Yo-kai Watch Blasters – Red Cat Corps / White Dog Squad: Episode 5! (100% Walkthrough)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20welcome back everyone it's Abdullah herewith another exciting episode of yokaiwatch blasters on Nintendo 3ds we'recontinuing on yes we are and today'sepisode is all about doing chapter 5 soI'll show you guys a little bit of whathappened or what I've been working onoff screen believe it or not I may be onWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Team schmoopy rightI may be on Team schmoopy but let metell you about Cuba Stahl Cuba sellsactually really good in this game Iwould usually bank towards usingschmoopy a lot more but yeah dude cubistall this that's kind of where it's at sowhat about let's jump on and we're gonnaWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00do all the quests it's gonna be a funtime I like Cupid stall a lot man it'sit's actually a really really tough sellbecause Snoopy's got two differenthealing moveswhereas Cupid's all has an actual spiritattack so I don't know manit's it's a tough one anyway thanks forcoming I hope you guys are all excitedfor today's episode I'm gonna swap youWatch at: 01:00 / 01:20out with Snoopy shoutouts to my friendYolanda who had an extra smoke and shoefee that she was floating around with sowe found them of course there are otherways that you can get schmoopy in thegame you can head on over to patrols andyou can absolutely patrol the areas andthen grind for different movies let meshow you that so you guys are wonderingWatch at: 01:20 / 01:40okay so these patrol areas they changeup which yokai are spotted every timeyou do one so that's pretty cool in caseyou're looking for it so you can go overthese patrol areas you'll find shmoopand you'll get them thereif not we can find them in the upcomingchapter I'll show you that as well soanyway I hope you guys are all excitedfor it if you guys are be sure to smashWatch at: 01:40 / 02:00that like button share the video with afriend and let's hit it we are doing ahuge yokai watchee giveaway showed usher friends over at level 5 forproviding us with some of the cool stufflike youkai watch medals and a couplethese shirts we're doing some awesomegiveaway as the games oh manraise your hand the comments if you guyshave already entered that giveawayplease do and if you guys have not goWatch at: 02:00 / 02:20check out the huge giveaway announcementvideo I put on my channel all theinformation isn't that so anyway chapter5 I'm not really sure what's gonnahappen it looks likeI'm Amanda might show up a little bit sowe got to go beat up slime Amandatowards the end of this and it lookslike I'm finding all of the Naoko soWatch at: 02:20 / 02:40something's going on something spookedthe Naoko and yeah we're going fromthere so if you guys have been payingattention to my tips and tricks videosthen you guys are greatif you guys have not there's a link inthe description below so that you guyscan access that playlist and in thatplaylist is a QR code for the ultraWatch at: 02:40 / 03:00Rubeus jay orb and the ultra hardy houndorbs so we have that we'll use thattowards the end of the game but it alsodid come with a very very overpoweredsword which we also used so that's whatjibanyan is carrying right now he's gotthe overpowered sword you know I don'tthink that I gave Snoopy the overpoweredWatch at: 03:00 / 03:20wand which was like the dog wand orsomething like that so anyway thanks forcoming you guys are cool yeah you guysare absolutely amazing thanks for beingJack what's going on Kade último ryantaylor marsh shadow Alberto Chacooctoling all of you guys thank youthanks for coming Gabe Hopkins AkiraWatch at: 03:20 / 03:40hello so we're trying to locate allthese different little Naoko and once wedo some other things are gonna happen solet's see know Conoco know go lookinglike a bo call boom ting gloom so IWatch at: 03:40 / 04:00highly recommend if you guys don'talready have one of these beef renderson your team definitely get one I wouldsay schmoopy is great if you want adedicated healer especially one that youcan take to endgame in case you don'thave like elder bloom or if you didn'tcrank auntie heart or something likethatyou'll be even more set for those kindsof things so I would say go for it ifWatch at: 04:00 / 04:20not whateverplay your game how you want to you knowwhat I mean you could play with howeverkind of team composition we want one ofthe other things that I also found outis you can absolutely take the itemsthat you earn from the game like rightover hereiDEN number one you take those andunequipped them and you can sell themWatch at: 04:20 / 04:40for four four Oni worms which is reallycool so I've been doing that a littlebit because you find free items on theground and it's like it's a couple extraOni orbs apiece so it's a pretty coolstrap anyway okay that's number sevenWatch at: 04:40 / 05:00was there an OCO sale I don't know butthere's another Naoko floating aroundNaoko close that done I hold so whatI've been doing off-screen was justdoing patrol missions we do have to do a100 percent walkthrough meaningcollecting every single one of theseyokai and we are gonna do it it's gonnabe an absolute fun time so that beingWatch at: 05:00 / 05:20said we will we'll get everyone and thenonce we're done with story mode we'regonna jump into live stream a tradingand material grinding I think that'sgonna be really fun so I can't wait wejust have to do our diligence and beatthe entire story mode first so here wego before going I'm gonna grab this OhWatch at: 05:20 / 05:40get away plush do you get away plushiesworth a lot of money so I'm happy thatwe got that alright so we got the60-second countdown that means we'redone with the mission I'm gonna go overhere and we're going to sell our itemsthat seems like then let's bring themback we're gonna sell our items that wegot we got a giant bomb we've gotanother one of those things then we'reall set to go so anyway I'm so glad thatWatch at: 05:40 / 06:00you guys are here I'm looking over lookslike there's about 450 you guys watchingright now thank you so much for watchinggive me a big thumbs up in the chat ifyou