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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20yo-yo rush tool dawn of the battle royale hey everybody it's delta shiny zeta here and today i am bringing you yu-gi-oh rush duel dawn of the battle royale so this game just came out in north america i believe two days ago for the nintendo switch exclusively as an eshop only title so it does not have a physical release in north america although it did happen in japan which is kind of strange but anyway this game as you may know it's basically russia dueling which premiered in yu-gi-oh sevens uh which came out a little while back uh yeah so it should be pretty interesting it's the newest studio game of course um i will just be perfectly transparent with all of you right now i don't know [ __ ] about rush tools and i kind of purposely wanted to do that because i know a lot of you watching this tend to watch my yu-gi-oh let's plays from like you know games that are a lot older so you know a lot of the older stuff about yugioh but not new stuff and so you're probably going to want to learn how this works so i figured you know what we're going to learn together because i'm also more of a classic traditional yu-gi-oh player i'm not a big fan of modern yu-gi-oh um especially ever since pendulums and lynx came around xc's era was fine but anything beyond that just got a little too ridiculous if i'm being honest but that's my opinion of course i mean you're probably some of you probably gonna disagree some of you will agree but anyway yeah i figured after you know new stuff like this even though rush ruling is very different than modern yugioh you know but regardless it's a new mechanic and i wanted to just kind of experience it together with all of you you know um as we do this play through so i mean i know of like general stuff like i know you can normal someone a bunch of times in one turn apparently um like stuff like that um just what the hell age um oh this is actually like my personal stuff well each category i would fall into this range uh gender male country of residents united states state of residence i live in california i'm in southern california actually if any of you know um the long beach area i'm close to there um i mean if you don't know long beach then how about this los angeles everybody knows los angeles los angeles is about 40 30 40 minutes away from long beach so just think that i'm somewhere around 30 40 minutes away from los angeles that's where i live it's actually a city called lakewood which is like right next to long beach anyway here we go this is gohan number seven elementary school in gohan city from schools to shopping malls one mega corporation runs the whole city goha enterprises gohan enterprises even controls every aspect of dueling telling you when where and how you can duel as a new transfer student it's your first day at gohan number seven elementary the roof is where everyone hangs out between and after class it's also where your adventure begins what new friends will you meet what challenges will you face and what are these things called rush tools wield your special spirit power and get ready for the rush hi hey are you the transfer student i'm yuga we're in the same class nice to meet you and it'll be even nicer if i can test my new invention on you i named it the introductionator what that's not my name yuga hello ignore him my name is kaizo hi like super kaiserworld i'll analyze your info and introduce you to everyone bp i see you're in the fifth grade your favorite food is milk over rice that's actually pretty good i like that you can touch your toes with your nose what well actually oh i say i mean if you're like sitting in like cross-lake and i'm bent sure you have a pet cactus named spiky and your dream is to become the king of the jump rope what what all those stats were wrong that's weird it's custom malfunctioning again what did i hear someone say that they want to be the king sheesh that sounds like a challenge to me the name's lucidian callister but my friends call me luke the future king of duels the schooling needs one king so if you want to be the king of the jump rope let's see you skip better than me i call this the double dutch devastator [Music] will you please stop scaring our neo student i'm gavin the student council president of gohan number 7 elementary it's my honor to welcome you i see you've already met the troublemakers of this school i hope you don't turn into one of them if there's anything i can do to make your first day of the best day don't hesitate to ask and i mean anything i think you're scaring a new student too gavin you're coming out a little too strong hi i'm roman just like you guys or romine romain it might be romaine romaine okay i'm here class too she plays guitar for ro romine the most popular ben in the city so she thinks she's hot stuff she also makes a great curry so she thinks she has a better taste than me can't tell those were compliments or insults what important announcement downloading now it i'll play the video take a look too bright he's projecting the video on the wall all right let's see what's happening what's that what it's an unidentified flying object better known as a ufo or a video of a ufo greetings earthlings i'm celestia nudelina i've traveled from the far reaches of space to work for gohan enterprises and to sample your delicious noodle cuisine woohoo anyway i have a big announcement for each and every one of you gohan enterprises is holding a rush stool tournament that any duelist can enter presenting the goho rush duel battle royale the winner receives a gohan makes your dream come true boopity boo ticket or dream maker ticket for short with a dream maker ticket gohal will grant you any wish you want you can't find a prize available anywhere else in the solar system the only requirement to enter is that you must have a rush tool disk that means anyone can enter except those outside earth's