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SearchThisVideo: Yomawari: Midnight Shadows – Game Explained-ish! (SPOILERS!?!)

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hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen

boys and girls things being spirits and

other entities of the Internet to a

youma wari midnight shadows ending

explained first and foremost we're not

touching night alone at all gonna

completely put that aside because I

didn't play it didn't research it I

don't know anything about it other than

it exists it was a great game and we're

focusing on midnight shadows so with


first things first did you know they

made a cafe for midnight shadows that is

the coolest thing ever

didn't know but I want to go and I want

to enjoy all the treats moving along

from that let's start with the first

character that we are introduced to

which is Yui we find out later of course

harus best friend and kind of part of

what kicks it all off Yui was going

through some rough times I feel for her

being a young but she decided enough was

enough and just kind of listened to some

some bad voices don't listen to the bad

voices but she did and we know what

happened it was it was brutal she became

a spirit though and then of course we

have to move on to Haru who's her best

friend and they obviously I'm guessing

they went to school together I don't

know it doesn't really devolve into that

but they're of course of school age so

they're best friends and Haru was gonna

move away when this all happened though

she didn't want to but it still kind of

kicked it all off so Yui and Haru go

watch the fireworks together and stay

out a little bit too late because

apparently there's something going on in

this town that everyone knows except for

them I'm guessing maybe a few others but

we don't know about any others other

than them so some spirits come out and

run off with with Yui and then Haru has

to go looking for her and that kicks the

whole game off and we find out of course

Yui has passed away and bad things

happen here of course we don't want to

skip Oh

choco choco yes dalgo nicknamed

nicknamed him dog oh sorry but dog Oh

choco is you ease other dog because you

he also lost one of her dogs passed away

kind of what was the catalyst to all

this but choco is an amazing dog who

barks away all the spirits and that's

really all I got from looking into choco

so choco love you keep your barks going

and then of course to touch base on the

spirits the creepy crawlies in the

darkness who try to kidnap you away and

do things that we we're not gonna

discuss so the spirits the best I could

find is I mean they're they're kind of

just all spirits there wasn't a whole

lot of descriptions for each and every

one of them but they are obviously the

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

souls are embodiment of deceased people

animals legends so on so forth and they

just kind of roam the roam the night

time and they just do their thing some

of them are nice some of them are kind

of neutral and some of them want to

murder you dead so you've got to run

away and hide we found that out many

times over and then to get to the kind

of three main baddies the first one

being mr. yo malari

which I'm guessing it went into further

detail in the first game on him because

it's kind of part of the name of the

entire game but he's just a mysterious

creature that appears at night and

kidnaps people best I could find and he

has two versions of them we know him as

this one that I'm throwing on screen

right now who apparently just kind of

creeps around and kidnaps kids and then

then we met him as meet is what he's

called which he all sudden is just on a

murderous rampage and wants to again

kill you dead so you gotta run away and

I didn't find a whole lot detailing mr.