guys purchased one of these twocopies did you guys get a white dogsquad or did you guys get red cat coredon't call it corpse apparently whichones did you guys get let me know in thecomments can't wait to read all thatWatch at: 06:00 / 06:20well yeah give me that big thumbs up ifyou guys have already purchased the gameand if you guys did I thank you from thebottom I heard truly okay so we gotthird prize not really that great we gotsome essences we got some sure it'sreally not not a big dealokay there you go we've located all themissing NaokoWatch at: 06:20 / 06:40thank you most impressive so these areNaoko from no koto piya is what I'd liketo say but this isn't everyone oh youmust be jokingno my best friends the three Naokobrothers still aren't here threebrothers Oh[Music]how many guys no three brother yokaiWatch at: 06:40 / 07:00first one to name them wins there'sactually many different three brotheryokai now that I think about it but theone I'm looking for you know who it isfirst person name three brother yokai goI have to say Timmy you well you alllook the samecertain slug hey dude big trouble Taratime I started on shoppers row plus moreWatch at: 07:00 / 07:20yokai appear to be getting kidnappedleft right and center could it be thesame culprit who took the Naoko stereoryan taylor got it right there LOL oohand a loo good job man that's the onethat's the one you named them someonethat said like the illu brothers butWatch at: 07:20 / 07:40sergeant slug wait what was this overhere what is this hold on do you seethat right now what is this you see thatwhat is that is that panda Naoko oh mygosh what is going on in this cutsceneright now do you see this right nowright here near there and then it goesaway and then it's there and what isWatch at: 07:40 / 08:00that oh my god oh yo do you see thatright now no I don't even know what thatis that better not be something is thatthe telescope no traffic light what theheck is thatdude there's nothing there man no that'snothing that's not the telescope thatWatch at: 08:00 / 08:20can't be to telescope yo what was that[Music]dude we're on this floor there's no waythat the telescope will be pokingthrough like that oh maybe it was I gotafraid oh my God my God look back okayso maybe it was a telescope all rightall rightI'll give that one to you I got kind ofWatch at: 08:20 / 08:40spooked out I'm like oh dude there'slike a hidden thing inside the cutscenebut no there was notyou guys debunked that real fast allright so we're looking over here we'relooking pretty strong to be honest I'vegoing level 33 on level 35 jibanyanthat's really how we're gonna play thisgame and then the rest of the Oh kionWatch at: 08:40 / 09:00side our team are just kind of fillerright now schmoopy I'm probably gonnabring them to endgame because of howuseful he is but when it comes down toit reallydude cue pistol cue pistol is reallywhere it's at alright so you can seeover here we can get spent if we winso yeah let's go see the reason to likeif you go into if you go into aWatch at: 09:00 / 09:20multiplayer battle and everyone's gonnabring their ruse a peon right that'sjust the trend everyone's gonna bringthe rossabi on they're gonna bring theirjibanyan right someone's gonna be thehealer so if you bring cue pistolyou can heal the team's and at the sametime you can help out with drop rates sodude I want to say arguably cue pistolis the better better of the yokaiWatch at: 09:20 / 09:40because you know in yokai watch one intwoSnoopy's I would say arguably betterbecause schmoopy is just a straight-uphealer and you don't need him to attackyou just give him the healing he's abetter healer but in this game dude I'mI'm almost on Team cubist all day that'sinsaneWatch at: 09:40 / 10:00it's really insane but now that I'mthinking about the reasons why I likeCupid stall a little bit more it'sbecause multi-player you're not reallygonna bring schmoopy into a multiplayeraround you're just not going to you canand that would be helpful but his littlescratch attack is only worth 50 attackand yeah it's really it's really notWatch at: 10:00 / 10:20that helpful for a channel but you knowI haven't tried it so I'm not reallygonna discount it yet so we'll see butkeep yourselves good keep yourselvesabsolutely good usually there's kind oflike a rivalry between like some peoplethat are like oh dude shmoop 'is waybetterno man cute pastels better like there'sa little bit of a yokai rivalry I'm justWatch at: 10:20 / 10:40saying and I was always on Team schmoopybut for this game I really like cutestdog because he could charge up his windattack and just straight-up win that'swhat's really cool about him I didn'tsell those items which I said I wasgoing to so I'm gonna have to sell themnext time around we do have the getawayplush which allows you to survive on oneWatch at: 10:40 / 11:00HP in the event that you use it and wegot a snaggly over here so this is greatsee dude this is the power of Snoopylike if you guys don't believe in theschmoopy man we already have to befriends I'm telling you guys you'regonna need so many good friends in thisgame you have no idea simply because ifyou want to trade father if you wanttrade fodder with people and you're likeWatch at: 11:00 / 11:20oh dude I got this extra s-rank you wantit and then the person says oh yeah sureof course I want it what do you want forand they say oh just give me anythingand then that oh just give me anythingyou're gonna have to like look throughall of your all your yokai and see whatkind of trade fodder you're like ah dudewe don't need this nag elite here takethe snaggly so again a reason why havingWatch at: 11:20 / 11:40koopa stall or spoopy on your teampermanently to end game is one of themost important things that you need todo take my lead ladies and gentlemen theyokai king has spokenall right I also found out my friendYolanda told me that bananas if you guysever come across a bananas bananas ifWatch at: 11:40 / 12:00you befriend him he's like a like ab-rank version of Juan sting who has thethe abilities of slow down and he alsohas the ability of setting a trapso dude bananas is like endgame materialas well so here's some bananas on theWatch