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    hello guys

    and welcome to total war warhammer 2.

    it's time you guys voted for it it's


    world domination campaign this time

    with the tomb kings which will be really

    really fun looking forward to it a lot

    so let's go ahead new campaign mortal

    empires you have a few choices


    or arkhan i've already decided

    that we're of course going to be playing

    arkhan i have done a campaign previously

    with cetera

    on the vortex campaign but this time

    around we're going to be using arkhan

    to take over the world and it just seems

    so appropriate i think that's arkans

    ultimate goal at the end of the day

    so we will help him realize that

    so let's go through the race attributes

    for the tomb kings

    mortuary cult collect valuable trading

    goods and combine them with canopic jars

    to craft magic items and legions of


    dynasties learn from the dynasties of

    the past to awaken

    ancient tomb kings unlocking new armies

    and heroes to command

    in the realm of souls team kings use

    incantations in the form of

    replenishment and summoning

    bringing back bringing the dead back to

    life should enough souls of their own be

    lost in battle

    so that's the in battle thing but the

    other stuff's really cool

    all right follows from the gash faction

    effects we enable the recruitment of

    certain vampire account units

    we have the diplomatic relation

    reduction with tomb kings but

    diplomatic relation increase with

    vampire counts

    i'm not sure how many vampire account

    units we get we'll have to have a look

    at that

    anyway wins the magic powers plus 10 for

    all armies

    vampiric corruption does not affect

    public order as well which is quite nice

    especially when we get to vampire lands

    in the future

    um lord effects are not very good


    only melee attack and melee defense

    increase for embedded heroes

    and considering we don't really get many

    heroes i think as the tomb kings you're

    also limited on armies

    um things are gonna get quite

    interesting for world domination at


    um so team scorpions fell backs and

    goals are our starting

    bonus units and difficulty we're of

    course going to keep it on very hard

    in terms of mods i do have the

    upkeep reduction on multiple armies

    motivated like

    active but the thing is with the team

    kings as they don't have upkeep

    so i'm gonna keep it active regardless

    because it affects my skating campaign

    the other one that i have active is the

    climates uh the climate's not having any


    or negatives i really don't like the

    climate system in this game so

    i basically removed that and yeah

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    there we go that's it we have the

    followers of nagash under ark in the

    black let's start the campaign

    arc in the black has spent millennia

    searching for the relics left behind by

    his master nagash

    the hunt has not been in vain however

    for the time has come to unite these

    remnants of

    the great necromancer if the

    resurrection will not be enough the

    greatest gift

    will be a world already succumbed an

    empire of undeath

    best start with these questing bretonian


    there we go an empire of undeath that's

    what we're hoping for

    arkhan the world resides in turmoil

    our enemies weaknesses are exposed

    the followers of nagash stand ready to

    do your bidding

    the knights of the flame invade in some

    petty errantry war

    such fools should perish beneath the

    burning sun

    the harsh environment of the desert

    claims many souls and cities beneath its


    in exile your tower has also succumbed

    to others

    reclaim it and grow your masters


    with such a force behind you search out

    your masters fabled books throughout the


    they are artifacts of immense power

    and are the key to the black pyramid and

    the great necromancer's

    return lich king your path is clear

    unite with your master and let the world

    tremble once more

    all right here we are

    arc and the black ready to go followers

    of nagash how they play

    so the books of nagash scattered far and

    wide throughout the world the books of

    nagash once collected will grant you

    great powers and unique rewards

    they have awakening tim king's factions

    can recruit units into their armies

    without the need to pay for their

    recruitment or upkeep

    instead each unit has limited initial

    recruitment capacity which can be

    increased by constructing additional


    dynasties tomb king factions must delve

    into their past secrets to increase the

    number of armies or heroes they can


    or to enlist the aid of mighty lords

    from ancient dynasties

    we have the mortuary cult which is team

    kings can spend their canopic jars

    within the mortuary cult

    where lich priests combine them with

    trade resources to craft magic items or

    awaken legions of legend

    mighty warriors who can be recruited to


    we have a first chapter objective issued

    to take four

    settlements the shadowed realm

    arkhan spies the parch lands in need of

    taming he shall bring them into shadow

    it is

    a desert of the dead that should answer

    to not a tomb king but a lich king

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    and on the horizon is kemri itself where