atmosphere to kick off the tournament the president of gil has a special message take it away perez i guess you're wondering no i don't know what's going on i don't know anything about yu-gi-oh seven's anime or rush dueling or the story or the lore nothing at all i don't know who these people are and what this has to do with space and everything whatever okay that's the goal president what are you being sarcastic or what hope to see you on the tournament that sure was something but we're gonna have a rush tool tournament and we can win a really unique price with a really unique name yeah i'm hyped okay i'm sure if i get that ticket i could be in the president of gohan enterprises or better yeah become the king of gohan city luke gohan city is not a monarchy we have no kings here the most he can be is the mayor why would gohan organize a rush tool tournament something's up that's true goa has been trying to destroy rush tools until today speaking of do you know how to rush duel you might not believe this but i invented rush tools what what you never rushed though before you're missing out wait what okay if you're not a rush to how can you enjoy my court when i become the king of duels your court you're getting a little ahead of yourself you gotta try rush dueling you're gonna love it how about you go to downtown go a lot of duelists hang out there after school let's go to downtown go have the land where do we're doing this battle for the crown we're sorry whatever the glory of the crown luke makes it sound intimidating but downtown go has a normal place welcome to the world of yu-gi-oh rush tool dawn of the battle royale where you can meet new friends by battling in rush tools so run around gohan city and talk to everyone you see to duel until you become the ultimate duelist the character you see on the screen as you control okay got it school roof wait this is a roof oh my god how's this a roof this is a humongous place then the best he plays uh yeah okay so what i just like use the plus button to open the full map and head into downtown you can choose where you want to go by opening the go city map with the plus button and move there you can also see information about the tools you may encounter there depending on where you are the story the duelist and the dac stay okay got it okay oh i see so i can just move right into downtown gohan i believe so you can turn the camera with the right stick and you can move around with the left stick you can also move it up or down which is kind of nice you know to do the controls are a little bit sluggish from moving and why did i just fade away right there [Music] oh i see it's because there's like an obstacle or something okay something weird huh that's interesting keep talking everybody the ones with okay i'll give you information take a quick tour of the school and meet everyone if you want to go to downtown press the plus button got it yeah but the movement and the camera turns are a little sluggish i'm not sure how to explain that but there's a little bit of a delay when you first start like if i go left that's when it starts so watch i'm going to tell you as soon as i mashed to the left the camera now see how there's a delay there's like it's like a second delay or something that makes it weird anyway okay everyone's told me the same advice so far pretty useless information hey okay i can check yeah there is actually a map so that's cool um it's like a mini map thing here they're they're dueling but there's no monsters or anything and that's like a little table i guess i mean there's a place i can enter there what's this question mark over here regular ticket time's on regular ticket obtained you can open the you can open new card packs from shop in the menu oh what this is the menu where you can do everything you need to select deck to change your deck or choose shop to buy cards but there's so much more you can do from this menu so much more yeah if you close the game you'll like more okay got it interesting so wait a minute why can't i this is the other menu here you can get special items reasonable promotion and clothes you can also check out helper tutorial if you have any problems both of these okay cool promotional codes have there been any promotional codes already like made public like on social media or something i don't know help credits um this is just characters info haha [Music] so if you just select someone and just okay seven's road magician okay got it multi-strike dragon dragus okay i don't really need to be looking at all this right now it's fine but i apparently i can't do anything else with this many right now um you can save with the minus that's cool but i can't even do settings or anything um i guess we'll go here there's the loading screen seven's road magician okay i don't know if uh i'm actually going to get anything important here like amaze week i used to again should be in the student council office if i just stop by uh okay i mean i guess there's a question mark here another regular ticket it's cool that i'm getting these but i can't really do anything with them right now apparently that's about it for here [Music] that's what everyone's telling me to do there's a couple people i can talk to yes that's called the um yami yugi power or atem power whatever you want to call it okay there's nothing else in this one sevens wrote why is it showing the same one student council office hello oh i can't talk to you from here okay let's see we're gonna go there's a question mark there but i can't actually access that place yet hmm that's strange hey she's trying to do it oh really can't be breaking school rules okay can't really do much in these things here oh there isn't upstairs though i'll go there in a bit how would the student council help you by telling me how to get to that question mark i don't know how to get to the question mark hi hi yes i know i know everyone is literally telling me the same exact thing okay let's check upstairs