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    [ Yomawari: Midnight Shadows ] Is this goodbye? – FINAL

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    Gypsy Guitar Swing 1 - Martin Carlberg
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    Comment (27)

    1. In one of Yui's notes, the one she left on Kuro's grave, she mentioned that after her Dad passed away her mother changed…
      Yui has bandages on her face and eye for instance, maybe she had to deal with domestic violence, and Haru was her one friend who helps her get by? In that note she also mentioned a 'incident' that cut off, which this video reveals, that she escaped from the final boss once by rescuing Haru, and losing her dog as a price for it.

      At the very very beginning of the game, I wonder if Gab can replay the start and try to 'avert' this from ever happening? But then again, it would be like 'not playing the game, equals to the characters not dying' in a 4th wall kind of way.

      At the start of a new game (before you get to the menu screen), the game 'asks you' to pay attention, etc. And you have a yes or no choice.
      When you play as Yui in the tutorial, you seem to be locked into doing stuff though.

    2. Aie, I loved watching you play this game so much! The art style is beautiful, the story is really dark and emotionally engaging and some of the monsters are wonderfully bizarre. Thanks for a great LP as always, Gab. Very much looking forward to Death Mark too!

    3. Something that will bug me is: the letter is a day before the fireworks and that day she remember yui hands being warm. The monster has one of the big eyes leaking blood and yui ghost is a big eye. On the same letter yui states being ok and she will even write a letter. On the board you read about not speak or trust anyone in the mountain , that could be a local superstition and a clue of how the monster spell works.
      It's was really yui?

    4. Oh thank you for finishing this game, GG! I love this bittersweet game and the way you played it made me happy too! So, thank you. And I hope you continue to play Death Mark, it's looks very good! More Japanese games please!!

    5. It was a wonderful experience watching this series on your channel, I've watched one episode each evening – it was my little ritual 😉 Sad, beautiful story with very interesting ending giving you the ability to interpret in many ways. Thank you so much for recording and translating this game for us, you're amazing <3

    6. Letting you know if you choose to not let go of Haru's hand Chako will bark and you'll get the option again and again until you choose to let go of her hand.
      The reason is – the whole ending was about having a good farewell, and Yui did die, there was nothing to do to fix that, so after taking Haru back to the normal world she couldn't tie Haru to her fate anymore in the spirit's world and had to let go of her hand for a good farewell.
      One thing I can't tell still – would Haru in that moment when Yui let go of her hand – would she want it to be otherwise? Maybe she wouldn't mind giving up on her life as long as it meant staying close to Yui..
      She did stay alive and went on, but it came from how things worked out, she doesn't know that Yui took her outside of that spiritual dimension by herself, and even if she assumed that, humans can't ever know for sure that if they die they would be with the ones who they love again…
      Japanese culture is so realistic and beautiful, but realistic is so painful and never gives the real best ending.. that's what makes me cry so much, when I know if everything was fair then no matter what ending we had had here they'd both be together and happy in the end…

    7. I quite enjoyed your playthrough. Usually I prefer without comments because gamers don't stop talking and are always trying to make funny and forced comments, but it was quite pleasant with you, and you play well.

      Thank you a lot for the translations. They are quite well made. It took me a while to realize the translations weren't really in the game!

    8. Holy crab. I finished watching Gabby, and might I just say, damn. The ending, the more intense fights, even your reactions made me emotional. Geez, definitely an awesome wild ride. Thank you for playing this. I saw that there was a similar game titled " The Firefly Diary". Please consider playing it.


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