh all right we're ready for the jury yes all right okay you can have a seat sir all right your next question mr depp i'd like to just briefly go through the security personnel that you just listed out before we took a break how long has leonard damien be been with you [Music] my my kids are now 20 23 leonard's leonard damian's been with me i believe roughly the same time as mr bat uh someone in the neighborhood of 16 17 years i i yeah i can't be precise but they were very young my children were very young when when they uh joined the team which was really after pirates was released in 2003 the first now you mentioned your children is what is mr damian's role with respect to your children's security excuse me you mentioned your children with respect to leonard damien is his role in connection with your children's security uh yes very much so leonard um leonard is leonard damien and um and sean bett for for quite a while were both um sort of assigned as it were to to my kids um taking them to school picking them up from school if if vanessa and i were unable to do it or even if we were there we would drive with them to take the kids to school um and over the years obviously your children my children have taken quite a shine to to to them and they've become like um another set of parents in a way and how long has travis mcgivern been with you travis i believe a little bit less than that i believe i i couldn't i couldn't really speculate uh it's a little less maybe it's 13 years or i don't know now you mentioned that you had to bring on additional security after pirates of the caribbean um how has the fame associated with that that franchise affected your your personal relationships [Music] again i would never complain about the the repercussions let's say or yeah the repercussions of the success of that film but of course as i said there are sacrifices that one one has to make um sacrifices that you're you're not nearly ready for um just simply when when you check into a when you go to a town or you go on a press tour or something and you're staying in a hotel people stay in hotels all the time i stay i stay in the hotel i it's it's we've found that it's just a lot easier if i stay put in a hotel and um not kind of again especially if it's with the kids or something i don't want them to i've never wanted them to see me as as a novelty i just wanted to be dad you know now they're well aware of a lot and they're well aware of pretty much everything um but no you you know you when you get when you get uh wherever you go um the the basic the basic truth is it's pretty simple people are generally kind and curious um and if if you've if they've grown up with you in their living room um from a television series or from various films that that they've seen um there's there's nothing menacing about being recognized as sometimes they can be sometimes people can get go get weird and but but um we've found that it's just uh it's it's better all around if if i um stay in my hotel room and uh and don't go out to too many restaurants or anything because it generally causes a bit of a hubbub if you go to a restaurant someone calls the paparazzi and you go in for a meal and you come out and there's 30 guys out there it's uh it can be um a little overwhelming it's not it's not something i think i said it before it's it's not something that i that that it's not something that i've ever gotten used to and it's something that i hope i never get used to um because i don't think of myself in those terms i used to be um i used to be johnny if if that makes sense i used to be johnny and then my name full name which i i honestly find still it's difficult if i it's uncomfortable to say my own name because i when i say it i hear the commodity i hear the product so i just i went from johnny to johnny depp and um and then that name with that name johnny depp and some image was cultivated um certainly not by me but but the the media especially in those days they must label you they have to give you a label and label is one of the things that i've fought vigorously with regard to my work i i never wanted to be the poster boy i never wanted to be the i don't have you know i'm not built with that kind of hubris i don't i don't have that kind of uh uh confidence i i can do virtually anything playing a character i can become the character in my work and that character maybe it will just we may be able to spit out a hundred words a minute but me myself johnny i cannot so they're there lies the difference you know mr depp other than acting what other artistic pursuits do you have that may be a little less known to the general public well i've remained musician i've been a musician i started playing the guitar when i was 12 years old and that saved my life because i locked myself into a in my bedroom at the age of 12 listening to you know records moving the needle back and then learning that piece and then learning it again so uh so much so i mean that i i i don't remember uh i i have no memory of going through puberty i i uh i was just playing the guitar i was just i was obsessed with my guitar any other artistic pursuits um i yeah i mean i've always drawn since i was very small since very little um and always enjoyed drawing and then began to paint um and so they started learning about painting and trying to um um it i suppose different ways of of expressing oneself different ways to different ways to um release the things that are living in in in your head whether they be beautiful memories whether they be horrific memories whether they be i i have a i need to create it's it's a need it's a of course i want to create as well but i i actually need to create because i need to summon whatever whatever it is that i need to summon to whether then whether that's within a film or a painting or a guitar note um all of those things should come from a place of an organic place a place of truth um because if they don't well then you're just lying aren't you i i every bit of truth a person doesn't have to say anything on film what's important is what's behind the eyes and if they do say something what's important is not necessarily the words that they say it's very easy to say i love you but what brings it into the realm of truth is what's underneath it what's not being said the subtext if you will so um any artistic or creative venture any film anything that i do that's um that's where i'm coming from that's that's my approach mr duff you mentioned words and i think the jury has already seen some words that you've written in text messages can you please tell the jury a little bit about how you write certainly i am when i was young when i was about 12 years old my my elder brother um danny um walked into my room and ripped the peter frampton record off my record player threw it across the room and said you got to stop listening to this stuff and he put this record on and it started and i'd never heard anything like it was called uh astral weeks by van morrison so i'm a kid you know 12 years old so my brother