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SearchThisVideo: Where Is Digimon Survive?

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Watch video at 00:00
hi guys this is ffan16
and welcome to a discussion video that
i'd like to have with you
in regards to digimon survive now
i'm gonna get into some of my thoughts
and feelings
about it and hopefully hear from you
guys what your thoughts and feelings are
on it
from everything we know so far to where
we're sitting today
i just want to get it out there and
maybe if we could get our voices loud
enough we'll get some
news from bandai in regards to where
this game is
at let's get started all right guys i'm
here with
my partner digimon got him on me and her
thinking where the heck is digimon
it's gone coates silent for quite a
while now i think the last video i did
on digimon survive had to do with a
character release and his
partner digimon and then nothing
there were rumors of a delay there were
rumors of a release in 2021
bandai came out and said no no no no
wait it
hasn't been delayed it is not in 2021
we're still looking at a 2020 release
this is me looking at my calendar right
we're in october we're in october
we're in the first beginning of october
we have less than
two and three-quarter months left of the
year and still
absolute silence no news or any kind of
trailers gameplay demonstrations
or even a release date nothing has been
announced for digimon survive
there were also rumors back in the day
that they had to take the development of
digibond survive
and redo it now if that is true
we might be in jeopardy to get this in
i personally feel like we're in jeopardy
to get this game
in 2020 with no news no trailers
no new information in regards to
characters or
story or release date or even a demo
like a demo would be nice but let's face
it sometimes digimon games don't get
demos but
we should at least have had some sort of
gameplay demonstration by now we would
hope if we were getting a 2020 release
the optimal time for a 2020 release date
would be the holiday season
so that does not leave bandai and
two months and three quarters that
leaves them
roughly a month a month they get their
pr and marketing started
to get the fans hype trains back up
we are on standby our trains have
our fire is still going a bit we're
still looking for that news

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

we're searching the web pages and we're
getting no coal for our fire
the train's gonna die very quickly
unless we stoke our fire don't worry
there will always be a little amber of
that can be restoked as a digimon fan
i've gone years without new news about
the beloved series
i grew up with and finally it hit big
and i was getting all this cool digimon
i'm super excited it's finally come back
into the limelight but you've been
announcing this game
since 2018 it was supposed to have a
release date in 2019
it got pushed back to 2020 you started
up promotions videos character reveals a
bit of gameplay
all at the end of 2019 and the beginning
of 2020.
the hype train was full blast bandai and
then you went silent
and we heard nothing you can't even give
us news on
anything that's regards to the
development of this game
i want to hear from you guys i think
they should
at least be a little bit accountable so
let us know how they're doing
it's still available on websites for
pre-order they're getting pre-orders
they're holding people's money and they
have not
come in several months and given any
news in regards to the game if they had
to go back and redevelop it
that is what it is but at least give the
fans and the people who are willing to
support your game
news in regards to what's going on
where do you guys think digimon survive
is going to end up
do you see it being released by the end
of this year
do you see it some close time to the end
of this year
getting news that it's been delayed into
or are we gonna get the news that has
been delayed indefinitely
i hope is not the last one they wouldn't
have been able to keep this up for
on websites if they're gonna scrap this
i'm hoping i hope they're not taking
people's money and scrapping this game
i would like bandai to start ramping up
their marketing
in regards to digimon survive all of us
digimon fans were
very well not i shouldn't speak for all
of us but i know a great majority of
digimon fans
were excited for this new ip and i'm one
of them
i'm like yes a new ip to dig my teeth
the game structure structure sorry
fantastic from what i saw so far i just
want nudes i want to know when i should
be budgeting to purchase this
and add it to my digimon game roster
gotamon wants to know when she can play
she has been asking me when's did you
mind survive coming and i gotta tell her
i don't know i i search websites i i
can't even find
the witchcraft i cannot find them

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

a a legit website but one
and they have not updated it since 2018.
that's a concern for me personally as to
the care that they give through their
own website
and ver i don't know bandai better come
out soon and give us
something to give us hope that this game
is coming out soon
let me hear from you guys i want to hear
from the community maybe if we get our
voices out there loud enough let's head
over to twitter
this hashtag where's digimon survive or
let's start you guys go over to twitter
find me we'll start maybe bandai will
come out and and say
something um i know i'm little and i
probably won't get their ear
but if enough of us fans speak out and
some sort of news hopefully they'll
listen to us because we're their
where their market who's going to be
buying this
we're their customers and it's about
time bandai
just give us some news i want digimon
survive to still come out
i want to give you my money to play it i
just want some news
all right guys please leave that comment
down below
if you like this video please let me
know it's something a little new for the
it's just something i really wanted to
get out there and talk to you guys about
and get your opinion
to know that i'm not the only one really
and concerned about this game and just
simply want to
get the ear of bandai any way we can
alright like sub leave that comment and
as always guys
happy gaming

Hi guys thought I'd put out this discussion video as I've been thinking about this for a while and wanted to hear your guys thoughts. I also just want to get my ...


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Comment (0)

  1. I feel like Digimon survive will not be coming at all because it's been months since we heard any information about it and I feel like I'm starting to lose hope now I was really excited about playing it.

  2. This reminds me of what was going on with SMT V. At least we got news of that one though. I thought with SeGa/Atlus announcing SMT games that Bandai/Namco would say something about Digimon Survive but they didn't seem to.

    I'm still bummed that they promised to bring Next Order to the Vita if Cyber Sleuth did well but then didn't at the last second. I still haven't gotten Next Order because of that. It does help that it's not exactly the type of game that I normally play but I would've played it had it been on a handheld system. It's just what I can fit into my schedule.

    It's also easier for me to see too. I don't know what it is but ever since the PS3/360 era I haven't liked playing games on televisions anymore due to not being able to read the screen. I don't know if it's the HD graphics or the flat screen tvs or just my astigmatisms but something just doesn't work right anymore when playing games on tvs now.

    I could also be sitting in front of my router and PS4 with the best internet connection possible and my Vita will still glitch out and go nuts while playing PS4 games on it. Just a few feet away and it's telling me connection problems.

  3. Habu Kazumasa (the developed of digimon world re:digitize and decode. Cyber seuth and hacker's memory and now digimon survive and the next story game) just twitted this three hours ago:
    "The game system for Digimon Survive is being reviewed and they have to redo their schedule from scratch. Everyone on the team is adjusting their involvement and there will be an announcement on their status. (TL;DR more waiting for Digimon Survive)"
    You can find him on twitter @habumon

  4. I still believe the game is not getting scraped but my greatest fear of all is after so much time the game ends up being extremely mediocre to me that will leave a very bad impression on the fans that after so much time they release a below average game.

    To me that's probably one of the reasons why things took so long is that Habu really want this game to do well and so do I the mechanics are very interesting especially transformation mid battle which not many Tactical RPG do that but i hope we have more interesting abilities that make it fun.

  5. Thats because the developers are the digidestoned!!! on a 2020-2099 mission lol
    Just give the darn game 2020 please
    Reject being the chosen ones or forever be hated…


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