here wait there's a oh okay it's just showing oh that's how you do it it was up on the second floor that's why yeah because everything on the mini map is still showing stuff on the first floor which is why i was confused i was like wait a minute what by the way you can't jump i don't think you can jump in this game i'm like pressing all the buttons b doesn't do anything nor y l and r don't do anything z l zero don't do anything matching the sticks don't do anything the pad doesn't do anything it's pretty simple wait controls actually came up at the bottom did y'all see that yeah so just camera save whole map yeah that's pretty simple stuff okay well that's it we did everything that we can do we did get three items which is nice uh so now we can just uh press the plus i guess and this can go to downtown gohan sure [Music] let's do it why does it keep showing sevens road magician what i have no idea is that the only car that's ever going to be in a loading screen it's going to be so boring the battle royale hasn't started but there are already tons of duelists here of course there are because russian is more popular than pancakes that's a weird comparison anyway what's the plan challenge random strangest to a duel that's a bit intimidating for new players so i prefer the perfect opponent rain whoosh uh okay sure so i just want to talk to you or something hello i am rain going number seven student council vice president i assist gavin with all his needs i will assist you in getting up to speed i rushed with you today but be warned i'm not known for going easy my opponent you must give 110 percent but that's 10 more than 100 that's impossible [Music] you will duel against rain to learn the basics of dueling but don't worry while you do all explain the rules as the master that forgets who style of dueling though understands worlds more than i do i made a deck for you your first lesson is a two-parter you'll learn to step to the duel followed by monsters are you ready yes when the prepare to duel screen appears select basic deck 1 and press the a button get ready for the rush is that is that like the oh my god is it like a phrase get ready for the rush just like feeling the flow oh my god freaking zexel rain let's do this let's do this first we will decide who is first to play with rock paper scissors press either the one okay i don't need to read this parse uh we'll do y hey look i win you won try going first oh this is gonna be scripted isn't it yeah it's totally gonna be scripted i think maybe i don't know and monsters are you ready okay i'm ready rush tool rush duel rules are simple the player that reduces their opponent's life once to zero is the winner already a big difference is there's only three thousand light points oh there we go i'm just going to say 8 000 but this time we're playing with only 3 000. submit monsters from your hand and aim to reduce your opponent's fight points to zero each turn has four different phases whoa that's simplified there's no standby phase or main phase two here okay i'll explain these phases as we go your turn begins with the drawface this is when you can draw across from your deck okay and got it first check out my spirit i draw you press a to draw dark sorcerer in the draw phase you can draw cards until you have five in your hand even when you have more than five cards in your hand you will still draw one card you have four cards in your hand so you drew one card since you refill your hand it's good to use a lot of cards okay so in this game you drop to five kind of like forbidden memories or very early yu-gi-oh rules uh during the times of the manga when before it was a card game all right after drawing we'll switch to the main phase in the main phase you will summon monsters and prepare to fight your opponent's monsters try summoning a monster from your hand monsters will be summoned to this monster zone there are only three spaces in the monster zone so you can summon only three monsters at once monsters have levels take a look at the star mark on cards if a number inside the star is some is between one and four the monster can be summoned straight from your hand in your current hand all monsters can be summoned straight away try summoning a magical beast wolfing from your hand use the a button to summon it [Music] monsters can be changed between attack and defense position this went to card spacing that way it's called battle position in attack position the monsters atk is used when battling a monster's defensiveness uses this ddf uh whatever if you want uh if you want to swing a monster from your hand in defense position it goes face down and it's called the set your opponent cannot see any information about your face down monsters if monster has more attack and defense is supposed to put it in attack position and the other way around okay so i guess i'll summon it because it has more attack magical beasts wolfing i summon a monster next let's summon spell archer for more attack okay the defense i'm just going to place it there i also realize the game is not letting me pick my zones um maybe it doesn't really matter like in modern yukio with wing summoning and stuff that's that's strange cat setting is when you place the car in the face on the fence oh i see because you have zero attack i'll set a monster now you summon some monsters maybe you won the battle right away however there is a rule that you cannot attack your mind whatever that makes sense it goes into the end phase in the emptys you tell your opponent that your shirt is over and that they can start theirs press the b button to move to the end face no usable cards change phases yes and paste my turn okay so now it's the opponent's turn i summon a monster [Music] dragon is normal summon do you want to see details okay so you can say yes okay i sing so it's 1100 and we can just go back i summon a monster dragon say well that's the same thing you want to see it's anyone there okay look at that 1500 