turned me on to van morris and then he turned me on to soundtracks like clockwork orange or um last tango in paris he turned me onto books by jack kerouac he turned me onto books by ginsburg philip k dick he challenger i mean the whole james joyce the hemingway the whole thing so um so i became very interested in vocabulary and and the the the unique voices of these writers um and then i started reading people like tom robbins hunter s thompson and then ended up becoming very close uh friends with with um with hunter thompson for the last 10 10-12 years of his life and hunter's writing of course because of the amount i spent of time i spent with him has influenced my writing greatly hunter was known for inventing a thing called gonzo journalism which is it's it's it's uh the author putting himself in the situation as opposed to writing it from the author's point of view he writes it with him in it and there are great um embellishments and embellishments or great sort of ways that he would twist things and um express um his his his his feelings um and so he he became a huge hero of course to me and a great friend i uh in my texts and in my emails or sometimes just even in my writing you do [Music] you take you you you take the subject and you um try to express it in your own vernacular and and in that um for example with the text messages that i apologize that everyone's had to experience i am ashamed of of some of the references made i'm embarrassed that at the time the heat of the moment um the heat of the pain that i was feeling went to went to dark places there is no if you're riding there is no set place that you have to stay in you can travel and sometimes um pain can be has to be dealt with with humor and sometimes dark very dark humor um i i grew up watching monty python you know so yes it can tend to get into dark humor it can tend to get words are used that for emphasis and words are used to express what what you're feeling at the time and it's just like growing up you learn from those mistakes you learn from those things and you move forward you know [Music] and that that's how you that's how you start to understand your own vernacular and what's important you know what's necessary and what's not necessary um i tend to be quite expressive in my writing and after after the uh the unfortunate um words of misheard um made their way into my heart um and my head those those are two very opposing things so you're you're trying to you you're trying to find the best way to express something to a friend sometimes you're exaggerating uh you know something that you've done um um just to make it sound just to make him understand that uh you know i'm on i'm on planet question mark here i don't know what's going on and i but i know i'm in this situation and i know that it cannot continue mr dubs the jury's heard quite a bit from miss herd's side about your drug and alcohol use but i'm sure they'd like to hear from you so could you please just tell them about your history of substance use certainly um again this this goes back to when i was a a young boy um excuse me um at about the age of i don't know four or five years old i i can remember vividly my my mom telling me to go get her nerve pills you know um out of her purse that was hanging on the back of the door so i'd go get the nerve pills and i'd bring her the nerve pill you take it and um you know after a few years you start to notice well you start to think about nerve pills nerve pill and then she seemed to calm down after she took those nerve pills so when i was 11 years old um i wanted to calm down and i didn't know how to so i i'd bring my mom her nerve pill i would walk away and i would take one myself to escape caring so much feeling so much to escape the [Music] the chaotic um nature of what of what we were living uh through um so that that was the beginning when i realized that nerve pills calmed the nerves um pretty young age to do that i can't say that i'm proud of admitting to that but but i i have to say that i knew not what else to do i knew nothing else that i could do um so as we were all growing up there was always those kids who would say let's party let's go party i want to party i've never used the word party in my life i've never i've never taken any substance uh for a party i have taken these substances over the years on and off to numb to numb myself of of of the the ghosts the wraiths that were still with me and um from from from my youth so um i needed yeah i they were everything it was essentially was just self-medication um one of those get me out of here moments and you know where you want to escape from is your own brain your own head how often have you used substances throughout your life um having started with my mother's nerve pills at 11 of course the the you know that's around the age that you're introduced to uh marijuana um you're introduced to and also depending on where you're living and where your um associating with and who's around the neighborhood um i no i wasn't shy to try a substance for to see if the effect of it would maybe even take a bit more of the edge off so i i started um at 11 and i mean i even mentioned this in an interview and tv guide if anyone remembers tv guide in 1989 where i was asked by the journalist why i believed that kids who were watching the show 21 jump street about police officers in school under as undercover undercover cops but but as students i was asked why people why these kids or whoever should should should believe me or trust me or listen to me and i said look i i i could because i've experienced it and i can tell them that there is no future in it that there's nothing but a a a kind of an uh postponing of the inevitable that one day you're going to have to face those feelings one day you will meet those let's call them uh demons um from your youth um so i was i was i was straight up open and honest at that time in in a very i mean tv guide was it was right at the register when you checked out at the grocery store it was like the most popular thing in it was a very straight magazine a little magazine but i i had told them i'd pretty much done all the drugs that i was aware of by the time i was 15 years old and which is true now that doesn't mean to say that i continued in into that you know forest of of uh possibilities with regard to substances um i i wasn't dropping acid every five minutes i wasn't i there were many years that i didn't touch it substance and no drugs there were many years that i didn't have a drink [Music] so it's as i said it's never been for the sort of party effect it's been for trying to numb the things inside that have that that plague that can plague plague someone's uh who's who's experienced trauma um but it the the characterization um of of the the characterization of my substance quote-unquote substance abuse um that's been delivered by ms heard is is uh is is is grossly embellished um [Music] and i'm sorry to say but [Music] a lot of it is it's just plainly false i think that it was easy it was an