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SearchThisVideo: Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Walkthrough Part 1 – Intro (Full Game) Let's Play Playthrough

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so this is Wolfenstein - the new

Colossus episode number one of a full

walkthrough on the channel on YouTube

very excited if you guys excited for

this game as well leave your big old

thumbs up I was a massive fan of

Wolfenstein the new order and machine

games is back as always I appreciate all

you support if you guys could even like

on the video sign in to YouTube

leave your comments leave your shares

where possible I appreciate so much but

let's just get into the game let's just

do this I'm so so excited of course we

have all the different difficulties that

animations are hilarious I'll never

stick away with medium for now there is

enough option there that must be insane

is that like another difficulty option

that must be terrifying

I'm fine medium for now bring them on

it's agony in the dream like that and

wake up to reality

furgus read what are y'all guard you're

still breathing your tummy busted hey

your toughest they come you know Jesus


hey donkey - private Wyatt good kid see

on the flip side captain-general

death's-head is near to us no than he

spent in years

we eliminate the general we cut the head

off the crate war machine help me make a

choice miss you to the one nor would

have need I sucked thought I'd seen it

all but I've never seen true cruelty

until now Oh Peter sing

the Kimura atrophy does a quad oopsie

here at rich [ __ ] I think I see someone

her name is Anya she takes good care of


it's 1960 USA they surrendered 12 years

ago when Nazi atom Bob their country

on a train a Berlin you've been told

I've stolen feeling it zere Shuna ah I

should suger the resistance fighters

where are they

BJ Blazkowicz Caroline their life if you

call [ __ ] in a bag living the say

sing support is over that we are weak

don't have the guts to oppose him but as

always they are role set Ross

according to official records has been

detained and sent off to a forced labor


you said wrong I'm not sure yet what do

you know off set off

Hadassah should source of the Nazi

technology I'm here to rescue you I hope

to find what you seek my friend my name

is Baba - William J Blass courts be safe

out there


Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

mr. max max doesn't like violence he

doesn't want to see anyone get hurt the

Seaford is an ancient mystical society

we invent things the technology the

development the seer the centuries ahead

of anything you ever see or imagine Jake

is back to Berlin blessed kovitch and

your old friend Frank was leading the

attack death said must have promoted her

for actions at the labor camp didn't say

the compound fast as you can

my dad set off the face of the earth

death said should kill that man long ago

but you stood


captain we are in position the nuclear

cannon or clear

your father won't be home tonight

business over in Dallas oh my boy he

hurt you so bad just rest and heal yeah

I have soup and porridge which one would

you like one can make a choice for me I

can't remember which one I went with so


captain deletes it's a good trait mine

have an endless supply I wonder which

way they I don't know I'm facing

straight to my son line okay did you

think we would just leave you in here

oh gosh chances are showing to a finish

the work I was put on this earth to do

around my friends that love me you have

no idea what it's like but we are out

fire and the great warmth washing over

me no I think the sky's on fire

we'll need a gurney it's a hangar bay

eta is at the gates again howling my

name is Tom I'm here at home buddy sorry

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

I made you away

Jacob Milani closed off let me show you

something Billy my father told me if I

ever have a son I should give this to

him it is an engagement ring it has been

with our family for eight generations

can't you imagine that's building it is

what they call an heirloom when you meet

someone special

you'll place this ring on her finger it

is worth a lot of history

do not tell your father about the string

he will take it he does not know about

it you know how he is

mother my acquitted was a righteous and

just good enough to witness the oven Oh


I'm gonna help Oh doctor what I have to

cut those of his intestines out stay

business bless Govich you fight through

this and I promise you I promise you

everything will be all right

tender laughs maybe anyone's what the

game plan yeah yes wha I need right in


Sofia out of my way he does not deserve

this you know he does not don't [ __ ]