    cetra sits smug on the throne

    his time will come okay

    so uh first of all we're going to want

    to probably

    get myself some troops

    definitely throw my lich priest inside

    arc and the blacks army for the time


    and what stances do we have i can't

    remember the last time i played team


    was my cetera campaign on the vortex so

    yeah i'm gonna have to go through a lot

    of stuff again we get channeling starts

    which is actually

    winter magic power reserve we're getting

    team beneath the stands

    uh sans which gives us uh the immune to

    attrition and

    global recruitment

    and we also get vanguard deployment and

    sandvale in battle

    and then we have the raiding stance of

    course and ambush dance


    one thing i wish that i could recruit is

    arches so i might get open graves

    because archers will be really useful

    and we're going to move as far as we can

    over here

    i'm going to start recruiting i would

    grab more crypt ghouls but i think it's

    probably better that we have

    probably skeleton spearmint i guess

    actually these script goals would be


    we'll do both the other calls in

    the skeleton spearman

    this turn i'm probably gonna have to

    wait a few turns before we head towards

    le chic

    okay as for

    our research we have dynasties

    so we need to research dynasties to

    increase our army capacity

    army capacity is really really important

    and i think we're limited to the number

    of armies that we can have

    in a campaign so when it comes to the

    late game things are going to get

    really really interesting as we continue

    to go to war with more and more people

    gonna have to choose carefully make

    these armies really really powerful

    so the first thing we're going to unlock

    is the nahikara warriors

    so it's probably worth looking at

    unlocking that we could also go for the

    skeleton horseman

    but they're not too good

    i think the first dynasty is the best

    for us for the time being

    that proclamation does give us extra

    campaign map movement range

    all right how's probably going to doing

    it's pretty bad

    taxes and difficulty level think about

    minus eight

    all right but i would sit in the


    islands while we recruit but i think it

    best we just kind of stay on the other

    side of the water so we have

    the movement range to get to le chic i

    can also force a rebellion

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    later down the line near wizard kayla's

    palace i think

    okey-dokey uh i think everything's done


    probably not too much to do you could

    maybe start training with greybeard's

    prospectus but we're probably going to

    end up at war with them that and that's


    even we can start training with them for


    do we even get anything out of that

    actually make your proposal

    we'd get yeah we'd get 41 they get 185

    oh never mind we get 185

    hmm i don't know

    that's not worth it let's have a look at

    our rights great incantation of tahoe

    that gives us a casket of souls extra

    lord recruit rank plus three faction

    wide and extra recruit rank four units

    so whenever we want to make a new arm

    you should use this

    a great incantation of torah gives a

    unique necrotex hero capable of


    or colonizing ruins at level three will

    be summonsed to your faction leader

    uh then we have great incantation of


    which gives all regions belonging to you

    will be hit by sandstorms

    and will be immune to a sandstorm

    attrition gives ambush success chance

    plus 50

    and sam bale then you've got the inc

    great incantation of gerheb which gives

    canopic jars per turn growth

    construction time reduction

    and army ability to swarm

    okay i forgot how bad the rates were for

    team kings they're not very good

    the mortuary cult does allow us to get

    another army capacity there

    and a few bonus units

    we can of course get out our guys with

    expert equipment later down the line

    so we'll certainly be doing that

    and the other thing is the books from

    the gash

    now these give us some crazy bonuses

    some of them at least

    i can book it my gas is just trade

    that's a window magic power reserve plus


    effectiveness of all commandments plus

    50 percent for the eighth book of the


    fourth book in the gash is extra canopic

    jars lord recruit rank fashion widen

    wound recovery time production uh book

    of nagash is regions will be hit by a

    sandstorm after sacking or occupying

    sediments immune to sandstorm attrition

    that's really really good damn we should

    go and get that

    uh the one closest is the seventh which

    gives us research rate and kinetic jobs

    and then the fifth book of

    nagashi is over on the right hand side

    which gives us the team guard

    and skeleton chariots an extra army


    so we can get one army capacity here

    we can get one arm in capacity here so

    that's two and i think we can get

    what's that one two three four five

    six more from there seven

    that's nine in total nine armies

    to conquer the world that's gonna be

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    difficult to say the least but we'll