easy i think it was an easy target for her to hit because once you've trusted somebody for a certain amount of years and you've told them all the secrets of your life um that information then of course can be used against you especially if it's taken to a point that is teetering on impossible and tears over impossible in fact at times it's so i i am not um some [Music] maniac who needs um to be high or loaded all the time i i in fact the the in australia from before australia and in australia i had been um off off of alcohol for i believe it was about 18 months mr jeff you've mentioned some periods of sobriety throughout your life how many would you estimate you've had uh quite a number you know on on various films you see um i suppose i guess maybe by example if anyone's well if you're familiar with hunter thompson's book fear and loathing in las vegas which i i was lucky enough to make into a film with terry gilliam the the film calls for myself and my attorney to be absolutely blotto out of our heads constantly throughout the film and most people just assume that well they just got wasted and they filmed them there would have been no way to you couldn't act that you couldn't i mean you couldn't make that film with two actors who were loaded there would be no way um and then to the other extreme donnie brasco a film that i made about a an fbi agent i i had to uh uh i had to go and go into a training regime where i i had to eat five meals a day drink five shakes a day you know these protein shakes per day um work out three to four hours a day because i had to gain 20 to 30 pounds of muscle there was certainly no abuse of um substances then i there's been no abuse of substances on film sets there have been no there's been no there's been no moments where i would have been considered out of control never in fact it's not been mentioned that i make sure they don't want to mention it but i remember that because we when i was with missouri and her friends and we were all drinking wine and i smoking marijuana um they would they used to tease me because because of what they said was a a ludicrous tolerance because i because i never appeared bloated or high or any of that i i i um even if even if i felt a little spinny i know no one would have ever known you know mr deb is there any substance that you've ever been addicted to yes and what is that um roxy codon or roxy cotton which is um it's an opiate it's um i think i think oxycodone has the opiate and then some pain like a paracetamol or something and then the roxies are just the opiate as far as i uh remember and um when i was i was working on pirates four and uh there there was a scene in which i had to um grab this large gold and gold and red you know stately guilt chair pick it up and throw it chuck it out this big giant window and so i did it and as i swung around to throw the throw the chair out the window i felt this immediate electricity from from the bottom of my spine down to down my left leg and it was like an electricity that burned it so i had obviously done so it was sciatica so i'd obviously pinched something done something so i went to i saw a chiropractor or a kidney or whatever i saw chiropractors and and uh to no avail then i saw a doctor and the only pain medication that she recommended and prescribed to me was a roxy codon and there was a part of me that was a little bit worried it's just in a sense that i i know i've witnessed friends and people over the years who have um [Music] who've had problems with uh heroin you know um and i i didn't want to get bit by that snake and i started taking the roxies and i was bit by the snake and then before you know it um that that monkey is on your back to stay and it's not like you take those pills to get high you you take them to [Music] once once once the addiction has grabbed hold of you you you're not taking those pills to get high you're taking those pills to get uh well or to get better because if you're without the pill your body will start to go into various uh you'll you'll withdrawals and um so i was i was on the roxie roxies for a number of years uh four or five years i think maybe more i don't know but the key was that i i if you take two you will be um what they call on the not you will be that you'll you'll just drop into sleep um uh so um yes i i i didn't like being dependent on on these on these pills i didn't like being dependent on on um on a drug that would you'd take only so you wouldn't get withdrawals that's what it becomes it's like a junkie the reason why so many well now there's a huge fentanyl problem but the reason why junkies generally why they end up overdosing is because they're looking for the first high again and you you don't get that you don't get your first high again so what do you do you up the stakes and you put more you take more and and that's what makes them that's what makes things go dark for them because they overestimated the amount that they that their body could tolerate and they go blue and they die so um yeah didn't want that mr depp do you have an estimate as to what year you started taking the the opiates that you just described um when uh 2000 or excuse me uh it was pirates bless you four i believe pirates four no it was pirates four rob marshall directed it um i don't know what year that was maybe i actually don't i have no idea what year that was was it before you were in a relationship with miss heard yes i believe so and you didn't detox and you detoxed from those opiates during your relationship with ms hurd is that right yes yeah so of course yes so they must have yeah they did come around prior to my meeting with her after you detox from the opiates have you ever taken any opiates ever again no i can't that's a no once you've been bitten you'll be bit again so no i with any i mean even with my finger uh i i think that there was like much motrin 800 you know but no opiates no i've not taken an opiate since and i won't unless i plan on going through the the hell of the pure horror of detoxing of coming off those drugs no mr depp i'd like to now turn to your relationship with miss heard um can you please tell the jury how you met miss heard mm-hmm um 2 000 in around 2008 uh hunter thompson and i were going through some of his manuscripts of his books that have been published and then i i found this manuscript in one of his boxes and it was called the room diary and i had heard about it and i knew it was what they called his long-lost novel in fact the only novel he ever wrote um and i showed it to him and hunter was hunter was shocked my god that's where it is you know and uh so he said read me some so i started reading this to him and he said this is a movie you know we we must produce this together and you know he got all excited about the idea of doing that so we went right into it and we started to set up meetings to to get to to get money financing to develop the project and we finally ended up getting the money to develop the project and to make the film hunter from his own dilemmas in his