WATCH LIVE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial – Christi Dembrowski – Johnny Depp’s Sister

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40[Applause] so good morning sir [Music] good morning how are you today good morning good morning you guys are gonna use this microphone good morning judy can you hear everything okay today okay good all right good morning all right do we have any preliminary matters before the jury comes out um all right there's no objection to that people change places here i just want to make sure to look at the right place okay okay i'm assuming it's we tried it out before hand if it's a blank screen it's hard to see if it's working or not it is published but it's just a blank screen i guess okay we're gonna hope that's that's it then all right thank you anything other else we have all right ready for the jury okay great so you just you can sit down all right good morning ladies and gentlemen if i can have you move your water down by your chair does not have anything there if we get electronic so we mess up the electronics i get in trouble so thank you uh i i hope you like the seat that you're in i'd like to stay in that seat for the duration i'd appreciate it i hope you had a good evening all right thank you and thank you for being punctual today i appreciate it have a seat all right are you ready with opening statements yes all right go ahead sir good morning my name is ben chu my colleagues and i from brown rudnick are truly honored to represent the plaintiff in this case johnny depp some of you may recognize mr depp from seeing him portray characters such as edward scissorhands or captain jack sparrow from the pirates of the caribbean movies for nearly 30 years mr depp built a reputation as one of the most talented actors in hollywood a respected artist whose name was associated with success at the box office today his name is associated with a lie a false statement uttered by his former wife the defendant amber heard that falsely cast mr depp falsely unfairly characterized cast mr depp as a villain a man who would violently abuse a woman this is a defamation case it's a case about how devastating words can be when they are false and uttered publicly under the law a person who makes a false statement about someone else can be held responsible for the harm that results from that falsehood that's because words matter they paint a picture in our mind based on what we have experienced and what we know or what we think we know and because of that words can evoke strong emotions in the listener and cause irreparable harm to a person's reputation and when like mr depp your career depends upon your image and your reputation or whether movie producers want their films associated with you that harm can be particularly devastating this is a case about the impact of amber heard's words on johnny depp specifically the words that she used in an op-ed published in the washington post in december 2018 which is shown on the screens and the op-ed was published and this is no accident the evidence will show on the eve of her first major acting role in the movie aquaman the evidence will show that's no coincidence the evidence will show the words that misheard used which are the subject of mr depp's defamation suit against her and there are three statements that we respectfully ask each of you to focus on statement number one quote i spoke up against sexual violence and faced our culture's wrath statement number two two years ago i became a public figure representing domestic abuse and i want to repeat that because you're going to hear that throughout the case because the timing here is critical two years ago i became a public figure representing domestic abuse statement number three quote i had the rare vantage point of seeing in real time how institutions protect men accused of abuse unquote ms heard did not use mr depp's name in the op-ed she didn't have to she didn't have to because the evidence will show that everyone in hollywood where mr depp and miss heard both have their careers and many others outside hollywood knew exactly what she was talking about when she used the word two years ago i became a public figure representing domestic abuse that's because as the evidence will show and you will hear two years earlier on may 27 2016 ms heard had publicly accused johnny depp her husband at the time of domestic abuse you will learn during the trial that miss heard actions were prompted by mr depp's request for a divorce he wanted out which drove her to concoct to make up a story that was at first designed to keep him and then when he made it clear that finally after all he had endured he was done was designed to recast herself as an abuse survivor with mr depp as the alleged abuser the evidence will show that six days after mr depp requested a divorce and he did so politely and three days after ms heard's lawyer threatened mr depp with claims of abuse if he did not agree to her financial demands ms hurd arrived at the courthouse in los angeles california to file for a restraining order alleging abuse ms heard the evidence will show that ms heard showed up with a mark on her face that mysteriously appeared six days after she last saw mr depp and and six days before she publicly filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order alleging abuse the evidence will show that her publicist and the paparazzi were there at the courthouse to document the event to make sure that johnny depp's name was forever associated with the image of an innocent battered woman it was a jolt it was a shocking story splashed across front pages across the country no one had ever in five decades accused johnny depp of being violent with a woman no one had ever accused mr depp of being violent with a woman he had been in other long-term relationships he had children no one as i stated before no one had ever in five decades no one had ever accused johnny depp of being abusive of any kind with a woman that's why it was such a jolt he had been in other long-term relationships as i said he had two children and no one had even suggested ever that he was capable of something like this by choosing to lie about her husband for her own personal benefit amber heard forever changed mr depp's life and reputation and you will hear him tell you the dreadful impact that it has had on his life the evidence you will hear at this trial contradicts the story ms heard presented to the world in may 2016 and again in december 2018 the evidence will show that the last time mr depp and ms heard saw each other before miss hurd showed up in court on may 27 2016 was may 21st and that's a very important date and i will ask you please to remember that through the trial mr depp's mother betty sue passed away on may 20th after a long illness when johnny and his sister christy had been taking care of of his mother for a very long period of time and for reasons that mr depp will personally explain to you throughout the course of this trial he had resolved to divorce ms hurt so on may 21st mr depp came by the apartment that he shared with miss heard in the eastern columbia building or the ecb as some people refer to it to tell her that to pick up his things and to say goodbye there is no dispute that soon after mr depp ended things with ms heard and left the apartment on may 21st he got on a plane to head out on a european tour a music tour for months with his band the hollywood vampires and miss heard knew that he was going off on tour and out of state when she walked into court to get the restraining order which she obtained ex parte it's a latin word fancy word but all it means is that mr depp and his lawyer were not there and had no opportunity to be hurt that's what an ex parte order is you will hear from the police officers who responded to a 911 after mr depp left the police officers will testify that they saw no injuries on this hurt both police officers will testify that they saw no injuries on misheard nor did the police officers see any of the property damages that you will hear misheard claims existed in the apartments that evening and you will hear those officers under oath testify that there was no violence and there was no crime you will also hear from multiple witnesses who like the police officers saw misheard between may 21 and may 26th those are the crucial days between the alleged incident and the day she walked into court with her lawyer and got an ex parte order and those witnesses will testify that they saw her without any marks any signs of injuries on her face and you will hear from multiple witnesses including brandon patterson who is the manager of the eastern columbia building where mr depp and ms heard live together you will hear mr patterson say that they that he saw and others will say as well that they saw a surveillance video from the week of may 21st that showed ms hurd's sister whitney throw a fake punch at ms hurd's face let's just stop there this is a surveillance video video you will hear about where the sister of the alleged victim threw a fake punch at her sister allegedly which allegedly occurred this incident only a couple of days ms earlier acting out being punched responding to the fake punch and the two laughing about it so you have the alleged victim and the sister laughing about a fake punch and you will have to decide for yourself or we ask that you please decide for yourself would anyone ever joke about that if there had been actual abuse much less ask yourself would a sister ever joke with an alleged victim about being punched by her husband of course none of this contradicting evidence was publicly available when ms heard walked into court on may 27 and got her restraining order instead as you can imagine the media storm was instantaneous you will hear about and see some of that media coverage which published pictures of miss heard walking into court and other pictures supposedly showing injuries supposedly caused by mr depp a man who had never been accused of abuse of a woman the evidence will show that mr depp and miss heard eventually settled their divorce out of court thereafter miss heard dismissed her restraining order against mr depp but ms hearn's false claim that mr depp had abused her remained in the public sphere it didn't go away the images were permanent and the evidence will show that two years later which is why we're pointing to that that reference in the op-ed in the wake of the metoo movement and just before the release of ms heard's role in the movie aquaman miss heard chose to remind the world about the festering allegations this time under the banner of a national international newspaper the washington post in the op-ed in her op-ed ms heard again painted herself as the innocent victim of abuse but this time this time with a wider audience primed to take action against in industry powerhouses accused of abuse the evidence will show that the clear implication in ms herd's op-ed that you have in front of you was that she was the victim of domestic abuse perpetrated by mr depp the evidence will show that that was a lie and it remains a lie when it was repeated and republished two years later hollywood studios don't want to deal with the public backlash from hiring someone accused of abuse even someone with the incredible body of work and record that mr depp can be proud of a false allegation can devastate a career and it can devastate a family and the evidence will show that ms heard's false allegations had a significant impact on mr duff's family and his ability to work in the profession he loved and loved to bring joy to everyone ultimately this trial is about clearing mr depp's name of a terrible and false allegation we ask you in the next several weeks to please please carefully consider the evidence assess the reliability and credibility of that evidence and to make your own determination about what actually happened between mr depp and miss herb and to tell you more about that i am going to turn it over to my colleague camille vasquez who you had the pleasure of meeting yesterday thank you all for your for your attention ms vasquez to turn it up a little bit thank you ben and good morning over the course of this trial you're going to have an opportunity to get to know johnny depp not the characters he's portrayed but the man himself you will hear from mr dev directly but you will also hear from his friends his family and employees you will hear from people who have known him for decades they have seen him at his best and they have seen him at his worst and they will tell you each of them that he is a kind soul who has never and would never raise a hand to a woman you will hear that mr depp learned at a very young age how to coexist with an abusive woman you will learn from mr depp's sister christy and from mr death that their mother betty sue lived in a constant state of anger that would boil over daily in vicious words and violence directed at her husband and their children and you will hear how mr depp who had the personality of his father coped with that abuse in the same way his father did he just took it the evidence will show that mr depp learned that the best way to deal with violence was to leave to get away from it give her time to cool down but he never turned his back on his mother mr depp loved his mother and he cared for her until the day she died you will hear how mr depp came to los angeles as a teenager he first planned to be a musician then became an actor and eventually thanks to his talent his dedication and a lot of hard work grew into one of the biggest movie stars in the world he had relationships with major figures in hollywood and elsewhere like winona ryder kate moss and before he met amber heard he was with the same woman vanessa paradine for 14 years he had two children with her and even though he was a megastar they had a quiet domestic life in fact you'll hear as mr chu already told you that mr death's in mr death's 58 years not a single woman has ever accused him of violence and nobody in hollywood or the world had any reason to believe he was an abuser until miss heard publicly accused him in 2016. you're also going to hear evidence about ms heard you're going to learn that she's a profoundly troubled person who manipulates the people around her just like she manipulated mr death ms hurd came to los angeles and sought a career in acting after mr depp was well established as a movie star mr depp and miss heard first met in 2009 on the set of the film the rum diaries there was a significant age difference between them and at first he avoided her advances but she pursued him she wooed him the evidence will show that ms heard went to great lengths to win him over by playing the doting girlfriend and it worked he fell head over heels in love with her those who watched this relationship developed saw red flags all over the place you will hear from them in this trial and over time the real misheard began to emerge she would berate him scream at him he would try to appease her and sometimes just sometimes things would get better but it would always happen again the evidence will show that mr depp started coping with miss heard in the same way he did as a child he would try to get away avoid the conflict but is trying to leave enraged misheard she would resort to physical violence throwing things at him hitting him she would tell him he was a coward she would tell him he wasn't man enough because he wouldn't stay and fight with her you will see that miss heard equated anger and violence with passion she would apologize with poetic excuses as if the violence just proved how fierce and overwhelming her love for him was and you're going to hear that when mr got violent mr depp would just retreat just as he did with his mother he would try to leave to get away from her in her words ms heard's words he would split mr depp would often retreat into bathrooms lock the doors wait out miss heard russian but his leaning just provoked her more you will hear from mr depp's security people like sean bett about how they often had to remove mr deck from scenes with ms heard screaming at him chasing him trying to keep him from leaving you're going to hear evidence that when mr duff and mister traveled together his team routinely had to book an extra room for him so that he had somewhere to go when this heard became enraged you'll hear from other witnesses including mr depp and ms heard's marriage counselor her name is dr laurel anderson who perceived miss heard as the aggressor in the relationship misheard as the aggressor in the relationship the one who would strike mr depp to try to keep him from leaving you'll hear from medical professionals who were with mr depp and miss heard often on a daily basis for years including their doctor david kipper and mr's personal nurse her personal assigned nurse aaron marem philadelphia who did not see any signs of injuries that ms heard later testified to in graphic detail miss heard wants you to ignore the testimony of these medical professionals who saw her in real time just as she wants you to ignore the testimony of the police officers who testified under oath who suffer on may 21 2016 without any injuries but it is up to you ladies and gentlemen this jury to judge the credibility of these witnesses and that of misheard in this trial misheard will undoubtedly present photos that supposedly show injuries she sustained as a result of the claimed abuse by mr death here's what you should keep in mind when you see these photographs first the evidence and expert testimony from a forensic pathologist a doctor will show that the injuries reflected in these photographs are not consistent with the brutal allegations of abuse ms hurd has alleged second there are multiple multiple witnesses including medical professionals and police officers who will testify that they did not observe the injuries supposedly reflected in these photographs and you may be wondering how can that be well you will hear expert testimony that none of these photographs are the originals not ones and many are stored in an editing program so they could have been manipulated and cannot be confirmed as authentic importantly you will not see a single photograph of the vast majority of the abuse alleged by mister not one and there is not a single photograph or a video showing mr depp becoming physically violent towards misheard the only medical report of an injury during their relationship was a severe one and it was sustained by mr deb after an argument shortly after their marriage while the couple was in australia you will hear evidence that the people who cared about mr deck were encouraging him to have a pre-nuptial agreement with miss hurt but she rushed the wedding date and he agreed to get married without one after the wedding again people close to mr deb encouraged him to consider a post-nuptial agreement when the topic came up ms hurd became outraged as she always did at the suggestion that mr death might leave her she berated him and when he tried to leave she became violent she became so violent in fact she threw a vodka bottle at him that hit his hand and exploded it severed the end of one of his fingers you'll see pictures of mr duff's severed finger and learn about his emergency medical treatment for that injury and then you'll learn and this is important years later after the false claims of abuse that caused mr death to file this very lawsuit misheard came up with an elaborate story about what actually happened according to her in australia and what she said happened was that it was a three-day hostage affair an episode where she was violently attacked and then sexually assaulted by mr dennis you will see for yourself that the evidence does not support the story she told after she was sued you will learn that there came a time when mr death was done and you'll learn from him and he will tell you why the evidence will show that on may 20th 2016 mr duff's mother betty sue passed away you will hear from mr depp that his mother's passing was a wake-up call that helped confirm what he already knew that the relationship with miss heard wasn't working and that miss heard was not going to change if you've ever lost a parent you understand how much this experience can change your perspective on what is important for your own well-being so mr deb resolved to finally divorce miss heard and told her that very day that he would do so respectfully and most importantly discreetly the evidence will show that on may 21st 2016 when mr depp went over to the eastern columbia building to gather his things misheard caused a final dramatic scene in the wreckage of their relationship misheard spun the final encounter between them into a tale of domestic abuse now i understand that many of you may be asking yourselves why why would miss heard say that mr depp abused her during their relationship if it didn't actually happen why would she make up the detailed dramatic tales of abuse that you will surely hear in this courtroom over the coming weeks by the end of this trial you will have the answer to that question the evidence will show exactly who ms hurt is you will hear from mr depp and other witnesses including their marriage counselor dr laurel anderson that miss heard would go to great lengths and even resort to physical violence to stop mr deck from leading her but once mr depp did leave miss her tried to avoid public humiliation and present herself as a noble survivor and representative of the metoo movement you will hear evidence including the testimony of miss heard's former personal assistant kate james that miss heard is obsessed with her public image it's her number one priority and you will see evidence that after she received a seven million dollar divorce settlement from mr deb ms heard released a public statement claiming she wanted nothing from him and would donate the entire settlement to two charities the children's hospital of los angeles in california and the american civil liberties union also known as the aclu but then she did not make the donations quite simply miss heard had publicly cast herself in the role of a domestic abuse survivor there was no going back when mr depp finally stood up and fought for his good name in court by filing this lawsuit miss her because she couldn't back down went all in after this lawsuit was filed it's important the timeline here after this lawsuit was filed miss heard started making up more and more alleged incidents of abuse and if you'll recall ladies and gentlemen the headline of the op-ed references sexual violence but miss heard had never made that accusation against mr depp it was never part of her allegations of abuse so what changed what changed between 2016 and 2018. we submit to you and the evidence will show when she realized the seriousness of what she had alleged she panicked and she alleged sexual assault miss heard and her lawyers are going to tell you some truly horrific tales of use before this trial is over but the horrific details are designed they're designed to shock you and to overwhelm you they are designed to be explosive and they are designed to distract you from the evidence and most importantly from common sense that tells you the common sense and the evidence will tell you that it is all a lie that none of this not one single alleged incident of abuse could have happened as miss hurt claims miss heard's pattern is consistent she tells the lies then covers up that lie with still more lies in a constantly changing evolving ever more dramatic story you're going to hear a lot about mr debt during this trial miss hurt is going to tell you a lot of things about him that he abused drugs and alcohol that he used bad and offensive language and it's true that mr deck has had real struggles with substance abuse in his life he's not denying that you may know people close to you who have struggled too but struggling with drugs and alcohol doesn't make you an abuser he has also used some very colorful language he uses words that i don't use and you probably don't use and he uses them frequently mr depp like all of us is not perfect but he did not abuse his herd all of this is just meant to distract you from what this case is about this case is about what this herb said in her op-ed the evidence will show that miss heard painted a picture of herself as a heroic innocent survivor of abuse by mr depp a beaten woman who finally stood up to her tormentor the evidence will show that ms heard used her allegations against mr depp to raise her own profile and to advance her own career the very same day that the op-ed was published under the title quote i spoke up against sexual violence end quote she posted that article that's now displayed on your screens and the title on her twitter page right along with an announcement that she was becoming an aclu ambassador on women's rights to make sure that quote women and girls can live free from violence and quote she presented herself as the face of the metoo movement the virtuous representative of innocent women across the country and the world who have truly suffered abuse the evidence will show that was a lie and the evidence will show that ms heard betrayed mr deb as a representative of abusers everywhere the agent of her suffering the villain in her heroic journey that was a lie too and more than just a lie it was an act of cruelty mr depp will go to his grave knowing that whatever he does there are people out there in this world who will always believe that he will abuse a woman this is the case about what ms heard said it's also a case about what a man named adam waldman said adam waldman is a lawyer who has worked for mr depp after against thailand after mr depp filed this case against her miss heard filed her own claim against mr deb which is also the subject of this trial in her claim mishrod says that mr depp defamed her because adam waldman his attorney made some statements to reporters denying the truth of her claims of abuse adam waldman is not in this courtroom miss heard chose not to name him in her claim and i won't take up too much of your time with a discussion of her claim against mr deb except to say a few things the evidence will show that those statements weren't even made by mr death they were made by adam waldman and mr waldman the evidence will show is not under mr desk control the statements were merely mr boldman's opinions made in justified defense of his client and friend mr depp mr waldman believed those statements and finally at the end of the day mr waldman's statements merely reflected the reality that we intend to prove in this trial that misheard's portrayal of herself as a victim of domestic violence at the hands of mr depp is a lie miss heard as you know with an actress when she accused mr death of abuse and painted herself before the world as a representative of abuse victims everywhere miss heard took on the role of a lifetime she can't back down she has been living and breathing this lie for years now and she has been preparing to give the performance of her life in this trial but this trial is about the evidence it's about a man's reputation and it's about his whole life his ability to walk down the street look people in the eye without having them think he's an amuser it's about the truth and the truth will come out in this trial at the end of this trial we will ask you to render a verdict for mr death we will ask you to tell the world that he is not the abuser she described and that she is not the victim she portrayed and we will ask you to tell ms heard that what she did was wrong thank you very much thank you miss vasquez all right ladies and gentlemen it's a little early but maybe we should go ahead and take our morning break just since it's a natural point to have a break before we have the second opening statement okay so while we go ahead and take a 15 minute recess just remember do not discuss the case and don't do any outside research okay all right you're free to go right okay so so all right thank you all right opening statements yes mr ruttenborn my approach yes sir good morning everyone my name is ben rottenborn and together with elaine and adam i represent amber hurd in a few