    make it work

    okay let's end the turn oh i do need to

    sort out the camera settings so let me

    just do that quickly

    we'll set ourselves to fast allied

    factions fastest

    neutral factions fastest and fast for


    okay don't really need to pay attention

    to anything

    just need to take the chic which will

    probably have an army building in it

    okay i'm just gonna do three units of

    skeleton spearmint

    i think having the melee defense there

    is important

    uh these also have charge defense versus


    which would be pretty good against uh

    the britonians if they use cavalry

    so do this turn and then we'll do next

    turn where we'll bring in a bunch of


    because we'll have the building complete

    okay that's a maximum of two we can

    bring in of those

    tempted to get some direwolves as well

    could be handy

    although now we'll just go foul bats

    yeah we'll do foul bats that's fine

    and then next turn we'll move towards


    okay all right let's move

    oh hello i will not logan of the flame

    is down here he's moved out of his


    can we like march in the opposite


    stop i'm gonna march and see if we can

    get to le chic before he gets to the

    wizard caleb's palace because the wizard

    caleb's palace doesn't have a very good

    garrison so that would suck if he just

    kind of went for that

    just destroyed it he doesn't have a

    field trebuchet

    so we're kind of in a race here okay


    move on

    see what happens

    okay who's actually coming at us we are

    in march dance though which isn't good

    we can't lose okay

    i'm a bit nervous about this what's the

    map like

    that's a lot of cavalry oh perfect damn

    okay um let's jump on in

    i was really worried about the cavalry

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    but not on this map

    wow doesn't get much better than that

    lovely um let's see

    so the spearman should be in front

    and then actually i'm probably going to

    do like three lines

    like say

    i only really like throw stuff in when

    needs be

    i do have the trebuchet i'm gonna have

    to make sure i hit that with the fell


    can be super important

    i'm a little bit concerned about having

    these too far forwards actually at the


    because i don't want them to get hit by

    the trebuchet

    where's the trebuchet there it is

    and they do have the mounted german

    archers on the left flank



    there's also some arches there's the

    peasant bowman

    maybe i can move arc and forwards and

    make them attack arkhan

    they attack in the cryptos they are

    actually going to make these line up to

    the right they don't get hit by those


    i'm gonna have these ones attack the

    mounted german arches

    hopefully we're in range i'm not sure we

    will be but we'll give it a go

    and over here before we hit those

    mountain arches as well

    let's go for the field trebuchet


    let's get my team scorpion in there

    and we should get these in there as well

    we're going to be on top of the build

    trebuchet soon that's good

    all right one of my skeletons and

    spearmint taking a lot of damage

    let's pull them back i don't want to

    lose any unnecessarily

    the trouble is with the way that the

    doom kings works is

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    we basically lose a unit entirely

    when they get low on health which is

    really annoying

    they do have their leader here let's uh

    go ahead and hit him

    with a spirit bleach

    well not a fan of my team scorpion being

    so far away from the front

    that's not good i don't know how it

    ended up over there

    let's just put the aspect of the

    dreadnought on there

    i'm gonna make sure that's completely

    killed off so they don't have the


    because that way they can't just attack

    the my settlement in the same turn if

    they go for it

    where's that lord again keep throwing

    down the spirits there

    yeah my team scorpion's really not

    having a fun time is he

    there's normally absolutely fine

    in the middle of infantry like isn't

    that an anti-infantry unit

    yeah that's weird

    just doesn't like being surrounded

    okay let's make sure we try and kill off

    at least one of these ones of yeoman

    and we're going to come in on the

    peasant bombing back there as well

    that's the mounted yeoman archers out of


    uh we need to move this guy back

    uh the archers are actually doing quite

    a decent amount of damage to him

    okay we're going to have to give some

    physical resistance there that's not

    good at all

    i might kill my niche priest

    leave my loan

    we're on top of the

    moment just spread out amongst them and

    then tap them again

    there we go that does way do more damage


    spell costing

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    okay a lot of the cavalry's run away