at: 12:00 / 12:20ground I don't think they're gonna becoming I don't think I could befriendthese guys yeah they're they're uh youguys look over here they're like theblack little things so there's no way ofdefending any of those guys but it wasstill fun while it lastedso anyway bananas Opie bananas wanst n'oh man we have one Stan now so he'sWatch at: 12:20 / 12:40really good bananas a rank okay thereyou go thanks for the correction buteven that's even better that's evenbetter than what I originally thought Ithought it was like B rank but dudebananas let's let's get them upokay so we got 12:45 I do want to bringschmoopy a little bit stronger up but atthe same time I want to make sure thatlike Cooper stalls good cuz it when I goWatch at: 12:40 / 13:00on like a patrol with people on lineeveryone's gonna pick their jibanyan orRecep beyond so I'm gonna need to besomeone and I don't mind doing that youknow I don't mind it at all anyway wewere gonna go to the shop I was gonnasell those items here's what I have todo first I think you have to like oh youhave to go to equipWatch at: 13:00 / 13:20yeah so here we go we're gonna remove ohsorry here we go so now that we removedthem they're in her inventory and thenwhat we can do is we can straight upsell them and Timmy's which is I meanit's it's something small and we justgot like what 210 bony orbs for it it'sWatch at: 13:20 / 13:40something right I'm never gonna usethose items and I might as well sellthem every time we go out and get themso anyway we're gonna save our oni orbsfor now and I just want to make surethat our yokai have the right equips onshi mu P does not have this itemequipped on him yet so I'm gonna putthat on them so you guys may bewondering hey Abdallah how did you getWatch at: 13:40 / 14:00this wand how did you get this wand thatyou're equipping schmoopy with this oneis the white dog wand and you get thatfrom a QR code it's in the link in thedescription you guys check the playlistout scan the QR code need to get back toyou so I want to make sure that if youguys are using this as a guide we'replaying along with I don't have anyexclusive s ranks that I'm gonna bebeating the game with I want this to beWatch at: 14:00 / 14:20something like hey heads up you knowwhat you guys can do this too if youfollow exactly what I'm doing so anywaythis one's dream illusion speaking ofthe illu brothers we're gonna do exactlythat on this episode so let's go beatthese guys up and let's show those vialspulling your phone yeah so those youWatch at: 14:20 / 14:40guys wondering I said it once and I'llsay it again we're gonna do the storymode solo so that we can use this as aguide this is a 100% walkthrough I'mshowing you exactly what you need to doin order to beat the game once we aredone with the game then we'll absolutelyWatch at: 14:40 / 15:00go into live streams of doing some huntstogether doing some patrols together andall that stuff's trades battles all thatstuff okay so be patient we're gonnagrind through the store mode and thenonce we're done with that we're gonnaplay with you guysand it's gonna be so much fun so ifanyone else says that in the commentsfeel free to repeat that and add themWatch at: 15:00 / 15:20okay add them and say hey heads up chilllet them let them do the story mode andthen wehow about that deal deal dealall right anyway so yeah who we got hereno serious we got a loo oho you want tosee our illusions - no I don't wannaWatch at: 15:20 / 15:40beat you up hey those rocket belly namedafter my cat okay so I got thisdefensive talisman it's really notsomething that sells for really goodmoney looks like he went through hereRoger that after a men and schmoopy is aWatch at: 15:40 / 16:00boy isn't he that's right I thought thatschmoopy was a girl when I first sawmovie but then I saw the anime episodeI'm like oh okay yeah little naughtydoggy okay I got ownedsomeone did some water attacks and I gotdestroyed who's here who's hitting meWatch at: 16:00 / 16:19helloOh whispers that's right hold it now I'man illusion that's right the yellowbrothers are turning into whisper it's areal beating up whisper now we'reWatch at: 16:19 / 16:40getting some decent drops on them we'regetting some slippery shards and whatnotoh sweetI've been defeated so conflicting thetrue power of illusion gigantic illuboom I got a pause of fury waiting forhim holy molyWatch at: 16:40 / 17:00[Music]there we go get ready for this illusionyeah Allu that boom boom boom he onlygave me 90 Oni orbs how lame was thatthat's alright it's it's just quick it'sjust going through the motions ah ThankWatch at: 17:00 / 17:20You inferno ice for subscribing andliking the video everyone lead listen tothe example over there he's leading byexample and Ferno ice in the comments Isee that so subscribe click the likebuttonthere we go that's all I ask thank youguys so much for that hmm okay Eva weWatch at: 17:20 / 17:40asks do you take hovering out in Japanyin to end game I would say takejibanyan to Ed game jibanyan can turninto Buster's jibanyan so I think thathe's gonna be a little bit better foryou and Giovanni insulting mates arebetter than hovering yawns like stand inone place and charge up a punch attackso that's just my opinionyou guys can play the game how you wantthis is all yokai are good so don't youWatch at: 17:40 / 18:00worry about thatalright we're gonna keep going I don'tneed to be any stronger I'm gonna saveup some of these for maybe Koopa saltalright so let's see this is a punishthe missing case criminal okay so thisshopper oh we found the culprit whoabducted the no COEs it's an eyeballyokai all right how many guys can namean eyeball yokai you know in theWatch at: 18:00 / 18:20comments okay so in the event thatyou're like hey Abdullah how do you geta Scooby I don't see him on patrols howdid you get him I really want toreplicate your team this is the levelthat you want to do you guys can seeover here if you beat this levelmultiple times you can potentially get afirst prize as an auto befriend ofschmoopy so this is a guaranteed way ofWatch at: 18:20 / 18:40getting schmoopy in the game withoutrelying too much on RNG aside from thefact that he's a first prize so you