minutes elaine will get up here and she'll introduce you to amber and she'll address the allegations that you just heard in mr chu and ms vasquez's opening statement and she'll explain to you why all those inflammatory are things that are designed to mislead you mislead you from the truth she'll explain to you what the evidence will show and that's something that we're going to focus on in this trial not attempts to distract you we're going to focus on the evidence not what we wish the evidence showed not some crazy conspiracy theories but what the evidence and the facts actually show and as you assess the evidence in this trial i would ask that you keep one question in mind above all else which is this why are you here what are you being asked to decide you're being asked to decide a very simple question and that question is were the words that amber used in the december 18 2018 opinion piece that was published in the washington post protected free speech under the first amendment or not that is the question and that's what you're being asked to decide at the end of the trial the judge will explain to you what the law is on defamation and what mr depp's burden is to prove in order to establish defamation and she'll tell you a lot of things about the law but among them she'll have to she will tell you that mr depp will have to prove that the words misheard used were about him and that they were false if he can't do that and if he can't meet the other elements of the claim then he loses that claim and he can't do that he can't come close to doing that and for that reason you're going to hear in this trial mr depp's team is going to make it about trying to distract you from that very simple question mr depp's team is going to try to turn this case into a soap opera why i'm not really sure because the evidence isn't pretty for mr death it's not you're going to see who the real johnny depp is behind the red carpets behind the fame behind the money behind the pirate costumes you're going to see who that man really is amber is going to tell you about it you're going to hear who he really is from other witnesses and you're going to hear who he really is in his own words in the vile graphic terrible messages that he wrote about amber and ways he used to describe amber and what he wanted to do to amber from the earliest days that they were dating through their marriage and after their marriage you're gonna hear about that but this case isn't about that this case isn't about a day-to-day chronicle of their marriage it's not about who is the better spouse it's not about who you like more it's not about which party can sling more mud but you're going to hear a lot of that in this trial you're going to hear that because that's what mr depp wants to turn this case into he wants to turn this case into a six week long public spectacle of the most intimate aspects of their relationship and their marriage and you know what i'm sorry for that i'm sorry i'm sorry that we're gonna have to do that i'm sorry that you're gonna have to lift all of it and i'm sorry that amber's gonna have to relive that but that's the case that johnny depp chose to bring and we're not gonna stand idly by and let him sling mudded our client and make inflammatory and false statements like you just heard an opening and not let those go unresponded to but ultimately what this case is about is about the first amendment about that december 18 2018 op-ed piece and whether miss heard's freedom of speech and the first amendment give her the right to say the words that she said that that right that freedom of speech is what amber bird is asking you to uphold and protect in this lawsuit and that's a very simple question the question you could decide this afternoon and it does not require you to stand and serve as the umpire of two movie stars imperfect marriage it doesn't and so we're going to focus on those words we're going to look at those words and as we look at those words i'd ask you to keep this in mind keep in mind what you just saw on the screen from mr chu when he put up those words keep in mind what you didn't see you didn't see the rest of the opinion piece and what we'd ask is that as you look at those words that you look at them in the context of the piece in which they were written now whether you look at them individually or in the context of the piece doesn't really matter because the words are true but context matters and so what i'm going to do is i'm going to ask heather to put up the article put up the opinion piece and i'm going to read that to you and we're going to look at those words in the context of what this piece was about because mr depp's team wants to make you think that this was that this this opinion piece was designed to destroy johnny depp that this was designed to maliciously talk about him and their life together and it wasn't so let's take a moment to look at this and i'm going to read it to you and i'd ask that you follow along if you can but either way let's take a look at what the piece as a whole says this is the piece that amber wrote i was exposed to abuse at a very young age i knew certain things early on without ever having to be told i knew that men have the power physically socially and financially and that a lot of institutions support that arrangement knew this long before i had the words to articulate it and i bet you learned it young too like many women i had been harassed and sexually assaulted by the time i was of college age but i kept quiet i did not expect filing complaints to bring justice and i didn't see myself as a victim then two years ago i became a public figure representing domestic abuse and i felt the full force of our culture's wrath for women who speak out friends and advisors told me i would never again work as an actress that i would be blacklisted a movie i was attached to recast my role i had just shot a two-year campaign as the face of a global fashion brand and the company dropped me questions arose as to whether i would be able to keep my role of mira in the movies justice league and aquaman i had the rare vantage point of seeing real time institutions protect men accused of abuse imagine a powerful man as a ship like the titanic that ship is a huge enterprise when it strikes an iceberg there are a lot of people on board desperate to patch up holes not because they believe in or even care about the ship but because their own fates depend on the enterprise in recent years the metoo movement has taught us how about how power like this works not just in hollywood but in all kinds of institutions workplaces places of worship or civ simply in particular communities in every walk of life women are confronting these men who are buoyed by social economic and cultural power and these institutions are beginning to change we are in a transformative political moment the president of our country has been accused by more than a dozen women of sexual misconduct including assault and harassment outrage over his statements and behavior has energized a female-led opposition metoo started a conversation about just how profoundly sexual violence affects women every area of our lives and last month more women were elected to congress than ever in our history with a mandate to take women's issues seriously women's rage and determination to end sexual violence are turning into a political force we have an opening now to bolster and build institutions protective of women for starters congress can reauthorize and strengthen the violence against women act first passed in 1994 the act is one of the most effective pieces of legislation enacted to fight domestic violence and sexual assault it creates support systems for people who report abuse and provides funding for rape crisis centers legal assistance programs and other critical services it improves responses by law enforcement and it prohibits discrimination against lgbtq survivors funding for the act expired in september and has only been temporarily extended we should continue to fight sexual assault on college campuses while simultaneously insisting on fair processes for adjudicating complaints last month education secretary betsy devos proposed changes to title ix rules governing the treatment of sexual harassment and assault in schools while some changes would make the process for handling complaints more fair others would weaken protections for sexual assault survivors for example the new rules would require schools to investigate only the most extreme complaints and then only when they are made to designated officials women on campuses already have trouble coming forward about sexual violence why would we allow institutions to scale back supports i write this as a woman who had to change my phone number weekly because i was getting death threats for months i rarely left my apartment and when i did i was pursued by camera drones and photographers on foot on motorcycles and in cars tabloid outlets that posted pictures of me spun them in a negative light i felt as though i was on trial in the court of public opinion and my life and livelihood depended on myriad judgments far beyond my control i want to ensure that women who come forward to talk about violence receive more support we are electing representatives who know how deeply we care about these issues we can work together to demand changes to laws and rules and social norms and to write the imbalances that have shaped our lives i know that was a lot but that is the central issue in this case are those words that amber wrote are those protected by the first amendment and the answer is very clearly yes so let's talk about that article for a minute first of all the article doesn't mention debt by name it never once contains his name in that article it is not about amber's relationship with mr depp there are no details of any abuse in that article the article is about proposed legislation and strengthening of government laws and policies designed to protect abuse victims and people who report abuse that's what the article's about and it was written in the midst of a social movement in which the american civil liberties union the aclu asked amber to use her platform to speak on these important issues and that's what she did to do so she drew on her experiences as someone who had reported domestic abuse and there's no question there is no dispute that she did in fact report domestic abuse in 2016. def side admits that she talked about her negative personal experiences and her reactions and opinions after being someone in hollywood who reported abuse and the consequences that flowed from that she talked about what she experienced in the days and months following reporting that abuse that's what the article is about the article isn't about johnny depp the article is about the social change for which she is advocating and that the first amendment protects and so i hope you remember as this case goes on that you saw from mr chu only the three statements in isolation because they want you to forget that they don't want you to pay attention to what the article is about now if it had been amber's intention to use this article to detail the abuse that she suffered and that you'll hear about over the course of this trial believe me the article would look very very different she could fill a book with those details she probably would have started out by calling out mr depp by name she probably wouldn't have published it in the washington post she would have described in great detail the man who has described himself the violent side of himself as the monster that's what she would have done the monster she would have told you about the monster but she didn't that wasn't the point of this article and she was careful to avoid that even even having her lawyer review the article to make sure that it was okay and she relied on that lawyer's advice and you'll hear testimony on that during the trial but because johnny depp brought this case and asked for it all of that is going to come out just know that amber heard never wanted to unearth for the public who the real johnny depp is but that's going to come out over the course of this trial i'd like you to also take into consideration who isn't here today you don't see the washington post sitting here as a defendant in this courtroom depp didn't sue the washington post he had no interest in doing that he only sued amber he could have sued the washington post they published the article but he didn't and he chose to bring amber to court here in virginia where she has no ties has never lived he's never lived where they never spent any time because he wanted to make her life hard he wanted to ruin her life he wanted to destroy her that's what he did and i wish i could say that that's surprising it's certainly disturbing but it's not surprising because the evidence will show that for years all mr def has wanted to do is humiliate amber to haunt her to wreck her career that's what the evidence will show in his words that's what he wanted but he made a mistake bringing this case in virginia because you're the people who are going to hear this case a qualified prepared jury who respects the first amendment and with that even though we've looked at the article as a whole i'd like to spend a few minutes looking at the individual statements that were made just as depth side showed you because i think it's important to do that as well can we pull up slide one please then two years ago i became a public figure representing domestic abuse and i felt the full force of our culture's wrath for women who speak out there's absolutely nothing false about that statement first of all the evidence will show that amber did suffer domestic abuse at the hands of johnny depp and it took many forms physical sure but also emotional verbal psychological abuse it's all domestic abuse that she suffered at his hands so that's the truth but what else is the truth is that on may 27 2016 two years before this opinion piece was published amber walked into a courtroom in california with bruises on her face that were given to her by johnny depp on that incident in may 21 2016 that elaine's going to tell you more about that absolutely were given to her and she took out a domestic violence restraining order that she obtained from the court in california to protect herself and she was of course a public figure she was a movie star she didn't want the paparazzi the press photos she got those of course who wants to be photographed with a bruised face walking out of court she didn't want that and the evidence will show that but she was a public figure and two years before she wrote this article she was a public figure representing domestic abuse that is 100 percent true and try as he might to take it away amber's freedom of speech gives her the right to say that can we pull up slide two please this is the second statement i had the rare vantage point of seeing in real time how institutions protect men accused of abuse once again that statement is 100 true amber did accuse johnny of abuse and she saw how he was protected at the same time that her career took a downturn and that he did everything that he could to try to wreck her career as the evidence will see but she accused him of abuse that statement is true you don't need to relive every intimate detail of their marriage you don't need to decide what happened on any individual day of their marriage to determine that the first amendment protects that statement because it is true he wants you to forget that don't take the bait let's pull off the third statement please now this statement was in the headline of the online edition of the article i spoke up against sexual violence and faced our culture's wrath that has to change the undisputed evidence in this case will be that amber did not write these words did not review these words did not approve these words that's how op-eds work she wrote the article she didn't write this headline and for that reason that reason alone is not defamatory but here's the thing like the first two statements tragically it's true amber did suffer sexual violence at the hands of debt and miss vasquez tried to minimize that and tried to make you think that it's all made up but it's not you will hear in the most graphic and horrifying terms about the violence that she suffered you'll hear that straight from her she will get on the stand and she will tell you that it happened and by taking out that domestic violence restraining order by obtaining that from the court she did speak out against it and all the other abuse that she suffered and she said enough is enough i need to protect myself she didn't want to do that she didn't want to be forced to get that restraining order but she did she spoke out against the abuse by doing that and the evidence will show that she did face her culture's wrath perhaps illustrated no more clearly by the fact that she's here today facing this lawsuit brought by an obsessed ex-husband hell-bent on revenge that's why she's here that's why she's facing our culture's wrath and as you consider whether these statements are true i'd ask you to keep this in mind as well the evidence will show that in may of 2016 when she obtained the restraining order mr depp never denied the allegations and in fact he signed a statement that amber hadn't made any false statements for financial gain he signed a statement saying she hadn't made any false statements and you'll see that in evidence in this trial and it was only two years later as his career was in free fall and her career was taking off that he pounced that he chose to bring this lawsuit after saying that she hadn't made false statements and one thing that you'll be instructed at the end of the trial but the mr depth side we'll try to distract you from is that any damages that he suffered and any defamation has to flow from that 2018 opinion piece this case isn't about the statements made in 2016 even though they're true this case is about the december 2018 opinion fees that's what the case is about and i have to say it's pretty ironic it's pretty ironic that a piece that briefly discussed amber moving on from johnny depp that briefly discussed her life experiences after johnny depp is the very vehicle that he uses to try to keep her from moving on to try to keep her from living that life rather than give her her life back rather than take personal responsibility for his own actions it's ironic that he uses that piece to do that but like i said it's not surprising because you will see clear and graphic evidence of his intentions dating back years now in five or six weeks elaine or i will get up here at closing argument and we'll remind you we'll remind you what this case is about we'll remind you that this case is about one piece of paper amber's words in this article that wasn't about debt wasn't about her marriage wasn't about her relationship but it was about life after that it's about the freedom of speech it's not about the soap opera that dep will turn this case into it's not about who you like better it's not even about whether you agree with the words that she wrote it's about her right to speak them now before i sit down i'd like to briefly discuss some of the damages that depp alleges in this case because he can't win the case if he can't show damages and the evidence will show that he has not suffered one cent of damages from this op-ed not one now make no mistake johnny depp's reputation is in tatters his career is in free fall but it's because of problems that he created problems that he is responsible for and he's here in court asking you to blame amber for them but it's not amber's fault they're from the choices that he made you'll hear a lot of evidence in this trial about those choices you'll hear evidence of crushing drug and alcohol abuse you'll hear evidence of depth taking more drugs than you can count you'll hear evidence that before one of the instances of abuse a cross-country plane flight in may 2014 from boston to los angeles when he kicked amber in the back on a private jet you'll hear evidence that he had had no food for days that he had used cocaine that he had had half a bottle of whiskey that he had had countless red bulls and vodkas that he had taken pills and on the plane decided to top all that off with two bottles of champagne you'll hear evidence of that and he blacked out on the plane and he abused amber and didn't remember anything about it when he woke up you'll hear evidence of drug binges with his good friend marilyn manson you'll hear evidence of that three-day blackout in australia that miss vasquez tried to minimize and tell you was false a three-day blackout in which he abused and sexually assaulted amber all because she had the courage to confront him about his drinking imagine that a concerned spouse confronts her husband about his drinking and gets rewarded with that that is what the evidence will show that is what happened to my client that three-day blackout that led her to be so in fear for her life that she barricaded herself in her room that same three-day blackout that kept him from being able to do what he was in australia to do which was to film pirates of the caribbean five his behavior on that trip both before the blackout and during it kept him from being a reliable actor he showed up late to the set and after that blackout he was gone from the set for a long time now he did cut off his finger but the evidence will show my client did not do it and just imagine this what ms vasquez is trying to get you to buy that heard somehow developed a major league level fastball and cut off his finger with a bottle you'll see the evidence you'll see that that doesn't make any sense and you'll hear from miss herds experts who testify including orthopedic hand specialists who testified there was no way that that happened you'll also see pictures of what mr depp did after he cut off his finger when he dipped it in blood and paint and wrote graffiti all around the house that's what you're going to see he did and you're going to ask yourself how can someone that is blacked out how can they deny that they abuse someone how can they deny what they were told that they did he has no credibility when he gets up here now in this court and tells you he didn't do this or do that when he was blacked out so just remember that those were problems that he created you'll hear evidence that the same addictions that led him to abuse amber also led to the demise of his career as an actor like i said as you saw with disney as you the evidence will show with disney he was unreliable as an actor and those same self-destructive tendencies led to financial distress quite simply he was running out of money and that distress fueled his abusive tendencies toward amber and it led the public to think less and less of him and you will see a parade of witnesses who testify in johnny's case that all have one thing in common they all rely on him they're all on his payroll for the most part or they rely on him for some sort of luxury in their life and you'll see that of these witnesses so in a lot of ways amber previewed the parade of witnesses when she said in her op-ed and i'm going to read from it and quote it here she said you remember when i said this imagine a powerful man as a ship like the titanic that ship is a huge enterprise when it strikes an iceberg there are a lot of people on board desperate to patch up holes not because they believe in or even care about the ship but because their own fates depend on the enterprise remember that as depths witnesses take the stand none of whom know what happened behind closed doors between him and amber none of whom can testify to that but remember that these are people who care about their own financial well-being just as they previewed in that article and they know what happens to people who stand up to depp they know what happens because they've seen it they've seen it with amber and they've seen it with other people in his life who had the courage to ask him to change who we lashed out against these are people who helped enable the man who describes himself as the monster make no mistake this man's poor choices have brought him to this courtroom his own bad behavior his own refusal to commit to sobriety his own violence his four choices and the people who have spoken up against it they've they're the ones that have suffered the consequences you'll hear evidence that he fired his longtime agent that he got rid of his business managers and his law firms that had represented him for years and no one has suffered from his refusal to take accountability more than ever heard you'll hear evidence that two years before the op-ed two years before that mr depp brought someone else into his life who helped convince him to blame other people that man adam waldman who miss vasquez introduced you to had never met mr depp while he was in a relationship with miss heard or while he was represented by his agents or his former business managers but he convinced him that all these bad things that are happening happening in his life he helped convince him of this were other people's faults and you'll hear evidence of that rather than take responsibility for cleaning himself up depp chose to blame other people that's why we're here and the evidence will show you crystal clearly that the op-ed had nothing to do with damages that he suffered he's going to try to make it sound like this caused him to lose pirates of the caribbean six that which is a movie that hasn't been made but that disney wasn't going to cast a minute because of inker's article but there's no evidence of that the evidence will actually show that months before the op-ed it was reported that disney was considering dropping him from pirate six the evidence will show that disney had a dossier on him that had articles from the press had other information about mr depp and they didn't have this article at all in their files didn't register with them just as it didn't register with the public the public had known since 2016 what amber had to say about johnny depp this didn't change any of that the evidence will also show that he said he would not make pirate six even if disney paid him far more money than he'd ever made on a film that's what the evidence will show so any damages that he suffered in his career are not because of this op-ed and it's time to make johnny take responsibility to tell him mr depp stop blaming other people for your self-created problems to take responsibility for your own life and it's up to you ladies and gentlemen to make him do that it's up to you because you are uniquely qualified to do that no one else has the power to do that only you to tell him enough is enough to stand up for the first amendment to stand up for the truth and amber's right to speak it thank you all right thank you mr rottenborn miss brederhoff okay so good morning still it's good to see you all again and thank you again very much ben told you we will be relying on the evidence rather than the hyperbole and the personal attacks and he was right the evidence in this case simply put is overwhelming and compelling in the six weeks we're going to try to show you as much as we possibly can there are many many many photographs now you've heard ms vasquez tried to say oh you can't trust those it's not the originals she's got that wrong it's not from the original devices ms heard took all kinds of photographs and her friends took photographs and all of those remained on the cloud and all of them have been imaged and all of them have been examined by their i.t experts and they cannot discredit one photograph then she says oh and it's it's got a photo editing thing well all iphones have the photo editing it's where you can make it a little lighter or darker you can move it to the center or not that doesn't discredit the photographs and we will have an i.t expert who will testify that all of these are legitimate authentic photographs not only that but ms heard produced all of her different devices over the years including her most recent laptop and they were pulled from many many sources and all of them are identical so if she was going to go in and try to manipulate she