    is that it we didn't even hit the third

    from the souls

    what's that

    let's kill the range units

    turn off guard on these

    okay it looks like the lead is going to

    get away as well

    so many units getting away i really wish

    we just had some like cavalry or


    my bats i guess could come over here

    like at least kill a few more come on

    that's a shame

    gonna kill as many as i can


    our units getting low on health

    buying at their heels with our bats

    this map was perfect for us it really


    i gotta be very very careful with what i

    do next because this was a big army

    i have to take it out and i guess

    it's not bad because we're gonna be able


    like probably replenish we go into the

    right stance and also

    i mean we can destroy this army next

    turn i am just a little concerned that

    we're not gonna have enough to take the


    which means we're gonna have to go back

    and re-recruit which is gonna be a bit

    of a pain

    and again the necks are around their arm

    is not going to be as big so

    yeah we could do bind souls

    or we could do endless march and as much

    extra campaign movement range for two

    turns 20

    that's really nice or we could get some

    canopic jars

    i think we'll do the endless march first

    of all get some money

    i didn't move very far i think it'd be a

    good idea to uh

    just kill them arkan did level up

    we'll take pretty much as well let's go

    leveled up

    he's almost dead

    replace troops okay we can't auto

    resolve this we have to fight it because

    otherwise this guy might die

    let's jump on it this is good because it

    does give us like

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    a decent amount of experience for arkhan

    leveling up arkhan sooner later is going

    to be super important

    making him really really strong when

    he's commanding an army

    okay need to keep this guy safe

    about deployment style battle


    and we did kill off that bowman and

    stuff so that's very helpful


    i don't know why these are all like full

    health though it's kind of kind of dumb

    i was going straight into my spearmint

    that's fine

    i'm gonna try and isolate these guys

    these guys are running away that's fine

    we'll be able to keep one of these on

    the flank

    go hit the mounted gem in there with the

    bell bats

    i'm gonna buff arkhan

    and we'll do the mortise over him

    in the team scorpion involved

    often taking quite a bit of damage i

    really don't like that

    we'll let the scorpion finish him off

    yeah good damage coming into the minute

    arms of pole arms

    have a look at these units we haven't

    had a good look at our units yet

    i mean they're all more or less

    skeletons it's not too much to look at

    of course have our goals in here as


    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    teams copy looks awesome though

    look at that bad boy

    an arkan of course very cool

    and if i can get spirit from this guy

    that would be perfect

    okay i might send the battle there maybe

    we can get a second attack

    keep pushing for experience and then i

    think i'm just going to have to like

    march back to our lands to replenish for

    a little bit and maybe recruit some new


    and then we'll rush back to the

    settlement that they have

    that's going to be the best way to do it

    and we already have the endless march


    so we'll take the connecticut jazz this

    time around

    him okay

    i mean we have enough to go into the

    in tune beneath the stand stance right

    global agreement takes two turns though

    i guess the replenishment is better than

    nothing it keeps us closer

    uh the extra casualty replenishment here

    is going to be quite useful

    i don't think

    going down the melee tree is going to be

    too useful

    maybe we could head towards lightning

    strike honestly i think that's going to

    actually be pretty

    important in this campaign because i'm

    not gonna be able to

    double stack armies all the time so

    we'll take the soul reaper for the extra


    and getting this unlocked so we can get

    nauru's incantation of protection is

    pretty nice

    uh the canopic jar generation though is

    is worth getting sooner than later of


    not really sure what we can use these

    for at the moment i guess we could get

    the flock of jaff

    all nighters are gonna be a little while

    away i'm gonna have to go deeper into

    the desert for those

    they have a cinnamon upgrade available



    we could go for the bonus with the

    hekara warriors or we could upgrade this

    the mastaba that might be a good idea

    unlock a second slot

    and sorcerer's islands imagination

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    yeah all right send the turn

