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SearchThisVideo: X360 – NBA 2K18 – GamePlay [4K:60fps]

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welcome sports fans thanks for joining

us and it's time for NBA basketball on

2k Sports we

Angeles Lakers taking on the Boston

Celtics we've got a chance now for our

starting lineups from point guard to

Center this game should be a good one a

factor in every game Shaquille O'Neal

will be on display and something else he

does that I know is underrated and

undervalued as he sets very hard screen

most screens are a real key component

and a lot of the plays they run it'll be

Los Angeles off the tip West khichdi

Cobell the dishes is - O'Neal


rustles their Shack passes to West let

him into the lane clearly he's one of

the best there is in the business when

it comes to making that lead pass


check the bird

john havelcheck on the wing


Celtics passing it around it's dawn by


here's West

coming offenses by magic councilman yeah

the drive to the bucket was great but

the finger roll was even better John

Havlicek on the wing and I miss there on

the triple Kevin just enough presence to

bother that three-point attempt there

yeah but but for a guy that shoots it as

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

well as he does I'd say that is an easy

look out to West


wide left major defensive laps right


and he's not a player you can leave open

for a jump shot figure out to stay

attached to him and lucky he didn't

punish them for shots good from Berlin

and compose

let's catch up with Doris from the





matched up with a player like Paul

Pierce saying you know he's one of those

guys who really does it all at a high

level defend score you name it

I think defensively we may look to

double sum and polish other players to

make shots he's one of the greats you

enjoy the challenge of playing against

him and just hope you can have enough to


we'll see who carries the day thanks

Doris and here's Toby following very

Birds three we're just about two minutes

into the first quarter six to shoot

kicks it out to Johnson

and he hits it just before the shot

clock expires Johnson's got his first

points of the night outside fierce

punches of three can't hit and the

Lakers take it the other way

and here's Johnson and Shaq backs down

by Stephen Russell and that's the way

you wanted to fin nice job they're

always important to have that good

interior defense bird against Johnson

Apple check outside Russell back to

havelcheck just 5 on the clock


we're about three minutes over those


balls not loose Oh


Austin shooting their first free throws

of the game the misfit to the line that

one drops he ties it up

and they now lead is the free-throw

drops for him there's not a lot you can

say that hasn't been said before about

his skill at the charity stripe



now here's Johnson defense right on them

Kobe Pierce covering it's Kobe Bryant on

the way to get warmed up offensively no

buckets yet the game for him second and

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

first quarter were about three and a

half minutes in Whiteside Kobe rebound


applejack dishes to rustle bird outside

jinan abdul-jabbar and bird here we go

and he cuts in the way up off of those

birds got five points so far huge hole

in the defense that possession he didn't

waste any time cutting tool

Cobin kicks to Johnson Shack basses

throughout Georgia boy West

got a piece of it

bustin always go on up here how nice

real each other so multiplying surpluses

receive away

but nice Bowl silky school

so timeout called here the first for Los

Angeles just not happy with how his team

is playing and they just have been on

the wrong side just a pause in the

action which is what a timeout can give

you is enough to change things around a

group substitution here for the Lakers

Chamberlain's checked in for Shaq were

they comes in treble Jabbar Baylor he's

checked in for Kobe and it's Goodrich in

for West a minute 42 left to play in the

first quarter

Chamberlain helped the bucket coming off

a perfectly placed assist another nice

bucket down low they've really been able

to work the ball into the post

effectively so far yeah and I think

we're gonna see them operating

from the interior today Lakers trailed

by three Goodrich next to Baylor and the

shot now sees foul that's a chance for a

three point one a terrific play right

there great strip to finish through the

content that's exactly how it should be

done get the bump concentrate on the

shot and you'll get the bucket to

Johnson against London Jones from

outside it's good

I was on wonder

Jones has got himself on the board with


good roots against Jones I mean that's a

tough break for the D I mean he took a

hit and drew the whistle yeah but he was

late to get there Greg

the free pass on that one the Lakers

have gone 1 for 1 making their previous

attempt to go on both free throws good

from Goodrich

here comes rajon rondo

outside Jones and the Celtics pitted and

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

from Z need you happily fiction about

that hope

Johnson gets the good rush


vice versa nearby lozenge

Baelor dishes to Goodrich

the Chamberlain with a screen on Joyce

Goodrich defended by Jones they get it


here's Chamberlain and out of bounds as

the Celtics team possession

Austin Laden by four

bundo pitch to Jones made out of bones

as the Lakers gained possession

here's Johnson both shot rebounded by

McHale and the Celtics with possession

here Jones drives in back to McHale

pastor Rondo kicks it to havelcheck

Naville just got 7 points

Chris intelligent passing to make that


the first quarter Boston on top they're