would have had to do it everywhere and ms hurd will tell you she doesn't have that level of talent there may be a couple of you on the on the jury who have that talent she does not have that talent they're all very legitimate photographs and listen carefully to the evidence from the experts and you will find every single piece is authenticated and is true and they show bruises and they show cut lips they show hair pulled out of her hair they pull they show all kinds they showed two black eyes when he headbutted her those are all going to be there we also are going to show you a video and i'll talk about the time frame of it ms heard took that on her ipad um and it was one day when she was in the build the kitchen with mr depp and it was february 10 2016 and he's on a tear and he's going around he's yelling at her and being abusive to her and he's slamming the kitchen cupboards and their glass and you can hear them rattling and you can hear them breaking then he goes over with a big glass of wine and he has a huge bottle of wine and he pours more in there and then she says did you drink all of that and then he sees that he's she's videotaping him and bam that's going to be a pretty graphic one for you to see then you're going to hear audio tapes which are pretty significant too ben told you about the may 2014 plane boston plane incident we call it where he kicked her where he was so drunk and he blacked out well amber audio taped him when he went to the back of the plane and passed out and was moaning loudly you will hear that you will also hear some other audio tapes that are very significant one of them in australia at the end of the three-day hostage situation you will hear apparently mr depp turned on ms heard's iphone she was never allowed to have a password by the way he would never let her do that during their relationship but he must have inadvertently turned it on there's five hours of audio tape it's during the cleanup of all the broken glass and the liquor and the urine and the bloodstains and everything else in that house and you can hear his handlers talking about it you can hear them talking about trying to find his finger and that you can hear them say she's stone cold sober you will hear all of that it's very very significant evidence what this is going to tell you is the story of a very different johnny depp it's one who is always uh always well i can't say always because he has the curve current charismatic side that amber fell in love with but he has an enormous amount of rage you will see the medical records and hear from the psychiatrists that talk to him for a while in 2014 where he admits that he has rage that he's like a demon that he views his his wife amber like his mother and his sister that he hates um that's that's what you will see you will see that and it'll be fueled by the alcohol and the drugs ben told you a little bit about that you're gonna see a list of his prescription drugs that his concierge doctor and team who charge them a hundred thousand dollars a month and have since 2014 and they are still his concierge doctors that's the list of medications he takes in one day that they prescribe that doesn't include the cocaine it doesn't include the ecstasy the mdma the mushrooms and all of the others now it's during these rages that mr depp engaged in verbal emotional physical and sexual abuse of amber let me introduce you to amber the lesser-known person here and i know when we were doing the voir dire none of you had even watched as much as three of her movies so i'm going to tell you a little bit about amber she's 35 years old she's from austin texas she grew up outside of austin texas she has a daughter una who turned one last week amber grew up in in a area her father was a construction worker primarily a painter but he would break horses as part-time they lived out on a ranch area her mother paige who died it two years ago at age 63 dropped out of medical school to marry amber's father she worked for the state of texas in internet communications they grew up very poor amber has a sister whitney who's 16 months younger than her and you will see and hear from whitney later because unfortunately she also witnessed some of the abuse amber rode horses with her father she tried to work with him to help him break the horses she remembers having a broken arm at least four times being in casts during that time but there were some things she learned from breaking those horses that was very significant her father taught her she couldn't show fear she couldn't show pain and she couldn't show emotion that's how she could break those horses it's significant for you to know that so you can understand how amber could have remained in this relationship with mr deb for as long as she could and the dynamics of some of the abuse you're going to hear about because that's what would be her instinct is to stand up and not let him show that he's caused the pain that he should cause the fear that he's caused the humiliation you'll hear about a long line of jobs that amber started from back you know age 12 as soon as she could working in a soup kitchen while i was volunteer but then she took all kinds of miscellaneous jobs lifeguards everything else trying to improve herself she's not somebody who had a great break what happened was she got recognized by a hollywood agent who expressed some interest in her she took her 180 dollars that she'd saved up and she went to la that's all she had to her name the testimony would be she worked all kinds of different jobs when she was in l.a anything that she could get and she would go on but she didn't have a vehicle so she would go on buses and she'd go up to six six different auditions in one day she'd have a map and she'd have in the bust and then she would just go around she had a big sweater so she could change underneath it to whatever the role was so that she could get things and she wasn't going for you know famous actor roles she was taking one-liners she was taking extras she was doing anything she could to make money to survive and then you know what she did with it she gave a bunch of it back to her parents she started helping support them then when whitney graduated from high school she brought her out to la and and put a house roof over her house and put her through community college she took care of her family with what she made when she met johnny depp in 2009 when he hired her for rum diaries to star across from him she felt like she was pretty successful she'd starred in some roles she had a she had an apartment she had a vehicle a mustang she could go to starbucks she could afford starbucks she viewed herself as doing pretty well at that point now during the rum diaries she she got to know mr deb not true that she was pursuing him or anything else she was in the long-term relationship with tasha van ray and he was in a long-term relationship with vanessa parady neither of them had any kind of romantic relationship at that time when she departed from 2000 from from the rum diaries in 2009 johnny started pursuing her in fact he sent her a number of gifts one of them was a guitar and she returned it now two years later fast forward that's when the press junket started and that's when she had to come back and meet with him and they ran on the press tours at that point she had ended the relationship with tasha van reeve and he said he had ended his relationship with vanessa parady so during the press trips that's when they started dating and by both accounts felt madly in love she loved the side of johnny that we see in the movies the charismatic one the charming one the generous one that's the man she fell in love with but sadly the monster came in the way and that monster would come out when he was drinking and and when he would take the drugs amber will never forget the first event of abuse she was sitting in his house in sweet sir on the sofa and he was across from her and they were talking about a tattoo that he had that had had winona winona ryder forever he had altered that to wine forever after he broke up with winona ryder just an aside he had slim which was his nickname for amber when they broke up he turned it to scum but in any event he had that on there and amber thought he was making a joke when he was talking about it and she laughed and he haven't slapped her now you see the rings that mr depp has on him hurts when he slaps and she was stunned she had no idea what to think and she kind of laughed thinking well maybe that was a joke what just happened and he slapped her again and then she just froze and just looked and then he hit her again and this time it knocked her right off the sofa under the ground and she remembers her face was in this dirty filthy carpet that's what she remembers and fixated on the dirty carpet and she's thinking oh my god i have to leave i have to leave but i love him i have to leave but i love him and she sat there for the longest time she laid there for the longest time then johnny came off the sofa got on his knees started crying told her he was very very sorry that he had done this it would never happen again and he said some very significant words i thought i had put the monster away for good that's what he said to her that day well amber ended up leaving that day and she went out to her car her mustang and she remembers that it was cold and she sat in the car for the longest time and she remembers watching her breath because it was cold and she was thinking i have to leave him but i love him she just kept thinking that she finally drove away but amber made the mistake that millions before her and millions after her have who are victims of domestic abuse she chose to stay and try to fix the problem and thinking that she could do that so she stayed now amber was also she grew up in an abusive family her father abused her mother and sometimes she and whitney so she had that cycle in there just as you've heard that johnny had that cycle in his house and so what's the normal to them is a little bit more difficult for than some of us can understand you will hear witness expert witness testimony about the cycles of violence and what happens with these people and how they react and and all the dynamics of thinking they can fix them she thought all the way through she could fix him if she can just get him sober and clean then everything was going to be that wonderful side that she fell madly in love with and she kept trying and she kept trying she went to al-anon meetings she went to therapists she tried to do couples therapy you'll you'll hear about their tape recording sessions to try to resolve fights or de-escalate them so he wouldn't get mad at her for anything but you'll hear that he gets mad at her for all kinds of things but he got he didn't want her to work here she's a budding actor who wants to be out there and succeed and he doesn't want her to take roles he starts controlling what she wears he starts looking at her lines when she tries out for places he mixes any any romance scenes sex scenes uh he gets mad and accuses her of sleeping with every single one of her co-stars it became a cycle of that a control as well emotional abuse as you go but what's also significant in that is the property damage and that's a hard one for mr deb to be able to escape when he's claiming that he's such a docile thing and that it's all misheard you're gonna see pictures he writes on mirrors horrible things to her write some lampshades uh you know on clothing on countertops in australia when you heard ben talk about australia he wrote the third day as amber comes out after she's barricaded herself and gone through a lot and i'll back up on that in a minute she comes out he's got mashed potatoes spread across the top he's got he's written along the wall of the staircase going down all kinds of nasty things about her and billy bob thornton the last one she was in the co-star with and you know fucking ambition and all kinds of things like that then he's written on the lampshades downstairs and then he's got more on the mirrors and and then on top of it you've got all the broken glass everywhere and you've got the liquor everywhere and it's it's just and then he's urinated tried to urinate messages to her that's the johnny deck that's the other side now you're going to hear that amber tried to protect him all the way through she didn't want the public to know this she didn't want his kids to know this and so she didn't tell people about it so let's go back the first event that i told you about was 2011 and how do we know that it was in 2011 because amber was going through her therapist bonnie jacobs and bonnie jacobs has therapy notes of of her sessions with amber and in those therapy notes she chronicles the first time that amber tells her that johnny hit it and it goes through into 2012 2013 2014 and you will see and you will hear from bonnie jacobs her saying you know this is a cycle of violence this is a cycle of use you you can't enable him you need to you need to stand up for yourself amber will testify about how johnny would get so drunk and so drugged out that he would vomit all over himself and worse lose control of his bowels she would clean him up and and you'll see bonnie jacobs and these notes saying don't do that you're enabling him don't do it leave him there but what would happen was his handlers would then take care of him if she left him so that's the story you're going to hear on that let me just tell you about a few of the events and i'm going to start in australia that's the three day hostage she gets there now you will hear mr death testify under oath that for 15 to 18 months before the march 2015 australia event when he's there filming that that he's been sober clean and sober then you'll see all the text messages for the last 18 months in which he's scoring drugs in which you'll hear testimony from people in which he's gotten drunk and and and you know taking all kinds of different drugs the whole time he doesn't get clean and sober um but he claims that he was clean and sober that she came there she this is a month after they just got married she flew in from filming the danish girls she's there and he claims that he was just sitting there calmly and he just and she was haranguing him so he took a shot glass of vodka and when she did when he did that she got mad took the bottle of vodka was eight to ten feet about where i am from you and hurled it at him and it happened to just take off the bottom part of his finger and then he says she came and burned a hole in his in his cheek the testimony is going to be that he self-mutilated on a number of occasions and burned himself from the cheek and also cut himself but amber never did that and you're going to hear from the experts testifying about this finger injury and how fantastic this version is but the other part of it was he was with marilyn manson for the week before scoring on cocaine you'll have you'll see text messages of him getting it from his handlers the cocaine and the liquor and you'll hear so much before that but amber gets there and instead what he does is he takes eight to ten tablets of ecstasy almost immediately and the next three days are just a cycle of of a very very very violent uh activity by him amber keeps trying to calm him down she tries to get him to eat she tries to get him to sleep she tries to do these things and he would just at different he was you know at times delusional paranoid he would be you know mad at somebody else then he'd be mad at her and by the way we'll talk about the prenup but he called her lawyer who she had because she wanted to give him a prenup and then they got married too quickly so she was going to give him a post nup he called the lawyer from australia called her a bitch and fired her you'll hear the testimony from the lawyer on that um that's the type of johnny depp that was there and he didn't want the post nap he didn't want the prenup but now they're going to tell you that's that that it was her that was mad you're going to hear she had a lawyer and she was cooperating completely on that so as you go through those three days of australia some pretty horrendous things happen to her he rips off her nightgown he has her jammed up against a bar he has hurled bottles and bottles at her he has dragged her across the floor on the broken bottles in the liquor he has punched her he has kicked her he tells her he's gonna fucking kill her he fucking hates her he's pounding at her pounding her and then he penetrates her with a liquor bottle that's the johnny depp that you're gonna hear about in this case now after that amber goes to the airport and what does she do she buys a book by a by a psychiatrist who's talking about couples therapy she's already trying to figure out a way to fix it again fix this marriage that's only a month old and her husband has just done these horrible things to her now they go back to to uh la he's got to get his finger fixed so he has to stop filming pirates five they get there and there's another fight in just two weeks from there he's still using at this point he's still drunk but amber finds on a tv screen his monitor she finds pictures of another woman naked pictures of a woman and text messages which show that he's clearly having an affair she gets extremely mad average yeah can be jealous too she can get angry you know she's half his age and you know she she's you know defiant and we're not going to say she's perfect she was mad as can be when she saw that and she confronted him the two of them were screaming at each other now her sister whitney happened to be in the house she was summoned she literally was awakened to come and try to resolve this fight between the two of them while she's there johnny starts hitting amber and whitney ends up getting in between them and amber thinks that johnny's going to throw her down push her down the stairs because he's in that position so amber actually gets up and punches johnny in the face she'll tell you that's the only time she has ever laid one on him you know in an aggressive manner but it's after he's already been hitting her and it's in defense of her sister and she'll admit she got him that time and she actually did have an impact on him she'll testify about how many times they were in their fights and she said you know she's almost half his size so he you know she said if i pushed him he doesn't move he pushes me i go flying across the room there there isn't any you know ability on her part to be the abuser what she'll also tell you is it took her a while to ever fight back that many times before that she would do what she did when she was breaking the horses she wouldn't show fear she wouldn't show pain she would look at him she would just be defiant and all it would do is piss him off more she'll tell you that she tried everything she tried everything you know from trying to be nice trying to get away from you know she would throw things in his way to get him from running after her she would she would try to you know flail back she would use her hands and legs and she would go and try to fight him she'd run into a room and try to barricade and push his hands and everything out of there she'd try all those things but she couldn't figure out what could get him to calm down i'm going to fast forward now to the next one and that is um i'm going to jump you up to after the stare incident and johnny had to get surgery on his finger that's the longest period of time he stayed sober it was almost three months you're going to hear that he has never been through rehab even though he has been a lifelong drug addict and alcoholic never has he gone through a rehab plan instead there's twice that he went to some new york hospital and did a cleansing one time it was for three days and one day one time it was for five days and that's it he's never made any effort whatsoever to get sober or or stop the drugs but this particular time he did for almost three months and you'll see the text messages we're going to take you through this whole story and all the text messages and all the emails and all the testimony that you're going to get so fast forward to december 2015 that was one of the worst australia was pretty bad but this one was even worse in this particular occasion he gets angry for some reason and he starts dragging her by her hair through the apartment kicking her punching her tearing her hair out at one point she gets up and looks at him and he head butts her and she gets two black eyes from it then he goes and grabs drags her upstairs puts her on the bed puts his foot and knee in the back of her and he continues to punch her telling her he's fucking hating her and he's fucking gonna kill her and he's got his boot stuck in the the bed frame as he's doing it and the force of what he's doing to her causes the bed frame to splinter that's how much force she is suffocating in the pillow and she's she believes truly she's going to die on this one she wakes up to her friend being there she doesn't know how long that she was unconscious or subconscious she doesn't know but johnny was gone at that point and her friend saying are you okay are you okay you'll see the pictures of all of this you'll see the pictures of the hair imagine how much that must hurt but the hair that's out on the ground and you'll see the pictures of amber now here's the ironic thing the next day she's got got to be on the james corden show and you can see the text messages she's not sure if she can go she's worried she's got two black eyes she's got a split lip she's got bruising she's got her hair missing but her friends rally with her she's got a makeup artist you're going to hear from melanie and glacis who does the best job of makeup you could imagine to get her through the james corden show and she does it but you'll see the pictures the before and you'll see them then and that that's the resilient amber who says i'm going to go do this anyway now her friends she tells i you're going to hear about io till it write he was in new york she texted him and said johnny beat me up really good this time can you help and he says i was filming something i stopped i got the first flight out of there i'm flying from new york back to l.a i see her on the james corden show i can see the swelling because i know her well i can see the swelling and then he said somebody touched her and she flinched on the show he said that's not like amber he got there they hadn't cleaned up all the mess he sees the hair he sees the splintered he sees all of the other things and he is so upset he was a good friend of johnny's as well he'll testify about all of his friendship with johnny but he put his foot down on that one and said you need to have consequences you cannot do this to amber anymore i am not your friend anymore now there were several people that were supposed to go to johnny's island bahamas island on in december for christmas he was going to bring his two kids he'd invited amber's parents um who loved johnny and unfortunately her father used to drink and you do drugs with johnny a lot uh and he was also going to take rocky her friend who lived next door in a penthouse and her fiance and rocky's parents imagine being able to go to a bahamas island for christmas what a cool thing to do but they all were so upset what he did to amber on december 15 they said no we're not going we're not gonna we're not gonna condone this we're not going but he talked amber into going he guilted her into going i'm gonna be with my kids please come i'll be better i'm gonna get better amber went and then he ends up assaulting her even there and sexually assaults her even there now you'll see a video from them of the bahamas the bahamas the place that they stayed in on his island and the video just conveniently leaves out the wardrobe in the bathroom where he committed the assault it just goes around and makes it look like it's a one room and his kids were there and there's no way they could have done that but but you'll hear the testimony and you'll see the pictures then from then on things really were bad for amber and she was really considering leaving him at this point and she was talking to her friends and confiding you'll see you know the medical medical records um and in february 2016 i told you you'll see that video that same night before the video he called io till it write and left him a voicemail message that he said was just absolutely delusional it was crazy he was pretending like he was the property management it was just an insane call and then the next day we have the picture of the video then we get to april 30th april 21st 2016 amber's 30th birthday party she was going to turn 30 the next day um pretty big event her friends had a tape that they put together of everybody giving her tributes johnny doesn't participate they have a dinner and a party for her that night johnny says i have a business meeting at 7 00 pm uh i'll be there after that what kind of business meeting do you need to have at 7 00 pm when your wife turns 30 but he that's that's johnny right um and he can't say that it was an important financial one because he'd fired his financial manager the month before when as you heard from ben it was blaming him for all his financial problems so he's the he's the problem so he shows up late drunk drugs and after everybody and he's even drinking while he's there and he's telling the other friends and you'll hear from one of them that he's saying hi here hide the bible from amber hide the bible from amber when they all leave she expresses her disappointment he gets mad and assaults her again including sexually assaults her then he goes away and he doesn't come back for a month now this is an important event may 21 2016. this is the last one and this is the final straw that leads out to the dvtro the domestic violence temporary restraining order so he says he's coming over to get some clothes he's going to go out on tour she says okay he comes over and he's his mother died the day before and he's already in the state he's been drinking he's clearly high and he comes in and he's got on his mind this obsession that when she on her birthday go back to her birthday the next day she and her friends went to coachella but his housekeeper had come in to clean after that always did um and the housekeeper found some you know feces on the bed um and had been upset about it and taken a picture and sent it to him so all of a sudden a month later he's got it in his head that amber has conspired with her friends to defecate on the bed it's human not dog even though they got two dogs and one of them has major problems you'll hear about boo and pistol um and somehow amber was doing this so he would get back there and find it even though he had no intention of coming back and even though the housekeeper was there and he won't lose it he won't get rid of it he's just obsessed with it then he decides that it's i o till it right who did it even though io wasn't at the birthday party and wasn't even in town so amber gets io on the phone io's in new york and she says this is what johnny says can you please just calm him down tell him this isn't true tell him we didn't do it we don't have a conspiracy here and and i was thinking what and you'll hear from io he'll say amber's fecal phobia i mean she can't even you know she she's so embarrassed about that stuff she would never conspire never do anything like that to him so they're kind of laughing at the absurdity of it and that was the biggest mistake because that triggered his anger and then he he started after started hitting amber he took her grabbed the cell phone from her round it up and bashed it into her face and you will see the pictures you will see the bruise there and you'll see the form of it there now i was very very upset he's worried because he knows about the december 15 2015 and he says he says amber get out of there get out of there you know are you safe you know get it get out of there you know as as johnny's storming around um and he calls rocky who lives next door uh and then he calls and it's that clear you know whether amber said call 9-1-1 or he said call 991 but they call he calls 9-1-1 but he's in new york and