in his life um committed suicide um and uh but i having had long long talks with him i knew every angle of the book but i knew every angle of the film that he wanted which was going to be a bit different than the book and bruce robinson who was a great writer director directed a film called with nail and i and how to get ahead in advertising was the one director that hunter and i talked about and so i i i went to bruce who was a friend of mine and i ripped him out of retirement because he never wanted to direct another film again i pulled him out of retirement after 27 years and he agreed to write the screenplay and direct the film and we proceeded during the auditioning process um bruce bruce was uh for that hundred had very specific ideas of what these characters should be um bruce had been auditioning um girls or women from for the role of chennault in the film and there were the there were this sort of the starlets that were up and coming and or there were some that were well known and um things of that nature but you know one of the things that hunter was very against was stunt casting that is to say put a bunch of very famous people in a movie and we'll let them go and and then hope for the money in the in the end so bruce had asked me he said he had been auditioning uh this this one particular actress named amber heard um he said that he'd auditioned her five times and he was [Music] he wasn't sure about her capabilities as an actress with regard to the film and the character and what and taking direction and that sort of thing so he asked me if i would read with her for the for the film and i had met already met a number of actresses and things and and so what i said to mr robinson is i said bruce i i don't if you've if you've auditioned her five times you've seen the best and the worst i suppose so me putting her this this girl in an uncomfortable situation you know saying hey all right let's read this i i think is i think it's i think it's a far better idea that we just meet so that i can see how she behaves see how she reacts because that's really all it is reaction behavior and you don't have to push anything else you know so they made an appointment uh she she came to my office i took one look at her and i thought yeah that's that's that's the chanult that hunter wants that's the one i just i thought yeah she could definitely kill me that's uh that's what hunter wants and so we spoke and she was sweet as pie pleasant again you know um intelligent literate very good taste um and i felt like if she what i felt and what i told bruce was look when you present when you put someone in a situation that that they're obviously going to be feel under pressure um it's not the best way to to really to really know what they're capable of and i made suggestions such as um and which i ended up making to ms heard i made suggestions of films that might give her some insight into what what we were looking for in terms of the film which is to say i gave her films like to have and have not um and things that nature be because i wanted to there was something very important that she i thought felt she needed to know about stillness as opposed to you know going broad or or or taking acting a little too much so i felt like i could i felt like i could be a bit of a traffic cop in that sense so that because if we if we could connect then it would it could work as long as there was truth in her eyes and as long as there was truth coming out of her uh dialogue you know then it's all in the editing so i i felt that i could help her with that idea of stillness um and so that's where that's when i first met miss heard how would you describe your interactions with miss heard when you work together on the rum diary um initially you know mostly very very very few interactions i remember there was a time i wasn't working that day but i was producing you know one of the producers of the film and um it was a scene from the book that that was it was a it was a it was a scene where ms heard's character was in a nightclub and were amongst um the locals and she's very drunk and everybody's very drunk and she ends up dancing with a few of the local like one of the local guys and stuff and then the other local guys start to sort of close in on her in the book and in the screenplay as it was written there was a she there was a required requirement for nudity um for the part and uh i was on set the day that they were shooting that and as i was watching the crowd coming in on her i realized you know what because i would check on ms heard and say are you all right are you sure you're okay because this is you know she was like no no i'm fine fine but i realized that with the crowd surging in towards her that we didn't have to do we wouldn't have to do the nudity because if she if she took her shirt off and she had a red bra on and a skirt then if she had a red bra in her hand when the crowd surged in on her all she had to do was lift the red bra up out of the crowd and there's no nudity but it's certainly implied because then she disappears for the character disappears for a few days and um and she's quite a wreck when she comes back because bad things have happened to her so i i remember telling ms her hey you don't you don't have to uh you don't have to take your clothes off you don't have to take your top off you don't have to everything's cool and she was appreciative um and uh but but other than that we didn't really have much interaction until um until there was a um a scene where i i was i'm taking a shower and then she comes into the room and she walks opens the shower and we kiss and that moment was um it was um yeah it was a it was it felt like something um it felt like something that i shouldn't be feeling because she had her wife um and even though it was a scene and and she had a wife and and i had vanessa and kitties and um yeah when would you say your romantic relationship with miss heart actually began if if not in that moment well i think there was something in the kiss in the shower that was very um real um so that day after [Music] work mr had come to my trailer and i was uh i was i was i was just sitting there listening to uh actually old blues stuff and um we had a glass of wine and um and and um we kissed um and at that point we really my trailer was the only trailer in the parking lot um she had a mind to stay in the trailer there for a while with me and i uh didn't think that was a very good idea on any level especially since there were about nine teamsters waiting to move the trailer and then that was that on till to whenever the uh we did the first day of the press junket uh for the run diary in los angeles uh two years later and um she had she had broken up i believe with her wife and my uh for lack of a my wife weren't married married but she was of course my wife vanessa um we had had some not so great um situations you know um she wanted she needed she needed she was stuck in america she wanted to go back to france she wanted to have her life back she's a