canabsolutely get him an eyeball yokaislime Amanda says Alexander yeah yeahthat's a good oneanyone else oh I saw is a good one saysAlex in the comments that's a very goodoneso yeah I don't know is it gonna be cymaWatch at: 18:40 / 19:00Mandor is it going to be a differentYokoI have to watch and find out okay sohere's a Manucci it's pretty cool highfour huh that's cool ass Lima Mandarinhow many guys have been watching shadowside you look high watch out outsidegive me give me a thumbs up in the chatif you guys watch shadow side at all IWatch at: 19:00 / 19:20think I'm on like Episode six I kinda Iwas watching like one episode before bedlike every night then I'm just like I'mso I've kind of fallen off shadow side alittle bit but from what I have watchedfive or six episodes I really liked it Itruly truly like shadow side so yeah thecommunity that's working on those thoseWatch at: 19:20 / 19:40subs you guys are amazing thank you formaking shadow side a little bit moreaccessible for us so yeah man in caseyou guys have not been watching shadowside that is the the way that yokaiwatch is going towards the anime wiselike the whole kitty cartoony yokaiWatch at: 19:40 / 20:00watchee feel with Natan and everythingthat's kind of like done and then levelfive and you know Tokyo TV or whoever isproducing that is going towards likemore more of like maybe a teenagerapproach rather than like the superkitty approach with that so it takesplace I believe thirty years into thefuture the main protagonists are NateWatch at: 20:00 / 20:20and Katie's kids not to me and herbrother I forget his name he's kind ofannoying I don't really like him in theepisodes but there they run like a miniDetective Agency and they have like awebsite and they find out like all thedifferent appearances of different yokaiand then they go out with their yokaiWatch at: 20:20 / 20:40watches and they investigate it and it'sa lot more like adult toned with thedesigns of the different yokai and Ithink it's actually really cool itappeals to it appeals to me a lot moreeven though you know I really like thefunny jokey like haha you farted kind ofa kind of deal with regular yokai watchWatch at: 20:40 / 21:00but this one's really cool they've gotthe yokai watch elder which is a brandnew yokai watch and there is the yokaiwatch Oh grrrrrrI did an unboxing of that thing andthey've got some pretty cool summonsjibanyan and whisper itthey look completely different but theystill have their same charm I think it'sreally cool I'm really really excited toWatch at: 21:00 / 21:20see where it goesbut we got a long ways until shadowsides gets localized so got a long wayso don't even expect that to getlocalized anytime soon all right so whatare we even doing we're going to flowerroad got you where can you watch it kyunJohnson I trust that you can use thisWatch at: 21:20 / 21:40wonderful thing called the Internet toanswer your question a wonderful thingcalled the Internethave you heard of it I'm just kiddingall right so here we go those of youguys that said slime Amanda you guys gotWatch at: 21:40 / 22:00it right absolutely you didn't so here'sslime Amanda looking like a salamanderboom let's get himand you're donehe's a breezy objective completed ohdude we got wait shady essence no weWatch at: 22:00 / 22:20didn't want shady essence well that'snot like a slime Amanda boss oh he's notgonna give you boss drops but we did getan essence and essences are ok for nowanyway so that's that's what I was kindof going on a tangent for slimy Mandersin shadow side he's in the movie if youguys saw the shadow side movie movieWatch at: 22:20 / 22:40number four and yeah he turns into likesome buff superhero guy that's humanoidand he's like the running gag characterof the entire anime and he's hilariousso yeah he's really funny so you takethose big balls your favorite big bossby the way our comment question the dayand you turn them into this humanoidWatch at: 22:40 / 23:00buff joki yokai that's like they're fora comic relief it's awesome anyway yeswe defeated the slime ender who iskidnapping the yokai but we stillhaven't found the three Naoko brothersoh we're out of leads now - didn't wejust beat up the three nope oh oh no gobrothers not the illu brothers heytroops it's too soon to give upWatch at: 23:00 / 23:20we just received some promising Intelyokai imagine the know close descriptionhave been sighted at the school sir youtroops get to Uptown Springdale ok so wecan go to Uptown Spring down I'm gonnago to shop and sell my stuffWatch at: 23:20 / 23:40[Music]so these talisman don't really sell formuch I picked them up along the way wemight as well sell themwe're being like the most efficient herewe go 18 Wow really 436 Oni orbs really[Music]all right let's go we are gonna go toWatch at: 23:40 / 24:00this one oh hey confront the kidblasters a challenge from the kidblasters are you gonna take themseriouslyyou get low-dose aspirin you can getdraggy or anywhere from that so as youguys can see we did not get the firstWatch at: 24:00 / 24:20prize and getting schmoopy but if youkeep on playing this level you'lleventually get it would be for free andyou'll get a lot of rewards there anywayso who do you guys think is in this kidblasters team will drag is obviously oneof them give me some predictions in thecomments who would be a kid maybe load oWatch at: 24:20 / 24:40load o be one cuz he was a prize you getsome low-dose aspirin a low dose aspirinwhy do I call him thatit's so weird some of the nicknames thatI come up with beliefs little guys okayso grub snitch which is a slightlytanned version of wan Stein it's alittle recolor they're like literallyWatch at: 24:40 / 25:00politically correct recolor right likeMonty Hart and Mama Ora oh my gosh heylet's get the hairy potato like hairypotato right come on now you wouldtotally think he'd be a hairy potato ifyou never knew snag Lee's name if youlooked at him you said I'll do that'sWatch at: 25:00 / 25:20clearly a hairy potatoand that's all we had to do for some ofthe Japanese names right we had to dothat all right we'll make some nicknameswith you guyshow many guys remember any othernicknames that we've come up with overthe years I want