up by seven


now the second quarter getting ready to

start up if you guys did so far about

the offensive approach for the Celtics

boy the three-point shot has really been

dropping for him early on also guys the

passing has been terrific in the first

half they'll be happy

football those


let's reset the line exclusively Turin

as the second quarter gets going on the

court right now for the solos

they've got Hansen Bob Jean rhabdo is

out there with Jones then there's hemp

with Shep

here's Gasol after the basket by Boston

applejack outside

Jones from outside the shop will not go

and the Lakers take it the other way

Baelor tribes in

kicks it out the Johnson

this is a ticket rich

good coming off theses by magic Johnson

Goodrich has got vibe now that is not

enough coverage got to do better than

that defensively basically no coverage I

mean defense did not look very good


kicks it out to Jones here's the best to

Rondo and that one's good for Havisham

ten points for him and they're getting


from the triplet door


are from beyond the earth and Greg it's

hard for me to watch this I mean the

defense practically giving them those


here's Mikan

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

the basket he was fouled and he's going

to the line for one more

his focus and able to steal Mecca now

and Greg to be able to take the bump

like that and maintain control that's

not easy to do I know you're kind of a

little fella and that was a big guy when

I play so I know

that was impressive see Lakers trailed

by 6 passes it to West back to Kobe

took away outside Gasol

six on the shot clock it's West with the

drive bears Baylor Bob target than

three-point range

Celtics lady by six muscles as a screen

for Pierce all sorts of time and again

it's Poston converting and good passing

that's been the key

yeah who's on the money that's no doubt

now here's her all one the most

you'll retain possession when the shank

is checked in for the Lakers and

abdul-jabbar comes in for Pau Gasol a

chance there to push it to double digits

but it's off the mark not able to find

it here in the second he's off stride

and off track just a bit after that one

he had earlier Taylor Kitsch the Kobe

will cook back and with the slam well I

love that aggression forget about the

tip this grab that thing is slamming oh

well one away they get second chance

form and don't take any risk while you

do it

Jones checked in for Ross

personage with the lead

to the paint Harrisburg uses the glass

to finish the way

birds got7 it done well that taken

advantage of some Lake defensive

rotations and getting the ball into the


clearly they've been the aggressors thus

far when it comes to attacking the

interior in this first half

here's Toby he's had some playing time

but no scoring hit from in those shots

good from Shaq Celtics leading by six


outside pierce he passes it to bird

shoots the three hold that one

ten points for him assists like that

have tip defied their effort today

terrific ball movement really a prime

example of the difference in how these

teams have operated offensive is much

more individual play at the other end

arrghh left side miss ball bloomer by

Boston Jones no luck if he can improve

on what's been a shaky day form this far

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

they could stretch this lead on Baylor

with the ball algiers defending

unless passes to Kobe the feed Tony


five on the shot clock

it's Kobe Bryant on the wing that went

off the Baelfire in and out and Boston

has possession they lead by their

biggest margin of the game


now the dish to abdul-jabbar back to



Heights I'd go be a baseline chain and

again no good by the Lakers

he's been wayward and just off on about

everything he's put up in this period

actor bird

bird left side he kicks the jones jacks

up a three and that one's good

George's got now

watch out Nana 6 that's a

fans are looking for a start here yeah I

mean the cold stretch offensive they

desperately need a bass timeout called

the way

a lot of points here in this one he just

wants to break the momentum before this

thing gets out of hand and you know

that's a huge part of a coach's job

making sure you keep your guys in the

best position possible at all times so I

like this time on how here's West koozie

Baylor defending


Lakers Tara by 14


rest outside

feeds into Kobe

with some art he lays it in Kobe's got

his first two points of the night you

know obviously he knows how to finish

with some flame at the bird

in out of bounds this Los Angeles Kings

position you know that's hard to explain

that play I mean I guess he thought he

had more room than he did here the

Lakers with the ball down by 12 it's

nine seconds separate in the shot clock

and game clock

Shaq kicks to Baylor Kobe defended by

Jones rest outside there's the triple

that's in coming off an assist by Kobe

West has got his second basket of the


bird with it he's got ten


and the officials into the backcourt

violation not

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

here's Coby it the one on the clock no

good on that last second attempt there

and so that brings the first half to a


Celtics lead by nine and we'll be back

for the second half following the break

keep it right here on 2k sports


find the six-second ads beginning in

just a moment some nice numbers in this

one - Joe he has 11 points and he

sprayed home three three-pointers as

well this is really production

personified for the long range so for

the lenders right now Kobe's

then it's magic Johnson then there's

Shaquille O'Neal and it's rest and at

the toodles

here's Kobe following the three-pointer

by Boston

if it's a drone in