    next time we might be in range to attack

    le chic

    we will see

    another thing i do need to do is look at


    buildings that's certainly something a

    choice of servants a team prince

    necrotech and lich priest enter your

    throne room

    sounds like a star of a bad joke and of

    themselves in your service

    being called upon the team prince to

    increase the

    capacity between princes and recruited

    oh we can recruit a team prince okay

    um we can get a necrotech or we can get

    a little piece we already have a lich


    i think i'll grab a team prince

    that would be really useful actually

    oh not a fan of this are they gonna go

    for wizard kayla's palace like


    that would be really bad

    okay time to take the sheik

    apparently this is gonna be really badly

    against us

    but i don't think so it'll be fine right

    some point in

    i mean it doesn't really matter if we

    sacrifice every single unit to win this


    or win this uh battle


    we will be able to re rebuild the army

    my biggest concern is of course the


    after i take this the dwarves will hate

    me well

    and they'll probably already hate me but

    they'll definitely try and go for me if

    i make the army too weak

    and we'll lose our main settlement which

    will be really bad

    really really bad

    um right anyway that's something else to

    worry about

    spread these out keep these close to our


    i don't think they have too much that

    can flank us so

    we'll just go like say

    my range units need to kill their range

    units that's pretty much

    all we got to do and then we win


    they shall perish

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    okay so sending the skeleton spinning

    always there with their shield blocked

    help us out my skeleton archers really

    don't have very good range

    but we should melt the peasant bowman

    they're not very strong

    all right force them towards us it's


    but those foot squires

    important target for sure

    american spirit leach their lord


    and i should probably again focus on but


    but squires are their best units

    i think i might have the felbats go and

    finish off the present moment

    oh wow he's coming straight through

    there of course he is

    gonna shoot him to death then

    okay on to the next


    at the back there the fell backs are

    doing well we have managed to make these

    run away which is good

    it's collapsing to

    the center i'm going to keep shooting

    those as they run

    just waiting for these peasant bowmen to

    be completely routed

    well she's the mortise

    okay there's been arms of shields

    i guess what we want to do is probably

    fire across

    into these engagements

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    and killed off those foot squires on the

    right hand side that's good

    up these cripples

    where are they going

    i think the team scorpion caused terror

    or something

    we just got the second realm of souls


    that's it that's victory good

    i'm happy we managed to get the second

    roman solstice in there that's really

    good that regen quite a bit of our


    i mean didn't lose anything great

    i need more skeleton arches i really do

    if we can just hold the front line with

    the skeleton spin and the skeleton

    archers can do all the work

    that's really what's going to help us in

    the early game

    okay we're going to want to just

    straight up

    occupy this

    nice amount of replenishment there we

    can also get ourselves a commandment so

    we can do tax rate

    casualty replenishment rate extra

    recruit rank

    get melee defense for local armies

    bus fire public order is pretty nice the

    commandments are really good

    do the worship of jeff because i'm

    probably going to recruit some new


    next turn

    i mean you have the great incantation of

    sar so

    ready to go what does that require three


    are worth it at all

    what's this ancient tyrant extreme cover

    from sacking

    returned in madness

    um saw reaper could be a good idea

    to max out sooner than later i was just


    maybe we should continue down spirit

    leech so we can get to like the fate of

    bueno in the purple sun sooner than


    that'd be making a big difference in the


    yeah let's just get that in there

    and this guy

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    will go for the upgrade for the jaff's


    cool kinda tempting to go

    for the


    the ladies come on this is good old


    up here could try and take them out

    i don't want to start too many wars

    right now


    what's the bonus this guy gives us

    that's training okay

    it'd be useful to have a team prince in

    the army i think

    um we're 10 turns from getting a second


    which should be super important

    especially if we want to take on the


    so i think we're probably going to be

    turn skipping unless the dwarves declare

    war on us

    i did an army just come like right next

    to off

    i'm confused oh that's just a

    lord okay that's fine

    and to be honest

    if we come down here and we end up


    greybeard's prospectors army that could

    be pretty

    you good not him

    what could i use we're going to get more

    skills and warriors

    we're going to get some skeleton


    i'm probably going to merge these

    and it might be worth just disbanding

    one of these

    using the three recruitment slots to get

    some extra ranks on these as well


    that's good this is nice the guardian


    from the tomb king that's why i wanted

    it in the army because i can put it

    amongst my forces in the front line

    i'll end the tent start heading on down

    this is a really tough start actually oh

    you're kidding me reponce is like hey

    you want the sheik they are in march

    starts though

    so we could probably take them out

    are they allied with anyone might be

    something to look forward to

    or look for uh let's see

    ready they are not

    what's the army looking like knights


    really that's pretty rough isn't it

    it's either that or we go up against

    mulgo death dealer where has he changed

    there must be a second army spawned

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    in taking vulture mountain