it I want to reminisceabout some of them let's talkgive me some throwback nicknames like KFcuckoo and hairy potato what do we evenWatch at: 25:20 / 25:40call nekkid speed besides like oh mygosh what the heck is that thingoh man tuff and I'm a new boom pick up acouple draggy we go toughen again load oload o Shogun Yin Payton says yeahWatch at: 25:40 / 26:00that's right hey an enemy schmoopy whatalmost confused me there yeah dude wecalled oh whoa hey Dragon Lordsorry Dragon Lord dragons Lords likeWatch at: 26:00 / 26:20don't you dare touch my son againoh man and then we beat him up cutazúcar I was a nickname wall wasn'treally a nickname that was actuallyprosciuttos name Jin pinyin rioluchannel says yeah doujin Binion wasinteresting you guys remember the storyWatch at: 26:20 / 26:40of Jin Binion I'm not like purposelymispronouncing his name well I kind ofam but that was actually he was printedJimin Jin Binion dudeoh man whispers girlfriend we rememberthat one rightI have dollar stuck on a wobble walk anytips yeah go watch my wobble wobble walkepisode that I did in moon rabbit teamWatch at: 26:40 / 27:00and I show you how it's done that's thetip just type it in youkai watchblasters wobble walk abdullah intoyoutube search and while you're at iteveryone go over that video click thelike button say hi you're here fromchapter 5 of the localized version nowobble walk is an rng battle man it'sreally orangey based soWatch at: 27:00 / 27:20you really just have to pay attention tohis eye colors and when he turns likered you can't hit him with physicalattacks so it's a little interestingalright so we're gonna go answer thephone we're gonna see what's going onwith the phone ringing so let's go ondown here I saw this phone ringing hellomeowis this jibanyan meow it's about timeWatch at: 27:20 / 27:40for the cat yokai meeting meow whoa heysomething important is going to bedecided the next meeting if you're a catyoukai you absolutely must come yeahokay so this is battle royale fortnightBattle Royalehere we go we're gonna get a number onevictory Royale just by answering thatone so what do you guys say you guyswanna do a side quest you guys cool withthat give me a thumbs up in the chat ifWatch at: 27:40 / 28:00you guys are cool with a little bit ofyokai watch blasters Battle Royalea hundred yokai drop in one survived allright I don't know could this be is thisRudy or is this the nyan side quest heyRudy okay that means that I'm gonna doWatch at: 28:00 / 28:20this and we're gonna get Rudy and we'regonna learn a little bit about Rudy myboy so he's an exclusive to yokai watchred cat core and I'll make a tips andtricks video out of this it'll be funso anyway we can unbeatable soul firstprize well that's a fusion item guysthat's okay I get Rudy let's go allWatch at: 28:20 / 28:40right a lot of you guys give him thatbig thumbs up in the chat thank youthank you let's hit it let's get thatbig Rudy yeah I came because I was toldthere be a meeting yo you call me awhile I'm really busy with the blastersWatch at: 28:40 / 29:00hahaha you finally came you mangy gibacat everyone's calling him a mangy gibacat what is that can't you come up withany other insults what this many catyokai have assembled me how can you guysname all those yokai I know I can firstwant to name every single yokai gets aWatch at: 29:00 / 29:20shout out even so this isn't everyoneJennawell there's more meow there's alreadytoo many me no that's where we're allthinking meow what's this meeting that'swhat this meeting is to decide who's anumber one cat youkai around here I'mfeeling kind of lazy today though don'tWatch at: 29:20 / 29:40bother going through all that trouble itI'm obviously number one okay so here wegoOh Clause 0 for gaming Roman yawn Shogunyawn Drakken young thorny on bodhinyanaand of course jibanyan on screen goodjob try saying that after you defeat usmeow let's begin the cat yokai meetingaka battle royale wow wow you guys wantWatch at: 29:40 / 30:00to fight oh it's gonna be just jibanyansolo right oh no no all right well Idon'toh I do have one rice ball boom I got tomake sure I do my a OE attacks or elseI'm gonna lose hum a cool down turnWatch at: 30:00 / 30:20around uppercut oh no this is a badstarta very very bad start to this match I'malready at half health that is a verybad so I don't have hit healing we don'thave soul sorry oh these are aroundthough heck yeahI don't know if that was luck base thatWatch at: 30:20 / 30:40we got that but I need to heal oh dudethese rice balls are all over I'm fineI'm just gonna draw one of them outgiant hat giant head[Music]all right here we go just gonna drawWatch at: 30:40 / 31:00them out and then if I need to heal Ican grab one of these things I don'tremember ever hearing jibanyan hissbefore does he ever hiss in the animeshow Kunin oh here he isyou guys ready I'll expect no less frommy descendant that's right where haveWatch at: 31:00 / 31:20you two been hiding well get right boomOh Robo punch peel all right we're inthis let's go yeah we needed to healthat one real quickall right so I'm gonna grab this chokeonion I know that yokai remember oh myWatch at: 31:20 / 31:40god like three or four years ago I waslike three years ago no I was yeah yeahlook about one where we unlocked Shogunyan for the first time always classicsolonian sailing on done without takinga scratch pun intended come here machoWatch at: 31:40 / 32:00nyanOh survive with one with his uh with hisability beautiful beautifulalright here we go Jen yawn oh dudeRomero oh gosh Chen Yan remember jet Yanin yokai watch - she knew Chi Minh dudehe carried me endgame is so good wonderyan what isn't the wandering on QR codeWatch at: 32:00 / 32:20where you can do kind watch - anymoreI did everything in your tutorial Dhammaright I don't know what happened withthat like they did some sort of updatein life you can't battle wandering onuntil like the end game or somethingalright anyway so what are we doing nowWatch at: 32:20 / 32:39I think we're gonna get summoned to theactual arena and then they're all gonnacome out who's thatOh would that be Rudy Rudy with thelittle booty come here booty not badshould open with an uppercut though