attacks real defense so basically we're about to get annihilated here battle it is not the opponent's battle place in the battlefields you can fight each other's monsters in your battleface each year monsters can attack once your attacking monster attacks one opponent monster to decide who wins each battery compare numbers okay let's try real battle okay so i'll take 500 here holy [ __ ] okay okay 500 and smaller is destroyed that's nothing goes to the graveyard so far this is pretty regular yu-gi-oh aside from somebody multiple times and drawing up to five cards those are the only two differences i obviously like the whole speed dueling thing of like there's no main base 2 you know but there's also no standby phase in this one so it's a twist it has some elements of speed dueling like the zones as well there's only three zones you know um life points are lower okay this is called flipping as a flip streaming at 1400 destroyed if you take a away that giant's attacking their 300 points remaining which is all this damage when the monster defense position has depends lower than the starting battle never from the uh okay competitive players monsters stop monsters wait for transformation it's very important [Music] but right now it seems like a very simple game because we're only using monsters so it's really just a duel of whoever has more attack points there's no spell cards or anything hmm you got two cards already so you drew three from your deck i went to the feed the appointed sponsor let's summon ansler the magical swordsman monsters with five stars or more can be summoned to the field by tribute summoning send a monster on the field to the graveyard and so many other monsters in exchanges called a tribute summon with tribute summon ansler the magical swordsman [Music] 2000 attack okay [Music] so wait you can summon on the scene you can trip someone at the same turn right you can summon a weak monster and attribute it to tribute summon maybe uh depending on the level monster the number of options you need changes five or six require one seven or more need two okay that's all the same max raiders the seven star monster so let's summon two monsters to be ready to tribute summon it yeah so you can actually do what i was just talking about so you can place one there and then you can place so yeah i'll just put that one there i summon a monster okay now i can come over here [Music] that's a 7 star 2400 so i can select that tribute and attribute that one and here's the max raider that's that's actually interesting so some of these monsters are you know they're basically a twist or retrained version of cards in the actual you know card game like this is obviously a play on x raider you know okay this one's a four so i can just bring it out like that [Music] and now we're just going to attack basically so we can attack you into that one that's for 900 damage and yeah you basically lost the stool and they can attack you that inflicts another 900 puts you at 900 and then that's yeah that's it but again this is dual seemed incredibly simple it was all just vanilla monsters vanilla monsters no spelling traps it was all just about whoever has higher stats wins that's it that's literally all it came down to okay and there's a direct attack and that's it [Music] well done but this is only the beginning to come you win all right awesome so i gained four cards okay so they are cards now that's good like you know not just monsters hey look at that it's seven's road magician how crazy is that i haven't seen that card in the loading screen yet very good next lesson is spells and traps they're very useful during a duel before i begin i want to give you this acquired basic deck 2 this is a deck recipe it's a combination of cards that you can use to rush tool if you collect all the cards in this recipe you'll be able to build this deck think of a deck recipe as a blueprint of cards as its building blocks you can acquire the cards you need for the deck recipe by winning duels but as a special treat i'll give you all the cards you need for this stack recipe acquired cards yeah okay once you've caught all the cards and you guys will inform me at the top left of the screen you can check and equip decks by following these steps menu tag your crypt actual okay cool when to equip the deck you just built let me know uh-huh basic deck two of pink collect the cars we need to build the deck you can see the deck recipes we have by going to deck then check deck recipes in the menu you can equip the decks you want to use in duels for the menu by going to deck and equip tooling deck you can use the card catalog feature in the menu okay you can see all the cards you obtain you got basic deck 2's deck recipe information you can check it okay you can see the information about the decks you have created or still building based on deck recipes products is still building you can check the cards you are missing and which tools might have some useful information about them the hell okay um that's basic deck one so this was the one i just used i believe and then so i if i go here those are all just different decks so if we do wait what the hell by selecting that you can do things like change it back uh okay you can also use back boxes games and cars that you're using as you play through the game you'll become able to build your own deck from scratch got it equip dueling deck use the screen to equip the decks you want to use in duels you can equip your 10 decks when dually choose a deck you want to use from your equip decks try equipping lots okay you can also change yeah i read that i got that already so basic one basically that one strengthened with cars received from rain basically everyone with added spells and traps equip this deck okay so how do i see wait can i not see like the card catalog okay i assume now [Music] hmm and then if i go card catalog here yeah so you press y the card catalog is the catalog for that deck specifically that makes