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    SearchThisVideo: What you NEED to Do FIRST in MLB The Show 20!

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    Watch video at 00:00
    with the standard edition of MLB the
    show 20 set to release on March 17th
    here's a rundown of things you need to
    do first to get the best user experience
    out of MLB the show for those who are
    brand new to the show after installing
    the game for the first time you will be
    prompted to select your user interface
    you have the option of directional zone
    and analog hitting directional hitting
    by far is the easiest interface but
    takes pure user skill out of the
    equation and adds in more CPU random
    outcomes we suggest only trying this
    interface if you struggle with zone and
    analog hitting zone hitting by far is
    the purest form of hitting in the game
    that allows full user control most
    individuals who play online
    competitively in modes such as battle
    royale rank seasons and events use this
    interface last is analog analog is the
    most challenging hitting interface for
    new players to grasp
    however once you become familiar with
    timing your swing many players use this
    interface as it provides a similar
    experience to swinging a bat in real
    time no matter what interface you choose
    you need to go into practice mode and
    become familiar with all three
    interfaces until you find one that works
    best for you
    the next interface you will need to
    select is your pitching interface there
    are four options to choose from meter
    pure analog pulse and class II meter
    pitching is one of the favorite forms of
    pitching in MLB the show and is still
    used by most veteran players the goal is
    to line up the meter bar perfectly once
    the pitchers velocity has been selected
    meter is all about timing and response
    we suggest trying the setting out in
    practice mode to see if it fits your
    pure analog pitching provides the purest
    form of pitching with full player
    however for beginners who come from a
    button-pressing background analog may be
    more challenging at first due to the
    responsiveness of the analog stick when
    pitchers with low control are selected
    pure analog provides no room for error
    with the slightest misuse of the analog
    stick pulse pitching is like meter pitch
    II however users have no control over
    the pitchers velocity or where their
    pitch will ultimately end up due to the
    heavy CPU RNG for its outcomes we only
    suggest this interface if you want the
    nostalgia of an arcade feel to the game
    classic pitching is a simplest form of
    pitching users simply place the ball
    marker where they want their pitch to go
    and press the button that corresponds to
    the pitch they want to throw this
    interface has the most rng since the
    outcome is based on the cpu pitchers
    attributes great we suggest not using
    this interface if you eventually plan to
    play competitively online for base
    running we suggest the default user
    interface for throwing we suggest button
    accuracy due to the recent changes made
    to defensive play making this year but
    inaccuracy provides the most user
    control and eliminates CPU RNG head over

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    into practice mode to select your camera
    view nothing will affect the outcome of
    your game more negatively than having a
    bad camera angle you can also choose the
    setting for your hitting pitching and
    fielding for pitching and hitting choose
    the camera angle that gives you the best
    comfort on the eyes and allows you to
    pick up the pitch speed easily we
    suggest either strike zone 2 or strike
    zone 3 for your employee view defense
    set it to high and you're in place you
    office to dynamic in order to get the
    best cinematic experience the show has
    to offer as with all these settings
    tweak them to the setting that
    complements your play style and gives
    you the most out of the game finally
    head over to the presentation options
    menu as this will allow you to choose
    the type of game speed and flow you want
    for each game
    you can select full broadcast which
    imitates a real-life baseball broadcast
    if you're pressed for time though and
    want a quick game
    select fast gameplay experiment with all
    the options MLB the show 20 has to offer
    but most importantly just have fun
    femoral MLB the show 20 and sports
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    sports gamers Online and turn on
    notifications so you never miss the
    latest videos

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    1. I like watching baseball but I don’t know if there should be a game on baseball. Please tell me why it’s fun and why people enjoy it and if it’s good

    2. I'm looking to buy PS4 specifically for MLB The Show. Since PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are in the market, which one to prefer. Does this game lag in PS4 Slim?


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