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    WOLFENSTEIN 2 THE NEW COLOSSUS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD 60FPS PS4 PRO] – No Commentary

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    WOLFENSTEIN 2 THE NEW COLOSSUS Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full WOLFENSTEIN 2 THE NEW COLOSSUS Gameplay on PS4 PRO. This WOLFENSTEIN 2 THE NEW COLOSSUS Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the PS4 PRO and will include the full Campaign and all the boss fights.


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    Comment (33)

    1. I really, really, really want a DooM 2016 + Wolfenstein 2 OST remix.

      Commander of the Ausmerzer + Rust Dust & Guts/At Doom's Gate
      Reich between the Eyes + Rip and Tear

      Et cetera

    2. I already own the one before this, going to get this one too steam sale but I have something that i feel needs to be said so I'll say it – I'm no butt-hurt millenial or SJW whining about how babies need to be gender-free and other such bullshet BUT: EVERY OTHER ethnicity has someone speaking up, defending them, leaping like a pack of hyenas on the least perceived insult, EXCEPT ethnic Germans like me! It is the ONLY national extraction it's still ok to hate so long as you call them "NAZIS". It is a thousand times worse in the (mostly very bad) movies they make now! In "Wonder woman", its WW1, so no Nazis just Germans" are the baddies, and up to now we don't complain (because of "holocaust" reminders every 5 minutes non-stop since 1945, probably). But it's been something lie 80 years now, Germany is literally the ONLY nation that acknowledged their war guilt and MADE REAL REPARATIONS, and actively changed their society to do everything possible to prevent it ever happening again. Name ANY other nation, ethnicity that has done this? ENOUGH OF GERMANS BEING THE GO TO VILLAINS IN THE MOVIES AND TV SHOWS! YOU RACISTS OF HOLLYWOOD NEED TO STOP THIS SHIT because it's a real thing, it's still wide-spread and still seen as OK! This is NOT ok!

    3. If I understood correctly, I'm forced to watch this idiocy of cinematics because I can not stop them, and than I have to pay Bethesda Degenerates for that? Now, Bethesda Degenerates, let me introduce you to my Recycle Bin.

    4. The wheelchair, is it a nod to a certain theory that claims Doomguy is a paraplegic that goes around riding a rocket powered wheelchair?

    5. when I wanna watch a specific game, so I look it up and I see if I like anyones voice enough to hear it for hours and I don't, I see mk did one so I'm like ok, no voice then ig

    6. Dev 1: Okay lets gave a prologue which matches Blascowicz being hella injured
      Dev 2: Maybe he only used one handed guns?
      Dev 3: What if he walked slowly?
      Dev 4: He rides a wheelchair and fucking drive bys nazis with the starter gun

    7. I know that choosing between Wyatt and Fergus in previous game is indeed an ethical dilemma regardless of timeline difference by choosing either one, but I'll be honest that I'd rather choose to save Fergus


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