    and the eye of the panther would be a

    really good

    start to our campaign but then again

    like we do also have the opportunity to


    the march dance replants army which

    would be really really good

    because then we could just go straight

    to go for and take it like there's a

    real good opportunity to go either way

    we do have the resources i did actually

    want to have a look at the buildings

    didn't i

    so let's have a quick look at these um

    where's this kayla's palace

    all right we can build the grave hills

    in order to improve

    capacity of goals direwolves and


    um we can get what are these skeleton

    cherry skeleton architectures and

    screaming it's called catapults

    scrimmage called catapults are pretty

    important for allowing us to attack

    settlements sooner than later so we're

    going to have to get our bone shape at

    some point

    and we've got the open graves which

    gives us skeleton arches that goes up to

    tomb guard

    let's get some horsemen here to poultry

    stalk is

    i don't remember supporting stalkers

    being any good and the croppers nights

    are okay

    we can get hex race okay so these are

    the undead we can get so

    goals firewalls and fell bats that

    we've already seen but we can also

    get hex race which is pretty cool not

    that they're terribly good but

    might be nice to have a few dotted


    no shabti and a shove to a great boat a

    shout out to a great bow is awesome

    um tomb king or team scorpions we can

    get the cameron walk sphinxes i always

    remember these being really really


    and the restored neck sphinx

    these are okay good against other

    monsters i think and then we've got the

    aerotyping which

    is uh pretty nice as well

    on the bone giant over here the bone

    giant's actually awesome

    yeah bone giants we definitely want to

    get bone giants

    uh because they are not only great at

    range they're also fantastic in malay so

    you can just spam those into armies

    and you get one per major settlement

    though which is kind of crazy

    that's the wall buildings

    uh this is quite nice because it gives

    us extra public order

    in adjacent provinces

    i know what i want to build here though

    in the sorceress islands

    uh we can go for another grave hill we

    can go for public order which

    might be a good idea

    we can certainly get the desert lookout

    would be good

    as well

    we're probably gonna force a rebellion


    and if we're doing that i need arkhan to

    go down to wizard caleb's palace so it

    looks like we're probably going to go

    for the graybeard's prospectus

    i don't know it's so tempting to hit

    the pants especially since i don't have

    any allies at the moment

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    the other thing we could do is like

    unlock skeleton horsemen and stuff which

    could be nice for like cleaning up units

    at the end of a battle

    during a battle they won't be terribly

    effective like skeleton horsemen arches

    would be pretty good

    we'd get a quicksand swamp but that

    would use up a lot of our money and

    leave us with not much cash remaining

    maybe like the channel plans that plaza

    is not a bad idea for the extra campaign

    but movement range

    that would allow us to like zoom around

    in our lands up and down

    if we need to

    really not sure this is necessary not

    for the price we could also try and get


    unit capacity for skeleton arches

    more open graves

    i'm gonna do that because eventually

    we're gonna have a second army and i'm

    gonna want more skeleton arches

    okay yeah we'll do that but

    unfortunately guys

    it's been my time and we're going to

    leave it here in the next episode

    i'll finally decide what i want to do i

    think we're going to maybe end up coming

    down south

    to attack greybus perspectives and going

    to the mountains

    that will depend on who they're allied

    with but we'll check next time

    either that or we had an attack reports

    which we could do as well

    but i'm hoping not to invoke the wrath

    of both

    that's the main name here all right

    that's it do make sure if you're excited

    for the rest of this campaign as much as

    i am that you do

    subscribe of course and uh set the

    notifications on

    uh so you can see every single episode

    hope you guys enjoyed it thanks for


    and i'll see you in the next one goodbye



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    2. I'm curious, why doesn't Lashiek have 2 armies of mounted yeomen camping the settlement like they do in my campaign? Taking Lashiek turn 6 should be next to impossible as Arkhan. Are you using a mod that makes his start less bullshit or something?


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