well-known singer there um and that's not long after right around then is when miss heard and i started to uh see each other here and there occasionally between the end of the filming of the rum diary and the the press junket did you and miss herd communicate at any time in between i i don't remember i remember that there was a there was a white dress that she was really she really was infatuated with she's really loved this dress that she wore in the film and so i i went to colleen out with the costume designer and to bruce and i said do you think we can snag this this white dress and send it to uh to amber you know after she'd wrap because she loved the she loved the thing i remember talking to i think then but briefly briefly what did you like about miss heard when you first started your romantic relationship she seemed to be she seemed to be the um she seemed to be the perfect a partner in a sense in my head for me because she as i said she she was she seemed to be very knowledgeable about old obscure blues music that i listened to and really liked um she was literate she was uh sweet funny nice all those things you know um and and and she was and from the beginning of our relationship at that time for a good year a year and a half she was she was wonderful and and then things just started to change or things start to reveal themselves that's i think is a better way to put it you mentioned earlier in your testimony that miss heard would would take off your boots when you would get home from work what other types of behaviors did you observe and misheard early in the relationship um little things that you would kind of it would just you'd question in in the back of your mind you know if if if she wanted to go to bed i'd say oh well i i i can't sleep you know right now and rather than go and just lay in a bed and stare at the ceiling i would say uh you know i'll just watch i'll be out here watching tv or hanging out and and that was just not acceptable it's not acceptable it would uh it would steer up some some rather unusual um reactions from her i i i didn't understand why i as a 50 something year old man was not allowed to go to sleep when i wanted to uh as opposed to when she wanted to it started out with little things like that and again they just uh they eventually they just i suppose like anything if they're allowed to continue then they then they are allowed to grow they're allowed to blossom into whatever they're going to become what were you and miss heard's nicknames for each other um i called her slim why is that i called her slim um because of the the film that i had given her to watch about in terms of stillness was lauren bacall and humphrey bogart and uh i called her slim and she called me steve which was lauren mccall's and humphrey bogart's nickname uh nicknames for each other in the in the film that was their names in the film um and it you know it wasn't also wasn't lost on me the fact that uh there was an age difference and that uh um my god when when when humphrey bogart and lauren mccall that's when they met on that film he was 45 years old and she was 19. um and they stayed together until well for many years until bogart passed away so yeah the the the the the there was a kind of a joke to not joke but just uh yeah i acknowledged the the fact that i was the old craggy bogey and she was this um um beautiful um um creature just this stunning creature when did you first meet miss hurt's parents i first met miss heard's parents when they they had come out to los angeles i believe and uh yeah and i feel i feel like that i met them i think they came to my place to to my studio and um there were two completely opposite ends of the end of the spectrum people paige was um she was an angel she was an angel and uh and uh i loved her very much i i i loved her instantly and we had a very good relationship her father david was the opposite end of that he was this outrageous kind of almost like a cartoon cowboy you know and he was um the initial thought i mean my initial kind of definition for david would have been rascally like a rascal you know um but i i i i loved i mean i grew to love them both very much uh as well as her her sister whitney and yes it felt like i had been welcomed into some sort of family i had been accepted into this this family and um those relationships stayed solid um until just a bit after we'd separated how often did you spend time with miss herd's parents during your relationship with miss heard quite a lot whether we i used to have a boat um and we would go we would take her parents or family and we'd go sail the boat and um you know drop anchor at the island and um we would spend a week two weeks whatever on the boat on the island um also they would come to los angeles quite a bit we also would go to austin here and there to see them visit them um every year we would uh on their anniversary um i had a friend of mine who had a restaurant in austin like a very good restaurant in austin and uh i i'd call him up and basically basically set it up so that every year on their anniversary they could just go there and and um they'd be taken care of and there would be no bill so they could just celebrate and i think one of the things we did was yes we would try to order them car so that uh they could drink um well i i i i was very fond of them very fond of them now you mentioned miss heard's sister whitney when did you first meet whitney i don't remember exactly when i met whitney the first time but i i've but i felt when i when i first met whitney there was something in there was something in what i saw of whitney that was less much less confident than amber um much more um revealing of insecurities um uh objection your honor just foundation what he saw in whitney i think if you can answer the question you want to ask the question again we can move on okay that's fine um how would you describe your relationship with whitney great i mean fantastic she was i called her sis i loved her you know i felt i had always felt something i'd always felt like whitney had missed out on something same objection we can move on okay where was whitney living when you first when you and miss heard first started your relationship she was living with her then boyfriend sean kraszewski was this in the same where was miss heard living when you first started your relationship uh miss former miss mr had informed me that she just moved to a new place on orange avenue what city is that in los angeles sorry yeah and was a whitney also living in los angeles whitney was living in los angeles yes whether with shawn krashewski and uh so how often would you see whitney um when you and miss heard were in a relationship oh a lot um whitney would uh whitney would come over all the time with her boyfriend for dinners and such uh ms hurt always liked having um people over you know for dinner parties and socially shows you know social kind of events that are at her place have you ever done any drugs with whitney [Music] yes how often would you do that with whitney yes