he's genuinely concerned for her safety so he calls 9-1-1 there and he calls a friend in la and says please call 9-1-1 and just tell them this so they get somebody there so we can get somebody fast i don't know what's going on so the police are called twice essentially and now here's what happens next johnny goes around and he trashes the apartment before he leaves he loves to do that you're going to hear about his pension for that does it a lot um and you'll see a picture of him in the elevator afterwards leaving with his bodyguards and he's a little agitated there um and the police are called you will see pictures of amber with metadata on them both before during and after the police officers are there but what happens is amber calls her attorney the one that she had consulted after the december 15 event and the attorney says if you press charges they'll arrest him and amber says i can't have that happen i don't want his kids to know about this i don't want the public to know i can't have that happen so when the police show up she refuses to cooperate she says on the advice of my attorney i'm not going to cooperate but her friend rocky whose fiance was there josh at this point he takes them around and shows one of the police officers all the property damage around the house as well and the police officers say to him look she's got the red mark on there you know if you just give us the name we'll we'll go get him and he says i can't she won't let me so they leave now here's what happens and creates all of the you know noise here that you're going to have to deal with so the police officers don't make an incident report they don't take a report they don't document the property damage they don't document the facial damage instead they go out and they write on their cad that's their little system in there they write verbal dispute only victim uncooperative that's their language for we don't have to write a report you'll see that the police officers have another one later that night another and they put verbal dispute only that's their magic language now that's notwithstanding that you will see these pictures but amber wasn't cooperating with them and they were quite convinced she wasn't going to so as many domestic violence you know calls that they take they're not gonna you know they're not gonna this is one that they they figure it's it's it's gone now the other police officers come two hours later they've cleaned up the place at this point they don't know that these police officers are arriving but when they do arrive there they try to discourage them even from coming in josh answers the door says no the other lawyers are the other police officers were already here and he says and they said no but we just have to see her and they have body cams by the way so you'll see the body cam footage of this um so they go through and they do that and um and one of the significant things is you'll see on the cad that the two police officers sets are communicating with each other and that's first set says i don't think she's going to change her mind um and they they know who the officers were the first time because they say officer signs you'll hear hear this and you'll see it in that body cam footage so they go through amber says no everything's fine you can see on there and they leave now the reason this is so significant is what they have done with this in creating and that's part of the counter claim and what what their in their version of the reality is is that that amber calls the clock the cops then they don't see any injury so they mess up the place splash a little wine and then call another set of cops does that sound like the situation here no no and it's really important to look at the evidence and think about this you'll hear from many actually i don't know how many of the police officers will put on but we have you know between four and six lapd police officers and experts who will say those police officers even when she declined to cooperate should have taken a report they should have documented it that was police policy so when faced with this big public uh you know big public dvro and all of the publicity later now they go back to the police officers and say hey wait a second you didn't take a report you said it was a verbal dispute only they're stuck you know if all of that was true and they admitted it was true then they violated policy by not doing the report because they were supposed to take a report so the police officers chose the other and said no there was no evidence but you're going to watch it you're going to see it in real time you're going to see it on metadata so amber goes to get the dv the the domestic violence tro you're going to see the letter that her lawyer wrote to johnny depp's lawyer that week telling them that that's what she would have to she was going to do if but but giving them opportunity here to be able to resolve it to get a mediator you know just make sure that she's safe that she can stay in the residence until they figure things out that she can drive her vehicle until they figure it out you know some attorneys fees whatever you're going to see the letter and you're so they knew and it says right in there she's going to go in on friday they chose not to go they keep saying ex-party but they chose not to appear and they knew she was going to appear well amber didn't call tmz but somebody called tmz to take all those photos that day now you also heard them say that all kinds of people saw amber that week and she didn't uh she didn't have any bruises on her face well let me show you this this is what amber carried in her purse for the entire relationship with johnny depp she's an actor do you honestly think she would have left her apartment ever without makeup do you think that she ever would have wanted other people to see her bruises and her cuts this was what she used she became very adept and you're going to hear the testimony from amber about how she had to mix the different colors for the different days of the bruises as they were as they developed in the different coloring and how she would use these to touch those up to be able to cover those she also used concealer foundation you'll hear from a makeup person that amber didn't even leave her bedroom without having foundation on and one of the people that was at the building testified he said she had makeup on and it would have covered that purse so that's that's the testimony on that now let me talk about the divorce just for a moment um so they go through they have the two months of trying to resolve the divorce ben already told you that they signed a joint statement in which mr depp admits that she did not make any of these allegations falsely and not for financial gain but they brought up the donation so i want to talk to you about the donations for a moment now here's the story amber didn't have a prenup she didn't have a post now she was more than willing to do that but as i told you mr depp fired her lawyers and said only till death are that's the only way we're going to part is through death we're not we don't need a post net we don't need a prenup that's johnny it's true his advisors were all telling him get one and she said i'll get one and she hired a lawyer but anyway she didn't have a prenup so what you're gonna hear is that meant no matter what whether it was abuse adultery irreconcilable differences abandonment doesn't matter she's entitled to fifty percent of everything during that marriage well he did pirates five and he did two other movies during that time and you'll see that he made 65 million dollars during those two years half of that is 32.5 amber didn't want that you'll see a letter you'll see an email from her lawyer that she forwarded on to her agent who became johnny's agent later saying i want you to sign this because you're entitled to a whole lot more than seven million um and i don't want you to come basically i don't want you to come back and sue me for malpractice um that's what her lawyer tells her and then her lawyer says i offered them even less than they i i demanded less than they offered in other words the 7 million was less than mr depp's team was even offering to her and she said i just want to be left alone i just want to get out of this marriage i don't want it i'm not doing this for financial gain so she didn't take the money so she said i'm going to donate all seven million of this to charity half to aclu half to children's hospital and and then what happened was the fir and by the way the seven million was paid out over time it's installments it was over you know you'll see you'll see the documents but it's over a couple of years right so her his business manager ed went you'll see the letters he sends the first hundred thousand out of the seven million to each of them and says this is a pledge towards the 3.5 million that amber's donating uh and she'll be paying that in installments so everybody knows she's paying it installments you're going to hear differently from them now but you're going to see that was the admission at the beginning you're going to hear from children's hospital and the aclu that they assumed this was a pledge paid over a period of time because that's what they do because of tax deductions and things of that nature so amber does make she makes a 250 000 payment to children's hospital then she also makes a 250 000 payment to art of elysium which is another charity that she worked for um and used to feed and used to do a lot of arts work with the children's hospital she pays 350 000 to the aclu now in addition to that she also was dating elon musk by this time you'll find out that mr deb is obsessed with the elon musk but she's dating him so he gives 500 000 to both of those charities in her honor now she doesn't claim that's part of the 7 million but what happens is that she gets she makes her payments up through 2018 mr depp sues her march 1 2019 in this litigation she can't afford right now to be making those pledges she's got to defend herself but she has every intention of continuing to make those payments she has been a lifelong person who has served charities she she used to volunteer at children's hospital three times a week when she could she's very much that kind of person and she intends to and both both aclu and children's hospital will tell you they have no reason to believe she won't be good on her pledges there's nothing that required her to do a certain amount at a certain time and she will give it to him once she's able to afford it again now let me talk about the counter plan for a minute and then i'm gonna i i have to promise to let you go at some point don't i um so mr depp has decided you heard from ben you're going to see some really really terrible text messages from johnny depp on how he viewed amber heard he calls her some horrific names but in the summer of 2016 he vows he vows he's going to haunt her he vows she's going to suffer global humiliation he says he's going to live in her and she will never forget him and he meant it so in in the summer of 2018 you heard ms vasquez say he wants to clear his name he can't be called the wife beater etc but an article a an op-ed appeared on the sun times in london they called him a wife beater it was written by dan wooten the ceo or the yeah the chief editor of the son at the time and he is writing because johnny depp is being cast in fantastic beasts three and so he he's the article is why is jk rowling genuinely so you will hear testimony let me back up a little bit so you have heard from mr depp's team that they are going to claim that amber heard abused johnny depp you also are hearing from them that he says that she cut off his finger when you look at the text messages and you look at the emails you will see that in every one of those mr depp said to dr kipper to david heard amber's father and to others i cut off my finger you will see that he never throughout the entire time he was married to amber ever claimed that she hit him he never ever throughout the time he was married to amber heard claimed that she cut off the finger only two years later does he for the very first time start claiming she abused him and start claiming that she cut off the finger i'm going to ask you to look hard at the evidence in this case because the evidence is going to show that it never ever came up before now let's talk about the counter claim for a few minutes there's a few statements here now they've said why are you suing adam waldman you heard from from ben um that adam waldman didn't come into johnny depp's life until october 2016 he wasn't there for any of their marriage he doesn't have any personal knowledge of their marriage everything he does is based on johnny depp johnny depp used adam waldman as his agent and you will see a bunch of texts where he's saying yeah man he's going after these people he's doing all this stuff for me he's suing my business manager he's suing the lawyer he's going at you know he's doing all this he's also going to the press and making all kinds of statements about amber hurt and those statements are as follows and heather if you can pull up the first the first one is adam waldman depp's lawyer said afterwards amber heard and her friends in the media use fake sexual violence allegations as both a sword and a shield depending on their needs they have selected some of her sexual violence hoax facts as the sword inflicting them on the public and mr depp now there isn't any sexual violence hope there isn't any hoax at all but he's out there affirmatively stating that she's got this conspiracy with her friends and she's making these things up and it's very very damaging and harmful to her the testimony will be that these depth fans take and run with these things and you're going to hear from an expert who talks about computer wise when you search the hoax and you see that it just spreads out into the internet and the social media and generates a lot of negative publicity for amber statement two please this was made in april of twenty twenty depp's lawyer adam weldman said various discrepancies proved that nothing herd and her friends said about the events of may 21 2016 could be considered credible quite simply this was an ambush a hoax they set mr depp up by calling the cops but the first attempt didn't do the trick he told the officers came to the penthouses thoroughly searched and interviewed and left after seeing no damage to face her property so amber and her friends spilled a little wine rough the place up and got their story straight under the direction of a lawyer and publicist and then placed a second call to 911. now i've already told you all about the events of of may 21 but i'm also you're also going to hear from the second set of officers there's no way that amber was trying with her friends to now get charges pressed against johnny they'd cleaned everything up they didn't want him in there the absolute opposite of what he says there the third statement if you may def's attorney adam waldman said when amanda de cadenae that's a friend of ambers amber heard's best friend and me too activist recancer support from his herd and testifies against her you know we have reached the beginning of the end of ms hurd's abuse hoax against johnny depp amanda de cadeny never testified against her but that's not the part that we're claiming is the defamation it's abuse hoax against johnny depp in other words in all of these articles in all of these articles he's saying that she created an abuse hoax and you're going to make those determinations of whether that's true or not but what we're going to show you is that that not only was tremendously damaging to amber emotionally and you're going to hear from an expert on domestic violence and inner intimate partner violence ipv about how those triggers happen when you have somebody who's gone through all of this and she's trying to heal and she's trying to get past this and then bam you you come in there and you inflict this and put this out in the public and everybody runs there's over a million you know we're going to tell you about a million different searches on the twitter from the from these different hits how that impacts her emotionally every time somebody calls her a liar for what she went through and how hard she tried to protect johnny depp so that his children and the public never found out about that johnny depp and how much that has harmed her and and how much emotionally that's impacted her and retriggered and retriggered but we're also going to talk to you about the the reputational damages for that amber made it through the divorce then she got cast in aquaman a few of you have saw that that was a blockbuster it was the highest grossing movie in dc films history ever up to this point over it hit over a billion dollars in a very short period of time it was a mega mega hit she was moving forward then she gets hit with these defamatory statements and all of the depth followings and the and the computer and twitter and everything else nobody wants to touch her well and you're going to hear from an expert who's going to say look at jason mamoa look at a gal gadot look at other people who started coming up in those tracks from just she was justice league and then aquaman look what they're getting they're getting commercials they're getting all kinds of different film opportunities these are the things that she would have gotten nobody will touch her she's a pariah and we're going to ask you as ben said to hold mr depp responsible enough is enough but we're also going to ask you to hold him responsible and and try to fully and fairly compensate amber for what he has done to her thank you very much thank you mr brother huh um based on the time ladies and gentlemen i think i'm going to release you for lunch a little early so we can um just start uh with the first witness when we get back from lunch i think it's just a natural break so if you want to um go ahead and go with the deputy um just remember don't don't talk to anybody about the case and don't do any outside research okay we'll be back here uh let's com let's get back at i'll give you a little extra time to 145 okay just to give you some extra time downstairs okay all right thank you if you would go with deputy all right okay does somebody have the motion lemonades for me i don't think i've received those signed orders okay first thing after lunch i get them yes sir okay all right that's perfect anything else all right we'll be back at 145 then thank you all right are we ready for the jury or do we have the motion lemonades okay if i could just get those i'd appreciate it so we do have the order for miss her's motion elimination mr depp's mr moniz and i just agreed to it okay i don't have it printed but i can tell your honor based on the representation he gave me it is agreed okay and we will have it printed as soon as i can but we're not going to obviously hold up court with that's fine thank you very much thank you your honor thank you mr murphy all right are we ready for the jury then okay wow now thank you ladies and gentlemen all right your first witness kristen zambrosky all right kristen zambroski [Music] is she outside okay christian do you solemnly swear or affirm to testify truthfully in this case in a penalty of law you have to verbally answer ma'am okay thank you thank you hi yes sir good afternoon miss dombrowski would you please state your full name for the record alisa christine dambrosky miss dombroski what relationship if any do you have with johnny depp he's my younger brother how much older are you than johnny two and a half years mr brosky i'd like to ask you a few questions about your and johnny's childhood where did you all grow up um we were born in kentucky and we moved to florida when we were kids who lived in your household with you and johnny our mom our dad we have an older brother and older sister and johnny and i who was the youngest child in your family johnny would you please tell the jurors what your relationship with johnny was like when you were growing up johnny and i were very close uh with with having the older brother and older sister we were the two younger ones so we were really close and we basically were together all the time um we played together we played hot wheels we you know played uh batman and robin where we each had a role in that um and he's probably gonna be embarrassed i say any of this but um you know we practiced you know karate kicks with each other and chopping we were just friends we were like best friends what was johnny like as a young boy objection 404 if you got approached as i was saying miss dombrowski what was johnny like as a little boy um he was he was a a shy sweet little boy he had a very caring personality um but also was a he was a little bit of a a clown he loved to you know play tricks on us or try to scare us he was a very typical happy little boy objection your honor i'm going exactly where i said i was going all right i'll stay in the the the last part of her answer um and we'll go forward thank you very much your honor ms dombrowski how would you describe your parents relationship that was complicated would you please explain to the jury what you mean when you say your parents relationship was complicated our parents were they had two um completely different personalities and where our father was also a very kind patient loving gentle man and our mom was the opposite she was very high strung very nervous uh anxiety angry so they they were completely opposite people what was your mother's first name betty did your mother betty ever get angry with your father yes how would your mother express her anger toward your father mom would she would scream she would yell at him um she would hit him call him names that kind of thing did your father ever hit your mother back no dad dad never reacted um when my mom would hit him or scream at him if he didn't hit her back how if at all did he react basically he would let her scream and get it out or hit and and be done and the the the way that you dealt with my mom the way that he dealt with my mom was he always tried to keep the peace so he never wanted to you know he didn't want to engage in anything so he was very you know sort of he would step back and whatever it was that she was angry about he would try to go ahead and make sure that he took care of whatever she was insisting that he did is it fair to say he did what she wanted yes it's very fair to say he did what if anything did you and johnny do while your mother was hitting or attacking your father we would we would leave the area we would run and hide we would go to our room you know either we'd go to our room together or you know depending on where we lived you know if our room was close we would sort of run off and get away from it how did your mother treat you and your brothers and sisters well there's just there's a similarity sorry um and how she treated dad again she was a very anxious high strung she screamed she yelled she hit she threw things she called us names you know we each had our own little special uh set of names some we wouldn't repeat but um so she gave each one of us a name my name for example was uh violet which to some people it wouldn't seem like it's anything but violet was my father's mother and my mom hated my father's mother so that was my special name one of them did your mother have any special names for johnny yes she did um she had a few again some did not repeat her favorite i think was she called him one eye um and she called him that because uh when he was young the the doctors thought he had a lazy eye so they they would put a patch on his good eye so that they would strengthen the other eye so she used that as you know a way to find a new fun name for him how did johnny respond when your mother would call him one eye he didn't respond in any negative way that those names were they were just a way of life we we got used to them we accepted all of it putting aside the names did your mother ever get angry with you yes did your mother ever get physical with you yes she did but i was um also very quiet very shy and i i learned early on to stay back um so i was i was more in the background because i would constantly sort of stay in the background to stay away from trouble miss dombrowski when she your mother did get physical with you what forms did that take well she would she would hit us um she would throw things uh she would have us go pick a switch you know off of a tree you know so that that would be what she could hit us with and make sure that we got one that was nice and green white i'm sorry i don't mean to wrap why did it have to be nice and green if it wasn't a nice green switch twig it would it would snap those didn't break if you got a dry one they snap they don't they don't work the same did your mother ever get angry at johnny yes did you ever observe your mother hitting johnny yes how if at all did johnny react when his mother would hit him he was a typical little boy where if it hurt he would cry um that was it i mean for the most part you just wanted to get away from it did johnny ever hit his mother back no what about when he got to be an older boy did he ever resist or hit her back no no when he when he was older even if she hit or threw things he never went to that place he always he would get away he would you know leave the area go to his room ms dombrowski did there come a time when you left the family household yes when did you leave the household i left when i was 17 i was pregnant and got married and moved out into my own place how did it feel when you left the family to go out and go to your own place i think there's a bitter sweetness to it i i was really young i had just turned 17. um but i was so looking forward to this new life that i could create that was different from what we had at home and so it was a part of me that was really happy to to be able to do this really excited and there was another part that was sad because i left behind my little brother and my dad if you could explain that a bit how how did if at all did your experience with your mother affect your ideas about what you intended to do with your own family well um really early on as a young child none of what was happening in our home felt good um and so as i got older you know both johnny and i actually um we decided that once we left once we had our own home that we were never going to repeat ever anything similar in any way to our childhood we were going to we were going to do it different so johnny felt the same way absolutely when you left the home to start your own family who among the original four children were left at home with your mother johnny did there come a time when your parents separated yes would you please tell the jury what happened there was a our father one morning decided to pack up everything and and and leave early in the morning um we didn't we didn't know it at the time uh i don't think but i i didn't i didn't live that was at work and then i got a call from my mom in the afternoon right after she got off work she called me and and i could it was hard to understand her voice um she sounded faint and uh kind of kind of groggy but she kept saying he's gone he's gone he's gone and i was trying to get out of her was it dad and she said yes your daddy and and i said mom are you okay what did you what did you what's going on you know um did you take your pills because she took what she called nerd pills and she said she had um i asked how many she she couldn't tell me how many she took but i knew she was getting fainter on the phone and it was more clear to me that she was not in a good way so i called uh i called our friend our parents friend actually who was a police officer and told him that he needed to get to mom and what was going on and so he got an ambulance to get over there to her and this was after your father left yes this is the day mr broski do you know why your father left i know at the time um because i did try to speak to him after because mom continued to not do well at the time he said that he said that they had had the last argument that he felt that they could ever have he felt he needed to leave home