OhWatch at: 32:39 / 33:00fire attack not very effective sorryKatieholy moly is strong he's got that HPstat though run away until yourcooldowns ready ooh boom Ohholy holy moly dang Rudy easy I'm you OhWatch at: 33:00 / 33:20[Music]miss the uppercut there's no littleScratchy sorry Rudy he got turned into ayokai you got turned into a yokai so nowthat means that I made a jibanyan rightis that how it worksRudy turns into jibanyan you're theWatch at: 33:20 / 33:39reason I've become so strong that'srightoh Rudy I've survived the Battle Royaleand even beat myself with means I reallyam Number One we don't need anymoreWatch at: 33:39 / 34:00meows now you so there go ladies jumpthat's how you beat the Battle Royaleyou got to make sure that you payattention to your health meter and thenheal up so another reason why you wantWatch at: 34:00 / 34:20to put a lot of your own herbs intojibanyan if you're not already doingthat even if you started off in whitedog squad you're gonna start off withjuban yawns you might as well take himto endgame because he's a coupon donebut it's white dog squad I want to bringkomasan did you two end game you can dothat tooyou can absolutely do that - all rightWatch at: 34:20 / 34:40so unfortunately we get we didn't getthe unbeatable soul which is a littleunfortunate so it'll be a while untilwe're able to fuse that with beat ler orwhatever yes jibanyan what's going onyou're laughing loudly in your sleep ohWatch at: 34:40 / 35:00I'm number one what are you talkingabout she's just still half asleep whatthat was just a dream you know I wassure that Barley's training is about tostart so jibanyan you should hurry upand come - I'm coming me out huh what aweird dream yow it may have been a dreamWatch at: 35:00 / 35:20but the old me was still pretty strongmeow meow whoahow is that possiblewhat no way are you me let's taking aWatch at: 35:20 / 35:40walk and water it into some strangeplace yet this place is interesting Ithink I'll stay a while yo do Rudy'scute pretty is very cute man he's soflagship all right here we go Rudy'sWatch at: 35:40 / 36:00random names get ready for itRudy is kitty okay it's that peoplenamed their cats kitty rightfluffy it's kind of fluffy fur ballfireball fireball alright don't do thisto me and yammycute very cute all rightWatch at: 36:00 / 36:20what is this a dream - meow oh yeah doyour little and battle animation cutecute cute what was your favoritenickname out of those four let me knowyammi yammi was her favorite alright sothat was pretty cool we got Rudy let'sWatch at: 36:20 / 36:40go take a look at Rudy and his littlekitty bootie Rudy and his little teenybootie hello all right so we got Rudy 22is pretty decent and a/c rank so he'sgot triple attack he's got fire that'spretty great charge attack awesome fireWatch at: 36:40 / 37:00he does have access to a Dodge I'm toldbut he is a rare youkai and he'sexclusive to red cat core so keep thatin mind you guys will be all set sothere we go now we know how to get Rudyin the game I'll make it tips and trickstutorial video in case you guys missedit but yeah Rudy oh man Rudy what a dudeWatch at: 37:00 / 37:20what a little dude alright so here we gonow that we've done Rudy's level let'sgo all the way back to the next one andwe're gonna go beat up a new yokaisearch for the note goes uptownSpringville no co-signing at Springdalehome entry the Naoko brothers must bethere so here we goladies gentlemen these are some rareWatch at: 37:20 / 37:40and we want them we want to slime AmandaI wanna slime Italia so those are thefirst prize hopefully we get a drop inlevel and we get the first prize thatwould be really really lucky if we gotthat but anyway we got schmoopy we gotonce then where we're all set and readyto gowhat's the Rudy equivalent and white dogsquad it's gonna be whisper whisper it'sWatch at: 37:40 / 38:00pretty cool a lot of people like thatwhispers finally playable does the firstinstance that he's playable other thanwhat he isn't even Pune or something noman we don't count pruney towardsanything all right here we gowhat boom I'll perk up that ruff RaphWatch at: 38:00 / 38:20you're ruff Raphall right so what exactly are we doingI'm apparently looking this way this issomeone's backyard Oh get me out of hereI don't see the objective in sight yetI'm gonna beat a Baku effect on foesWatch at: 38:20 / 38:40fire a punch at 1:00 okay I got acharming chard okay we're gonna go uptowards the school Simon matterstypically at the school rightWatch at: 38:40 / 39:00am I missing something maybe after acertain amount of time something comesup oh here we goyeah I knew that slime enters at theschool so we're gonna go get Manders IWatch at: 39:00 / 39:20and these guys just look like Oni Patrolso the Oni patrols have like differentnames in this game so that was an easybattlehello Kade got him all right here we goWatch at: 39:20 / 39:40the final boss is Chapter five we'regonna go beat them then again our comiccourse today who's repeat big boss sighmeanderWatch at: 39:40 / 40:00easy boss[Music]you can do jibanyan it's for hit combo 12 3 and then the uppercut every time hiseye opens up and we got him with a shockWatch at: 40:00 / 40:20trap all right[Music][Music]and then the fact that you can do likehoming in attacks is great tooWatch at: 40:20 / 40:40so we're gonna go get this G or wow lookat that why it's out of my sight allright here we go it's called a G orbinteresting localize name for the G orbhit it[Music]Watch at: 40:40 / 41:00know your role know your roleoh man that a OE come here man let'ssuppose the kom[Music]Watch at: 41:00 / 41:20whatever know your role dude know yourrole hmm know your oh yes yes Lima mend'red I okay we got the eyeball which isgood I mean it's it's common in red CatCora I would have liked the tongue butWatch at: 41:20 / 41:40we did get the drop which is awesome thethree of us we're the slime Amanda youjust fought wait what what can'tunderstand it at all oh we found them soit doesn't really matter right finishtalks when she chews her back well doneso that wasn't slime Amanda it was justa bunch of no ko in disguise I didn'tknow no ko had the ability to turn intodifferent yokai let's get to the