with whitney maybe two two top three times maybe twice three times did there come a time when whitney moved into the penthouses that you owned at the eastern columbia building yes and and when was that i don't remember exactly when it was but i i do remember that it was after rocky pennington and yes i believe josh drew was there already as well um whitney i can't remember why she needed a place but she uh needed a place that we gave her penthouse for to live in how long did she live there for oh boy on and off for [Music] i suppose a couple of years and how much rent did you charge her oh nothing [Music] now you said you did drugs a couple times with with whitney um what what drugs were you doing with whitney whitney and i had done a line or two of cocaine together when did you start getting introduced to mrs herd's friends after you started your relationship with her almost immediately well in fact immediately yeah immediately i was introduced to [Music] the whole gang you know rocky io brittany eustace whitney certainly um um who else that this all comes to mind at the moment no you you mentioned rocky uh who is that specifically rockhill pennington who was necessarily a good friend from youth i suppose and i think you mentioned brittany eustis as well who was that um brittany eustis was uh uh just one of the gals you know she was one of the gals and uh she was quite bubbly and funny and um real sweet girl southern southern girl i haven't seen her um in i i think i think that i think that something went sideways between britney uses and the girls because she suddenly just disappeared from the group and when was that probably we were probably a year and a half or maybe two no two two years into the relationship three years maybe and i believe you mentioned someone named io who is that um i owe i hotel it right it was a friend of miss herds from new york city who was who who had identified as a as a she was born a female if that's the right terminology these days born a female but she was she she had chosen um she at a very young age she had decided that she was uh she was a male and she identified as a male um and isle seemed to be again uh she was she was a very intelligent very literate um kind of a go get him kind of activist type and uh she was writing a book i remember she was writing a book um io or he was writing a book rather and um i i i had a house on one of my own sweet sir one of the houses there was empty and it was in fact a house that i'd set up to to write in and when she she had no place uh to stay or whatever i i i called her over and i showed her the house you know uh where the desk was and all the things and uh so she i said write your book you know write your book here so uh so she she did did io end up living in that house or just working there no no io ended up no she she ended up living in the house for somewhere in the neighborhood of a year i guess somewhere about a year and how much rent did you charge to io nothing and did there also come a time when um rocky moved into the penthouses at the eastern columbia building iraqi moved into penthouse two and do you recall when that was oh no penthouse one sorry and i was one that was that was not long after uh miss hurd and i started to uh begin to dress that place up as our residence so it wasn't very long after that at all that rocky and rocky came i had already had my friend isaac who you've met um isaac baruch the painter he had already given him a penthouse to to stay in and and uh live in and paint in because he had he'd just come back from florida and his mom had passed away and i think he had about three dollars in his pocket so i gave him the penthouse and asked him if he had enough paint and so he lived there why did um rocky move into the penthouses projection foundation all over rural foundation and hearsay the question potentially calls for a second i'll overrule that sorry what was it again why did rocky end up moving into the penthouses she ended up moving into the penthouses i don't recall i i believe it was something to do with just not having a a place and amber had asked if i would be okay with you know rocky moving in and i said of course it's uh the penthouse is empty i i i wasn't in the uh i wasn't going to be renting them out necessarily anyway you know they were for friends to come and stay up penthouse 4 in fact was initially planned out for my sister christy to have an escape from her 3 000 grandchildren and and the amount of work load that she had taken on at the company how long did miss pennington end up staying in the penthouses longer than i did and how much rent did you charge to miss pennington nothing did anyone live with miss pennington in the penthouses yes her fiance or boyfriend and fiance josh drew um and then at a certain point i learned that there was another female living there who i i wasn't sure who that was i didn't know who that was it was it because it was a there were there were two bedrooms and so she had invited a friend to move in but i i i met that person very briefly a while after they had already been living there i think this is a good stopping point that's fine all right ladies and gentlemen it is five o'clock so we'll go ahead and break for the evening again to not discuss case with anybody and don't do any outside research okay we'll see you in the morning at 10 am all right thank you you're your excuse for the day thank you all right and again sir since you're in the middle of your testimony did not discuss your testimony with anybody to include your attorneys this evening okay all right you can you can stand down if you'd like okay thank you all right is there any other matters for this evening sure all right youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 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02:54:20Watch at: 02:54:20 / 02:54:40Watch at: 02:54:40 / 02:55:00Watch at: 02:55:00 / 02:55:20Watch at: 02:55:20 / 02:55:40Watch at: 02:55:40 / 02:56:00Watch at: 02:56:00 / 02:56:20Watch at: 02:56:20 / 02:56:40Watch at: 02:56:40 / 02:57:00Watch at: 02:57:00 / 02:57:20Watch at: 02:57:20 / 02:57:40Watch at: 02:57:40 / 02:58:00Watch at: 02:58:00 / 02:58:20Watch at: 02:58:20 / 02:58:40Watch at: 02:58:40 / 02:59:00Watch at: 02:59:00 / 02:59:20Watch at: 02:59:20 / 02:59:40Watch at: 02:59:40 / 03:00:00Watch at: 03:00:00 / 03:00:20Watch at: 03:00:20 / 03:00:40Watch at: 03:00:40 / 03:01:00Watch at: 03:01:00 / 03:01:20Watch at: 03:01:20 / 03:01:40Watch at: 03:01:40 / 03:02:00Watch at: 03:02:00 / 03:02:20Watch at: 03:02:20 / 03:02:40Watch at: 03:02:40 / 03:03:00Watch at: 03:03:00 / 03:03:20Watch at: 03:03:20 / 03:03:40Watch at: 03:03:40 / 03:04:00Watch at: 03:04:00 / 03:04:20Watch at: 03:04:20 / 03:04:40Watch at: 03:04:40 / 03:05:00Watch at: 03:05:00 / 03:05:20Watch at: 03:05:20 / 03:05:40Watch at: 03:05:40 / 03:06:00Watch at: 03:06:00 / 03:06:20Watch at: 03:06:20 / 03:06:40Watch at: 03:06:40 / 03:07:00Watch at: 03:07:00 / 03:07:20Watch at: 03:07:20 / 03:07:40Watch at: 03:07:40 / 03:08:00Watch at: 03:08:00 / 03:08:20Watch