this time and to be honest i i didn't really understand um it had been so many years that he had been taking all of the you know um all of her personality um and i didn't really understand exactly uh fully what that last argument was uh why it was so intense um we did learn many years later in our adult life that what he was referring to when he said i guess the objections here say uh your honor again i think it's it's not offered for the proof it's offered for for the the the abuse and the culture in which i'll sustain the objection thank you ronnie yes did your mother uh recover after she took the pills yes she continued to not be well but she she recovered and after that time uh did she ever take more than more pills than she should have did but she didn't do it to the degree that she had at that point and going back to the incident that you described do you know where johnny was at the time your mother took those pills johnny was home did there come a time excuse me i'm sorry i think he was i think he was sleeping at the time i think he woke up when mom came out in the ambulance game so he he saw all of that jackson foundation did he see that she said she testified he was in the home he was in the home but was she in the home i guess how did she know so i'll sustain to foundation thank you did there come a time when johnny left his mother's house yes and after johnny what did johnny do when he left the house jackson foundation all right i'll sustain his foundation foundation um are you in were you in in communication with your brother at the time yes he he came and lived with me for part of the time so i think that so what what was your what did your brother do after he left your mother's house he he you know lived in different places he lived with me and he lived with another family did you and johnny continue to communicate with your mother betty after you both left the home yes yes we did and after what you have described why did you and johnny continue to communicate with your mother objection foundation i think she's already laid the foundation they're very close she was in communication i'll sustain the objection if you want for this particular question why did you continue to communicate with your mother because she was our mom and we loved her i mean [Music] we knew you know even when we were younger that things weren't they didn't feel right you know but but what we understood was that you know mom had her own upbringing you know so she had her own past and the way she was raised would affect the way she lived um and so she in our mind she was doing the best she could do you know um we sort of treated it like he she she did the best that she could do with the tools that she was given you know um from her her life in the past and what we decided to do was we just decided to get new tools we chose different tools from that and when you say we to whom are you referring i'm referring to john foundation i'll overrule that objection next question thank you did you ever live with your mother again after you and johnny had left the house i did i did uh live with her briefly um she had uh gotten uh diagnosed with asthma when we lived in florida and she needed to move to a drier climate so johnny moved her to california to palm springs for the drier weather and i moved also so that she wouldn't be alone so i lived with her for a period then and if you could just please elaborate on what role if any johnny played in your mother's move to palm springs he he was he was the only reason the move could happen he he purchased her at home and and paid to have everything moved out there did there come a time when your mother ever left palm springs she she moved from palm springs um to be a bit closer to where johnny and i lived in the la area she lived there for a bit and then ultimately she went back to kentucky she had her siblings were still there and a couple of them weren't doing well so she wanted to be closer to them while she could and after she moved back to kentucky from palm springs did there come a time when your mother became chronically ill yes when was that 2011 [Music] would you please describe briefly what her health condition was as of 2011. well in 2011 [Music] she was living in kentucky and we received a call that she had been diagnosed with the final stages of parkinson's um but then when another doctor looked at her scans they um they felt it was something different so we we had the scans brought to a doctor in california and they suggested that she'd come out and see a neurologist right away so uh johnny got a plane um a private plane and he and i we flew to go pick her up and bring her back to california to start seeing the doctors and when she moved back to in 2011 to california was that a permanent move it became basically a permanent move um she still she still had her house in kentucky in the hopes of you know her being able to go back and forth um but her health basically kept her in california so she lived here or there and by that time 2011 when she's moved out to los angeles had her treatment of you and johnny changed in any way yes mom's mom softened as she aged she she totally softened and once your mother moved to los angeles permanently in 2011 what role if any did your brother johnny play in her caretaking foundation to what extent if any did your brother play any role in her caretaking i think that's still a foundation objection do you do you have knowledge of whether your brother had any role in her caretaking yes [Music] would you please explain to the jury because i think her honor needs to hear whether there's a foundation okay i'm sorry um yes um when we brought mom out you know over over time she had multiple um other illnesses that that came up and johnny was he he dealt directly with the doctors like we did um hired private nurses so that we could make sure that you know mom was taken care of you know uh he basically johnny was the finance he took all financial responsibility for anything and everything mom could need or want during this time all medical care doctors hospitals nurses how do you know that i was directly involved is it fair to say you saw johnny do those things and have those interactions i was there i was directly involved in all of that did you witness your brother having any interactions with the doctors relating to your mother's care yes how often if at all did your brother visit your mother betty after she came to live in los angeles in 2011. jackson foundation were you ever present with your brother and your mother when you all were visiting yes um mom lived in a house uh that was basically a across the street from johnny um it was a house that he has on his street and uh i i was there you know quite a bit johnny was pretty much down there every day a couple times a day um you know mom like she would see them all the time you know one of her favorite things was watching johnny take the kids to school and waving at them because she never got to do that before so who were your brother's kids oh lily rose and jack we'll get to that a little in a little bit um did there come a time when the family was considering putting your mother in a hospice there was um there were there were conversations with the doctors that we should start to consider that since we we weren't 100 sure with the variety of conditions that she had um what we needed to do the idea of hospice was something that felt like since we we didn't know a time frame um the idea of introducing you know new nurses or something you know at a certain point in someone's life where they recognize there's a difference um and that could be that could be a you know frightening for them so we didn't want to instill any fear you know johnny's big on mom not having fear um so instead that's when we hired nurses so that the nurses could be there 24 7 and you know and and she would have people continuously throughout her life that she knew that they were friendly and you know cared for did you actually have a conversation with your brother about the possibility of your mother going into hospice yes did did he express an opinion about it yes well this is where it all comes from because the idea again the idea of hospice which is an amazing thing but for someone who when you don't know with the variety of illnesses you don't know what a timing is the idea of introducing it new people is is something that becomes almost a signal you know and this was a very big discussion this is why the nurses were hired was this just one discussion or was it a series of discussions it's i'm not uh asking for hearsay i'm just asking about the whether it was discussed once or a number out of rule objection go ahead was this just one discussion or were there more discussions among you and your brother about how to care how to best care for your mother we we had we had continuous discussions as a matter of fact i mean i i there were daily updates he knew every day everything that was happening with mom whether he was in town out of town because he had he was working or traveling he had i made sure because it's hard when you know that someone wants to be there and they can't so i made sure to to fill him in on everything it's not offered for the truth of it all over the objection go ahead did you ever see johnny's children jack and lily rose over at your mother's house across the street from mr depp yes mr brusque i'd like to change subjects right now if that's all right and ask you to please tell us a little bit about your work life did there come a time when you worked in the entertainment industry yes i started i started uh working when we moved from florida to um palm springs this is why i lived uh for a short period with my mom um i ended up i got a job at one of the studios in los angeles which studio was that it was columbia pictures i i was uh my title was i was an executive assistant to the executive vice president of comedy development and what were your job responsibilities when you started there i i handled um my executive's daily schedule meetings budgets scripts phone calls and then in addition to that we had there were four other executives and they had assistance so my desk was also to oversee those assistants and when we had writers come in i oversaw those assistants as well it sounds like a big job it was a good job how long uh did you work at columbia pictures television in that role i think it was about a year and a half why did you leave after a year and a half [Music] columbia itself started folding different departments and and ours our comedy development being one of them um and so some of the employees that worked there went to work for sony or tristar other sort of arms of the of the corporation and i was the last one there um sort of wrapping up the department to go on to my next job so after you wrapped up the trend transition the closing up of the department what did you do in terms of your work life i i went to work with my brother and what capacity when you say your brother which to whom you referred i'm sorry i'm sorry when you say your brother uh to whom are you specifically referring i went to work with my brother johnny uh what type of things did you do for your brother johnny um similar things to what i was doing with [Music] the other boss that i worked for before but with johnny he was i was helping him anyway uh as a sister um bits and pieces before i started working with him so there were things like travel and you know meetings setting meetings making sure he had his you know the scripts that were coming in and he knew you know all the information about them um and you know any kind of publicity stuff that he had to do uh because i really started to do this job with him because there was one time that i had gone to his house and i was helping him get ready to go on a trip and his uh ticket i've read it out loud and it said standby and i said why are you on standby he had no one looking out for that kind of stuff you know so i did all of that how if it all did your work for your brother chief change over time well over time it it sort of grew um well not sort of it did grow his agent i worked sort of hand-in-hand with his agent and you know as she got to know me more and i got to know her more there were other parts of her job actually that she would give to me so you know instead of just doing scheduling meetings and calendars and travel now i become a person who's talking to producers or you know as it expands you know all the executives at the studios and studio heads and you know become a part of contract negotiation et cetera just grew role if any did you play uh in dealing with johnny's movie contracts movie contracts i am because i know the history and because um there's a certain amount of um parts of life that are important you know to a human being not just to an actor but to a human being and i know the human being um i i was part of [Music] mostly um negotiating parts like there's an area called perks and perks means anything and everything that an actor would need in order to perform his duties and in order to you know to also move right to the to the location to do the duty so i i was part of all important dates that you know needed to be considered in a calendar um making sure the house was what he needed to have for the family the travel to get there making sure he had his staff drivers security pretty much anything necessary was within that ms dombrowski can you give the jury some examples of some of the things you put on the perks list sure we it was a it was really important um you know as johnny had a family it was really important to be able to make sure that we were given the opportunity to find the right accommodations and the accommodations for the children you know house that you know could you know give them a home away from home with a garden um all the travel to make sure that they all get there there were really important dates that uh we carved out in every contract um for johnny's kids for their birthday he never wanted to miss their birthday so if he wasn't able to be with him because of filming it was built into the contract that he had their birthday off and he would have the day before and the day after so that he'd be able to travel to get to them and then get back to working so in addition to that i mean there's there's there's quite a bit um we also had it built in that if if he was to be away from his kids filming if the kids couldn't travel and family couldn't travel to be there um we had in his contract that he would be able to fly back to them from wherever he is every two weeks so he didn't go beyond every two weeks not seeing his children you know it's that kind of stuff that you know it was important ms dombrowski do you know what a personal manager is in the context of the entertainment world i do what is it if you could explain it to the jury because i just learned it myself well i i believe it's basically what i a lot of what i was doing um they they work with the their client on um maintaining different items in their personal life as well as you know projects coming in production all of the representatives it's a sort of a big scope of of duties has anyone ever referred to you as johnny's personal manager i have been called that before yes do you perform uh the responsibilities of your of being johnny's personal manager i i did i did do you still work with johnny yes do you also work with any of johnny's companies or strike that uh does does your brother have any companies associated with him he has a production company called infinitum nile what type of company is infinitive nile it's a production company we develop you know projects for films or television or you know different things and put it putting aside your responsibilities as your brother's personal managers what role if any do you play in infinity nile uh i'm president of infinitum now when did you start working at an infinitive nile um from the beginning um in 2004 i think we started in july 2004. and would you please explain to the jury of some of the some of your responsibilities as president of infinitive nile my my duties as president were to i oversaw um everything within the company um the the staff where we were developing projects uh where you know maybe there's a book that people want to develop into a film or a tv show or different ideas so i oversaw that oversaw all the all of the development um their schedules with meetings with different people to to take those projects out um to to pitch uh i i i there's so many uh tasks to that job i don't know how to i don't know how to really lay them out mr broski when did the first pirates of the caribbean movie come out i think it was 2003 i think what what was your brother's role in pirates um he he was captain jack sparrow fair to say that was the lead that was that was the lead how did the first pirates of the caribbean movie fair at the box office it it it did very well i think it surprised people and did very well people really they loved you know the they love the entertainment of it you know the total ride did the success of pirates one change johnny's career in any way i i would have to say yes um the success of pirates one it became um johnny with that role and and other studios and everybody seeing the success of that film and and how the audiences reacted to that character um they were there was a whole lot more people wanting to be in business with him and did the success of pirates one change his personal life in any way for his day-to-day life it it it did it did um because where prior to that you know he was able to go out somewhat you know he could you know go to different stores go to bookstores go to restaurants when pirates one came out after that he was much more recognizable now you know so many people loved that character and so he was much more recognizable so it became harder for him to to go out in public without having a lot of people come around that you know rightfully so wanted to meet him and um but then it it also became um really big and so we had even people that were chasing you know chasing in cars so we had at that point we had to we had to have get security team to kind of come in and help us manage how this all works you know who is jerry judge jerry judge was he was basically johnny's head security when did jerry judge start coming to work with with your brother well we um we started working with jerry judge back in the 90s um because jerry had his own security company in london and uh when we would go over there for press or premieres or whatever jerry was the one you know that set everything up and and we became really close with him back then and as things grew with pirates we brought him over more and more you know for some of the items that we had some of the work that he had if it was a show or whatever um or and brought him on and then he started just working basically on every film with us after pirates probably right around that time how long did jerry judge work with you and johnny well again um we met him in the 90s so and around pirates is what 2003 um and jerry was with us up until we uh we lost him when did you lose him uh we lost him a couple years ago to cancer what was jerry's relationship like with johnny jackson foundation did you ever see jerry judge interact with your brother sustain the objection that's the leading the next question that's fine thank you what if any uh observations did were there any times when you saw your brother interact with jerry judge i i saw i saw the two of them interact quite a lot um and uh they they loved each other they were like you know jerry thought of him as his like a son and sometimes as a brother they really did love each other and so much respect both ways i don't think there's any basis to strike that i think it was most responsive i'll overrule the objection thank you runner and i wanted to touch on something you mentioned a few moments ago when you were referring to mr depp's children i believe you said it was uh daughter lily rose and jack who is the mother of johnny's children vanessa parody did johnny and vanessa parody ever live together as a couple yes how long did johnny and vanessa parody live together as a couple i i i think they were together 14 years and did their children live with them during the 14 years yes how much time would you say you spent with johnny vanessa lily rose and jack when when they were in los angeles i i would say i saw them all daily our office where we work our office is only it was only 10 minutes from their house so i would make trips back and forth or every day after work i would go straight to the house so i i saw them daily would you please explain to the jury what it was like spending time with johnny and his family he was great it was great it was a normal happy family you know you go there and the kids are playing and you know making dinner everybody having dinner cleaning up together sitting around laughing it was it was great did you have occasion to see your brother interact with his children yes yes i did what did you observe what can you tell the jury about what you observed um he's i'm proud to say he's uh he's one of the most devoted fathers i think that i've ever seen like everything everything in life was about the children but when he was with the kids like the attention that he would give them you know it was just constant playing with them listening to them you know laughing with them reading to them barbies i mean you you name it and he was there did you ever observe johnny treating his children the way you saw his mother treat him when he was young have you ever seen johnny hit either of his children no have you ever heard your brother raised his voice at his children no you may have touched on it earlier and if so i apologize but how if at all did johnny communicate with his children when he was shooting a film objection foundation were you sustaining the objection if you wanted a foundation um fair understood uh did you have occasion to obser were you ever with your brother when he was shooting a film yes did you have occasion to observe your brother communicating with his children while you both were there on set yes yes so please no please go ahead when excuse me when when johnny was filming most of the time um the family was with him the family would travel and go you know just like i said earlier we would get a house and garden and and all of that to make sure that there was a home so his family was with him most of the time what about when the children got older and they started going to school did that change in any way it changed in that they you know they didn't want to disrupt the children's lives when they were going to school so if dad had to go off and go work and the children stayed home this is where we get into we still we still maintained a home for the family wherever he was filming you know because they would if they had the opportunity to come back and forth um and but at the same time johnny would he would travel back every two weeks you know to see his kids and when you say he would travel back who was it who made those travel arrangements i made the travel arrangements did you have occasion to observe johnny interact with the mother of his children vanessa parody over the 14 years they were together yes i did would you please tell the jury what you observed about the interactions between mr depp and vanessa if this is not this is directly uh i'll allow observations all over the abilities thank you very much what did you observe about mr depp's interactions with the mother of his children they they were a a great couple i mean first you could see that they were friends um they they just they were happy together they they you know um they got along great it was it was a happy normal i'll sustain the objection at this point then all right did you ever hear your brother yell at vanessa okay i'll sustain on that objection next question what if any violence did you uh observe between i'll go ahead and finish your question first well if i think you're going to sustain the objection perhaps i should read maybe we should move on yes okay okay did vanessa ever claim that johnny ever physically abused her foundation hear say objection it's not it's not offered for the proof of the it's what she observed what she heard she was the personal manager of honor that's would be here say i'll sustain the objection thank you did there come a time when johnny and vanessa separated after 15 14 years yes how would you describe their relationship today i understand but it's the character evidence issue so i'll sustain the objection who is amber hurt my brother's ex-wife when did you first meet amber hurt i first met her when she came to the office um for casting on rum diary um probably late 2008 i think some somewhere in there did you see miss hurt on set yes what if anything did you observe when she was working on set um i mostly observed you know some of the you know i was there for some of the scenes um and in in between you know she was a bit sort of like you know standoffish had all you know people you know coming around her but i don't really i don't really have that much time with her on set when was um rum diary actually released 2011. was johnny in that movie yes what role if any did you have with respect to run diary i was one of the producers and after seeing miss heard on the set in 2009 2010 when was the next time you saw miss heard i think the the next time i saw her was we were we were we were promoting rum diary towards the end of 2011 i think um i was not able to go on the full promotional tour um where we do uh um screenings for people around the country [Music] but i was able because my mom was sick but i was able to attend the one in los angeles so i saw her at that event what uh did you observe so you attended the premiere i attended the premiere and uh and um the dinner afterward yes would you please describe for us what you observed at the premiere at the dinner at the dinner because i i sat outside at the premiere i didn't actually watch the movie i'd already seen it i sat at the same table um with some of the other people involved in the cast so i saw johnny and amber you know they were seated together i saw them talking quite a bit and she seemed very friendly that night yes did there come a time when you learned that johnny and amber were romantically involved yes when was that i i don't recall exactly i know it was some time after the wrong diary premiere to what extent did you have occasion to observe johnny and miss heard together early in their relationship i would see them there were times when she would come and and you know visit our mom you know um i would see her then i would see the two of them then i didn't really spend a tremendous amount of time with her had you formed any impression of misheard at that time based on your observations i i did i did look um i didn't i didn't know her very well and i would spend time like i said she would you know she would come to my mom's house i sat with her and my mom um i don't think that's right you're on earth she's describing what she observed right but we won't approach for a moment so did there come a time when your um did there come a time when your brother and miss heard started to live together yes and when did that occur approximately if you recall i don't i don't recall the timing [Music] i don't recall the time frame i believe they had moved downtown um to the eastern columbia building but i don't remember exactly when that was uh what type of structure was the eastern columbia building was that a freestanding house or was it apartments it's apartments and he had he had the penthouses on the top floor how many penthouses did your brother own on the top floor of the eastern columbia building i think it was i think it was five apartments do you know who lived in those five apartments when your brother and miss heard went to live there i know um i know who lived down there um i know isaac a a friend of johnny's name isaac lived down there um i know uh amber's friend rocky and her boyfriend uh lived in one of the penthouses um amber's sister whitney lived in one of the penthouses