yamori other than there's there could be

multiple of them

and it could be spirits of certain

people that when they pass away they

become him or it might just be one who's

really powerful I mean it's it was kind

of up in the air from what I could I

could figure out I think the first game

went into more detail on him but from

what we know he kidnaps youth takes you

to the factory and as we kind of

witnessed there's a lot of kids spirits

so I'm guessing they didn't they didn't

make it out too well okay and let's

discuss mr. Koh Tiwari who is uh was a

pain and wouldn't stop chasing me

otherwise known as scissors man and

apparently he from what I could figure

out he was a deity of some kind because

he had the temple that was dedicated to

him which we found when we went through

the dried-up lake and we went into that

kind of forgotten temple and I'm believe

that his scissors represents his ability

to several relationships for better or

worse but I'm guessing more times than

not worse based on his demeanor he's

severing bad relationships and he

probably was worshipped at one point due

to that kind of obvious from the the

plaques that we found saying that people

wanted certain other people out of their

lives and they would put that plaque up

and probably say prayers up then - to

his shrine but I mean it's it's kind of

up in the air it didn't give a whole lot

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

on that what I did find out beyond that

though is Kota wari is now pair with me

I'm not perfect here but coda wari Coco

Tiwari's meaning is refusal or non

acceptance and it can also mean from my

understanding to be reason the or the

way of things so I mean that kind of

ties in with it on what he is doing is

just you know when you refuse to accept

something you're not accepting the way

things are that's you'd pray to him to

try to remove that

from your life as a way of cutting it

off hence the scissors and that's kind

of kind of what I got there I hope

that's hope that gives some some

explanation oh and actually further with

mr. Koh Tiwari he made I think it's

implied that he was the god or is the

God in this game at least of farewells

or giving something up which would make

complete sense because when you you know

when she's when Haru is at her kind of

wit's end and she says I can't take it

anymore and I want to be done with this

he kind of showed up and was like hey

how can I help you

and with that I don't think he was a bad

guy I think he was genuinely trying to

to help you out because Haru wasn't able

to let go for I mean pretty much the

whole game we thought Yui was still

alive when that wasn't the case and

spirits and the living or the dead and

living I mean it's it's kind of bad to

for them to be together because one's

dead ones living and that's just not a

good thing I think in the mythology kind

of surrounding that again I don't know

on this a hundred percent but the

mythology and the culture is that that's

yeah that's not good so mr. ko Tiwari is

like hey let me step in and help you out

there and then we ran away and he's like

what what is wrong with you and then to

move on to our main body of the game at

least as far as I could tell which I

didn't get this from in the game so I

don't know how someone found this out

but I read that the main baddie you

remember this this one right here was

malice and kind of makes sense seems

really angry and it seems to that he

kind of feeds on anger and resentments

and just badness in general but the

weird thing is is he unlike any other

spirit is able to speak to you and I

don't know if that's just a voice in

your head kind of thing or if there's

actually whispers on the wind or how

that happens but

I mean they're there and he tries to

guide you obviously to to a gruesome end

seems pretty sadistic in that in that

manner and I mean at the very very end

you can see that he's trying to use you

ease and harus bond against them and

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

then that's when mr. Koh Tiwari had to

step in and cut off harus arm which i

think is a bit extreme but it ended up

working and thanks to mr. Cotto re

having severed that that connection Haru

was able to really fully tell you hey

you know I'm sorry but this is kind of a

goodbye I wish you the best don't please

don't be resentful

and I I don't know what happened with

you II I would like to think that she

went on to be a peaceful spirit based on

kind of how the ending went but I mean

it didn't get too far into that and then

we know that Haru ended up moving to

another town as planned met a new friend

and I'm guessing kind of lived happily

ever after

after that that one's kind of left left

hanging from from what I could I could

dig up and then beyond that I mean like

I said the other spirits the other

spirits and things that we witnessed I

think they were just there and resentful

entities of one thing or another I mean

it didn't seem like I think he was all

because of malice that it made a bunch

of hateful resentful spirits and that

was kind of its whole plan in this town

and I mean obviously everyone knows

something's off because no one is out at

night and there are signs even being

like hey it's nighttime go back inside

and stay there so I mean I I don't know

I kind of I kind of want to lean on the

side of it's a town who had a lot of

deities they worshiped and they were all

happy and at peace at one point but then

probably as just modernization happened

those entities were just abandoned and

some of them became very probably

I feel are hateful about it leading to

what we're seeing in the town and I mean

it seems pretty unique to all those two

towns because when we went to the town

over I mean there's still spirits and

things there and apparently that is

where the first game took place but I

didn't play it so I don't know but I

think so and I mean it it makes sense it

all kind of ties together on that end

because there were a lot of a lot of I

mean there were what three abandoned

temples that were not in so great shape

I mean one was being turned into a mall

one was just in ruins and then the other

one was where a lake was I mean it

looked like you know we mankind built up

a dam to be able to hold water for the

city or the town and in doing so flooded

all of that that area and thus kind of

what happened to mr. Coe Tiwari's temple

but yeah that's I mean that's what I was

able to dig up I mean if anyone else has

anything that maybe I missed or maybe

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

some other theories on what all took

place I would love to hear from you but

otherwise it's gonna go ahead and wrap

this one up there and just again

appreciate it greatly appreciate tuning

in and hearing me rant about a video


well Brent ramble I think that's a

better one ramble about the story of a

video game which I enjoyed and I would

recommend others enjoy it so again thank

you and until the next video as always

be awesome and take care


I can't put my finger on it, but something about Yomawari: Midnight Shadows possessed me to try to explain what was going on.

Still have a ton of ideas on what some of the meanings and spirits could be, but this is just a take on the story over all.
Though if you have other ideas or think I got something wrong, please let me know, always love some dialog on these subjects.

Took my a bit longer to make as well which I hope is okay...
Either way I hope you enjoy and look forward to whatever future craziness comes next, thank you! Keep being awesome and take care!

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  1. Subscriber 95! This game was seriously cool. I love the art style. Did you ever play the other Yomawari game? Great review! Love the commentary. We're actually playing this over on our channel. Check it out! If you like it, give us a sub!

  2. The deities in these games have all more or less been forgotten and not worshipped, resulting in them getting angry/becoming corrupted. As you see in the game, Mr. Kotowari's shrine was previously swallowed by a dam, and it was littered with trash.

    One thing you didn't mention, is the implications that the girls have dealt with Malice before. The closer you get to him, Haru has visions of Yui making the same trip, and letter helping her from the cave. Yui also has bandages throughout the game, implying she was hurt. Also, note the wound Malice has. Popular theory is that Yui's other dog, Koro, died giving that wound, allowing the girls to escape. This also explains why Malice seems so focused on these girls.

    It'd be cool if you played Remothered: Tormented Fathers.

  3. "I don't know how someone found this out, but the main baddie is called Malice."

    Turns out I was the one who coined the name, writing his article in the wiki, but I can't take the credit. The Steam achievement for defeating him reads :
    Torn Asunder

    Overcame malice
    I just thought Malice was the perfect name for this asshat.

  4. One small thing worth noting is the fact Haru's new friend in this game is actually the protagonist from Night Alone. You run into her multiple times throughout the game and she even gives you the small flower. It's also implied that Mr. Yomawari kidnaps the kids so they don't get killed by the Mountain Spirit from the first game.


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