at: 03:08:20 / 03:08:40Watch at: 03:08:40 / 03:09:00Watch at: 03:09:00 / 03:09:20Watch at: 03:09:20 / 03:09:40Watch at: 03:09:40 / 03:10:00Watch at: 03:10:00 / 03:10:20Watch at: 03:10:20 / 03:10:40Watch at: 03:10:40 / 03:11:00Watch at: 03:11:00 / 03:11:20Watch at: 03:11:20 / 03:11:40Watch at: 03:11:40 / 03:12:00Watch at: 03:12:00 / 03:12:20Watch at: 03:12:20 / 03:12:40Watch at: 03:12:40 / 03:13:00Watch at: 03:13:00 / 03:13:20Watch at: 03:13:20 / 03:13:40Watch at: 03:13:40 / 03:14:00Watch at: 03:14:00 / 03:14:20Watch at: 03:14:20 / 03:14:40Watch at: 03:14:40 / 03:15:00Watch at: 03:15:00 / 03:15:20Watch at: 03:15:20 / 03:15:40Watch at: 03:15:40 / 03:16:00Watch at: 03:16:00 / 03:16:20Watch at: 03:16:20 / 03:16:40Watch at: 03:16:40 / 03:17:00Watch at: 03:17:00 / 03:17:20Watch at: 03:17:20 / 03:17:40Watch at: 03:17:40 / 03:18:00Watch at: 03:18:00 / 03:18:20Watch at: 03:18:20 / 03:18:40Watch at: 03:18:40 / 03:19:00Watch at: 03:19:00 / 03:19:20Watch at: 03:19:20 / 03:19:40Watch at: 03:19:40 / 03:20:00Watch at: 03:20:00 / 03:20:20Watch at: 03:20:20 / 03:20:40Watch at: 03:20:40 / 03:21:00Watch at: 03:21:00 / 03:21:20Watch at: 03:21:20 / 03:21:40Watch at: 03:21:40 / 03:22:00Watch at: 03:22:00 / 03:22:20Watch at: 03:22:20 / 03:22:40Watch at: 03:22:40 / 03:23:00Watch at: 03:23:00 / 03:23:20Watch at: 03:23:20 / 03:23:40Watch at: 03:23:40 / 03:24:00Watch at: 03:24:00 / 03:24:20Watch at: 03:24:20 / 03:24:40Watch at: 03:24:40 / 03:25:00Watch at: 03:25:00 / 03:25:20Watch at: 03:25:20 / 03:25:40Watch at: 03:25:40 / 03:26:00Watch at: 03:26:00 / 03:26:20Watch at: 03:26:20 / 03:26:40Watch at: 03:26:40 / 03:27:00Watch at: 03:27:00 / 03:27:20Watch at: 03:27:20 / 03:27:40Watch at: 03:27:40 / 03:28:00Watch at: 03:28:00 / 03:28:20Watch at: 03:28:20 / 03:28:40Watch at: 03:28:40 / 03:29:00Watch at: 03:29:00 / 03:29:20Watch at: 03:29:20 / 03:29:40Watch at: 03:29:40 / 03:30:00Watch at: 03:30:00 / 03:30:20Watch at: 03:30:20 / 03:30:40Watch at: 03:30:40 / 03:31:00Watch at: 03:31:00 / 03:31:20Watch at: 03:31:20 / 03:31:40Watch at: 03:31:40 / 03:32:00Watch at: 03:32:00 / 03:32:20Watch at: 03:32:20 / 03:32:40Watch at: 03:32:40 / 03:33:00Watch at: 03:33:00 / 03:33:20Watch at: 03:33:20 / 03:33:40Watch at: 03:33:40 / 03:34:00Watch at: 03:34:00 / 03:34:20Watch at: 03:34:20 / 03:34:40Watch at: 03:34:40 / 03:35:00Watch at: 03:35:00 / 03:35:20Watch at: 03:35:20 / 03:35:40Watch at: 03:35:40 / 03:36:00Watch at: 03:36:00 / 03:36:20Watch at: 03:36:20 / 03:36:40Watch at: 03:36:40 / 03:37:00Watch at: 03:37:00 / 03:37:20Watch at: 03:37:20 / 03:37:40Watch at: 03:37:40 / 03:38:00Watch at: 03:38:00 / 03:38:20Watch at: 03:38:20 / 03:38:40Watch at: 03:38:40 / 03:39:00Watch at: 03:39:00 / 03:39:20Watch at: 03:39:20 / 03:39:40Watch at: 03:39:40 / 03:40:00Watch at: 03:40:00 / 03:40:20Watch at: 03:40:20 / 03:40:40Watch at: 03:40:40 / 03:41:00Watch at: 03:41:00 / 03:41:20Watch at: 03:41:20 / 03:41:40Watch at: 03:41:40 / 03:42:00Watch at: 03:42:00 / 03:42:20Watch at: 03:42:20 / 03:42:40Watch at: 03:42:40 / 03:43:00Watch at: 03:43:00 / 03:43:20Watch at: 03:43:20 / 03:43:40Watch at: 03:43:40 / 03:44:00Watch at: 03:44:00 / 03:44:20Watch at: 03:44:20 / 03:44:40Watch at: 03:44:40 / 03:45:00Watch at: 03:45:00 / 03:45:20Watch at: 03:45:20 / 03:45:40Watch at: 03:45:40 / 03:46:00Watch at: 03:46:00 / 03:46:20Watch at: 03:46:20 / 03:46:40Watch at: 03:46:40 / 03:47:00Watch at: 03:47:00 / 03:47:20Watch at: 03:47:20 / 03:47:40Watch at: 03:47:40 / 03:48:00Watch at: 03:48:00 / 03:48:20Watch at: 03:48:20 / 03:48:40Watch at: 03:48:40 / 03:49:00Watch at: 03:49:00 / 03:49:20Watch at: 03:49:20 / 03:49:40Watch at: 03:49:40 / 03:50:00Watch at: 03:50:00 / 03:50:20Watch at: 03:50:20 / 03:50:40Watch at: 03:50:40 / 03:51:00Watch at: 03:51:00 / 03:51:20Watch at: 03:51:20 / 03:51:40Watch 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05:12:20Watch at: 05:12:20 / 05:12:40Watch at: 05:12:40 / 05:13:00Watch at: 05:13:00 / 05:13:20Watch at: 05:13:20 / 05:13:40Watch at: 05:13:40 / 05:14:00Watch at: 05:14:00 / 05:14:20Watch at: 05:14:20 / 05:14:40Watch at: 05:14:40 / 05:15:00Watch at: 05:15:00 / 05:15:20Watch at: 05:15:20 / 05:15:40Watch at: 05:15:40 / 05:16:00Watch at: 05:16:00 / 05:16:20Watch at: 05:16:20 / 05:16:40Watch at: 05:16:40 / 05:17:00Watch at: 05:17:00 / 05:17:20Watch at: 05:17:20 / 05:17:40Watch at: 05:17:40 / 05:18:00Watch at: 05:18:00 / 05:18:20Watch at: 05:18:20 / 05:18:40Watch at: 05:18:40 / 05:19:00Watch at: 05:19:00 / 05:19:20Watch at: 05:19:20 / 05:19:40Watch at: 05:19:40 / 05:20:00Watch at: 05:20:00 / 05:20:20Watch at: 05:20:20 / 05:20:40Watch at: 05:20:40 / 05:21:00Watch at: 05:21:00 / 05:21:20Watch at: 05:21:20 / 05:21:40Watch at: 05:21:40 / 05:22:00Watch at: 05:22:00 / 05:22:20Watch at: 05:22:20 / 05:22:40Watch at: 05:22:40 / 05:23:00Watch at: 05:23:00 / 05:23:20Watch at: 05:23:20 / 05:23:40Watch at: 05:23:40 / 05:24:00Watch at: 05:24:00 / 05:24:20Watch at: 05:24:20 / 05:24:40Watch at: 05:24:40 / 05:25:00Watch at: 05:25:00 / 05:25:20Watch at: 05:25:20 / 05:25:40Watch at: 05:25:40 / 05:26:00Watch at: 05:26:00 / 05:26:20Watch at: 05:26:20 / 05:26:40Watch at: 05:26:40 / 05:27:00Watch at: 05:27:00 / 05:27:20Watch at: 05:27:20 / 05:27:40Watch at: 05:27:40 / 05:28:00Watch at: 05:28:00 / 05:28:20Watch at: 05:28:20 / 05:28:40Watch at: 05:28:40 / 05:29:00Watch at: 05:29:00 / 05:29:20Watch at: 05:29:20 / 05:29:40Watch at: 05:29:40 / 05:30:00Watch at: 05:30:00 / 05:30:20Watch at: 05:30:20 / 05:30:40Watch at: 05:30:40 / 05:31:00Watch at: 05:31:00 / 05:31:20Watch at: 05:31:20 / 05:31:40Watch at: 05:31:40 / 05:32:00Watch at: 05:32:00 / 05:32:20Watch at: 05:32:20 / 05:32:40Watch at: 05:32:40 / 05:33:00Watch at: 05:33:00 / 05:33:20Watch at: 05:33:20 / 05:33:40Watch at: 05:33:40 / 05:34:00Watch at: 05:34:00 / 05:34:20Watch at: 05:34:20 / 05:34:40Watch at: 05:34:40 / 05:35:00Watch at: 05:35:00 / 05:35:20Watch at: 05:35:20 / 05:35:40Watch at: 05:35:40 / 05:36:00Watch at: 05:36:00 / 05:36:20Watch at: 05:36:20 / 05:36:40Watch at: 05:36:40 / 05:37:00Watch at: 05:37:00 / 05:37:20Watch at: 05:37:20 / 05:37:40Watch at: 05:37:40 / 05:38:00Watch at: 05:38:00 / 05:38:20Watch at: 05:38:20 / 05:38:40Watch at: 05:38:40 / 05:39:00Watch at: 05:39:00 / 05:39:20Watch at: 05:39:20 / 05:39:40Watch at: 05:39:40 / 05:40:00Watch at: 05:40:00 / 05:40:20Watch at: 05:40:20 / 05:40:40Watch at: 05:40:40 / 05:41:00Watch at: 05:41:00 / 05:41:20Watch at: 05:41:20 / 05:41:40Watch at: 05:41:40 / 05:42:00Watch at: 05:42:00 / 05:42:20Watch at: 05:42:20 / 05:42:40Watch at: 05:42:40 / 05:43:00Watch at: 05:43:00 / 05:43:20Watch at: 05:43:20 / 05:43:40Watch at: 05:43:40 / 05:44:00Watch at: 05:44:00 / 05:44:20Watch at: 05:44:20 / 05:44:40Watch at: 05:44:40 / 05:45:00Watch at: 05:45:00 / 05:45:20Watch at: 05:45:20 / 05:45:40Watch at: 05:45:40 / 05:46:00Watch at: 05:46:00 / 05:46:20Watch at: 05:46:20 / 05:46:40Watch at: 05:46:40 / 05:47:00Watch at: 05:47:00 / 05:47:20Watch at: 05:47:20 / 05:47:40Watch at: 05:47:40 / 05:48:00Watch at: 05:48:00 / 05:48:20Watch at: 05:48:20 / 05:48:40Watch at: 05:48:40 / 05:49:00Watch at: 05:49:00 / 05:49:20Watch at: 05:49:20 / 05:49:40Watch at: 