when you say rocky are you referring to rocky pennington yes and was her boyfriend josh drew joshua did rocky pennington and josh drew pay any rent to your brother no what about miss misheard sister whitney did she pay any rent to your brother no do you do you know why uh your brother allowed them to live rent-free uh foundation we asked do you know why so if she knows she can answer allow it all over she was his personal manager that's fine okay did you arrange for handling a lot of your brother's uh bills i i would give them to the business manager um but i i believe there were amber's family and friends that's why he let them live there how often did you see your brother when he was living with misheard at the ecp penthouses we didn't we didn't see him as often i didn't see him as often [Music] he pretty much stayed down there he didn't come back you know towards where we were in west hollywood uh very often unless he had a reason to and on those occasions when you did see your brother what observations did you make he was always in a hurry when he was able to come back he you know he could never sit and spend the time you know he it felt like he was always trying to you know get back uh downtown he he just seemed so much sadder he did not seem himself he was he was always his his person was much just sadder did in that time period when your brother and miss heard were living at the ecb did you have occasion to observe them together on occasion would you please describe for the jury what you observed on those occasions when you saw your brother and miss her together i mean there's different occasions of i've seen them together when they've come into the office i mean when you saw them together did they appear to get along did you ever witness them arguing objection leading all right i'll sustain this state it's deleting did in your capacity as johnny's personal manager do you know whether your brother and amber ever tried uh ever travel together yes they did travel together there were uh i mean there were times when you know when johnny had to go do press or film they traveled together what type of travel arrangements did you make for the two of them when they traveled together um we we would get a a private plane that took them to whatever the destination was [Music] and make sure that we had you know the hotel accommodations taken care of par part of part of what we did uh was to always make sure that we anticipated you know everything so we would do the uh the travel the hotels uh cars drivers um i would i would make sure that there was an extra hotel room you know for trips when they would go [Music] would you why did you make sure there was an extra hotel room when johnny and miss heard went on trips together because their objection to the extent that the answer calls for hearsay all right i don't believe it okay that's fine you can answer ma'am oh thank you um i booked the extra hotel rooms because if johnny was at home or you know anywhere like that he was able to he if they argued he was able to leave the room leave the argument and go like he's always done and hide in a different room to get away from it when when they were traveling for you know the different reasons for press or whatever and we booked the hotel rooms i wanted to make sure that there was an extra room you know because it wasn't unusual didn't mean for them to have an argument so i wanted to make sure that there was an extra room did your brother ever have occasion to use that extra room that you booked for him yes objection foundation all right a sustainable foundation if you want to lay a foundation i think the foundation was she made all of the travel well i can actually lay it through some other questions as well she was person personal manager whose idea was it to book an extra room for your brother when he traveled it was my idea and why did you do that it was my idea because you know um i saw a repeat happening in life when we were when we were kids and and arguments and fighting would start to happen our first thing was to go and hide and you know get away from it and [Music] since i recognized what felt to be a a pattern that was a repeat pattern from his childhood i've i wanted to make sure that there was a place that he could do just that mr true the question was do you did did mr depp ever use the extra room and the objection was foundation so if you want to lay a foundation of how she would have known that he used that extra room and it's not based on hearsay that's that's the issue all right i'll i'll strike that okay go ahead thank your honor did you ever book an extra did you book your brother's hotel accommodations during the 14 years that he when he was with vanessa parody yes did you ever book an extra room when he was with her objection no overall allow that one go ahead if you could repeat it i don't think the jury heard that i'm sorry no i did not did you ever hear your brother and miss heard argue objection i'll overrule that i'm good so you may answer that no did you ever see or hear any physical altercation between your brother and miss heard no [Music] what can you tell us about what you did observe of your brother and misheard together to me um to when i saw them to me um he was always trying to make sure he was always trying to make her happy um he always made effort to to sort of make her happy i i i think she had a very uh she's a very strong personality um and and my brother's personality came off much more soft at that point to me did you observe any occasions in which miss heard was nice to your brother yes i've seen her be nice to him would you please explain that i've seen her be nice and and you know uh you know offering to you know uh bring them a drink or you know get them whatever i mean just a typical like a typical nice i've seen that have you witnessed any occasions on which is heard wasn't nice to your brother i i have actually would you please describe those to the jury yeah um we had um i had a on one occasion because this one this one really this one really staked with me um on on one occasion um we were i was at the office and i had a meeting with dior who had wanted to uh sit with johnny and um talk about you know working together and amber had come in and asked if she was interrupting us and uh we said no and we weren't supposed to really talk about the meeting with anyone um but johnny johnny told amber that uh i had just had a meeting with dior and that you know they were interested in him her her reaction to that was she was in disbelief and sort of discussed um because she said dior why why would deora want to do business with you they're about class and they're about style and you don't have style you know so it was a the insulting kind of taking away that one moment you know that insult is there you know i've i've seen i've seen the insults multiple times actually what if anything did you hear ms heard say about mr duff's physical appearance she called him an old fat man how did he respond had he i believe he's heard her call him that himself now mr nebraska i'd like to ask you about a specific event that is relevant to this case and just for to for the background i'll say did there come a time in 2013 when your brother was working with keith richards of the rolling stones on a documentary yes were you present yes i was i was present at the was misheard there as well yes if you could please tell the jury how physically close you were or how far you were from miss heard while the three of you were on the set i was i was um i was right next to her um they had they had gotten there and i was close enough that i hugged her and was standing next to her it was a small set and when you were standing next to her and when you were hugging her what if any marks or physical injuries did you see i i didn't see anything did you observe your brother's interactions with ms heard while the three of you were on the set yes what if anything did you observe her doing they they they were fine they she was laughing and happy and holding his hand and you know leaning on him hugging him did your brother hug him back hug her back yes but it was mostly her hugging and switching switching subjects from that uh time on the set did there come a time when you learned that johnny was going to marry miss hurd yes and this is a little complicated so i'm just going to ask you in a narrative form i understand there was a a wedding and that there was uh there were a couple of ceremonies if you could just please describe that to the jury um they there was a wedding uh celebration that was put together on the island so uh they had us like a wedding ceremony on the island um but prior to uh going to the island to do that they actually got married in los angeles um because they they had to get married in los angeles because they couldn't get married you know uh paperwork etc on the island so they got married in l.a how did you learn that they were going to get married we were we were already working on um the celebration part and i knew i knew that the date was at some point um they were going to pick a date to to try to get married in los angeles um but i didn't i didn't know the actual date that had been decided until he called me which was pretty much right before the date what was your reaction upon hearing from your brother that he was going to marry miss her i was uh i was scared i was devastated actually that was uh it was going to happen as as a as quickly as it was being pushed for um i i actually tried to talk him into just just waiting a little bit longer just a little bit and not not rushing why did you want him to wait a little bit longer there had been there have been conversations about a prenuptial agreement that had been going on for a while um and as the date was approaching you know for the island ceremony um there was no success in the prenuptial conversations and i knew it was important um his representatives had explained the importance and i knew it was important to him for his children and i we were rushing to do something without his children being protected specifically if you could explain to the jury what involvement you had in those discussions about a prenuptial agreement um objection there's foundations discussions with him she's testified about her uh thank you runner i think um what was your involvement in the discussions involving the predominant a prenuptial agreement mostly it was uh i spoke with the attorneys and the representatives so that they they explained the importance of it and they explained the reasons behind it i'll allow it that means you can keep going okay so i'm sorry i'm sorry um so that uh so we could have further conversation and and uh with johnny and and they there was an attorney that they coordinated with for um for amber um so that that was where i was involved in the coordinating that part which side wanted a prenup johnny's side wanted a prenup and i believe what you said may have gotten lost why did johnny's side want a prenup well the prenup was to to make sure that his children were protected that's jack and lily rose jack and lily rose yes did your brother and miss heard ever sign a prenup no why not i amber didn't sign it did you end up despite your misgivings did you end up attending the wedding uh between or the ceremony between your brother and miss heard on the island in bahamas yes i did but i i also attended the actual wedding [Music] in los angeles and that's that preceded the celebration in bahamas is that correct did you have occasion to speak with ms heard either at the ceremony the formal ceremony in los angeles or the celebration in the bahamas i did um at the actual at the actual ceremony um in los angeles they they uh they have the ceremony at our mom's house um and at that ceremony i didn't have occasion to really speak with amber um she rocky and whitney i don't believe uh wanted necessarily to speak with me um on that day i did i did after the ceremony was done i was standing not far from them and they were having a conversation they were having a conversation actually about excuse me about should they leak the information that they'd already gotten married at the house uh to the press so that they could maybe they didn't have to worry about the island when they did the celebration um and amber amber actually uh reached out to me and said because i was standing seven eight feet away from her um asked my opinion you know what i thought about that which i i basically said i didn't know why they would do it since all the information for the island was already out and it wasn't going to help them i didn't know why they would want to leak it at all but it was up to them i saw her on the island as well but on the island she was actually extremely friendly when when i got there because if i'm honest i debated going i i didn't really want to um i almost didn't but i i took my dad dad wanted to go and uh i wanted to make sure that i showed up anyway because i wanted to make sure that honestly that my little brother would know that i was going to be i was always going to be around no matter what um but amber was extremely friendly and thanked me for coming to her special day you know it was a very big day for her can you remember any other interactions you had with miss hurd or your brother on the island at the celebration interactions on the island not really and when was the neck next time you saw amber heard after the celebration on the island it was it would have been would have been when she came back from australia and i i i will get to that your honor um is it possible for us to take a very quick break sure you're gonna are you gonna you still have quite a bit of direct left eyes uh i do have a fair amount okay all right ladies and gentlemen won't we go ahead and have you take your afternoon break of 15 minutes okay again don't do any outside research and not talk to anybody about the case i know you're going to hear me say it so much thank you thank you your honor i haven't said yet so let's see i want to make sure i haven't said yet no it's okay i usually wait till the jury goes out so we can make sure all right so what we just go ahead and make it at 3 30 then so it's close enough we'll take 15 minutes okay [Music] sure would you mind instructing the witness i think this will go through all the ways they're not to discuss their testimony all right you understand that ma'am since you are right now uh on the stand you can't discuss this case not even with the attorneys okay so don't discuss it with anybody till we get you back here in 15 minutes okay all right thank you thank you are we ready for the jury okay you ready before you take the witness back you're on really please we have that second order fully endorsed very pleased yes both of them are completed that's great i'll have an entry for my diary won't you thank you thank you so much thank you ronnie all right yes sir yes we're ready let's go systems all right if we can just be seated and we're ready to start again okay yes mr tube thank you honor um good afternoon again mr browska i'm told that both you and i need to speak a little closer to our microphones i'm sorry thank you and when we took the break i think you were just uh testified that the next time you had seen miss heard uh was when she had just returned from australia yes what what if anything did you discuss with miss heard when she returned from australia uh we excuse me we met for dinner late a late dinner and she was uh she was telling me that she and johnny had had a a fight in australia um and i was i was trying to talk to her about the idea that that kind of fighting is um not normal is too much you know um it's it's it's not okay um but she uh she told me that i needed to basically get down off my cross and my mom business uh she said that johnny liked that she was feisty you know she was feisty and then he loved it and that jerry judge and i needed to stay out of her marriage so that was the basic conversation did you respond at all when miss heard told you to get off your cross i just kept saying that fighting is not normal this kind of fighting is not normal how close were you to misheard when you were having this conversation we were right next to each other right like right here did you see any marks or any discoloration on her face now miss dambroska i'd like to shift gears again and ask you about the period in april and may of 2016. if you could please let us know as of april 2016 what was the state of your mother's health um excuse me mom had been um [Music] she had been in the hospital uh for quite some time and uh like a long steady pace from november so by april she was we knew that she was towards the end of her life so um that's what april basically was and it went into may in may we gathered everybody to come say goodbye to her how often if at all did you visit your mother in april 2016 she was in the hospital so i was i was with her pretty much every day i was a 24 7 when i wasn't uh you know at the office or something you know did you ever see johnny at the hospital yes how often did johnny did you see johnny at the hospital in april 2016. i don't know how often i saw him i mean he would come and see her you know regularly um even before that when there was a period we were trying to help her communicate and he you know brought in you know different type tools of pens pencils you know a drawing crayons just to try to help her communicate he he came as often as he could he was he was there quite a bit and when you said you called the family together in may would you please explain what you meant um we were told by uh by the doctors that mom was at a point where there was nothing else that we could do for her and um so that we should start calling anybody that wanted to you know come and you know spend a little bit of time and say their goodbyes so we did that we did that in may and and moving ahead to may 19 2016 what was your mother's condition that day she was she was basically in a coma she was medicated and and and just on um machines uh life support where it was you know slowly going away on may 19th how do you know that i was with her did you see uh your brother in the hospital that day yes what happened the next day may 20th 2016. well mom mom passed away that morning um we had all the family was there johnny was there with his kids until the wee morning hours of may you know may 20th [Music] my kids my sister we were all there spending our last bits of time and everybody else had gone home and mom passed away probably a few hours after that maybe five six hours after that who was with your mother when she passed oh i was who if anyone told johnny that your mother had passed i'm sorry take take your time i did i i um i called him and i called my um our other siblings to tell them and i'm sorry i know this is painful um how did johnny react when you told him that your mother had passed well he was uh he was sad but there was a also there's a a relief that you know suffering is his done so he was mostly trying to make sure that i was okay and i was going to leave and not stay there and you know sort of take on every thing about myself so we asked about how you were doing oh yes that became quite a big topic yes ms dombrowski did you see johnny the next day saturday may 21 2016. i did um i had i had uh i'd gone to his house the the night we lost mom i think we all kind of gathered our children right and i had i had my sister with me so i had driven her back on the saturday and we were going to go to the funeral home so i was while i was waiting for her i went to go check on johnny and see if he was okay and wanted to go and did you check on johnny saturday morning the 21st yes yes i went i went to see him because he was we had talked about maybe he would also go to to the funeral home but um when i got there he seemed he seemed upset because he and amber had been fighting what else happened when you first met with your brother on the morning of the 21st when you were talking about going to the funeral home i just i i went to go see if he was going to go with us i got there he was upset excuse me because they were fighting i got upset because of the day that was chosen to fight um but i went ahead and left and went to the uh to the funeral home with my sister and then came back that evening why weren't you upset about their fighting on that day in particular our we had just lost our mom the day before so i i feel like that you know there might be the need for a little compassion no fighting on that day did johnny end up going with you to the funeral home that day no i went ahead and went and he was he was gathering his stuff because he had to go pick up some items because he was going to go on tour did you see johnny again that day once you left him to go to the funeral home yeah i i came back um that evening i came back i was taking care of my sister for a bit and then before i left to go home i stopped at his house to make sure that he was okay you know um and i saw him then and what happened when you went over to see that he was okay he was uh he was talking to a couple of people i you know i saw him briefly he he seemed to be all right and i spoke to jerry judge and they had they had just come back from him picking up items down at um at the downtown at the loft so when you uh met him the second day that time strike that when you met him the second time that day on may 21 did you meet with him at his sweets or house or at the ecb no i went to the sweets house he had gone down to um the the penthouse to pick up some of his stuff uh because he was going to be leaving you know to go on on tour and uh i just stopped by after they had just gotten back and as of that time the evening of may 21 your mother had just passed what plans if any had been made for a funeral service for your mother we we hadn't made any plans for a funeral service um we wanted to wait until we could get you know all the friends and family because we weren't expecting the date necessarily um but we wanted to wait till we can get all friends and family to come together to have more of a like a dinner like a celebration like mom would want at her favorite place so we we waited we decided to schedule it like a month or so out instead of immediate so you had referred to your brothers having plans to go on tour that next week obviously not knowing that his mother was going to pass what if any other formal events had been planned for that next week before he was going on tour well he was he had a um [Music] he had the premiere for um alice that was on the monday night um mom passed on friday um and the premiere was monday night um and then he was going to take a flight after that immediately after the premiere he had to get on a plane to go to new york to meet the band and go on to europe and when you say alice just so the jury may understand if you could please explain to them what alice is oh i'm sorry um alice uh and and i'm so sorry right now i don't know if it's alice do the looking glass maybe was that one's name or the alice in wonderland disney series where he played uh hatter and so that that premiere for alice in wonderland was going to be on monday and what day was mr depp planning to go on tour with his music band he had to be there tuesday morning he um so we we had to schedule it it was very tight we scheduled a a plane for him immediately after the premiere he would get on the plane um he was expected to leave on tuesday so how long was he supposed to be on tour i believe it was a couple of months something like that going back to the premiere how if it all did your mother's passing affect the premiere of alice in wonderland we didn't we didn't let anybody know that mom had passed away we kept that really close um to just our you know just family and friends because he because he had to go to the premiere and with the premiere he's on the the carpet and on the carpet he does a lot he does interviews and it didn't feel right um on many levels to have him where people knew that mom had passed away and um while he's trying to do interviews to to sort of you know give their condolences and their sympathies and all of that so we we kind of kept it just with us so that it wouldn't become a you know a worldwide thing and he could just do what he was supposed to do and do his job did you think he could handle hearing all that sympathy at the premiere i i didn't think he should handle i didn't think i thought i thought it would be very hard on him you know i it would be very hard question after question and condolences did there come a time when miss heard filed for divorce from your brother yes when was that i learned i learned that she had filed on the tuesday morning [Music] after that premiere of the tuesday morning i was at the funeral home and i got a call from um the attorney to let me know that she had filed where was johnny when you learned that ms hurd had filed for divorce he was he was already in new york and getting ready to travel to europe for the tour how did you react initially when you heard from mr duff's attorney that ms heard have filed for divorce i mean i think understandably you know i i the timing of this it made me sick actually it really made me feel ill it made me sad frustrated i don't i don't i can't even find the word to describe how i felt when i heard that the divorce was followed the day after you know while i'm at the funeral home you didn't think the timing of ms hurt's filing was appropriate i i i did not i thought i thought it would i thought something like that might have been able to wait did there come a time when you learned that ms hurd had also filed for a restraining order against johnny yes yes i think i heard that also from the attorney i believe i believe the day before um she was i think i it was a thursday i think i learned that one so this was two days after your brother had left for new york yes yes because i was shocked at that at that i was shocked at that um and concerned that he was out of town and didn't know if he needed to be there he was gone you know um and i was asking the attorney and they said no he doesn't have to be there no one has to be there amber won't be there no one will be there just attorneys it's a very simple process did johnny attend the restraining order hearing no he was not in town he wasn't in the country did you see any press coverage of the restraining order hearing yes i did would you please tell the jury what you saw or read objection not asking for the proof of what was in the articles to present sense impression all right i'll sustain it to hear saying relevance okay did you see press con was there press coverage of the hearing there was a tremendous amount of press coverage did you read any of it i did i did i did read some of it i did you know i saw some of it putting aside the truth or falsity of what you saw what did you see relevance and why is that wrong was the i'll sustain the objection next question okay how did you feel when you read the press relevance what's the relevance i think i think it's relevant to her testimony your honor but i can move on okay i'll sustain the objection next question moving ahead two years in time did you see ms hurt's washington post op-ed when it was published in in december 18 2018 yes what did you think miss her's op-ed was about relevance it's entirely relevant they're they're trying to argue somehow that people didn't understand what what the op-ed meant we we heard an opening where there was ms dombrowski have you had any discussions with your brother about the op-ed yes i'm object to anything after the yes this hearsay i'm not sure if it is or not it's a yes or no question okay all right next question as mr depp's brother and as his personal manager do you have any understanding how the publication of the op-ed has affected your brother's career that's fine but she's worked with her brother for uh let's see where the answer goes you may answer i'm sorry would you mind asking it again do you have an understanding of how the publication of the op-ed has affected your brother's career yes um the op-ed the op-ed is written with uh the way it was written the wordings uh within