bottomWatch at: 41:40 / 42:00of this your three brothers you littledudes know your role know your rolethat's a good ideaWatch at: 42:00 / 42:20we can do crank a guy Tokyo ghoul fanyeah sure I'm will do crank a guyI got a crank all my stuff anywayalright anyway so yeah we got a lot ofgood stuff and please give me firstprize dang third prize alright whateverwe did get the drop of the slime and errI which is really good transparent Ieven know it sometimes still moves it'sWatch at: 42:20 / 42:40like moving injibanyan spa Ches like oh what's that Ohslime and dryer pitch it everyone thankyou so much for saving the threebrothersI knew asking you was the right choicestill this is all pretty surprising tothink that slime alinder was actuallythe three Naoko brothers that we wereWatch at: 42:40 / 43:00searching for but y'all how did they getall transformed like that I waswondering about that myself I did askbut they said they don't really rememberwhat happenedI see ah but there was one thing thatthey were called Oh a yokai they'd neverWatch at: 43:00 / 43:20seen before gave them candy calledmarshmallowoh so that's what that is I thought thatwas like a glass of milk in the Japaneseversion oh that's so crazy it is amarshmallow yeahthey don't remember anything aftereating that so whisp cream or whismellow man gave the no co-brothersWatch at: 43:20 / 43:40marshmallow and they just straight-uphate it never take candy from strangerslife lessons in the game right here thatyokai sounds super suspicious they saidhe had a white body and floated aroundin the air Oh could it be whispered ohit was like uh I haven't looked in amirror recently but that sounds justlike me well what is it you don'tWatch at: 43:40 / 44:00suspect me I've given a lot of thoughtbut I've never seen or even heard ofsuch a yokai a mystery a real mysteryall whispers going around finding Naokoand giving them marshmallows what do youguys think about that is that true IWatch at: 44:00 / 44:20can't tell if this is more humiliatingthan being suspected oh sorry buddy giveme a recap man next time on so cuteWatch at: 44:20 / 44:40so cute the voice acting is top-notchwith those I love that a lot it's justWatch at: 44:40 / 45:00like the anime man okay we're gonna geta little sneak peek into the nextchapter and then we'll see you guys thenext one all right so now that now wecan great change toothere's nothing we can't do what isgreat changing this makes us trueblasters there's no doubting thatWatch at: 45:00 / 45:20is there no doubt at all who'squestioning this uh Oh nadayeah we're this old-timer sneak in fromuse the hose my impression of Miata isfought on sorryWatch at: 45:20 / 45:40yeah hold on a moment I think I've seenit before but I can't put my paw on itoh my swirls I live in yokai legend thegreat master nyata a yokai among yokai amaster among masters not to men not toWatch at: 45:40 / 46:00mention he's headed the blastersAssociation what the head himself burlyanswer me blesses rule number one nomatter the strength of your foes neverever give up blesses rule number twobuses do not fight alone combine yourstrength with all your allies blustersWatch at: 46:00 / 46:20rule number threedefend the meek cuz blasters ain't weakyes very good a little loud perhapsthank you my masterwhat's with the sudden pop quiz jibanyanyou don't even know the blasters rulesthese rules state everything that'simportant for blasters every youkai whohas a blaster knows them I thought soWatch at: 46:20 / 46:40anywayinteresting so tell me master what areyou doing herethere's something important that I needto tell you the head of the Associationis making a personal visit this couldonly mean a special bonus I'm disbandingyour blasters team monthWatch at: 46:40 / 47:00why is he disbanding the blastersproving ground mission defeat gar grossoh we will be garg arose what's withthat old timer I can't believe thissaying something so shocking and thenWatch at: 47:00 / 47:20just leaving like that shocking is Rightdisbanded us right out of nowhere - canyou explain this sergeant Burleighdon't look at me master did say one morething though and you lack somethingvital for all blasters to have somethingif I don't like what you need to find itfor yourself I can't teach it to you ifyou can't work it out then you'll beWatch at: 47:20 / 47:40disbandedthis is crazy first you should head overto Harrisville norrisville that peacefulcountryside village yeah there have beenlots of gargoyle sightings thererecentlygar grows the mighty powerful gar grossbut my swirls are by my swirls uh didn'tgar gross give you a thorough beatingthough which is exactly why you have toWatch at: 47:40 / 48:00go fighting such a foe and they help youdiscover when you're missing Roger thatwhat do you guys think we're missing I'mclueless what do you think we aremissing teamwork makes the dream work Idon't know listen troops the mission isa vital one it will determine the veryfate of our blasters team keep your witsWatch at: 48:00 / 48:20about you and go get this done Rogeryeah one more thing I need to tell yousomething else to help you succeed inthis mission I've talked to HQ andreceived permission for you to fightmore powerful bosses oh we call them bigboss missions hey now we got boss ROGcool cool I'm down take down the BigBoss big boss missions are all aboutWatch at: 48:20 / 48:40serious boss battles after you defeatedthe boss in story mode youchallenge them again again in big bossmissions but in this mode there's alevel limit if your level is too high itwill be lowered to the level limit so becareful oh that's interesting okayanyway if you can clear it you'll get asome exceptional treasure however atWatch at: 48:40 / 49:00first you can only fight them in normalmode once you defeat normal you can trysuper mode and then after super mode Idon't know what is that like hard modeand then ultra mode start by training byusing a big boss missions okay so thisis good so now that we have access tothis we can go check it out before weend off the livestream of course I knowWatch at: 49:00 / 49:20you guys want to do cranky guys so wecan do prank again so yeah big boss sowe can do gar gross big boss shrinklevel 21 level 