I saw him with her he knows goddamn well

not to spend time with some dirty little

[ __ ] girl no not anymore

you have no idea what it's like to

suffer like I do ho Sofia every day I'm

out there busting my ass tooth and nail

getting screwed out of my earnings left

and right humiliating myself just to

keep the business alive I saw them two

together Sofia getting sweet with each

other under the poplar tree this cannot

happen I have worked too hard for too

damn long to lose my reputation coz my

boy is sweet on some [ __ ]

like this I cook I clean I tend to the

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

stables to the field you want to talk

the only one struggling you should have

shut down the business when my father

told you to you're behind in everything

three months behind in utility all the

money my father invested you have lost

you are playing with fire Sofia what are

you doing I am NOT the man you want to

mouth off to and you are not the man I


I married a man oh it never lets his

family go hungry so help me I will not

will not let you hurt my son you shut

your damn mouth or shut it for you

what is it with you damned Jews have all

the answers do you smart mouth god damn

Jew I married you I figured you fathered

be an asset but you just a damn

millstone it sticking your nose into my

business debt a handle in your own if

you can't raise the boy right I'll do it

for you hiding in the closet make me

sick to look at you you hit my mummy

you're a racist yeah you hit my bleeding

dog yeah you're gonna die daddy you know

what are they what are they what are

they no oh no he's got me you are so god

damn weak they're gonna pick on you they

will break you they will make you eat

dirt and what are you gonna do about it

you can't fight to save your life really

at least I can teach you pass it out wow

what a dad slow your breathing Glasgow

to Dad's recover your strength big plans

are in motion the tides are turning

it's a Christ our circle is rising I

will need you by my side and we make our


can you feel the key key missing dinner

time yeah yeah yeah good girl yes Bessie

is such a good girl you ain't going

nowhere whimper all you want in life you

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

got to make hard decisions and sometimes

you've got to punish the animals out

there it's kill or be killed the old and

the weak are doomed all manners of scum

and sickly minds in certain bodies and

cockroaches doing everything in their

power to rob the white man of what he's

earned it's on us to straighten out the

queer it's on you

finger on the trigger oh no no no no no

no nothing now

shoot her I want to shoot you you shoot

it over No and I miss I'm gonna miss

them perfect think I miss you are so yes

I mean father screw you


I it will end better

Oh me me


yawn and the wait are doomed


objectives so we can activate the hints

by pressing down on the d-pad on

Philidor clips I would like some help

right now

fifty health that's not enough health


I'm a carny in the wheelchair you okay

my friend it's you take this they're

looking for you yeah I'm ready and load


here they come BAM

Mike coming they're coming okey I'm so


this is how are you I love my dog he

won't get it back

coming in very weird in a wheelchair

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

very means I'm gonna paint looks

absolutely gorgeous

very gory just really stink I guess I'll

put its me in fire right now

good hang out I'm on my way

it's armored we've overloaded our health

oh yes that feels yes

oh look how convenience goods so you

just woken up

stop that man the story

new game



put it free whoa

what was that I better find out this arm

I just saw let's do the other can I pick

it up no he really is

like he puts his gun down in his lap I

like that that's went microwaves will

turn you into moose you don't want to be

much I don't do you

anyway okay now time to be coming on

coming on coming we have arrived

quick quick quick quick quick one two

three now mr. Blass kovitch I'm very

happy to see you awake not so hard you

Arthur where is she

last time I saw she was said she was

with Caroline defending the cell

platform elevator then point me in that

direction said you know how long you've

been in bed five months your body is

broken you understand the kidneys are

failing do you you you might have

difficulties to urinate to use your

schmeckle to do many more time for this

job tell me

Franklin she's been hunting for you

she's been moving heaven and earth and

today she found you Nazis had reached

the you body many wondered many dead I

was separated from the others

I have to go no no - there's the vagina

I told you though said help me find the

sale platform elevator you are such an


you're such an action ok now that many

Nazis between here and the cell platform

elevator bot I said several traps I

didn't have the time to activate them

but look at this this is a map but to

show you where the traps

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

be careful melts in the background

Oh try not to get killed if you don't

like a few Oh

so YouTube is gonna hate back few the

map so that is the map okay you're

having me

cut that backwards lay something on that

seemed to work where I'll go next

mr. Duff here actually

turn off

about a little bit explosive sugar down

here might be the wrong way can I turn

it on

trap have been sent

- gun kristef you know oh yeah you've

been taking out my friends thought no


nope that perform like a million tech