the op-ed make it very clear of a time frame director to answer that question again maybe you should ask it again how has the publication of ms heard's op-ed putting aside for a moment its relationship to your brother its references to your brother how has it affected his career i believe there's a negative effect on anyone's career when there's accusations you know as as there have been how has it affected him personally objection foundation she's his sister your honor i'll allow it go ahead personally i know i know he i know he doesn't want people to feel that he you know that he could ever be that type of person which he isn't and to know that actually that is something that is attached to him now um which trickles down to his children you know where i think that part more than anything is the part that has bothered him you know the fact that his children have to you know have this in their life ms dembrowski do you believe that your brother physically abused ms hurd objection foundation i'll sustain the objection do you believe that miss hurd is a public figure representing domestic violence no i don't i believe the office uh excuse me i'll sustain the objection thank you thank you you can strike that answer please thank you as his sister and as his personal manager for decades are you aware of any occasion on which any woman other than misheard has ever accused your brother of any type of physical abuse objection foundation hearsay i'll allow the answer no how has ms heard's op-ed impacted your life objection relevance what's the relevance thank you honor that's all i have right now i'll draw a question okay all right cross-examination thank you yes sir good afternoon ms dombrowski so i believe we covered some of this but just want to make sure so you're you're employed at a company your brother owns right yes it's called infinitive nile yes is that right and it's mr depp's production company yes and you're the president of that company right yes and that is your only source of income correct i have other projects that i work on on the side it's your only job right it's my full-time job yes right and um job-wise you don't have any other sources of income other than infinitive denial right other projects i i have i have the opportunity with other projects to make more money okay all right um your honor may i approach all right if you could just show counsel what you're approaching with it's just a copy of your deposition all right you're just getting cut i think he's just giving copies mr okay i assume it wouldn't be okay thank you yes please miss navrowski do you remember giving a deposition in this case yes and just a couple months ago right i believe so yeah and you remember um before you started that deposition being under oath right yeah okay and you swear to tell the truth yeah okay and you were asked questions by counsel from ms heard and you gave answers right yes okay could you please take a look at page 19 of that deposition transcript in front of you i'm sorry and do you see on page uh sorry page 19 line 8 through 10 you were asked the question do you have any other sources of income other than from infinity neil niall and you answered no job-wise no right do you see that i do and was that testimony correct yes okay right but it's the same as what i said today now you have a huge financial interest in your brother's career right the money that infinitive nile makes comes from money that mr debt makes correct it hasn't always historically known what else does it come from we've had um deals with other uh entities companies and for the most part the better your brother does in his career the more money infinitive nile makes though correct i i i don't think it's exactly like that no and you have a uh uh your brother has done projects that infinitive nile has been the production company for correct yes okay and you have a financial interest in that company correct i'm an employee are you employed by his other companies as well i'm employed by infinitive nile are you employed by the other companies that your brother has no do where do you receive your paycheck from defending denial infinite and you have an financial interest in how infinitive nile performs financially correct i i have a salary that i get so that's not a financial interest if you're asking if i get a piece of the pie no you're you wouldn't consider salary financial interest is that yours i i consider it a salary yes it's but but it sounds like you're asking something different i'm sorry maybe i'm misunderstood yeah so the bottom line is you draw a salary from infinitive nile yes and that's your brother's production company correct yes now you feel protective of your younger brother always have right yes and you testified earlier today about mr depp's reactions to some of your mother's anger growing up how how old was mr depp during the periods you were talking about like when he was a kid is that basically what you were talking about um the reactions to mom's anger began as when we were children and the and we had we've had the same reaction always was to leave right and when you were testifying earlier about mr depp's reaction being to leave you were referring to when he was before you left the house when he was a kid right yes but we we left the house not too far apart from each other but yes when when mr depp would leave as a child during the times when your mother was angry at him was he addicted to drugs back then no was he addicted to alcohol no you testified a little bit about mr depp's um former partner vanessa peredy you were friends with vanessa right we were it was a family so right you considered her family yeah she was part of the family yes right and you were friendly with her yes you liked her yes you were happy that your brother was with her i was happy that my brother was happy yeah and and you you didn't want to see him split up from vanessa did you you know what i i wanted both of them to be happy i it didn't matter to me if they split up or not you were you were devastated when they split up weren't you i don't think i was devastated were you happy about it no i wanted my family to be okay did what were your emotions when you learned that your brother was splitting from vanessa if i had to say i was probably you know a little sad for both of them but that i mean beyond that i i don't i don't really recall big emotions you were sad because you were losing her as part of what you just testified was your family right no you weren't sad about that no now on may 21st um 2016 you're asking questions about that and and i know um i know your mother's passing must have been very tough so i'm not gonna ask specific questions about that i'm gonna ask questions about the next day just to make sure that i had your your your testimony right um can you remind me you said you saw your brother that the morning of may 21st i stopped by there at some point in the in the yeah in the daytime in the early part of the day what approximately what time i honestly don't remember was it before lunch i i don't remember the timing it was just daytime it was daytime and you testified that when you stopped by there for the first time that day that you were you were upset because it seemed like he and amber had been fighting is that what you said i said that uh they had been arguing they had been arguing and i've said that i didn't love that they were arguing on it was a horrible day to argue on and and that was your testimony was that you were upset that they had been arguing when you stopped by that during the daytime right okay now you have no understanding of any of amber or mr depp's communications leading up to may 21st correct i don't know that i have a lot of that no okay and but your testimony is that when you stopped by during the daytime on may 21st that they had been fighting and that made you upset is that right i'm just trying to understand what you testified to it's not that it made me upset i found it upsetting you ever become aware that they hadn't actually seen each other or communicated at all before he came over at 8pm on may 21st foundation she's testified that she said that they were fighting earlier in the day i'm asking her if she ever became aware that they hadn't actually seen each other talk that day i'll allow the question just pretty good i'll ask it again did you ever become aware that amber and mr depp hadn't seen each other or talked that day before he came to the eastern columbia building the evening of may 21st no i just know that when what i understood was that they had had a fight whether it was over the phone or i i don't know they were arguing now when your mother was in the last days of her life in the hospital amber visited her right amber did come one time um by herself if that's what you're referring to she she did come one time shortly before johnny was also coming did she visit her actually more than one time correct i don't recall her visiting on her own more than one time no i remember her coming one time because i didn't know she was coming and johnny was actually also coming so they ended up there together i guess i'm a little confused because you just you just testified that she only visited one time alone this is what i'm saying i only remember the one time alone where she showed up alone i only remember one time and and johnny came shortly after she was there and other times she visited with johnny or other people is that right she visited with johnny sometimes during the time that amber and johnny were together [Music] you became aware that he was using drugs and alcohol excessively correct all right your honor she's testified to what she observed during their relationship i think it's within the scope i'll rule the objection you can ask the question good just want to ask the question again i do yeah okay um during the time that amber and johnny were dating did you become aware that he was using drugs or alcohol excessively i i became aware that he had been drinking and i during the time they were dating i became aware of at one point you know a certain a certain medication yes and you formed the opinion that not only had he been drinking but he was drinking excessively correct i don't know that i formed excessively but he was ringing you you became aware that he was using booze right i knew he was drinking and you knew he was using cocaine right i never saw him do that so you you became aware that he was using cocaine correct i never saw him use anything like that i became aware of people saying that and you became so concerned about that that you told your brother to stop using cocaine correct i don't i don't i don't know that i remember telling him to stop using cocaine i think i might have told him anything that he was doing he should stop doing heather can you pull off exhibit 214 please your honor i'll obviously move for admission before it's published the journal that's fine i just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to be on their screen can you can you flip it just trying to figure out how to rotate this your honor if it's coming from her computer screen you have to rotate it on there i mean i figured all this is doing is mirroring whatever was on on the computer screen there's nothing we can do all right i wouldn't say that sorry for the delay you're on i appreciate your patience yes sir the issue is you want to unplug it and plug it back in just to see to the system thanks appreciate it thank you all right i think we have it when you turn it off and on it works at everything that's right that's the secret okay all right that looks better miss dembrowski i'd like to direct your attention to the um the four texts in the middle of the page um if you look in the from column there's a name that says christy dambrowski and it has a number is that your number yes okay and are those texts from you to your brother johnny depp yes and those texts were sent on or about february 5th 2014. yes okay your honored move for the admission of um defendant's exhibit 2-1-4 any objection to two one four can i can i just say something no just wait man just wait for a question yes sure so okay apologize for the delay judge all right so you're moving in 214 we'll receive it redacted that's correct okay over objection that's fine um and you wanted to publish just the redacted parts correct yes your honor okay that's fine right now you just have the dates up is that what you want to start with yes you're on it okay you can publish okay miss dombrowski just because we we can only show part of this page um do you see that these you just testify these were text messages between you and mr deb right and do you see that these text messages were sent um on february 5th 2014 yes the the bottom three okay and those bottom three you just looked at when we saw the whole page and i know it's a little cumbersome for the jury not seeing that but you testified that the bottom three were text messages from you to your brother right yes heather could you just scroll to the right please that's that's good thank you so on february 5th 2014 you sent three texts to your brother you sent one that said stop drinking right you said one that said stop coke right yes so you i assume you weren't talking about the soft drink right it doesn't appear to be you were talking about cocaine correct i don't know what these are in reference to so i remember they brought this up at my deposition and these are something that they're i don't know the i don't know if there's more context to them i don't know what they're in reference to i know what they say but i don't know what they're in reference to and what they say is that on february 5th 2014 you were telling your brother johnny depp to stop using cocaine correct no i wrote those words but i it's what i'm saying i don't know that i was telling him to stop doing that you know in context it would be different it could be a different scenario well let's let's take it word word by word coke when you wrote coke you meant cocaine not the soft drink right yeah and when you wrote pills you meant prescription pills right yeah so you were telling him on february 5th 2014 to stop drinking stop coke and stop pills right i wrote the words and did you have any reason to believe when you wrote that that mr depp had been on a bender recently i don't recall writing this so i don't recall the context of it i understand that the words are there but i don't i don't recall the timing or the writing of it i don't recall anything about it necessarily you weren't joking when you wrote that right it wasn't a joke right i probably was not joking but but you know maybe i was repeating something that someone else told me to write you were telling your brother to stop drinking stop cocaine and stop pills because you believe that he had a problem with drinking cocaine and pills correct i didn't believe he had the problem as much as as much as someone else was trying to make me believe that he had the problem did you have any reason to believe that mr depp had been on a recent bender i didn't witness vendors i don't you know what i mean so i'm not involved in the vendors understood i'm asking what at the time when you sent these three text messages on february 5th 2014 did you have any reason to believe that mr depp had been on a recent bender i i i couldn't tell you about february whatever date that is back then and what i would know at this moment did you have any reason to be worried about mr depp when you sent these texts again i don't know what was happening in life at that time i don't recall that period the dates i don't recall where we i don't recall anything about that time these these texts i know i know what the words are but i don't know what the context is of them right and so i'm asking you i'm asking you a question as best i can which was when you sent these texts did you have any reason to be worried about mr depp's use of alcohol cocaine or pills again i don't i don't recall the time period of sending these texts so i don't know that i would have any reason at that time i don't know would you have sent the text if you didn't have a reason to be worried about his use of alcohol cocaine or pills i i could send those three separate lines like that three separate texts i could do that if if it was you know there's different reasons that maybe i could do that it doesn't mean that was me giving him a message have you ever sent texts to anyone else to tell them to stop drinking stop coke or stop pills before again i don't know that i'm telling him to stop drinking stock coke and stop pills that's what i'm saying it's the context of this and and i appreciate that but that wasn't my question my question was have you ever sent texts to anyone else in your life telling them to stop drinking stop coke or stop pills i don't believe i've ever told anybody to stop doing any of those things in a text message but i also don't know that that's what i was doing here is what i'm trying to say but you wrote those words to mr deb right i wrote those words and you didn't love the behavior that mr depp was engaging in around this time frame did you i i don't know the time frame i don't know what time frame you're actually referring to well around in the days leading up on or around february 5th 2014 you didn't love the behavior that johnny depp was engaging in did you i don't i don't recall anyone's behavior from february 2014 i don't recall february 2014 would it would it refresh your recollection perhaps to see other text messages that you sent on or around this time to determine whether or not you were worried about mr deb if there's other contacts i guess i don't know why don't we do this um heather can you please pull up exhibit 2 10. so your honor mad approach all right thank you miss dombrowski do you do you recognize this document as a text message chain between you and amber heard on february 3rd 2014 yes and you see the chain it starts at about 5 5 20 p.m right yes and there's messages from from amber to you are the ones on the right correct in blue yes and messages from you to amber are the ones uh in gray on the left right yes okay and if you go well take a minute and just just read that first page please so does does this refresh your recollection about a text conversation you had with amber on her about february 3rd 2014 well i i can see this as our text exchange and does this refresh your recollection about concern that you may have had about the behavior that mr depp was engaged in on around that time does this i'll ask you again does this refresh your recollection about behavior that mr debt may have been engaging in around that time it's i remember i remember um i remember this period and what amber was believing that he was doing yes at this period and but does this refresh your recollection about your worry and concern for your brother johnny depp around this time i i don't i don't still don't recall having a severe worry around this time okay well before you didn't require me any worry so does it does this at least refresh your recollection that you had some worry i honestly i don't recall having a worry i you know i i've had worries in the years but i don't recall having to worry at this time i don't recall it okay um so did you did you have any reason to doubt what you were reading from misheard in these texts to be honest uh she was she would write things quite often or explain things quite often and and uh it's a bit more dramatic maybe than what we understood it to be or or um maybe even sometimes the instances were different than what she was describing so i but in any event this conversation that you had with miss heard gave you concern enough to tell your brother stop coke stop pills stop booze right no i don't think it did yeah it didn't did did and i've asked this before but we can we'll take a look at this is it true you didn't love the behavior he was engaging in around this time right again i didn't witness a lot of the behavior that people are taught you know that you guys are referencing i didn't witness a lot of it take a look at page two please and just take a minute to read that then i'll have some questions about both of the pages okay what you had been told by miss heard on the first two pages of these texts gave you concern about mr depp's behavior and made you not love anything that he was engaging in behavior-wise around this time right what i had heard from her and in these texts i didn't really love where life was at the time your honor i've moved for the admission of these two pages in their entirety for the reasons that we discussed both as impeachment of the witness all right i i there are other statements in here that i do find us hearsay so we can work with it um i'm not i'll reserve on that for this time maybe and we'll have other other issues with it outside the presence of the jury and we'll work on redactions okay okay that sounds good can i um can i ask her questions just about her language and then we can work on redactions yeah okay yes sir on the first page your honor or i'm sorry on the first page miss dombrowski um you write where are the kids why did you write that i don't know i mean i remember they asked me that at the deposition i'm not sure you wrote that because you had concerns about where mr depp's kids were at this time right well if she was saying he wasn't home i was asking where the kids were right because you were concerned for the kids well-being particularly when mr depp was in this sort of state correct no i was curious about where the kids were if he wasn't home were you ever concerned about the impact on the kids of mr depp's drug use and alcohol use no okay so when you wrote where are the kids you had no concern for their actual well-being is that right the concern it was it's not that kind of concern she's saying he's not home i was wondering where the kids were so that they weren't alone when you wrote her on page two do you want to come to office to talk you wrote that because you were concerned about what was going on with mr deaf at that point right no actually i wrote that so that she could come to the office so that we could talk right about all of it all of what of her text your honor i asked for permission to publish the bottom text on page two that i think it's not up here you just need her text sorry and i guess while she's pulling that up i'd move for um partial admission of exhibit 210 with redactions to be absolutely again i'm going to reserve on that okay all right that that's all right i'm still going to reserve on the admission of it so i'm not going to show it to the jury at this time okay okay okay but you can ask your questions about it okay thank you your honor when you wrote miss heard on february 3rd 2014 at 5 42 p.m miss dombrowski worry about everything you were telling her to worry about everything and all the types of behavior that mr depp was engaging in at that time right i was not telling her to worry about anything that's the way i wrote that sounds like i say i you know i worry about everything you're saying that you're worrying about everything is that right yes as a whole okay so in contrast to what you testified a few minutes ago you actually were very worried around this time frame correct i was worried about what life was that's what i said and the life that you were referring to here what was going on in life was mr depp's drug and alcohol abuse correct what was going on in life was uh someone who constantly wanted to point out some sort of drug and alcohol abuse is that unfair for a spouse not to want their husband to abuse drugs and alcohol it's not unfair at all so it was that a negative to you that miss heard didn't love that i'm sorry was that a negative to you that misheard didn't love mr depp's drug and alcohol abuse was that unreasonable of her to me it was exaggerated is the problem so that was exactly but but you testified that you personally have no personal knowledge of your brother doing cocaine i never saw him do it okay but but you had enough concern to text him stop doing coke stop the pills and stop the drinking correct no i i really don't think that's what i was doing with him and what were you tell you weren't talking about the super bowl right you were talking about drinking i i understand i understand but the way it's written and i know my writing the way it's written i don't feel like what i was doing was me giving him an order to do that i wouldn't typically do that so recommending other contexts somewhere that you know for that right and that's what we're trying to explore is what is that context because you're very direct in those texts that the jury just looked at stop the booze stop the pills stop the coke so if you weren't telling him to stop the booze stop the pills and stop the coke what were you telling him i i could have been telling him that you know because i've had this conversation before i could have been telling him you know that in order to make her not constantly accusing you know this is what she would need right you didn't write those words in your text though right no i didn't okay and when you said uh in the february third text message exchange with ms heard i don't love any of it i really want to be able to talk with him that was you expressing concern about mr depp's drinking and drug use correct that was me expressing concern about what life was and it was there was arguments all the time and it was it felt like there was just constant unpleasantness right and would it be unfair well let me ask it this way that unpleasantness to your knowledge was caused in in part at least by your brother's drug and alcohol abuse right i don't know that did you ever reach your own conclusion that your brother had a problem with drugs and alcohol i knew my brother was drinking um i'm sorry i knew my i knew my brother was drinking um but in terms of like drugs i you know honestly there was i have only one medication that i really knew of that you know was an issue for him and what was that i don't remember the name of the medication it was a prescription medication what was the what was it it was a it was like a pain medication that he had been taking for a long time and that was what you were referring to when you said stop pills was prescription pain medication correct again i wasn't necessarily referring to anything in particular i know i wrote those words i don't know the context of the words okay but in any event you you don't dispute that on february 5th 20 20 whatever date that was and february 5th 2014 you wrote your brother stop drinking stop coke stop pills right i wrote those words but i don't know the context of the words now february 2014 wasn't the first time that you had had communications with miss heard relating to concerns about drug and alcohol abuse right by mr deb correct i i don't know um heather if you could pull up exhibit 163 please what's exit number i'm sorry oh i'm sorry you're on one six one six three while she's pulling that up miss dembrowski let me ask you this you knew that mr depp's drug and alcohol problem was affecting his relationship with miss heard right i knew that she would say that i mean i knew that she would say that she had issues with you know him with drugs and alcohol and and and you knew from those communications that it was negatively impacting their relationship right um i knew that she would she would write me about them you know and i knew that she would i know that she would uh you know try to try to you know try to uh talk about them but and i know that she would say that they were negatively impacting i don't know that that was the whole um situation that they had going on to be honest though well you didn't disbelieve her when she told you that right when she told me well you just testified to that drinking and drugs were negatively impacting their relationship you didn't disbelieve her right oh i i didn't necessarily think it was true no you didn't think it was true that it was negatively impacting the relationship i didn't necessarily think it was 100 true no well you just said true and then 100 percent true so i'm trying to try to figure out how to try to figure out where you're going with this is