for the dunk draws the foul he'll go to

the line it's on Larry good yeah

exceptional play there to take the ball

and still get it to fall

I like to call that stick-to-itiveness

great getting everything he possibly

could out of that plate nicely done last

right side

back to Johnson

check his screen on hello jack

Johnson's vicious duo needle shot clock

at six

back to Johnson takes for brain

it's hauled in by Bill Russell so that's

lady by 10

and that one's good for negligence

hesitation at all right there just right

up against a much bigger defender man

and I love that fearlessness that

aggressive attitude boy I love watching

guys play with that kind of abandon and

freedom bred it's a beautiful thing this

sweet little flow through West has got

seven points in the game Oh perfect


the solids on weapons

Mogi points shots good from Bern guys

again a solid start to the second half

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

off in Chile gotten good look they've

made three out of

here's Coby and it's sent back by


oh sit up high got a piece of it and

taken away by magic four on three break

yes passes to Kobe that falls nice feat

that time from Jerry West Kobe's got his

second bucket

pretty pretty pass timely recognition as

to where the open man

he founded by abdul-jabbar and sometimes

he can hit that deep three but it's not

a high percentage shot so it's dead even

for him that's out of his ring

can see he just didn't get squared up

with his feet where goals are always

tough to judge but I think the official

got that one right aqua Marco chance to

trim it to single digits

Celtics leading by 11 here's kuzey nails

from three-point land

since the CDs are the nickname

to travel basketball the microwave

there's no slow buildup with him all he

needs is one shot to go down and it can

set him off turn him into a real scoring

machine he cooks with gas not

electricity as long as they keep

spraying them from deep we're gonna have

ourselves one exciting finish you know

it took him a while but now they're

starting to get into a flow from outside

and boy is that time and he was



this all comes in dual Javan and it's

good rich in four West

now here's Kobe Gasol Berg cover the

Johnson gets the cold


and in this rail have a chance to cut

the lead to single digits and up the

court come the Celtics on the break

here's who's running oh and they give

them away in the alley not to be a good

play defensively

and would Lynch missing

now a timeout called by Boston

second half here or just over three and

a half minutes into it

typing down is Havlicek this ball

movement by Boston Pierce gets to have a

gym against the three point of the fire

now the Jets got 15 points


peel of this deep foods that was

straight coin from

the shots goodbye Chamberland they are

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

not rotating merely quickly enough on

defense down low

got to get quicker than just no

resistance on the interior and Pierce

backs in lays it up and bench it in this

has got his third basket of the night

right there playing smart offensively in

the first half no doubt about yeah the

numbers support I mean they're shooting

the much better percentage from the

field so far and the Lakers call time

here the in addition to going over the

game plan and making whatever necessary

adjustments have to be made Greg this

timeout also the time for players to get

rehydrated or hydrate for the first time

too soon

the best football still to be played

here and they have to get rich off

that's a great point without proper

hydration a player can completely run

out of gas down the stretch above a game


something that none of these guys can

afford to have happen if you're going to

battle all the way to the finish you

have got to be hydrated

here's coping after Paul Pierce's score

pocket six Toby kicks two Goodrich

three you have an item like that


he missed


not a negative of the type of D they're

going to play because they're gonna have

struggles with him tonight Lakers

trailed by 14 back to Kobe

that ball nice view that time from Jerry

West's Jerry West West has got his third

assist on the night

bondo dishes to Mikael Chamberlain Onam

and Mikael backs down the nine-foot job


in shot opportunity and it's good on the

way McKee has got his first basket of

the night the defense has not been able

to keep the ball out of the paint at

that end of the floor it be interested

to know just how many of these attempts

have come from inside of five feet now

here's Kobe he has six

out to West he dishes it to Goodrich

smooth as silk on the fender ol Goodrich

has got seven points in the game

Celtics leading by 12 Thomas down low

he's covered by Goodrich and out of

bounds is the Lakers state possession

and here's Kobe and here's Johnson

outside and get it to go here's Thomas

get it to go and here at the end of the

third quarter it's a double-digit call

game Boston on top they lead by 12 we've

got more in store welcome back fourth

quarter action starting up in what has

been a one-sided show you guys what do

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

you think about the offensive approach

so far that we've seen for the self you

know one of the big stories has been to

three ball it's been a key part of their

offense throughout the game and I also

love the way they moved the basketball

their passing has been outstanding here

in the second half pine scent is up

there appears and it's Parrish then

those hevacheck that's the Boston Fire

and also he's absolutely able to do some

incredible things in the air he can look

like a gymnast

sometimes twisting his body double

clutching his shot

