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SearchThisVideo: [ Yomawari: Midnight Shadows ] Is this goodbye? – FINAL

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Watch video at 00:00

oh we're going in why does it have to be

spiders though oh it's so cool oh my god

what the [ __ ] are you oh my god no oh

that almost killed me

Jesus is that one big spider oh my god I

don't want to know what am i doing oh

this looks like a bigger area

wait what is that two of us


wait now I'm confused and I thought I

was seeing her from the past but


what is your deceiver cocconi staccato

redundant but when such the uriga wasseo



I am so confused No

I'll just keep recording I'm at half an

hour now but I'll keep going because I

feel like I'm almost there and then

depending on the how much more there is

to the game I will either cut it up into

two episodes or go for one full episode

it's just a mall is there any safe thing

no okay let's have a look at least give

me another safe point though for any



Oh a checkpoint right before holy [ __ ]

okay that's the end there I feel like

we're so deep into some like oh oh so

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

skinny I their cowboy so oh my god

that's dark toss get there get there

oh he did and again it's unique jacket a

kawaii so uh huh oh there she is

should I walk by her she she the actual


Oh what's happening what are we fighting

you have to come together to who whoa

there it is oh my god what am I gonna do

oh she disappeared

should I cut the cut the red thing why

you so here we go hey sue needs baguette

there yet

oh I'm fighting this there you go

I don't know what I'm doing but this is

the no.2 skin oh that kills me oh [ __ ]


so I got I cut I cut two or three I

guess I have to maybe go to the left

first see if I can cut everything there

let's try it


oh that was intense let's go


he's big do I have to do the questions

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

every time or have to take it easy huh

oh my god oh no oh no I almost died it's

really hard to wait what the [ __ ] how

was I supposed to oh I threw rock I

couldn't even I was on the floor maybe

okay maybe I should dude right first and

then move on to the left because maybe I

just got to the left too early and it

like just blocked me off maybe he's too

strong yet



what what the [ __ ] am I supposed to do

he says stuff answers do the opposite

but so fast that I can't read it as I'm

I can't read and play this game at the

same time and that's what I'm what's

what is forcing me to do right now so

when he says like Oh Goku nah he's like

don't move so you have to move stuff

like that you have to keep doing the

opposite of what he says but when he

says that before I die it's like there's

so much text I just can't read it it's a

pity any idea

okay so that was go towards the red okay

so I got that one okay now I understand

this one me get on me get off so I have

to run

you get on you get off any think it's

negative and then the imperative wait so

he says don't run because if he says run

then maybe I just have to walk right cuz

it's the opposite so maybe as soon as I

run I die

okay okay okay that might be it let's

try again


I'm not moving

not doing anything


I did it that feels good


that was it

that was a tricky one though

it was a face upside down holy [ __ ]

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

well what's next huh that was tricky are

you still here

I think she's dead but do I do

so you shouldn't need a get there so it

still continues I saw some oh god what's

this hmm

don't leave me

sucks on the Akai him all got he daddy

Danny kind of okay Oh what [ __ ] what do

I do

Keter yes ue more muy mal what I see


totally in an Italian actor gomen nasai

yoru wa watashi o tasket a curtain only

yatta skeet irrigated I knocked a

comment as I chant o scion Onaga enact a

command si muy when the guy oh yeah make

it cold on the other so wait he didn't

kill me but he killed the other one

oh he took my arm my arm is lying there

I can only walk to the lift so holy [ __ ]