while being in the wheelchair that track

being set that looks like you come to me

that looks like is on think hey

funny anymore i clunked hope it's on the

north let it bother me Caroline

wherever you are you do what you have to

do to keep everyone alive till I get


can I get through them about billion

turn this off well supposed to be going

mine oh hey hope I get through that nope

I can't

great fantastic

so these stairs then

not this day possible

it does not work doesn't make thing

makes a lot of sense

it's with seeing him so leak isn't it

nobody's like very brash and and kick

everyone's ass he's weak though right

now I'm he's still okay analysis I think

YouTube's not like this video very much

I love the knots of work does come up

quail I apologize the game

who wants that hello idiots

played it

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00


reload right now call me Lou fine my

enemy right now

lady piston

it works I'm going up


do I go down here that sees a torpedo

am i actually watched no computer or no

very wise

they come up weeding a little bit too

loudly anymore

swallow fool ya scare them off down the


now stairs again

oh this is perfect

carousel thingy for our suitcases you

reversed it I'm a moocher oh good it's a

barrel right there and it's exploded

back in the saddle oh man ignore the

pain I'll reverse the belt around and

get up to the sound platform elevator

that's not gonna lie

to go up just karna kill him

it looks all perhaps go this way

there are a few voices

oh haha practice head Oh Magoo sure what

a burial can't ever believe nicety my

cozy never Kazama

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

and where they are so long sleeves with


thank you ma'am Jeff really does it poor

I'm loving this so far this is so cool

Oh different as well I love it this

awesome extra help

the armors really useful doesn't deplete

overtime is lots these intestines I

heard currently conduct oiler was going

to see me

come on this corner we're about to find


hello oh just for a face-off

just makes pretty hurt that or not I'm

five minutes off poker night snores

jump and on the up to this book by the

way I know this game the first the games

are an opening epic on the PC it's where

I feel comfortable

oh there we go

helps get a little bit low I can't go

through there

microwave sir speed up moving what does

that help Oh over times my health baby

there's what we like fantastic choice as

well armor


who turned up plenty of head shots

around here

this is the right way

I'm not quite sure

some secret area hold to inspects yes

like little secret area

you guys want to read the text you can

proofread two pulls it's a little secret

American flags everywhere I like it

I wonder what it feels like oh I get to

solve weirded out Pat feels to be like

the German playing this game I've been a

while I just must be completely solved

different ish mindset I guess it is that

much mean stupids I think he's a

different mindset it's a very different

yeah reversed pump we go beak my salute

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

hello just saw him so randomly just

approaching it's no idea press the

button elevating it to the surface

push it out William are you all right

I'm okay press the square your kiss I

prayed for you to wake up burn tophi

stupid okay what that like Wednesday

Nancy's not burn at all gotten so fat

that says we're having twins

not now Kendall if it survived you'll

have enough time Fishman said I let's

get you outside onto the deck


Suren Boozer yeomen a basa lost us

según la pista sushmi device mesh motor

that's my stylish

Dida Oxford sapphire yoga

well obviously mr. Manish I gotta

forgive me motor hey chef Justin and

Spanish toku kainga Jessa Lauren can

stomach ooh it's enough shunderson

Oxford Anna familiar

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

assuming you like the Sun in any clinic

subfactors diva cops loss

my knucks have a bit

yes that one

lost my winner

Chucky knows [ __ ] phone


looks like I got caught

don't go into work

they have our people she trapped on

Thessalonica what can we do

you're right we'll have to somehow

release our you vote once you up there I

can't lose you

you're weak William you're in no shape

to fight I'll find a way

you're going to run us over with your

little wheelchair

what a funny sight the mastermind must

go fish you're awake

how much love to me I came for you how

are you all now Carol I don't know how

she found us

I [ __ ] up somehow she tracked us down

I [ __ ] everything up

you think your hero William Joseph

Glasgow much did not think of it

let me tell you you're not only the

degenerate Reds of the slum admire you

the filthy directs festering and the

ghetto but once they see you this will

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

change I shall put your television Joe

you are

No do that Cup

bow your head don't be silly

the resistance does not bow

nickel as I still wish albeit a stock to

do further syphilis have a storage

dominant similar format is to suck time

so colonic a examinar a bomb bombs

that's apt to see it but in cancer you

know that had the Booker sleep must

achieve a fine

whatever soon and a fabulous bottle yet

that's cancer

I need an English Setter first sight and

this is 10 feet of attica guys I'll kiss

you either take a vector zakumi priced

assuming the skylight - listen Caroline


of the criminal mastermind I think not I

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