11 you can do these guysyeah 34 super cool yeah yeah and thennow we can go in and beat up a wholebunch of them and you guys can see nowWatch at: 49:20 / 49:40now things get a lot more interestingbecause we can go and like beat allthese bosses together and then we cantry to get sprung buckets crafted Pigbuckets straw ropes all the rarematerials that we wanted to now rememberwhat we told you guys in episode 1 ifsomeone hosts and match and they're theWatch at: 49:40 / 50:00one that picks the map they get firstpick all right you guys all pledged thatyou were gonna do that it's onlycourtesyright anyway so uh gut seize ribcage gutc-spine guard rose horn guard row spikethere's a lot of cool rare items thatyou can get just by beating all thesethings large slimy eye big snag er jaghook dude this is gonna be really funWatch at: 50:00 / 50:20so we're gonna be doing a live streamtomorrow of online multiplayer so Ireally hope that we can get a couplemore chapters done tonight so that wecan have those you guys cool with thatall right let's go crank how many cranksoh I have three oh man that's lame Idon't even know if I have any cranks soyou guys tell me right now in thecomments which color you guys want me toWatch at: 50:20 / 50:40do I'll show you my cranky guy colorsdude three threes garbage man I got somuch oh we got the vortex coin you guyswant to crank that and we got a spell ohdude we know we already know don't evendon't even say you're gonna say specialcoin you're gonna say five star coin andyou're gonna say vortex coin AbdallahWatch at: 50:40 / 51:00where did you get all these coins fromdon't worry I didn't input any passwordsthat are not unveiled by yokai watch yetwe went over to downloadsimply put ask step up and step up we'llconnect to the internet and it'll giveyou a whole bunch of new coins so herewe go the vortex coin if I remember fromthe Japanese version they're really notWatch at: 51:00 / 51:20that good of coins there we go we got anultra spirit talisman which is the thirdprize on that that's real trash I'mgonna sell that never gonna use thatokay so here we go get ready cat fromthe future wants a special coin sodasall Martinez I see you guys let's go man[Music]Watch at: 51:20 / 51:40let's go huh special coin come on manthat's right give me Damona black topdang dude with it with a special coinyou give me a blue top second prizethird prize snarl i mean i can't be madWatch at: 51:40 / 52:00at snot all I mean he's funny andawesome but from a special coin thoughyou gotta get Ness rank that is bad[Music]what are they gonna nickname this guyWatch at: 52:00 / 52:20Shahnaz Beezer honk Hankey beaser theheck is Beezer mean these are lookinglike a geezer dude Oh Nautilus gatewayalright I'm happy I got snot all we'regonna be alright alright here we go 5Star Coin that's gonna be our last crankWatch at: 52:20 / 52:40of the day black top black top yes blacktop s-rank baby that big auntie got thatbig auntie that's your end game healerright there I don't need herbut yeah anyway is she gonna replaceWatch at: 52:40 / 53:00schmoopy yeah maybe I'm game when youreally need some good healers would youlike to be my grandchild yeah sure I'llbe your grandchildauntie heart what are your names youknow I don't think I've ever looked atauntie hearts names me-mow Helen dramaWatch at: 53:00 / 53:20Anana Helen hello Helen that's auntieHart's actual name her first name isHelen Helen heart what if I told you I'mtelling you right now what's auntieWatch at: 53:20 / 53:40Hart's first name Helen go that's thenext trivia question that I'll be askingyou guys alright so ladies and gentlementhat was it thank you guys so much forwatchingwe're gonna save the game right now andthat's gonna be chapter 5 100%walkthrough we showed you guys all themissions within and we had a great timeso yeah there is that wow what a greatgame dude blasters welcome to itWatch at: 53:40 / 54:00blasters is really cool see if there'sanything over hereTimmy shop as far as like equipment godo we have something new stuff that wecan craft together maybe I don't knowsee like whenever you get some new itemssuch as you know like a slime Amanda Iif there is some sort of crafting recipeWatch at: 54:00 / 54:20that includes that ingredient head overto the shop and take a look at itthey're not always gonna be the bestyear at the beginningthis is an endgame material by any meansranked five is like endgame material butit could help you on to pinch we gotthat one that was brand-new and that waspretty much it we can get a cat bellinstead of the broken bell which isdecent and then you can use even moreWatch at: 54:20 / 54:40materials to level those up so alrightlooking good looking very good you guyswant to stream another episode give me athumbs up on the comments oh dude lookat this guy I'm not gonna talk to himyet no not yetnot yeah I'm gonna do some Sol sorry I'mgonna do some soul siranyway so ladies and gentleman that'sgonna be it thank you guys so much forWatch at: 54:40 / 55:00watching and give me a thumbs up in thechat if you guys want me to do even morelater on today I'll set up the nextlivestream for a couple hours from now Iwant to do a couple tips and trickstutorial videos so I'll work on thoseI'll get those uploaded so that you guyscan have it we'll do a rudy tutorial Iwant you guys all to go watch thatsupport it and then I've got some moreQR codes and password videos to give youWatch at: 55:00 / 55:20guys so it's good so thanks for watchingmake sure you guys smash like buttonokay pick up one of these awesome shirtssubscribe for the latest and greatestyokai watch content on YouTube andanswer a comment question dang it rightover here who is your favorite big bossand let me know why we're doing a hugegiveaway thanks to our friends over atlevel 5 for providing some of theawesome giveaway items so make sure youWatch at: 55:20 / 55:40guys check that out it's in theplaylists you guys can go watch that soyeah thanks for watching we'll see youguys on next one and yeah I would saylike give me about give me like twohours we'll jump into the next one seeya and have a great rest of your day[Music]

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