05:49:40 / 05:50:00Watch at: 05:50:00 / 05:50:20Watch at: 05:50:20 / 05:50:40Watch at: 05:50:40 / 05:51:00Watch at: 05:51:00 / 05:51:20Watch at: 05:51:20 / 05:51:40Watch at: 05:51:40 / 05:52:00Watch at: 05:52:00 / 05:52:20Watch at: 05:52:20 / 05:52:40Watch at: 05:52:40 / 05:53:00Watch at: 05:53:00 / 05:53:20Watch at: 05:53:20 / 05:53:40Watch at: 05:53:40 / 05:54:00Watch at: 05:54:00 / 05:54:20Watch at: 05:54:20 / 05:54:40Watch at: 05:54:40 / 05:55:00Watch at: 05:55:00 / 05:55:20Watch at: 05:55:20 / 05:55:40Watch at: 05:55:40 / 05:56:00Watch at: 05:56:00 / 05:56:20Watch at: 05:56:20 / 05:56:40Watch at: 05:56:40 / 05:57:00Watch at: 05:57:00 / 05:57:20Watch at: 05:57:20 / 05:57:40Watch at: 05:57:40 / 05:58:00Watch at: 05:58:00 / 05:58:20Watch at: 05:58:20 / 05:58:40Watch at: 05:58:40 / 05:59:00Watch at: 05:59:00 / 05:59:20Watch at: 05:59:20 / 05:59:40Watch at: 05:59:40 / 06:00:00Watch at: 06:00:00 / 06:00:20Watch at: 06:00:20 / 06:00:40Watch at: 06:00:40 / 06:01:00Watch at: 06:01:00 / 06:01:20Watch at: 06:01:20 / 06:01:40Watch at: 06:01:40 / 06:02:00Watch at: 06:02:00 / 06:02:20Watch at: 06:02:20 / 06:02:40Watch at: 06:02:40 / 06:03:00Watch at: 06:03:00 / 06:03:20Watch at: 06:03:20 / 06:03:40Watch at: 06:03:40 / 06:04:00Watch at: 06:04:00 / 06:04:20Watch at: 06:04:20 / 06:04:40Watch at: 06:04:40 / 06:05:00Watch at: 06:05:00 / 06:05:20Watch at: 06:05:20 / 06:05:40Watch at: 06:05:40 / 06:06:00Watch at: 06:06:00 / 06:06:20Watch at: 06:06:20 / 06:06:40Watch at: 06:06:40 / 06:07:00Watch at: 06:07:00 / 06:07:20Watch at: 06:07:20 / 06:07:40Watch at: 06:07:40 / 06:08:00Watch at: 06:08:00 / 06:08:20Watch at: 06:08:20 / 06:08:40Watch at: 06:08:40 / 06:09:00Watch at: 06:09:00 / 06:09:20Watch at: 06:09:20 / 06:09:40Watch at: 06:09:40 / 06:10:00Watch at: 06:10:00 / 06:10:20Watch at: 06:10:20 / 06:10:40Watch at: 06:10:40 / 06:11:00Watch at: 06:11:00 / 06:11:20Watch at: 06:11:20 / 06:11:40Watch at: 06:11:40 / 06:12:00Watch at: 06:12:00 / 06:12:20Watch at: 06:12:20 / 06:12:40Watch at: 06:12:40 / 06:13:00Watch at: 06:13:00 / 06:13:20Watch at: 06:13:20 / 06:13:40Watch at: 06:13:40 / 06:14:00Watch at: 06:14:00 / 06:14:20Watch at: 06:14:20 / 06:14:40Watch at: 06:14:40 / 06:15:00Watch at: 06:15:00 / 06:15:20Watch at: 06:15:20 / 06:15:40Watch at: 06:15:40 / 06:16:00Watch at: 06:16:00 / 06:16:20Watch at: 06:16:20 / 06:16:40Watch at: 06:16:40 / 06:17:00Watch at: 06:17:00 / 06:17:20Watch at: 06:17:20 / 06:17:40Watch at: 06:17:40 / 06:18:00Watch at: 06:18:00 / 06:18:20Watch at: 06:18:20 / 06:18:40Watch at: 06:18:40 / 06:19:00Watch at: 06:19:00 / 06:19:20Watch at: 06:19:20 / 06:19:40Watch at: 06:19:40 / 06:20:00Watch at: 06:20:00 / 06:20:20Watch at: 06:20:20 / 06:20:40Watch at: 06:20:40 / 06:21:00Watch at: 06:21:00 / 06:21:20Watch at: 06:21:20 / 06:21:40Watch at: 06:21:40 / 06:22:00Watch at: 06:22:00 / 06:22:20Watch at: 06:22:20 / 06:22:40Watch at: 06:22:40 / 06:23:00Watch at: 06:23:00 / 06:23:20Watch at: 06:23:20 / 06:23:40Watch at: 06:23:40 / 06:24:00Watch at: 06:24:00 / 06:24:20Watch at: 06:24:20 / 06:24:40Watch at: 06:24:40 / 06:25:00Watch at: 06:25:00 / 06:25:20Watch at: 06:25:20 / 06:25:40Watch at: 06:25:40 / 06:26:00Watch at: 06:26:00 / 06:26:20Watch at: 06:26:20 / 06:26:40Watch at: 06:26:40 / 06:27:00Watch at: 06:27:00 / 06:27:20Watch at: 06:27:20 / 06:27:40Watch at: 06:27:40 / 06:28:00Watch at: 06:28:00 / 06:28:20Watch at: 06:28:20 / 06:28:40Watch at: 06:28:40 / 06:29:00Watch at: 06:29:00 / 06:29:20Watch at: 06:29:20 / 06:29:40Watch at: 06:29:40 / 06:30:00Watch at: 06:30:00 / 06:30:20Watch at: 06:30:20 / 06:30:40Watch at: 06:30:40 / 06:31:00Watch at: 06:31:00 / 06:31:20Watch at: 06:31:20 / 06:31:40Watch at: 06:31:40 / 06:32:00Watch at: 06:32:00 / 06:32:20Watch at: 06:32:20 / 06:32:40Watch at: 06:32:40 / 06:33:00Watch at: 06:33:00 / 06:33:20Watch at: 06:33:20 / 06:33:40Watch at: 06:33:40 / 06:34:00Watch at: 06:34:00 / 06:34:20Watch at: 06:34:20 / 06:34:40Watch at: 06:34:40 / 06:35:00Watch at: 06:35:00 / 06:35:20Watch at: 06:35:20 / 06:35:40Watch at: 06:35:40 / 06:36:00Watch at: 06:36:00 / 06:36:20Watch at: 06:36:20 / 06:36:40Watch at: 06:36:40 / 06:37:00Watch at: 06:37:00 / 06:37:20Watch at: 06:37:20 / 06:37:40Watch at: 06:37:40 / 06:38:00Watch at: 06:38:00 / 06:38:20Watch at: 06:38:20 / 06:38:40Watch at: 06:38:40 / 06:39:00Watch at: 06:39:00 / 06:39:20Watch at: 06:39:20 / 06:39:40Watch at: 06:39:40 / 06:40:00Watch at: 06:40:00 / 06:40:20Watch at: 06:40:20 / 06:40:40Watch at: 06:40:40 / 06:41:00Watch at: 06:41:00 / 06:41:20Watch at: 06:41:20 / 06:41:40Watch at: 06:41:40 / 06:42:00Watch at: 06:42:00 / 06:42:20Watch at: 06:42:20 / 06:42:40Watch at: 06:42:40 / 06:43:00Watch at: 06:43:00 / 06:43:20Watch at: 06:43:20 / 06:43:40Watch at: 06:43:40 / 06:44:00Watch at: 06:44:00 / 06:44:20Watch at: 06:44:20 / 06:44:40Watch at: 06:44:40 / 06:45:00Watch at: 06:45:00 / 06:45:20Watch at: 06:45:20 / 06:45:40Watch at: 06:45:40 / 06:46:00Watch at: 06:46:00 / 06:46:20Watch at: 06:46:20 / 06:46:40Watch at: 06:46:40 / 06:47:00Watch at: 06:47:00 / 06:47:20Watch at: 06:47:20 / 06:47:40Watch at: 06:47:40 / 06:48:00Watch at: 06:48:00 / 06:48:20Watch at: 06:48:20 / 06:48:40Watch at: 06:48:40 / 06:49:00Watch at: 06:49:00 / 06:49:20Watch at: 06:49:20 / 06:49:40Watch at: 06:49:40 / 06:50:00Watch at: 06:50:00 / 06:50:20Watch at: 06:50:20 / 06:50:40Watch at: 06:50:40 / 06:51:00Watch at: 06:51:00 / 06:51:20Watch at: 06:51:20 / 06:51:40Watch at: 06:51:40 / 06:52:00Watch at: 06:52:00 / 06:52:20Watch at: 06:52:20 / 06:52:40Watch at: 06:52:40 / 06:53:00Watch at: 06:53:00 / 06:53:20Watch at: 06:53:20 / 06:53:40Watch at: 06:53:40 / 06:54:00Watch at: 06:54:00 / 06:54:20Watch at: 06:54:20 / 06:54:40Watch at: 06:54:40 / 06:55:00Watch at: 06:55:00 / 06:55:20Watch at: 06:55:20 / 06:55:40Watch at: 06:55:40 / 06:56:00Watch at: 06:56:00 / 06:56:20Watch at: 06:56:20 / 06:56:40Watch at: 06:56:40 / 06:57:00Watch at: 06:57:00 / 06:57:20Watch at: 06:57:20 / 06:57:40Watch at: 06:57:40 / 06:58:00Watch at: 06:58:00 / 06:58:20Watch at: 06:58:20 / 06:58:40Watch at: 06:58:40 / 06:59:00Watch at: 06:59:00 / 06:59:20Watch at: 06:59:20 / 06:59:40Watch at: 06:59:40 / 07:00:00Watch at: 07:00:00 / 07:00:20Watch at: 07:00:20 / 07:00:40Watch at: 07:00:40 / 07:01:00Watch at: 07:01:00 / 07:01:20Watch at: 07:01:20 / 07:01:40Watch at: 07:01:40 / 07:02:00Watch at: 07:02:00 / 07:02:20Watch at: 07:02:20 / 07:02:40Watch at: 07:02:40 / 07:03:00Watch at: 07:03:00 / 07:03:20Watch at: 07:03:20 / 07:03:40Watch at: 07:03:40 / 07:04:00Watch at: 07:04:00 / 07:04:20Watch at: 07:04:20 / 07:04:40Watch at: 07:04:40 / 07:05:00Watch at: 07:05:00 / 07:05:20Watch at: 07:05:20 / 07:05:40Watch at: 07:05:40 / 07:06:00Watch at: 07:06:00 / 07:06:20Watch at: 07:06:20 / 07:06:40Watch at: 07:06:40 / 07:07:00Watch at: 07:07:00 / 07:07:20Watch at: 07:07:20 / 07:07:40Watch at: 07:07:40 / 07:08:00Watch at: 07:08:00 / 07:08:20Watch at: 07:08:20 / 07:08:40Watch at: 07:08:40 / 07:09:00Watch at: 07:09:00 / 07:09:20Watch at: 07:09:20 / 07:09:40Watch at: 07:09:40 / 07:10:00Watch at: 07:10:00 / 07:10:20Watch at: 07:10:20 / 07:10:40

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