they lose my arm



ouch so now what yeah I'm still like how

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


wait how does this work is like have I

by giving up my arm gotten a trade or is

her ghost helping me want over to

tuition utakata commenda say sayonara

you wait so she can't see her anymore I

need some explanations check

so wait are we okay - the arm

tell her NASA Oh No why are you giving

me a choice I think she needs to move on

I could be wrong though so I went with

yes but oh it's just the same like

dependent doesn't matter if you do yes

or no oh my god I don't know it's such

an open ending to like she actually dead

did we get her back or because she

seemed a life being able to help me

there but at the same time I was like

saying I have to say goodbye I'm sorry

I have to move on so what's the deal

oh my god that was intense

it was so intense


it's so good though it was way better

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

than yo mama d1 if you ask me the just a

level design I mean I love the story of

one as well

that one is really good don't get me

wrong but I just think 2 is better like

I really like one I also really really

really like - I think - had some really

interesting levels this is just a lot of


but yeah one also had like the cool

centipede town and stuff

also I played it a long time ago so I

don't really remember but - is just like

there's a library there's a haunted

bench and those areas are just super

cool to me the music's really cool I

think they did a really good job on a

sequel kind of sticking to the formula

they had but also improving a lot on it

it's being original with new areas new

ways to play the game

I felt pretty difficult but at the same

time one also had a really hard part in

the woods with like the rocks and moving

rocks so

well I like this song


the Train part yeah it was also really

good with the lady I was like some real

since our dude got a little bit

repetitive tiny bit that we kept having

to find something that he would take

like an arm of something and then he

finally took my arm in the end a little

doggy cuz I chose for yes like overhand

because it seems to me that Yui is

really like dead and she's like take

care of my dog I have to say goodbye

like the whole theme was like they have

to separate so I think that was a

correct thing to do I think that if they

stayed together that would have meant

that how to would have been dead

it would have died too maybe but I could

be wrong I don't know if the choice

matters I don't know if the choice leads

to a different ending I'll have to look

into it is this just the title screen

it's black for me too there you go


there's me - the arm I don't know if I

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

have to do anything so we're going to

where it happened



she leaves a flower oh that makes me

kind of emotional that's really sweet uh


it's kind of hard to accept too because

that note that she left there on the

floor I meant that she didn't even mean

to kill herself yeah she was just like

I'm gonna say goodbye to her I'm gonna

write her just lots of letters and then

I'll see her next summer but then that

thing that was in the mountain that was

the one that was trying to make people

kill themselves Oh a leash so that's

extra sad like she didn't even want to

go she she wanted to just stay alive but

she couldn't she was trapped by the

spirit here

that's so sad but at least how doest a

dog the dog survived and she's happily

living her life and she even left a

flower I know if I have to do anything

this it

there you go

it's a small company actually so I mean

not super small felt like a tiny indie

company but it's made by not too many

people so the fact that they keep making

these really cool games this one as well

and like roses Castle you know I really

like those I think they make good stuff

Xin hoye origamis also there's not sky

water - oh my gosh today hiko she's

there yeah because she's there I thought

I see Tomodachi got dick there

Nandan Katara Kondo nuts no koto oh my -

Theresa no Cana mean I don't attend ro e

KQ not dr. McCoy okay is that good

I'm gonna say it's good I'm gonna just

save this and leave it there I think and

that's it now Chuck I was sitting here

that's so cute and I'm missing an arm

holy [ __ ] so do I have how do I use my

flashlight just with my other are so

it's the same as the first game like

they still leave you can still keep

playing you can still explore and

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

collect stuff if you want to dan those

choices at the end though oh I'll have

to look into if there's other endings

give me a moment I'll do that right now

actually okay there seems to be two

endings not really but a bad ending that

you can get is if you choose to hang

yourself like before you go into the

last area of the game where you have to

like continually go to the right and be

like no no I don't want to know when the

game is like please continue

you have to continue you know if you

hang yourself there you die the game

takes you back to title screen that's it

and you can just reload you're safe and

then keep going and do the yeah ah that

go to the right so basically even though

the game gives you these choices from

what I read on guides out there is that

the choices you make after once you've

refused the hanging that don't matter

like it's you can choose to to keep

holding your hand or you can choose to

let go or ahead and it doesn't change

anything I can't really go back to

explore the option but I'm relief that

that's what it at least says in the

guide so there isn't really anything we