it your testimony today that you never believed misheard when she would talk to you about johnny's drugs and drinking no i think you're taking it to an extreme well that's what i'm trying to get at i'm sorry if i am so just explain to me what is that's not your testimony i think she i think she exaggerated things quite a bit but you tried to help amber deal with mr depp's drugs and drinking correct i tried i tried to make sure that i was helpful to amber as best i could yes if you can look at the document in front of you exhibit 163 please this is a text exchange between you and miss heard on march 22nd 2013. correct yes yes and do you remember earlier you testified about um uh being present during the filming of the documentary about keith richards yes this was this was right around that time frame correct i don't know do you recall when that was i don't recall the dates and actually one thing i wanted to ask you about that while we're at it is you testified earlier about not seeing cuts or or bruises on her face you remember that do you you don't you you have no knowledge whether she was wearing makeup or not that night right i don't recall she was wearing makeup or not she typically did not okay and you weren't specifically looking for cuts or bruises because you suspected that mr deputy abused her right i would have no reason to look for cuts or bruises but i would think if they were there i would see them okay so if you look at page one uh exhibit 163 and you're on move for permission to publish [Music] i'm going to sustain that objection i figured you would okay can i do the same thing and ask her about her words to misheard and then we can reserving the right to publish it to the jury refreshes her memory about right the conversations you're trying to discuss yes so um miss dombrowski do you recall having a conversation with miss heard honor about march 22nd 2013 in which ms heard was expressing concerns to you about mr depp's behavior no i i don't recall dates so no okay um why don't you go ahead and take a look at this document please and let's just let's start with um just tell me when you're done with page one please so oh mr nebraska i think i think that's you you on the screen which is okay if you want to mark it out like that we got it i didn't oh i'm sorry oh okay doing their own redactions okay okay i've read it okay so um when when you when you texted miss heard well first of all does this refresh your recollection about a conversation that you and miss heard had on march 22nd 2013 relating to ms herd's concerns about mr depp's behavior it really doesn't but i see it here but you don't dispute that it is a conversation that the two of you had this is a text exchange between the two of us yes when you wrote don't be sorry exclamation point i am not completely sure if what is going on or why but i don't love what it is what did you mean by that i'm i'm not 100 sure i believe i probably meant once again you know how life was right life including mr depp's conduct toward my client amber heard right yeah okay and when you wrote it is sad and i'm sorry you guys are going through this i'm here if there's anything i can do you were talking about the chat you were sad that they were going through the challenges that drugs and alcohol on behalf of mr debt were posing to their relationship correctly i i don't think that i'm saying that i'm sad about that i'm i'm saying that i'm sad you know about whatever it is that you know that they're going through but i don't know exactly what it is that they're going through and write two texts underneath that mister tells you what they're going through right she she does go into uh about yeah what they have going on and then below that you say i think with anyone in that place confrontation unfortunately doesn't help and sometimes conversations can seem like confrontations do you see that were you suggesting to miss herd that she shouldn't have a conversation with mr depp about what drugs and alcohol did to him because it could seem like a confrontation no no i was not suggesting that at all um what did you mean by it honestly what i was trying to do um is trying to amber misheard um she she could be very very vocal and so what i was trying to do was if they were having a conversation if it wasn't going well i was trying to tell her that you know maybe you know sometimes conversations if you're vocal really loud they're more confrontational like just to whatever it is just have a nice easy conversation okay well let's just go to the i just want to look at one more text on the top of the next page when you write misheard on march 22nd 2013 you say disagreeing reasoning nudging all can seem like confrontations i am not sure of the volume or when some is likely to wear off question mark first of all when you were talking about volume or when some is likely to wear off you're talking about drugs or alcohol correct she said in the text prior right i'm asking that's the problem i i understand i'll sustain the objection and i'm asking what you're you're referring to without referring to mrs hurt's text prior when you say i'm not sure of the volume or when some is likely to wear off what are you referring to i don't know i mean that's what i'm that's what i'm trying to say is you know she had all kinds of things that she said in the text prior i'm referring to like volume of you know even just voices you know that even you can see where i say like you know the nudging and all of that but you know there was a certain way that you learned to try to talk with amber to keep things calm and when you okay and when you said once i thought she was all right you're pretty sure mr two that's fine thank you i appreciate it i understand i i let her finish her first answer that's fine thank you thank you um there was a certain way that you know ultimately we you learn to talk to amber you know to sort of keep things calm so you would pacify her you would sort of you know uh just go along with all of her conversations whatever so that you could we would placate her all the time to keep things calm that's what we did and and and so when you said disagreeing reasoning nudging all can seem like confrontations were you telling miss heard that she shouldn't voice any concerns about her significant other's drug or alcohol abuse voice her voice any concerns to who to him that she shouldn't nudge him about it or try to reason with him about drug and alcohol abuse or his behavior is that what you were saying that you shouldn't do that because it might seem like a confrontation no she was more confrontational she was much more confrontational always confrontational and i was trying to say that all of these things can be confrontational and maybe maybe take it down a notch okay so you shouldn't disagree or reason or nudge is that what you were saying no in the in the way that i know that it would be done she was much more [Music] she wasn't a you know there wasn't a comforting conversation i'm sorry sorry were you done with your answer i think so okay or do you believe that disagreeing with someone or trying to reason with them or nudging them justifies them getting abused as the foundational sustain as the foundation do you have any um have you ever disagreed with or reasoned with or nudged anyone in anything in your in your life all right these are the words that she wrote i know these are the words that you wrote to my client disagreeing reasoning nudging all can seem like confrontations i'll allow the question i'm sorry have you ever disagreed or reasoned or nudged with someone in your life yes okay do you believe that doing any of those three three things would justify your being abused i'll sustain the questions okay thank you all right um how much more do you have probably a little bit a little bit okay since it's five o'clock all right about an hour okay all right ladies and gentlemen since it's five o'clock we're going to go ahead and release you for the day okay just a reminder as as always please don't do any outside research don't do uh don't talk to him any about this case don't look at the news don't watch anything on tv don't read the papers and do uh and and just have a good calm peaceful night okay and we'll see you tomorrow bright and early okay thank you thank you all right miss dombroski just a reminder that you are still under oath and you're still testifying so since you're still testifying you can't have any discussions with anybody to include uh mr depp's attorneys or his legal team okay all right and we'll see you tomorrow morning all right if you could leave the courtroom i just have a few matters including mr depp as well correct correct and mr deb yes anybody okay just don't talk about your testimony to anybody okay all right that's fine if you guys see outside the courtroom i just have a few housekeeping matters i want to take care of you can sit down it's okay if you want to stand up that's fine i just wouldn't let me finish this one issue first okay i'd appreciate it um all right going back to the text so on 163 are you still trying to admit that into evidence that was the last one all right there's objection to that all right yes sir um anything further to say on 163 well i think um yeah yes two things at a minimum miss dombrowski's text should be able to determine because those the problem is and the reason i think it's not hearsay is that it's impeachment under 607 a7 i understand your impeachment issue and i and i understand that and that we'll go back to 210 and i think there's an issue with impeachment there but here i don't see any impeachment basis to have the extrinsic evidence in you've got the testimony in but i don't see a basis to have the extrinsic evidence and i would still ask since they don't have the context i'm not going to allow them in so i'm going to deny i'm going to sustain the objection to 163. as far as 210 the um the only impeachment basis was when she testified that she didn't recall anything about a vendor or him being on a bender so i think for impeachment purposes just the only part that comes in is the um as far as ms heard's text is um the uh jd is on a bender and not even the last part of the let that's it okay everything else would have to be rejected i'm going to allow that just that one part that one part of everything else gets redacted as far as her text miss dombrowski's text can come in except you have to get rid of her identifying information as far as her phone number okay that's it okay i understand okay all right that's fine noted thank you not the last two words that's exactly right not the last two words not the sentence above it and not the any of the sentences below it or any of the other texts but mr broski's texts come in but you get it just take out her her phone number for me okay so if you can give me you owe me that and i'll i'll allow the redacted one into evidence um and you can owe that to me tomorrow okay and you also owe me 214 tomorrow too correct yes one on that one um identifiers can we then show the other course columns that correspond to the text that as long as the personal identifiers what was what the objection was so if you could do that for just the four yes yes sir and get rid of the others okay all right all right that's all i had yes ma'am you had something okay all right [Music] do do do do do do do do youWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 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03:31:20Watch at: 03:31:20 / 03:31:40Watch at: 03:31:40 / 03:32:00Watch at: 03:32:00 / 03:32:20Watch at: 03:32:20 / 03:32:40Watch at: 03:32:40 / 03:33:00Watch at: 03:33:00 / 03:33:20Watch at: 03:33:20 / 03:33:40Watch at: 03:33:40 / 03:34:00Watch at: 03:34:00 / 03:34:20Watch at: 03:34:20 / 03:34:40Watch at: 03:34:40 / 03:35:00Watch at: 03:35:00 / 03:35:20Watch at: 03:35:20 / 03:35:40Watch at: 03:35:40 / 03:36:00Watch at: 03:36:00 / 03:36:20Watch at: 03:36:20 / 03:36:40Watch at: 03:36:40 / 03:37:00Watch at: 03:37:00 / 03:37:20Watch at: 03:37:20 / 03:37:40Watch at: 03:37:40 / 03:38:00Watch at: 03:38:00 / 03:38:20Watch at: 03:38:20 / 03:38:40Watch at: 03:38:40 / 03:39:00Watch at: 03:39:00 / 03:39:20Watch at: 03:39:20 / 03:39:40Watch at: 03:39:40 / 03:40:00Watch at: 03:40:00 / 03:40:20Watch at: 03:40:20 / 03:40:40Watch at: 03:40:40 / 03:41:00Watch at: 03:41:00 / 03:41:20Watch at: 03:41:20 / 03:41:40Watch at: 03:41:40 / 03:42:00Watch at: 03:42:00 / 03:42:20Watch at: 03:42:20 / 03:42:40Watch at: 03:42:40 / 03:43:00Watch at: 03:43:00 / 03:43:20Watch at: 03:43:20 / 03:43:40Watch at: 03:43:40 / 03:44:00Watch at: 03:44:00 / 03:44:20Watch at: 03:44:20 / 03:44:40Watch at: 03:44:40 / 03:45:00Watch at: 03:45:00 / 03:45:20Watch at: 03:45:20 / 03:45:40Watch at: 03:45:40 / 03:46:00Watch at: 03:46:00 / 03:46:20Watch at: 03:46:20 / 03:46:40Watch at: 03:46:40 / 03:47:00Watch at: 03:47:00 / 03:47:20Watch at: 03:47:20 / 03:47:40Watch at: 03:47:40 / 03:48:00Watch at: 03:48:00 / 03:48:20Watch at: 03:48:20 / 03:48:40Watch at: 03:48:40 / 03:49:00Watch at: 03:49:00 / 03:49:20Watch at: 03:49:20 / 03:49:40Watch at: 03:49:40 / 03:50:00Watch at: 03:50:00 / 03:50:20Watch at: 03:50:20 / 03:50:40Watch at: 03:50:40 / 03:51:00Watch at: 03:51:00 / 03:51:20Watch at: 03:51:20 / 03:51:40Watch at: 03:51:40 / 03:52:00Watch at: 03:52:00 / 03:52:20Watch at: 03:52:20 / 03:52:40Watch at: 03:52:40 / 03:53:00Watch at: 03:53:00 / 03:53:20Watch at: 03:53:20 / 03:53:40Watch at: 03:53:40 / 03:54:00Watch at: 03:54:00 / 03:54:20Watch at: 03:54:20 / 03:54:40Watch at: 03:54:40 / 03:55:00Watch at: 03:55:00 / 03:55:20Watch at: 03:55:20 / 03:55:40Watch at: 03:55:40 / 03:56:00Watch at: 03:56:00 / 03:56:20Watch at: 03:56:20 / 03:56:40Watch at: 03:56:40 / 03:57:00Watch at: 03:57:00 / 03:57:20Watch at: 03:57:20 / 03:57:40Watch at: 03:57:40 / 03:58:00Watch at: 03:58:00 / 03:58:20Watch at: 03:58:20 / 03:58:40Watch at: 03:58:40 / 03:59:00Watch at: 03:59:00 / 03:59:20Watch at: 03:59:20 / 03:59:40Watch at: 03:59:40 / 04:00:00Watch at: 04:00:00 / 04:00:20Watch at: 04:00:20 / 04:00:40Watch at: 04:00:40 / 04:01:00Watch at: 04:01:00 / 04:01:20Watch at: 04:01:20 / 04:01:40Watch at: 04:01:40 / 04:02:00Watch at: 04:02:00 / 04:02:20Watch at: 04:02:20 / 04:02:40Watch at: 04:02:40 / 04:03:00Watch at: 04:03:00 / 04:03:20Watch at: 04:03:20 / 04:03:40Watch at: 04:03:40 / 04:04:00Watch at: 04:04:00 / 04:04:20Watch at: 04:04:20 / 04:04:40Watch at: 04:04:40 / 04:05:00Watch at: 04:05:00 / 04:05:20Watch at: 04:05:20 / 04:05:40Watch at: 04:05:40 / 04:06:00Watch at: 04:06:00 / 04:06:20Watch at: 04:06:20 / 04:06:40Watch at: 04:06:40 / 04:07:00Watch at: 04:07:00 / 04:07:20Watch at: 04:07:20 / 04:07:40Watch at: 04:07:40 / 04:08:00Watch at: 04:08:00 / 04:08:20Watch at: 04:08:20 / 04:08:40Watch at: 04:08:40 / 04:09:00Watch at: 04:09:00 / 04:09:20Watch at: 04:09:20 / 04:09:40Watch at: 04:09:40 / 04:10:00Watch at: 04:10:00 / 04:10:20Watch at: 04:10:20 / 04:10:40Watch at: 04:10:40 / 04:11:00Watch at: 04:11:00 / 04:11:20Watch at: 04:11:20 / 04:11:40Watch at: 04:11:40 / 04:12:00Watch at: 04:12:00 / 04:12:20Watch at: 04:12:20 / 04:12:40Watch at: 04:12:40 / 04:13:00Watch at: 04:13:00 / 04:13:20Watch at: 04:13:20 / 04:13:40Watch at: 04:13:40 / 04:14:00Watch at: 04:14:00 / 04:14:20Watch at: 04:14:20 / 04:14:40Watch at: 04:14:40 / 04:15:00Watch at: 04:15:00 / 04:15:20Watch at: 04:15:20 / 04:15:40Watch at: 04:15:40 / 04:16:00Watch at: 04:16:00 / 04:16:19Watch at: 04:16:19 / 04:16:40Watch at: 04:16:40 / 04:17:00Watch at: 04:17:00 / 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at: 04:28:40 / 04:29:00Watch at: 04:29:00 / 04:29:19Watch at: 04:29:19 / 04:29:40Watch at: 04:29:40 / 04:30:00Watch at: 04:30:00 / 04:30:19Watch at: 04:30:19 / 04:30:40Watch at: 04:30:40 / 04:31:00Watch at: 04:31:00 / 04:31:19Watch at: 04:31:19 / 04:31:40Watch at: 04:31:40 / 04:32:00Watch at: 04:32:00 / 04:32:19Watch at: 04:32:19 / 04:32:40Watch at: 04:32:40 / 04:33:00Watch at: 04:33:00 / 04:33:20Watch at: 04:33:20 / 04:33:40Watch at: 04:33:40 / 04:34:00Watch at: 04:34:00 / 04:34:20Watch at: 04:34:20 / 04:34:40Watch at: 04:34:40 / 04:35:00Watch at: 04:35:00 / 04:35:20Watch at: 04:35:20 / 04:35:40Watch at: 04:35:40 / 04:36:00Watch at: 04:36:00 / 04:36:20Watch at: 04:36:20 / 04:36:40Watch at: 04:36:40 / 04:37:00Watch at: 04:37:00 / 04:37:20Watch at: 04:37:20 / 04:37:40Watch at: 04:37:40 / 04:38:00Watch at: 04:38:00 / 04:38:20Watch at: 04:38:20 / 04:38:40Watch at: 04:38:40 / 04:39:00Watch at: 04:39:00 / 04:39:20Watch at: 04:39:20 / 04:39:40Watch at: 04:39:40 / 04:40:00Watch at: 04:40:00 / 04:40:20Watch at: 04:40:20 / 04:40:40Watch at: 04:40:40 / 04:41:00Watch at: 04:41:00 / 04:41:20Watch at: 04:41:20 / 04:41:40Watch at: 04:41:40 / 04:42:00Watch at: 04:42:00 / 04:42:20Watch at: 04:42:20 / 04:42:40Watch at: 04:42:40 / 04:43:00Watch at: 04:43:00 / 04:43:20Watch at: 04:43:20 / 04:43:40Watch at: 04:43:40 / 04:44:00Watch at: 04:44:00 / 04:44:20Watch at: 04:44:20 / 04:44:40Watch at: 04:44:40 / 04:45:00Watch at: 04:45:00 / 04:45:20Watch at: 04:45:20 / 04:45:40Watch at: 04:45:40 / 04:46:00Watch at: 04:46:00 / 04:46:20Watch at: 04:46:20 / 04:46:40Watch at: 04:46:40 / 04:47:00Watch at: 04:47:00 / 04:47:20Watch at: 04:47:20 / 04:47:40Watch at: 04:47:40 / 04:48:00Watch at: 04:48:00 / 04:48:20Watch at: 04:48:20 / 04:48:40Watch at: 04:48:40 / 04:49:00Watch at: 04:49:00 / 04:49:20Watch at: 04:49:20 / 04:49:40Watch at: 04:49:40 / 04:50:00Watch at: 04:50:00 / 04:50:20Watch at: 04:50:20 / 04:50:40Watch at: 04:50:40 / 04:51:00Watch at: 04:51:00 / 04:51:20Watch at: 04:51:20 / 04:51:40Watch 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at: 05:14:40 / 05:15:00Watch at: 05:15:00 / 05:15:20Watch at: 05:15:20 / 05:15:40Watch at: 05:15:40 / 05:16:00Watch at: 05:16:00 / 05:16:20Watch at: 05:16:20 / 05:16:40Watch at: 05:16:40 / 05:17:00Watch at: 05:17:00 / 05:17:20Watch at: 05:17:20 / 05:17:40Watch at: 05:17:40 / 05:18:00Watch at: 05:18:00 / 05:18:20Watch at: 05:18:20 / 05:18:40Watch at: 05:18:40 / 05:19:00Watch at: 05:19:00 / 05:19:20Watch at: 05:19:20 / 05:19:40Watch at: 05:19:40 / 05:20:00Watch at: 05:20:00 / 05:20:20Watch at: 05:20:20 / 05:20:40Watch at: 05:20:40 / 05:21:00Watch at: 05:21:00 / 05:21:20Watch at: 05:21:20 / 05:21:40Watch at: 05:21:40 / 05:22:00Watch at: 05:22:00 / 05:22:20Watch at: 05:22:20 / 05:22:40Watch at: 05:22:40 / 05:23:00Watch at: 05:23:00 / 05:23:20Watch at: 05:23:20 / 05:23:40Watch at: 05:23:40 / 05:24:00Watch at: 05:24:00 / 05:24:20Watch at: 05:24:20 / 05:24:40Watch at: 05:24:40 / 05:25:00Watch at: 05:25:00 / 05:25:20Watch at: 05:25:20 / 05:25:40Watch at: 05:25:40 / 05:26:00Watch at: 05:26:00 / 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at: 05:37:40 / 05:38:00Watch at: 05:38:00 / 05:38:20Watch at: 05:38:20 / 05:38:40Watch at: 05:38:40 / 05:39:00Watch at: 05:39:00 / 05:39:20Watch at: 05:39:20 / 05:39:40Watch at: 05:39:40 / 05:40:00Watch at: 05:40:00 / 05:40:20Watch at: 05:40:20 / 05:40:40Watch at: 05:40:40 / 05:41:00Watch at: 05:41:00 / 05:41:20Watch at: 05:41:20 / 05:41:40Watch at: 05:41:40 / 05:42:00Watch at: 05:42:00 / 05:42:20Watch at: 05:42:20 / 05:42:40Watch at: 05:42:40 / 05:43:00Watch at: 05:43:00 / 05:43:20Watch at: 05:43:20 / 05:43:40Watch at: 05:43:40 / 05:44:00Watch at: 05:44:00 / 05:44:20Watch at: 05:44:20 / 05:44:40Watch at: 05:44:40 / 05:45:00Watch at: 05:45:00 / 05:45:20Watch at: 05:45:20 / 05:45:40Watch at: 05:45:40 / 05:46:00Watch at: 05:46:00 / 05:46:20Watch at: 05:46:20 / 05:46:40Watch at: 05:46:40 / 05:47:00Watch at: 05:47:00 / 05:47:20Watch at: 05:47:20 / 05:47:40Watch at: 05:47:40 / 05:48:00Watch at: 05:48:00 / 05:48:20Watch at: 05:48:20 / 05:48:40Watch at: 05:48:40 / 05:49:00Watch at: 05:49:00 / 05:49:20Watch at: 05:49:20 / 05:49:40Watch at: 05:49:40 / 05:50:00Watch at: 05:50:00 / 05:50:20Watch at: 05:50:20 / 05:50:40Watch at: 05:50:40 / 05:51:00Watch at: 05:51:00 / 05:51:20Watch at: 05:51:20 / 05:51:40Watch at: 05:51:40 / 05:52:00Watch at: 05:52:00 / 05:52:20Watch at: 05:52:20 / 05:52:40Watch at: 05:52:40 / 05:53:00Watch at: 05:53:00 / 05:53:20Watch at: 05:53:20 / 05:53:40Watch at: 05:53:40 / 05:54:00Watch at: 05:54:00 / 05:54:20Watch at: 05:54:20 / 05:54:40Watch at: 05:54:40 / 05:55:00Watch at: 05:55:00 / 05:55:20Watch at: 05:55:20 / 05:55:40Watch at: 05:55:40 / 05:56:00Watch at: 05:56:00 / 05:56:20Watch at: 05:56:20 / 05:56:40Watch at: 05:56:40 / 05:57:00Watch at: 05:57:00 / 05:57:20Watch at: 05:57:20 / 05:57:40Watch at: 05:57:40 / 05:58:00Watch at: 05:58:00 / 05:58:20Watch at: 05:58:20 / 05:58:40Watch at: 05:58:40 / 05:59:00Watch at: 05:59:00 / 05:59:20Watch at: 05:59:20 / 05:59:40Watch at: 05:59:40 / 06:00:00Watch at: 06:00:00 / 06:00:20Watch at: 06:00:20 / 06:00:40Watch at: 06:00:40 / 06:01:00Watch at: 06:01:00 / 06:01:20Watch at: 06:01:20 / 06:01:40Watch at: 06:01:40 / 06:02:00Watch at: 06:02:00 / 06:02:20Watch at: 06:02:20 / 06:02:40Watch at: 06:02:40 / 06:03:00Watch at: 06:03:00 / 06:03:20Watch at: 06:03:20 / 06:03:40Watch at: 06:03:40 / 06:04:00Watch at: 06:04:00 / 06:04:20Watch at: 06:04:20 / 06:04:40Watch at: 06:04:40 / 06:05:00Watch at: 06:05:00 / 06:05:20Watch at: 06:05:20 / 06:05:40Watch at: 06:05:40 / 06:06:00Watch at: 06:06:00 / 06:06:20Watch at: 06:06:20 / 06:06:40Watch at: 06:06:40 / 06:07:00Watch at: 06:07:00 / 06:07:20Watch at: 06:07:20 / 06:07:40Watch at: 06:07:40 / 06:08:00Watch at: 06:08:00 / 06:08:20Watch at: 06:08:20 / 06:08:40Watch at: 06:08:40 / 06:09:00Watch at: 06:09:00 / 06:09:20Watch at: 06:09:20 / 06:09:40Watch at: 06:09:40 / 06:10:00Watch at: 06:10:00 / 06:10:20Watch at: 06:10:20 / 06:10:40Watch at: 06:10:40 / 06:11:00Watch at: 06:11:00 / 06:11:20Watch at: 06:11:20 / 06:11:40Watch at: 06:11:40 / 06:12:00Watch at: 06:12:00 / 06:12:20Watch at: 06:12:20 / 06:12:40Watch at: 06:12:40 / 06:13:00Watch at: 06:13:00 / 06:13:20Watch at: 06:13:20 / 06:13:40Watch at: 06:13:40 / 06:14:00Watch at: 06:14:00 / 06:14:20Watch at: 06:14:20 / 06:14:40Watch at: 06:14:40 / 06:15:00Watch at: 06:15:00 / 06:15:20Watch at: 06:15:20 / 06:15:40Watch at: 06:15:40 / 06:16:00Watch at: 06:16:00 / 06:16:20Watch at: 06:16:20 / 06:16:40Watch at: 06:16:40 / 06:17:00Watch at: 06:17:00 / 06:17:20Watch at: 06:17:20 / 06:17:40Watch at: 06:17:40 / 06:18:00Watch at: 06:18:00 / 06:18:20Watch at: 06:18:20 / 06:18:40Watch at: 06:18:40 / 06:19:00Watch at: 06:19:00 / 06:19:20Watch at: 06:19:20 / 06:19:40Watch at: 06:19:40 / 06:20:00Watch at: 06:20:00 / 06:20:20Watch at: 06:20:20 / 06:20:40Watch at: 06:20:40 / 06:21:00Watch at: 06:21:00 / 06:21:20Watch at: 06:21:20 / 06:21:40Watch at: 06:21:40 / 06:22:00Watch at: 06:22:00 / 06:22:20Watch at: 06:22:20 / 06:22:40Watch at: 06:22:40 / 06:23:00Watch at: 06:23:00 / 06:23:20Watch at: 06:23:20 / 06:23:40Watch at: 06:23:40 / 06:24:00Watch at: 06:24:00 / 06:24:20Watch at: 06:24:20 / 06:24:40Watch at: 06:24:40 / 06:25:00Watch at: 06:25:00 / 06:25:20Watch at: 06:25:20 / 06:25:40Watch at: 06:25:40 / 06:26:00Watch at: 06:26:00 / 06:26:20Watch at: 06:26:20 / 06:26:40Watch at: 06:26:40 / 06:27:00Watch at: 06:27:00 / 06:27:20Watch at: 06:27:20 / 06:27:40Watch at: 06:27:40 / 06:28:00Watch at: 06:28:00 / 06:28:20Watch at: 06:28:20 / 06:28:40Watch at: 06:28:40 / 06:29:00Watch at: 06:29:00 / 06:29:20Watch at: 06:29:20 / 06:29:40Watch at: 06:29:40 / 06:30:00Watch at: 06:30:00 / 06:30:20Watch at: 06:30:20 / 06:30:40Watch at: 06:30:40 / 06:31:00Watch at: 06:31:00 / 06:31:20Watch at: 06:31:20 / 06:31:40Watch at: 06:31:40 / 06:32:00Watch at: 06:32:00 / 06:32:20Watch at: 06:32:20 / 06:32:40Watch at: 06:32:40 / 06:33:00Watch at: 06:33:00 / 06:33:20Watch at: 06:33:20 / 06:33:40Watch at: 06:33:40 / 06:34:00Watch at: 06:34:00 / 06:34:20Watch at: 06:34:20 / 06:34:40Watch at: 06:34:40 / 06:35:00Watch at: 06:35:00 / 06:35:20Watch at: 06:35:20 / 06:35:40Watch at: 06:35:40 / 06:36:00Watch at: 06:36:00 / 06:36:20Watch at: 06:36:20 / 06:36:40Watch at: 06:36:40 / 06:37:00Watch at: 06:37:00 / 06:37:20Watch at: 06:37:20 / 06:37:40Watch at: 06:37:40 / 06:38:00Watch at: 06:38:00 / 06:38:20Watch at: 06:38:20 / 06:38:40Watch at: 06:38:40 / 06:39:00Watch at: 06:39:00 / 06:39:20Watch at: 06:39:20 / 06:39:40Watch at: 06:39:40 / 06:40:00Watch at: 06:40:00 / 06:40:20Watch at: 06:40:20 / 06:40:40Watch at: 06:40:40 / 06:41:00Watch at: 06:41:00 / 06:41:20Watch at: 06:41:20 / 06:41:40Watch at: 06:41:40 / 06:42:00Watch at: 06:42:00 / 06:42:20Watch at: 06:42:20 / 06:42:40Watch at: 06:42:40 / 06:43:00Watch at: 06:43:00 / 06:43:20Watch at: 06:43:20 / 06:43:40Watch at: 06:43:40 / 06:44:00Watch at: 06:44:00 / 06:44:20Watch at: 06:44:20 / 06:44:40Watch at: 06:44:40 / 06:45:00Watch at: 06:45:00 / 06:45:20Watch at: 06:45:20 / 06:45:40Watch at: 06:45:40 / 06:46:00Watch at: 06:46:00 / 06:46:20Watch at: 06:46:20 / 06:46:40Watch at: 06:46:40 / 06:47:00Watch at: 06:47:00 / 06:47:20Watch at: 06:47:20 / 06:47:40Watch at: 06:47:40 / 06:48:00Watch at: 06:48:00 / 06:48:20Watch at: 06:48:20 / 06:48:40Watch at: 06:48:40 / 06:49:00Watch at: 06:49:00 / 06:49:20Watch at: 06:49:20 / 06:49:40Watch at: 06:49:40 / 06:50:00Watch at: 06:50:00 / 06:50:20Watch at: 06:50:20 / 06:50:40Watch at: 06:50:40 / 06:51:00Watch at: 06:51:00 / 06:51:20Watch at: 06:51:20 / 06:51:40Watch at: 06:51:40 / 06:52:00Watch at: 06:52:00 / 06:52:20Watch at: 06:52:20 / 06:52:40Watch at: 06:52:40 / 06:53:00Watch at: 06:53:00 / 06:53:20Watch at: 06:53:20 / 06:53:40Watch at: 06:53:40 / 06:54:00Watch at: 06:54:00 / 06:54:20Watch at: 06:54:20 / 06:54:40Watch at: 06:54:40 / 06:55:00Watch at: 06:55:00 / 06:55:20Watch at: 06:55:20 / 06:55:40Watch at: 06:55:40 / 06:56:00Watch at: 06:56:00 / 06:56:20Watch at: 06:56:20 / 06:56:40Watch at: 06:56:40 / 06:57:00Watch at: 06:57:00 / 06:57:20Watch at: 06:57:20 / 06:57:40Watch at: 06:57:40 / 06:58:00Watch at: 06:58:00 / 06:58:20Watch at: 06:58:20 / 06:58:40Watch at: 06:58:40 / 06:59:00Watch at: 06:59:00 / 06:59:20Watch at: 06:59:20 / 06:59:40Watch at: 06:59:40 / 07:00:00Watch at: 07:00:00 / 07:00:20Watch at: 07:00:20 / 07:00:40Watch at: 07:00:40 / 07:01:00Watch at: 07:01:00 / 07:01:20Watch at: 07:01:20 / 07:01:40Watch at: 07:01:40 / 07:02:00Watch at: 07:02:00 / 07:02:20Watch at: 07:02:20 / 07:02:40Watch at: 07:02:40 / 07:03:00Watch at: 07:03:00 / 07:03:20Watch at: 07:03:20 / 07:03:40Watch at: 07:03:40 / 07:04:00Watch at: 07:04:00 / 07:04:20Watch at: 07:04:20 / 07:04:40Watch at: 07:04:40 / 07:05:00Watch at: 07:05:00 / 07:05:20Watch at: 07:05:20 / 07:05:40Watch at: 07:05:40 / 07:06:00Watch at: 07:06:00 / 07:06:20Watch at: 07:06:20 / 07:06:40Watch at: 07:06:40 / 07:07:00Watch at: 07:07:00 / 07:07:20Watch at: 07:07:20 / 07:07:40Watch at: 07:07:40 / 07:08:00Watch at: 07:08:00 / 07:08:20Watch at: 07:08:20 / 07:08:40Watch at: 07:08:40 / 07:09:00Watch at: 07:09:00 / 07:09:20Watch at: 07:09:20 / 07:09:40Watch at: 07:09:40 / 07:10:00Watch at: 07:10:00 / 07:10:20Watch at: 07:10:20 / 07:10:40Watch at: 07:10:40 / 07:11:00Watch at: 07:11:00 / 07:11:20Watch at: 07:11:20 / 07:11:40Watch at: 07:11:40 / 07:12:00Watch at: 07:12:00 / 07:12:20Watch at: 07:12:20 / 07:12:40Watch at: 07:12:40 / 07:13:00Watch at: 07:13:00 / 07:13:20Watch at: 07:13:20 / 07:13:40Watch at: 07:13:40 / 07:14:00Watch at: 07:14:00 / 07:14:20Watch at: 07:14:20 / 07:14:40Watch at: 07:14:40 / 07:15:00Watch at: 07:15:00 / 07:15:20Watch at: 07:15:20 / 07:15:40Watch at: 07:15:40 / 07:16:00Watch at: 07:16:00 / 07:16:20Watch at: 07:16:20 / 07:16:40Watch at: 07:16:40 / 07:17:00Watch at: 07:17:00 / 07:17:20Watch at: 07:17:20 / 07:17:40Watch at: 07:17:40 / 07:18:00Watch at: 07:18:00 / 07:18:20Watch at: 07:18:20 / 07:18:40Watch at: 07:18:40 / 07:19:00Watch at: 07:19:00 / 07:19:20Watch at: 07:19:20 / 07:19:40Watch at: 07:19:40 / 07:20:00Watch at: 07:20:00 / 07:20:20Watch at: 07:20:20 / 07:20:40Watch at: 07:20:40 / 07:21:00Watch at: 07:21:00 / 07:21:20Watch at: 07:21:20 / 07:21:40Watch at: 07:21:40 / 07:22:00Watch at: 07:22:00 / 07:22:20Watch at: 07:22:20 / 07:22:40Watch at: 07:22:40 / 07:23:00Watch at: 07:23:00 / 07:23:20Watch at: 07:23:20 / 07:23:40Watch at: 07:23:40 / 07:24:00Watch at: 07:24:00 / 07:24:20Watch at: 07:24:20 / 07:24:40Watch at: 07:24:40 / 07:25:00Watch at: 07:25:00 / 07:25:20Watch at: 07:25:20 / 07:25:40Watch at: 07:25:40 / 07:26:00Watch at: 07:26:00 / 07:26:20Watch at: 07:26:20 / 07:26:40Watch at: 07:26:40 / 07:27:00Watch at: 07:27:00 / 07:27:20Watch at: 07:27:20 / 07:27:40Watch at: 07:27:40 / 07:28:00Watch at: 07:28:00 / 07:28:20Watch at: 07:28:20 / 07:28:40Watch at: 07:28:40 / 07:29:00

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