sense now okay so this one just basically has some uh interesting oh wow i like the artwork of a lot of these cards really cool okay let's actually do some stuff now now that i equipped it i can go in the card catalog here though there are 718 cards in this game oh my god all right well go and hear what ring has to say in downtown go okay hello that's your cooper deck are you ready uh no i don't know if i need to talk to these people well done oh challenge rain again um yeah sure okay let's let's do it then hello [Music] so now we're going to go over some yeah we're doing basic deck 2. i'm assuming that we're going to do some spell and trap you know tutorial stuff i guess all right we're gonna do x here let's pick the play first again okay we'll do that of course spells and traps i get to go first check out my spirit i draw so how can we only have 2 light points this time wasn't that three thousand this time we'll just do it too oh okay oh i see it's changing it every time per tutorial okay all right tribute 772 on the field first okay so we're going to place that one yeah that means we got to place the dark sorcerer as well okay now we're just going to attribute both could be one or sorry one i don't know i don't know why i said vote the first time let me play the pink and green cards in your hand the green cards are spell cards and uh yeah okay are they green why did it look blue to me oh it's actually my tv that looks a little weird the color on the my tv it looks a little more blue but on the recording thing i think what all of you are seeing it looks more green the green cards are spell cards and pink cards are trap cards spell cards and try question powerful effects that you can use cards to think conditions must have this condition to help you can use their effects spell cards can be played face up in your spawn traffic zone yeah whatever okay you can also place this fall card face down way to activate later you can't use the effect the magical stream spell in your hand yet considering the upcoming draft let's set this now true so we can draw more cards trap cards are activated during your opponent's turn trap cards have different timings some can be activated in the main face and others in the battle base let's set a trap card now repair okay so we're gonna set that nothing else you can do move to the end face press the b button [Music] there we go that brings my turn to an end your turn let's see what you do i summon a monster i'm gonna say no to that it's free somebody didn't attack with zero obviously you're gonna attribute them battle phase here we go let's activate our trap card christian the sparks is a card that lets you counter your opponent's attack we're gonna say activate [Music] activate this car's effect i can't even i can't even read it i mean it'd be so small so it's tiny oh my god this can't be played god damn it went so fast well i wanted to actually read what it said [Music] okay got it got it so you basically kill yourself because that lowered your attack lowered it by 500. okay we're gonna get to draw five cards so you always want to empty your hand out that's what i'm basically seeing activate magical stream but i want to read what these cards say it's just [Music] you know printing magical stream so if i have a spell caster i can destroy a stellar trap just tell me to destroy that one okay story might need to use spellcards without trying to make a magical stream from your hand okay so that's another one and i can now now i can destroy the other macro card it's pretty awesome all right um wait what wouldn't i want to summon more tell me to go to the battle it doesn't matter i'm gonna win anyway so like who cares right normally i would probably summon more though you know because you can't summon or set monsters after the battle base in this game just like speed duels you have to do everything before the battle base and then that's it that's game i attack you directly all right that is game brain has been defeated again did we get more cards what did probably get seven's road magician okay i don't know what all these cards do i'll look at that later oh my god look at seven's run magician again oh that's just me mashing a button exhausting flight up quick study uh next lesson but before that i want to give another gift i started like yoga okay thank you thank you got these equip your deck once ready let me know [Music] sounds great let's go ahead and equip that deck you got starter deck you can check it uh check it now sure actually why did i do that i don't need to do that right now we're fine we'll just go in there blindly you know all right um oh i actually do have to equip it though [Music] equip it there we go and i'm actually going to end the video here and then we're going to take on rain for the third time but before that we're going to save the game so yeah next time we'll continue them here so before this video don't forget to leave a like comment subscribe and turn on notifications if you enjoyed the video i will see you all later bye bye everyone have a great dayWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40Watch at: 10:40 / 11:00Watch at: 11:00 / 11:20Watch at: 11:20 / 11:40Watch at: 11:40 / 12:00Watch at: 12:00 / 12:20Watch at: 12:20 / 12:40Watch at: 12:40 / 13:00Watch at: 13:00 / 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  1. I’ve been waiting for this game I played the demo it’s a fun game in the demo the loading screen had 7 different cards don’t know why your only seeing seven roads magician

  2. Just a heads up when you defeat # 6 Mimi go for the special code to unlock deck building early because playing with only theme decks can be a drag even if you unlock the better version

  3. I just decided to check this out as I am bored due to being sick. I know of a few area's of california but not where in the state they are. I know of San Diego, San Fransisco, LA, and Santa Cruize.


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