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    Wipeout Omega Collection Campaign Part 1 – AGRC 2048 Cup (Wipeout 2048 PS4 Pro Gameplay)

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    Soooo here we are the collection of Wipeout games, I'm a little bit rusty but we'll get there. Hyped to be playing them again! 100 likes?
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    Comment (19)

    1. gotta love those Nintendo fans who think other franchises are like copypastas of their game because they don't fucking know about it and are biased towards Nintendo.
      the first two Wipeout games were released before F-zero X, so if you're telling me those two first Wipeout games are the same game as the first F-zero (the one on snes that isn't even in real 3D) you are very dumb.
      The only thing Wipeout took from F-zero is the idea of a futuristic racer, and Nintendo probably took this idea from the Tron movie with their first F-zero game and with their 2rd F-zero game (F-zero X) they also took some aspects of the two first Wipeout games's gameplay (shield energy, specific lanes to regain shield power, boosts)

    2. It would be cooler if u can see e damage succumbed by a ship.. if e ship explodes with e pilot unable to eject in time..u don't just need a new ship but a new pilot and retrain him/her from square one as well..


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