smooth approach to it all Boston Ladin

by 10


now parish Chamberlain Onam deflects the

pass and taken away by magic rest


draws the double into Wilt Chamberlain

believe now done to single digits and

he's in massive today but maybe that's

what he needs to get him going because

for them to be successful

he's got to be a little more selfish

mines in the past appears they date back

but picked out to happen show screen by

parish blessed with the steel

on the wing Johnson back to West and a

stackable pitch to Johnson what's the

lead person


where that pass is going that is a

brutal Colonel Los Angeles making a

switch here

Havlicek kicks Tabard and calls hard

that time he'll get to the line and

shoot you supposed to talk about a

terrific game for Larry Bird he's got 13

points and he's got nine points from

behind the arc and that's been an

important part of his game today it's

really spaced the floor


Lakers trailed by 10 Johnson outside

passed the Chamberlain worthy


on the wing Johnson


the Lakers rebound with the success

they've had rebounding the basketball

they're right where you'd expect them to

be firmly in control of this game and no

doubt about it rebounding is an effort

stat folks they've been more determined

than their opponent thus far

and we're about two minutes into the

fourth quarter now ice ball movement

here by the Lakers were they backin down

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00


from 13 that's good on the jump shot if

you're waiting for him to miss when he's

that open you're gonna be in for a long

wait and out of bounds is the Lakers

game possession Los Angeles making a

switch here


we're in the fourth quarter here just

under two and a half minutes strong

kicks it out to Johnson back to west

beyond the arc the rebound by the

Celtics Russell's got six rebounds here


I mean I'll write the ball I thought the

defense was just there a little

yeah it looked like it I mean he kind of

slid underneath as he got to the spot

too and so it's busting with it they've

led by as many as 14 points here's

Hamlet check good and it's boarder

picking up yes

Birds got three assists in the game

Lakers trailed by 11

it's West with the drop

I use it up it's hauled in by Bill

Russell Russell's got his son who down

to the game without astral

we're chips

mrs. su short reign he's given them

little to nothing at the offensive end I

can't put it any other way and that


and the Soviets we call for two

and how about the dexterity for this big


a moment to check in with Doris Burke

Doris I had a chance to find out what

Los Angeles's coach was going over with

his guys no surprise really the turnover

situation was the focus he told him

listen we're giving it away guys

we've got to protect the ball play

within ourselves and get quality shots

Kevin shap wishing to Johnson

five to shoot


Johnson right size range with the slant

this guy is a beast on the board and

when he gets those second-chance points

yet he does not waste one of us and you

know what it's always going to be a

powerhouse finish with him

we know that for sure

Johnson outside poked away


this is a to have a chat and stolen by


Johnson outside winced

Magic Johnson and you know he's enjoyed

the kind of day you expect in terms of

shooting the basketball he can bring

them right back into this game and the

Vesta Pierce on the wing bird looking on

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

a jewel Jabbar here's for free going on

the show and they're just reigning

please on both ends well I love the

answer you come at me with the three I'm

coming right back with my old trip and

pushing it up yours busting

and a foul on the show go go to this

flight for two it's gonna go on Jim's

words he's picking out the game Paul

Pierce is having he has nine point and

four six one four guys he's been making

play after play on both ends of the


no let-up in them and that's mindset

that's not just physical to nasty but

that's a mental to national to that he

brings to the court

Janson attacking all over

clearly a flowery

any choice but to blow the whistle

way with our found


and so he hits go

we've got 113 left in the fourth quarter

passes at the bird

bounces high off the wheel and

Birds got four points in the quarter

they're straying away from the

three-point game here in the second half

fine as long as they're on the lead and

they're getting good shot decided not to


and they don't sit down

and wrapping this game up they came out

with the six burgers nice ending spurt

to polish it off

: hey makers at the hole knockout blow

and it's a completely new group for Los


and the Lakers have possession 15 point

game and there's the feed to Goodrich


ambassador worthy

here's Wilkes five on the clock hits the

target from 18 feet the offense has

clearly kicked into gear the question

though is it just a little too late I

think it may be great at least they're

finally showing some signs of life


will do much good probably impossible

for them to come back now yeah are too

much work left to be done and not nearly

enough time to get it done in an Paris

with the block

here's lines Allah

and so it's Costin easily grabbing this


- down the stretch yeah

tonight this is Kevin Harlan saying

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

thanks for watch in our Jordan enter the




that what's up this is Nayan a of the

mighty souls of mischief groomzilla



X360 - NBA 2K18 - GamePlay [4K:60fps]

Well this is the last NBA 2k game for the Seventh generation consoles. The NBA 2K games are very good and you can clearly see why no one is buying NBA live games because this are way better.

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