think you're just another eyes


it's idioma along you laughs nice culo

if he's still fun yes we have armor oh

we can walk around what hey put a killer

like your mom thank you for this I can

help you I can give you information

military secrets I can tell you how to

unleash your BOTS and also their escape

pods of us there

I know so-called tourism hey back up how

do we release the u-boat

Seto Sarah needs to see control of it

Mattia destro magnetic tractor arms you

can see activate them from zero sattva

release your balls well you can get this

door open

yes you sure can

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

we have some ammo I'll be good lots and

lots of ammo


I'm gonna stay here there's no more mail

let's go cheap oh I'm sorry

so I can perform a power slam

sir press X oh god here [ __ ] together

why need you to step up now she's sexy

Alma they love it what does this do

what's the next a lot of time you can do

and a hatchet agree and a Nazi so she

not ready yes so she was the daughter of

the UH hurry the German lady

yaks and decapitated that poor innocent


she's like carrying a Hello la ever kiss

rose but it's all from Stine so expects

the gore soil take down oh shoot did I

just do that chop your legs off Caroline

your copy before you go upstairs please

watch over our people

well I'll get this done

I'm sorry Caroline we wasn't quick

enough was we wish I had a science -

come on now that we get yeah I got a

pistol sweet bit dark in here

do we have a torch on this suit I'm just

pleased we can work now ah signal


this one try to be close back they

taught us back in boot camp

take out the commander's first oh that

was pretty sweet

can I go down there without makeup

soundly sure all right what say I'll say

this word I couldn't don't say it's word

in my preview igneel ma igni there we go

city eventually I'm so thick sorry

hilarious actually it's a jump and

impress the circle oh shoot

around the corner this was a silent

pistol there we go

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

that's a quick oh this is good

to a lively love our mother dead olden

automated security system yes so they

come others can call for reinforcements

and then against the little bear it's a

little bit hellish so first only got 50

health obviously we're still inside the

suit but we care of more harmony as well

what you tonight what is this he posts

very gain important Intel German folks

the German boats yeah in an aircraft on

our mix-up in the aircraft lifted up the

boat yeah I still enough proof at the

gum with hence why I lost a lot of

health pick up here that's just some

alarm rock here maybe like subtle

approach for that quiet

heavy-handed was another oh yes that's

this area looted let's do it get going

most to go into their apparently

overloading my help

he doesn't Vinci run out who's like that

like one per second Jeffrey much what

she hits the earth the fifteen units

now this gotta be it shorter little tiny

catch past of year police pretty please


as organ AIDS or plentiful amounts of

grenades a leg has to be the right way

surely that my taking me a small now

time gonna lie it took me a while found

it eventually though it's all good

open aren't we door that it's


that's tactics plus it does it very

explosive to shoot it's what you

approach your folk innate in there yeah


got myself a new exit oh yeah

I saw me stay its legs out put in combat

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

run out come on round Oh combat take

down some Canaan algae another one it's

on me it's on the house

if anymore anymore for anymore

Caroline I'm hurt

will you lend me your wings though she's

have wings but well next let's go that

way she is for your voice

help is looking pretty good Alma could

look a lot better

hey Liv my cards yes Alma as well we're

looking for you tasty right now down

here waste nice to have em on the back

what are you doing it's just not that it

control her bank like a nerve up going



occasional almond doesn't

quite more company


success mr. Lutz kovitch all right you

should call me

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

oh yeah Carol I have at least two Eva's

hammer and I'm heading back to our

people I hate to ask please stick around

so I can keep your wings a little longer

Alec how he's completely attached this

Caroline he wants the wings he wants

some help you want some guidance he's

asking for help but he feels like a

vulnerable individual and before he is

not being vulnerable at all which is

quite nice touched in a wheelchair the

gore the heads just flowing around

seeing his dad for the first time that

was yeah it was horrible to see but that

poor dog the dog and the poor mom Oh

horrible yeah I figure I swatching leave

a like on this video I'll see you guys

with some more Wolfenstein too very soon

bye bye

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Wolfenstein 2 PS4 Pro Let's Play Playthrough Review
Thank You, Bethesda for the Review Copy
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  1. I would probably watch a German let's play, but…


    that's why I came here.

  2. I’m playing through this game now two years later for the first time. That intro scene with the father made my blood boil. I couldn’t stand seeing the dog get hurt like that. So when he gave me the shotgun to kill her I did it immediately so I could put her out of her misery. This game is very well made but sometimes it really upsets me


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