missed now and this is like the way the

game was supposed to be played so that's

good if you the game releases in English

next month so if you play it if you

explore all the options please let me

know that we

cool if there's anything I really missed

there's still a couple of areas that can

actually explore now if I would want to

and still get all the collectibles just

like in part one so that's cool but I'm

gonna for the let's--we purpose I'm

gonna leave it here though so that was


I am super happy I cleared it it was so

much fun to play this also the support

on YouTube has been really great people

from watching it more than I would

expect to do so thank you for that and

of course this wouldn't have been

possible without the patrons so thank

you so much patrons for supporting this

translated content next up would be

what's uh what's the name again

death mark I did one episode of that

I'll link it after this video I'm gonna

I'm gonna pick that up again I think I

really had queries to see where that

one's going it's gonna be a lot of work

not this this one was relatively light

there were only a couple things that

needed subbing and translating and it's

all kid talk so it's pretty easy so I'm

gonna step it up again get some harder

translations done and that's all

possible only because of patreon so

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

thank you patrons for supporting this

and I hope you look forward to it thank

you so much for watching till the end

and let's go to death mark thank you

guys bye



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Comment (0)

  1. In one of Yui's notes, the one she left on Kuro's grave, she mentioned that after her Dad passed away her mother changed…
    Yui has bandages on her face and eye for instance, maybe she had to deal with domestic violence, and Haru was her one friend who helps her get by? In that note she also mentioned a 'incident' that cut off, which this video reveals, that she escaped from the final boss once by rescuing Haru, and losing her dog as a price for it.

    At the very very beginning of the game, I wonder if Gab can replay the start and try to 'avert' this from ever happening? But then again, it would be like 'not playing the game, equals to the characters not dying' in a 4th wall kind of way.

    At the start of a new game (before you get to the menu screen), the game 'asks you' to pay attention, etc. And you have a yes or no choice.
    When you play as Yui in the tutorial, you seem to be locked into doing stuff though.

  2. Aie, I loved watching you play this game so much! The art style is beautiful, the story is really dark and emotionally engaging and some of the monsters are wonderfully bizarre. Thanks for a great LP as always, Gab. Very much looking forward to Death Mark too!

  3. Something that will bug me is: the letter is a day before the fireworks and that day she remember yui hands being warm. The monster has one of the big eyes leaking blood and yui ghost is a big eye. On the same letter yui states being ok and she will even write a letter. On the board you read about not speak or trust anyone in the mountain , that could be a local superstition and a clue of how the monster spell works.
    It's was really yui?

  4. Oh thank you for finishing this game, GG! I love this bittersweet game and the way you played it made me happy too! So, thank you. And I hope you continue to play Death Mark, it's looks very good! More Japanese games please!!

  5. It was a wonderful experience watching this series on your channel, I've watched one episode each evening – it was my little ritual 😉 Sad, beautiful story with very interesting ending giving you the ability to interpret in many ways. Thank you so much for recording and translating this game for us, you're amazing <3

  6. Letting you know if you choose to not let go of Haru's hand Chako will bark and you'll get the option again and again until you choose to let go of her hand.
    The reason is – the whole ending was about having a good farewell, and Yui did die, there was nothing to do to fix that, so after taking Haru back to the normal world she couldn't tie Haru to her fate anymore in the spirit's world and had to let go of her hand for a good farewell.
    One thing I can't tell still – would Haru in that moment when Yui let go of her hand – would she want it to be otherwise? Maybe she wouldn't mind giving up on her life as long as it meant staying close to Yui..
    She did stay alive and went on, but it came from how things worked out, she doesn't know that Yui took her outside of that spiritual dimension by herself, and even if she assumed that, humans can't ever know for sure that if they die they would be with the ones who they love again…
    Japanese culture is so realistic and beautiful, but realistic is so painful and never gives the real best ending.. that's what makes me cry so much, when I know if everything was fair then no matter what ending we had had here they'd both be together and happy in the end…

  7. I quite enjoyed your playthrough. Usually I prefer without comments because gamers don't stop talking and are always trying to make funny and forced comments, but it was quite pleasant with you, and you play well.

    Thank you a lot for the translations. They are quite well made. It took me a while to realize the translations weren't really in the game!

  8. Holy crab. I finished watching Gabby, and might I just say, damn. The ending, the more intense fights, even your reactions made me emotional. Geez, definitely an awesome wild ride. Thank you for playing this. I saw that there was a similar game titled " The Firefly Diary". Please consider playing it.


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